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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

A Conversation with Jean-Michel Jarre

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"On September 17th, Dina Pearlman, daughter of ARP Synthesizer inventor Alan R. Pearlman met with Jean Michel-Jarre to record opening remarks for the ARP 2600 Synthposium; followed by an interview. We've decided to release an edit of the video to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the original recording as well as over 50 years of the iconic ARP 2600, one of Jean-Michel's "pet" instruments and a go-to for his recordings even today.

For those interested in seeing the Synthposium its entirety, visit"




EURO BOYは自分でビルドし、ハックすることが出来るシンセサイザーモジュールです。

Arduino nanoをコアに、DACやキャラクターLCDと、4つのノブを搭載しています。ユーロラックに搭載するだけでなく、usbからの電源供給で、単体での動作も可能です。

EURO BOY is hackable synthesizer based on arduino nano. You can build it by yourself.

Hardware Progress

2nd Hardware Designed.
prototype 1 arrived.
Mistake found in 1st PCB.

Analog input pins not match with schematic
DAC V-ref pot added.(4.5v ref)

Gerber files updated.

May be more mistakes or problem in data.
input tolerance check not yet

Firmware Progress

minimum coded for hardware control.
LCD checked working.

SW checked working.
AD checked working.
DA checked working.
Digital Out checked working.

May be some mistakes or problem in data.

Euclid Sequencer coded.

Gechologic Gecho Loopsynth V2

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts. "It has the rechargeable battery modification with huge 2000MAH LiPo battery that lasts for days of continuous use."

Korg DW-8000 Analog/Digital Synthesizer W/ Angel City Mod SN 013718

via this auction

The back appears to be melted.

"The bi-timbral mod makes for powerful basses and leads! This unit’s case was repaired by the previous owner. The back right corner looks rough, but the repair has held. See the last pic. Other than that there are a few scuffs and scratches. This was a workhorse, not a show pony."

Vector synthesizer - 10 Minutes of space noise

video upload by Acid Techno Man

"Noodling on this space synth."

Empress ZOIA Euroburo | Your Dream Synth

video upload by Sound Isles

"Exploring synth patches and the many possible sounds of the Empress Effects Euroburo as a main VCO / playable synth over MIDI. A synth showcase containing a selection of different synth patches: polyphonic pad synths, mono bass/leads, generative ambient machines, playable atmospheric drone patches.

The ZOIA Euroburo (or Zebu) is the module version of the ZOIA pedal adding 4 CV ins and 4 CV outs, 2 extra assignable performance buttons, as well as a headphone output. A dream creation station. A mosaic of sonic possibilities. On top of being a massively customizable effects unit, utility module and control device - this is a very capable synth."

Sequential Synth Tips With Evan Hodges: Scoring For Film With The OB-6, Part 2

video upload by Sequential

"Welcome back to 'Sequential Synth Tips,' where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on a Sequential synth. In this episode, we feature composer Evan Hodges demonstrating the techniques he uses to integrate the OB-6 with other instruments and sounds for a film score.

Evan Hodges is a composer for film and mixed media that holds a degree in Jazz Studies from Georgia State University. He has scored more than 50 films, including both feature films and short films, two musicals, and a full video game soundtrack. Scoring comes intuitively to Hodges. His background and training in jazz, with its highly improvisational component, allows him to adapt quickly and easily to score both simple and advanced thematic musical cues appropriate for every scene. In 2017, Hodges scored the feature, The Canadoo. He was Emmy-nominated in 2018 for the PBS documentary feature, My Dear Children.
Follow Evan here:

More about Sequential and the OB-6:"

You can find additional Sequential Synth Tips here.

Modular / Eurorack Music - Brain Oh Brain

video upload by Jeanie

"Performance setup : Make Noise system + Make Noise 0-COAST + Korg SQ-1 (two) + Strymon blueSky + Buchla Music Easel + Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano MIDI + Arturia KeyStep 37

I'll release all the songs on my channel next February. Thank you for the support and patience. Stay safe and be happy!"

Sketchy Labs Freak Shift Eurorack Module [Demo #1]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Today I am auditioning the Sketchy Labs Freak Shift module.
The design is specially derived from the Bode Frequency Shifter.
There are literally sweet spots at every turn of the pots on this one.
In this video I'll briefly discuss this module and patch up some wierd sounds.
The focus is on demonstrating a range of evolving sounds of the frequency shifter.
I'll endeavor to make something more musical using the Freak Shift in a future video.
This video is not sponsored or endorsed by the Doc Sketchy.

0:00 Intro and brief discussion of patching
0:54 LFO as Mod input for phaser type sounds
1:24 Using 2 LFOs for Sine/Cosine modulation
2:55 VCO as Mod input for Frequency Shift sounds
4:48 Sum/Diff outputs for Stereo Spread
8:48 LFO modulating the AUX

Audio VCO | Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator
Modulation VCO | Cre8audio Capt'n Big-O
LFO Modulation | XAOC Batumi

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No additional effects or processing used."

Befaco Noise Plethora - Kit Build video

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Building this amazing triple hybrid noise source by Befaco!"

New Noise Reap Eurorack Demos

Noise Reap Foundation Bassdrum Sound Examples
Noise Reap Anomaly VCF
Noise Reap Foundation Bassdrum

Noise Reap - Paradox Complex VCO and Anomaly VCF
video upload by John Schussler

SUCH A COOL OSCILLATOR | Noise Reap - Paradox
video upload by DANIELE

"Paradox by Noise Reap: two oscillators in one compact module and lots of different possibilities to make a wide variety of sounds. It's also an amazing noise machine!"

Improvised modular jam featuring Befaco Noise Plethora

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Playing with noise from the Plethora controlled by the Percall, triggered by the 6Quencer and accompanied by the Surface, Castor & Pollux, Ona VCO and Pico Drums."

Qu - Bit Bloom Tutorial: Getting Started!!

video upload by

"Dive into our comprehensive tutorial series with Johno as we de-mystify and discover the full potential of Bloom, our fractal sequencer! Navigate the tutorial using the chapter markers below:

In this video, we will get started with the Bloom basics, and build a simple sequence to showcase Bloom's unique fractal algorithms. Follow along with your own Bloom, or check out Bloom on our site for more information!"


G-Sonique Swede Trap Bass - VST plug-in synthesizer instrument for Trap / Hip-hop kick & bass

video upload by G-Sonique

"Made in cooperation with Swede from 808 Mafia, music producer for biggest stars Lil Wayne, Dj Khaled, Gucci Mane, Nas, Farruko, Dalex...
Made music for soundtracks like Bad Boys for Life with Will Smith, TV Show kidding with Jim Carrey, music for commercials with NBA Star Paul George and more!!"


"Swede Trap Bass is a plug-in synthesizer designed for creating heavy Trap / Hip-Hop Kicks and fat Basslines. Cooperation between G-Sonique X Swede, plug-in developer more than 14 years on the market and famous hip-hop RIAA platinum producer Swede.

Swede made music for world-class rappers and singers like Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Gucci Mane, Nas, Farruko, Dalex etc. his music was used in Hollywood movies / Soundtracks like Bad Boys for Life with Will Smith, etc.

Trap Bass is instrument designed to create kicks and basslines easy and fast without the need of difficult post-production and fine-tunning with additional effects, everything is included. With trap bass you can create massive kicks and basses in seconds, from classic to progressive new kind of basslines. The synthesizer combines the best of digital and analog/vintage, from warm analog filters and oscillators, to vintage style exponential envelopes coded after real hardware drum boxes. 20 kick oscillators, 8 filters, oscillator waveshaping, analog distortion circuits, parametric saturation and much more. Thanks to emulation of various vintage analog circuits/modules plug-in sounds very smooth, round and fat comparing to basic digital synths.

The synthesizer is designed for heavy Trap and Hip-Hop kick drums and basslines but it can be used in various music styles like Techno, House, Acid, Rave, Underground tekno, Hardcore, Gabber, Psytrance, Deep Drum and Bass, Bigroom, Minimal, Uk garage, Downtempo, Electro and others.

Synthrotek Atari Punk Console: Build & Demo

video upload by

"It's time for some more DIY fun! The good folks at Synthrotek sent me this APC (Atari Punk Console) kit to build and review. This is a very simple circuit but it can yield some impressive 8-bit tones. I used a cookie bucket from last Holiday Season to house the unit. It really came out nice.

Intro @ 0:00
Overview & Background @ 0:38
What is it? @ 2:03
Sound Samples @ 3:06
Conclusion @ 7:13"

Korg’s Keytar has Arrived

video upload by Korg

"The RK-100S2 has you everything you need to take center stage. Play standalone thanks to powerful onboard analog modeling with vocoding and arpeggiation, or control external MIDI devices. Two assignable control ribbons provide expressive modulation and scale generation options—all in a sleek, unique, solid wood body in your choice of red or black.

Available in limited quantities through select retailers."

Mutable Instruments Shruthi XT SVF Limited Blue Edition

via this auction

"Mutable Instruments Shruthi XT SVF Limited Blue Edition
nothing to add other than it sounds briliant and there are very few of these blue skin versions about, in fact ive never seen another, it really helps the programming as the legibility of the original unit is terrible.
This also comes with the rarer State Variable Filter, which is nothing short of fantastic.
This is an original Mutable not one of the new copies.
Requires a 7-12 volt wall wart which you can buy from anywhere, it naver came with it new so it will be sold as such"

Korg PS-3100 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Baldwin Syntha-Sound

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"The power supply, spring reverb, external input and multimode VCF have all been tested to work, however currently the keyboard doesn't produce any sound when pressed for the flute and spectrum sections and the pitch is off for the preset section/sometimes no sound. I have not determined if this is due to the oscillators not working or the envelopes not working. Could be either or something else. As you can see also some sliders are damaged and are missing caps, aside from this the unit is in fairly good cosmetic condition for its age. The internal speakers have also been removed for shipping as they're terrible and weigh a lot."

Eko Bass Pedal K2 Synth

via this auction "Here is a very cool Eko K2 Bass Pedal. A unique piece of Sythnesizer history. Late 70's/early 80's. Everything works and functions as it should. It sounds really great, and it's in remarkebly great shape given it's age."

Roland CMU-800 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Instant Blade Runner Vibes With Animoog Z

video upload by

"Some super simple yet instant Blade Runner vibes by using using 2 instances of #animoogz, played simultaneously with #kb1keyboardsuite via MPE. Visuals made with #VisualSynthesizer on the iPad."

Controlling & Programming the NYMPHES synthesizer

video upload by Dreadbox

"An extensive tutorial guide on how to control and program the 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer NYMPHES.

00:00 Intro
00:33 The Shift Button
01:25 Loading Presets
03:43 Saving Presets
04:24 Using the Menu
05:05 Using the LFO 2
06:12 Using the Mod Wheel, Velocity & Aftertouch
08:55 Adding Reverb
09:52 Changing the Play Mode"

08 The IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro- The Matrix

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the modular functionality of the matrix present in the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro."

AutomaticGainsay IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro posts

Door #7: Vorfreude, schönste Freude (Anticipation is half the pleasure) - Synthmas '21

video upload by Synthfluencer

"Ho-Ho-Ho! This is Synthmas '21, the virtual calendar presenting a Christmas carol played by synthesizers - every day from 1st to 24th of December.

The song:
In 1970 the non spiritual carol was recorded for the GDR's most popular Christmas album "Bald nun ist Weihnachtszeit" (Soon it's Christmas Time) by the Rundfunk Kinderchor Leipzig (childrens choir). Each of the four verses is about lighting one advent candle until Christmas eve.

The gear:
I play this song on my Vermona Piano-Strings. The instrument was built from 1978 by "VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke" and is one of the very few string machines produced in the late Eastern Bloc. It's appearance might resemble famous string machines like ARP Solina, however the features of the Piano-Strings are quite limited. There is a piano part and a strings part, but they can't be played together. Each section has 3 tone faders changing its character. I feel oddly bonded to that instrument: in my youth I was playing the piano in our music school band. At a rehearsel I failed playing my part because I was too lazy to learn my sheet. So I was degraded to playing some simple string chords - on a Vermona Piano-Strings! I was very happy to get one of these after all those years. Most prominent Vermona player was Moby before his one was sold on [Moby Reverb posts]

Since the Vermona Piano-Strings neither got MIDI nor CV/Gate control I play by hand.

Trailer material: (image @seurafrancis99, video @cottonbro)"

Patch n Tweak
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