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Monday, June 08, 2020

Vermona ‘14 and Strymon Volante

Calvin Cardioid

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Robust American Patches Volume II For The Moog Sub 37

Volume II for the Sub 37 (Part 1)
Volume II for the Sub 37 (Part 2)
37 Free Patches for the Sub 37

via Robust American Patches [don't miss the free patches below!]

"We are extremely pleased to announce Volume II for the Moog Sub/Subsequent 37! Last year we released Volume I, '73 for the 37', which consisted of 73 patches in total. Volume II completes the bank with another 64 brand new patches. We've also added 28 additional complimentary patches to the mix for a grand total of 165 patches! In Volume II we tried to focus more on leads and basses. According to the categories, you get 22 leads and 12 basses, but many of the sounds in the other categories are also up to the task. We spent a considerable amount of time working with the envelopes' key tracking and velocity settings to really make these patches spring to life under your fingers. The modwheel, aftertouch and velocity assignments are extensive and produce an extremely enjoyable playing experience. Save nearly 20% as part of our introductory offer...If you already own Volume I, "73 for the 37", check your email for an extra special discount offer!"

Home Page
Volume II for the Sub 37
Volume II Clickable Patch List
37 Complimentary Patches for the Sub 37

WALDORF Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Synthi Blippy Bloo


"'Synthi Week' continues on my channel . . . perhaps pandemic boredom has finally set in . . . EMS Synthi Cornwall, recorded as two live takes. Fans of my rather attractive hands may be disappointed to learn they do not appear in this video."

Africa by Toto on Musical Tesla Coils

Franzoli Electronics

"For those who did not understand what is going on this video, here's a brief explanation: The main loud music really comes from the tesla coil sparks. They are literally playing the music due to the programmed phase, pulse width and firing frequency! So, there are no speakers, no audio / video special effects. It looks even better in person and sounds almost the same, just without the beat / percussion backing track.

I hope you all enjoy this version where I worked for musical tesla coils!"

Check out the Tesla Coil label below for more.

Instagram Songs - Covers Collection by GATTOBUS


"During the last year I shot a lot of short video clips on my Instagram page, each of them is about a minute (or less) long. Instead of uploading them here on YouTube one by one, I decided to put them all together in a single video compilation. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Here they are!

- 0:03 Take on me - A-Ha - Original:
- 0:26 The Veldt - Deadmau5 - Original:
- 1:25 You Make Like Charity - The Knife Original:
- 2:08 Big In Japan - Alphaville - Original:
- 2:28 Stay On These Roads - A-Ha - Original:
- 3:05 Take My Breath Away - Berlin / Moroder - Original:
- 3:54 Stranger Things - K. Dixon / M. Stein - Original:
- 4:53 Aerodynamic - Daft Punk - Original:
- 5:16 Tha - Aphex Twin - Original:
- 5:57 Versace On The Floor - Bruno Mars - Original:
- 6:22 Playing Love - Ennio Morricone - Original:
- 7:07 Fading Away - Vangelis - Original:

These are just covers I played for fun, no copyright infringement intended.

Instruments used:
Roland System-8, TR-8S, Jupiter-X/Xm, Fantom 6, SH-01A, SE-02"

Arturia Keystep Pro Jam and a Few of Our Favorite Performance Features

Perfect Circuit

"The Arturia Keystep Pro is powerful sequencer that could be the centerpiece of your hardware and/or software setup. It has drum and polyphonic sequencers built in as well as multiple arpeggiators. The Keystep Pro can connect to pretty much any device since it outputs USB midi, DIN midi and analog CV/Gate and Triggers. In this video we sequenced a hardware midi synth, some eurorack modules and a software synth running on an iPad.

There are so many cool features that it’s hard to choose one. The arpeggiator was our favorite feature. It is extremely useful for performance and creating new ideas and ways to play chords. You can add up to 16 notes to your arpeggio. You have the ability to create an arpeggio by playing the notes and then selecting the HOLD feature. From there you can make changes to the step and gate length of the notes. Additionally, you can change the octave range, change time divisions, as well as velocity and randomness to the notes all on the fly.

Keystep Pro available here:


00:00 - Intro
00:07 - Jam
01:30 - Hello
01:43 - Keystep Pro Overview
02:02 - Patch Explanation
03:48 - Feature: Jumping Between Sequencer and Arpeggiator
04:30 - Feature 2: Drum Muting
05:10 - More Jam
05:44 - Outro"

Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 SN BN2810A w/ Keyboard

via this auction

"Midi to XLR cables and original user manual(s) included. Sounds amazing, very Arp like, nonetheless it’s known as 8 Octave The Cat in a rackmount case. Wider pallete and more analog sound than the Jupiter 8 I.e."

John Blacet's Blacet Research Modular

via this auction

"Blacet Research Analogue Synthesizer Rack:

14 analogue synthesizer modules mounted in a "Frac Rack" type cabinet:

2 VCOs, 4-tap control voltage delay and digital noise generator, MIDI to control voltage/gate/sequencer, wavetable VCO, voltage controlled LFO, Delay/Attack/Decay LFO Envelope module, Dual VCA, Multi attenuator, IEC-type removable 120VAC power cable, 2 dozen assorted patch cables, extra power supply harness. User manuals for all modules, full documentation (manual, parts list, assembly instructions, schematic) for eight modules.

John Blacet was an electronic engineer, designer and all around smart guy who invented and manufactured music synthesizer building block modules in kit form for 37 years. This one was his own."

Il y avait .. Ă  vent...

Laurent Baloran

Baloran controlled by Aodyo Sylphyo wind instrument. Googlish translation below.

"Laurent, un camarade nordiste et son Ă©quipe ont conçu le Sylphyo, un instrument Ă  vent autonome et midi via le lynk. Bien sĂ»r, j'ai voulu m’intĂ©resser au midi et sa liaison avec The River. J'ai profitĂ© de la version 2.0 de l'OS de The River pour adapter l'information de souffle CC11 au fonctionnement de The River : lissage du flux, modification du cycle de l'enveloppe (le decay 'disparait' et le sustain est 'remplacĂ©' par le souffle...),
Tout ce que vous entendez sort du River, une prise, effets inclus (le nouveau Shim). Voilà, vous constaterez avec effroi que je n'ai pas beaucoup bossé la flûte à l'école ;)"


"Laurent, a northern comrade and his team designed the Sylphyo, an autonomous and midi wind instrument via the lynk. Of course, I wanted to take an interest in Midi and its connection with The River. I took advantage of version 2.0 of The River OS to adapt the CC11 breath information to the operation of The River: smoothing the flow, modifying the envelope cycle (the decay 'disappears' and the sustain is 'replaced' by breath ...),
Everything you hear comes out of the River, one plug, effects included (the new Shim). Here, you will note with fright that I did not work a lot the flute at school;)"

"Topaz" - a Prophet-5 song


All synthesizer parts: SCI Prophet-5
Drums, sampled vox: Cubase

Orbital Rave on the QY70 Spaceship

Audio Wanderer

"Rave no more... Or into your own spacesuit?
This time I travel to the 90s and access to a private rave on my QY70
Time to break some glowing sticks and Dance!"

Sequential Artist Spotlight: The Grownup Noise


"Since releasing their self-titled debut in 2007, Boston's The Grownup Noise have evolved into a rousing and innovative pop-music outfit, bridging the gap between Americana music and Indie Rock. With a genuine respect for every style of music, this band and its songwriter, Paul Hansen, are song obsessed. After numerous sold-out shows, 7 national tours (many in a veggie-oil powered conversion van), and 4 albums, the band has grown many long sturdy branches, flowers, a few weeds, and has amassed a dense variation of meaningful characters along the way. People often ask about the meaning of the name; The Grownup Noise is something to rebel against, like fear, complacency, the closing of your heart, the stress of bills etc.

Guitarist/Keyboardist Paul Hansen is featured in this Spotlight with the Prophet Rev2 synthesizer, being used as both a songwriting and performance instrument."

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Recursive Machine — New drone synth from thc


New DIY project from zthee aka The Human Comparator who brought us the TTSH.

via thc

"The Recursive Machine is a small portable noise box. Constinting of
2 x vco
2 x vca
1 x vcf
1 x distortion
1 x digital spring reverb
2 x pt2399 delay
2 x lfo
1 x mixer
1 x speaker

All packed on 2 circuits boards measuring 120 mm x 220 mm, with an 3D-printed box for extra portability."

A different way to make songs w/ the Novation Circuit (multitrack recording)

Gabe Miller Music

"In which I show the easiest (but kinda janky) way to export separate tracks on the Novation Circuit, and how I work with those tracks in my DAW. While jamming is my go-to, I like this method as a bit of a different way to make songs with the Circuit, combining its hands-on workflow and portability with the power and control of a DAW."

Boutons de synthé | Minisode Regular Show | Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network France

A little synth episode of the Regular Show France spotted and sent in by Pierre-Henri Pache. Enjoy. :)

The Vermona Synthesizer. Part 2 VCOs, VCA, VCF and other features


Part 1 calibration below.

"The Vermona Synthesizer is one of only two synthesizer models developed and officially produced in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In my video series I want to intruduce this rare synth. Second part dives into the VCOs, comparing the wave forms of the Vermona Synthesizer with a Behringer Model D.

0:24 VCO1 Wave forms demo and comparison
2:30 VCO2 Wave forms
2:58 VCO1 + VCO2, "PWM", tuning, octave range
4:52 "Hacks", combining octaves and wave forms
6:23 LFO
7:32 Pitch wheel and glide function
8:36 VCF
11:12 Envelope (VCA/VCF), playing around"

The Vermona Synthesizer. Part 1 calibration

"The Vermona Synthesizer is one of only two synthesizer models developed and officially produced in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In my video series I want to intruduce this rare synth. First part shows the VCO calibration process. The complete process (VCA, Envelopes, base voltage etc.) needs soldering and an oscilloscope. VCO calibration should be applicable to 90% of all calibration work so we focus on that."

Moog Mother-32: Expressive Bass (FREE pdf with patches)

Anton Anru

"This soundset is devoted to expressive bass line and Mother-32 gives great opportunities to create it.
All this patches are supposed to be used in pair with the internal sequencer as they are based on the sequencer parameters, like Gate Time, Accent, Slide, Hold, Reset, and others.
The patches with AssignOut have recommendation on which Assign source to choose. However, you should experiment with different sources get the greatest results.
I’m very excited about Mother-32 expressive opportunities especially if patchbay is extensively used. So to recreate these patches you need up 8 patch cords.

00:00 Noisy Res
01:13 Detuned Pulse
02:40 Perc Inside
03:41 Most Aggressive
04:45 Kind Mood
06:04 Dive In and Out
07:13 Unexpected Phat
08:30 Acid Madness
10:12 Trance Time
11:45 Piercing Accents

Get Expressive Bass soundset:

If you like these patches you may also like my Progressive Soundset that includes 35 advanced patches for Mother-32. There are leads, plucks, fxs, and others.
You may find the details about the soundset, video and audio demos on this page:"


zack dagoba

"Exploring the Buchla 200 with a 38-step MARF sequence"

Roland V-Synth System-8 Back To 2049 Virtual Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

Check out Rik’s sample packs: Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#rolandsystem8 #rolandvsynth #rolandacb
Roland V-Synth & System-8 "Back To 2049"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland V-Synth & System-8 together in one!
The System-8 is MIDI master controlling the V-Synth.
When the System-8 is played, you are hearing BOTH
V-Synth & System-8 layered! Super cool & DEEP!
Many more videos are being filmed & are on their way!

Meteorite friend featured:
"Hera" a high quality Pallasite Meteorite from Sericho, Kenya!

All Music & Video (C)2020 Rik Marston / Marston Manor Productions
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 with Simple Delay FX!

CRB Dyamond 725 Drum Machine

via this auction

"Very rare Italian rhythm machine from the 70's.
In excellent condition for it's age and perfect working order. Sounds great!

Voltage is 220v."

You can find a demo of one here.



via this auction

"5 body contact touch points capable of creating white noise barrages, square wave sweeps, chaotic glitches and industrial noise.

Use the audio input to process external equipment and provide distortion, overdrive, bitcrush and filtering effects.

The amount of contacts touched and where they are touched, all have an impact on the output signal.

- power on/off switch
- envelope indicator led
- 5 touch contact plates
- 1/4" jack audio input
- 1/4" jack audio output

powered by 9v DC input (negative centre polarity, 800mA max)

power supply not included

board dimensions 100x100mm

Custom circuit and design by ResonanceCircuits"

One-off MDMAFX Dual Uglyface Custom Fuzz Distortion Noise Synth tabletop pedal

via this auction

"One-off MDMAFX Dual Uglyface Custom Fuzz Distortion Noise tabletop pedal. This is a very odd dual distortion pedal that I had made by MDMAFX several years ago. It’s based on their Uglyface fuzz design but doubled everything with extra switches and 4 LFO’s! Designed for tabletop use. Gotten sounds out of it that I’ve never heard before, strange metallic oscillations and grindy high harmonics. I don’t even know how everything works, it was a highly experimental build. Some cosmetic wear from smoke-free studio usage. Takes a standard Boss 9v power supply."

Roland RS-202 Strings Synthesizer SN 520753

via this auction

"The 61-key Roland RS-202, released in Japan in 1976, is a classic analog synthesizer that can produce rich string tones as well as bass sounds that are especially warm and vintage-sounding (think “disco strings”). It also features a vibrato effect and Roland’s famous ensemble/chorus. One cool thing about the RS-202 is that the entire keyboard is polyphonic (i.e. you can play all the keys at the same time). The pitch range of string instruments (contrabass to violin) is roughly split between the two string patches, covering a wide range of tones. The Roland RS-202 is widely considered one of the best string synths from this era, and the instrument has a huge legacy.

This synthesizer is in very good condition, with some signs of use overall (please see photos), including scratches and slight yellowing of the keys. The entire unit has been thoroughly tested by our professional technician and works perfectly."

Vintage Crumar CPB-1 Synthesizer Bass Pedals

via this auction

"70's Vintage Crumar CPB-1 Synthesizer Bass Pedals. Works as it should and sounds great. All controls have been cleaned. All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced. Includes original keys for the case."

MFB Dominion 1 with Rugged THON Case SN 16952

via this auction

Sonic LAB SOMA Pulsar-23 Drum Synthesizer Review


"Another unusual instrument from the brilliant mind of Vlad Kreimer of Soma Laboratory, the Pulsar-23 is an organismic drum machine. With four voices, extensive internal patching and interfacing, plus CV recorders and plenty of clock. We take a look."

SOMA Pulsar-23

Experimental music hardware starter setup on a budget


"In which I advise on a starter hardware setup for experimental electronic music as I would choose it right now. YMMV, but I think this is an inspiring and limitless setup that can last you through the years. Something you won't have to sell but rather expand on, or use on your travels."

Koma Electronic Field Kit

Oberheim FVS Demo

Randy Piscione

"Demo of my Oberheim FVS-1. This one took two years to get to where it is now, and is still a bit flaky sometimes (like me) but still amazing to play. I want to thank John at PM Foundations for his substantial help in getting this working. Without him, it would be in a closet.

0:00 is a thick pad. 2:16 is another pad using a pinball song, with the VCF between LPF and Notch. 4:37 uses the Bandpass filter. 6:54 is polyphonic VCO sync. 8:39 is a bird-related excerpt using a split keyboard, with one SEM playing the bass and the other 3 doing the chords. The top three are tuned an octave higher than the bass SEM."

TORSO T-1 // Generative sequencer review and tutorial


"Explore plenty of generative and other electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here in my book, available to people who support this channel on Patreon:

0:00 Intro
1:20 Disclaimer
1:45 Overview
3:10 How the encoders work
3:50 Project scope
4:55 Tracks
6:45 Euclidean tools
8:20 Step sequencing
8:50 Slices/cycles
9:15 Division
9:45 Groove
11:05 Repeats & offset
12:10 Time & pace
12:40 Voicing & style
14:50 Melody & phrase
16:45 Scales
17:20 Experimenting
18:15 Random
20:50 Temp + pattern
22:00 Length & quantize
22:45 Misc
24:05 Pros & cons
28:35 Outro"

DX5 playing The Human League "Being Boiled"


"Covering again this song I've played weeks ago when streaming live.
Gear used:

Roland MRS-2 Promars (Backtrack, drums, etc made entirely with it too).
No external fx. Just raw sound fed into the capture device.

Composed by Ian Craig Marsh, Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

Astral Projections

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"I attempted to rip the fabric of space and time utilising my Vintage Vibe Piano through MXR Phase 100, Minimoog Model D through a Space Echo and Oberheim OB Xa. If you are fed up with the same 4 walls come and take a trip with me!"

Patch n Tweak
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