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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

SONICWARE Introduces SmplTrek | Portable Production Sampler

video upload by SONICWARE

"SmplTrek | Portable Production Sampler. Anytime anywhere, create and stream your music!
All vocals: Mayowa (GEIEI Co.,Ltd.) Mayowa / マヨワ"

Details via Kickstarter:

Easy Sampling

You can easily sample record any sounds with the built-in microphone, your microphone or electric guitar connected to the input, or even a USB-connected smartphone or PC/Mac.

You can even sample record applying an insert effect. For example, your electric guitar can be added to Distortion or your vocal to Compressor.

Sampled sounds can be quickly assigned to pads with auto-slicing, and can also be edited manually in detail by viewing the waveform display.

Sampled sounds can also be easily matched to the tempo and key of your song.

You can also resample a sequenced phrase of sampled sounds including applied effects.

Flexible Song-making

Each song project has 16 sequential parts called "Scenes". Each Scene has 10 sequencer tracks which can behave in different ways, as described below:

Loop Track: Sequencer for a looping sample

Shots Track: Sequencer for a single one-shot sample

Drum Track: Step sequencer for drums

Instrument Track: Piano roll type sequencer for musical instruments

MIDI Track: Piano roll type sequencer for external MIDI equipment

Three additional Global Audio Tracks are available for longer recordings like vocals and external instruments. These tracks can record multiple takes which can be spliced into a final perfect version. Traditional "punch-in" style recording is also supported.

Easily structure a full song by sequencing scenes and setting how many times they repeat before moving to the next scene. You can set the order of scenes via copy and paste, or record scene order in real time with the scene buttons.

Automation can be recorded and edited for all parameters, including the Mixer.

A song can be mixed down through mastering effects before being exported to a single audio file.

Effortless Music Streaming

You can stream your music in perfect quality with a single USB cable, without any driver installation or troublesome menu settings.

You can livestream your voice and performance in real time while playing along with your song. And they can be controlled with crossfading and mixing with effects.

Massive Sample Libraries

More than 500 high-quality sample sounds and over 100 drums kits are included internally, so you can start creating a songs right away, even if it's your first time.

30 internal DSP effects can be used simultaneously as the insert, send, and master effects.

Samples you record are stored to the SD card. In USB storage mode you can download your recordings, or import new samples from your PC/Mac.

Versatile Connectivity

The SmplTrek can connect to a wide range of audio sources such as, dynamic microphones, electric guitars/bass, synthesizers, and even USB audio sources from PC/MACs or smartphones.

The SmplTrek can output audio via two analog outputs, or digitally via USB for live streaming and direct DAW recording.

It can also synchronize its tempo with other devices using MIDI or audio sync.

You can find additional details at the SmplTrek Kickstarter.

PPG - Polyphonic Pressure Generator for Voltage Modular (Hardware Demo)

video upload by Cherry Audio

"This is a quick demonstration of the Polyphonic Pressure Generator from @Tim Shoebridge of for Voltage Modular. Voltage Modular is generally regarded as a software modular system, but Tim has been creating some fantastic modules that extend it to hardware. VM runs standalone or in a DAW, and with the PPG module and a regular keyboard controller, you have all you need to transmit polyphonic aftertouch messages to Poly AT compatible synthesizers, hardware or software.

In monophonic channel aftertouch, applying pressure to any key within a chord will apply modulation to all notes currently held. With polyphonic aftertouch, modulation can be applied on a per-note basis, allowing for more expressive performances.

In this demo, the Roland JUPITER-X has a keybed that provides basic monophonic channel pressure aftertouch. But the synth engine itself actually supports receipt of polyphonic aftertouch messages and plays them accordingly. Usually, this would require an external controller like a CME XKey or the Hydrasynth to exploit the Poly AT of the JUPITER-X (or Xm).

PPG can be used to create the same expressive experience with any standard controller, and any synth that receives Poly AT (like Sequential's Prophet 6 and OB-6). This brief demo shows the difference between channel pressure on the JUPITER-X, and then polyphonic aftertouch with PPG and a simple Launchkey Mini. In this case, PPG is configured with a velocity threshold so that any notes played at or above a certain velocity get the modulation envelope applied to them. The other notes are unaffected.

For a more extensive explanation and demonstration, see Tim's PPG video [below] and get more details on this and other great hardware-oriented modules at his website at"

PPG - Polyphonic Pressure Generator

video upload by

"Finally my latest software, Polyphonic Pressure Generator, is available to download. Here is a consolidated walk through covering all the features that PPG contains."

follow-up to this post.

New Centrevillage C Quencer MINI Eurorack Module

demo video upload by centrevillage

The MINI version of the "C Quencer". There is also a C Quencer DLX module.

"C Quencer is a unique interactive Rythm and Melody generator.

It combines a Euclidian Rythm generator with a Quantizer based Sequencer and two WaveTable oscillators.

It generates rhythm using a formula created by The Greek philosopher and mathematician Euclid.

The idea behind his formula is to try to distribute rhythmic pulses as evenly as possible on a timeline.

Euclid's algorithm is ideally suited for generating a large family of complex rhythms. The second feature that makes the C Quencer unique is its way of generating melodies and timbre."

Akai AX60 Split Ambient Performance with Circuit Tracks

video upload by Tum Tum

"I ended up having a busy day which means this video is just one camera angle, no overdubs, and the same four chords. I think this track would work better about 10% slower and with some sort of B section, but I had no time to try it that day. It’s nice that the Akai AX60 has a syncable arpeggiator and a bi-timbral key-split mode. It’s clearly designed with performance in mind, if you couldn’t tell from all the panel controls.

#jamuary 27 2022"

Popping with the Buchla 200

video upload by Todd Barton

"Headphones! Crank it up"

IK Multimedia X-Time Sound Demo (no talking) with Sequential OB-6

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Novation to Exhibit at Kansai Festival of Modular '22 in Osaka, Japan.

via @WeAreNovation

"Join us!
We’re exhibiting at Kansai Festival of Modular '22 in Osaka, Japan.

We’ll be hosting a workshop and talking about all things Peak, Launchpad Pro Mk3 and modulars. We’re also displaying Circuit Tracks and Circuit Rhythm over the weekend.🎛

#WeAreNovation #KFoM"

Roland Jupiter 4

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

"Excellent condition!

Work done.
All sliders and pots dismantled , cleaned, lubricated.
Keyboard cleaned and restored.
Factory calibrated.
Fresh rechargable battery.

BRAND NEW universal voltage power supply , less heat, less weight..future proof. See pic."

Lalaland Restored.

Zynthian V4 Open Source Synthesizer RPi Assembled

via this auction

"Comes with 32Gb sd card."

You can find demos and overviews of the Zynthian in previous posts here.

Introducing Seaboard RISE 2: Infinitely Expressive Keyboard

video uploads by ROLI


Introducing Seaboard RISE 2: Infinitely Expressive Keyboard
Seaboard RISE 2: Set your music free with 5D Touch
Seaboard RISE 2: Any instrument is possible
Getting started with ROLI Connect

"Discover infinite possibilities with Seaboard RISE 2, a keyboard designed for limitless exploration of sound. Re-engineered from the multi-award-winning original to be more intuitive and powerful than ever before, RISE 2 is the new pinnacle of electronic musical expression.

Seaboard RISE 2 stock is limited and will be released in batches. Preorder today to avoid disappointment.

What's new with Seaboard RISE 2?

— A new Keywave2 playing surface featuring a refined shape and precision frets — designed to be more intuitive and effortlessly expressive for piano and keyboard players than ever before.

— A more powerful and versatile suite of included software, including the world's leading MPE synth Equator2 (worth $249), featuring 1400+ world-class presets. Ableton Live Lite, ROLI Studio are also included.

— A head-turning, burnished Platinum Blue aluminum chassis, part of a premium build fine-tuned for maximum durability.

— Expanded compatibility with other instruments and hardware with MIDI Port and USB-C.

— A next-generation version of ROLI Dashboard, featuring enhanced 5D visualizers to customize your settings to perfection.

Find out more about what's new here:

Music and performance by Marco Parisi:"

Ensoniq SQ-80 Factory Demo Disks

video uploads by 909955847736

"This is from the series of Ensoniq SQ-80 factory demo disks model #s VSD-1 through VSD-5, recorded here direct from the synthesizer. One of these disks was included with each new SQ-80. Several of the songs loop endlessly, so all loops were turned off for this video. VSD-99 "VOICE / DATA DISK # 99" is not included here. My best guess is that it was more in the developmental stage. It's dated 1987, a year earlier than the rest, and has the same sequences as one of the other disks."


1. Ensoniq SQ-80 factory demo disk VSD-1 "SQ-80 VOICE / DATA DISK #1"
VSD-1 comes with four banks of demo sequences:
1. BNK 1 DEMO (1 song)
2. BNK 2 DEMO (1 song)
3. INT DEMOS (2 songs)
4. INT-2 DEMO (10 songs)
2. Ensoniq SQ-80 factory demo disk VSD-2 "ESSENTIAL 1
VSD-2 comes with two banks of demo sequences:
1. BNK 1 DEMO (10 songs)
2. INT DEMO 2 (1 song)
3. Ensoniq SQ-80 factory demo disk VSD-3 "PERFRMANCE 1"
VSD-3 comes with two banks of demo sequences:
1. PERF1. DEMO (10 songs)
2. INT .2 DEMO (10 songs)
4. Ensoniq SQ-80 factory demo disk VSD-4 "ESSENTIAL 2"
VSD-4 comes with two banks of demo sequences:
1. ESSNT2DEMO (10 songs)
2. INT 2 DEMO (7 songs)
5. Ensoniq SQ-80 factory demo disk VSD-5 "PERFRMANCE #2"
VSD-5 comes with two banks of demo sequences: 1. PERF.2DEMO (10 songs) 2. INT.2 DEMO (5 songs)

Update: VSD-5 demo added to the playlist.

The Sound of 90s EuroDance with the ARP ODYSSEY Analog Synthesizer

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

bass and main synthesizer sounds: ARP ODYSSEY Mk.3 analog synthesizer (1978)
pad sounds: Roland M-VS1 'Vintage Synth' module (1995)
drums: E-MU Emax sample library

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
Everything is free. If you like my work, you can also support me with the purchase of my merchandise (shirts and more)
Thank you!"

Behringer Moogerfooger "Inspired" AD104 Analog Delay Pedal

"Ready for testing…"

Sequential Prophet 6 & Boss HM2W Heavy Metal Waza Craft

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Gotharman Spazedrum or No Espresso Today

video upload by Wein Glas

"This video is all about the usual and unusual sounds of the SpazeDrum. A wonderful and strange analog and digital Drum Computer made by the great Danish Synthesizer Designer Gotharman!

And I had enough Espresso and Ristretto during the last videos, so this time it is a 7 years old Havana Club Cuban Rum! „A SpazeDrum and a Bottle of Rum“

00:00 Intro
00:06 Drinks are served
00:40 Hit Play
01:35 Morph the sequence
01:58 Morph the sounds

BTW: This SpazeDrum has no touch screen, so no need to take off my gloves ;)"

Yamaha QY100 as the main sequencer in your hardware synthesizer setup

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"In this video, I'm using the @Yamaha Synths Official #QY100 as the main #sequencer in a hardware #synthesizer setup, switching patterns, tweaking sounds and changing chords on the fly. Table of contents:

00:00 intro
00:25 setup overview, MIDI cable connections
01:19 setting up a MIDI controller for sound tweaking on the QY100
01:42 setting up pattern mode for external MIDI playback
02:20 user phrases and chord tracks (live reharmonizing musical phrases to other chords / keys / harmonies)
03:58 chord change demonstration
04:22 muting the internal synth track to use an external synth instead
04:37 chord change and filter sweep demo
05:46 patterns effects (live quantizing)
06:18 demo track, improvised
09:46 bye-bye

Resources for this video:
DIY MIDI USB hub: [posted here]
QY100 midi implementation:

Floyd Steinberg Yamaha QY100 posts

DIY Build #5: Neutral Labs Nermal Destructive Distortion Module

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"In this video build Neutral Labs Nermal which is a great Destructive Distortion Module. Took me about 3 hours in total to build it, but I managed to condense the video down to a little under 30 minutes with some speaking points, and time-lapses in between. Hope this helps with your build!

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:53 Unboxing
03:32 Components
04:01 Resistors
08:08 Diodes
11:09 IC Sockets
13:31 Power and Capacitors
16:32 IC's
18:41 Heat Sync
21:01 LED, Knobs, Switches, Potentiometers
27:50 Final Results

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Neutral Labs Nermal

Strega Arpeggios

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Using the 0-Coast arpeggiator and MIDI B outputs to arpeggiate Strega in fun ways!

0-Coast PGM Pages overview playlist for MIDI settings: [below]

Intro animation soundtrack by Driftnote:"

Buchla 230 Env Follower

video upload by Todd Barton

"A look at the reissue of the Buchla 230 Triple Envelope Follower.

My Patreon:"

How to program a EMS VCS3 AKS SYNTHI

video uploads by Andy Whitmore

"Demos of a wide range of sounds & special FX of the VCS3 - & how to program them - explained by Andy Whitmore & Paul Soulsby at Greystoke Studio.

The VCS 3 (or VCS3; an initialism for Voltage Controlled Studio, version) is a portable analog synthesiser with a flexible semi-modular voice architecture, by Electronic Music Studios (London) Limited (EMS) in 1969. This product was called various names by EMS. For example, the printed logo written to the front left of products are: "V.C.S. 3" or "The Putney (VCS 3)" on the earlier version, then "The Synthi (VCS 3) II" on the later version (Synthi VCS 3 II).

The VCS 3's basic design was reused by EMS in many other of their own products, most notably in the EMS Synthi 100 (1971), and the Synthi A (1971) and AKS (1972) (essentially a VCS 3 housed in a plastic briefcase). The AKS also has a sequencer built into the keyboard in the lid."

Instructional video How to program an EMS Synthi AKS : VCS3 recorded through a iPhone - Part 1
Instructional video How to program an EMS Synthi AKS : VCS3 recorded through a iPhone Part 2
Instructional video How to program an EMS Synthi AKS : VCS3 recorded through a iPhone Part 3
How to program a EMS VCS3 AKS Synthi – this incredible 1971 monster synth from Putney-Part 4
Demo of EMS AKS SYNTHI - VCS3 Demo of sounds & in depth programming – 1971-Part 5

Reveal Sound SPIRE - 'Space Explorations' Soundset

video upload by LFOstore

"Purchase link:

LFO.Store proudly presents a brand new soundset for Reveal Sound SPIRE synthesizer by a well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz.

This is the first soundset that uses most of 1.5.11 Spire features, including new amazing reverbs, and full of incredible sounds that will bring any composition and creative idea to life!

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for breathtaking sounds, including leads with echoes of other civilizations' voices; pads from the cosmic abyss; plucks, saturated with the radiance of the distant stars; flying over asteroids arpeggios, and much more!

Whether you're creating ambient, EDM, soundtracks or experimental music, this collection of sounds will always be at your service!"

Additional Reveal Sound SPIRE posts.

Yamaha CS-80 w/ MIDI

via this auction

Studio Electronics Omega Code 8 w/ CS80 Filters & Original Box

via this auction

"This synth has 8 voices and CS80 filters installed as an extension. Everything works great."

Waldorf Q Keyboard Synth

via this auction

Nord Lead 1 with 12 Voice Expansion and Memory Card

via this auction

"The very first Nord Lead keyboard with the extremely rare voice expansion card as well as a PCMCIA Memory card with extra patches and extra storage space for your own patches."

Steiner Crumar EVI Electronic Wind Analog Synthesizer SN 00256

via this auction

"Original Steiner Crumar EVI from the 70s

Includes ribbon wire modifications and cool rainbow sticker on the case!

It’s in great playing condition I have played on this synth myself and it works great."

Roland RS-101 String Synth

via this auction

"Fully polyphonic analog string synthesiser that features vibrato and split controls for the lower and upper halves of the keyboard, and string and brass sounds can be layered for a rich orchestral sound. Includes original case and adaptor. 220 volt converted to 240. Requires travel adaptor from JP to AU."

Korg Mono Poly

via this auction

Sequential Prophet-6 Desktop 6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction


via this auction

"These are extremely hard to find. PAIA 8780 Digital to Analog converter mated with TWO sets of 8781 QUASH (QUAD ADRESSABLE SAMPLE AND HOLD) modules gives you EIGHT sample and holds. These were used with special software and a computer like the Paia 8700 (sorry I am keeping mine) or a Apple II+ or PET. This enabled you to do tricks like Polyphony, weird effects etc-see Google. You could do 8 "Polytonic" voices with this setup. You can have up to 4 QuaSH tied together for 16 voices.

FROM.MATRIXSYNTH [posted here]:

"The QuASH provides four computer addressable S/H circuits in a single module. It features adjustable glide rate for each channel (selected by computer control), individual trigger “gates” and an individual modulation input for each channel. On-board address decoding allows up to four QuASH modules to be bussed together in a single system for 16 voice “polytonic” synthesis! This module is intended for the true PAiA fanatic that wants a complete and original computer controlled system from the glory days of the analog world: the 1970’s"

You can find a video featuring the QuaSH here, and the D/A here. See the PAiA label at the bottom of an PAiA post for more, or search for modules on the top right of the site.

SOMA Rumble of Ancient Times - chiptune chaos - Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"Chris [midierror] takes a look at the new chiptune chaos machine - Rumble of Ancient Times is another unusual and unique sound generator from Soma Labs - who specialise in devices that are just that."

00:00 intro and structure
02:15 Voice control
03:20 Algorithms and randomization
05:32 Sequencer
09:30 More randomization and inversions
12:00 examples
13:50 Summary

Also see Rumble of Ancient Times (SOMA Lab main DEMO)

Slave to the C15 | Deep Forest

video upload by Deep Forest

Making A Track In Three Minutes With The Chase Bliss Habit

video upload by HAINBACH

"Habit is a new lovely loop guitar pedal by the super-combo of @Knobs and @Chase Bliss Audio. It records a 3 minute loops constantly in the background, and scans through that. This is a concept that fits my style very well, and I had fun from the start. Here is a track I made in 3 minutes for the compilation 'Habitapes' they plan to release soon on cassette."

via Chase Bliss

Habit is a delay with a memory. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Gather up loops, design echo patterns, and harmonize with yourself from two minutes ago.

It’s an effect that can be turned into an instrument on a whim, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do. Or it could just be a fun echo.

Habit’s secret is a digital tape reel that records every sound that enters the pedal. As long as Habit is on, it’s recording.

At any moment, you can scan back into this history and play moments from the past–instead of, or alongside the present. This architecture makes a pile of interesting things possible: never-before-heard delays, bizarre loops and transitions, and even entire songs captured right inside the pedal...

Habit features advanced connectivity and customization options including MIDI, CV and Expression control, sync, presets, and internal modulation of any or all its knobs.

Waldorf Blofeld (2007) Part 2

video upload by Nacho Marty Meyer

"no effects or processes were used"

Part 1

Patch n Tweak
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