MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Jupiter-8, Emulator II, LinnDrum, Pro-One

SynthMania SynthMania

"These are the sounds of my teenager years... of the early-to-mid-'80s. Love the pure analog, but you also need a generous dash of digital. At that time there was crossover of the two."

Yamaha MODX8 Halloween Sci Fi Special FX Sounds FM Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

"Happy Halloween 2020!
The Yamaha MODX8. Playing Spooky Sci-Fi Special FX sounds!
The MODX line is really a great synthesizer to use to go into oblivion!"

Sequential PROPHET 10 Rev 4 - First Patches PT 2 , Sound Demo


"We're back with a second demonstration of our first set of patches for the Sequential Prophet 10 REV 4 Analog Synthesizer. No External FX or Processing are used. All patches in this video & the previous demo will be available in a 50 patch expansion pack available soon! Enjoy"

Lowgritt PROPHET 10 posts

1983 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 SN 3281

via this auction

"Original Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 straight from the Tone House personal recoding studio. This Prophet 5 has been in our studio for years and was the go-to analog synth. Not only are the original sounds extremely flexible, this particular 5 (Rev 3.2) is outfitted with MIDI in/out so using it with modern keyboard controllers and time locking the information out then back into your DAW can be easily done. Cosmetically, the synth is in great overall shape. It exhibits a minor discoloration on the wood panel under the control plate which can easily be seen in the pictures. There are a few other light age marks and the Prophet 5 logo is rubbed away slightly. Overall, the synth is in great condition."

Waldorf Pulse 2 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Waldorf Pulse 2 monophonic analog synthesizer module houses the soul of its legendary trance-inducing mid-'90s ancestor: three analog oscillators and a true analog cascading filter, but Waldorf didn't stop there. The filter circuits now give you Highpass and Bandpass modes that the original didn't have. Also new is analog Filter FM and Ring Modulation, as well as "paraphonic" modes that allow up to 8-voice chords. You also get a powerful arpeggiator, an 8-slot modulation matrix, a large LCD display, and USB. With 500 fully-editable presets, you'll never run out of inspiration from the Waldorf Pulse 2."

E-mu Emulator II left wheel tuning

SynthMania SynthMania

"E-mu Emulator II left wheel tuning"

Eurorack Videos by Nightlife Electronics

"Nightlife Electronics is a shop based in Vancouver, British Columbia that specializes in the sale and service of the world's finest drum machines, synthesizers, eurorack modular and samplers. Visit our online shop to see what we have in store or if you are in the Vancouver area please stop by and try some amazing synths in person!"

Playlist for the above:

1. Xaoc Devices Odessa, Batumi, Belgrad
This video showcases a selection of Xaoc Devices modules. We have the Odessa additive oscillator as the only sound sound source with it's different outputs being individually processed through the Endorphines Milky Way, Xaoc Belgrad and the Intellijel Multi FX 1U. The sequence is generated by the Tirana II and one channel of the Batumi being mixed and fed into an Intellijel Duatt to Intellijel Scales for Quantization. The remaining channels of the Batumi add some subtle modulations here and there. The Fundamental output of the Odessa is running through a seperate channel with it's own envelope control to add more variation to the sequence.

Modules Used
Xaoc Devices : Odessa, Batumi, Belgrad, Tirana II, Tallin
Intellijel : Dual ADSR, Scales, Duatt 1U, Muti-FX 1U
Mutable Instruments : Tides, Kinks, Links
Steady State Fate : Muton : Milky Way

2. 4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator with 4MS Dual Looping Delay
In this video we have a selection of 4MS modules; the Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) running into the Dual Looping Delay and finally into the Listen 4. The Spherical Wavetable Navigator is a really deep and interesting sound source. You have full control over 6 internal wavetable oscillators that each have a 1V/oct input. Each of the 6 can be independently shaped and sculpted in real time for ultimate improvisation. The outputs of the SWN are being fed into the Dual Looping Delay to keep things rolling nicely. The dual, syncopated melodic sequence is provided by the Korg SQ1.

3. Xaoc, ALM, Instruo, Intellijel, Mutable Instruments Dub
Here we have a dark, slow dubbed out jam using the Mutable Instruments Tides being filtered by the Instruo I-o47 to create a polyphonic chord pattern. The Xaoc Devices Odessa, filtered by Belgrad, adds an eerie evolving atmosphere over the top.
The sequence is derived from the Xaoc Devices Tirana II and Batumi mixed in the Mutable Links middle section with the "min" output being fed into an Intellijel Duatt then Scales for quantizing. The Duatt is essential here for keeping the sequence CV within a specific range so we don't have a wide swing in of voltages being fed into the quantizer.
The drums are all from the ALM Squid Salmple being sequenced by the Intellijel Steppy. The Squid is running into the Endorphines Squark Dirty to Me filter to give a little more character. FX on other parts of the patch are from Endorphines Milky Way and Intellijel Multi FX 1U.

The Division Department 01/IV & Elektron Digitone

Nightlife Electronics

"The 01/IV by The Division Department is a four voice analog drum brain that takes inspiration from classics like the Simmons and Syncussion as well as the Roland TR series. It's super versatile and sounds really good! Here we have it being sequenced by the Elektron Digitone. The 01/IV is providing all the percussion elements, the Digitone all the melodic stuff.

Shop The Division Department:

Nightlife Electronics is a shop based in Vancouver, British Columbia that specializes in the sale and service of the world's finest drum machines, synthesizers, eurorack modular and samplers. Visit our online shop to see what we have in store or if you are in the Vancouver area please stop by and try some amazing synths in person!"

Sequential Prophet 5 rev4 with Moog MIDI-MuRF & Eventide H9 - Experimental Synth


"If you have some interesting ingredients, sometimes you just have to mix them together and see how it turns out. I like the way these combined. Sequential Prophet 5 rev4, Moog Music Inc. MIDI-MuRF and an Eventide Audio H9. Learn more at"

Fifty Years of ARP 1970-2020 at AES

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"In 1970, at the 39th AES Convention, the first ARP Synthesizer was announced... changing the history of music.
Visit to learn about our projects"

Novation - AFX Station - First Playthrough

Innovative Music Australia

"We had a chance to play with the new Novation AFX Station for an afternoon. Here we jam out on a bunch of the new presets using a Singular Sound Aeros looper and an Elektron Rytm MkII drum machine.

From wavy drifty delicate textures to knock ya socks off wild! 😍🎹🎛"

3 Novation Bass Station 2 Tips w/ the Aphex Twin AFX Station

Perfect Circuit

"Enrique (@Ricky Tinez) from Novation (@NovationTV) stopped by our studio to show us 3 of his favorite tips with the Bass Station 2, and since the limited edition AFX Station comes out today (10.20.2020) we used one for the video. You can put the firmware with these features on any Bass Station 2, but this special edition has a purple bottom, Aphex Twin logo and graphics by Weirdcore.

Win a limited edition AFX Station in our #PerfectPatch contest on Instagram:

Read our Signal article about the AFX Station here:

AFX Station available here:


00:00 - Intro
01:03 - Overlays
02:04 - Fixed Sustain Duration
03:23 - Sub Oscillator Tuning
04:45 - Glide Divergence
05:33 - Oscillator Error

#PerfectCircuit #AFXstation #AphexTwin"

Novation AFX STATION (PERPLEX ON Presets Walkthrough)

Perplex On

"I had the immense honor of creating some official presets for the new Novation AFX STATION that come with the device! Here is an overview of them while skipping through and tinkering with them a bit. All sounds are coming directly from the AFX STATION, only a touch of reverb was added where i found it suitable. Enjoy!"

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Novation AFX Station • Lightbath Patches + Overlays Demo


"I'm honored to be one of five sound designers selected by Novation and Richard D. James to create Patches + Overlays for the new AFX Station synth. I'm in good company with the others being Richard Devine, Noyzelab, Perplex On and ol' pal, r beny.

The AFX Station is a Bass Station II with a facelift that makes it easier to use the AFX Mode Overlays that are part of the new firmware. Plus, the thing looks great, now. More pro, less toy imo. It's a powerful synth that reminds me a lot of my Roland SH-101, but with patch-saving capabilities and some gnarly distortion and drive.

My patches parody a few choice sounds like BoC's Roygbiv and One Very Important Thought and some of the dirty sounds used by Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow as well as a bunch of 'classic' Lightbath sounds and even a few jokes.

Lightbath Patches

082 - Audubon
083 - B3 Marimba
084 - Bass Racer
085 - Dandy Gum
086 - Formantable
087 - Gravity Error
088 - ImportantThought
089 - Mosquitohead
090 - Pluckbath
091 - Roy G. Biv
092 - SH-Gregorian
093 - The Fourth Below
094 - Threefold
095 - Tobacco Blessing
096 - Warm Chillbath

Lightbath Overlays

o5 - Gyil
o6 - Glitch
o7 - Flute"

Novation →"

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Break Station - Novation AFX Station, Bass Station 2, Circuit & Digitakt

Ehsan Gelsi

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Live Tekno on the Elektron Analog RYTM

Luke Sanger

"Channeling my distaste toward current events here in the UK, via some 180bpm hard techno. Fasten your seatbelts + hold onto your masks 😷"

And a full live set with RYTM, A4 and Octatrack:

FOLD X DON'T // Luke's Anger

"Kicking off todays collaboration we have a live hardware set from Luke's Anger!"

Joranalogue Fold 6 Livestream! w/ Synth Diy Guy

Synth Diy Guy

"A special live hang to demonstrate Joranalogue's brand new Wave Folder module! Join me as I wiggle it, an tell me what you want to hear and how you'd like to see it patched!"

Fun With Noise - Static by Feedback Versatile Noise Source [USER REVIEW + Demo] DIY SMD Eurorack


"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2020

It's back to the synthesis basics: NOISE!
User review of the DIY Static versatile noise source by Feedback electronics.
I'll demo some sounds, give some sound design tips,
And conclude with some brief objective opinions about the module.
I am not affiliated w/ Feedback Modules.

0:00 Introduction
3:33 Patch: Snare
5:54 Patch: Wind Machine - S/H + Key Track
9:08 Patch: Noisy Bass
11:16 Patch: Roland-y Percussion
13:23 Concluding Remarks

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional mastering or processing."

Noise Engineering Blog: Per4mer jam

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Here, we're using the Modbap Modular Per4mer to apply effects to a patch. Two BIAs are the bass and lead, sequenced by the Mimetic Digitalis, and an Analog Rytm supplies percussion off camera. "

two beats no memes lol [stream highlights]


"All itijik Collective members will get a selection of samples from each pack our squad makes, royalty free, for their own projects! There's already some samples and tools posted on the discord server, so be sure to join up if you haven't already."

Let's build a Halloween inspired patch in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

"Here are the patch and samples -

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -"

Fourses Tarp Autumn Altar

Graham Franz

"A quick demo of my custom build Ciat-Lonbarde Fourses Tarp"

via this auction

"This is a custom built version of the Ciat-Lonbarde Fourses Tarp paper circuit. It is a chaotic oscillator consisting of four triangle oscillators bouncing off of each-other. Each jack is both an input and an output. Make connections using banana jacks or by touching the nodes. Product contains a built-in speaker. Runs on battery power. A ground jack is provided for connecting with other gear. I have only tested this with other Ciat-Lonbard paper circuits, inter-patch at your own risk! Banana cables not included."

You can find additional posts featuring Fourses here.

Korg 3200 , Non Functioning / Spares , Rick Wakeman Collection 1970s

via this auction

Follow-up to this post.

"Korg PS3200 / Non Functioning / Spares / Repair
48 Note
Each VCO Has its own VCF &LFO
Complete with Keyboard + Cable + Remote ( Missing Cable Re Remote )
Note - The above is Non Functioning and is sold for Spares / Repair

Each item will come with written verification direct from Rick Wakeman to confirm his ownership and use of the items.
History The above has been in storage since the 1970s and is Non Functioning and is sold for Spares / Repair / Parts"

Oberheim OB-8 Vintage Polyphonic Synthesizer Fully Serviced Factory MIDI SN C32911

via this auction

"This vintage OB-8 is fully functional and in good condition. This OB-8 has been fully serviced has factory MIDI."

Oberheim OB8 Synthesizer SN C31106 w/ Dust Cover & Case

via this auction

"Oberheim OB8 Synthesizer Classic In Absolute Perfect Cond Just Serviced Complete. The OB has MIDI and is in simply perfect condition in every way. Comes with original owners manual and a brand new stardust cover with a brand new travel case. You won’t find one in better condition or so complete. It was serviced in June of 2020."

Kawai K5000S Additive Synth SN 600340

via this auction

Motas-6 analogue synthesizer HPF Resonance Source & Wavefold Demos

Plastic Playhouse

"The Motas has a very unique feature in that the first low pass filter can obtain its resonance from the hi-pass filter, You have to play around with the filter routings to get it to ''work'' (obviously you can do what you want) but you can get some insane sounds from this.

In this video, all the sound is just coming from LPF1 and the other two filters are turned right down but they're still having an effect on the resonance character of filter 1 as you can hear.

I also make use of the mode where if you press page lock and value lock, the modulation settings are automatically mapped to the front panel so long as you keep those two locks engaged.. This makes it a breeze to tweak modulations and very fun / easy to find sweet spots with various parameters."

Motas-6 Analogue Synthesizer Wavefold Demo

"I made this video as I mainly just wanted to give an impression of what it might look like programming something on the Motas-6. It's a crazy deep synth but it's actually very easy to program..

Unfortunately this really isn't the best video showing that in that this wavefold-like stuff is a recent discovery for me and I'm still working on finding the sweet spots within it. I tried to just show as quickly as I could a large range of timbres that can be had from this one particular technique but again, there is so much range to this one particular approach that I've only ended up showing a very small selection.

I'm going to be doing quite a lot of videos on this synth, similar to this video, I'll be sure to approach this particular technique in a few different ways (drones next time) I'd been GASing for a wavefold synth in my set up but no more since I found I can get those kinds of sounds and more with the Motas."

Update: one more:

Motas-6 Analogue Synthesizer PM / Wavefold exploration demo

"Seeing as the other video on this PM wavefold stuff was so terrible, I made another and am much happier in this one and how it shows off some of the range of sounds you can get out of this.

I'm deliberately limiting myself to using just the output of VCO3 and not using any other features of the synth apart from a bit of filter stuff right at the end to show how nicely this stuff responds to it.

I know I keep referring to this as wavefolding, I'm not sure that it is that as this synth wasn't designed to do it but I was inspired by the use of 0hz operators / carriers on the yamaha fm synths and was pretty surprised at how closely this resembled wavefolding both in sound and in how it appears on an oscilloscope.

For anyone looking at buying this synth, I can't praise it enough! It's honestly my dream instrument and I can't get enough of using it, It truly is like a huge modular system in small format with all the benefits of a digital brain."

ARP Odyssey Normal and Modified LFO/ADSR Comparisons

OdyLFOspeed from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

ODY_ADSR_LFO from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

Spooky Halloween Music - Scary, Creepy Ambience


"It's Spooky Season! Here's a creepy Halloween horror theme to put on in the background. This creepy mix features several tracks from the Mother 32, string pads, white noise and other ambience, and various sound effects created by yours truly. This was just a fun October project for Halloween and I was able to work in at least one synth into the mix! I hope you enjoy it!

oOOoooooOOOooo!! Happy Halloween everyone!

Download my music on Bandcamp:
" See the Halloween label below for more.

Rocky Flowing by Infradead (Infernal Noise Machine demonstration)


"Infradead of the Tacoma Noise Rodeo submitted another great INM-E demo track.
'INM is processing the drums. One channels filter is being audio modulated by drums the other by the osc.'

The Infernal Noise Machine Kickstarter campaign is almost over!

Remember: this was just a tryout of the Kickstarter platform. Development of the INM-E has been in progress the whole time and is now finalized, so these are being built whether or not the campaign succeeds. All pledges will be converted to preorders if the goal is not reached, so this is your chance to get one of the 22 remaining Limited Edition units!"

Joranalogue Fold 6 // multi-topology Eurorack wavefolder demo + TIPS & TRICKS for audio & CV


See the dealers on the right for availability.

"Here we have the new multi-topology diode based wavefolder ‘Fold 6’ from Joranalogue. It’s a 4HP Eurorack module with dual series and parallel outputs, two inputs that go through the 6 stages of folding and an additional soft clipping stages for added level and dynamic harmonic saturation. We can control symmetry manually or use the second input to add a voltage to push an input signal into asymmetrical folding and clipping.

As always the video is packed full of patch tips and tricks and musical ideas for you to try out in your own systems. I’d love to hear in the comments how you apply these patch ideas with your own modules."

Introducing the Novation AFX Station - Limited Edition Aphex Twin Collaboration

Limited edition Black Novation Bass Station II with AFX Mode for $439.99. As always see the dealers on the right for availability. Details follow:

"Introducing the Limited Edition Aphex Twin collaboration - AFX Station.

Following an exciting hunt for clues across the globe, gathered and documented by the press [on MATRIXSYNTH here and here] and public, the spotlight has been shining on Novation to reveal the mysterious Aphex Twin collaboration.

Novation is excited to finally announce AFX Station, an all-new, limited edition of their modern classic Bass Station II monosynth, designed in collaboration with electronic music legend Richard D James aka Aphex Twin.

AFX Station is a sound designer’s dream. It has the same powerful feature set that has made Bass Station II the go-to monosynth for countless music makers. In addition, it has AFX Mode pre-installed, which revolutionises the way the monosynth can be played and programmed. Perfect for sequencing and arpeggiation, with AFX Station, every key on the instrument can become a new patch, making it a powerful analogue drum module, a flexible sound design tool, or a killer bass or lead machine.

To check out the AFX Station visit our site from launch on Tuesday 20th October, 8AM PST.

Availability: Online and in-store, limited
Cost $439.99"


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