MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday, May 03, 2018

SE-02 Version 1.1 Update

Published on May 3, 2018 rolandmedia

"Roland and Studio Electronics bring exciting new features and functions to the SE-02 Analog Synthesizer. These include new sound design features like pulse width modulation, new sequencing functions like realtime recording, and an inspiring new bank of expertly crafted sounds. There's also an editor/librarian for Mac and PC that simplifies editing sounds and organizing patches directly from your computer."


Published on May 3, 2018 TAKASHI WAKABAYASHI

Some aggressive sounds on the DFAM from TAKASHI WAKABAYASHI.

darkenergy1+2+DFAM+ ef-303+SQ1+demora+softpop
#electronica #electro #techno #noise #moog #korg #doepfer #roland #darkenergy #darktime #demora #DFAM #ef303 #SQ1
#テクノ #ノイズ #エレクトロニカ

Sequential Prophet-X Demo 1 by Two Quiet Suns

"Here is a recording of me playing through the sequences for the patches I made for this monster synth."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

BURG at Superbooth 2018 - SynthWerk 5U Modular

Published on May 3, 2018 ollilaboratories

"Synthwerk at Superbooth 2018

Apologies for the weird camera staring.. but the BURG is extremely jetlagged first video on the first day of superbooth. Enjoy, more stuff coming tomorrow."

Superbooth 2018 - Behringer Odyssey *First Look & Listen*

Published on May 3, 2018 DivKidVideo

"HERE'S A WORLD EXCLUSIVE FIRST! Behringer dropping new products like crazy at the 2018 Superbooth. Here's an Odyssey (of ARP fame) which has full sized keys, Klark Teknik FX (you hear a lot of dry sound and a bit of FX here), two oscillators, LFO, sample and hold, noise, all three filter revisions, AR and ADSR envelopes, VCA drive and a tonne of extras. I'll get my hands on one of these for a thorough video as soon as possible but for now enjoy a little Nature from our hotel balcony, exclusively with the Behringer Odyssey and some direct audio with no talking after the short intro.

We're proud to have our Superbooth 2018 content sponsored by"

AniModule : Morse Key to Gate_Out / Momentary Switch for the Modular Synthesizer

Published on May 3, 2018 JRock17991

"Check Out Our Modules at :

Took a Morse Key and wired it for Input / Thruput.

Also normalled a 9V Battery (via separate 1K resistors) to the 2 Inputs.

Schematics are on the video. Very simple.

Made the housing out of a piece of Maple Firewood, and made the panel out of a piece of brass I reclaimed from a FirePlace Spark Guard curtain"

Prophet VS: exploring vector sounds

Published on May 3, 2018 Miguel d'Oliveira

"Trying to find my way with this old legend
At first, I wanted it to sound like something else. Which didn't take me anywhere.
Now I'm trying to see what can I learn from using it.
No idea if this one has the factory presets or just sounds it inherited from previous owners.
Loving the way it sounds with a Timeline. (anything sounds instantly better through a Strymon)"

Piston Honda MKIII - Drone with Double Andore MKII & Tyme Sefari MKII

Published on May 3, 2018 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Drone using only the Piston Honda MKII as sound source. modules used : Bionic Lester - Optomix - Tyme Sefari MKII - Double Andore v1 - Double Andore MKII - 4ms QCD - Stillson Hammer v1 - King Slender - Lider Suboctave - PLOG
Additionnal revers and filters in ABLETON LIVE"

Roland CMU-800R Compu Music - Classic 80s Synth Module, Boxed, Mint

via this auction

"Early 1980s Roland computer music module including sounds from classic Roland synths (TB303) and drum machines (TR606). It was designed for use with an Apple II or IBM PC but can now interface with MIDI using an add-on from (not supplied). With this add-on you could use the 8 CV/Gate outputs as an interface to classic pre-MIDI analogue synths and drum machines. Or just admire the classic 1980s styling and sounds."

Dreadbox + Polyend Medusa Synthesizer @ Superbooth 2018

Published on May 3, 2018 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Medusa synthesizer is a collaborative project made by Dreadbox and Polyend. It is a hardware hybrid synthesizer powered by a versatile performance grid and exceptional modulation capabilities."

Superbooth 2018 Sequential Prophet X - First Look Videos

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

"The brand new Prophet X from Dave Smith Instruments - we get the first look of the show with Gerry Basserman."

DSI Prophet X @ Superbooth 2018

Published on May 3, 2018 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X synthesizer at Superbooth 2018 in Berlin. Presented by Gerry Bassermann, the video showcases the deep-sampling sound library of the Prophet X (courtesy of 8Dio) and the instrument's capability to bring sample editing to a whole new level of live performance."

Body Fool - Me37

Published on May 3, 2018 Body Fool

Body Fool - Me37

Body Fool


A new piece from supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, Body Fool.

Buchla Music Easel - giants of downtown

Published on May 3, 2018 Jae Ryan

"I've had the Easel for a bit now and was really adamant at first about doing the whole "easel only" cassette release (which I'm still considering) but initially I was just to trigger happy starting patches from scratch and seeing where it could go.

Now that I've come to grips with it a little and have a little more patience its easier to piece together a "song" instead of little jams.

This patch has been sitting for 3 days now running non stop and everytime I found a free minute I'd come jam it. Eventually I felt I had enough ideas to put together and try and make a video!

The music easel seems to really shine when you take something "traditional" and blend it with just a little Buchla, which is how the tempo of this track works. The sequencer is controlling the gates/envelopes and speed up just the tiniest bit when the high notes are triggered. It's subtle but its something that really makes performing on something like this unique.

As far as the whole patch goes, feel free to comment and I can chat all day!"

Black Corporation KIJIMI - FIRST DEMOS


Note: Kijimi is actually based on the RSF Kobol mono synth. via the creator himself, Roman Filippov: "It’s a polyphonic kobol more than polykobol, since it uses ssm2040-like filters, not ssm2044"

New Five12 Vector Sequencer Eurorack Module at SUPERBOOTH18

You can find previous posts featuring Five12's new Vector Sequencer here.


"James Coker, owner of the company Five12, announced that his Vector sequencer will go into production soon. The module is a digital composition tool with eight tracks. Each of them features two sub-sequencers for internal modulation. An extensive set of chance-based functions, including options like random ratcheting, pitch and playback alterations plus mute options, allow you to create variations of sequences on the fly. Two new features, which James announced at Superbooth 2018, are a chord mode and a record thru function. Patterns can be organized in playlists to create songs and live sets. Thanks to two OLED displays plus a total of nine encoders, a piano-style button matrix and other control elements, operating the Vector is easy as pie. – Despite its high level of sophistication.

The Vector itself offers analog outputs for two tracks. In detail, it emits pitch, gate and velocity signals. Additionally, there are two 3.5 mm MIDI connectors and both USB A and B ports. Three bi-directional trigger sockets can be used for sync, clock and trigger functions. On top of that, there are two CV inputs, which allow you to feed external modulation signals to the sequencer. Incoming control voltages can influence various parameters. If this configuration is not enough to fully control your setup, it is time for the Five12 Jack Expander. This module adds four more analog output sets, each consisting of pitch, gate and velocity connectors. Furthermore, the Jack Expander features eight more bi-directional trigger sockets, a MIDI DIN input and output plus DIN Sync ports. You can freely assign all these connectors to the sequencer tracks.

A micro-SD card slot is installed on the back of the unit. There are auto-saving and load functions, so you’ll always have the last session at hand when you switch on your modular system. The USB A port can be used to transfer data to your computer, meaning to create a backup.

Vector and Jack Expander will be available for pre-order at SchneidersLaden soon. James said the prices will be 699 USD (Vector) and 359 USD (Jack Expander). Prices in Euro have yet to be determined. The Vector will be available in August. Its Jack Expander will follow about a month later."

Avengers // Main Theme [Synthwave Cover]

Published on May 3, 2018 Ace Waters

"No spoilers, ya goofs.

I spent the last week watching a lot of Marvel movies with my son, getting him caught up and ready for Infinity War, so I heard this theme a lot, and felt like covering it."

Your usually synth spotting with Ace Waters. If you are wondering what the square box is, it's the Kilpatrick CARBON sequencer.

Smoov-E Homemade Synth

Published on May 3, 2018 smoovbasket

"Demonstration of a square wave oscillator made from a 556 timer and a handful of components. The design is based off of a Forrest Mims stepped tone generator and housed inside a 1980’s Horita TG-50 SMPTE time code generator."


Published on May 3, 2018 synths colors

Analogue Solutions SEM Telemark SN 8620

via this auction

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synthesizer

Playlist via the listing below:
Ensoniq Fizmo - 1 Sound
Ensoniq Fizmo all by itself :-)
Ensoniq Fizmo Demo 01
Ensoniq Fizmo Demo 02
Ensoniq Fizmo Demo 03
fizmo experience #1
ensoniq fizmo

via this auction

"The Ensoniq Fizmo is a very rare and distinctly original synthesizer. It is an incredibly unique sounding transwave synthesizer that is sought after for its one of a kind sound. The spacious front panel provides 23 knobs and 34 buttons, making it quick and easy to modify every parameter of your sounds without being buried in cryptic menus. Manipulating the presets is very satisfying and the creative sound explorer will be well rewarded. (see video links below for many examples)" Playlist above.

Sammich FM synthesizer with Yamaha YMF262 OPL3 sound chip

via this auction

You can find details and videos at the listing previously captured here.

New MFB TANZBAR 2 & New Eurorack Modules at SUPERBOOTH18


"Jean Fricke and his dad Manfred present a new drum instrument at Superbooth 2018. – The Tanzbär 2. It features analog as well as digital voices. Besides drum generators, there are three sample players and a FM synthesizer voice. On top of that, there is a multi-track step sequencer with classic layout. A pattern can be up to 64 steps long. Each track can have a different length. Thus, polyrhythmic results can be easily created.

In detail, the Tanzbär 2 features the following instruments:

Two kick voices
Two snares
Three toms / congas
Three sample voices
Two crash variations
Closed hi-hat
Open hi-hat
Clap / Perc 1
Rim / Perc 2
Ride / Perc 3
The second generation of the Tanzbär will be available in summer 2018. The price will be 980 Euro (including 19% VAT).

In other news: MFB also shows some new modules at Superbooth 2018. – All circuits will be available soon, the price per product will be less than 100 Euro. In detail, the following modules were announced:

VCO / DCO – An audio generator with switchable core (analog / digital)
ADSR – An envelope with voltage controllable parameter and loop function
Visual VCA – Combines a VCA and an oscilloscope
24 dB VCF SSI – A filter, based on the circuit design of Korg’s Monopoly."

New Frap Tools Falistri Eurorack Module at SUPERBOOTH18


"This year at Superbooth18, Frap Tools presents a new movement manager. It is a function generator with lots of interesting features. The Falistri is a full analog multipurpose trajectory manager designed to generate and process voltages.

A big improvement over other function generators is the fact that you can change the shape of the envelope without changing the time – times are independent from shapes which can be different for each stage, for each generator. Thus you can really use it as an oscillator without altering the pitch when you change the shape of rise and fall.

The module can be divided in two big parts: in the upper two third of the panel take place tow specular function generators, while the lower third is composed by a dual cascaded frequency divider, a linear slew limiter and a four quadrant multiplier.

Both manual button and external trigger/gate input are available, and are used in three possible play modes. In the loop mode, where end of fall stage triggers the start of rise, incoming triggers are not needed, but if present reset the rise. In transient mode only the low-to-high transition of the trigger/gate signal is used to start the rise stage while the fall stage is automatically recalled at the end of rise. In sustained mode, the low-to-high transition of the trigger/gate signal is used to start the rise stage, while the fall stage is triggered by the high-to-low transition of the trigger/gate signal. A Gate input for switching from Loop to Transient mode and vice versa is also available on the module.

Thanks to a Quadrature mode (Q) you will be able to combine both function generators, connecting various stages together.

There are two function editors : cascaded frequency dividers and a four quadrant multiplier.

Each of the frequency dividers, also known as flipflop or sub-octave processor, changes its logic state each time a low to high transition is performed. The two sections are normalled so you can achieve 1/2 and 1/4 outputs from a single input which is very handy. This works as a sub-octave generator if an audio signal is used. With a clock at the input it works as a clock divider.

Furthermore, there is a four quadrant multiplier section with an exceptional linearity and a bandwidth from DC to more than 20 kHz. This can be used as a ring modulator or as a VCA with linear CV response. Thanks to the four led matrix, you can see which of the quadrant is currently in use.

Finally, there is a linear slew limiter which can process any voltage. With independent rise and fall slew rates, you can precisely smooth any kind of voltage transition.

Bastl Instruments New Modules, Superbooth, Thyme is Shipping & Further Updates

via Bastl Instruments

"We are really excited to share some news from Superbooth! Come to see us and our booth E240. First we are announcing two new eurorack modules - the ​Timber​ - dual waveshaper and the ​1983​ - MIDI to CV interface from the future with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. Peter Edwards a.k.a. Casper Electronics will preview another Bastl collaboration on his ​forthcoming product line​ of Eurorack modules! We are finally shipping ​THYME​ effects processors and we have couple of new music releases at our ​Nona Records​ and the week after Superbooth we are hosting a touring ​festival​ from Prague to Brno.

Timber​ - dual waveform lumberjack is a flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres by adding harmonics to any signal. It has 2 different wave shaping circuits that are controlled by the same parameters. Both shapers are classic Serge inspired designs that have been heavily modified and enhanced with a voltage controlled crossfader. The fader can be used to fade between the two shapers or either one and the clean input signal. Video introduction

1983​ is a polyphonic MIDI to CV interface with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. There are 4 channels of CV and GATE outputs that can be configured to various layouts. Each channel is also able to LISTEN to the simple waveform of an oscillator and with a single press of the TUNE button it magically makes everything play in tune. The UPDATE and WINDOW inputs allow creative mangling of the voice allocation and open harmonic content to be animated in modular environment. The TRANSPOSE and GLIDE jacks open up the module for further creativity.

New product line​ of eurorack modules is coming soon from ​Casper Electronics​. At Superbooth Peter Edwards will preview his prototypes which are highly influenced by his signature gestural performances using experimental mixer techniques with loads of feedback and overdrive. Now with everything under complex CV control and fine-tuned for modular environments.

After a long wait we are finally shipping our beloved ​THYME​ - The Robot Operated Digital Tape Machine. This certainly is the most advanced instrument we have ever created and it opens huge sonic possibilities of real-time sound manipulation. We have released a new video.

Pricing and availability:

- Timber - available now at for 170 EUR excl. tax , currently in production, ships in July 2018

- 1983 - available latest in September 2018 with price around 250 EUR excl. tax

- Bastl & Casper Eurorack modules - available later in 2018

- THYME - available now and shipping for 439 EUR excl. tax, thru Bastl dealers"

Details on TINRS New Edgecutter

You can find previous posts featuring This is Not Rocket Science's new Edgecutter ADSR eurorack module here. Full details are now in:

"Edgecutter is an ADSR envelope that shows you what it is doing. The beauty of this module is the line of LEDs showing you where the envelope is at. Allowing you to connect what you see with what you hear and getting more visible timing input from your system.

We want to modulate all the things. Edgecutter comes with adjustable curvature so you can tweak the shape of your signal. The Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release parameters all have CV inputs and state/trigger outputs. This envelope contains everything – as far as we are concerned.

Edgecutter sends out all its envelopes to you Sealed With A Loving Kiss.

Walking the envelope is easy with the many features on our Edgecutter:

The GATE is the input that starts and stops the envelope
RETRIG restarts the A/D cycle while the GATE is open
VELOCITY is an input to scale the peak of the envelope
TRIGGER is an illuminated button that enables you to manually start/stop the envelope
A D S R all have knobs and input jacks for CV modulation
Along the envelope you have output jacks that can send triggers or gates for each state of the envelope – allowing you to VERY precisely chain events in your system
With the MODE BUTTON you can select between three modes of operation
One-shot mode – a short pulse goes through the entire envelope using the sustain level as an intermediate point
Gate mode – after you open the gate the envelope goes through attack and decay and waits for you at sustain until you lower the gate
Repeat mode – changes the sustain into a repeating A/D cycle
Using the SPEED BUTTON you can select between a fast or a slow envelope. This changes everything by changing the mapping of the A/D/R parameters as a group.
fast envelope
slow envelope
CURVATURE is the place where you can fade between exponential or logarithmic enveloping leading to different curvature or none at all. Turning your knob to the left creates a staggered attack and decay, turning the knob all the way right creates a staggered release.
ENVELOPE OUTPUTS Both outputs send out the envelope but only the curved output passes on the results of your CURVATURE settings and has a signal indicator.
The cutting edge of the envelope – Curve your enthusiasm"

Superbooth 2018 Retrokits Super Nifty MIDI Utillities

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate


Superbooth 2018: U-He CVilization Eurorack Module | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on May 3, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At Superbooth 2018, U-He presented their first Eurorack module CVilization."

MJ Thriller Explained: Synthesizers And Pads

For those interested, the next video has been added to the main post on Doctor Mix's MJ Thriller cover here.

Superbooth 2018 SOMA Labs Pipe Vocal Processor

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

"Yes folks, its another completely original instrument from SOMA labs - they made the Lyra 8. The Pipe applies any of 12 mad DSP algorithms to the piezo mic. And off you go.
Around 450 Euros + tax"

You can find additional posts on SOMA Labs Pipe Vocal Processor here.

Superbooth 2018: Blck_Noir Drum Synth

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

"7 Drum voices based on the sound of the CR78. In built effects buss and more."

Superbooth 2018: 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator - More Sounds Demo!

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

Superbooth 2018: Behringer VC340 Analog Vocoder Synthesizer First Look

Published on May 3, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Beside the Pro-One Synthesizer, Behringer also presented at SuperBooth 2018 the VC340 Vocoder String Synthesizer"

IK Multimedia UNO Analog Synthesizer @ Superbooth 2018

Published on May 3, 2018 Bedroom Producers Blog

"IK Multimedia presents the UNO monophonic analog synthesizer at the Superbooth 2018 show in Berlin. UNO is the first ever hardware analog synthesizer manufactured by IK Multimedia. It is made in IK Multimedia's own manufacturing facility in Italy."

You can find previous posts featuring IK Multimedia's UNO here.

Mini Holiday Live Jam 3: Patchblocks tek.drum & hub/ Volca Keys/ Kaosspad mini/ text2speech

Published on May 3, 2018 O.S. / Kalkartronic

"¡Hola! Third and last spanish session feat.

Patchblocks minijam tek.drum gets sync signal from Korg Volca Keys, smartphone app text2speech mumbles 'get down to the oscillator' (made me thinking about changing my project name to O.S.Cillator....). All mixed with the Patchblocks minijam hub and send thru a pump delay of the Korg Kaosspad to the Yamaha Pocketrak Recorder.
Background footage filmed in Cádiz, Andalucia."

Polyend Dreadbox Medusa Superbooth 2018 (no talking)

Second video and a new pic added here.

Superbooth 2018: BEHRINGER PRO ONE Synthesizer (Prototype) First Look

Published on May 3, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"BEHRINGER presented at Superbooth 2018 the PRO-One Synthesizer, an analog recreation of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One Synthesizer."


Behringer Pro-One Clone @ Superbooth 2018

Published on May 3, 2018 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Behringer Pro-One analog synthesizer at Superbooth 2018. Behringer Pro-One is a clone of the legendary Sequential Circuits Pro-One instrument."

Superbooth 2018 - Behringer Made an 808 - Here It Is

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

"Production prototype of the RD808 a full size, or near as, fully analog clone of the TR 808 drum machine."

Superbooth 2018: Behringer Rhythm Composer RD-808 (Prototype) Quick Look! | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on May 3, 2018

"I had the chance to check out the prototype of the upcoming Behringer Rhythm Composer RD-808 analog drum machine."

Superbooth 2018: Erica Synths Techno Drum System - Loads of New Pounding Drum Modules!

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

Superbooth 2018 - Dreadbox Erebus 3

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

"Dreadbox shows us the new 3 Osc Erebus - lots more patching and extra modulation, plus a new 3 ring processor - Yannis explains.
Same price as the original Erebus at 499 Euros."

And now we know what the new Dreadbox synth teased here is.

Superbooth 2018 - Spectrasonics Ominisphere 2.5

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

Auto-mapping for your hardware synths. This is actually pretty interesting. In essence you can give your current hardware synths new synth engines. Yes, they are software hosted in Omnisphere, but as far as interface and interaction goes, it is your hardware. It's also worth noting some existing hardware synths require software editors to access hidden features, so this in essence allows you to access hidden synth engines? Pretty interesting when you look at it from that perspective. I wish all software synths did this. Yes you can map controls manually, but this is a little different when you think about it. Not only is it auto mapped for you, but the synth engines essentially become their hardware equivalents.

"New hardware templates allow control for similar voiced software voices within Ominsphere - its a really interesting idea and maps contrtols 1 for 1 of the hardware to Ominisphere - Eric Pering shows us what this means."

Superbooth 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Sequence Designer

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

New Electronic Sequencer Designer 128.

See this post for a promo video from Pittsburg Modular.

4 Channel Performance Sequencer

• 4 Channel Sequencer
• Availabe as a eurorack module for $649 or in a standalone Blackbox enclosure for $699.
• Each channel up to 32 steps.
• Save and recall 32 sets of 4 sequences.
• Unified "Live Mode" or multiple "Page Mode" UI.
• Live mode divides us the 32 sliders between 2, 3, or 4 sequencers. It assigns the 32 sliders to the sequencers in 1 of 3 ways (2x 16 step sequences, 1x 16 step sequence and 2x 8 step sequences, or 4x 8 step sequences).
• Page Mode allows for 4x 32 step sequences at once.
• 11 quantized scale options with 2 programmable custom scales.
• Slider range assignable to 1, 3, 4, or 5 octaves.
• 8 sequencer direction modes. (forward, reverse, pendulum, stagger, skip, transpose, random, brownian)
• Start/stop all or just 1 sequence at once.
• Reset all or just 1 sequence at once.
• Shift notes between beats.
• Euclidean pattern generator for each sequencer.
• Independently assign swing to sequences.
• Independeltly assign scales and slider ranges to sequecnes.
• Independently assign gate length accents to sequences.
• Independently assign ratchet steps to sequences.
• Independently assign repeat steps to sequences.
• Almost all functions can be randomized for evolving sequences.
• Sliders output CV and Midi pitch changes when clock is stopped.
• Manually select active step when clock is stopped or running.
• 2 assignable CV inputs can modulate and/or trigger just about anything.
• Clock divider output with assignable and modulatable clock division.
• Dedicated CV and gate outputs for each sequencer.
• Independently assigned midi in channel and midi out channel for each sequencer.
• Each sequencer is assigned to a midi out channel and an assignable midi cc#.
• Midi input for sequence transposition.

153 mA +12V
49 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
40 mm deep

Superbooth 2018 - U-He CVilization Eurorack Module

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

"Clever 4x4 io matrix with audio and CV processing and an innovative GUI is U-he first Eurorack module."

You can two previous posts featuring U-He's first entry into hardware here.

Superbooth 2018: Polyend & Dreadbox Medusa - More Synth and Sequencer Than You Can Imagine!

Published on May 3, 2018 sonicstate

Polyend Dreadbox Medusa Superbooth 2018 (no talking)

Published on May 3, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

And a pic.

Note there was a previous incarnation of the Dreadbox Medusa announced back in July of 2017. That one was an orange on black stand alone version lacking the additional Polyend sequencer.

KEYBOARDS: Superbooth 2018: First impressions in 3D-Audio

3. Mai 2018 Published on May 3, 2018 KEYBOARDS

"Superbooth 2018: First impressions in 3D-Audio - Recorded with the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset"

Another Superbooth floor video to give you and idea what it would be like to attend.

Superbooth 2018 - Set Up Day Walkthrough

Published on May 2, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's a preliminary look at Superbooth 2018. A walk across the park into the FEZ (the venue) and off we go! Great to see familiar and new faces and meet people we only tend to see once or twice a year if at all. There's some hellos, silly stories including modular cases flying out of the back door of a rental car on the motorway and just some good fun all round. We walk through the venue, have a look at a few bits of gear before getting into the mass of videos to follow.

We're proud to have our Superbooth 2018 content sponsored by"

New Bastl Instruments TIMBER Introduction - Dual Waveform Lumberjack

Published on May 2, 2018 Bastl Instruments

"This is a walkthrough of Timbers features with short sound examples and waveform visualisation.
All parameters are explained briefly to give an insight to how Timber can be used to add harmonics
to simple waveforms or any signal."

via Bastl Instruments

dual waveform lumberjack

Timber is very flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres by adding harmonics to simple waveforms (triangles and sinewaves) or any other signal. It has 2 different unique wave shaping circuits – I. – the WAVE DRIVER and II. -the WAVE FOLDER and voltage controlled crossfader to fade between the different circuits or between one of them and the clean input signal.

Both circuits share the same control voltages: the SHAPE which sets the input amplification before the wave shaping circuit and the SYMMETRY control which adds voltage offset to the input signal to provide various asymmetric overdrives or wave folding sounds. There is also voltage FBK CV jack which when provided with positive voltages feeds respective portion of the output signal back to the input which results in chaotic and aggressive behaviours. It is calibrated to work well with 5V gate voltages.

I. the WAVE DRIVER is an overdrive circuit with one folding stage and it has 2 configuration 3-way switches (9 different configurations). The drive switch can set the overdrive character to SOFT or HARD or something in between. The FOLD switch can set the folding threshold to HI or LO or it can turn the folding stage off in the NO position.

II. the WAVE FOLDER is a novel take on the serge style wavefolding circuit which has specific behaviour to abuse the high gain of the input amplification stage to provide rich high frequency timbres with higher settings of the SHAPE parameter. It has a configuration switch which can either activate clean 4 stage wavefolding in the OK position or highly asymmetric folding stage in the KO position that provides strange metallic character. The NO position provides only the very last overdrive-folding stage.


I. WAVE DRIVER is overdrive circuit with one folding stage.
3-way DRIVE SWITCH to set character of overdrive (SOFT-MID-HARD)
3-way FOLD SWITCH to configure the folding threshold level (LO-NO-HI)
independent output I. OUT
II. WAVE FOLDER is 4 stage wavefolding circuit
3-way FOLD SWITCH to set character of folding stages (OK-NO-KO)
independent output II. OUTcommon INPUT for both circuits
SHAPE sets input amplification before signal enters waveshaping stages
SYMMETRY adds voltage offset to the input signal
SYMMETRY becomes bipolar attenuator when the jack is connected
X-FADE voltage controlled crossfader with bipolar attenuator
switch to select between INPUT and I. WAVE DRIVER for the left side of the X-FADE
X-FADE IN jack breaks normalisation of II. WAVE FOLDER on the right side of X-FADE
positive voltage at FBK CV jack sends signal from the output or II. back to the INPUT

7 HP
PTC fuse and diode protected 10 pin power connector
24mm deep
power consumption +12: < 50mA, -12: <50 mA


Published on May 2, 2018 Bastl Instruments

"In this video we show some sound examples of THYME our robot operated digital tape machine.
All sounds are recorded directly from thymes stereo output. The examples feature varrious
settings resulting in different textures and rhythmic delay patterns. Certain parameters
are being changed over time by thymes internal automation units - the robots. The changes
can happen slower or in the lower audio domain synced to clock or in free run. Settings
are saved as "sounds" which can be recalled sequentially. THYME can make a delay sound like
its a totally independent track in the music and thus can be used in a very creative way."

More posts featuring THYME here.

New 2 05 18 Serge Modular System Videos by batchas

Videos [1] & [2] have been added to this post. I also created a playlist for all four videos.

Roland D-05 Boutique Part. 3

The third demo of Roland's D-5 from DKS SYNTH LAB has been added to the playlist here.

Patch n Tweak

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