MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Synth Jam 91: MPC One, Indigo, Sub 37 & Roland TR-6S

video upload by Marcus Padrini

"Uma ideia de quase 5 anos atrás, reprogramada com a MPC One e alguns synths diferentes.

Synth Lead: Access Virus Indigo, Moog Sub 37 , Arp Odyssey
Synth Bass: Akai MPC ONE (Fabric)
Synth Pad: Akai MPC ONE (Fabric)
Drums: Roland TR-6S
Strings: Behringer VC340
Poly synth: Behringer Deepmind 12"

Silk Road / Thinking of You / Koi - Kitaro Cover LIVE

video upload by ltpstan

"An Impromptu session without rehearsing with some of the my favourites pieces"

Phantasmal Force micro MIDI controller + kasser arcade + bastl kastle drum + 1010 Bluebox

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Phantasmal Force micro MIDI controller triggering chords on the kasser arcade FM synth with the little kastle spitting out drum noise. The Phantasmal Force sent the MIDI program change message to load a custom sound off of the SD card in the arcade before I started the video. Pretty helpful and simple way to send PC messages.

Program changes light up red on the Phantasmal Force. Notes are blue, CCs yellow and transport messages are green.

#diy #synth #arduino #electronicmusic #noise #jamuary2023 #midicontroller #tinystudio #tinysynth"

norns fall

video upload by studio snippets

Syntakt House Music Jam! #jamuary2023

video upload by Johan Wave

"A jam with my #Syntakt by #elektron with sounds from Swedish Radio. House jam for #jamuary2023."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2.0 plus Kenton Midi Kit Video Tour

video upload by oscDrift

via this auction

"Excellent condition Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2.0. Includes professionally installed Kenton Midi Kit. Professionally replaced/upgraded power supply and Tantalum caps completed this month at Outlier Audio. New Batter(see voltage test image). Keyboard bushings have been professionally replaced(no clicking) along with having a Heat Sink installed(addresses tuning stability/drift which was notorious with Rev 1 and Rev 2 P5's)."

Analogue Solutions FuseBox Synthesizer SN 9311

via this auction

Black Corporation ISE-NIN: True Stereo Patches

video upload by Mostly Synths and Keyboards (Logan)

"Here are some original patches that use dual mode to create a stereophonic sound. This is essentially two different patches panned 30-40% left/right. Dual mode gives 4 voices of polyphony. There is some reverb added but I tried to keep it tasteful.

I've had the synth for about 10 days and am having a blast with it. I've found it straightforward to program and very much an instant gratification synth; however the velocity/pressure routing adds a great depth and making patches for left/right stereo sound is a little more challenging. I like how these turned out but I think with time I'll be able to make more sophisticated patches."

DEMO - Mutable Warps (After Later Audio Fuse) Parasites delay (v1.02) and frequency shift modes

video upload by brandon logic

"Showing Delay and Freq shift algo's my two favorite algorithms in Warps Parasites firmware (v1.02)
I found a lost alternate parasites firmware made by modwiggler member autopoiesis-
Only changes from version 1.01 are:
- delay mode has been reverted to the v0.95 implementation
(adds built in lfo for modulation and the time control goes from shortest delay to slowest without stopping and changing directions in the middle like it does in parasites 1.01 (the two small trimmers control the speed and mod depth of the lfo) - the fold's input bias control has been replaced with control over the order (via the smaller Timbre knob, like on the Comparator+Chebyshev mode) of a Chebyshev shaper that can be applied after the wavefolding stages. I find it convenient to have both in the same mode since harmonically richer sources take better to the Cheby, and folding simple signals first makes them more interesting through this shaper.
Here is the 1.02 firmware:"

Hans Zimmer Interview - Part 2

video upload by WaldorfMusicChannel

Part 1 here

"Hans Zimmer has composed music for over 150 films in an illustrious career spanning more than 30 years, winning two Golden Globes, four Grammys and two Oscars. The composer, who made a name in the 1980s and 1990s with 'Rain Man', 'Thelma & Louise,' and 'Driving Miss Daisy,' continues to haunt viewers with recent soundtracks such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean', '12 years a slave' and 'Dune'. In an exclusive interview with us, he shares his inspiration and tells us why he is a Waldorf fan since so many years."

ROLAND JX-8P | Dear Diary...

video upload by Synths and Sounds

"I once met a JX-8P. This is what happened.

All sounds from JX-8P with some Ableton effects. No synths were emotionally harmed in the making of this video."

Rare MicroKorg mating ritual caught on video! PLANET SYNTH

video upload by Synths and Sounds

"The mysteries of nature uncovered.
A Synths and Sounds original production.

This video was completely handcrafted. Every Image and Sound was self recorded."

The Sad Story of the Downfall of an Industry | ELKA EH105 and Bontempi MRS-49

video upload by Synths and Sounds

"This video took me way too much time!

0:00 Intro
1:29 The rise of the Marche synths
2:53 The golden era
3:29 The keyboard revolution
4:29 Witness No. 1: Bontempi MRS-49
5:55 Witness No. 2: ELKA EH105
8:11 The end of an industry
9:11 Outro"

Moog Grandmother, Subharmonicon and Mother-32 Patch Ideas #Jamuary2023

video upload by Synths and Sounds

Listen closely at 1:32. Funny.

"I got to discover the beatuiful soundscapes of a complete moog semimodular setup!

0:00 Intro
1:08 Patch 1 explained
1:45 Patch 1 played
3:51 Patch 2 explained
4:34 Patch 2 played
7:03 Patch 3 explained
7:55 Patch 3 played
8:50 Outro"

Expressive E Osmose: First Contact

video upload by Wein Glas

"3 years of waiting, but in the end Expressive E delivered a fine instrument!

So please enjoy my first contact: Unboxing, Firmware updating, Connecting to the Eagan Matrix, and of course test driving the new MPE keyboard!

0:00 Intro
0:10 Unboxing
0:48 Oops!
1:07 The real thing!
2:09 Firmware Updating
3:13 Advice for Connecting Osmose with the Eagan Matrix (Win10)
3:39 A bit playing"

230103 - Jamuary 2023 - Sampling the Soma Ether with Liven Lofi-12

video upload by ChrisLody

"I used this Jamuary as a chance to experiment and find some samples that I can use in a soundtrack. So I've connected the Soma Ether which can turn radio waves and electrical interference into audio. Firstly I found an energy saving bulb with a nice shape-able pulse sound and my keyboard makes an interesting cloud of harmonics which turned out to be more useful than I first thought, it's used here as a drone. To add another element I pitched down a drum break until it just became a series of static like clicks.

There is a whole world of interesting noises to be found using the Soma and I knew it would be an interesting sample source. The Lofi-12 has made it nice and easy to test different things really quickly to see if they are useful."

#jamuary2023 (3) Dream Synth

video upload by True Cuckoo

"In 2022 I had the absolute pleasure of working with Love Hultén @hulten1000 An amazing independent Swedish artist who has specialised in giving his now iconic design to select gear. In our collaboration I chose to combine the MegaFM synth, the Blue Sky reverb and the Keystep 37 keyboard into one absolute dream synth. Here played in one take without any editing whatsoever.

I started Jamuary in January 2017, as a movement to gather us boopy music heads, and to motivate people to get used to the idea of showing their music in front of other people. It quickly grew out of proportions thanks to everybody joining in! Let's continue with the tradition, but don't burn yourself out in the process. Do what you can, what is meaningful to you, or just browse around and get inspired. And don't worry if it's just a little boop. I like boop. Tag your post with #jamuary2023 and join the movement."

Why Does This Simple Italian Vintage Synth Sound So Good?

video upload by HAINBACH

"I dithered a lot before buying the Elka Solist 505: I had no idea if it would sound any good. It looked odd and rather cool because it has accordion-style buttons instead of a piano keyboard, which made it interesting enough for me to try. When it arrived in my studio, I was in for a surprise."

Additional Elka Solist 505 posts

Bugbrand DRM2

via this auction

You can find a demo of the BugBrand DRM2 here.

Pic of the back below.

Digital Hymnal HymnMaster HM2008 SN 0437

Demo comes in at 1:36. You can drag the play slider to skip ahead.

via this auction

Here's an odd one. Essentially a sample player rhythm box with hymnals. Think digital cassette player. A Christian version of a Saraang minus drums. It might be interesting to the circuit bender or someone that just wants to run it through effects or their modular, but something tells me it might not be that interesting based on the demo of another model above. I coulnd't find any demos of this particular model. Posting this more for the sake of it existing than anything else. That and if someone does pick it up, maybe we'll see it used in a video down the line.

Nanjing Jiayun Electronics Co. LID
Made in China

Can be used with the power cord or with batteries.

1960s Gibson Maestro W-3 Woodwind Instrument Sound System Minus Footswitch Pedal

via this auction

You can find a demo of the Maestro W-3 and some pics of the foot pedal in previous posts here.

"This 1960s Gibson Maestro W-3 Woodwind Instrument Sound System Synth is in very good condition. Powers on and top knobs work correctly. As far as I understand the bottom controls will not work without the pedal plugged in. Could be modified or an original/custom pedal attached. The microphone is working but has not been fidelity tested. Looks to be a clarinet attachment. See photos for full condition details...

1960s Gibson Maestro W-3 Woodwind Instrument Sound System Synth
Clarinet Attachment w/ Microphone & Cord
Original Tip Guide
Spare Fuses
Original Case Keys
Original Case (Good, working, condition)" Portable 22

via this auction

"Here's a complete entry to the realms of 5U modular (or and addition to you setup of course)

I have now completed the system so it is very close to a 2022 Portable 22. It has a few exceptions though:

The Midi interface is the older Q104
The envelopes have been replaced with the Corsynth C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope which adds some fun and functionality. On request I will replace the module with two Q109 Envelope Generators.
I have also added a Q120 Connector Module for easy integration with Eurorack.
The power supply is not integrated in the rack and consist of two QPS4 Desktop PSUs with power harness to power all modules (see photo)"

Crumar Multiman aka Orchestrator 1977 w Rare MOD (SERVICED)

via this auction

"This one even more with a rare MOD installed on it which let you control the Bass/Piano/Clav Sustain for a punchier and angry sound! ( for the Original sound behavior just rotate the additional knob fully clockwise)"

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

Korg Z1 - 18 Voice

via this auction

"Korg Z1 with memory card and voice expansion card installed. Excellent condition."

Yamaha CS6R Tone Generator + PLG 150 DX Expansion Board

via this auction

"In keeping with the new CS-line trend of analog emulation for dance and electronic music, the CS6R offers real-time and assignable knobs, scene memory and morphing, MIDI controllability and excellent sounds.

First the sounds, they're just great! 64 voice polyphony allows for some thick sounds. Excellent (AWM2) Advanced Wave Memory samples provide emulation of classic analog synths is truly possible with the CS6 enhanced abilities. It has a Bit-depth switch which allows you to degrade its output creating 'Vintage' lo-fi quality sounds, which can be cool. And filters... the CS6x has the best one yet with 2,3,4-pole filters with 6,12,24dB slopes and low, hi and band pass filter types (see technical data below for specifics) for just about any imaginable filtration method you can use to shape its sounds.

The CS6 allows you to sample sounds. All the features and functions a pro-quality 16-bit linear sampler should have are found here with sampling at 44.1kHz. Up to 256 Phrase sample clips can be created and used as loops in your performances or sequences. Apply effects to your samples or synth sounds using the vast array of quality multi-effects. The built-in arpeggiator is better than any previous CS synths with 128 patterns and filter patterns.

The CS6x is expandable with two slots for Plug-In Expansion Boards which add polyphony, sounds, effects and more!"


video upload by Harmonic of Silence

Tasty Chips GR-1

15 Minutes of Ambient Synth Music - Moog Matriarch

video upload by Braintree56 - Music With Synthesizers

"Nothing like a cup of coffee and some relaxing ambient. A simple patch on the Moog Matriarch with subtle modulations to create a little randomness."

Arturia Minifreak Synthesizer Demo: Is It Worth the Hype?

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Arturia Minifreak Synthesizer Demo: Is It Worth the Hype?
I think it does, I love it!
In this video, I'm playing some of my Favorite Sounds -Presets
No external effects have been used all effects and sounds are from Arturia MiniFreak"

Reviewing ALL Arturia the Synths in ONE VIDEO as quickly as possible....well kinda lol

video upload by Noir Et Blanc Vie

"Subjective opinions within, those who do not understand subjective opinion may be excused lol
ALL music in this video is 100% Arturia Synths and Drum Machines performed by ME

#1: Nobody gave me money to make this video, I wanted to review a bunch of synths in one video and I worked to get my hands on as many as I could. I've extensively used every single synth in this video over many years, so I thought I could give my thoughts on them all as I've played every one (except the Origin, but can you hold that against me, honestly)



video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"Modul Synthesizer ini di buat dengan Atmega328P yang sebelumnya sudah di bootloader internal kristal 8Mhz, dan Modul ini dapat di mainkan dengan tombol sentuh dengan 6 parameter analog pengatur frekwensi di lengkapi dua output CV dan Gate
Suara yang di hasilkan modul ini adalah PWM DCO PHASE DISTORTION, jika kalian ingin membuatnya saya sudah menyediakan data dan skema di Google Drive saya

Link ino:

Udah gitu aja kalo ga gitu ya gitu aja
IG : glakglikgluk"


"This Synthesizer module was made with Atmega328P which previously had an internal 8Mhz crystal bootloader, and this module can be played with touch buttons with 6 analog frequency control parameters equipped with two CV and Gate outputs. .
The sound that this module produces is PWM DCO PHASE DISTORTION, if you want to make it I have provided the data and schematic on my Google Drive

This link:

It's already like that, if it's not like that, it's just like that
IG : glakglikgluk"

Jamuary n.01 | Just Friends, Rings and Desmodus Versio | Eurorack Western story 📜

video upload by Andrea Marzilli

"Hellow 2023 :)
#jamuary is already going on and I'm ready to share with you my first western-ish soundscape!

So basically I'm controlling Just Friends and Rings v/Oct with Ableton, using Shuttle Control as a USB to CV Converter.
Ableton Push is the main MIDI Controller, providing notes, arpeggios.
Just Friend is in FLOOM mode (LOVE IT!), its amp section is controlled by Zadar and modulated by Stages with some LFOs. Desmodus and Ruina Versio are the FX's for this main voice.
In the background, Rings is simulating a sort of acoustic guitar, reverberated and granulated by Monsoon.
A noisy/tape loop added in Ableton as a finishing touch.

Hope you enjoy!

Headphones as always! 🎧"

Sound design with Novation Bass Station II (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card


Arturia Buchla Easel V - California Sound Bank

video upload by Polydata

"Drawing from the unique sound and heritage of Don Buchla's synth designs, the California Sound Bank provides instant inspiration with carefully crafted "West Coast" sounds, leaning on more subtle and classic sounding patches.

A bank of 30 patches for this excellent and authentic sounding recreation of the Buchla Easel. Each excerpt begins with the patch with no external effects, then with Ableton's Delay mixed in to provide enhanced context, since many of these patches are more like textural or rhythmic elements, which could be used on their own or as an underlying bed for other sounds to be stacked on, whether in a song or film score.



00:00 405 to Irvine
00:18 Almond Farm
00:33 Bell
00:45 Berkeley Fortran Computer
01:05 Cal Jam '74
01:18 Cal Poly Pomona
01:30 Cal State LA
01:44 Canoga Park
02:01 Citrus Experiment Station
02:16 CSUSB Swim Team '81
02:28 Drought-Resistant
02:38 East Bay Lead
02:49 Inland Empire
03:01 La Jolla Elementary School
03:11 LACC
03:22 LAX
03:37 Lemon Grove Playground
03:48 Mesa Grande
04:05 Mills College
04:17 Pacific at Night
04:35 Rainbow over Carlsbad
04:52 Redding
05:06 Redwoods
05:21 San Gabriel Valley
05:35 Santa Cruz
05:54 Shore Pine
06:13 Silicon Wafer
06:29 South Gate
06:40 Sunnyvale '82
06:54 Tijuana Ahead"

Patch n Tweak
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