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Tuesday, January 24, 2023


video upload by MIDERA

"Today I got the call from my veterinarian. I was expecting the call. My cat Pivot was diagnosed with a skin cancer. I guess I knew it was coming. I half expected to hear 'cancer'. I know she's only a cat. But she's been with me since 2008 when she was about a year old, a crazy little kitty.

Now, her own body has gone rogue against her and I will watch as it all unfolds. I don't know how long she's got. She is already 15, so she's had a pretty good long life, but I think maybe I could have done more earlier and I didn't.

So far - she's 'healthy' and just has these lesions that aren't comfortable. From what I've read, these cancers don't always or necessarily move to other organs, so hopefully we have a decent amount of time left with her.

When I told my daughter about what we should expect. She took it well. She had no questions... I'm guessing she just doesn't quite yet grasp what it means.

Not that I really grasp what it means either.

Roland Jupiter 6 (through Boss MD500)
Roland JX3P
DSI Tempest
Eventide Blackhole VST"

Ambient Improvisation Using ARP Odyssey & Blue Marvin 2600 Inspired By Jean-Michel Jarre

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Made a little improvisation piece using the Blue Marvin 2600 and the Korg/ARP Odyssey. I only have one input on the UAD Volt interface, so I am running the ARP Odyssey output through the Blue Marvin's Ring Mod Input on the VCA side. It seems to be working quite well, allowing me to still use Blue Marvin's 3 oscillators in conjunction with it, so that's quite nice. The eurorack modules are used to control both the Blue Marvin and the Odyssey. From clocking, sequencing, modulation, and filtering. I wanted to replicate the EMS Synthi used countless times by Jean Michel Jarre during his live performances as a crazy laser machine. Combined with a smooth chord drone on the Blue Marvin and a bit of its internal spring reverb, it is a pleasant little journey. Cheers!
#arp2600 #eurorack #jeanmicheljarre #arpodyssey
Here are some links of mine:"

White Model Moog MF-103 Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser SN 06435 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This MoogerFooger is a rare white edition of the MF-103 12 Stage Phaser. I purchased this new a few years ago. It has an amazing sound and I'm very reluctant to part with it. It comes with the original box. There is no power supply - as there was never one shipped with the original.

The MF-103 12-Stage Phaser is a direct descendant of Moog modular synthesizers designed to work with any sound source. This all analog instrument is the holy grail of analog phase, conjuring ultra-rich sweeps, deep swirls, vocal gyrations and bi-phase effects.

Designed by Bob Moog, the MF-103 is comprised of two complete modular functions: a 12 stage phaser with resonance that allows for perfect tonal impartation and and a wide-range LFO capable of generating sedate surges and swells to percussive percolations and complete sonic destruction. To further expand on this classic modularity, the MF-103 contains multiple CV/Expression Pedal inputs and outputs. This allows each parameter to be manipulated and controlled simultaneously, while also providing modular interconnectivity between other Moogerfooger analog effects."

Moog MF-107 Moogerfooger FreqBox

via this auction

"The MF-107 FreqBox is different from other effects – the effected sound is not a processed version of your input signal, but the sound of the input signal modulating an internal oscillator. It contains a VCO with continuously variable waveshape, and the capacity to modulate that Oscillator in the following ways:

- the VCO can be hard synced by the input signal
- The VCO can be frequency modulated (FM) by the input signal
- The VCO frequency can be modulated by an envelope follower which tracks the dynamics of the input signal
- The Amplitude of the VCO also tracks the dynamics of the input signal

Hard sync is a classic analog synthesis technique where the start of an oscillator’s cycle can be reset by another. The oscillator being synced takes on the frequency characteristics of the other oscillator, and when its frequency is swept, it reinforces the harmonics of the fundamental frequency. In the case of the FreqBox, the input signal is used to reset the FreqBox’s VCO.

FM is a technique used to get really rich sounds from simple waveforms. The type of FM used in the FreqBox is linear FM. Sounds range from gong or bell-like tones to sizzly sweeps.

The FreqBox, like all moogerfoogers, works with any instrument to line-level input. In addition to the panel controls there are control inputs for use with expression pedals or control voltages and control outputs for interconnecting moogerfoogers like you would a modular synth.

The FreqBox can provide some really unusual processing to all types of signals – guitars, synths, drum sounds, vocals or wind instruments allowing you to enter previously unexplored sonic territory."

Korg Radias With RD-KB Keyboard

via this auction

Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine - a detailed demo and tutorial

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We present a detailed demo and tutorial of the RX5, Yamaha's flagship drum machine from the 1980s. It is often overlooked in comparison to the better known Roland drum machines of the era, but it is a classic in its own right with its own sound and feel. We go over its many features for making patterns, songs, and creating and editing your own sounds using the built in PCM waveforms or addition waveforms from a ROM cartridge.

00:10 History of the RX5
00:42 Basic Presentation
02:34 Working with patterns
09:42 Creating songs
13:36 Key Assign features
15:25 Edit Voice features
20:00 Working with external ROM sounds

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content.

Some of our music videos that feature the RX5:"

1 Hour of Buchla Style Modular Synth, Nord Modular, Tape Loops & Vocals 🎶 Ambient FAM FEST 2022

video upload by The Galaxy Electric

"Join us on a cosmic voyage through relaxing, uncharted waters in this 1 hour livestream taken from our performance for Ambient Fam Fest in December 2022. Featuring our Buchla style Modular Synth. This was a pretty spacey and at times chaotic jam. In play were the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, Nord Modular G1, Koma Elektronik Field Kit, and more. This is an improvised performance where we pretty much start from scratch."

Jamming with the mighty Bass Station 2 #synthesizer #novation #bassstation2

video upload by william paiva

Update: "*I had to repost due to an error on the processing of the video*"

"It's been a while since the last time I used my Bass Station 2. I decided to turn it on this morning and it sounded dirtier than ever and I think it's audio output is saturated somehow. Before sending it to the repair shop I decided to record these jams because sometimes dirtier means better.

Dreamy Moogy Doom

video upload by Freedom of Movement

"#jamuary #jamuary2023 Day 24 ’Courage’

100% pure @MoogMusicInc Matriarch

Just needs @thomyorke5885 @anohnivevo5746 or @Bjork singing over it"


video upload by Synthesizer Home

Korg Ms-50 / SQ-10

via this auction

230124 - Jamuary 2023 - SmplTrek + MicroFreak

video upload by ChrisLody

"I started messing around with this last night after I decided the MicroFreak would be a good companion for the SmplTrek. The MicroFreak has no effects and is monotimbral so a multitrack recorder with fx is a nice pairing for it.

I've got a pretty basic jam going on here. I'm triggering a couple of drum tracks I've programmed, then a bass part I recorded from the MF, recording another part using the real-time looper function and then improvising another wonky lead layer over the top. The SmplTrek can midi sequence too but I didn't attempt that here"

Pad sound with Sequential Trigon-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"I used the great Soundtower Sequential Trigon-6 editor when recording the material -

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound.

Enjoy! :)"

Oberheim OBX8 & Prophet 10 - Obsidian - Track

video upload by SMV Producer

"Here is my first short track with my new OBX8 and my Prophet 10.
They sound fantastic!!! The drums come from my Analog Rytm MK2 that sounds so punchy and is a dream to program.

Exploring Moog Moogerfooger plugins with the Sequential OB-6 synthesizer

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Exploring Moog Moogerfooger plugins with the Sequential OB-6 synthesizer

0:00 - 0:41. Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay
0:42 - 1:01 Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay
1:02 - 1:27. Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux
1:28 - 1:50. Moogerfooger MF-103 12-Stage Phaser
1:51 - 2:19. Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay
2:20 - 2:40. Moogerfooger MF-103 12-Stage Phaser
2:41 - 3:30. Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux
3:31 - 4:02. Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux
4:03 - 4:31. Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay
4:32 - 5:05. Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay
5:06 - 5:35. Moogerfooger MF-103 12-Stage Phaser
5:36 - 6:03 Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter

Radiation Powered Future People: They Took Errr Jerrrbs #southpark

video upload by Frequency Manipulator

Caution Ionizing Radiation - 2019 Made in China

"Somewhat excited for the new season of #southpark
Geiger Counter triggering samples with the pitch calculated by a time to voltage converter in Kyma.
They took our jobs.
@SymbolicSound @reallyniceaudio @southpark @SOUTHPARKWORLD @SouthParkBrasileiro1 @southparkenespanol2840"

drumlogue - A paradigm shift in drum machines - New update available!

video upload by Korg

"drumlogue marks a paradigm shift in drum machines. It offers the raw power and rich sounds of Analog, the flexibility of Digital voices, and drumlogue’s SDK for fully customizable User Custom Synthesizers.

Check out the System Update v1.1.0 available with new functionality! News | Updates - drumlogue System Updater v1.1.0 is now available!"

Novation Bass Station II Rhythm Lab Bass Station 2 Pan Electronica Soundset 64 sounds

video upload by LFOstore


'Pan Electronica' is the collection of 64 professionally designed sounds for Novation Bass Station 2. These patches are suitable for a wide range of electonic music: Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Drum'n'bass, Electronica, Tech House, Minimal, etc. The soundset contains leads, modeled guitars, drones, percussion, chords, sfx, and, mostly, various bass sounds, incluging classic and distorted basses, reeses, wobbles, kicks, drops and subs."

Korg Microkorg XL/XL+ Rhythm Lab Alternative Bankset 128 presets

video upload by LFOstore


This set contains 2 alternative banks (128 presets in total) for the Microkorg XL/XL+.
The sounds match the synthesizer categories as well as the factory bankset.
The genres are more contemporary - we did more up-to-date sounds in various styles like Trap, Dubstep, Deep House, Minimal/Dub Techno, Neurofunk and others. All the presets have designations on the pitch/modulation wheels and the 3 assignable knobs."

Noise Engineering Introduces Jam Jam & Quantus Trajecta Eurorack Modules

video upload by Noise Engineering

Jam Jam - 4-channel multimode trigger and gate processor from Noise Engineering

"Preorders are open now for the Jam Jam. This module starts shipping on Thursday, January 26:

Jam Jam is a versatile and fun trigger-and-gate processor with four individually controlled and CV-able outputs. The three modes pack incredible functionality into the tiny 6hp package.

Random mode turns the outputs into four individually adjustable probability processors, great for adding variety to a patch. In Clock Phase mode, the module tracks and phase adjusts incoming clocks based on clock period. Use this to adjust sequencer timing or to create sequences that drift out of sync and then back in with CV. Use Gate Delay mode as a simple trigger delay for latency compensation or for creative patching: dial in the timing of events in your patch from sub-millisecond adjustments to huge delays of over 15 seconds.

Jam Jam is a musical and fun utility sure to find a use in every patch"

Quantus Trajecta - 4-channel poly envelope generator in 10HP from Noise Engineering

video upload by

"Preorders are open now for the Quantus Trajecta. This module starts shipping on Thursday, January 26:

Quantus Trajecta is a quad envelope designed with polyphony in mind. It takes its envelope structure from our beloved Loquelic and Cursus Iteritas Percido modules and adds even more control and mode options with Tremolo and ADSR settings. The gate inputs normal, and each control universally adjusts all four envelopes for easy polyphonic tracking. And since it’s an NE module, each parameter is CV controllable.

Quantus Trajecta is imminently performable, incredibly musical, and most of all, fun."

And the press release:

"Noise Engineering announces Jam Jam and Quantus Trajecta, two new hardware modules plus overlays for Versio and Legio platforms

Los Angeles, CA — Noise Engineering is excited to announce two new modules: a gate/trigger delay and 4-channel envelope. They are also releasing panel overlays for their popular platform modules, Legio and Versio. Both modules and overlays will begin shipping January 26, 2023.

Jam Jam is a versatile and fun trigger-and-gate processor with four individually adjustable and CV-able channels. The three modes pack incredible functionality into the tiny 6HP package:

• Random mode turns the module into four individually adjustable probability processors, great for adding variety to a patch.

• In Clock Phase mode, the module adjusts incoming clock phase based on clock period. Use this to adjust sequencer timing or to create sequences that drift out of sync and then back in with CV.

• Use Gate Delay mode as a simple trigger delay to help keep things in sync in your patch or for creative patching: dial in shifts in the timing of events from sub-millisecond adjustments to huge delays of over 15 seconds.

Jam Jam is a musical and fun utility sure to find a use in every patch.

Availability and pricing: Preorders open now. In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting January 26, 2023; MSRP US$240

Notable features: Jam Jam

● 6 HP
● CV-able inputs
● Clock phasing
● Trigger delay for utility or creative use
● Great size for any system

Quantus Trajecta is a quad envelope designed with polyphony in mind. Quantus Trajecta’s envelope structure takes the functionality from Noise Engineering’s beloved Loquelic and Cursus Iteritas Percido modules, and adds even more control and mode options like ADSR and Tremolo, which adds an LFO with Rate and Wub controls. Each parameter is CV controllable, and each control universally adjusts all four envelopes for easy polyphonic tracking. Quantus Trajecta is performable, musical, and most importantly, fun.

Availability and pricing: Preorders open now. In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting January 26, 2023; MSRP US$280

Notable features: Quantus Trajecta

● 10HP
● Universal controls make polyphonic envelopes a cinch
● Multiple envelope shapes
● Wub wub wub
● CV-able parameters
● Hold control freezes envelope in place

Panel Overlays

The popular Versio and Legio platforms allow users to freely swap between a growing number of firmwares for each module, but changing a panel can be laborious. Enter the new panel overlays: they fit right over the existing panel, no need to remove knobs! Hot swap to your heart’s content with these impact acrylic, laser-etched panels, available in silver with black text or black with white text.

Individual panels are available at the Noise Engineering website, and discounted multipacks (one of each panel) are also available.

Availability and pricing: Preorders open now. In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting January 26, 2023; MSRP varies

Legio single panel: $16

Legio multipack (3 panels): $36

Versio single panel: $16

Versio multipack (8 panels): $112"

Jamuary #4 (small synths & a tape loop) | Improv 2023

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"My next video to celebrate Jamuary. I did a little composition with the Error Instruments Cloudbusting Organic, Error Instruments Broken Tape Simulator (BTS), KORG KO-1 Kaossilator, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca Bass, and a tape loop from The Void Electronics (played on my Sony TCM-200DV). There's also a couple audio files playing on the DAW to add ambience."

See more Jamuary vids here:"

||| LepLoop_Fun |||

video upload by LepLoop

"Mauci aka #blunted_spaghetti is doing some test with the leploop euro rack version, under develop, here we want to have some #leploop #eurorack #spaghetti #analogue #synth #synths ##synthesizer #synthmusic #synthporn #modular #modulare #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #analogsynth #analogsynthesizer #analogsynthesizers #acid #fun #havingfun #dance"

3am - Detritus

video upload by justin3am

"Playing around with some ideas. Thought it sounded nice enough to record."

CODEC - Free LoFi Effect

Have you tried this FREE Lofi effect? video upload by DATABROTH

My review:

00:00 piano
01:17 Drumcomputer
02:34 Obscurium

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

Prismatic Spray (back in stock 01-24-23)

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Another batch of Prismatic Spray!

Back in stock on 01-24-2023"

See the Distropolis label below for addtional demos.

Alkex Professor Softsynths Midi Controller

via this auction

"Handmade midi controller for softsynth, originally designed for SCI Prophet emulation but it could work with just about any softsynths. I believe this is one of the prototypes made by Alex Alkex before it was mass produced, hence it doesn't have the graphic face plate. I mainly used it with my Arturia Prophet VS, as you can see the controller layout is exactly like a Prophet, so using it is really intuitive and a joy."

Korg MS-20 FS Monophonic Analog Synthesizer - Green

via this auction

"Pictures do not do this synth justice. The green is more of an army green. It is truly a beautiful piece of equipment.

The unit comes with its original box, power supply, user guide, patch cables, and patch suggestions booklet."

MFB Synth Lite

via this auction

"Manfred Fricke's first 'synth' synth, if I got my MFB history right -- and it's a home run right off the bat. I may have gotten two baseball metaphors mixed up there, but this little monster can make a BIG sound with its 2 [digital?] VCO's, 1 modulator, 1 VCF and 2 ADSRs, one for each VC – OMG it's a giant Suzuki, and it's well it's a synth, so it will move insured via registered mail, which should be fast enough. Besides, by the time it arrives this piece of synth history will have increased 3% in value, probably, maybe.

TL;DR: Cool synth, cool sounds, dressed in black, with a Euro PSU and original faxed or poorly photo-copied manual in German. Very cool, rules the school. If I still smoked, it would be smoking my cigarettes. Now it's just drinking my beer. Don't worry, it can hold its drink. I think. Okay I was lying about the drinking beer part. I'm drinking the beer. Things are as they should be, for now. Bye."

Casio KX-101 BoomBox Synthesizer

You can find additional demos in previous posts here.

via this auction

Cooper FX Arcades w/4 Cartridges (Gen Loss, Pitch, LoFi, Synth)

via this auction

Keys to sound on a key ring.

Korg MS2000R Synthesizer Demos

video upload by Jack Murray

"This Korg MS2000 was made in 2000 and is a great virtual analog synth. This MS2000 is very similar to the Microkorg synth which shares the same synthesis engine."

Korg MS2000R Synthesizer Demo (Pt. 2) - Carry-On, 49-Key Portable Keyboard

video upload by

You can find the Carry-On, 49-Key Portable Keyboard on Amazon here:

"Part #2 of my demo of my KORG MS2000R rackmount synthesizer. This Korg MS2000 was made in 2000 and is a great virtual analog synth. This MS2000 is very similar to the Microkorg synth which shares the same synthesis engine. If you are interested in any other synthesizers or want me to make more synth sound preset patch demo videos please comment below! Thanks for watching.

Korg MS2000R Synthesizer Demo (Pt. 2) - Carry-On, 49-Key Portable Keyboard

00:00 Intro
00:20 C01: Poly Line
00:52 C02: Krazy Arpy 1
01:08 C03: Mod 3&4 Squad
01:41 C04: What D' Time
02:30 C05: Healing
03:17 C06: Auto Disco
03:37 C07: Candy Box
04:06 C08: Vintage EP
04:11 C09: Mini Bass
04:45 C10: Tap Lead
05:07 C11: Royal Pad
05:57 C12: Freq Lead
06:26 C13: Solemn Brass
06:55 C14: IZDISA-WS
07:21 C15: House Bass
07:39 C16: Invaders
07:48 D01: Ana Fuzz
08:23 D02: Water Edge
08:39 D03: Reactor Pad
09:03 D04: MS-101 Sqr
09:35 D05: Edge Lead
09:53 D06: Goa Trax
10:08 D07: Retro BD/SD
10:24 D08: Wet Reed
11:05 D09: Fat Bass
11:31 D10: Flashlight
12:05 D11: Stream Pad
12:40 D12: EP Fusion Ld
13:22 D13: TremoloSynth
13:49 D14: Motion Pad
14:28 D15: Banana Bass
15:03 D16: Bad Dream"


video upload by Gamechanger Audio

"We have a feeling that Tom and Matiss from GAMECHANGER AUDIO may have created the heaviest Synth & Drums band around. Meet OIL & GAS, and the first track they wrote for MOTOR SYNTH MKII and drums, recorded at Evil Joe Barresi's studio in LA.

Notice how the kick drum triggers one of the MOTOR Synth’s voices thus creating a perfect bass line that's on time with every beat. Here's how the setup works:
The bass and lead parts are performed on the MOTOR Synth simultaneously. The lead line is performed on the built-in 8-button keybed and arpeggiator. The bass part sequences are programmed with the built-in sequencer that is being triggered by the kick drum mic connected to the MOTOR Synths audio input.

The MOTOR Synth is in split output mode, where each motor voice is routed through a separate output channel. Each voice is then routed through individual signal paths. The lead voice goes through the BIGSBY Pedal pitch shifter and a stereo delay. The bass voice goes through the PLASMA Coil, LIGHT Pedal, and into a bass amp. The final bass sound is a mix of a DI from the Motor Synth and a mic on the bass cabinet.

Learn more about the MOTOR SYNTH MKII here:

Special thanks to Joe “Evil” Barresi and his assistant Jun Murakawa for taking good care of us during the recording in their Pasadena studio.

OIL&GAS: Toms Lazdovskis, Matiss Tazans
Recording Engineer: Evil Joe Barresi
Assistant Recording Engineer: Jun Murakawa
Mixing: Edvards Broders
Video and Editing: Alise Golovacka
Production: Ilja Krumins, Gamechanger Audio"

LOFI SYNTAKT (Feat. Fugue Machine + UA Silo)

video upload by Perplex On

"#Jamuary2023 day 22: #Syntakt meets #fuguemachine and #ualofiaf today! Fuguemachine is sequencing Syntakt with every note on being randomly distributed over the first 8 channels on the Syntakt using #polythemus as a little helper. This is kind of a workaround to play chords on the Syntakt by playing multiple channels at the same time. Added delay with #k7d and routed through UA lo-fi-af it literally gets into lofi territory 😊 Added projectionmapped visuals on top!"

Does AI dream of future synthesizer..? - Midjourney A.I.

video upload by Axis of Wold

"This is a conceptual synthesizer design from the mind (or neural network?) of an artificial intelligence called Midjourney. Ostensibly this synth employs the rare synthesis technique called scanned synthesis. Is this a possible future synth? For consumers? The design ideas given by an AI like Midjourney are valuable beyond comprehension, exterior designs that can inspire syntheziser companies all over the world for an eternity."

Catching Up with Pittsburgh Modular

video upload by

"The Pittsburgh Modular team discuss past instruments and contemplate the future while enjoying a perfect day in Pittsburgh's beautiful Frick Park.

Our adventure with Taiga begins on Jan 31st 2023."

Messing Around on Korg Delta feat. Kenton Pro Solo MK3

video upload by Bata

"Some triggered Delta. Using a Kenton Pro Solo to trigger the Delta and send random LFO to modulate the filter. Delta strings are going through a Roland SPH-323 phase shifter. Drums from Akai MPC X."


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Very obscure rhythm box from 1980 - the CRB Computer Drums is the stand-alone drum machine from the CRB Computer Band 2000. Lovely analog drum sounds - 9 sounds in total - each with its own mute option dip switch.
This makes these machines quite interesting, we would have preferred individual volume sliders instead but there probably wasn't enough free real estate for that.
One rhythm preset at a time - no mixing and matching.

20 rhythm pattern presets rock, mambo - you name it.
An additional 20 pattern variations - selectable to occur either on every 4th or 8th bar.
And last but not least, a Break button with an additional 20 fill-ins.
So this little box actually sports 60 rhythm patterns in total.

Have a look at our other CRB-related videos - they made a small production run of cool gear in the late 70s and early 80s of which few units survive today."

You can find additional drums featuring the CRB COMPUTER DRUMS here.

Sounds of SOMA

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"SOMA users converge in a meeting of musicians on the shore of the East River in Brooklyn, NY to conduct a collaboration between sound, nature, man and machines.
Produced by @LordBlobbie

Players Left to Right:

Kevin Emilio Pérez
Multidisciplinary Artist
IG: @papo_cucaracha_vertedero_el3ro

IG: @maxinthemoon

PIPE and Enner
Juice aka Ken Arii
IG: @Ariijuice_missile

Lord Blobbie
IG/TikTok: @LordBlobbie"

Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr. (Synth Cover)

video upload by Electric Vibes

"Synthesizer Cover #roland #korg #korgkronos #rolandjupiter4 #vintagesynth #rolandjx3p #piano"

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