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Monday, June 24, 2019

Elektron Monomachine and Machinedrum Demo

Published on Jun 24, 2019 MIDERA

"Lacking motivation (what else is new?). Bombarded with issues with work, getting into writing rock music, etc. Wanted to post something though. Not much time for synths. First use of the Machinedrum - It's actually very frustrating because mute/unmute doesn't seem to activate right when I press the button, so there's a delay of a few ms that make it so I don't hear the first beat. It's annoying."

Roland U-110 6-24-2019

Published on Jun 24, 2019 SynthMania

"The Roland U-110, one of the first dedicated sample player modules, from 1989."

Beat Diary 007: Chill Wubs - Peak, Circuit & Tempest

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Solaires

"Some cruisey dark dubsteppy kinda stuff with all hardware"

The Blackbox Revived

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Todd Barton

"Yesterday I pulled out this little blackbox and was delighted that it still worked having been gifted it in the 1980's. I posted a little something on Instagram @synthtodd and immediately a friend posted that that day he had coincidentally been searching for the schematics, he had remembered building one back in the day.
Amazing synchronicity!! Here is his MW thread with more info including the original article from Popular Electronics:
And . . . Logan Erickson at Low-Gain Electronics & ToneWrecker Devices will be revitalizing this unit soon!!! @lowgain @tonewreckerdevices"

Apparently this is the circuitry featured in the Bongotnik previously featured here. Also check out the updated Bongotnik 2 here.  The following are scans of the project from Popular Electronics via the muff thread.

KlirrFactory OverDub: MutliTrack Recording Solution for VCV Rack

Published on Jun 24, 2019 TheKlirrfaktor

"OverDub is the all in one audio multitrack recording solution for VCV Rack by
Record as many Channels as you want, play them back, add as many CV controllable AUX sends as you want.
OverDub contains 5 modules (at the moment):
OverDub is a 8 Stereo Channel Recording and Playback module.
Control serves a MasterClock and Recording/Playback Control when you use more than one OverDub.
MuSe is a CV controllable AUX Send/Mixer module.
SUM sums your Outputs together.
VCMMeters – Meterbridge for OverDub,MuSe and VCM (KlirrFactory Modular Mixer)

Overdub manages up to 32 projects (at this time) with 32 Recording Slots each."

Generative Music Experiment with Modular Patch

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Fahmi M.

"Another version of this patch, you can check it here:

"One of the great breakthroughs of evolution theory is that you start with simple things and they will grow into complexity."
- Brian Eno

Laptop : VCV Rack
iPad : Dingsaller"

73 for the Sub 37

Published on Jun 21, 2019 Robust American Patches

"New Patches for the Sub 37. "73 for the 37" to be exact. Nearly every patch in this collection comes complete with modwheel, aftertouch and velocity assignments. These sounds are meant to be played and programmed to be extremely expressive. You get 64 patches + 9 more for free. The Sub 37 has a special place in our little studio and in our hearts here at Robust HQ. It was the first modern synth we acquired during this analogue synth renaissance that we find ourselves in."


1. 73 for the 37 Demo Song
This is a "one synth" song produced with the Moog Sub 37 and our first bank of patches for this mean little mono/duo. (73 for the 37) Many happy hours spent with this amazing tone machine. I managed to get 15 different patches into this 2 minute song. Recorded and mixed in Nuendo via the Audient ASP-880. We ended up with 18 tracks as one patch was double tracked and another was used to create some 3 note chords.
2. Moog Sub 37 Presets by Robust American Patches! (Part 1)
3. Moog Sub 37 Presets by Robust American Patches! (Part 2)
73 for the 37! No Talking. (All sounds in this demonstration were recorded into Nuendo at 24Bit/44Khz through an Audient ASP-880) Some of the lead sounds in this video have a subtle stereo echo in the mix for a little ambience. As always, the preset names are burnt into the video. We recommend listening on the best speakers you can muster as laptops simply do not reproduce the frequencies you need to hear.

Toraiz Squid, MS-101 & Others - Corrupt....

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"A short jam with the Toraiz Squid, MS-101, Mono Station, Medusa, DJS-100, Prophet Xl and Quantum and Polymath."

A short Demo of Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Neuronium spectacular

"This video shows the nice sounding of Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer. This instrument was build between 2003 - 2005"

Roland Jupiter-6 Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 150126

via this auction

SIEL DK-80 SN 474

via this auction

"Siel DK-80 'Dynamic Bitimbric Synthesizer'

-analog 12 voice polyphonic
-rich SSM sound
-built in BBD chorus
-bi-timbral: layered or split keyboard
-onboard 2-track sequencer with trigger input
-midi CC control (see photo)
-lightweight, quality keys
-comes with original power adapter & styrofoam packing (damaged)
-printed manual included
-Made in Italy"

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak w/ Clear Dust Cover

via this auction

Ciat-Lonbarde Deerhorn

via this auction

"Experimental theremin like 3 voice synthesizer with three motion sensitive controls for envelope and volume. Can also be used as a motion sensitive mixer with three stereo inputs."

You can find demos of the Deerhorn in the archives here.

(Vermona '14 & Arp Odyssey (MIDI)): "Playground Games"

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Kris Lennox

"MIDI sent to the Vermona '14 & Arp Odyssey. Vermona is playing the bass ostinato, with the Arp on melody duties. Three-voice in total i.e harnessing the duophonic nature of the Arp. Timbrally, no knob-twiddling on this one - just a straight-up tone. Melodically the Arp part should be florid when duophonic, but the sounding of one voice retriggers the envelope on the other voice. So, this piece was automatically converted from florid to first-species!

If anyone wants the MIDI files for this track to run through their own gear/play with, £15 seems fair. Just ping me an email ( and I'll get a paypal invoice off to you.

All best

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with LEVINSKY

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Levinsky is the Finnish harbinger of distinctly cinematic and dark synthwave. His style is regarded as unique in the Finnish scene, gaining a steady and organic base around the world. His fans know that he always has something to say with his music and that his themes are always close to his heart. He also interacts closely with his fans and truly values their support.

He is inspired by classic horror, thriller, and sci-fi movies as well as literature and is an ardent fan of classic Italian “giallo” movies such as Dario Argento’s Tenebre and Suspiria. Musically, he draws a lot of inspiration from great classic artists such as Kate Bush (whom he reportedly worships), Jean Michel Jarre, John Carpenter, Goblin, and Vangelis, while holding dear a handpicked selection of modern day acts such as Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Zombi, and Daft Punk. He doesn’t shun drawing influences and musical growth from outside the genre and experiments with his sound accordingly.

He’s just finished his first full-length album Electra Complex, a follow-up to 2018’s EP Method to the Madness (available at Levinsky’s Bandcamp page and all global streaming services) which has gained an underground cult status in addition to critical acclaim by a number of synthwave blogs and sites globally.

We chatted with Levinsky about how he’s using the Prophet-6 in his music."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Warp Records WXAXRXP 30th Anniversary Novation Bass Station II

via Novation

"Warp Records celebrate their 30th anniversary with three-day NTS Radio takeover, including exclusive mixes and giveaways.

For the past 30 years, UK based label Warp Records have been consistently setting the bar in the electronic music world, always pushing the boundaries of the genre and thrilling music fans worldwide.

Founded by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell in the back of a record store in Sheffield in 1989, Warp has become the pioneer of its genre with a unique yet reliable catalogue of electronic music. Responsible for bringing to the world the likes of Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher and Nightmares on Wax, plus loads more, Warp have also more recently ventured into film, art installations and their own online independent record store,

This weekend, Warp are set to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Partnering with NTS, they’ll bring together their legendary roster with a packed out 100-hour schedule of music, including exclusive mixes, tributes and giveaways.

As part of the celebrations and in honour of the release of our recent Bass Station AFX update, listeners will have the chance to get their hands on a very limited edition Warp Records x Aphex Twin x Novation Bass Station II, 1 of only 5 made. For a chance to win, simply sign up for the WXAXRXP mailing list following the link below [bottom of page here].


We’ve also compiled a selection of our favourite Warp releases spanning the past thirty years. With so many releases, we could have kept this list going on for ages, but here are ten particular highlights from the past three decades chosen by some of the team over at Novation HQ:

TEST SERIES Empress Effects ZOIA with Elektron Octatrack Drum Destruction

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

"Sound design experiments with the Empress Effects ZOIA and Elektron Octatrack.
The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

3 Amazing Synths BoBeats Can't Afford w/ Demos

Published on Jun 24, 2019 BoBeats

"Help Bo get that Moog One, ok? #MoogOne4Bo

(for the literal ones among you: yes that is what we call a joke...)"

Waldorf Kyra, Moog One, and Moog Matriarch.

foresighting - Eurorack ambient modular jam with monsoon dervish

Published on Jun 24, 2019 sector

"A little jam on the crater of Fossa volcano, on Vulcano island. The last eruption was in 1890, but the crater is still active with steam and smoke. In this position is possible to see all the aeolian islands and Sicily." Model 66 Modular System

via this auction

"Never left the Studio....Beautiful Moog Form Factor Modular Synth....Perfect Condition!
The Studio-66 system is a very sought-after configuration - complete with seven oscillators, 24-stage analog sequencing, fixed filter bank, spring reverb, and more. A matching keyboard garage and patch cables are included. This machine has all the balls of the original Moog Modular at a tenth of the price! Also includes 61 fatar keyboard controller as scene in pictures."

Waldorf Microwave 1 Synth (Rev a, 2.0 OS) + Access Programmer

via this auction

EMS Synthi AKS SN 4301 KS

via this auction

"The synth is currently undergoing a full overhaul (some of the pots are showing their age and should be replaced). While this is taking place, the buyer has the option to specify any modifications they may require. The price quoted here is for a fully-overhauled EMS Synthi AKS; there will be an additional charge for modifications or upgrades beyond factory spec. We expect it will be ready by mid July..."

Octave-Plateau Voyetra 8 SN JJ4816

via this auction

ARP 2600

via this auction

Pics of the inside PCBs, encapsulated 4012 filter & 4019 VCA.

Cwejman Eurorack System

via this auction

Includes: RG-6, QMMF-4, MX-4S, RES-4, CTG-VC, ADSR-VC, 2x VCA-4MX, 2x VCO-6, D-LFO, BLD, SPH-2, Various 2u utilities, TipTop 252 Case

Akai MFC 42 Rackmount Analog Filter

via this auction

"The MFC42 is a true analog filter module designed by Akai for its MPC series equipment. However, you can use it to process any sound source, since it has basic 1/4 "inputs and outputs and MIDI.It has genuine analog filters for that warmer tone with the Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch filter types. It consists of a MONO filter section and the STEREO filter section.The MONO section offers 2, 4 and 8 pole filter slopes.The STEREO section offers 2 and 4 pole filter slopes.The 8-pole slope of MONO It uses the entire filter circuit, so the STEREO section is not active, and the MONO section is inactive when the STEREO section is in 4-pole mode, but when both sections are used simultaneously, they can be linked so that the MONO filter control knobs control the MONO and STEREO sections.The link can also be inverted, so that the two sections sweep in opposite directions.

Other features include an ADSR envelope for the filter contour. This envelope can be activated by the MIDI button and Trigger"

These always gave me the impression of two 1U rack units stacked on top of each other. It's actually one unit with a black line dividing the two sections down the middle.

Novation Circuit Looping (DAWless Electro Jam)

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

"Another DAWless midtempo electro banger, this time with just the Circuit and BOSS RC-202. Parts of the drop were pre-recorded into the looper and played back using its ability to save and recall loops.
Subscribe for more electronic music!"

Live patching - Eurorack , iPad, Norns MLR

Published on Jun 24, 2019 junklight

"Experimenting with patching live (without having large gaps of random crap) - not sure I'm ready to do it in front of an audience & I ended up falling into very straight forward patterns but it seems to have worked (to my ears anyway)......."

UNBOXING - KORG VOLCA MODULAR 2019 Version Micro Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jun 24, 2019 MARC OS

volca modulars on eBay | volca modulars on Reverb | volca modulars on Amazon

CATCH TR909 kick miming.

Published on Jun 24, 2019 ReBach

"In this demo a VCF-A does a (almost) TR909 kick simulation.

We only use a VCF without an input signal but in self-resonance. Only the ADSR is present for FREQ control, and of course some delay or reverb."

Outdoor Jam with Microfreak ,Lyra-8,Abyss,Easel and Digitakt

Published on Jun 24, 2019 therudyrude

"The Easel makes a nice rubbery bass with shanks from Microfreak ,Pads from Abyss,screams from Lyra-8 Drums from Digitakt and Soma Pipe is singing.All With lots of FX"

CRAFTsynth 2 0 - Changing Wave Banks & Assigning the MOD EG

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Modal Electronics

"Here is a quick video showing how to change the Wave Bank and assign the MOD-EG to control the WAVE1's shape on CRAFTsynth 2.0"

Vintage Analog Strings

Published on Jun 24, 2019 SSM Curtis

Part I:
Solina String Ensemble
Roland RS 505
Logan String Melody II
Korg Polyphonic Ensemble
Farfisa Syntorchestra
Vermona Piano Strings
Yamaha SK 20

Part II:
Logan String Orchestra (~1977)
Elka ElkaTwin (~1979)
Roland VP 330 (1979)
Siel Orchestra 2 (1983)
Crumar Multiman-S (1977)

Part III:
Roland RS 505 (1978)
Farfisa Syntorchestra (1975)
Yamaha SK 20 (1979)
Roland VP 330 (1979)
Siel Orchestra 2 (1983)
Crumar Multiman-S (1977)

Recreate The Synth Sounds of DAFT PUNK, NIN, & THE PRODIGY With Distortion Pedals

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Learson Peak

This is one of the posts that lead me down the YouTube rabbit hole. First the video of BREAKWATER featured above:


Published on Sep 7, 2012 bassmania99


Next, a video I found of Breakwater's "Release the Beast" featuring the sample. Turns out it was overdubbed to a video clip of Phantom of the Paradise featuring TONTO.

Breakwater - Release the Beast (JTVR's Original 1980's Sample to Daft Punk's Robot Rock)

Published on Oct 28, 2014 jackthevideoripper

"Read more about the sample:"

And finally the original clip of TONTO in Phantom of the Paradise:

Published on Aug 1, 2006 analoghell

"Ignore the awful music and fool miming at the keyboard. Instead, admire TONTO in all it's glory!"

You can find Phantom of the Paradise on Amazon here.

iPhone 4s VS. Electribe ESX-1 - Making Dubby Techno

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Electronisounds Audio

"FULL NEW SOUND BANK for the Electribe ESX-1!

I'm sampling sounds from music apps on an old iPhone 4s into the Electribe ESX-1 groovebox/sampler! I'm showing ways to be creative and sample sounds from different apps to make a new dubby techno groove. Use whatever gear you have! Just MAKE SOMETHING!
Woot! :)

FREE Electribe ESX-1 editor:

BLANK ESX-1 bank file:


Making Multitrack Recording of VCV Rack for using in Ableton Live

Published on Jun 24, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"So in this video i gonna show you how to make multitrack recording in VCV Rack v1 with new POLY modules&cables feature! Also I will show you how to make a right importing the wav files into Ableton Live for matching BPM. But this way also situable for use it in any favorite DAW.
This is a really amazing way to improve your arrangement by using the wav files from VCV Rack inside your favorite timelined DAW as well as doing mixing and mastering there.
UPDATE: Ohmer QuadPerc available in VCV Rack plugin Manager"

ElectroComp EML 101 - Sounds & patches - Analog synth demo

Published on Jun 24, 2019 synth4ever

"ElectroComp EML 101 analog synthesizer demo of various sounds and patches.

The ElectroComp 101 is the successor to the rare ElectroComp 100 from Electronic Music Laboratories (EML), a small synthesizer company based out of Connecticut in the USA.

Manufactured from 1972-1982, the ElectroComp EML 101 is a patchable semi-modular synth with a pre-wired voice path that can be over-ridden via patching.

The ElectroComp EML 101 has four oscillators (two of which could go sub-sonic, for use as LFOs) with multiple waveforms, 12 dB/oct multi-mode filter (LPF/BPF/HPF) with resonance, two envelope generators, ring/amplitude modulator, noise, and sample-and-hold. It is also duophonic and has audio input for processing external signals through its filter.

The 4-oscillator architecture, multi-mode filter, and elaborate patch control makes the ElectroComp EML-101 one of the most flexible portable patch-synthesizers available at its time of manufacture. The EML 101 has a very metallic sound to it and can go into crazy experimental territory when it comes to sound design.

Reverb effects from Source Audio Ventris. Filmed at in Montreal Quebec, Canada."

Z-DSP Tape Echo: Mono Tape Echo - Guitar Processing

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Station 252

"A guitar processing patch. A patch of ONE sample player playing a long guitar loop through Forbidden Planet, Z2040, LXD, TG03, TG04 and the new Tape Echo card for Tiptop Audio Z-DSP voltage controlled effects processor."

Nyle Steiner - XpressO Demo - by Mark Steiner

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Mark Steiner

"Nyle Steiner playes the DynaSample XpressO.

To purchase this great module, go to

Email for info and no cost wait list for the current available EVI and up coming EWI/woodwind version (The NuRAD). Nyle and Mark Steiner both have been consultants on these instruments, and Johan Berglund has done in incredible job designing and hand building these.

Thanks to Ingo Scherzinger for his incredible vision and ingenuity used to craft the XpressO and Xpression modules for wind synth.

Endless thanks to Nyle for his inspiration, genius and beautiful music. And funny jokes."

Module Overview #1 - Joranalogue Filter 8

Published on Jun 23, 2019 Synth Diy Guy

"Taking Joranalogue's incredible Filter 8 module out for a spin :)

Video by Quincas, featuring Daniel Riera and his EWI."

Chips Custom Chiptune Osc Demo (No talking) // Korg Prologue Minilogue XD Demo

Published on Jun 23, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro

"This demo is an improvised exploration of the FREE custom oscillator for Korg Prologue / Minilogue XD. It uses very basic waveforms and synthesis found in old 8bit computers such as the C64, atari 800, or consoles like the NES. Music made with these raw PWM waveforms are called "chiptunes". The demo is split up to show the different basic tones possible. After this, an extended improvised explorative look into the arpeggiator modes built into the oscillator (starting at 3:35).

The Prologue / Minilogue XD custom osc files are found for FREE at the following link:"

Patch n Tweak

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