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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Conductive Labs NDLR + Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa (Reworked Version)

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Genshi Media Group


So this is a reworked version of the previous video. Specifically, I found that the Conductive Labs NDLR has a MIDI Polychain feature where I can spread the MIDI Channels of the PAD out to play Channels 4,5,6 - so that means I was able to turn the Dreadbox/Polyend Medusa's 6 Oscillators (using it's MIDI Channel per Oscillator feature) into a 3 Part Monophonic and 1 Part (three note) Polyphonic synth! Also, I added the Moog DFAM which is being Clocked Sync'd from the NDLR. A touch of Native Instruments Replika delay on the DFAM, and Valhalla Vintage Verb on the Medusa."

Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Part. 3

Published on Nov 21, 2018 DKS SYNTH LAB

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Akai Tom Cat Kick vs. Disco Tom

Published on Nov 21, 2018 HardtekStudios

"Bringing back the Akai Tom Cat so everyone can hear the difference in the Kick instrument and the Disco Toms instruments, which works great as an alternate kick!"

The Beauty of Analog String Synthesizers: Wersi String-Orchestra

Published on Nov 21, 2018 HAINBACH

"Analog String Synthesizers are simple yet beautiful machines. Based on a simple synthesis method, they make it up with heavy modulation FX such a chorus and phasers. That is why I think that even today these have their place in a studio - its hard to mimic their shimmering tone with samples and plugins. They sound alive."

譫妄 - 鬼的影子 by 鬼的影子

ghost's shadow by ghost's shadow

via 鬼的影子:

"This track was a mostly analog hardware jam recorded live with a 2-track Revox PR99 1/4" reel to reel at 7 1/2 ips. Prior to recording I programmed drum tracks on a Roland TR-909 and TR-808, mixed via an old tube amp as I have run out of mixer channels. The kick is being sent to a Sherman Filterbank. The percussion is going through a channel of the Overstayer Saturator. The track also features a Roland SH-5 for the bassline, which is sequenced by a Make Noise Rene and triggered by a Doepfer Darktime (Rene trigger is not strong enough). TR-909 kick and SH-5 bass are on a group going through the other channel of the Overstayer Saturator. The obvious synth part is done with a Casio CZ-5000 of which the synth part was programmed by me from initialised patch. It is going through a ZVEX Lofi-Junky pedal, a Moog Phaser and Dr Scientist Cosmichorus. There is some subtle synth sounds (noise / fx) on L & R stereo field that is done by a PIN Portabella (modern EMS Synthi A clone) and the same sequence from Doepfer Darktime is playing some role in sequencing this from memory. The kind of ehtnic sound near the end of the track is a patch on a Make Noise shared system, using all of the modules in some way. I did a lot of tweaking on the shared system whilst recording. Also used is a Daking FetIII on percussion group and SH-5, and a Joe Meek Twin Q, Bellari RP-583 plus a couple of Valley People 610's on compression and side-chaining duties. Reverb is a spring reverb by IGS called Springtime, and two of its channels is used for a stereo synth bus, while one channel is on the TR-909 kick drum and one channel on the TR-808&909 percussion. I also have two distortion pedals (the red Chandler Limited Little Devil Coloured Boost & the blue Germanium Drive) on a stereo bus for synths, one for the left, one for the right and mix this bus in subtly. Mixed on a 8 Channel Toft Board. Mastered by myself for sound quality as oppossed to loudness by playing back the tape recording through a Thermionic Culture Vulture, followed by a Rockruepel Comp.Two, then a Tubetech HLT2a and finally a Rockruepel Limit.One before being recorded by a Tascam DA-3000.

About me:
I love analog machines and the older technology of the 90's, including tracks made live with hardware before producing with computers was all the rage. I like thinking of the sound generating gear as instruments, which is why I do not use a computer to make music (I don't consider the computer as a very good instrument to jam on, although it is possible as lots of other people demonstrate - such as my friend Skueue who shows how powerful a computer can be for jamming). A lot of my interest in music is closely related to machines, and without machines I may not have had such an interest in pursuing a hobby in music and sound design. My gear is not dissimilar a nice car to car enthusiasts, and I have chosen gear over owning a car, clothes shopping, fancy restaurants etc. I am not interested in fame, money or popularity and really appreciate people that do music, and art in general, for the love of it. I believe in making unique music based on going with what you feel rather than what you've heard others doing and trying to recreate something that's already been done. I use chinese characters as an artist name as most people will not be able to search for you, which ultimately makes the focus of building your brand name and being popular non-existant. This way, I can focus entirely on making music and not the associated things that come with it."

MC-8 Roland Microcomposer demo VHS tape 1978

Published on Nov 21, 2018 AnalogSynthMuseum

"MC-8 Roland Microcomposer demo VHS tape 1978"

Update via peahix:

"This isn't a demo VHS tape from 1978. It's stolen from my own MC8 demo video, the original of which you can see here [embed below]

The music on my original video was replaced with a piece of music by Ralph Dyck taken from my MC8 blog"

Roland MC-8 Factory Demo Program - Bach Invention #1

Published on Feb 1, 2010 peahix

"This is another of the demo programs provided in the Roland MC-8 manual. This time it's a Bach Invention, played back on a Roland SH-101 synth (not seen in the video). The first part of the video is specifically designed to bore you with stunning footage of me entering the channel 1 CV data for the first 3 pages of the 10-page score. Be thankful that I didn't decide to include the entire CV/Step/Gate data entry process for the entire score. In the 2nd part of the video, you hear the entire mixed piece, played back in sync with the MC-8 displaying the CV data for channel 1.

After posting this video, I was informed that Yellow Magic Orchestra featured this very same demo at the very end of the show during their 1980 world tour. You can hear their version here:

For more info about the MC-8, and to see high-res scans of the score & program data sheets for this piece, please visit"

Atlantean Depths - 3x Atlantis Sequenced By Metropolis Via Shifty

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Intellijel

"Shifty provides a powerful means to explode the functionality of a monophonic sequencer into a multi-voice melody factory.

In this case Metropolis is sequencing three Atlantis via Shifty. Planar 2 is modulating the Octave via the Aux A input to allow additional variation into the static sequence.

Effects are provided by Springray 2, an Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, and a Boss PH-1 Phaser."

Moog One: Sounds with Strymon Mobius, Timeline, BigSky, and Neo Ventilator II

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Synthient Sound

"Checking out the Moog One with some hardware effects units, Strymon Mobius, Timeline, Bigsky, as well as the Neo Instruments Ventilator II."

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''Love Is A Battlefield'' LinnDrum pattern

Published on Nov 21, 2018 SynthMania

"Viewer's request: how to recreate Pat Benatar's 'Love Is A Battlefield' LinnDrum six-measure pattern"

Yamaha Reface Dx Demo

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Alphacode

"A great little FM synthesizer that is the best alternative to a Yamaha Dx7 mk2 in my opinion !"

Ampify Deeper Look Videos: LaunchpadPro, Groovebox Pro, & Blocs Wave Pro

A Deeper Look: LaunchpadsPro Features Collection from Ampify on Vimeo.

"Watch our LaunchpadPro Features overview video. We cover the Audio Import and Effects features.

Download the app here:"

A Deeper Look: Groovebox’s Pro Features Collection from Ampify on Vimeo.

"Watch our Groovebox Pro Features overview video. We cover the deep synthesizers: MiniMon, Poly-8, Retro Bass and powerful drum machine, Drumbox.

Download the app here:"

A Deeper Look: Blocs Wave’s Pro Features Collection from Ampify on Vimeo.

"Watch our Blocs Wave Pro Features overview video. We cover using the Touch EQ, Beat Slicer and Audio Import features.

Download the app here:"

OP-Z - First Beat

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Stochastic Design

"We had our hands on the elusive OP-Z from Teenage Engineering for about 24 hours now, and thought it would be appropriate to share one of our first beats, along with some thoughts. This song was created from variations of a single pattern, utilizing the various tracks and play effects of the OP-Z.

In short: It's an amazing instrument, and tons of fun for armchair jamming!"

Matrixbrute Does Tetris Theme (...+ Nikolai Medtner)

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Recreation of the A section. Square wave, single VCO only for each part. Vid at the start is the melody. Here are the gate settings:

Melody = 100%
Noise = 40%
Bassline = 96%
Counter-melody = 83%

However, on listening back, the distinction of the semiquaver repeated notes during the counter-melody isn't clean enough (in the mix). I'd suggest reducing the gate length to somewhere between 75-80%.

Tempo = 149 BPM. Take note of when the sequencer is playing quavers, and when it is playing semiquavers.

The countermelody has to be two separate sequences due to the semiquavers i.e. 8 by 16 rather than 8 by 8.

The individual voices should be useful for anyone looking to recreate the piece. No large-scale synth necessary - you can make the piece on the simplest of synths. Even VST's will do the job fine.

Technical details RE the Gameboy sound hardware here -

The Tetris theme is actually a very famous Russian folk song, 'Korobeiniki'.

Talking Synths with Joe McGinty at Carousel Studio

Published on Nov 21, 2018 therevoxhq

"Joe McGinty (Loser's Lounge, The Psychedelic Furs) gives us a tour of his vintage keyboard collection at Carousel Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Includes an original MiniMoog, a demo of his Oberheim Matrix 12 and Therevox ET-4 controlling a Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer. [DSI Sequential OB-6 also gets a mention as his favorite new synth]

More information about Joe McGinty and Carousel Studio at:

Opening music is "Blue River" The Dutchess & The Fox available at:

Talking Synths with Ben Talmi at Greylock Records

Published on Nov 21, 2018 therevoxhq

"Ben shows us his vintage Roland Juno 6 and is joined by Cale Hawkins for an improvisation using a Therevox ET-4.2 and Sequential Prophet 6 with a bit of Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

Ben Talmi is a Songwriter and Producer at Greylock Records in Brooklyn.

Opening Music is "2:30 Tuesday" By Cale Hawkins."

5U Hexinverter SympleSEQ by Lower West Side Studio & Black Friday Sale

Published on Nov 21, 2018

"Hexinverter's SympleSEQ sequencer built by Lower West Side Studio"

Update via Lower West Side Studio:

"We’re also happy to be able to offer a new module; Hexinverter’s SympleSEQ

To help celebrate Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season, Lower West Side Studio is giving away a SympleSEQ!

For each module purchased one entry will be made in the SympleSEQ Raffle.

On Tuesday November 27th at 8:00AM GMT-5 a winner will be announced.

Lower West Side Studio’s Black Friday Sale is on from now until November 26th 12:00AM GMT-5

All orders received during this time will have entries made into the SympleSEQ raffle!"

Shake it like a servo motor!

Published on Nov 21, 2018 יזהר אשדות Izhar Ashdot

"Shake it like a servo motor!
I’ve been playing with the idea of controlling Percussion instruments with servo motors as part of my modular setup.
I failed to build my own voltage to PWM circuit but finally found on EBay a cheap three channel voltage-to-PWM board, designed for RC models.
I built a small module around it.
I bought a few kinds of servo motors to test which would work best. Even the cheaper ones had enough torque to shake a tambourine and a LP shaker.
A strong vise was necessary to keep the instruments from spinning and flying across the room.
This video is a proof of concept. I hope soon to integrate this module into my music making setup.

3ch Servo Controller: [via this auction - pics below]

Servo: [via this auction]"

Testing the Instruo Cs-L modular complex oscillator

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Rolf Maier Bode

"The first hours with my new Instruo Cs-L modular complex oscillator.

Condensed to 15 minutes, direct sound, no fx, Cs-L is only sound source, no talking!

Check the fresh scottish Buchla-style modular dual complex oscillator for eurorack."


Published on Nov 21, 2018 CRUEL & UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS

"A full analog distortion OCTAVER fx blob! Input gets decided by intervals of 2! Every switch engages and mixes to the output 1/4 inch!"

Modular :: Serge Insanity :: Cross-modulating Monster

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Mike Thomas

"Just having fun with my R*S Euro Serge setup. Just the Serge skiff is involved -- the lower one isn't doing anything. I am feeding the output into a Zoom MS-70CDR pedal with a Limiter, Chorus, Delay and Reverb in effect.Don't hold your breath for patch notes. Just know that everything is connected to everything, just about!#eurorack #serge #modular #synthesizer #music #sound #noise #scary"


Published on Nov 21, 2018 LESINDES

"Tweaking assorted drum grooves in MFB TANZBÄR 2 -- PART 1.
No sound enhancement. It is the pure machine."

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Synthesizer Sounds & Visuals

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Perfect Circuit

"The Teenage Engineering OP-Z is a tiny and powerful synthesizer workstation with a built in battery and speaker. The OP-Z can play samples as well as synthesize, and it has a powerful built in sequencer. You can connect the OP-Z to an iOS device with bluetooth for easier parameter control as well as the ability to generate sequenced visuals.

OP-Z available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

New Percussa mSSP (Mini SSP) to Launch on Kickstarter, Friday Nov 23

New module based on the Super Signal Processor coming from Percussa.

"(Los Angeles, CA) This coming Friday November 23rd, our second kickstarter project, the Percussa micro Super Signal Processor (mSSP) Eurorack module, is going live at 8am Los Angeles time.

It's the result of interaction with the eurorack community since we launced the Percussa Engine and Synthor System 8 at the Winter NAMM 2017 show in Anaheim, CA.

The mSSP is the smaller, lower cost but equally powerful version of the successful Percussa SSP eurorack module which was funded on Kickstarter in September 2017 and which was delivered in June 2018.

The mSSP comes with the same quad-core ARM cortex A17 processor @ 1.8GHz as the SSP, one of the fastest ARM processors available, and high end AKM audio converters offering 8 in / 4 out @192kHz 32-bit.

New Maker - Olympia Modular TUNNELS - Infinite Multiple for Eurorack Synthesizers on Kickstarter

"Olympia Modular is the first collaboration between Olympia Noise Co. developer Ben Kamen and Buchla Development Engineer Charles Seeholzer."

via Kickstarter:

"TUNNELS is a new type of Eurorack utility module that allows you to duplicate and route signals across your modular synthesizer. We call it the “Infinite Multiple,” but you could also describe it as an “Inter-Panel Buffered Multiple,” or perhaps a “Mult Bus.”

TUNNELS is comprised of two distinct modules : TUNNEL IN and TUNNEL OUT. The TUNNEL IN module by itself is a buffered multiple, duplicating an input signal to create multiple outputs. The TUNNEL OUT module expands the TUNNEL IN module to add additional outputs at another location in your synthesizer. TUNNEL OUT modules can be chained together infinitely to create massive buffered multiple banks or send common signals like clocks and 1v/oct signals to strategic locations in your synth.

The TUNNEL IN module has three inputs, each routed to a pair of outputs. When disconnected, the inputs are normalled to the previous input, allowing for a variety of configurations. With the first input connected it is a 1 in : 6 out multiple. Using the first two inputs makes a 1 in : 2 out multiple and a 1 in : 4 out multiple. With all three inputs connected, it acts as three 1 in : 2 out multiples.

The TUNNEL OUT module receives the three channels from TUNNEL IN via a TUNNEL LINK cable, adding three additional buffered outputs per channel. With one input connected, for example, you would now have a 1 in : 15 out multiple. Add additional TUNNEL OUT modules to expand your TUNNELS system however you see fit.

Because TUNNELS is a buffered (non-passive or powered) multiple, critical signals like 1 volt per octave control voltages are able to maintain their integrity regardless of the size of the TUNNELS system.

TUNNELS is engineered with live-patching in mind. Normalled connections between inputs are also buffered, preventing the momentary short that can happen with other multiples. This means no dropped clocks or audible glitches in modulation or pitch while working on your patch.

Haken Audio ContinuuMini Kickstarter Campaign Launces

via Kickstarter:

"Portable. Affordable. Expressive.

The ContinuuMini has been designed to be a portable and more affordable version of Haken Audio's larger Continuum Fingerboards. The ContinuuMini is fun to play, has the same sound engine as the larger Continuums, and delivers it’s own unique and rewarding musical performance experience.

The ContinuuMini's Predecessor: The Continuum Fingerboard

Dr. Lippold Haken started development over 35 years ago on what was to become the modern Continuum Fingerboard. Today, the Continuum has established itself as the premier multidimensional controller surface ever designed. It has been in the vanguard for expressive control ever since it’s inception as a commercial product at the beginning of this century. Many varied artists from around the world have discovered the beautiful experience that the Continuum can deliver: an amazing acoustic-like experience that really opens the door for countless types of outstanding musical expression.

SYNTH PALACE - Synth Studio Tour + Synthesizer Reviews / Music Studio Tour

Published on Nov 21, 2018 synth4ever

"An in-depth studio tour of the Synth Palace ( in Montreal, Quebec Canada with founder & curator Peter Venuto.

The Synth Palace features legendary vintage analog and digital synths which you can try/record with, or rent for home music studio use.

This synth studio tour covers Peter's synthesizer collection, Synth Palace studio and recording setup, and includes various synth reviews along the way. Peter was a great host and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

The collection is impressive -- it seemed everywhere I looked, there were more synths and gear to be uncovered. Be sure to visit Synth Palace if you're ever in Montreal! :)"

A quick jam with the WMD Synchodyne and Volt #Eurorack Modules

Published on Nov 21, 2018 WMDevices

"A quick live performance using the #WMD VOLT to offset the envelope voltages running into the WMD Synchrodyne's influence input, acting as an instant range switch for the envelope amount affecting the Synchrodyne's wild and unique filter character. Halfway in, we introduce two Spectrum oscillators, one being filtered by the #VerbosElectronics #DualFourPole and the other modulating it at audio rate"

Patch from Scratch: "Eurorack Ambient"

Published on Nov 21, 2018 MAKEN0ISE


The patch for this video was inspired by classic ambient and furniture music, as well as by currently popular ambient modular composers here on YouTube.

Erik Satie first introduced the notion of “furniture music”, music specifically made not to be the center of attention.

He made some other musical innovations that are pertinent to ambient music, including;

1. The removal of bar lines from sheet music. (The experience of playing pieces in this style, such as the 6 Gnossienes, is that of finding the meter that arises between the note durations rather than having it dictated by the outward structure of the piece.)

2. The notion of exact temporal durations in minutes and seconds being prioritized as the main structural element of pieces.

In a letter, John Cage once wrote: “the importance due [Satie] [is], I believe, to have consistently structured his music on lengths of time rather than harmonic relations. I’m sure he was aware of doing this but I doubt whether he knew its real importance, which is real: liberation from the Beethoven yoke, far more real than that granted by S[choenberg] with the 12-tone row.”

The best known pioneer of “ambient music” *as such* is Brian Eno.

For Eno, Ambient music should function equally well in the background and the foreground. “It must be as ignorable as it is interesting.”

Introducing New HotSawz Synth Algorithm for Eventide's H9

Published on Nov 6, 2018 Eventide Audio

"Transform your instrument into a massive synth with HotSawz, a pitch-tracking, monophonic synth engine for your H9. With six stackable sawtooth oscillators, three modulation sources, and four assignable destinations, HotSawz allows you to create a wide palette of sounds that run the gamut from classic synthwave to a pulsing panorama of bouncing blips, brassy swells, and sub-bass swagger.

The modulation sources include LFO, Envelope Follower, and ADS Gate, while the four assignable destinations are comprised of Filter Cutoff, Volume, Pitch and Oscillator Depth. Each modulation source can be assigned to any of these destinations at a given time. Thus, multiple sources can manipulate the same destination. In fact, there are 64 combinations of source to destination assignments, providing a vast landscape for serious experimentation For example, scope your favorite sci-fi thriller sounds from Blade Runner to Stranger Things, and create 8-bit video game blips, screaming 70s saw leads and undulating bass odysseys on individual tracks.

Too spicy? Dial it back with the global Mix function and maintain some of your original tone. Not spicy enough? Transpose the oscillators up and/or down by one octave for that thick, analog synth sound. Create your own recipe for sonic satisfaction by sprinkling on a bit of HotSawz to excite your auditory taste buds!"

$799 Vintage Steiner-Parker Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Sold for $799?! If it was legit the seller should have gone with an auction for this one.

KBDLS 1296
MKB 577

Arp Solina String Ensemble MK1 1975 SN 0093165

via this auction

"Rare, early model Arp Solina! Series 22 which is the ~2nd year of production. Early 1X series did not have the mod/chorus switch and only a few had Gate/trigger out. Arp added the switch to the front panel and gate/trigger out on a few early 2x series, which eventually was done by eminent for the MK2, which are mainly later 2x series and after. You can tell the difference as the MK2 has the chorus button on the right side of the keyboard.

The early MK1s are hard to find, especially with the mod/chorus switch and gate/trigger out. The MK1 has the most classic Solina sound used on countless recordings.

Everything works, all voices, bass, keys, sliders. Body has a few minor scratches but still great for a +40 year old stringer. There is a piece broken off the right front corner, I got it this way and. I was either going to fill it in to reshape it or just sand it flat, but never got around to it. This is an easy cosmetic fix and of course does not effect the sound."

EMS VCS3 Putney SN 1080

via this auction

"Rare EMS VCS3 Putney. Mostly used in Pro Studio since birth.
Very good cosmetic condition for it's age

Pro Serviced by EMS expert Constantin Papageorgiadis. Service report included. 1 Year warranty.

- full calibration (including pots, pins and connectors cleaning, small parts replacement if needed)
- outside and inside cleaning and inserts replacement
- vernier dials replacement
- electrolytic caps replacement
- trimpots replacement
- new oscillators supermatched pair
- tempco to improve stability of osc 1 and 2
- mains neon lamp bulb replacement keeping the original bezel
- selection and replacement of a JFET in the reverb mix
- resoldering of cables + cleaning of the pots lugs
- repair of the meter switch with parts from another Rendar one
- 1V/oct precalibrated switchable input
Serial: 1080"

Korg EX-8000 SN 001858 w/ SynthArc Programmer / Controller

via this auction

Roland SH-101 w/ Mod Grip & Original Boxes

via this auction

"This puppy has the original box and accessories pack in the OG box (strap and handle)!"

Roland Juno-60 61-key polyphonic analog synthesizer SN 254437

via this auction

Moog Source Synthesizer SN 3556

via this auction

Note the seller is abstrakt_instruments.

Roland SH-2 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Note the little clear plastic knob cover/cap resting by the VCO-2 Range.

Also, the seller for this one is abstrakt_instruments.


Published on Nov 1, 2018 Synthesizer Home

Demo of the HOHNER RHYTHM 80.

GTG Nr 2010 VST synthesizer plugin - Electro Pop music

Published on Nov 6, 2018 Konrad Regula Zień

"GTG NR 2010 VST synthesizer plugin is a free plugin for PC music software sations. This synth is similar to some Roland hardware alanog sythesizers. In my Electro Pop music track I used only this one plugin for create sound patches."

Roland SH series UI.

Korg PS-3200 as VST FB-3200 plugin - Electro Pop music

Published on Nov 6, 2018 Konrad Regula Zień

"Free VST plugin FB-3200 synthesizer is emulation of analog Korg PS-3200 synthesizer produced between 1978-1981 years. It was smaller brother of famous Korg PS-3300 synthesizer. In this track I used ONLY this one plugin for create sound patches in my music track ' Walk between the clouds '"

ARP Odyssey as VST synthesizer plugin in space electronic music

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Konrad Regula Zień

"ARP Odyssey analog synthesizer is available as PC VST plugin called Tonus 2813 and it`s free. With Sonar X2 Producer this plugin plays my space electronic music track "Spiral of Time " . This track has another version played with another modern VST synthesizers, you can find on my channel. Composer : Konrad Zień Regula."

[DIGITONE] 32 custom patches : Moving Vektors by CO5MA

Published on Nov 21, 2018 CO5MA

"Fractal Pads Volume II : Moving Vektors
You can purchase this sound pack for 8.95$ on Gumroad (6.95$ for my subscribers - pm me)

32 brand new complex pads patches for Elektron Digitone. This pack brings you expressive, complex and dark atmospheric pads

All patches presented here have been hand crafted with love and are expressive and responsive to Aftertouch and Modulation Wheel"

Melodic Mutations

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Intellijel

"This patch is a lot of fun to play!

One Dixie Saw is fed to Morgasmatron, the other to Polaris. Both are sequenced by Metropolis via Shifty, so the melody ping pongs between the two voices.

Planar 2 is transposing the sequence of Metropolis via the Aux A input, as well as the GAIN and FREQ of Springray 2's reverb. An Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy providing delay, and Shapeshifter is modulating both filters via OUT 2."

@styleflip custom Novation MiniNova

via @HoodyMoo

"The @WeAreNovation @HoodyMoe #MiniNova specially done by @styleflip"

Interesting how it makes you see the controls differently.

Strange Science Instruments M-4 Advanced Stereo Mixer ... and why you can't have enough VCAs!

Published on Nov 21, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** Here I've had the pleasure of working with the very high quality, great feeling, great sounding M-4 Advanced Stereo Mixer from Strange Science Instruments. Each channel serves as a great channel high end mixer style VCA with soft colour and then distortion that glues that mix bus/summing together really nicely. You can use the channels and break them out of the mix, CV over volume and pan is great from slow modulation right through audio rates, feedback is very cool and the stereo pass through is a nice way to get 6 channels going.


00:15 Patch previews

00:50 Features / sound and a 6 channel mix with volume and pan CV

02:53 Creating an FX send & return.

05:54 AM synthesis, audio rate VCA/amplitude control. With “modulating modulators” for dynamic tonal changes.

10:06 Distortion! Soft/gluey “colour” from the channels and more full on distortion.

14:29 CV mixing / modulating - a unique stereo panning modulation hub.

16:53 “sound design” patch from the manual. With inputs modulating themselves over volume and pan

19:22 FEEDBACK!!! This is totally ace, patching it back on itself for wave shaping, feedback and oscillations."

Polyend Seq with a simple Eurorack modular setup

Published on Nov 21, 2018 Polyend

"A simple example of use - Polyend Seq with a simple Eurorack modular system by Alna."

BOUM by OTO Machines

Published on Nov 21, 2018 OTOMACHINES

"BOUM is a full analog stereo warming unit, combining an easy-to-use compressor, a versatile distortion generator and a smooth low-pass filter."

You can find additional details and demos on BOUM here.

Patch n Tweak

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