MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020

UDO Super 6 Deadmau5 Cover - SuperJaded

Major OSC

"24 hours with the Super 6 and I can already tell this is something special.

This is a cover of an old Deadmau5 classic, Jaded. - The B-side of his Faxing Berlin EP. Just a few layers with binaural mode turned up. the scattered leads show off a few other waveforms as well, with and without super stack enabled. Enjoy! Like, share, and subscribe! We're just getting started here."

FM Monster Duel! Yamaha TX816 vs TX802

Espen Kraft

Follow-up to this post.

"The Yamaha TX816 from 1984, a monster DX7, in fact you get EIGHT DX7 in one box with a total polyphony of 128 voices.

Drawback - It's easy to waste voices and you can't edit anything without a real DX7 to control it. Or compatible software.

The Yamaha TX802 from 1987, a highly flexible and powerful FM workhorse. EIGHT 2 voice polyphonc DX7IIs inside. So less total voices than the 816, but you can arrange voices as you want and fully editable from the module itself.

Which one should you get? I show you the differences and how to use them both.

17:00 Answer to what mix was what from the last video - MIX A=802 MIX B=816"

Korg Polysix: Second musings


First musings here

"I sat down with the Polysix again and just tried to come up with a few patches (well, just modifying the first patch I came up with). I don't really know how interesting this sort of thing is to people. I should be writing tracks, but I guess with new gear, it's sort of fun just figuring out what I think of it. The Polysix is so simple, 1 oscillator - really no manipulation of the sound through sync, ring mod, etc, but I find the breadth of things I can come up with are enough for me to enjoy it thoroughly.

I think part of what I like is just how quickly I can make changes. I get that this is what people like about the Juno's but I never warmed up to them on this level. I guess maybe after using the Roland SH-101 more, I'll be able to better decide if it's like a slider versus knob thing - but I've really enjoyed the SH-101 too... so I don't know if its that.

I think what I like (and maybe I could have done this on the Juno but just never did) is setting the Polysix in chord mode to get a mono mode - which sounds fantastic. As well as setting two notes in a chord and using that as my sound. It makes it pretty easy to get a 2-oscillator monosynth out of this and it sounds great. I don't really mind if my pads are single oscillator, but it's nice to get bass sounds or just lead parts with the chord mode. I think it comes out with this great sound. I know in the Polaris I can do a lot more, I can activate only one voice and have two oscillators, but that's a ton of work usually. You have to get into its settings to deactivate the other oscillators. If you decide to tune the oscillators (autotune) then it'll reactivate them. It doesn't save that information (actually, I don't think the Polysix saves chord mode data in the patch either, but it's still easy to set up).

I really like the FX section - I think they sound as good as the Roland Juno Chorus... but I guess I'm comparing it mostly to my JX-3P chorus, I don't know how similar they are.

Anyway, here you have it. Some sounds I made that may or may not be interesting to you..........."

Korg Karma Dreams of Luna Digital Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston

"The Korg Karma is a fantastic music workstation & midi controller!
Such cool TRITON pads, motion synths, and that KARMA feature - WOW!
This Ambient preset program is called "Lunar Landing" and is very cool!
The Korg Karma is my favorite Korg music workstation :)

Meteorite friends featured:
'Tatiana' & 'Svetlana' 2 Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorites from Russia!"

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Glen and Daniel from ASM Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi

Perfect Circuit

"Thursday 8/27/2020 6PM PDT on Perfect Circuit Chat we have Glen Darcey and Daniel Troberg from ASM (Ashun Sound Machines) Creators of the amazing Hydrasynth! They will be talking with our hosts Trovarsi and BBoyTechReport live. Tune in to hear some Hydrasynth sounds and to ask Glen and Daniel questions you have about it.

Hydrasynths available here:"

Atari Hotz Stratocastin - Hotz Sessions Episode 2 -Atari ST MIDI Music with Roland 2080 Synthesizer!

Clint Thompson

"Greetings Everyone!

Has been a little while since the first Atari Hotz video I uploaded a while back and ended up creating this song one afternoon just last week using Roland's 2080 Stratocaster patch (JC Strat) after exploring around and experimenting with the Hotz Translator Software some more.

I've included the Translator software overlaid to show in real time how it re-maps the smaller Hotz Wing controller for this particular tune and you can see just how much easier it is to play as a result. Please forgive my occasional timing errors, I'm not a very good live player (or recorded for that matter) but it's still a lot of fun to play.

Would have never been able to play something like this without the Atari Hotz setup in conjunction with the software on the Atari ST! Please let me know what you think and if you know someone who may find this sort of thing interesting, please kindly share the link with them.

Hopefully I've captured a more 80's feel with this one =)

Thanks for taking the time check out this video and share my passion for this Atari Hotz setup!


Frank's Polymoog Restore ( by synthpro)


White Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Duophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg ARP 2600 FS

via this auction, also on Reverb

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

via this auction

"From legendary producer, songwriter, and publishers Steve Lindsey’s personal collection and in excellent condition.

1980s Prophet T8 in excellent condition with some minor scuffs but all knobs, buttons, and lights are in perfect working order."

Accord Melisma - Non-C Note Custom Chords


"I must admit, I have been really enjoying the new Custom chords feature since V.1.4 and have come up with some interesting methods like this one...

This is an interest video made just after the release of V.1.4 using Custom Chord Editor to make chords that don't follow the "rules" of music so much.
I have added 3 versions of a 7 chord, which is originally a preset 4 note C E G Bb. and popped in duplicate notes (+ 1 octave) etc as:
E1 Bb1 C2 G2
G1 Bb1 C2 E2 Bb2
Bb1 E2 G2 Bb2 (no C at all!)

Inversions +1,+2 etc act differently too of course. Expansion hasn't be shown here but changes quite a bit because it relies heavily on the number of notes in a chord but also repetition of notes, will cover in future video..
Generally though, 7 chord over 2 octaves @ 7 notes makes for a very different expand :)"

New Syntaxis Micromodular Starter Set


"!!! Available immediatelly at !!!
Today I have something very special to show. In this video you can see and hear synth made from Syntaxis Micromodular set. Instrument is assembled from basic set of micromodules (uVCO, uVCF, uVCA, uLFO and uADSR), but it sounds quite versatile. User is able to assemble synthesizer on it's own, in modular way, but much cheaper and without necessity of use dedicated multipliers - breadboard does it already! Usually building subassemblies of synths on breadboard makes circuit unreliable in longer term. But with Micromodules it works like it was soldered together - you can assemble you own synth, get plywood, drill holes for potentiometers, screw them in place and carry your own synth around for gigs."

"This is a set of components for building a basic but complete analog synthesizer on a breadboard. Although it might not have professional look, you will be surprised with its professional sound.

The set includes:


Eurorack Techniques: Chords with Modular

Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) shares with us a few techniques for making and controlling chords in a eurorack system. Chords in eurorack can be complex and difficult to control, luckily there is stepped voltage and quantizers to help reign in control over our chordal melodies. This video features WMD Metron, WMD Arpitecht, WMD Triad, WMD Voltera, Mutable Instruments Plaits, Acid Rain Technologies Chainsaw, WMD C4RBN, WMD Performance Mixer, and the Blue Lantern Simple ADSR.

Order WMD Metron here:
Order WMD Voltera here:
Order WMD Arpitecht here:
Order WMD C4RBN here:
Order WMD Triad here:
Order WMD Performance Mixer here:
Order Mutable Instruments Plaits here:
Order Acid Rain Technologies Chainsaw here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Yamaha MODX -Live at Kraft Music with giveaway

Kraft Music

"Great deals on Yamaha MODX during our Synths of Summer event:

Adam Berzowski presents the Yamaha MODX, live at Kraft Music. Sign up to win a MODX6 here:

Yamaha MODX synthesizers are equipped with an inspiring and sophisticated synthesis engine based on the same technology that powers the flagship Montage. Motion Control Synthesis, Motion Sequences, the Super Knob, and 4-Part Seamless Sound Switching provide expressive and interactive control of the AWM2 and FM-X sound engines, bringing music production automation to realtime live performance. An A/D input processes external audio sources, while audio and MIDI can be sent and received via a single USB cable. The 61-key MODX6 and 76-key MODX7 feature non-weighted synth action keyboards. The MODX8 features an 88-note weighted keyboard action.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Yamaha MODX synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

UVI World Suite 2 | Showcase - Jordan Rudess' Favorite New Instruments


"World Suite 2 - 369 Instruments from Around the Globe

Explore thousands of years of musical culture and traverse the most secluded corners of the world for inspiration with 369 instruments browsable by region and type, and over 10,000 authentically performed loops and phrases."

Elon Musk Tweets the Novation Peak

via @elonmusk

"Olde skoole analog synthesizer from ancient Britain"

Curious if it's Grimes'. Elon should build clones and take on Uli. That would be fun.


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Knows Her Synths


70s Synth Strings from Italy - The Crumar Multiman-S

Alex Ball synth vids

0:00 - Opening demo
0:35 - The String Synthesizer
2:44 - Paraphony
4:11 - The Crumar Multiman-S
4:32 - Basic Strings Demo
5:42 - Low Strings Ensemble Demo
6:07 - Phased Strings Demo
6:34 - Brass
7:46 - Piano
8:17 - Clavichord
8:31 - Bass
9:01 - The Multiman
10:11 - Outro Disco Bonanza

"Today we take a look at the Crumar Multiman-S, an Italian string synthesizer from 1977.

We also look at the concept of a string synthesizer in general; an instrument that served as a stop gap, but that forged its own identity due the distinctive sound and the records they were used in.

Originally conceived by Ken Freeman, others saw the impending gold rush and got their instruments out. When I say there was a 'string synth heyday', I'm not exaggerating. Here's a list of just some of them:

New AUv3 Arp App - ArpBud 2

Cem Olcay

Available on on the App Store here. Note you can control external hardware synths with this as well.

And a demo from The Sound Test Room:

ArpBud 2 - AUv3 Midi Arpeggiator - Tutorial & Demo for iOS - Live

Available on on the App Store here.

Design Unique Arps

Design your unique arps with unlimited steps!

ArpBud 2 has a very easy to use UI that you can start working right away.

Patch Notes: Wallis


"This week’s episode of Patch Notes features a pummelling session from rising techno iconoclast Wallis. The producer, DJ and mastering engineer is fast becoming one of the most unique members of the Berlin scene, blending extremely hard and fast productions with sensual melodies and vocals.

This performance sees Wallis utilising her usual setup for live shows, which consists of modular synthesis, an Elektron Octatrak sampler, Arturia’s BeatStep Pro sequencer and guitar effects pedals. “I would say I am more on the West-coast end of the synthesis spectrum”, she explains. “I like very complex and somewhat surprising results because this is, in my opinion, how you get the most unique sounds, which is what modular synthesis is for me.”

“Modular is for me testing the limits of a system. It’s also about controlling those unpredictable outcomes, especially in my type of techno that really wants to be dance floor friendly at all times. It’s all about balance I guess. Making it as weird and interesting as possible but still pretty damn four to the floor, for the most part.”

Wallis is a resident at LSDXOXO’s Floorgasm. The first outdoor edition of the beloved party will take place this Saturday, August 29, at Berlin’s Trauma Bar Und Kino.

For more music from Wallis and friends, check out her label, Jell."

Frequency Domain - Ball Of Confusion Overview and Tutorial

Omri Cohen

00:00 - Introduction
01:30 - Patch 1
08:59 - Patch 2

"This module is still not released but here are the other modules in this collection -"

MAKEN0ISE "Office Hours" August 27th, 2020


Granular Ambient Snack (iPad Jam)

Perplex On

"Love the new midi update for #tardigrain. Now you can use its keyboard to play other #mpe enabled synths, too! Here playing itself as well as #quanta, #continua and #noiseapp at the same time. Visuals made with #Uzuapp."

Some sketches with 'Alissa'

techno comrade / seek sound

Vintage Electro Harmonix Super Space Drum

via this auction

Roland RS-202 Strings Synthesizer SN 331994

via this auction, also on Reverb

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Vintage Synth - upgraded FATAR keybed!

via this auction

"Awesome sounding vintage Sequential Circuits synth, similar ilk to a Juno 106 but features an Arpeggiator and two oscillators per voice.

Upgraded FATAR keybed - I replaced the old clackity keybed with a brand new fatar keybed (same style as used in the Moog Voyager, Nord etc) - so it has a beautiful playing action similar to a high end modern synth.

It is in fair cosmetic condition, with it's fair share of small scrapes and dings, and a bit of a chunk out of one of the side panels.

A few of the knobs are a bit scratchy - it could likely do with a bit of a service/clean, but I haven't found it completely necessary and just used it as is. Please be mindful of this before purchasing.

It sounds awesome, as you would expect from vintage Sequential Circuits gear!!"

Korg MS-20 Monophonic Analog Synth SN 146739

via this auction

"This MS-20 has treated me well over the years. It's been serviced and is the U.S. model, so you don't need any power converters, which is partially why I loved this version so much. I'm also including a waterproof SKB case."

Roland Juno-60 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI

via this auction

"This is a beautiful Juno 60 with the Juno-66 Midi retrofit by Tubbutec that was installed professionally. The Midi retrofit makes this Juno 60 unstoppable, adding portamento, mono mode, unison, and many other features in addition to being controlled via midi and usable as a midi controller.

I originally bought this synth from Tone Tweakers, so it came in great condition, and I've continually gotten it serviced over the years to keep it high quality. Recently, the digital memory hasn't been working 100%, sometimes it lasts for hours without any issues, while other times only holding a patch for a few minutes. This is a common issue among Juno 60 owners, and if I were to keep this thing, I'd have my tech fix it."

Roland Jupiter 6 with Europa Mod

via this auction

Using Control Voltage with the Roland FANTOM Synthesizer


"The Roland FANTOM Synthesizer is a new kind of creative hub, where you can combine the power of FANTOM's synthesis engine, your favorite DAW and software synthesizers, and other hardware instruments like modular synthesizers, or your own voice.

FANTOM brings these elements together into a seamless creative environment where you can turn the spark of an idea into a fully realized production.

In this video, @gattobus takes a look at how to integrate modular synthesizers into FANTOM's creative hub using its dual onboard CV/Gate connections, external inputs, and effects."

Stratovarius Will The Sun Rise Jens Johansson keyboard solo cover tutorial Roland FANTOM

イェンスヨハンソン kerederoom78

It took me a sec to realize that was a Roland Fantom. Kind of interesting from that perspective and lighting.

"5th album 'Episode'(1996)

J.S.Bach BVW1041 Violin Concerto A minor
guitars &keyboard solo duel
unison section

Roland FANTOM-7
JCK-360 by Key Pro Stand 360

Whereas the Bach quoted part is played live in the bass part, the album version plays the middle and high register, excluding the bass, with harpsichord and string sounds. The part that responds to the guitar melody must be played at a very high speed, so you should be creative in the distribution of finger numbers and notes to the left and right hands."

11-The Dreadbox Typhon: Enhancer Effects


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the 'enhancer' effects (chorus, etc.) of the Dreadbox Typhon."

Dreadbox Typhon AutomaticGainsay posts

Live techno on a wall of test equipment


"In this video I detail the process of trying to make my wall of test equipment playable for a live streaming show.

The instrument I assembled out of parts not meant to be used for music but rather as science and engineering tools has grown huge over the past year. I feel confident to compose with it, but playing live is a whole new challenge. Super/Collider asked me to perform a live stream and I immediately thought of challenging myself to play this heavy wall of sound, proto-techno style.

I go over what instruments are in the wall, how the routing works, how I use tape and guitar pedal FX, as well talking about my camera setup for live streaming."


Three New Modules

juanito moore

"Last week's hardware challenge was to use new hardware, so JUST IN TIME for last weekend, here's my three newest modules.

The 'clouds' sound and some of the chord sounds are coming from my new Mutable Instruments Braids (very DIY) modules. The blinking lights create that weird chirping noise, and of course there's goofy reverb goodness going on too.

Here's the Razmasynth Super Warp Generator that inspired my seven-LED chirper module:"

Five - Roland TB-303 _TR-808

Ramón Amezcua

Isla Instruments S2400 Beta tester units ready..

Isla Instruments

Synthstrom Deluge - Nova

Payton Carter

"Deluge track #3! Was trying to go for a subdued and hazy sound at the beginning. I'm really starting to appreciate the built-in synth engine. It has a nice character that lends itself to some really pleasant tones. All synth patches here (except the bass and one of the arps) are self-made. Drums are from one of the stock kits.

Check out my music here -"


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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