MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

AniModule M1xXOR Hard Chords

Published on Nov 19, 2015 JRock17991's channel

A short patch with the M1xXOR"

Waldorf Blofeld tutorial: Experiments with LFO as Ramp Generator

Published on Nov 19, 2015 Mark Pigott

"Waldorf Blofeld tutorial: Experiments with LFO as Ramp Generator"

You can watch all of the tutorial videos by Mark Pigott on the Waldorf Blofeld here.

1984 E&MM Understanding the DX7 Article

via noyzelab where you'll find the rest.

5U // Club of the Knobs - C921B - Part 2: Exp. Contr., Sync In, Sequencer In

Published on Nov 19, 2015 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 015-
5U 002-

Demo of the Club of the Knobs C921B. Part 2 shows how: - the exp. contr. is trigged by a midi keyboard; - the phase lock via the sync in (synced to an VC LFO); - a sequencer running through the exp. contr.!

The lin. contr. input couldn't be demonstrated as I've no fitting keyboard for that feature.

No after processing done. Just the raw sound.


Stillwell Audio schOPE (test version / hence the few short audio drop outs):

M-Audio KeyRig 49:

Corsynth VC LFO: Quad sympleSeq:"

Also added to Part 1 here.

Powertran Trancendent 2000 Analogue Mono Synth

via this auction

"It has been professionally fully serviced and tuned, everything is working just fine, it just needs a new owner to use and cherish it.

One nice touch is the Audio In jack, where you can run your own sounds through the analogue filter and gate it via the keyboard in parallel with the onboard sounds."

Hawkmoth "Butcher's Broom"

Published on Nov 19, 2015 SGE

"Dual Korg SQ1's sequencing a Vermona Perfourmer. Effects used on voice 1: Caitlinbread Echorec and Arturia Microbrute (doing the bandpass sweep). Voice 2: Red Panda Particle and Roland RE-20. Voice 3: JHS Emperor chorus and Fairfield Meet Maude delay."

Modular Synth - Patch in Progress 20

Published on Nov 19, 2015 isvisible / isinvisible

"Working on a new track featuring:
ALM Busy Circuits - Akemie's Castle
Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator
WMD - Phase Displacement Oscillator (PDO) + Expanders
Cylonix / Intellijel - Cyclebox
Doepfer - A-143-4
Doepfer - A-143-1
Klee Sequencer - melodic - less melodic"

Synth Jam with Moog Voyager, Subphatty, (K)ARP Odyssey, MFB Dominion 1, Arturia MicroBrute, EMU XL7

Published on Nov 19, 2015 REWO_Channel

"An experimental and completely improvised synth jam with some accidental bump notes I did with these wonderful analogue synths and that magnificent groove from the E-MU XL7"


Improvised Jam with Moog Voyager, Subphatty, MFB Dominion 1, (K)ARP Odyssey & Arturia MicroBrute

Published on Nov 19, 2015

"A short improvised jam with these wonderful synthesizers:
- Moog Voyager, Subphatty, MFB Dominion 1, (K)ARP Odyssey & Arturia MicroBrute"

Roland Introduces White Special Limited-Edition JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

The JD-Xi is now available in white.

"Now available in an all-white body while supplies last, the compact JD-Xi synth is powerful, versatile and fun.

The JD-Xi has become one of the best selling synthesizers in the U.S. by offering a unique crossover sound engine with the warm, smooth response of classic analog, and the clarity and versatility of modern digital. Players can enjoy fat, warm analog bass and lead tones with ample controls for hands-on tweaking, plus polyphonic PCM essentials like electric piano, brass, guitar, and many others — all in one keyboard.

Equipped with 37 mini keys, the JD-Xi features a true analog synth engine along with a wide selection of Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL digital sounds. This affordable instrument also comes packed with many extras for self-contained music creation, including built-in drum kits, a four-track pattern sequencer, and a gooseneck mic for using the synth’s Vocoder and AutoPitch effects.

For more information on the features and specs, visit

Additional synth sound libraries are available here and here.

ROLAND Officially Introduces the SYSTEM-500 Analog Eurorack Modules by Malekko Heavy Industry

The Roland System-500 modules (manufactured by Malekko) are here. Links below take you to the individual pages on Roland's website. These modules are based on the original Roland System-100m and System-500 analog modules. Roland worked directly with Malekko on manufacturing the modules. They are Roland's circuits manufactured into modules by Malekko. It's awesome to see the Malekko M at the bottom of each module as a tribute.


"Based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synthesizer, the SYSTEM-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in Eurorack format, the SYSTEM-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. Built in the USA and assembled in Japan, the SYSTEM-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls. And it’s surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality.

The 512 Dual VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) is a single module consisting of two voltage controlled oscillators. Each independent VCO produces frequencies across a wide range with 1V/octave tracking and dedicated pulse, triangle, and saw wave outputs. Variable pulse width is available via panel control or CV modulation. Each oscillator’s frequency can also be synchronized to the other in weak or strong modes to achieve a unique 'sync' sound."


"The 521 Dual VCF (voltage controlled filter) module features two separate low pass filters for modifying the timbre of audio sources. Each filter has its own dedicated controls for frequency cutoff, resonance, and a fixed high pass filter with two switchable cutoff points. Audio and CV input mixers on each channel allow the blending of multiple audio signals and modulation sources."


"Based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synthesizer, the SYSTEM-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in Eurorack format, the SYSTEM-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. Built in the USA and assembled in Japan, the SYSTEM-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls. And it’s surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality."


"Based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synthesizer, the SYSTEM-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in Eurorack format, the SYSTEM-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. Built in the USA and assembled in Japan, the SYSTEM-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls. And it’s surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality."


"Based on the classic SYSTEM-100M modular synthesizer, the SYSTEM-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in Eurorack format, the SYSTEM-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. Built in the USA and assembled in Japan, the SYSTEM-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls. And it’s surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality."


"Durable Case and Power Supply for AIRA Modular Synths and Other Eurorack Gear

Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 2015 — Roland is pleased to introduce the SYR-E84 Eurorack Case, a rugged travel case and high-current power supply for modular synths and effects. The SYR-E84 fits the SYSTEM-500 series, SYSTEM-1m, BITRAZER, DEMORA, and other products in the AIRA Modular series, as well as standard Eurorack modules from other manufacturers.

From studio to stage, Eurorack-based modular synthesis has exploded in popularity around the world. As Roland’s first Eurorack case, the SYR-E84 delivers class-leading performance with a durable, lightweight design and a super-clean integrated power supply with high capacity for today’s power-hungry modules.

With its 84HP black aluminum enclosure and wood side panels, the SYR-E84 offers top-level looks and rugged reliability for all modular synth users. The 2000 mA DC supply provides stable, low-noise power that meets Roland’s discriminating quality standards, ensuring reliable operation in every playing situation.

The versatile SYR-E84 can be used in flat, angled or vertical positions, and it’s possible to latch the case cover to the back for extra stability when needed. In addition, the stackable design and included screws allow two SYR-E84 cases to be joined together, making it easy for the user to expand their setup over time.

Roland is also pleased to officially announce details for the five individual SYSTEM-500 modules. Part of the AIRA Modular series, these all-new, fully analog modules are based on two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time, the SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100m. Designed exclusively for Eurorack, the SYSTEM-500 512 VCO, 521 Dual VCF, 530 Dual VCA, 540 2ENV-LFO and 572 Phase Shifter/Delay/LFO deliver classic Roland sound with all the advantages and reliability of a modern instrument.

To learn more about the SYR-E84, SYSTEM-500 series and other AIRA Modular gear, visit"


"Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 2015 — Designed and built by V-MODA in collaboration with Roland, the M-100 AIRA boasts the sound quality and styling of the acclaimed V-MODA Crossfade M-100 over-ear headphones, along with with the AIRA logo customized on each shield and AIRA-green chevrons on the headband.

After a successful crowdsourcing project, V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100 ranks among the most highly regarded headphones in the world, with 18 editors’ choice awards and “Best DJ Headphones” naming rights by both DJ Mag and CNET. The M-100 headphones are also worn by 36% of Top 100 DJs, as polled by DJ Mag. The AIRA edition includes all of the M-100’s superior features, specifications and more.

Designed in Italy, the M-100 AIRA headphones feature XL memory foam ear cushions (offering a 30% increase in inner diameter, twice the depth and 55% increase in volume) for optimum comfort and sound isolation. With patent-pending dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers, 5-30,000Hz frequency response and incredible dynamic range, the M-100 AIRA gives the most accurate representation possible of music genres ranging from club to classical.

Developed with musicians, producers and DJs in mind, the M-100 AIRA features an exclusive heavy-duty two-meter cable that incorporates a secure and highly stable locking mechanism. Included in each package is an extra SharePlay™ extended audio cable with built-in 3.5mm jack that allows two headphones to share the same audio source.

Crucially, the M-100 AIRA enables users of Roland’s AIRA range of instruments and effects to hear and feel every detail of their performance on stage or in the studio, from the deepest subs of the TR-8 drum machine to the most piercing screams of the TB-3 synth.

The M-100 AIRA is extremely roadworthy thanks to its steel-frame construction, metal CliqFold™ hinges and exclusive gig-ready AIRA edition travel case for storage of the headphones and their accessories.

Roland’s Atsuo Yukawa, Senior Executive Officer and RPG Company President, commented, “After testing countless headphones for the ultimate pair that accurately represented the music we created, we found V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100. We’re immensely proud of the M-100 AIRA headphones, released in conjunction with V-MODA. A true audiophile-quality personal monitoring system for AIRA users that looks as good as it sounds, it’s the ultimate music production accessory.”

V-MODA’s Val Kolton, Chief Visionary Officer, commented, “As a producer and performer at heart, I’ve had the opportunity to fine-tune our headphones using Roland’s legendary instruments. Not only did the TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 lay the framework of modern dance and hip-hop music, but they set the standard for V-MODA acoustics. It is an honor that our worlds have collided after independently discovering that our headphones and Roland instruments are perfectly matched at every frequency. Together with Roland’s legendary musical development and V-MODA’s accurate representation of each sound’s integrity, we fuel the ‘artists behind the artists.’”

To learn more about the M-100 AIRA headphones, visit"

KORG VOLCA SAMPLE - just some loops

Published on Nov 19, 2015 bananepoep

"still figuring these vsamples out
testing a lot of samples and swapping them to get some good results (well i try anyway) i'm just fooling around and trying to get a good workflow going
in the meantime i thought i just let you hear some of my experimental loops with just one vsample and a lot of mistakes
the audio is straight out of the vsample enjoy.!"

EP04 Wiring - Elektor Formant Modular Synthesizer Overhaul

Published on Nov 19, 2015 Marco Reps

"Somehow I managed to beat around the bush, doing 4 videos about this old synth before touching any of the modules. This one probably the last one with preliminary skirmishing. Next we'll be looking at an actual module."

Moog 702 - two modules test

Published on Nov 19, 2015 noddyspuncture

"Just having 99% finished the 702 builds today, I thought I'd run them both together. I added the "missing halves" to both - and included a couple of my own ideas. You can see me pulling out the pots. Those are pull switches which bring in my extras... as I didn't really want to drill extra holes in the front panels...! There is already a 'delay' built into each oscillator - it's more of a waveform delay. I added a trigger delay which can delay the actual oscillator playing. Quite a porwefi]ul addition. Also the LFO has it's own envelope generator and can 'sweep' the speed up or down... it just made sense to me. Originally the LFO speed was just set, or manually swept. I still need to install 3 relays into one unit and finish off a little wiring... but they're both working nicely. Remember, thee will be used in conjunction with the two 701's... ;)"

Koma Electronic Komplex Sequencer Makes its US Debut

via @ctrl_mod

"The @KOMAelektronik Komplex Sequencer makes its US Debut."

Scenic Novation Bass Stations

Bass Station II via this auction

Bass Station via this auction

Synths & nature = awesome scenery.

Grainy Clampit Shop Demo 3 - 30 Seconds

Demo 3 added to this post.

Doepfer Dark Energy / Bugbrand PTdelay

Published on Nov 17, 2015 ] Duplan [

"Regenerative patch with double LFO and envelope modulations. Just having fun with Dark Energy mk1's great filter. Goes into the mighty PT2399 delay by Bugbrand. Delay time is quite long, hence the artifact noise. There's a bit of spring'verb too.

Some of my music is here"

Poultry Zombie Wants Grains - Serge Creature / Gator

Published on Nov 15, 2015 ] Duplan [

"Direct sound, recorded in one track. Please watch in HD and with a good sound system...

- STS Serge Modular Creature and Gator M-Class panels
- Nord Drum
- Electro Harmonix Clockworks
- Ibanez DML10 delay
- Korg GR1 reverb

Dedicated to the victims of 13th nov. attacks in Paris [added this one to the main tribute post here]


There is more of my music on"


Published on Nov 17, 2015 Graham Dunning

"Mechanical Techno Demonstration by Graham Dunning
Video produced by Michael Forrest.

Made at Lime Wharf Machines Room as part of
Rhythm & Drone // Research & Development
residency, September 2015.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England"

Gakken SX-150 mk II & Nord Drum.

Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analogue Synth Demo

Published on Nov 19, 2015 ED電音頻道 E.D.Music Channel

"©E.D.Music Co.
Gears used: Moog Mother-32"

ARP ODYSSEY - Marc Doty Inside Look Part 3: Oscillator Functions (2 of 2)

Published on Nov 19, 2015 ARP

"Section two of Marc Doty’s breakdown of the Oscillator functions on the ARP ODYSSEY by KORG complete with sound demos and instruction."

All parts here.

Troubled Voltages (Korg Arp Odyssey)

"This one features nearly ALL sounds from the (Korg) Arp Odyssey alone, except for the live hi-hat, cymbals, and tambourine.
Since the Odyssey is mono/duphonic, the chords you hear were pieced together ONE note at a time! (yes, you heard that right).

The Kick, snare, & 'zaps' are Odyssey as well.

Korg really nailed this re-issue. Sounds just like the originals to my ears!
from "Synth Adventures", released October 27, 2015
Written, composed, produced, & Arranged by SYNTHMAN @Spazzoid Studio, NYC.

All sounds programmed and designed by SYNTHMAN.

'A Very Special Reeno Mix'"

Tecnópolis Sonora Factor Sorpresa

Uploaded on Jul 10, 2011

Don't miss the second piece starting after the six minute mark. Minimoog solos & Hammond organ + more throughout.

"Video realizado en el marco de la instalación 'Tecnópolis Sonora' de Ernesto Romeo y Pablo Gil, en los meses junio y julio del año 2011.Tocan: Factor Sorpresa+Federico Vázquez Gil+ Ernesto Romeo. Realización de video a cargo de Dolores Lagrange y Eliana Rosales"

Roland Museum Germany Massive Synthesizer Selloff - Most Gear for Sale in a Single Auction

This one in via Marko of

26.000,00 Euro gets it all.

via eBay Germany

Someone needs to contact the Guiness Book of World Records. Longest list of gear for sale ever:

Roland TB-303 Bass Synthesizer Serviced and Adjusted

via this auction

"Looks 8.50 of 10
It has some cosmetic damage but looks better than its age.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and transistors in powersupply part, some short life OpAmps, transistors and logis ICs with new ones,
CPU and SRAM tested and knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping."

Roland SH-2 Vintage Analog Synthesizer with Original Case SN 992900

via this auction

"This SH-2 is in perfect working and excellent condition!!
This unit was checked by professional technician.
with original case and manual."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Synthesizer + Flight case

via this auction

"The first ever Synth with Midi! The Prophet 600 is extremely versatile and easy to use! Its best functions include the onboard arpeggiator, 2-track sequencer and poly-modulation. The P600 is great for creating analog effects, swells and drones. It has a cool glide effect and has very flexible modulation possibilities!"

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

"Simply a legendary synth. Conditions are excellent both cosmetically and sonically. J wire keyboard, working perfectly, no annoying double trig, or key not working. Absolutely gorgeus synth for bass sounds, but you can also make some very cool bell sound."

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 2547 J-Wire

Published on Nov 15, 2015 Nathan Smith

"Demonstration of my Pro One that I cleaned and replaced the rubber key stops etc... It is an analogue synthesizer."

via this auction

"Great Christmas gift. Great vintage condition. It is 100% functional. Expect some minor cosmetic blemishes as pictured. There are three small blemishes on the keyboard (D#0, A#2 and C3 see pictures). I have tuned and calibrated the Pro One using the manual (included). I have cleaned the synthesizer inside and out and cleaned the keyboard J wires and pots. I have replaced all of the rubber key stops. It plays beautifully. There is a (added) microphone connection on the back of the Pro One that is not hooked up internally (the phone plug audio out works fine). The Pro One’s Serial number is 100-2547. My Pro One has always been in a smoke free pet free home studio & never gigged with."

The Collidoscope Prototype Double Granular Synthesiser

Crazy Synthesizer Demo Published on Nov 19, 2015 Doctor Mix

"Meet The Collidoscope, a prototype double granular synthesiser by researchers Fiore Martin & Ben Bengler. More instruments and gear on

This hybrid keyboard is a combination between a sampler and a supercollider synth engine, designed to be played by two performers at the same time."

Update: some additional info & pics via Doctor Mix follow. Note it is currently a prototype and not for sale. If it does end up being produced for purchase they do not have an estimate of how much it might cost.

Update2: You'll find the website for Collidoscope at Note the Collidoscope is not by DoctorMix. They only featured it and of course made the video above. The Collidoscope is an independent project.

"The Collidoscope is a prototype synthesiser designed by researchers Ben Bengler & Fiore Martin.

Based on a granular synthesiser engine the instrument can be played by two performers at the same time (as they stand opposite one another on the sides of the unit) using the 2 built-in sets of keyboard, gooseneck microphone, colour display and controllers.

The Collidoscope samples from the microphones (or line inputs) and displays in real time a waveform of the sample and allows it to be played back instantly. The main sliding knob positioned below the waveform allows for the visual selection of a portion of the sample to be played (by moving it horizontally), and for the modification of the size of the portion being looped (through rotating the knob).

Two additional sliders allow for the high passing of the sound and for the extension of the boundaries of the loop being played to its neighbouring audio material, fading in more of the audio sample without changing the rhythm of the loop.

There are also two backlit octave selection buttons and a sturdy metal button next to the microphone base to start sampling.

The Collidoscope is revolutionary for the way in which it changes the relationship between the performer and sampling process, allowing a seemingly infinite way of manipulating the sound without interrupting its flow."

Studio Electronics Grainy Clampit Shop Demos

Published on Nov 19, 2015 StudioElectronics

"Panasonic Blaster Amplified, S4 recorded, El Segundo Special, Take 1

A few refining software/hardware revisions shy of the production floor."

Grainy Clampit Shop Demo 2

Arturia BeatStep Pro 1.3 Update Guided Tour

Published on Nov 19, 2015 Arturia Web

"Glen Darcey, VP Product Management, explains the new features of the BeatStep Pro 1.3 update."

Artists & ARTURIA #34 - Octave One meets BeatStep Pro

Published on Nov 19, 2015 Arturia Web

"The Arturia team had the chance to meet Octave One during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 and discuss with them about their usage of BeatStep Pro.

The interview was shot at Sugar Factory and the live performance at the MelkWeg Club."

Modular Synth - ALM Akemie's Castle - 4 Part Percussive Melody

Published on Nov 19, 2015 isvisible / isinvisible

"This is a quick patch to show the ALM Busy Circuits 'Akemie's Castle' module doing a four part percussive type melody.

Mutable 'Grids' is providing most of the triggers for a Doepfer A-143-1, which is providing the envelopes to the 'Level' inputs of the Akemie's Castle.

The Livewire 'Chaos Computer' is providing the cv for 3 of the 'Multiplier' inputs of the Akemie's Castle.
Obviously if you want a more structured melody then standard sequencers can be used instead of the Chaos Computer. - melodic - less melodic"

Modular Synth - PDO, Orgone and Cyclebox

Published on Nov 19, 2015 isvisible / isinvisible

"This is my first little experiment with the WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator (PDO).
There is just the one single line out from the QAAF expansion to an Eventide 'Model 1745 M' which is loaded with 5 individual taps, which I've set to various delays and spread them for stereo.

The Neutron Sound 'Orgone Accumulator and the Cylonix / Intellijel 'Cyclebox' are feeding the three inputs in the PDO's TBVCA expansion to be mixed up with the PDO waves.
Everything is being modulated by a Doepfer A-143-4 and a couple of Mutable 'Peaks' in LFO mode. - melodic - less melodic"


"Paris, Friday 13th November, 2015..."

A tribute from ARPQuadra, also added to the main tribute post here.

AniModule M1xXOR Short Rhythmic Oblivion

Published on Nov 18, 2015 JRock17991's channel

"A short demo of the AniModule M1xXOR"

JU-06 muckabout

Published on Nov 19, 2015 kraftwerkdave101

Kitty Brute (Akai Tom Cat & Arturia Minibrute)

Published on Nov 18, 2015 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
The Akai Tom Cat is the midi master using the chromatic toms sequencer track to sequence the Arturia Minibrute. The Cat is then going into the audio in of the Minibrute, only playing when the synth is being triggered, so it can now be filtered & distorted and chopped up with the envelopes and LFOs."

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