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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Makenoise Erbeverb et al

Todd Barton

"No audio input to ErbeVerb, just sending it CVs from Maths & WoggleBug. . ."

Isla Instruments S2400 Video User Manual

Isla Instruments S2400 Video User Manual - Part 1: Introduction
Isla Instruments

"Over the coming days and weeks, the complete multi part series will be uploaded to this channel to compliment the written user manual.

Here's a fun introduction to the course, prepared by @Alex Ball"

Green Future Retro Orb SN ORB343

via this auction

"This is the green paint special edition (rare).

Bit of a description:
The Orb is an easy to use, single track, step-based digital sequencer, ideal for controlling our XS semi-modular synthesizer as well as other analog CV/Gate or MIDI synthesizers. The Orb is also a perfect solution for controlling 303 clones. MIDI In/Thru/Out are all provided for syncing playback with external sequencers, playing MIDI sound modules, or using the Orb as a MIDI to CV converter."

Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedal Synthesizer w/ Original Box SN 1379

via this auction, also on Reverb

Akai EWI 1000 & EWV 2000 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage Akai EWI 1000 with companion EWV 2000 module—the best EWI ever made!

This particular unit belongs to saxophonist Chase Baird and was used in his EWI tutorial video featured on YouTube.

Completely refurbished by Matt Traum Patchman music in fall of 2018. The proprietary cable was replaced with a DB9 computer cable, (which is significant as the proprietary Akai cables notoriously give out)—and this synth will be functioning for decades to come. The breath sensor was also replaced/updated as well as the battery in the EWV 2000. Matt also put a beautiful new LCD screen in the unit.

Chase bought this because of the Formant filter which Nyle Steiner designed to emulate string instruments. He needed something to do a good string emulation for Migration’s “Lines in the Sand” tour. Chase endorses DSI Sequential now and is almost exclusively playing his Prophet (as well as playing a lot of guitar!)—and decided to let this go.

A beautiful synthesizer with a cool history."


Møffenzeef Mødular






























Tubbutec Midi USB Bridge A - USB Host and TRS midi router eurorack


Dual USB host and TRS midi router and merger

0:00 Introduction
1:12 Tubbutrance
Here we connect a simple USB keyboard (AKAI LPK25) directly to a Novation Peak)

1:42 OP-1 minimal
USB bridge A is used to sync an OP-1 to a beatstep pro. You can sync both ways: The OP-1 can send or receive the clock. The basdrum is sequenced from the beatstep and created with a eurorack filter and envelope.

2:18 Euroillbient
A Korg Nanokontrol is connected to an LPZW Tram8 midi interface. This way the NanoKontrol can control 8xCV and 8xGate. Tubbutec µTune is also connected via USB and used as a midi monitor.

2:53 SQ-Acid
An Korg SQ-1, Arturia Beatstep pro and Roland TR-505 are synced via both USB hosts and TRS midi of USB bridge A. At first, The beatstep is the master, later the SQ-1 takes over that role. Note how the they all stay in sync. This is so far the only way to send clock and reset to the SQ-1 without needing an extra computer.
The SQ-1 plays an acid line on the eurorack system while the Beastep sequences a eurorack basedrum. The TR-505 plays internal rhythms.

4:07 Eurolaunch
A Novation Launchpad is connected to our eurorack system via USB bridge A and µTune as midi interface.
The connection goes both ways: A CV/Gate sequencer controls both a melody and the lights on the Launchpad, the bassline is played on the launchpad and uses a eurorack VCO, envelope and filter.

Synthesizer Evolution Synth Book by Oli Freke

My copy of Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back) by Oli Freke arrived the other day. I finally got a chance to take a quick look and take some pics for a post here on MATRIXSYNTH. You might remember the book from this previous post. It's available at Velocity Press, and on Amazon

I have to say, the quality of the book is excellent, it just feels nice in the hands. The book is laid out in the following sections (see the Contents image below): Preface, Introduction, Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Samplers, and Pre-Modern Instruments. Each synth/instrument has a hand drawing by Oli Freke with simple specs and some facts. You can see a page featuring Sequential Circuits below.

One nice surprise was seeing mentioned in the acknowledgements. I had no idea it would be there. So cool. :) Huge thanks to Oli Freke for the mention. This book would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. I'm looking forward to relaxing with the book myself over the holidays.

BTW, you can find a link to the book on top of the site for future reference.

Oli Freke also created the SYNTH EVOLUTION poster you can find on his website,

You can find additional posts featuring his work here.

Korg Trident

Henry Hurt

Korg Trident recorded in one take.
Also used:
Boss DR-55
Roland Space Ecco RE-201
Dynacord VRS-23
Strymon DECO
Revox A77

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation 2021 Calendar & Year in Review

via the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation was formed to honor the legacy Alan R. Pearlman, inventor of ARP Synthesizers - groundbreaking electronic synthesizers that changed the face of music forever. "to make his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and help inspire future generations to imagine and create through charitable projects."

Year in Review

Last January we were given an opportunity to introduce the Foundation to the music instrument industry at the hugely popular NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show. You, the supporters of the Foundation helped us, the foundation board members to promote the Foundation, its mission and its charitable projects to electronic musicians, engineers, potential donors and the press. We had an extremely successful show and made hundreds of contacts as well as raise money and awareness for our projects.

Other 2020 Achievements:

Attained 501(c)(3) Status: The Foundation is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization! All donations are eligible to be tax-deductable! We received our status at the end of this past March! What a surprise!

ARPchives LIVE! We have been hosting a series of online educational opportunities and live stream 'studio visits' called ARPchives LIVE!

50th Anniversary of ARP Synthesizers Celebration: This included a series of recordings, live streams, commemorative artifacts and most exciting: an ARP 2500 ROUND-TABLE [posted here]. with opening remarks by Jean Michel Jarre!
Participation in virtual synthesizer festivals including Synthfest a la Maison (France)[in the playlist here] and SoundMit (Italy) [posted here], and collaborations with Willem Twee Studios and AES [posted here].

News and New Activities

Due to the worldwide pandemic, our major fundraising event was cancelled, and of course, like all of you, we did not attend the variety of trade shows that were originally scheduled for this year.

We have an exciting 2021 planned for you.

NEW PROGRAM! ARP Living Collection and Studio: We are partnering with a non-profit recording studio to create a recording and creating ARP-centric studio environment. We have the space, and the beginning of a collection, and plan on launching next year. We will be able to have visitors like you, use the ARP Synthesizers in a variety of ways. Details to be announced at the beginning of 2021

NEW LEARNING: We are working on an exciting, never-before seen series of instructional videos, that will be released on a pay-as-you-can subscription.

TWO NEW Webinars dates TBA: The 2600 and a Women in Synthesis summit.

How You Can Make a Difference

Though the Foundation is in its infancy, we are now a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit. We are seeking funding to cover some of our costs to create online learning materials, purchase technology for our future online programs, marketing for the concert and scanning materials for the digital archives.

We need help from people like you! Music lovers, synth lovers, creators and believers in perpetuating educational and creative opportunities.

Please consider making a donation today. Visit our website's donate page or, for some fun perks, donate to our IndieGogo page where you can get the ARPCHIVES 2021 Calendar!

LudoWic - OVERDOSE (Katana ZERO - OST) [live]

ludoWic music

"LudoWic performed the track OVERDOSE live as part of the 'LudoWic Livestream - Katana ZERO Soundtrack' concert on November 28, 2020"

Some great synth spotting in this one.

Shakmat Releases Aeolus Seeds & Aeolus Mixer Quadraphonic Oriented Modules

See the dealers on the right for availibility. The Aeolus Seeds & Aeolus Mixer were announced at Superbooth 19.

via Shakmat:

"This 7th of december, Shakmat releases the Aeolus Seeds and Aeolus Mixer. Both modules are dedicated to quadraphonic spatialization but are also suited to a wide range of applications.

The Aeolus Seeds

The modulator!

Aeolus Seeds is crafted to produce movements in a quadraphonic space. With it's fully analog signal path, the module architecture is based on four VCAs driven by a handy multi-modulation source : quadrature sine, randomness, envelops, granulizer...

The CV output provides several handful parameters, bringing more life into your quadraphonic patches! Aeolus Seeds is a perfect tool for quadraphonic setups but has many other applications such as vector synthesis, audio morphing or stereo duties, all in 10HP!"
The Aeolus Mixer

The merger!
Aeolus Mixer is a 6HP quadraphonic unity mixer. Three quadraphonic inputs and two stereo outputs are mixed to provide a quadraphonic output with 5.1 compatibility.
Both modules will be available
as DIY kits and assembled units.

Assembled units

Aeolus Seeds: 259 €/$
Aeolus Mixer: 159 €/$
DIY Kits

Aeolus Seeds: 189 €/$
Aeolus Mixer: 119 €/$

Novation Circuit - Conquest

Payton Carter

"Hey y'all, it's time for another Circuit video! After going through half a dozen other instruments, I find that I really just gel with the Circuit. There's something about the simplicity in its workflow. It just makes songwriting fast and fun. I'll never be able to give it up!

Between a new baby and prime mountain biking season here in the desert, there's been little time for music making, so it felt good to finally get something recorded. This track uses the Circuit pack. There are some awesome atmospheric synth patches in this pack. I also really enjoyed using the unconventional samples, mostly noise and foley-ish bits. Please excuse the multiple cuts in the video; transitions between sessions weren't sounding quite right, so I patched them together manually in post."

Noise Engineering Imitor Versio Demos

From the blog:


1. Blog: Imitor Versio's LFO
This is the main tone-shaping parameter on Imitor Versio: it adds filtering and modulation to the delay lines, massively changing their flavor. The filter is a slightly resonant and extremely wide bandpass filter. Traditional delays, like ones based on tape or BBDs, don’t perfectly repeat the input signal: they tend to filter and shape the sound before repeating it, and this control lets you add in some of that not-perfect-and-totally-awesome flavor.

LFO is bipolar, so you get a pretty clean delay line with LFO centered. To the left, mild and random modulation is added to the delay lines. To the right, the modulation is a triangle LFO. And since it’s a resonant filter, at the extremes, it can oscillate on its own just a little bit and create some really interesting effects (referred to affectionately here at NE as the bees and whales. We do like our animals.).
2. Blog: Imitor Versio's Time and Spread
Time and Spread are the main timing controls for Imitor Versio and are highly dependent on each other. Spread controls the total amount of time the 12 taps take from a sound being input to the last tap playing. Time is similar to a predelay: it offsets the time between a sound being input and the first tap playing. It also squishes the taps into the remaining amount of time, so a longer predelay means faster tap firing since they occupy a smaller amount of the total time.

These controls can also be clocked, and act as clock dividers/multipliers when dealing with a tapped-in tempo or a clock input.
3. Blog: Imitor Versio's feedback control, Regen
Regen is the feedback control on Imitor Versio. This is, arguably, the most important control on IV: it controls how long the delay tail is, and past 3:00 on the knob, it ducks the delay based on the input signal, so you can do some sidechain compression effects in the module itself. And, similar to Desmodus Versio, it can create infinite feedback with delay tails that go on forever.
4. Blog: Imitor Versio's switches
The bottom switch on Imitor Versio controls the volume of the 12 taps: equal in the center, a decrescendo to the left, and a crescendo to the right. You can use the crescendo setting, for instance, to create “reverse” delays, with dynamics that are the opposite of a traditional delay. Or, you can use the decrescendo to create something like that bouncing ball effect we mentioned in the Skew section. = is probably my favorite when I’m making delays with high Regen settings, because of how massive the delay tail gets -- what can I say, I like giant walls of sound.

The top switch on Imitor Versio will be familiar to Desmodus fans, mostly because, well, it’s the same switch as is featured on the Desmodus. This switch changes how the feedback loop on IV is processed: in LIM mode, a clean limiter is applied, which doesn’t change much in terms of tone of the delay. DST mode, however, adds a distortion to the feedback loop, giving you some pretty gnarly tones with high Regen settings. And finally, SHM adds a +1 octave pitch shift to the loop, so you can get some nice pitch-shifted delays going. Who says delays can’t be pretty, too??

Low Frequency Expander providing Top Note Aftertouch for OB6

Steve Hunt

"My Yorick Tech LFE is out of shot. Notice how ONLY the highest note I play is getting vibrato from aftertouch! It's taking normal channel aftertouch from the OB6, working out which is the highest note I'm playing and then sends aftertouch back to the OB6, but only on the highest note. It can also send for the lowest, first or latest notes instead. Most of the benefits of a poly aftertouch keyboard but using a standard synth with mono (channel) aftertouch.

Sorry about the shaky camera!"

Anyma Phi - Physical modeling synthesizer by Aodyo Instruments Kickstarter Video

The Kickstarter video has been added to the start of the playlist in the Aodyo Anyma Phi announcement post here.

5 New Modules to experiment with in December 2020

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

00:00 - Hive
05:56 - Macro
13:13 - Scannibal
22:34 - Neuron
27:19 - MB

Metasonix Wretch Machine S-1000 MODDED

via this auction

"Metasonix S-1000 Wretch Machine modded to bring the trim and span pots to the front for easy use and crazy tunings. Was modded with high quality Vishay endless potentiometers and freshly re-tubed with Telefunken tubes with less than 10 hours on them. Sounds absolutely incredible you will not see another like this for a long time..."

Two Yamaha CS-50s

one via this auction

"Excellent condition w/ lid and legs"

one via this auction

"FULLY pro serviced, and sold with warranty. Includes lid, no legs."

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with MPG-80 Programmer SNs 450173 & 460536

via this auction

"Roland's crowning achievement at the end of the analog age -- it simply doesn't get better than this. SIXTEEN true analog VCOs (this is the Rev 4 version, with Curtis VCO chips and juicier Roland proprietary filters), and warm VCAs. Two oscs per 8 amazing voices, unison, detune, powerful modulation with deep programming possibilities. The beautiful filters, and subtly drifty oscillators make this pure analogue heaven. This synth sounds AMAZING..."

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

via this auction

"The Classic - all analog vocoder. vocals, drums, keys, arpeggiators - all of it is smooth and meaty. This is the rack version of the vp-330 w/ full access to both carrier and modulator sources. Nothing sounds like this vocoder. the contrast of ensemble on/off is stark! Can include a single footswitch.

unit has been serviced and is working perfectly - chassis and ears have a bit of rash - i can provide additional photos if necessary."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/ Gligli & Factory Presets

via this auction

"Fantastic prophet 600, new key contacts so perfect triggering for years to come. professionally serviced - midi, battery, Gligli installed with factory set, fully cleaned and reliable. Everything works as it should."


via this auction

"In excellent cosmetic condition with only minor signs of wear or age to the face. The slider caps are new replacements. Has one small mod - a switch to the left of the keyboard - now disabled"


via this auction

"Superb example of one of our favourite synths – duophonic/monophonic analogue muscle with a number of interesting features...

This synth can be thought of as two minKorgs in one box, but that doesn’t really do it justice as, with the extra features and functionality, the sum is definitely greater than the parts. It can be used in duophonic mode, or with the two analogue oscillators stacked into one monster monophonic sound.

Other tricks up its sleeve include the ability to delay one voice before it triggers, and an inline effect in and out on the rear for each voice that allows you to add things like a delay or phaser and really add another dimension to an already powerful instrument."

Crumar Trilogy

via this auction

"Called trilogy as has 3 sections - Synth, Organ and String Machine. They can be run separately or blended as they each have a separate volume and can be output as one big vintage sound. Alternatively they each have a separate output too so can be re-blended in the mix."

Roland Jupiter-XM Demos by Johan Wave

Twin Peaks Theme played on synthesizer
Johan Wave

"Twin Peaks theme played on synthesizer. The opening theme from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti, played on my Jupiter xm. Strings, drums and bass recorded off-camera in Logic."

dbx 120 Subharmonic Synthesizer and MPC 1000 with TR 707 kit demo


Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus | A Special Holiday Presentation

Cherry Audio

"Experience the latest revolution of home synthesizer technology with the new Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer. This incredible instrument is sure to delight audio enthusiasts with it’s uncanny ability to put a universe of sound at your fingertips. Rattle your hifi home audio system with the stunning power of the Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, and recreate the sounds of everything from a piccolo to a tuba to a helicopter!

Bring the sound of tomorrow’s popular music to your home computer system today! *Not compatible with TRS-80 computer systems."

Digitone Keys: OutRun - Magical Sound Shower [live performance]


"A live performance of one of the OutRun main themes: "Magical Sound Shower" using the Elektron Digitone Keys.

Track 1 and 2 is played live, whereas Track 3 and 4 is controlled by the built-in sequencer, doing bass and drums."

13- The Arturia PolyBrute- Morph


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality associated with the 'morph' function found on the Arturia PolyBrute.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Arturia PolyBrute in order to provide the various parts necessary. The drums were assembled out of loops from Apple’s GarageBand."

AutomaticGainsay Arturia PolyBrute posts

Micro Korg meets Roland RE-201 Space Echo


subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

100% K1


"A short track by Rob Parker featuring the Kawai K1 as the only sound source.

I tried shooting for an 80's EBM feel for this one. The K1 can be a difficult synth to work with but the sound is certainly unique. Like it sounds good until you try to use it in a mix, but when it does work, it's great."

More here

Patch n Tweak
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