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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Morrowfaire | The forgotten memento

Published on Dec 4, 2019 MIDERA

Fender Squier (guitar)
Yamaha SY77 (strings)
Spectralis 2 (piano)
Virus TI (controller for spectralis)

Roland Juno-DS Pattern Sequencer still does NOT Transmit MIDI OUT Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Rik Marston Official

#rolandjunods #rolandjupiterxm #analogsynthesizersamples
"Roland Juno-DS Pattern Sequencer still does NOT Transmit MIDI OUT"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!***

Holy crap they still haven't fixed this issue...
I am a loyal Roland user and this SUCKS and needs fixing ASAP!
PLEASE Roland! I love you! Help the JUNO-DS users NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for watching!
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Ambient Chill Zen Music
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Space & Meteorites
Rik Marston

miRack - Expanding On Your Simple Synth - Beginner Friendly Tutorial!

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Electronisounds Audio

Electronisounds Audio miRack videos


"miRack - Expanding On Your Simple Synth - Beginner Friendly Tutorial!"


I'm very excited about the miRack modular synthesizer app on iPad!

In this video, I show how you can expand on your *very simple* 1 Oscillator Synthesizer,.

We connect a midi keyboard to play our synth, and add some more oscillators to it!

We also briefly explore some of the sound potential when using *FM SYNTHESIS* in the "Audible Instruments - Macro Oscillator", which is based on the real-world "Braids" module from "Mutable Instruments".

More **Beginner Friendly** miRack tutorials to come!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!

Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Cat Full of Updates #4

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Cat Full of GHOSTS

"Monash Mini Maker Fair and robot joint v2 now with locking. #joint #mini #maker #fair #tech #robot #diy #3dprint #print #ee"

Cat Full of GHOSTS

Yet Another Late Night Analog Jam (Melodic Eurorack Improvisation)

Published on Dec 4, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"An impromptu recording whilst familiarising myself with the Beatstep Pro and experimenting with different sounds/uses for the AJH Fixed Filter Bank 914 (the first sound you can hear). All sounds from the AJH Synth Eurorack Modular system modules, including 3 VCO's, Ladder Filter,

Check out my music here, along with my latest all-analog synth live sessions album 'Grey Days & Old Ways:

You can also help support this channel here:

Recorded into AUM on an iPad using Dubstation2 delays, with EOS2 and ShimmerFX reverbs.
Video edited on an iPad (because my MacBook is broken at the moment).
Melodies taken from this video:

#ajhsynth #dreamsofwires"

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command with Drumbrute Impact

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"The Analogue Solutions Impulse command is a semi-modular synth with a full analog synth voice, integrated effects, and an integrated sequencer. Paired here with Arturia's DrumBrute Impact, we put the Impulse Command through its paces to create a full track.

With a stereo filter and stereo digital effects, the Impulse Command can occupy a huge amount of space in a mix—this paired with its ability to create everything from trance leads to brutal percussion and all the sonic debauchery you'd expect from a full modular system. The Impulse Command is more than just a synthesizer: it's a dynamic, powerful tool for all sorts of studio and performance work.

Impulse Command available here:

Drumbrute Impact available here:"

Waldorf Pulse+ (Pulse Plus) Synthesizer

via this auction

"First-generation Waldorf Pulse+ (Pulse Plus) synthesizer in mint used condition. This generation has the most extensive control voltage I/O of any Pulse or Pulse 2, so it's ideal for using alongside your analog gear."

Innerclock Shiftsync Mark II SN 0018

via this auction

"This is a never-used, built like a tank, Innerclock Shiftsync Mark II.

From manufacturer's website:

The Sync-Shift MKII is actually three totally separate and very useful devices in one package. Rather than making all the connections internally we designed the MKII so that all three functions can be used independently and simultaneously if required.

1: Midi Clock to Din Sync Conversion – connect your DAW or Hardware Midi Clock Master to your vintage TR-808/TB-303 for precision Tempo-Sync conversion.

2: The Sync-Shift Engine – set the start offset switches on the MKII to any combination for rhythmic syncopation and then use the real-time Sync-Shift control to fine the perfect feel sweet spot and lock it in.

3: Din-Sync to Midi Clock Conversion – less common these days but very cool all the same. Love the feel and control of your vintage sequencer or drum machine? Make your TR-808 the Sync-Master and drive your DAW or Midi Clock Hardware as Tempo-Slaves."

Roland CR-8000 w/ Original Box SN 132507

via this auction

"The CR-8000 includes a blue LED upgrade kit from Technology Transplant and a Roland FS-1 foot switch."

Roland CR-78 Compu-Rhythm with WS-1 programmer

via this auction

"Beautiful condition CR-78 with WS-1 programmer, CRSync for syncing to midi, a Roland FS-1 footswitch, and some extra slider caps."

Roland TR-606 Drumatix SN 288200 w/ Silver Gig Bag

via this auction

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Devilfish v2.1C SN 067

via this auction

Roland SH-3a SN 271026

via this auction

"This is a very unique synthesizer which makes it stand out amongst all the modern Moog clones hitting the market these days. Here are a few of my favourite feature...

Unique 'additive' oscillator which can stack 5 footings on top of each other to create a huge wall of noise
Pink AND white noise source which can be sent to the VCF or the VCA
Very cool 'portamento off' button for momentary non portamento playing - this is a very fun performance feature that negates the need for a bend wheel in most circumstances
Sample and hold section (unheard of in any other synths of this size) to create bonkers glitchy noise
LFO with delay for those funky auto-vibrato leads (why don't all synths have delay time on the LFO!?)
COMES WITH DETACHABLE MUSIC STAND! (ok i never actually used this... not once)"

Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

Metasonix 4u + Serge Modular Synthesizer + Cats

Published on Dec 4, 2019 FOR channel

"Metasonix 4u + Serge Modular Synthesizer via Loudest Warning Programmer + DUSG"

New EP "Cloudy Town (No Friends In)" by Calvin Cardioid

Supporting member, Calvin Cardioid has a new EP out on the usual channels listed here. Click through and hit play to give the EP a listen.

Synths used: MFB Tanzmaus, Prophet 6, OB6 Desktop, Dreadbox Erebus, TAL Sampler.

Novation // Launchpad Mini - Jinjé Performance

Published on Dec 4, 2019 NovationTV

"We got to hang out with talented multi-instrumentalist Jinjé (aka Lee Malcolm) at his home studio in Leeds. Watch him showcase some of the new features of Launchpad Mini and build a track using an impressive setup of synths and modular gear, including our Novation Peak.

Launchpad Mini is our most compact and portable 64 RGB pad MIDI grid controller. It gives you everything you need to start performing in Ableton Live - and it'll fit in your bag. Start making and performing tracks with Ableton Live wherever you are, using the huge array of sounds in the box to get you started. That’s not all, Launchpad Mini includes sounds, instruments and effects from AAS, Softube, XLN Addictive Keys, and Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette- plus membership to Novation Sound Collective.

Launchpad Mini is portable, lightweight and easy to get started.

--- For more information on Launchpad Mini [MK3]:"

Novation Peak & Strymon Volante

Published on Dec 4, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

Dexibell Combo J7 All Playing No Talking

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Dexibell Combo J7 Organ BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Ralf Schink performs on the Dexibell Combo J7 Organ at Kraft Music.

Want to learn more about the Combo J7? [see here]

The Dexibell Combo J7 is the first digital organ with motorized drawbars, ensuring the drawbars are in the correct position for every preset. Specializing in vintage tone wheel and transistor organ sounds, the Combo J7 uses Dexibell's T2L technology to produce "True to Life" tonal quality for its organs and over 90 additional instrument voices. Other features include a 73-note waterfall keyboard, built-in effects including rotary, overdrive, and vibrato/chorus, Bluetooth audio streaming from portable devices, and USB memory and computer connections.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Dexibell Combo J7 digital organ bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new organ, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Gotharman's LD3: Percussion 4

Published on Dec 4, 2019 gotharman

"3 more presets, that are included in the preset bank for the new LD3/Tiny LD Percussion Synthesizer."

Waldorf Announces 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Quantum Shadow - 30 Units Only

And it sold out.

There is a chance some dealers have them. Via Waldorf:

"Ask your Waldorf dealer or check our Webshop to be among the owners of a future collectors item. Delivery while stocks last."


"30th anniversary limited edition 30 units only - SOLD OUT

(Shipping only to Europe)

Quantum combines the raw power of a classic digital & analog hybrid synthesiser, with futuristic sounds that are only possible with today’s software synthesisers.

Its 3 Oscillators offer four synthesis algorithms each:

Waldorf-style Wavetables with the latest additions from Nave, including speech synthesis and wavetable generation from audio
Classic Synthesizer Waveforms with multiple waves for an ultra fat sounds right out of the oscillators
Granular Sampler with multi sampling plus traditional sampling mode
Resonator for virtual sound sculpting"

1979 DR Krell

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Todd Barton

"Using a Krell patch to drive the 1979 Digital Resonator -- some fun now! Check my overview video of this module here [1979 Digital Resonator overview] More info and purchase:

Also check out my Patreon page:"

ROLAND MC707 UPDATE!! we got SAMPLE SLICING.. and more...

Published on Dec 3, 2019

"MC707 has gotten a huge upgrade: they have added slicing, independent recorder, ability to save samples to SD card and more... In this video I go these workflow enhancements and how you can use them..."


miRack - How To Make A Simple Synth - Beginner Friendly Tutorial!

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Electronisounds Audio

Follow-up to miRack Modular Synthesizer for iPad - My Favorite Black Friday Purchase!



I'm very excited about the miRack modular synthesizer app on iPad!

In this video, I show how you can build a *very simple* 1 Oscillator Synthesizer,

sequence it with a sequencer and keep your notes in key.

We briefly explore some of the sound potential in the "Audible Instruments - Macro Oscillator", which is based on the real-world "Braids" module from "Mutable Instruments".

More **Beginner Friendly** miRack tutorials to come!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!

Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!"

Jean-Michel Jarre sounds on Yamaha Motif XF7 Keyboard

Published on Dec 1, 2019 adnmusic

"These are sound demos, not perfect covers.
No talking, no sequencer, just live playing with a little help from custom arpeggios.
Thanks to Zozole and Moessieurs for some of the sounds !"

Shockwave Synthesizer | Best Synth App 2019? | haQ attaQ

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Jakob Haq

"Shockwave Synthesizer for iOS by Kai Aras is a Modular Monophonic Synth and It sounds great! It uses a Phase Distortion Synthesis engine that gives it a very unique character. I would know because I’ve made a huge chuck of the factory sound presets, included with the synth! This synth is really powerful and it has a cross modulation section that gives it the ability to do FM, PM, AM and Ring Modulation synthesis.

Shockwave also features a Sequencer that can run in various different and interesting modes it’s more than just a 16 step sequencer. Btw the Reverb in this thing sounds incredibly lush and not metallic at all. But it does not end here. In this video I am going over everything inside Shockwave and I’m playing some of the sounds that I’ve made. So kick back and enjoy the show!"


AN ANALOG FOUR MK2 ODYSSEY: Live 60 min dawless jam on initialised #Elektron #AnalogFour Mk2 mkii

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Gary P Hayes

"Started from totally initialised settings, so no presets. no preparation, no pause, in one continuous 60 minute take.
Live dawless jam / improvisation
Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes
in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia
on Elektron #AnalogFour Mk ii
Recorded into Zoom H6 in stereo no other processing"

Roland SH-101 Analog Monophonic 1980s Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CS-15D Vintage Analog Synthesizer (Serviced) w/ Original Box

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"The units is in Mint condition.
The unit itself had storaged for long time by the owner,
There is also slight minor damage to the surface of body and wood section of the synthesizer.
However, This unit has been serviced and working in great conditon.
All functions are working well ."

Korg MS-10 (Original Box / Fully Serviced / Warranty)

via this auction

Chilton TALENTMAKER Demo - All 20 Vintage Discs Played on Panoptigon

Published on Dec 4, 2019 optigandotcom

"Recently I had a custom modified spindle made for my Panoptigon ( that allows me to play Chilton Talentmaker discs. The spindle size on the Talentmaker is slightly smaller than the Optigan and Orchestron, making this modification necessary to play these discs. Please note that this is NOT a supported "feature" of the Panoptigon, and modifying your unit in this way will void its warranty. Neverhteless, it's a good way to get clean recordings of Talentmaker discs!

I thought I'd make a short demo of each disc. Obviously this is just some simple one-take noodling and doesn't represent any real musical effort. The idea is just to get a taste of what each disc sounds like. If you'd like to hear the Talentmaker in action on some actual songs, check out our album "Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker."

You can also buy a sample library of all of the vintage Talentmaker discs here:"

Introducing Modal Argon8 - 8 voice polyphonic wavetable synthesiser

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Modal Electronics

Modal Electronics official intro video. You can find additional posts featuring the Modal Argon8 here.

"Modal Argon8 is an 8-voice polyphonic wavetable synthesiser.

It features four digital oscillators per voice split into two controllable wavetables with one innovative offline wave modifier available per wavetable with 28 different options to redraw each wavetables and one modulatable oscillator modifier available per patch with 8 modifier types to choose from.

There are 4 flexible multi-mode filters and 3 dedicated flexible envelope generators for AMP, MOD and FILTER that can be accessed independently or all three simultaneously on board.

Argon8 also boasts a hugely powerful “Mod Matrix” with eight assignable slots and four additional fixed routes, 11 mod sources and 52 destinations.

The 4-axis joystick can be assigned to a huge range of modulation destinations and can be ‘locked’ in place when desired.

There are two Audio rate LFO’s with tempo sync (one poly, one global). Polyphonic LFO can sync to frequency divisions.

Argon8 has 12 on board FX; a waveshaping distortion that is followed by three incredibly powerful, independent and user configurable stereo FX engines that can create sophisticated Delays, lush Reverbs, Flanging, Phasing, and Rich Choruses to name a few.

The hardware has been manufactured with high-quality components: a powder coated black steel case, anodised aluminium top panel, endless encoders and a super bright white on black OLED screen.

Among the many connections, Modal Argon8 features a USB port to connect your synth to the MODALapp user interface on a computer tablet or phone. This can be used for preset design and management as well as updating the firmware on your Argon8."

Voice of Saturn Phonton Tricorder

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Travis Thatcher

"Quick demo of the PhotonTricorder light synth. Makes lots of noise! More info:"

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit Intro #2

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Introducing the Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit. Richard discusses the beginnings of Analog Delay Unit."

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit Introduction

ReBach CATCH Pulse

Published on Dec 4, 2019 ReBach

"Short PWM demo with the ReBach CATCH series.

Two VCOs (VCO 1 modulates VCO 2 on the PWM input) with a VCF and an ADSR."

Nori Ubukata | Cracking the DX-7 code

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Arturia

"In the early days of FM synthesis, only a few synth masters were talented enough to crack the code of the DX-7 and create patches that were simultaneously innovative, inspiring, and sounded fantastic. Nori Ubukata was one of those people."

Yamaha DX200 Live Set

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Geylo Follen
Track 01 0:00
Track 02 1:44
Track 03 3:32
Track 04 5:42
Track 05 7:50
Track 06 10:35
Track 07 13:57

ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter - Step Through

Published on Dec 4, 2019 ADDAC System

"Here's the Overview video for ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

At ADDAC we’ve been in love with Bandpass Filters for a long time! We use them in several different ways but mostly as dynamic equalisers at the end of an audio chain for ever-changing timbral qualities with slow modulations on frequency and volume. Slightly or drastically changing the character of the incoming sound just by controlling a few parameters and adjusting the modulation speed. And while this method is a personal preference of ours while developing such module we soon realised that some features would give it other aural qualities and so we started by adding a dedicated feedback control so that each filter could self-oscillate while making this control independent from the Bandwidth control. Also added an amplifier x3 or x100 at each of the inputs in order to create soft or hard distortions turning it into a controllable 3 band distortion!"


Dreadbox HYSTERIA / Performance VCO - CHROMATIC MODULES by Dreadbox

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Dreadbox

"An extensive introduction of the HYSTERIA Chromatic Module by Yiannis.

Classic Analog Dreadbox VCO with range from 16Hz up to 32.000Hz
Variable Voltage Controlled Wave Shaper
Advanced pitch control with Voltage Controlled Quantizer, so it is always in tune
Hard Sync Input
Separate Pulse Output, for use as a clock or to sync other oscillators
Power Consumption: 114mA @ +12V , 46mA @ -12V
35mm depth


Johan Berglund Uno Synth Patch Collection Demo - Mark Steiner

Published on Dec 4, 2019 Mark Steiner

"To purchase, email

For info & wait list for the NuEVI instrument played here, and the wood wind fingered version (the NuRAD), also email

The Akai EWI5000 may not fully work with these sounds unless you have a way to filter some midi messages."

Georgia - Against The Clock

Premiere in progress. Started 7 minutes ago FACTmagazine

10 minutes to compose a track.

"It’s been a banner 2019 for North West Londoner and multi-instrumentalist Georgia. After making her name as a session drummer for artists such as Mica Levi and Kate Tempest, her heady swerve into electro-pop this year landed her spots on BBC Radio 1’s A playlist and an appearance at Glastonbury’s Park Stage.

This week we sit in while she works magic on her beloved Dave Smith OB-6, Roland SH-101 and Nord Wave synths and layers EBow strummed sitar lines around a rousing four-on-the-floor kick drum beat.

Georgia’s Seeking Thrills LP arrives via Domino on January 10.

Filmed by Pedro Kuster and Pawel Ptak
Edited by Pawel Ptak"

Love this track from her:

Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor (Official Video)

Published on Mar 28, 2019 GEoRGiA

Georgia - "About Work The Dancefloor", from the new album 'Seeking Thrills', out 10th January 2020 on Domino Record Co.

Patch n Tweak

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