MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thursday, December 20, 2018

NAMM Leaks: New KORG Volca Modular & Volca Drum

And the first NAMM 2019 rumor is in. A new KORG Volca Modular "Micro Modular Synthesizer" & Volca Drum "Digital Percussion Synthesizer". Click the pics to explore. Note the mini patch points (ala Tinysizer) on the Volca Modular, and the display on the Volca Drum.

The Volca Modular appears to be a "West Coast" approach with a Woggle modulation source and 2 LPGs or Lowpass Gates.  An LPG is essentially the Buchla version of a Lowpass Filter.  There also appears to be some oscillator wave folding on the left.  Man, this is going to sell like hotcakes.  I want one now.   Digital drums on the Volca Drum with modulation does look interesting as well.

Wavefolder plus 3 sines plus 2 VCAs

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Randy Piscione

"Experimenting with different ways of generating timbres for a custom Eurorack panel I'm working on with PM Foundations. I took a sine into a mixer, and two more sines into two VCAs, and then those two also went to the mixer. The output of the mixer went to an nlc Timbre. I also ran an LFO into each of the VCAs.

The Timbre is the first version, so I turned the Fold pot all the way up, and used the mixer and the VCAs/LFOs to control the actual folding of the 3 sines in various combinations."

Twisted Electrons AY3 SYNTH Module Chiptune

via this auction

Anyware Instruments Tinysizer SN 53

via this auction

"Serial number is #53. Look around online if you are curious about what this bad boy can do. Owned for about 2 years, had a lot of fun and made plenty of music with it. Lived in my studio the whole time except for one live set. Time to let someone else live the tiny dream.

There is one issue with this one that I never got around to fixing. The potentiometer for “Audio In 1” on the VCF has gone bad. Still receives input and gives output signal, but doesn’t attenuate it - just does on or off for the input. Should be an easy fix for a technician or experienced electronics enthusiast. Never got in the way of me using it though."

Waldorf Q 61-Key Keyboard / Synthesizer SN 930821513

via this auction, also on Reverb.

Review: Behringer Neutron Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Published on Dec 20, 2018 inside synthesis

"The Inside Synthesis Behringer Neutron review."


Published on Dec 20, 2018 LESINDES

"Tweaking assorted drum grooves in MFB TANZBÄR 2 -- PART 2.
No sound enhancement. It is the pure machine.
Wrong interface mentioned in the credit list: The sound was recorded with ZOOM H-6."

Part 1 here.

Ornament and Crime Time

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Ebotronix

"Pythagorean Scale by 4x Ornament and Crime number of notes: 12 notes (in cents): 0, 89.8, 203.9, 293.8, 407.8, 497.7, 611.7, 702.3, 792.2, 906.2, 996.1, 1110.2
Upper Ribbon Sputnik VCO and Waldorf NW1
lower Ribbon Two 59 VCO and Tunefish Modular Slider μBraids
Bass by Tunefish Modular Warps to E 440 Filter
Chords Flame Q Slider, OC ASR to 4x μBraids quad panning by Tides and 2x Vails"

How We Remember | The Lightbath Zone - Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Masterclass

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Lightbath

"Watch the original modular piece 'How We Remember' →"

How We Remember (Friends cassette) | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Premiered Dec 6, 2018 Lightbath

"Available on cassette + digital download:"

Prok Drums Taster

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Thonk Synth DIY

"Prok Drums. A morphing DSP percussion engine available in Bassdrum, Snare, Hi-Hat and Handclap flavours. Available exclusively from Thonk."

PrOk BD & SN Test by ReFactor

"Just a simple test of the pre loaded banks.
Starting off with the X & Y controls full CCW. Turning the X CW, then the Y CW, then the X CCW and the Y CCW. First for the BD then the SN.
Changing banks and repeating the process."

80 new UNO Synth Sound Presets made by haQ attaQ

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Jakob Haq

"IK Multimedia just dropped 80 new presets for UNO synth and they've all been made by yours truly! That's right 80 new free haQ attaQ presets available in your IKM account user area. This pack is filled with Bass, Leads, Plucked and Chip-Tune likle sounds. I even made some really odd stuff that I had to create a new genre for. I call it 'Xtort'. Check this out!"

Welson 4 Oscillators Prototype... randomizing!

Published on Dec 20, 2018 VSMI

"the Beast... Made in Italy by Welson"


Just when you think you've seen it all... Another vintage synth never featured on the site until now. Check out the Welson label below for other models by them.

A Night at the Studio

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Riccardo Pietroni

I believe this is the first post to feature a demo of the CRB Vocostrings. Vocostrings has only been mentioned once before in this post. This is the first time many of us are likely hearing one. Pretty cool.

"Some wine and our favorite italian vintage synths. On the keyboards Gianfranco Stortoni.
Crumar Ds2 and Dp50, Elka Synthex, Crb Vocostrings, Siel Cruise."

Symphony of life | A long performance with Deluge groove box

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Funk Tree

"Merry Christmas to my fellow subscribers! Thank you Rohan and Ian (Synthstrom) for this revolutionary product. Here is one of my best older performances with Deluge. sorry I didn't have time to put comments into the video but I believe you'd love this performance too. If you hear some pop clicks it is b/c this was recorded with an old deluge firmware."

Novation // Peak v1.2 - Overview Videos


1. Novation // Peak v1.2 - Overview
Our Peak synth is without doubt the most powerful synth we’ve ever created, and since its launch 18 months ago, users around the world have let us know ways in which they reckon we could make it even better.

In this video, -CALC- takes you through all the new features in the Peak Firmware v1.2 update. We’ve made your most frequently requested features a reality, adding 178 presets by Patricia Wolf and GForce software.

What's in the v1.2 update?
We've added 43 new wavetables, much more modulation, redesigned the Mod Matrix, FX Modulation, microtuning, plus new soundpacks from Patricia Wolf and GForce software.

More info on v1.2:

Discover more about Peak:
2. Novation // Peak v1.2 - Mod Matrix
In this video, -CALC- takes you through the brand new design of the Modulation Matrix. Now, with sources and destinations presented on the same page, the days of toggling between them to make and edit assignments are over. And as a knock-on benefit, the Page button now enables quick access to all 16 modulation slots.
3. Novation // Peak v1.2 - Micro Tuning
In this video, -CALC- takes you through the brand new microtuning abilities that have been added into Peak with the v1.2 update. We've added support for microtuning and Scala table import, with 16 Tuning Tables available for saving and recall within any patch, and automatic note selection making MIDI note-to-pitch assignment effortless.
4. Novation // Peak v1.2 - Wavetables
In this video, -CALC- takes you through the new 43 wavetables added to the Wave menus, and how they can be accessed and the new sound design options.
5. Novation // Peak v1.2 - Envelopes
Here, -CALC- takes you through the new envelope features that we've added to Peak in the v1.2 update. The envelopes see the addition of a Hold stage (up to 500ms) and the ability to loop between the Attack and Decay stages.

Synth hack: How to make your synth BI-TIMBRAL - shown using Peak from Novation

Published on Dec 20, 2018 loopop


0:00 The challenge
0:55 How it works
4:45 Optimization tips
5:40 Split transpose
6:25 Removing noise
7:15 Extreme transpose
8:10 Amp envelopes
11:20 Per split timbre mod
12:40 More ideas?

An Introduction to the ContinuuMini

Published on Dec 20, 2018 HakenAudio

"The ContinuuMini is a USB powered musical instrument from Haken Audio. It utilizes the same internal synth engine as the larger Continuums in a smaller more portable design."

Switched-On Bach 50th Anniversary Tribute w/ Arturia Modular V by Paul Schilling

"Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Wendy Carlos' Switched-On Bach with some recreations I did on the Arturia Modular V. Patches available on Arturia's presets site.

If you like my work please follow me on instagram"

"IKEA Hack" Plate Reverb Part 3 (Free IR files!)

Published on Dec 20, 2018 LeoMakes

You can find all parts in the series posted here.

"Leo makes and gives away IR (Impulse Response) files of the now-famous IKEA Plate Reverb! And it's 100% free!

Viewers have been asking me about posting IR files since the first episode and I thought it would be a good video subject. So in this video, I explain how convolution works, walk you through the process of making an impulse response file and demo some sounds. It sounds just like the real thing!

You can download the free IR files from the following:

(You can load these .aif files into most convolution reverb plugins to get the IKEA plate sounds in your own music).

If you use these IR files and create some beautiful, brilliant, amazing music (or other art) please come back and share it in the comments below! I get a huge kick out of seeing my work inspiring the art of other people.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2019!

My synth company (i.e., what I do when I'm not making videos):"

verbos harmonic oscillator #04 | orthogonal devices er-301

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Elinch

"a minimal piece of music to the winter, we had short snow. please pay attention to the listening volume, the piece started very quietly and very deep bass, you can not hear with small speakers.
Have a nice Christmas holiday and a great new year!!!!

my first album is now available on bandcamp:

1. string seq 01 /// sampleplayer orthogonal devices er-301
2. string seq 02 /// grain unit orthogonal devices er-301
3. string seq 03 /// sampleplayer orthogonal devices er-301
4. noises /// grain unit orthogonal devices er-301 (mi rings sample)
5. bass/seq /// verbos harmonic oscillator / mutable instruments clouds (pos modulated by pamelas new workout)
6. slow seq /// grain unit orthogonal devices er-301

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers."

Toraiz AS-1 Sounds (and Coffee) Part 2

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Stochastic Design

"The coffee-fuelled session with the Toraiz AS-1 continues. This time, we tweak a couple of the factory sounds to show how easy it is to go from idea to sound, and compare the clean sound with the addition of some built-in effects."

Part 1 here.

Orbital - Against The Clock

Published on Dec 19, 2018 FACTmagazine

"Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll went against the clock to see if he could make something beautiful out of vocal samples from a variety of British politicians. Why? He says it best himself: 'Why not make some sense out of a load of old rubbish?'

Using a couple of samplers and a drum machine, the rave pioneer had just ten minutes to build a track from a variety of manipulated samples, including a ‘Boris Johnson kick drum’ and a ‘Theresa May lead’, in the hope that the resulting sounds are at least 'prettier than when they went in'."

Synth Quest Episode 3 | Korg 700 miniKORG

Published on Dec 20, 2018 madFame

"In this episode of Synth Quest we take a look at the Korg 700 miniKORG. This video is the most in-depth, high-quality demo of the Korg 700 miniKORG on the internet, I hope you enjoy it!

I rescue and repair unwanted synths and drum machines and put them back into service, making music as they were intended. In this video series I present some of the history and sounds of the various synths and drum machines here in my studio.

If you have any unwanted synths and drum machines that you would like to contribute to Synth Quest, you can email me at"

Nonlinear Labs C15 - "Pad" & "Good Trump"

Published on Dec 20, 2018 peter m mahr

Not that Trump.

"Two more C15 sound examples. You will only hear the Nonlinear Labs C15 (Reverb!).
Sound #1 "Pad" - It starts with a simple pad sound that develops to a kind of SQR pad, then almost sounds like strings, but can also sound biting.
Sound #2 'Good Trump' - A brass like sound, somewhere between trombone and trumpet."

Synthesizer Synapse DUNE 3 - Cinematic meets EDM

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Kevin Schroeder

Music and Video by Kevin Schroeder

via Synapse Audio Software

"The best DUNE ever, now in Full HD!
DUNE 3 builds on the award-winning DUNE 2 synthesizer, adding frequently requested features and innovative ideas, to create the best DUNE experience ever!

DUNE 3 comes with many new patches crafted by expert sound designers. Since DUNE 3 is fully patch-compatible with DUNE 2, it includes its presets as well,
doubling the factory library size to more than 1000 patches.

Circuit Bent ET Journey From The Green Planet

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Bogus Noise

"Modded to add pitch control and two LFOs for pitch modulation and last phrase retrigger.

Added Features:

Pitch Knob
Pitch LFO Rate
Pitch LFO Shape
Pitch LFO Depth
Retrigger LFO Rate
LFO Indicator LEDs and On/Off Switches
1/4" Mono Output Jack"

Bogus Noise on eBay

Circuit Bent VTech Talking Computer

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Bogus Noise

"A variant on this toy, no distortions but all the glitches!

Added Features

Pitch Control
4 Glitch Trigger Buttons
12 Way Glitch Base Selector Rotary Switch
On/Off Switch & LED
1/4" Jack Output Socket"

Bogus Noise on eBay

The Cat Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Only 2 owners. Purchased from a Pawn Shop in 1982 Los Angeles. Excellent condition. Works as it should. Serviced recently. One coffee ring on the side wood panel. Sounds extremely fat. Great monosynth with duophonic capabilites. Filters are very impressive."

Elby Designs "AVR-Synth" - Digital Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

"Elby Designs RARE Digital Desktop Synthesizer "AVR-Synth" by Jaroslaw Ziembicki

- Digital Synthesizer Module based on the AVR Atmel
- Handmade in Australia
- comes with 12V adapter
- one year warranty
- worldwide shipping
- super rare"

ARP Odyssey MKI 2800

via this auction

TEST SERIES 2X Cooper Fx Moment Machine 2X Outward Elektron Octatrack Roland GR-55

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Sound design experiment. Pitch / time artifacts and textures.

The purpose of “TEST SERIES” is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Zellen - A Game of Life based sequencer for Monome Norns

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Svenbørt

"Zellen (German for 'cells') is a sequencer for Monome Norns, based on Conway's Game of Life.

It feature three play modes (born, reborn, ghost), five playing directions (up, down, random, drunken up, drunken down), and three sequencing modes (manual, semi-manual, automatic)."

Tiptop Audio Z DSP mk2 & the Time Domain FX bundle

Published on Dec 20, 2018 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX & SECTIONS BELOW** Boy oh boy do I love the Z-DSP. I've had two (and have two again) and as a platform for hosting DSP FX I really love it. There's a lot of great things going on with it including plenty of CV and gain staging and a wide range of FX cards. In this video we'll go through what the Z-DSP is, updates to the mk2 (more than a new panel) and the new Time Domain bundle of FX cards with the Mod Delay, Hydra and Spirals. All 3 cards aim to evoke the feeling and sound of classic time based FX from the 1980s - 2000s. We go through analogue synth sounds, guitar and some granular looping samples to show off the FX in a wide range of situations. Also don't forget about the variable internal sample clock rate there's a whole lo fi world you can open up by taking advantage of that one. Check out the other Z-DSP videos I have below.


00:23 Patch previews

01:35 What is the Z-DSP? What are the updates to version 2?

03:39 Time Domain Bundle - 3 new Z-DSP Delay/Time based FX cards.

04:08 Variable clock - clocking it with oscillators and changing the internal processing sample rates … WARNING! Lo-Fi action :)

Arturia Pigments: Tutorials

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Arturia

"In this simple overview, Guy covers the core aspects of Pigments: our brand-new wavetable virtual analog software synth.

Introducing you to the twin synth engines, dual filters, comprehensive effects section, sequencer, and modulation capabilities, this video will help you navigate this new instrument with ease."

More to follow...

ELEKTRONIKA EM25 - Vintage Analog String synthesizer USSR Soviet Russian

Published on Dec 20, 2018 GLvintageSHOP

"EM-25 is an interesting Soviet string-synth that looks and feels like a curious cross between Moog Opus 3, Yamaha SK15 and ARP Solina. Like other Soviet synths, has got a distinct sound of its own and can easily compete with synths that have grown to become classics.

Organ has great vibe - I like its etheral and gentle vibe in upper register. It has one percussive drawbar (again a plus for total tonal variety).
EM-25's organ is quite interesting, potent and woody with full registers, almost acoustic sounding. With a touch of LXP-1 reverb, a single drawbar turns into real Cathedral organ!

Synth section (called brass on EM-25) is VCO fixed preset on both, with full filter section - but only one filter for all voices.

All said, EM-25 is unique and rare and a real stringer"

GLvintageSHOP on eBay

Update: some pics via this auction


Published on Dec 20, 2018 fonitronik

"Trying two incarnations of the ADC controlled Sequencer in 4U, the Defibirlator (CV version) and the MorseMan (trigger version).
Not a very creative patch, though."


Note eurorack is 3U. This is 4U. U refers to the height with 1U being your standard slim rackmount synth or effects unit. The modular world has become so saturated I realize I haven't even been differentiating 4U on the site. I actually don't have time to, so essentially whatever goes up in the description for videos goes up on the site. Be sure to include what you want in your descriptions! And if you want active links support the site! Creating every single link in every single post adds up quick, so only supporters get them now. That or my fingers will fall off, and that's not good for playing my synths. :)

EG WaveSHAPER - Trailer

Published on Dec 20, 2018 ElliottGarage

Previous posts featuring EG WaveSHAPER.

Christopher Kah - Session XXXI - Arturia Pigments

Published on Dec 20, 2018 HighWav - Christopher Kah

"Today, I wanted to test the new ARTURIA synth : Pigments ! 🎹
with the most basic configuration : a Kick, hat's and 2 PIGMENT’s synths ! (Why only one? :p ) to create a TECHNO track.

Result : I was not disappointed, its a good, original and Powerful Synth ! ✨⚡️💥
Let’s see !"

OP-Z Step Components - Tutorial

Published on Dec 20, 2018 cuckoomusic

"The Step Components of the OP-Z's sequencer is helping loosen up the pattern based music with variations and irregularities. It's super fun."

OPZ - DMX light control with op-1 / Charlie Chaplin

Published on Dec 19, 2018 Brandon Guerra

"Test run of a very basic DMX LED strip. Op-z plugged into ENTTEC USB PRO. OP-Z is playing sequences of different lengths utilizing the random feature."

Analogue Solutions Generator - Complete Guide Part 5- Voltage Generator

Part 5 added to the main Analogue Solutions Generator - Complete Guide post here.

Yamaha MODX Demos by DKS SYNTH LAB

Published on Dec 5, 2018 DKS SYNTH LAB

Behringer Buys Tears for Fears Synths for R&D - A Peek at What's To Come?

Some pics and notes Behringer shared on what they picked up from the recent Tears For Fears auction. Note the Eventide H3000.

"Day 2 of our amazing treasure hunt story. Tom and Jordan just picked up some massive and rusty flight cases. What do you think is inside?"

"Oh and one more thing :-)
We also acquired one of most sought after and rare flagship synths of the '80s, which was on tour with Tears for Fears.
The Yamaha DX1. Only 140 units were ever made and when the product was launched in 1982, the price of the synth was a staggering US$ 14,000."

"Here is the rest of the 40 year old iconic products which we bought from the "Tears fro Fears" auction.

PPG Wave 2.2, EMU Emulator II, Prophet 5, Hammond C3 with 2 Leslies plus 2 LinnDrums.

Right now we're bringing them to our Kidderminster Care center so we can give them a lot of love so they'll shine again.

Our people are super excited and they can't wait to fire them up. We'll keep you posted."

"Here comes jewel number 1 we bought from the auction:

The Eventide Ultra Harmonizer H3000 which is one of the most iconic harmonizers of all times.

These are all original units from the famous British band “Tears for Fears” who toured with these instruments for decades.

Best of all they come with original patches and presets and of course the road-proven flight cases:-)"


Patch n Tweak

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