MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017

BCM: Bedroom Cassette Masters - Eight Volumes of Eclectic Vintage Electronica

via Bedroom Cassette Masters

"Since 2012, the Bedroom Cassette Masters series has released eight volumes of eclectic vintage electronica, most of which was recorded in bedrooms around the world between 1980-89.

Each download from bandcamp includes an extensive 100 page pdf with artist features, gear information & vintage ephemera PLUS a printable j-card for compact cassette."

You can find them here.

Note: more retro, but borderline NSFW, promo pics below.

Gecho & Friends - Part #1: Minijam Studio tek.waves

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Gecho Loopsynth

"Gecho is a collaborative species. First of his friends featured here is the amazing tek.waves from Minijam Studio which I've discovered through Kickstarter.

Haven't learned all of its possibilities yet, so for starters, pre-programmed pattern is playing. More effects/settings are accessible through buttons combinations - for example, in addition to normal and alternate function of the knobs, you can access 4 more banks of things to tweak.

Tek.waves can surely do a lot more than this - the same is true for Gecho."

Classic 808 tracks using TR-08 - Electric Kingdom

Published on Nov 23, 2017 chisel316

"Growing up, I used to listen to a radio show called Uncle Jamm's Army on KDAY back when it was on AM radio. The reception wasn't too good where I lived, but it never stopped me from tuning in each weekend. One of my favorite songs from that show was Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom. There's a ton of samples in this song so this is my own rendition using synths that I programmed from scratch. Of course, the Roland Boutique TR-08 is used for the beat. Hope you enjoy it!

Drums - Roland Boutique TR-08
Lead Synths - Roland Boutique JX-03/JP-08
Bass - Roland Boutique SE-02
Timpani - Bismark bs-16i soundfont (iOS)
Vocoder - VirSyn VoxSyn (iOS)
Mixer - AUM (iOS)
Reverb - Audio Damage eos2 (iOS)

Peace \/


Published on Nov 23, 2017 peter synthbrothers


Published on Nov 23, 2017 synths colors

Dave Smith Tempest Drum Machine Demo

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Joey

"Just a simple quick beat with the Dave Smith Tempest drum machine. All drum tracks recording onto one track for the purpose of the video. Other Synths are a Moog Mother 32, Moog Prodigy and Elektron Analog keys all going through a strymon reverb. Bass with a Roland Juno 60. Vocal Samples with Teenage Engineering Op1."

3mins 7secs with OB-6 & TB-303

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Ehsan Gelsi

Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Performance

Published on Nov 22, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB

Blacet RAK-3 Black Friday Sale

For Frac Rack fans out there, Blacet Research is offering a $30 instant rebate good through (Cyber) Monday.

See this post for details on the RAK-3.

Teaser// Tobor Experiment - Stars in a morning fire (f-moll BWV 639) //

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Tobor Experiment

"A Synthesizer EP at the
***Vinyl preorder February 2018***"

The track is 100% Polivoks Pro by Alexey Taber and Alex Pleninger.

sleepless on the 25th

Three spooky drones by osixoonesevenone featuring a eurorack module and Ensoniq ESQm controlled by a Linnstrument.

3D render by Metin Sevin. Note the knobs go from birth to death.

Video below.

"Gear used : 4 x 84 HP and a minicase of Eurorack, Ensoniq ESQ1 m, Linnstrument 128, Eventide Space, a smal Mackie mixer.

The ESQm is controlled by the Linnstrument.

On the eurorack there is a drone and some sound effects, these are vertormixed with an Intellijel Planar, and manipulated with de Horstronic joystick.

Here is a pic an my Instagram off the minicase with the joysticks.

The noise source is from a Hexinverter Mutant Claps and makes the wind sound on track II, like in this video.

The ESQ1m is played with one padsound in 8 voice polyphony . The ESQ1 sounds ussed i made for playing with a Linnstrument. Using pressure and vertical movement these sounds change dramatically.

Tracks I and II start with the ESQ1, track III starts with a growling Eurorack sounds. Reverb = Eventide Space pedal."

Published on Nov 23, 2017 osixoone sevenone

"Eurorack modular and Ensoniq ESQ 1m played with LInnstrument."

verbos harmonic oscillator | minimal modular music

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Elinch

"simple patch with verbos harmonic oscillator controlled by xaoc batumi into mutable instruments clouds
pads by make noise morphagene (orthogonal devices er-301 only for mixing both morphagenes together)

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers."

DSP Synthesizers Black Friday Deal - New uMIDI2CVplus - Only 10 Available

via DSP Synthesizers:

"The uMIDI2CVplus adds a simple USB MIDI to CV to your eurorack or analog synth.

» One Pitch CV output 1volt/octave, 5 octaves (C2-C7)
» One Gate output key on/off
» 2x Auxilary CV outputs 0-5volt.
» Quad Drum triggers.
» USB-HID compliant, no driver required
» 1 Micro-USB input for MIDI and power

This works the same as the USB-MIDI2CV/plus but does not support Hz/Volt and S-trig.

The uMIDI2CVplus is available during Black Friday and is $39 including shipping.

Starts tonight at 24:00

Only 10 available."

Noise Engineering Thanksgiving Eurorack Jams

Noise Engineering Thanksgiving jam with Integra Solum

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Jamming with the upcoming Integra Solum. I use it as the trigger for two BIA and a Manis Iteritas, and also as a CV input for all of these plus a Loquelic Iteritas. No other triggers or CV are used except a pitch sequence for Manis."

Thanksgiving Manis Iteritas jam

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Manis Iteritas and Loquelic Iteritas Percido making crazy sounds with the Mimetic Sequent and Malekko's Voltage Block and Varigate 8+. Horologic Solum as the one master clock to rule them all."


Published on Nov 23, 2017 peter synthbrothers

"first try out theme: Moog meets acoustic
sorry for the noise, have to buy a better mic for the piano
I am trying the combination between analogue and acoustic
maybe it is well"

Say Hello to Tetrapad! from intellijel

Published on Nov 23, 2017 intellijel

"Say hello to Tetrapad! This video provides a quick introduction to Tetrapad with an overview of its features and behaviours.

Tetrapad is a versatile, multi-dimensional, touch-sensitive control surface for Eurorack. Each of its four pads use force sensing resistors to respond to both the vertical position of your finger and its pressure. Four push encoders and a shift function give you even more tactile control over your modular system.
Tetrapad operates in numerous modes — each of which configures the module to perform a specific control task. Through these modes, Tetrapad can emulate a bank of faders; a voltage storage device; a finger drumming surface; a chord generator; an 8-key keyboard; four independent LFOs; or an 8-switch panel. The chosen mode determines what type of signal (CV, note, trigger, gate, etc.) is sent from each of Tetrapad’s eight independent outputs, while its multitude of multi-colored LEDs keep you informed of exactly what’s happening within each mode.
Tetrapad automatically remembers how you’ve configured each of its modes, and retains these settings when powered off. By default, Tetrapad automatically saves these settings every minute, or whenever you change modes. This makes Tetrapad ideal for live performance, since you know it will always power up with your configurations intact."

Tama TSQ-1000 Drum Trigger Sequencer + Simmons SDS-8 Electronic Drums (1986)

Published on Nov 22, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Tama TSQ-1000 Drum Trigger Sequencer

The very rare trigger sequencer features 6 channels incl. accent, (level switchable between 5V and 15V) and can be synced via DIN-Sync (24ppq, as master or slave).

There are 8 banks with 4 patterns each. Each patterns can be from 12 up to 64 steps long.

Inspired by the classic Roland TR drum machines, the unit was conceived as a control unit for Tama's TS-305 and TS-306 drum brains and works with other gear too. (Simmons, Syncussion, Vermona....)"

Korg Poly-61M w/ Custom Wood Side Panels

via this auction

Not the listing states: "Includes the amazing SEM filters". The seller likely meant SSM filters.

Korg Poly-61M programmable polyphonic synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits DrumTraks In Excellent Condition SN 05790

via this auction

Yamaha SK20 Synthesizer SN 3754

via this auction

Korg Vocoder VC-10 SN 162310

via this auction

ROLAND Rhythm Composer TR-909 With Original Box SN 437767

via this auction

Rakit Analogue Drum Synth

via this auction

See this post for demos.

"The synth is triggered by a piezo disc which is sensitive to how hard you tap the top panel giving subtle differences in the envelope. The sounds are generated by a VCO optionally modulated by a frequency sweep, LFO, Pitch CV or all three. There is a simple envelope generator with a fixed fast attack for punchy percussive envelopes and variable decay for super short to really long decays (5 seconds+).

The sounds produced by the synth are not limited to what you would expect to associate with drum sounds and can vary from big bass drums to tapping on glass to UFO space drum-wobbly things! Not only does this Drum Synth do sonic justice to the original but we have also put our own spin on it with extra modifications including:
* Attack on/off
* VCO & LFO wave shape selection
* Pitch CV input"

Roland Sequencer System-100 Model-104 SN 611169 w/ Original Box

via this auction

OP-1, Tricks and Tips : One Step Appegio

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Todd Smith Music

"The Teenage Engineering is a endless pandoras box of workflow and fun. This video jumps into the void which we call the Teenage Engineering OP-1."

In honour of #DoctorWhoDay w/ a Raspberry Pi Zero

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Pi Synth

"As always, synthesized live on a Raspberry Pi Zero, featuring 10 simultaneous synths, 3 different synthesis models, audio and graphics captured real-time running on a £4 computer.

It's nice that the software still works - mine has a dreadful tendency to code rot if I look away for a few months. The visualisation is somewhat different since the last time I posted this - the texture that drives the colours is now computed rather than loaded, and as a result it's easier to tweak the visuals, so it all looks cooler and more electro-neon than it did before. The software now runs client/server. Synthesis is within a separate server application, the client is in charge of pushing MIDI into the server, and - unusually - pulling audio back. So the server knows nothing whatsoever about platform MIDI or audio capabilities. Visualisation is also done client-side. So the server does nothing except pull in commands and push out short blocks of synthesized audio."

Feeling Thankful - EMS AKS Grok Time

Published on Nov 22, 2017 djangosfire

"Learning to use the AKS sequencer, and get calibrated scale/pitches - do bizarre!

Cheers - Djangosfire"

80s synth-pop/Italo disco LIVE from the studio - Old school MIDI sequenced setup

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Espen Kraft

"- Never Let You Go

80s inspired synth-pop Italo Disco LIVE in the studio

Everything is played by hand and/or sequenced live. Nothing pre-recorded.

The Emax II bass in the verse and the underlying drum-loop in the verses are lifted/sampled from my own released version of this track. The track can be heard on my website:

Gear used:
Drums: E-MU ESI4000, Akai S1000, Roland TR-626 (sequenced for the most parts, some live playing in the bridge)

Bass: Roland S-10 (sequenced) and Emax II (live playing)

Synths: Roland D-550, Roland JX-8P, Roland Alpha Juno 2, Yamaha TX802. (all sequenced)
Emax & Korg DW-8000 (live playing)

Strymon BlueSky & TC flashback delay effects

Sequencer: Roland MC50 sequencer drives everything through a Opcode 128X MIDI patchbay

Drums, Bass, Synths are recorded through a Yamaha 01V digital mixer and piped optically into Audient ID4 and into Nuendo. From there I have 2 separated stereo tracks + two mono bass tracks ending up in Nuendo for further processing/mixing.
This gives me a much better chance of balancing the mix instead of having just a stereo track of everything without the possibility to adjust the separate “stems”.

My tracks pay homage to all synth-pop acts of the 80'ies like Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, Ultravox, OMD, Euryhmics, Duran Duran, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Alphaville, A-ha and many more.

A use mostly old gear in my music and among them Roland Juno 6, Alpha Juno 2, D550 and JX-8P.
Korg DW-8000, Elka EK22, Yamaha DX7 and TX802 and drum machines Yamaha RX11 and Roland TR-626.

Effects are usually handled by Strymon and TC electronics.

Sampling is done on my E-MU ESI-4000, Akai S1000, Roland S-10, Emax II."

Taide'n Borg - Convoy Busters (Ending Theme)

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Sun's May Flower (Official)

"Track realized almost entirely with the Yamaha cs20m

Equipment list:

Bass : Korg Ms20
Leads : Yamaha Cs20m
Strings : Solina String Ensemble
Piano : Yamaha CP70
Organ : Yamaha SK20


Reverb : Fostex Reverb Unit 3180
Delay : EEM 2000 ST

Tape Recorder : Telefunken Magnetophon 15A

Mixing Desk : Tascam M-15B"

Volcas & Circuit Deep Session 16

Published on Nov 23, 2017 014london70

"Volca Sample, FM, Keys (doing Bass) and Bass (doing chords). Circuit is sequencing the Bass's chords.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch."

Patchblocks Minijam Studio Session with tek.drum, tek.waves, tek.filter and .hub

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Rickinger B.

"Patchblocks Minijam Studio Session. I am using the tek.drum, tek.waves, tek.filter and .hub.

These are very funny machines. And they have a great sound. Do you like it?"

185 MKIII [V3.1] Roland 100m analogue sequencer

Published on Nov 23, 2017 carbontony

via this auction

'Up for auction is an ultra rare Roland 100m RYK M185 analogue sequencer.

This is an unused NOS module from the limited 2009 manufacture run of 20 units.
Serial number is 185015.

It has the latest, updated V3.1 firmware, which allows for a new split sequence

This is the original sequencer that Intellijel Metropolis and other clones are based upon.

It's layout and design are very similar to the Roland 182 sequencer, but with much
more added features.

- The knobs control the CV/pitch.
- The big swithces control step length in clock pulses, and
- The smaller switches select different gate modes [mute, single, repeated, legato].

Extra functions are accessed by holding the reset button for a few seconds:

- Programable per-step portamento
- New split sequence mode where the sequence can be split in two with different loop lengths for each section.

Module is tested and complete with original instruction leaflet, mounting screws & washers, and cable."

Published on Nov 23, 2017 TheKlirrfaktor

Sampling with HALion 6 - pt 4: Creating a multisampled Yamaha CS-80 patch

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Future Music Magazine

"In this fourth video we show make a sampled CS-80 patch using HALion 6's sample recorder, with's Simon Arblaster and Editor of Computer Music magazine, Joe Rossitter.

Get your FREE trial of Steinberg HALion 6 here:

Get the instrument featured in this video here:"

Luminist | Super Metroid: Resynthesized - Brinstar - Red Soil

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Luminist

Composed with the KROG MS20 Mini.

"Super Metroid has one of the best soundtracks of any videogame out there, so I decided it would be cool to recreate it in high fidelity using hardware synthesizers. Think of this as a sequel to the one I recreated last year. It's been a fun project and I hope you enjoy it!

When I started this project it was with the aim to license it legitimately
with Nintendo to sell the album on Bandcamp and other similar sites. Unfortunately at the last minute they blocked my licensing request, which means I'm not allowed to sell it. Unfortunate for me, because this project has taken literally hundreds of hours, but it's a plus for you because now you can get it for free! Download links will be at the bottom of this info.

There's one little setback - I originally planned to recreate the WHOLE soundtrack (notice the album title says Vol I) but at the moment unfortunately it looks like that will be pretty difficult. Time = money and I need to be able to afford to eat and stuff. Of course if people love these then I'll keep making them, it might just take longer :)

Weirdly, this licensing issue hasn't affected my original Metroid: Resynthesized project from last year, (I have no idea either, go figure) so if you'd like to support me please buy that one on itunes or google play, or grab my original music on Bandcamp :-)

-Super Metroid: Resynthesized - Vol I (free):

-First Metroid: Resynthesized on itunes:

-My original music on Bandcamp:

Thanks for watching!"

the analog therapy: aurora (modular abstract break)

Published on Nov 22, 2017 analog therapy TV pirate

"this is my last patch made with chimera, veils, varigate8+, voltage block, future retro transient, pico drums, cloud, A149-1/2 and hikari attenmixer. hope you enjoy ! ;)

cheers from france !"

For Findus

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Aidan Burns-Fulkerson

"Findus was a good cat who left too soon. I barely knew the guy, but I’ll miss him still.

This is an experimental drone track with Braids, simple and stirring. OP-1 and Tonic help out a little too."

Erica Synths Pico Mask 4K Overview

In case you missed it, the video has been re-uploaded and posted here.

Planar (Telharmonic, Clouds, TB-03)

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Tape Ghost

"My first video with a new modular I just built. I wanted to build a system that was desktop synth sized and was designed around a specific sound design goal. I wanted something with additive synthesis and that was excellent for drones, textures, and ambiences. The result is a 4U, 42HP system with Mutable Instruments Ears and Clouds, Make Noise Telharmonic as the voice, LXD for filtering and Low Pass Gate enveloping, 2HP VCA for vca duties, and some Pulp Logic tiles for LFOs, Envelops, Attenuation/Offset, and Mixing. The case is from Pulp Logic as well.

The patch in this video has the TB-03 running into the mixer on the modular, and the output of the mixer runs into the input on clouds. The Telharmonic noise out is going into the top LPG on the LXD, and it is being enveloped by the output signal of Ears, then the LXD output is sent to the mixer (thats how i get the snare drum sounds when i tap the case), the P output of the Telharmonic is sent to the other LPG on the LXD and the gate out on the TB-03 sends a gate to the Strike Input of the LXD. That output is then sent into the VCA to be scaled down to the volume level of the TB-03 and then sent into the mixer. The Telharmonic is in the Shift Register Mode, with the TB-03 gate being sent to the D-Gate, and the Degree is being swept by an LFO. There is also an LFO being sent to the Size on the Clouds to prevent Clouds from becoming too resonant. Output goes directly from Clouds stereo out to a Zoom H4N field Recorder. Only limiting was applied in post."

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