MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Wandering Melodies 02 - Hull

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Theochromatic

"Follow us as we explore, letting nature inspire our sonic landscape."

Korg MicroKorg & Alesis Ion outdoors.

Make Noise BnG Shared System Plus - Striking Mirrors

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Jae Ryan

"I haven't posted in awhile it seems. But heres a really dark drone type thing featuring the MS-20 mini."


via this auction

"Oberheim DMX Drum Machine with lots of upgrades, external devices, original and several extra voice cards, hard flight case and more ( see description bellow). This machine was serviced ,modified and upgraded by the great DMX guru Paul White at US. (please feel free to ask him about this machine at All original voice cards and functions are in perfect working order!

List of mods, upgrades , external devices and extras:

-Electrongate MIDI board (much better than the old factory one)

-External tuning knobs for each voice card ( you can use then in conjunction with the internal pitch control)

- DTB-8 external device 1u rack for controlling the DMX voices with external triggers (modular or manual) send you triggers to the DTB inputs and it sends them to the DMX with a 3 meter molex connector cable, all included see pictures.

-Modular Trigger OUT sockets (3.5" eurorack style) for EACH BUTTON , imagine controlling your analog gear or modular synthesizer drums with the versatility of the DMX sequencer! Adjustable trigger length for each row in the inside.

- Memory banks upgrade , MORE MEMORY ; MORE PATTERNS TO SAVE.

- New display , replaced at

- HAndy screw knobs to open the DMX with your hands

-FREE (as a gift) Original Voice cards ( eight of them) with more sounds and Eproms ( see pictures) these are very expensive on ebay, consider it like a present for buying the Best DMX on the Planet! Cards are Linddrum snare, Drumtrax claps, long hihats, cowbells, and much more 80´s sounds

- Very strong hard flight case
- Original Manuals , operation, service and upgrades


This DMX has been heavily modified and in order to do that it was drilled to make holes for the knobs, sockets, etc, a couple of them were covered with black plastic at the top right of the front panel. They can hardly be noticeable, they are at the right of the added tuning knobs), Please see the pictures."

Cream White YAMAHA CS01 SN 29187

via this auction

Twisted Electrons TherapKid ~ 8 Bit Chip-Tune Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XT SN 0107305916

via this auction

Video in the auction previously posted here.

"If you're here, you probably know what this discontinued, quintessential, and amazing piece of gear can do.

The Microwave XT had 3 versions of it released, this being the 10- voice version (more than enough for the typical, and even the extensive user), and the last one released in between the 90's and the early 2000's (in the widely known neon orange vs it's older brick orange colored counterpart).

It is a powerful polyphonic wavetable synthesizer that is still regarded today as a holy grail in its own right for its lo-fi tones/aliasing sounds, unique timbres, and ethereal shimmers, all thanks to the processing through its vintage Waldorf chips; setting it aside from the lacking character of wavetable VSTs.

Despite it being known for how adept it is at ambient and drone sounds, it has an arpeggiator and on-board effects that make it plenty versatile for making bass-lines, synth sequences, multi-layering, and altogether fun to experiment with its capabilities.

Aside from the two damaged knobs (pictured in the images provided, in the condition I received the unit in, and can be easily exchanged through ebay), everything else about it is in immaculate condition including it's sonic capability, functionality/stability, and performance."

Modcan A-Series Modular

via this auction

Video in the listing just posted below.

"Modcan A-Series consisting of original Modcan and Cynthia modules. These are incredibly rare and extremely well-built systems that almost never come on the market. I am putting the whole system up for sale including the cabinet and power supply and don't want to split it up at this stage. The modules all compliment each other and comprise a fully functional synthesizer system. The modules are as follows:

Cynthia Dual ADSR/LFO
Modcan Dual VC-ADSR
Cynthia Sub-Octave Multiplexer
Cynthia Anything Module
Modcan Frequency Shifter
Cynthia Zeroscillator-1
Cynthia Zeroscillator-2
Modcan ARP LPF/Dual Attenuator
Cynthia Burst Generator
Cynthia Quad Low Pass Gates
Modcan VCO/LFO
Blank Panel
Cynthia Power Supply

The system was recently serviced by a vintage synth expert and everything is working as it should. This modular sounds amazing and is extremely flexible - it can go places you won't believe! It covers many types of synthesis from West-Coast Buchla-esque madness to Moog and ARP style fatness or even pristine FM synthesis using the fabulous Zeroscillators. There is the extremely rare Frequency Shifter module (one of the best ever designed), voltage controllable envelopes, plenty of modulation sources (LFOs), 5 filters, and some exotic modules like the Burst Generator and Sub-Mux for good measure! There is a spare space so that if and when you find some more A-Series modules you have room to expand (the power supply can be relocated to the back of the cabinet freeing up 2 more spaces if necessary)"


Published on May 13, 2018 zack dagoba

"A bunch of sketches on my new (old) Modcan A modular system. I damn well love this thing! Its such a beautifully designed system - offering utter uniqueness and flexibility. It seems to fall between West-coast and East-coast design philosophies - combining all the good things about modular synthesis in one giant bundle of fun. The system here is made up of original Modcan A modules and also Cyndustries A-format ones. These were made a bit later once the A-series format had become established around the mid 2000's. What is cool is that Cyndustries used to commission / licence designs from well known figures in the synth design world - and put the names of the designers on the front of the modules. It reads like a who's who of the geeky electronic scene, with names like Nyle Steiner, Chris Huggett, Jurgen Haible, Don Buchla, Ken Stone, Bernie Hutchins, Peter Granader, Serge Tcherepnin. It all adds up to an amazing modular experience, like playing with a giant synth museum in a box. See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.... for more"

Oberheim Two Voice Pro 2010s Cream

via this auction

"This is an absolutely beautiful sounding synthesizer and the best part about owning this over a vintage unit is that its reliable and has MIDI and a bunch of patch point you can use to hook up all kinds of stuff."

Behringer VC340 Strings Human Voice Vocoder VP-330 Plus Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Rik Marston Official

#behringervc340 #rolandvp330plus #analogsynthesizer
"Behringer VC340 Strings & Human Voice"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

Behringer VC340 (Roland VP-330 Plus CLONE)
Vocoder, Human Voice & String Synthesizer!!
Right out of the box with 20 minutes warm up time.
I demo Strings & Human Voice in this video demo.

Recorded into Ableton LIVE with Reverb FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!

Rik Marston Sample Packs

Korg Poly 61M 80's Analog Bliss!!!

Published on Jun 14, 2019 synthartist69

"Probably a little brighter treble than it should be. I did not realize this until after I had recorded the sound."

Humble Audio Quad Operator & Algo Eurorack Four Operator FM Oscillator

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Humble Audio's two modules, the Quad Operator and Algo are a powerful four operator FM oscillator bank for your eurorack system. Read our Signal article for more information on the Quad Operator and FM synthesis

The Quad Operator has a full 4x4 modulation matrix for modulating any of the operators with any of the others. It is even possible for an operator to modulate itself and quickly turn into noise. The operators can be locked into harmonic ratios for creating melodic sounds or can be used in free running mode to create detuned metallic percussion sounds. The Algo adds a macro control to the Quad Operator so that you can morph between two different sounds."

Brooklyn Synth Expo 2019 Recap

"Brooklyn, 06.14.2019 - This year the organizers of the Brooklyn Synth Expo (and its sister event the Stompbox Exhibit, now part of it) were able to take the event one step up with the adoption of a new large and suggestive venue in East Williamsburg, and the addition of informative classes and presentations - including a live performance by synthesist extraordinaire Lisa Bella Donna to close day one [third video in the playlist above and posted here].

Roughly 2,000 musicians attended the expo, evenly divided between guitarists and synth-heads, but with a good share of players interested in both formats.

The educational side of the show included a memorable class on FM synthesis by Yamaha's own Phil Clendeninn, a discussion about MPE featuring reps from ROLI and Sensel, introductory Eurorack courses curated by STEM Modular, and classes on synthesis by NYC music school (who also shot this video of the event) [second video in the playlist above]. A more DIY walkthrough of the Synth side of the show can be seen here [first video in the playlist above].

Several synth companies used the stage to present their new products recently introduced at Berlin's Superbooth; the Brooklyn show's timing works well in this regard, being the first relevant synth event in the US after the big German synth convention, including the new and yet unreleased Motor Synth by Gamechanger Audio. The Latvian company's reps sported classy red and black clothing in perfect Kraftwerk style.

The Synth Expo organizers have other events coming up: the next one will be another synth and pedal expo called Sonic Circuits in collaboration with Montreal's electronic festival MUTEK on August 24-25."

Also see:
Spontaneous visitor feedback (with links to posts) here
Solicited visitor feedback here

Munatix - You Are out of My League (Official Video)

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Munatix

That's some choice gear - Sequential Circuits Prophet-10, Prophet-5, Prophet-T8, and an ARP Pro SoloIst. Mutanix also brought us The Rhythm Sets My Heart On Fire with some additional synth spotting.

"Munatix - Electronic synthpop band

Spotify :

Apple Music :

ISRC : BE3ID1900002 - Song
ISRC : BE3ID1990002 - Video

Special thanks to Marco Knockaert for his aid in filming.
Thanks to for providing stock video footage."

Synth Rorschach #60: The Outer Limits

This Synth Rorschach in via Atomic Shadow.

"Is It A Synth? No. It's from the first episode of The Outer Limits which aired in September, 1963. The Galaxy Being starred Cliff Robertson as a radio station owner who used his transmitter to reach out across the galaxy. After establishing contact with a being from another world, a series of events (brought about by his carping wife) leads to the physical transmission of the Galaxy Being to Earth. A heavy handed moral about the human race being prone to violence ensues.

The episode has some great examples of mid 20th century Gizmology. Gizmology is term that I coined to describe movie tech that is designed to look all "Science-y". If you look at the photo, you see what appears to be a Eurorack synth! Just out of the frame, on the right, there is the obligatory reel to reel tape recorder. In those days if you wanted your set to look like real science, you had to have an oscilloscope displaying a sine wave and a tape recorder. This episode lacks a scope, but makes up for it with that crazy nest of wires.

An article about the episode here...

I started watching that episode on Prime the other night. When that scene happened I thought, 'How did Cliff Robertson get his hands on Richard Divine's euro rig? In 1963!'."

Bottom reminds me of Dewanatron meets Folktek. Top right reminds me of Anyware's Tinysizer.

Metunar Live 2019 - Music for Cinemas

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Metunar

"A few snippets of my live performance on 9. May 2019 at the Filmrauschpalast Moabit, Berlin.
This performance was live music to a video of a patchwork of old movie scenes.
It had 3 different parts.

I used 2 iPads with Borderland and Samplr APP, an Elektron Digitone, a Nord A1R Synth and an Ecler Mixer."


Published on Jun 14, 2019 BoBeats

"Looking for that first hardware synthesizer? In this video I go over 10 synths that are great under $1000. Sponsored by Storyblocks Audio. Check them out here: ​"

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

【モノメイク#07】Novation circuit // Techno jam【テクノ/シンセ】

Published on Jun 14, 2019 モノ オキト/mono okito

Novation Circuit でテクノ作ってみました。

I wanna get better... so need more practice!


PPG 314 + KORG MS-20

Published on Jan 24, 2009 listentomerijn

"PPG 314 clocked sequential control (sound = KORG MS-20)"

This one was spotted and sent in via John L Rice. Not the longest video, but definitely not something you see every day - a super rare PPG 314.

Chetaah MS800

Published on Jun 14, 2019 SyntheticMachines

"Cheetah MS800 Digital Wave Synthesizer: Multitrack demo with FX and the TR 606 (Korg Volca Sample Set). The MS 800 is hard to program, it is a small digital synth with lots of aliasing and a raw digital sound. Best known for Aphex Twins album 'Cheetah'."

Improvising with Polyend Medusa

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Peter Kirn

"Playing around with the Polyend Medusa and its unique approach to sound and performance. All live, just light compression and a touch of reverb added."

Peter Kirn Polyend Medusa videos.

E-Mu PLANET PHATT & Proteus 2000

Planet Phat via this auction

Proteus 2000 via this auction

Nice view!

Roland JD-800 3 Expansion Sets

via this auction

"Dance, Grand Piano and the ultra rare and sought after String Ensemble cards(Considered some of the best of all strings sounds from any synth"

Bugbrand System

via this auction

"All these are brand new accept the compressor
Which I bought from Josh @ Malekko.

Chirper not in the system. That’s just a faceplate to fill space. Includes dual filter, dual amplifier and dual mixer.comes with extra Bugbrand Blank panels for DIYing. You can see that they have guide holes for
Mounting your DIY stuff neatly. Pretty cool concept.
1-space and 2-space blanks included.

This is a great way into Bugbrand. It’s an instrument in its current form with just enough room to grow. The GRILLES and TRESSES are Bugbrand format modules from Batchas on MW.

Includes 10 banana cables, PSU and system.
Willing to sell the compressor module separately for $600"

Alesis Andromeda A6

via this auction

MacBeth M5N - White

via this auction

"Up for offer a rare and beautiful near mint condition Macbeth Studio Systems M5N. Only 50 ever made of the white version.

Handeled with care by previous owner."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack SN 0153

via this auction

Friday Jam #11 Modal CRAFTsynth 2 0 & SKULPT Synthesiser

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Modal Electronics

"Friday Jam #11 - Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0 on lead and bass duty & SKULPT backing up with the Mellow Roads patch. It's Friday & the sun is out here in the UK. We're off to enjoy the last of it here at Modal Electronics HQ"

Laleh - Kristaller (Kebu Remix)

Premiered 28 minutes ago Kebu

Some more Kebu for you. Love the synth spotting and the ability to hear what each synth is generally doing in these.

"Written by Aida S, Frank Nobel and Laleh Pourkarim
Original produced by Laleh Pourkarim
Remix produced by Sebastian 'Kebu' Teir
Performed by: Kebu

This remix was made using analog synths and analog(* drum machines as the sole sound sources, in addition to the original vocals:

Cyclone TT-606; Dave Smith Evolver, Mopho & Tetra (x 2); Jomox AirBase99; Hypersynth Xenophone; Marion ProSynth; Moog Minimoog D; Oberheim Matrix 6R & Matrix1000 (x 3); Roland Alpha Juno 2, JX-3P (with KiwiTech upgrade), JX-8P, SH-09 and TR-808.

(* The AirBase99 has also samples in addition to the analog synth drums. However, for this music I only used the analog synth drums.

The song was sequenced with Cubase and mixed with a Yamaha LS9-32. The stems were further mixed and mastered using Cubase with various plugins.

Controllers used: M-Audio Trigger Finger; Roland JD-XA; Roli Seaboard Grand

Camera: Heidi Väisänen
Video editing: Kebu

Many thanks to Gustaf Thörn & Laleh for providing the stems for my remix!"

Signal Path: Logos

Published on Jun 14, 2019 FACTmagazine

Signal Path: Logos – Processing strings
Signal Path: Logos – Nord Micro Modular acid
Signal Path: Logos – Roland JP-8000 arpeggiator
Signal Path: Logos – Max/MSP

Tangible Waves Interview - Super Affordable Modular Synthesizers | Superbooth 2019

Published on Jun 14, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

"At Superbooth 2019, Robert from Tangible Waves gave me an insight into the concept of the AE Modular including his history, designs and more."

UNO Drum: Unboxing & First Fun

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Doctor Mix

"Today I put my hands on the UNO Drum by IK Multimedia and have some fun with it!"

Fairlight CMI Series III and Chicken Systems Translation introduction

Published on Jun 14, 2019 DeftAudio

"Brief overview of my Fairlight setup and integration with Translator app for the sample transfer."


Published on Jun 14, 2019 LESINDES

In MODULAR the oscillator CV control Ins are subsequently being connected to function generator 2. WOGGLE is controlled by clock divider and is controlling the REVERB volume.

The MODULAR is a synthesizer with a potential but also with a lot of NOs, unfortunately. I really like the idea of it but it has:
1. unlike all the other Volcas NO Midi input
2. NO seperate gate input -- combined CV/Gate in so special stereo mini jack to 2 mono mini jacks cable needed
3. LPG is very low, only half as loud as LPG1, or my Volca is broken?!
4. Gate or CV output of keyboard and sequencer only in these fiddle sockets.
5. Cables with the soft easily bendable ends feel and are very fiddly. The raw cable ends slide easily out of the sockets even though you only gently touch the cables!
6. The black pot underbeath in front of both Cutoff pots should be the control voltage patched in sockets A + B but even if it is turned fully conterclockwise (= minimum) there is still CV being let out. I don't know if there is a work around for that or if my MODULAR is part of faulty batch??!
From min. 5 - 8 it is clock input is patched as source
by mistake but there is still a lot of entertaining tweaking


Published on Jun 14, 2019 Tony Horgan

"This is the Korg Volca Modular being controlled by the Arturia MicroBrute via CV. The audio is from the Volca Modular, passed through the filter of the MicroBrute, then through a delay effect. This is an example of how you can use control voltage (CV) to connect the Volca Modular to other modular synths. Check out Korg Volca Modular - The Expert Guide ebook, due Q3 2019. Search Volca Expert."

Roland Alpha Juno | 64 New Original Patches | Synth-pop Synthwave and Italo Disco

Published on Jun 13, 2019 Espen Kraft

"64 original awesome patches for anything retro synth related. Pads, strings, basses, sweeps. bells and much more. All organized into banks of 8.
Full compatibility with Alpha Juno 1, 2, MKS-50 and HS-80.

Buy the patches here:

Or contact me at if you want to buy from me directly.

Full tutorial on how to transfer the patches to your Alpha Juno is included in the demo video. I also show how to backup your existing soundbank before loading in mine.

I use Bome SendSX for SYSEX transfering data between my synths and the computer. You can find that here:

For MAC I believe Sysex librarian will work. Find that here:

I use a bit of external reverb on some of the sounds in the demo. No external chorus has been used, it's all the internal chorus of the Alpha Juno."

Patch n Tweak

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