MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Elektron University: Octatrack Lesson 1 - Basics

Published on May 6, 2019 Professor Elektron

"Elektron University is a series of online courses designed to get you the most out of your Elektron machines. Sign up here: *not affiliated with Elektron*

This is the first video in the Octatrack series, which covers the basics of the machine. Sign up now to get the next five videos in the series!"

Hello Manther!

Published on May 9, 2019 SamiRabia

Note what you see does not match what you hear per below. See this as an audio demo with descriptive text to watch once the demo starts.

"Apologies for the looped video, my camera battery died and I just wanted to get something done today. All questions and requests for the full review are welcome, comment below!"

Lighting Test

Published on May 9, 2019 defects

"I play with synths in upstate new york, I perform live, and in studio, build my own gear and use it, my projects have projects, and my work is never over.





Korg Nu:Tekt Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on May 9, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Korg Nu:Tekt


via this auction

As always be careful - go through eBay's buyer protection.

According to the listing:

"My husband purchased this EMS SYNTHI AKS in 1972 and consistently used it in his piano studio until 2004.

It has been kept in this studio, dry clean condition in its case but has not been used since 2004.

This auction includes the complete original gear which has never been modified.

Included is the original case, the internal synthesizer as pictured, a touch keyboard, keyboard interface cable, power cable,
a complete set of pins as shown in the picture.

He has not used it since 2004 so decided to sell it. He plugged it in and it powers up, but could not get a sound output."

CUSTOM Black Korg microKORG w/ Tilted Panel & Wood Sides

via this auction

"The new sides are solid aromatic cedar, which has stunning grain with dynamic knots, finished with linseed and Tru-Oil to a beautiful gloss shine.
The subtle, Moog-style tilt brought to the synthesizer's control panel is a game-changer. While playing or programing, the synth invites the player in.
On top of that, the high quality black painted front, with a thick protective clear coat, elevates the look and feel of the MicroKorg Even more.
Back plate to cover the gap is reinforced with wood for as sturdy a build as possible.
Sitting in front of this synth really does feel like a whole new instrument, and it immediately sparks creativity. And of course, it is loaded with all of the original sounds. It's the classic MicroKorg which everyone loves, brought to another level.

*Any knobs with wobble were replaced with brand new potentiometers, keys were all individually cleaned, and it comes with a new microphone and a new power brick."

Oberheim Two Voice TVS-1 SEM Synthesizer

via this auction

"This unit was recently overhauled for long life, has been tuned and everything works great."

TINRS Fenix 4 Semi-Modular Synthesizer Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"TINRS in collaboration with some of the designers of the first three Synton Fenixes has designed this Fenix 4. It is a massive semi-modular synthesizer with a color coded layout where they knobs and jacks are separate so it is easy to turn the knobs while there are tons of patch cables.

TINRS modules available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details.

Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MK III Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Industrial Music Electronics (The Harvestman) has four new modules coming out soon including the Bionic Lester MK III which is heard in this video. The Bionic Lester MK III is a filter based on the sound of the virtual analog filters of the 90s. It is a dual filter with morphing between modes and an overdrive on the input. The Andore jr. dual envelope and VCA/lowpass gate, Kermit MK III quad LFO and Malgorithm MK III bit and sample rate reducer as well as wave shaper.

Industrial Music Electronics modules available here:

#PerfectCircuit #SuperBooth2019 #Eurorack"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details.

Landscape HC-TT 2 Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Landscape showed us the second version of their HC-TT (human controlled tape transport) at SuperBooth and it is upgraded with extra features making it even easier to manually control cassette tapes without having to modify them.

Landscape products available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details.

ALM Squid Salmple & Pamela's Disqcotheque Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"ALM Busy Circuits showed us two new things at SuperBooth 2019. The Squid Salmple is and 8 track sampler and Pamela's Discotheque syncs your analog clocks up with your CDJ, even when spinning and scratching the CDJ quickly.

ALM Modules available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details.

Novation Summit Synthesizer @ Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Novation Summit analog synthesizer at Superbooth 2019."

Announcing Modular Icons Sound Bank for Kontakt!

Published on May 9, 2019 moogfoundation

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration on the new MODULAR ICONS sound bank with industry giant Native Instruments, featuring some of the most coveted, rare, vintage modular synthesizers in the world. Modular Icons features sounds by Jean-Michel Jarre, Steve Porcaro, Mark Isham, Jeff Rona, Michael Boddicker, Benge, Walter Holland, Robing Rimbaud (Scanner), Francis Preve, Dan Goldstein, Jim Solomon, Kurt Ader, and Paca Thomas.

This video features sound design guru Francis Preve during his visit to the National Music Centre of Canada to sample the legendary TONTO, one of the many modulars featured in this sound bank. Find out more here."

Elka Synthex

Published on May 9, 2019 Pulsophonic

"Demo of my custom sound bank of the Elka Synthex
Demo without effet available on my website :"

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command @ Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command synthesizer module at Superbooth 2019."

Robaux SWT16+ XL

Published on May 9, 2019 robaux

"To show what the SWT16+ is all about, Robaux built an enlarged version of the eurorack sequencer for the Superbooth 2019."

TINRS Fenix MONSTER Modular Synthesizer First Look | Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At Superbooth 2019, This Is Not Rocket Science presented Fenix, a new modular Synthesizer with analog and digital technology. To be honest: this is a monster synth but not cheap. Here is my first look.

#tinrs #fenix #superbooth2019"


A marriage of melody & chaos with the Meng Qi Wing Pinger // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 DivKidVideo

"The new Wing Pinger from Meng Qi had really caught my attention with seemingly random pentatonic melodies shifting through a great spring reverb (not part of the module) on the Meng Qi Instagram page. We check out the Wing Pinger as well as some custom and one builds of Lorre Double Knot controllers and Ciat Lonbarde Sidrax and Tetrax based synthesisers."

Wing Pinger

Voltage controlled MIDI - Befaco VCMC & Percall // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 DivKidVideo

"The VCMC from Befaco gives you voltage control over your MIDI controller ... hey bro I heard you like control so we put controllers on on your control (someone make the meme!) ... With buttons and sliders to create voltages/MIDI values or attenuate and modulate with your CV signals you can voltage control a whole range of MIDI 5 pin DIN or USB MIDI devices right from your Eurorack system. Befaco we're also showing the Percall which gives you 4 VCAs, 4 percussive envelopes, "choke" functions and plenty of mixing and CV over the behaviours of your percussive sounds too."

MINILOGUE xd MODULE 8 voice poly chain is amazing!!

Published on May 9, 2019 BoBeats

"My first look at the Minilogue xd Module and poly chain mode. It worked flawlessly."

Someone needs to make a sturdy case/stand so you can place the module at angle on the Minilogue XD. Add the ability adjust the angle and you'd have quite the self contained 8 voice XD. Also add a mode to only recognize the keyboard and joystick so you can layer different patches and tweak them as you play.


Jacob Mann - Bumble Buddies (Remix (kind of))

Published on May 9, 2019

"Quick & dirty remix of a great tune ... scaled back the Jazz cause I don't have the skills; turned up the Funk instead.

Gear used:
- Roland Juno 60
- DSI Prophet Rev2
- Minimoog Model D Reissue"

Original tune:"

Jacob Mann - Bumble Buddies

Published on May 1, 2019 Jacob Mann

"Buy on Bandcamp:
Stream on Spotify:
A cool shirt:

Jacob Mann - Roland Juno 106
Mixed by Brian Ward
Mastered by Ryan Stewart
Camera/Juggling - Ted Case"

Novation Formally Introduces New Summit Flagship Synthesizer

Novation // Summit Performance Published on May 9, 2019 NovationTV

Update: higher res pics added below!

"Introducing Summit: our flagship two-part 16-voice 61-key polyphonic synthesiser.

With its multitimbral architecture and 16 voices of polyphony, Summit is like two Peaks in one instrument, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. And, that’s not the end of it: the addition of dual filters, greatly extended front panel controls, audio input and the same premium-quality five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII MIDI controller, put Summit in a creative league of its own.

Quite simply the best sounding, most versatile synth we’ve ever made, Summit gives you everything needed to design and play stunning basses, leads, arps, pads, effects, soundbeds and beyond."

Novation // Summit Overview

Published on May 9, 2019 NovationTV

"-CALC- takes you through the features of our flagship two-part 16-voice 61-key polyphonic synth, Summit."

You've seen the Novation Summit SUPERBOOTH demos. The official press release follows (pics below - be sure to click them for the full size shots).

"Introducing Summit: Novation's flagship two-part 16-voice 61-key polyphonic synthesiser

Novation are incredibly proud to announce the release of Summit, their new flagship synthesiser for studio and stage. Built on the same innovative foundations as the critically acclaimed Peak, Summit’s deep sound design capabilities, 16-voice two-part multitimbral engine and intuitive, tactile workflow add up to a synth that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

With its multitimbral architecture and 16 voices of polyphony, Summit is like two Peaks in one instrument, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. But that's by no means the end of the story: the addition of dual filters, greatly extended front panel controls, audio input and, of course, the same premium-quality five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII MIDI controller, put Summit in a creative league of its own.

At the heart of Summit is the digital New Oxford Oscillator, three of which are employed by every one of its 16 voices. They’re hosted on the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip, which not only helps to generate authentic analogue waveforms at incredibly high resolution (24MHz), but also facilitates FM and wavetable synthesis for rich, complex and highly textural raw tones.

The FPGA feeds into a true stereo analogue signal path, comprising dual 12dB/octave filters (switchable between six paired combinations of low-pass, high-pass and band-pass modes), analogue VCAs and three stages of distortion (pre- and post-filter, and post-VCA). It’s the union of flawless analogue-emulating oscillators with genuine analogue filtering and saturation that make Summit sound so fabulously warm and fat.

Summit also boasts a wealth of modulation sources and assignment options, three stunning effects, audio input for routing external sources into those effects (while still using the other multitimbral part as a synth), and an auxiliary output. And the front panel expands greatly on Peak’s layout with the addition of dedicated controls for FM, all LFOs, effects and more.

Quite simply the best sounding, most versatile synth Novation has ever made, Summit gives the serious producer or performer everything they need to design and play stunning basses, leads, arps, pads, effects, soundbeds and beyond."

Superlative SB 1 Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on May 9, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Superlative SB 1

Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Pittsburgh Modular showed us some sounds from their new Voltage Research Laboratory at SuperBooth 2019. The Voltage Research Laboratory is a west coast inspired semi-modular synthesizer and touch plate keyboard/sequencer combination. The synth voice has a dual oscillator with normalized modulation as well as a wave folder that has a mode for making folded saw and square waves sound more interesting. It also features two function generators and two dynamic gates that are lowpass gates with many extra features. The touch keyboard has a y axis output as well as multiple sequencer modes.

Pittsburgh Modular products available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit! See the support page for details.

Make Noise Mimeophon & X-Pan Sounds SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Make Noise showed us some sounds from their two newest modules, the X-Pan and Mimeophon at SuperBooth 2019. The Mimeophon is a stereo audio processor that has delay lines and filtering and can produce sounds from short metallic comb filters to filtered mellow ambiances as well as longer delay sounds. The X-Pan is a dual stereo mixer with voltage controlled crossfading and mixing.

Make Noise X-Pan available here:"

Korg Volca Nubass - Quick Jam

Published on May 9, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Korg Volca Nubass BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

We paired the Volca Nubass with the rhythm of a Volca Beats to see what this acid bass machine can do.

The Korg Volca Nubass is the first analog synth to be equipped with a Nutube new generation vacuum tube in its oscillator for a sound that's warm, thick, and rich. The familiar transistor ladder filter gives it the character of a classic acid bass machine, along with overdrive and huge-sounding distortion. Volca Nubass is equipped with a full-fledged 16-step sequencer with a variety of functionality, including parameter automation, while its compact size, battery operation, and a built-in speaker mean it can go anywhere. Sync in and out and MIDI in offer connections to the rest of your rig.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Korg Volca Nubass vacuum tube synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new bass synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Korg Minilogue XD in Polychain Mode - Quick Jam

Published on May 9, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Korg Minilogue XD Module BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

The Minilogue XD Module is capable of being polychained with an additional Minilogue XD, module or keyboard allowing you to play with eight voices. Have a listen to what that sounds like!

Korg Minilogue XD Module is the desktop/tabletop module version of Minilogue XD, Korg's four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a customizable digital multi-engine and built-in stereo digital effects. The desktop module is equipped with the same control panel as the keyboard version, not only making it a great choice as a sound module to use with your sequencer, keyboard controller or DAW but also providing excellent performability, giving you an easy way to include an analog polyphonic synth in your setup. It's also equipped with a poly-chain function that lets you connect it with another Minilogue XD or Minilogue XD Module so that the two units can operate as a polysynth with a total of up to eight voices. Add the sounds of Minilogue XD to your setup!

Get more for your money with an exclusive Korg Minilogue XD Module synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new poly synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Dreadbox Nyx V2 Synthesizer @ Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Dreadbox Nyx V2 analog synthesizer at Superbooth 2019."

Hitachi Lo-D HMS-30 Fully Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer 1978

via this auction

This appears to be the one featured in this video.

"The synth is in a good to fair state. Cosmetically the metal panels are in good shape, but the "wood" side panels have suffered a little.

The synth sounds good, and all knobs are functional. The two filter cutoff pots are a little dirty, so that's why I don't move them at all in the video. The sound is good, though there is a very very faint high pitch sound. It might sound in the video, but if you're old enough (like almost myself), you might not even hear at all."

Vintage 1940's Hammond Solovox

via this auction

"Hammond Solovox Model K, vintage 1940's early tube-driven synthesizer. Made in Chicago, IL, USA.

Unit is all original and fully intact - loaded with vintage tubes. Knee lever on bottom of keyboard. Original power cord is frayed and needs replaced.

Nice mahogany cabinet + keyboard and cable. Untested, sold as-is."

Pic of the back of the speaker below. Be careful not to electrocute yourself if you take this on. Best to send it to an experienced tech.

Korg VC-10 Vocoder

via this auction

"Originated in 1978 the KORG VC-10 is an all in one unit featuring 20 channels, speed, depth, accent, octave, tune, and pitch controls. Many famous bands/people have used this model vocoder (think Beastie Boys Intergalactic)
Has an input for an external signal for keyboard modulation.

No original Mic you can use any mic."

Westlicht Performer Eurorack Modular Sequencer

via this auction

See this post for a demo.

via westlicht

"PER|FORMER is a eurorack sequencer module designed for both live performance and work in the studio. It is based on the concept of step sequencing and can generate a wide variety of rhythms, melodies and modulation signals. While offering a vast amount of programming options, strong focus is put on having performance critical features available as directly as possible. External MIDI controllers can be used for live recording and to control many parameters of the sequencing engine. Alternatively you can directly connect a Novation Launchpad™ to control many aspects of the sequencer. A highly configurable clock system allows the module to act both as a master clock or sync to many other modules or external gear. In the studio, the module can act as a precise MIDI to CV converter. And best of all, if you should ever get bored with music, you can play some asteroids on it too!

PER|FORMER was developed as a free time project and is currently not a commercial product. However, the design files are freely available and the software is open source, allowing experienced DIY enthusiasts to build their own.

8 track sequencer
16 sequences per track
64 steps per sequence
Multiple track and sequence modes
Note and modulation sequencing
Snapshot system
Sequence generators
Routing system for CV inputs and external MIDI controllers
Novation Launchpad™ support
Generate MIDI output from multiple sequences
Flexible clock system
User Interface
Large and bright 256x64 pixel OLED display
Encoder with push button
32 buttons with bi-color LEDs
5 function buttons with labels on display
Inputs and Outputs
8 CV outputs (-5V to 5V)
8 gate outputs (5V)
4 CV inputs (-5V to 5V)
Clock and reset/run input
Clock and reset/run output
MIDI input and output (MIDI TRS 3.5mm jacks)
USB Host for MIDI over USB
microSD Card Slot
Width: 34 HP
Depth: 25mm
Power: 100mA @ +12V, 15mA @ -12V (not including USB host power)"

Future Retro TRAX! sequencer Global Parameters

Published on May 9, 2019 FutureRetroSynths

"In this video we cover the Global Parameter features and their functions in the TRAX! sequencer."

KICK DRUM SOUND DESIGN with Portal Kick from Rabid Elephant // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Portal is the new kick drum generator from Rabid Elephant. Taking influence from classic 808 / 909 architectures but building a modern kick drum machine from scratch. There's a unique click generator that imparts a click and transient into the core of the circuit, rather than just layer samples with softer "body" or "boom" elements. There's wavefolding/shaping 3 envelopes that are more natural and unique while also seeking to model the "knee" elements of compression. Taking more basic analogue kick sounds and adding in what the compression would do in a recording chain. It sounds ace and I'm looking forward to hearing more."

Superbooth 2019 - Day 1 | No Talking | KORG, Dreadbox, Elektron, Waldorf

Published on May 9, 2019 JustMusic

On Day 1 of Superbooth 2019 we took a look at the KORG Minilogue XD, Dreadbox Hypnosis, Elektron Digitone Keys and Waldorf KYRA.

KORG Minilogue XD - 0:00
Elektron Digitone Keys - 0:49
Dreadbox Hypnosis - 2:57
Waldorf KYRA - 3:57

Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth First Look | Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"Gamechanger Audio has reworked its MOTOR Synth, known from the NAMM 2019, and is now the desktop synth. On Superbooth 19, I interviewed Teodor, one of the developers about this unique but super crazy new Synthesizer."

IK Multimedia UNO Drum @ Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the IK Multimedia UNO Drum analog drum machine at the 2019 Superbooth in Berlin."

UNO Drum

U.D.O. Super 6 - SOS Superbooth 2019 - Product RUndown and Demo

Published on May 9, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"New company U.D.O. share their Super 6 binaural synth."

UDO Super 6

Superbooth 2019 - Novation SUMMIT Poly Synth

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Its the new Novation Summit,. 16 voices, FPGA with New Oxford oscillators, same basic architecture as the Peak, but with split, layer and bi timbral operation."

Novation SUMMIT

Superbooth 2019 - Toraiz Squid Seqencer

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

New branding from Pioneer DJ to Toraiz. Created a new label for Toraiz moving forward. A search on Toraiz will bring up older posts. You can find the Squiz intro post with additional details, pics, and videos here.

Superbooth 2019 - SOMA Pulsar 23 Drum machine

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Man this is awesome, fully analog four voice drum machine, with completely chaos mode or solid DAW "pop beats" mode.
A very interesting machine."

SOMA Pulsar 23

Superbooth 2019 Polyend New Products

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

Superbooth 2019 Polyend

Superbooth 2019 - Korg Desktop Minilogue XD

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Lotgs of people were asking, and so they did.
With added polychain. should be in the same price range to the XD."

Minilogue XD Module

Superbooth 2019: Erica Synths Black Sequencer, Stereo Delay and Spring Reverb

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Erica Synths always have the issue at the show of showing off too many new modules, as well as 8 new pico modules (which we didn't really look at) Girts showed us three new modules. The sequencer, which can be either gates, cv and much more, then we took a look at the new spring reverb module and the stereo delay module.

The new modules will be available later this year with the Stereo Delay coming first."

See here for details on Erica Synths SUPERBOOTH19 line-up.

Superbooth 2019 - Teenage Engineering Updates

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"First up a sampling update for the OP-Z, also new individual modules for the Modular system.
The stand alone sequencer is has been redesigned since it was shown initially the relaunch of the sequencer.
It was initially announced then withdrawn and it's now been
redesigned and is highly functional.

Also a little glimpse of the upcoming IKEA speaker collaboration. A portable battery-powered speaker and camping is the theme with with all of the devices, essentially being battery powered.

Prices of the modules: the big yellow 400 system is 549 euros, the
intermediate one that's the combination of the sequencer and a simpler synth voice €399 and the standalone little sequencer is €159"

New UDO Programmable Analog Synthesizer XL

Update: this appears to be the Hearn Morley XL8.

Different than the recently announced UDO Super 6, this one looks like a Moog Minimoog crossed with a Korg Mono/Poly and Minilogue XD. See the tilted panel below. Anyone know what's to the right of the XL?

Going from left to right you can see your standard sections for LFO/MOD, Oscillators, central display control, multi-mode filter? w/ envelop section, and VCA w/ envelop & extras - effects? Below that appears to be sequencer, arp and other controls. If anyone has additional details let us know. Apparently it made an appearance at Machina Bristronica:

"Final checks on this beast before we take it to Machina Bristronica tomorrow!@machinabris"

UDO Audio Super 6 - with Sacha Ketterlin

Published on May 9, 2019 Superbooth Official

"UDO Audio presents their first product the polyphonic synthesizer Super 6. For the more advanced keyboard playing they invited Sacha Ketterlin.
SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19"

UDO Audio Super 6

Roland - with Flavia Ferreira @SUPERBOOTH19

Published on May 9, 2019 Superbooth Official
HD Re- Published on May 15, 2019

"Flavia Ferreira builds a track live with a Roland System-500 in a modular/drummachine/desktop synth environment.

Even though she is Young Padawan, her production and performance skills are clearly from the dark side."

Humble Audio Quad Operator - Josh Humphrey @SUPERBOOTH19

Published on May 9, 2019 Superbooth Official

"Josh Humphrey, a synth programmer who has worked with artists like John Tejada and M83 plays a performance in which many of the voices you hear are produced with the new module by Humble Audio, the Quad Operator with its sonic diversity."

Novation Summit - with Chris Calcutt @SUPERBOOTH19

Published on May 9, 2019 Superbooth Official

"Exciting news from Novation: Summit sound demo & presentation by Chris -CALC- Calcutt
SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19"

Novation Summit

NOVATION SUMMIT by Nick Bookman - Sounds Only pre-Superbooth’19

Published on May 8, 2019


Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.0 playing demo -no words

Published on May 9, 2019

"Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.0 desde Superbooth Berlín 2019...
Music Distribución #superbooth #superbooth2019 #superboothberlin #synth #sintetizador #sintetizadores #modular #modularsynth"

CRAFTsynth 2.0

Waldorf KYRA playing demo -no words

Published on May 9, 2019

"El sintetizador multioscilador Waldorf Music KYRA es demostrado en vivo por Winfried Schuld desde Superbooth Berlin 2019...
#superbooth #superbooth2019 #superboothberlin #synth #sintetizador #sintetizadores #modular #modularsynth"

Superbooth 2019: Polyend Medusa v2

Published on May 9, 2019 Future Music Magazine

Polyend team is glad to announce its participation in Berlin’s Superbooth convention at FEZ between 9th and 11th of May 2019.

At this year’s edition we'll be showcasing three new Eurorack modules, a major firmware update for the Medusa synth and reveal some nice pricing changes.

Polyend Anywhere sets your Eurorack system free.
- Power up your setup from any power bank.
- An inexpensive 20 000 mAh battery will power up several modules for a couple of hours.
- Take a walk to the nearby forest for the inspiration and bring your case with you.

Polyend Poly 2 your ultimate MIDI to CV converter. Also available in the standalone version.
- Control your modular setup with any MIDI hardware or software device.
- Set, save and recall your parameter presets using simple menu displayed on an OLED screen.
- Trigger up to 8 voices with different settings: first/next/midi channel/midi notes.
- Twelve configurable outputs: Gate (5 or 10V), Pitch (V/Oct or Hz/V), Velocity, CC and Clock with tempo divisions. - Using Smart Thru you can daisy chain multiple units to get more voices.
- Musical scales filter onboard.
- MPE compatibility.

Polyend Preset allows you to create, recall and sequence multiple output parameters and much more.

- A single press of a button immediately recalls up to 9 different CV output values.
- Variable values per output: notes (1V/Oct), Gates, constant values (0-10V), recorded CV automation. - 32 banks of 32 presets (1024 presets in total).
- An instant preset recall will allow you to create a custom grid controller. - Sequence your preset banks with CV input (use Gates or 0-10V).
- Record and send out voltage changes up to 30 seconds per output.
- 32 musical scales onboard.

The Medusa firmware update v2.0 will bring interesting enhancements. Just to name a few:

- Refined Grid workflow allows you to randomise notes/chords per step and set the TIE note length. Record your sequences in the live mode and transpose them on the fly.

- The new modulation options with enhanced Drone mode for uncanny ambiences.

- Improved randomisation algorithm will generate synth presets and impressive sequences with a press of one button.

- Grid pads now work as long as you hold a modulator pad pressed which is excellent for performance.

- The new set of Wavetables and Presets.

Superbooth 2019: Polyend Poly 2 & Preset & Anywhere

Published on May 9, 2019 Future Music Magazine

Novation Summit Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on May 9, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Novation Summit

IK Multimedia UNO Drum Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on May 9, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

IK Multimedia UNO

Korg Volca Nubass Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on May 9, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Korg Volca Nubass

Doepfer - Mini-modules - Superbooth 2019 - Rundown and Doepfer Demo Jam

Published on May 9, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"The legendary Dieter Doepfer, developer of the Eurorack format, takes us through his company's new mini modules, for the live electronic musician with limited space.
Hear the sounds from 4:55 onwards."

Novation Summit - SOS at Superbooth 2019 - Rundown and demo

Published on May 9, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"The Peak table‑top synth module won Novation serious praise for its combination of digital oscillators and analogue filters with an approachable user interface. The company describe their new Summit as “two Peaks in one instrument”.
Audio demo from 8:07 onwards."

MFB - MFB-301 Pro - Superbooth 2019 - Product Rundown and Demo

Published on May 9, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"The MFB-301 Pro drum computer is a modern version of the classic MFB-301. It offers eight analog drum- and percussion-instruments which are based upon the original circuits used in the MFB-301 and the clap-module MFB-401. The circuits have been further refined for the Pro-version.
It offers a sequencer with up to 16 steps, capable of storing 108 patterns and 36 songs. By chaining two patterns it allows creating beats with 32 steps.
Hear the demo from 3:16 onwards."

Check out the MFB-301 Pro here.

Elektron Digitone Keys - Superbooth 2019 - Product Demo and Rundown

Published on May 9, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"Elektron introduce their Digitone Keys synth and keyboard, with an interesting form factor.
This eight voice polyphonic synthesizer features 37-key velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard with aftertouch."

Elektron Digitone Keys

IK Multimedia UNO Drum - Superbooth 2019 - Product Demo and Rundown

Published on May 9, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

"IK Multimedia demo and rundown their new UNO Drum drum machine, which combines analogue and PCM sample elements and can be run from battery power.
UNO offers 6 true analog drum sounds including 2 different kick drums, snares, claps, and hi-hats.
Plus, added 54 PCM elements for additional sonic flavours such as toms, rims, cowbells, rides, and crash cymbals."

Superbooth 2019 - UDO Audio Super 6 Binaural synth First look

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"A pre production look at the new 6 voice stereo FPGA synth still in development but an impressive synth."

Follow-up to this post.

Superbooth 2019: Make Noise Mimeophone Stereo Delay

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Make Noise Mimeophone, X-Pan and XOH."

Correction: it's actually Mimeophon minus the "e" at the end.

Superbooth 2019: Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

Superbooth 2019 - Dreadbox NYX 2 Synthesizer

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Gaz takes a look at the Dreadbox NYX2 synthesizer with its designer Yannis."

Superbooth 2019 IK UNO Drum Machine

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"IK Multimedia Uno Drum is a twelve voice analog and PCM drum machine with sequencer .
It's also got a analog voices - 11 voice polyphonic with 12 twelve voices all together I guess that's because of the closed and the open hi-hat .

It's gonna be €249 and available in one month."

Superbooth 2019 - Korg Volca NuBass

Published on May 9, 2019 sonicstate

"Okay so not the best kept secret, but here it is, the Volca NuBass, featuring the nuTUbe vale, which drives the VCO and also the saturation, with additional drive (if you need even more) very 303 like and saturated. Available Summer around $149 (not sure)"

KORG Introduces Nu:Tekt DIY Synthesizer

superbooth19 KORG Nu:Tekt DIY Synthesizer prototype Published on May 9, 2019

"Buildable without soldering, you can exchange oscillator types and effects. Stereophonic, MIDI in."

There's some info in Japanese at (Googlish here). You'll find some other DIY project. It appears Korg partnered with them. The following is an interview from SUPERBOOTH:

KORG Nu:Tekt Digital Synthesizer First Look & Interview Etienne | Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At Superbooth 2019, KORG has announced the Nu:Tekt, a new DIY digital Synthesizer that features the multi-engine of the Prologue and minilogue xd Synthesizer. Here is a first look and an interview with Etienne, Mr. Multi-Engine"

First jam with Ground Control and new 6hp modules / Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 TheEndorphines

"Meanwhile you are enjoying the Superbooth and all the fresh news from it, we made a short jam for you to show new modules in action.
Sequenced by Ground Control, Audio source from Godspeed, filtered by Sqwk dirty, modulated by Airstreamer and processed by Milky Way effects."

Superbooth 2019 Superlative Instruments SB-1 Space Bee (Roland SH-101) Demo

Published on May 9, 2019 SynthBae

Here it is. See the Superlative label below for more.

"Superbooth 2019 Superlative Instruments SB-1 Space Bee sh101 super flat portable battery powered. Fat 101 sound. apologies for the handcam."

Behringer RD909 sounds superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 SynthBae

"Behringer RD909 superbooth 2019"

Mind Music Labs - Retrologue powered by ELK - Superbooth 19

Published on May 9, 2019 AMAZONA Music Mag

Quack at :38.

Radikaltechnologies - Delta CEP A and RT-1701 EFFEXX. Superbooth 19 (Sounddemo)

Published on May 9, 2019 AMAZONA Music Mag

Waldorf SUPERBOOTH Sale - 50% off Software & Some Eurorack Deals

I don't normally post sales on the site, but this is a big one, and you my readers might be interested.

via Waldorf:

"we are on our way to Berlin for the SUPERBOOTH 19 and are excited to meet and great keyboard players from all around the world. If you are around please come to our booth and have a close look at Quantum and the new Kyra!

To celebrate the SUPERBOOTH 19 with all our users around the world, we decided to discount our software products by 50% during the event (9th - 11th of May). Take advantage of that special offer and save on purchases of Nave, Largo, Lector, PPG Wave 3.0, Waldorf Edition 2 and Blofeld sound sets.

Use the coupon code: SB19 during checkout in our online shop to get 50% off the regular price!

And it's getting better for all our European friends! We put together an irresistible deal for our Eurorack series.

KB37 complete sidekb37 - only 699€ (before 975€)
dvca1 - only 199€ (before 324€)
nw1 - only 199€ (before 349€)
mod1 - only 199€ (before 349€)
cmp1 - only 199€ (before 324€)
vcf1 - only 199€ (before 349€)
Shipping will be ONLY to addresses within Europe and quantities are limited! Don't wait and get your new Eurorack devices before the deal is sold out.

Regards from Berlin
Waldorf Team"

Specialwaves Introduces Mine S - Modular / Configurable Hardware Controller

Specialwaves first introduced their Mine modular controllers in 2016.

"Specialwaves Introduces Mine S – The World’s Most Configurable Modular Physical Controller for DJs, Producers, VJs, Light Technicians, Video/Photo Editors and More

With Mine S, Users No Longer Have to Buy Multiple Controllers to Control New Software or Devices; Indiegogo Campaign Launches Today to Fund Its Production

(Pedrengo, Italy) – May 9, 2019 – Specialwaves today introduced Mine S - the world’s most adaptable modular physical controller. Mine S, which precisely and intuitively interfaces with and controls a wide range of software and devices, is perfect for DJs, VJs, producers, lighting technicians, musicians, broadcasters, video/photo editors and more. The Indiegogo campaign, which launches today with a funding goal of $30,000 USD, features limited Super Early Bird Specials of $285 USD, as well as several other rewards for backers.

Composed of a case that can accommodate up to 32 modules (made of single electronic interfaces), which can be placed inside the case both horizontally and vertically, Mine S allows users to choose preferred configurations according to their needs instead of being forced to adapt to standard static controllers. The modules are hot-swappable, meaning users can remove and reinsert modules on-the-go. For example, if some parts like sliders break during use, users can easily replace the broken module right away – even during a live performance!

Erica Synths SUPERBOOTH19 Announcements

"Erica Synths have prepared a lot of new products to present at this years Superbooth in Berlin. 13 new modules and... a new system! You read it right.

And this isn't even all that we have planned to release in the rest of 2019

Reminding that you can find us at the first floor lobby, booth E245.
Just look for all black everything!

TINRS Introduces New Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer

You might remember the interview with Synton's Felix Visser and This is not Rocket Science's Stijn Haring-Kuipers at Soundmit 2018 on the upcoming new Fenix system. Well, it is here. Update: Priced at 5000 Euros (would be ~ $5600 at todays rate plus any shipping and import fees) - see here on how to get one.

via This is Not Rocket Science

"All you need to play.

An intriguing set of modular building blocks

We think Fenixes are true synthesizer-instruments: they give you all the options you need to explore a very wide range of sonic possibilities. You can learn to play a Fenix quickly and you can still be developing your interaction with it in ten years’ time. The first Fenix was born and bred to satisfy one artist’ wishes for an all in-one system. Our Fenix IV is also born out of this desire with ourselves as the artists.

The density of Fenix I,II and III meant it provided loads of sound in one box. Before eurorack boomed, most modular synthesizers required half a wall of space. Fenix provided all your options in a relatively small container. When Fenix II was released, it packed the most punch for its size anywhere on the market. With Fenix IV we think we continue this tradition. We’ve extended the sounds by adding our best from the digital world. The intention is to provide a toolbox for you to make sound with, and not put too much of our flavour in the sounds themselves. Choices are made for maximum sonic variety. For example: we’ve upgraded the delay line from Fenix II with a musical element. In Fenix IV we are now providing a tuneable version so you can use it as a physical model of a string.

There is a flow to every Fenix. All the modules have the same direction for inputs and outputs: roughly left to right and top to bottom. This is the same in educational diagrams that talk about synthesizer structure. We managed to consistently apply this giant swipe from up left to down right across our Fenix too. You can distinguish types of signals on a Fenix by the colour coding – we’ve taken this helpful visual aid and extended it to giving the modules a coloured grouping that corresponds between the knobs and the jacks. Another feature of the Fenix family is the waterline that divides the knobs from the jacks. Keeping the knobs up top means your patching never gets in the way of your twiddling. This division also helps to maintain a sense of overview with lots of cables patched in.

We see the Fenix family as having a “Yes, and” mentality. The usual divide of tonal versus experimental or additive versus subtractive synthesis does not exist in a Fenix. You can have everything at the same time and you can have multiple TYPES of oscillators, filters, lfo’s, envelopes and effects to do your patching with. We have added the usual analog versus digital divide to this “Yes, and“ mentality. There is no need to choose, you can have it all.

All the modules in our Fenix IV – listed by colour grouping:

YELLOW – Oscillators and sound sources

Interface to external sound sources – has an envelope tracker and a gate and trigger threshold.

Gamechanger | Audio unveils revolutionary electro-mechanical Motor Synth at SUPERBOOTH19

Published on May 9, 2019 Gamechanger Audio

All sounds produced by MOTOR SYNTH
(& 1970 Dodge Challenger)

4 Note poliphony
2 Voices per Key (with separate Envelopes and Portamento)
4 Analog Filters with Envelope and Distortion
1 LFO with Envelope and 3 sends
4 Analog Waveshapes with Cross-modulation
Integrated Arpeggiator, Sequencer and LOOP Modes
Performance mode with built in keys,
Full MIDI control
9 CV ins and outs

RIGA, LATVIA: having presented an initial proof-of-concept prototype product at The 2019 NAMM Show in Southern California, January 24-27, uncharted music electronics territories explorer Gamechanger | Audio is proud to unveil the revolutionary Motor Synth — a digitally-controlled analogue electro-mechanical synthesizer that uses a system of electromotors (to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy) as its main sound source — in its finished desktop design at SUPERBOOTH19 in Berlin, May 9-11…

Motor Synth really represents a new method of analogue audio signal synthesis since digitally-controlled electromotors have never been used as the principal sound source for a commercial musical instrument — indeed, nothing like it has ever been built before! But actions always speak louder than words. So how, exactly, does the revolutionary Motor Synth work?

Well, simply speaking, Motor Synth produces sounds by accelerating and decelerating eight electromotors to precise rpm (revolutions per minute) that correspond with specific musical notes. Needless to say, the instrument in question’s eight-electromotor configuration means that it is a four- note true polyphonic synth with two voices per key played.

Digging deeper, Motor Synth takes a two-pronged approach to producing its core sound, starting with magnetic pickups placed on each of its eight electromotors; those electromotors’ spinning coils result in a very industrial-sounding, ridiculously over-the-top analogue tone — think eight harmonious revving engines pumping out an intimidating noise! Next, specially-designed reflective optical disks have been attached to the shafts of each electromotor. Each disk contains a graphical representation of some standard audio wave-shapes. As the electromotors spin, the disks are set into circular motion, and each wave-shape is read by a dedicated set of UV (ultraviolet) sensors, then converted into an audio signal. So the wave-shapes on the reflective optical disks become precise musical notes, corresponding to the speed of the electromotors.

Elsewhere, Motor Synth still features familiar analogue audio processing circuits — filters, envelopes, et al — alongside arpeggiation, cross- modulation sequencing, and multiple polyphonic mode facilities, as well as an innovative looping system that allows adventurous users to layer rhythm and melodies, just like when using a loop station.

Manifestly, Motor Synth is a desktop design — unlike its initial proof-of-concept prototype predecessor, but it can still be played out of the box via eight built-in control keys and four floating tuning pots. Performers and composers can, of course, connect any standard MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller, like a keyboard or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), while Motor Synth is also capable of tracking a monophonic audio signal, such as guitar or bass, via its 1/4-inch mono input. Interestingly, Motor Synth can be configured to act as a harmonizer for electric guitars or other melodic instruments, recognising the pitch of a musical tone and instantly generating a complimentary tone by operating an electromotor at a matching frequency. Furthermore, users can create intervals and chords based on the frequency of the incoming signal with no need (necessarily) for a MIDI controller or inputting preprogrammed musical information.

Whatever way anyone chooses to play Motor Synth, a stunning visual experience is guaranteed. Get this: Motor Synth’s see-through protective glass cover above its core sound system of eight electromotors enables users to receive visual feedback from the instrument itself by being able to see those spinning electromotors in action. But better still, the visual experience is enhanced still further by the also-visible set of reflective optical disks attached to the electromotors’ shafts being coupled to a set of eight mini strobe lights, so those spinning disks themselves turn into a hypnotic light show, courtesy of the strobe effect!

As an instrument that uses electromotors as its main sound source, Motor Synth inherently possesses many unique sound traits that will surely appeal to many musicians that favour analogue electronic instruments and synthesizers in particular. Put it this way: with its unusual tonal and timbral qualities, unlimited microtonal pitch adjustment and modulation abilities, and note attack and decay properties influenced by the acceleration and deceleration curves of electromotors, Motor Synth works well across a wide range of musical styles.

Showcasing its third revolutionary product, Gamechanger | Audio will be proudly unveiling Motor Synth on booth (H320) at SUPERBOOTH19 — Europe’s first and largest trade fair for electronic musical instruments — in Berlin, May 9-11. Thereafter, it will be following in the super-successful crowdfunding footsteps of Gamechanger | Audio’s PLASMA Pedal, perfectly realising a revolutionary approach within the realm of overdrive and distortion by transforming the connected instrument’s live signal into a series of continuous high-voltage discharges within a xenon-filled tube, thanks to achieving 921% funding on Indiegogo in April 2018 ( No doubt the equally- revolutionary electro-mechanical Motor Synth will follow suit, successfully realising a new method of analogue audio signal synthesis.

Explore and support the Indiegogo campaign for Gamechanger | Audio’s Motor Synth project

For more in-depth info, please visit the dedicated Motor Synth webpage here.


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