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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Correction: New Aphex Twin Cheetah EP a Nod to the MS800

Original post updated. My mistake, the promo flyer text was based off of the Cheetah MS800, not the MS6. The MS800 is one rare synth.

Yamaha MONTAGE - What's New in Ver.1.1 & Useful Tips

Published on Jun 8, 2016 yamahacorporation

Enable subtitles via the CC on the lower right player controls.

Yamaha MONTAGE Tutorial - V1.1 Update
Performed by Katsunori UJIIE
See more at

Yamaha MONTAGE What's new of Ver.1.1
Yamaha MONTAGE Useful Tips
Yamaha MONTAGE The Basics
Yamaha MONTAGE Motion Control

A Look Inside the Korg Volca FM

Published on Jun 8, 2016 HardtekStudios

"We take a screwy adventure into the depths of the Korg Volca FM while discussing some possible new additions to the studio lineup, some possible changes to the channel, and what NOT to do when voiding a warranty."


Published on Jun 8, 2016 Korg

via KORG

"A mobile MIDI + audio interface that lets you play your iPhone/iPad using any keyboard.

The plugKEY is a portable MIDI + audio interface that is the answer for those who want to use a keyboard of their own choice to play iOS musical instrument apps or produce music. Simply use the plugKEY to connect a MIDI keyboard to your iPhone/iPad, and start playing. Now you can enjoy using your own keyboard to easily play a stupendous array of musical instrument apps that deliver serious sounds and convenient functions. You can use your iPhone/iPad while charging it. Audio interface functionality with stereo output is also provided, so the plugKEY is an ideal choice for those who want to use musical instruments apps in the studio or on stage.

A keyboard provides a convenient upgrade to the daily musical experiences you enjoy with your apps, and let you perform to the full extent of every app's potential. The plugKEY is your key to a new style of music, brought to you by KORG, the company that continues to provide both musical instrument apps and a wide selection of keyboard instruments from synthesizers to electric pianos."

In the Mattson Dungeon with the Monster Mattson EML System

Doug Lynner, Stephen Golovnin & George Mattson in the sonic dungeon of Mattson Mini Modular studios.

The massive system they are playing is the mighty Mattson EML modular. It consists of vintage EML components and new designs from George Mattson. You can find a ton of pics and info on the Mattson EML channel label here.

George Mattson of course is the man behind Mattson Mini Modular as well as being responsible for the "M" in the Synthrotek MST line.

Doug Lynner is a Serge maestro and has been featured here on MATRIXSYNTH numerous times with his Mystery Serge.

Stephen Golovnin aka Vsyevolod used to work at Serge back in the early days when they were based out of Los Angeles (above the wig shop here). He performs live with his massive eight panel Serge system and has been present at a number of synth meets.

Bassalicious for iPad - Overview

Published on Jun 8, 2016 pantsofdeath

iTunes: BASSalicious - MIDIculous LLC

"Dedicated monophonic synth bass synthesizer featuring the NEW iOS AudioUnit Version 3 plugin architecture. - 21 VA Wavetable Waveforms with PWM - 4 Oscillators - AMP with 4 Modulators - Circuit Modeled Filter Section with Velocity - LFO with Aftertouch

BASSalicious is a dedicated monophonic synth bass plugin with a single focus on sound. All of the synthesis and filters are custom tweaked with our own personality and our urban ear. When we first set out to produce BASSalicious, it came from a need we had. All of our plugins come from a musical need first. We noticed that there were a ton of synth bass libraries out there that focused solely on dubstep and wobble bass sounds, but not that much out there for the urban community and that pure synth bass classic sound. Sure there are the sample based ones, but you run into problems with samples when trying to produce a realistic glide effect that is so essential to urban synth bass music. The other thing we were dissatisfied with were the oscillators themselves. You see, in order to reduce aliasing, most wavetable synths reduce the bandwidth and filter out frequencies so it doesn't alias. The problem with this is that you filter out the good stuff along with it. We figured out a unique compromise, where we can give you the full band of the wavetable, while at the same time reducing aliasing. Our method is very unorthodox, but it works, because the technology will always take a back seat to the sound, and not the other way around: "If it sounds good, then it is good."

Furthermore, we used an analog modeled filter that was approximated using real circuit designs. The complete topology was modeled with all of the aspects of the electronic components involved, and then converted over to source code. The result is a very organic sounding synth bass plugin, which has no hint of that cold digital wavetable sound. This is what we mean when we say it has an “organic sound.” This is what you hear in urban music. Each key piece has it’s own sound, color, and character to it. It’s not trying to be something else. It’s it’s own individual and we achieved this with BASSalicious. Remember the first time you heard Neo-Soul Keys® and your ears were suddenly opened to the sound you always wished you had, but could never achieve.

IAP: The first oscillator is free. You will have access to all of the synth functions. After you purchase, you will get access to the other 3 oscillators as well as the 63 high quality custom synth bass presets.

AudioUnit Plugin: As an added bonus, we have adopted the new AudioUnit standard, so now you can seamlessly use BASSalicious inside of your favorite iOS DAW as if it was apart of the sequencer. Presets that you make in the app and/or the plugin will be shared automatically. The recommended iPad devices are the iPad 4th generation and higher, with the exception of the iPad 3."

Linn LinnDrum original factory patterns

Published on Jun 8, 2016 SynthMania

"A flashback to 1982 - The patterns that the proud new owner of a LinnDrum would have heard upon opening the factory carton and plugging it into an amp. *The* drum machine of the 1980s."

Wrangler Sparked: Modular Remix Project

"Wrangler Sparked: Modular Remix Project

(Modular remixes by Daniel Miller, Chris Carter, Alessandro Cortini & more. Including David Burraston Mus IIC remix on the Hinton Muisc Lab!). Release date: 24/6/2016

Limted 750 copies double vinyl LP + CD"

"Wrangler’s new remix album features 11 modular synthesizer re-workings of tracks from their 2014 debut album, LA Spark.

Featuring remixes by the likes of Mute founder & The Normal’s Daniel Miller, Chris Carter from Chris & Cosey, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Scanner, all the artists were sent the same original proposal by Wrangler at the start of the project: ‘Wrangler would like to ask you to submit an experimental piece of music for inclusion on an album entitled Modular Remix. The idea is very simple. We provide some basic stems from a track selected by you from our debut album LA Spark and you add whatever sounds you like - the only rule being that you use just one analog modular synthesiser system of your choice. We've approached you because we admire your passion and commitment to electronic music, and we hope you will be interested in taking part.’

The result is an album which flows across four sides of vinyl, from the locked down electro-dancefloor rhythm of Daniel Miller’s ‘Theme From Wrangler’, through the darker, brutalist shapes of Chris Carter’s eight minute ‘Lava Land’ opus and into schizo-synth pop (Dean Honer – I Monster, Eccentronic Research Council), abstract ambient beauty (Alessandro Cortini), dark dub (Solvent) and finally the brooding 14 minute masterpiece of Wrangler’s own remix, ‘Theme Meme’.

01 - Abul Mogard - Mus IIC

02 - Daniel Miller - Theme From Wrangler
03 - Steve Moore - Harder

04 - Scanner - LA Spark

05 - Chris Carter - Lava Land

06 - Dean Honer - Space Ace

07 - Alessandro Cortini - Modern World
08 - Benge - Peace & Love

09 - Solvent - Harder

10 - David Burraston - Mus IIC

11 – Wrangler - Theme Meme"

One track from the release on Vimeo:

Wrangler / Theme From Wrangler [Daniel Miller mix] from on Vimeo.

Theme From Wrangler [Daniel Miller mix]

taken from the "Sparked, Modular Remix Project"

Aphex Twin and the Cheetah 'Sweet Talker'

See the update in this post. Don't miss it, the post just bumped up a notch or two.

Make Noise 0-Coast Launch Party at Perfect Circuit Audio on Thursday June 16

Perfect Circuit Audio will be hosting a Make Noise 0-Coast Launch Party with Bana Haffar & Eric Rodent Cheslak next Thursday June 16 in Burbank, CA. Food & drinks will be provided.

531F - Orbital - Featuring Dave Smith Instruments, Strymon and Korg

Published on Jun 8, 2016 JediSid

"Orbital - Featuring Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4, Strymon BlueSky and ElCapistan, and Korg Electribe 2"

Dato DUO – The Synth for Two Adds Internal Speakers and Passes 50% Funding

via the Data DUO Kickstarter

"In our previous update, we announced that we will add MIDI IN and OUT to every Dato DUO. What we haven't told you yet, is that every Dato DUO will come with a built-in speaker as well. That should allow for hours of jamming on the couch."

Suzanne Ciani playing Buchla synthesizer @ Moogfest 2016

Published on Jun 8, 2016

"20.5.2016, Durham, NC"

Test Korg Volca FM Presets

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Ulises El Licenciado Lozano

KORG Volcas on eBay | KORG Volcas on Amazon

An Interview with Herb Deutsch at The Henry Ford

Note the first Moog ever in the background.

You'll find the full video interview at The Henry Ford here. Afterwards see the live performance here.

"In this interview, Herbert Deutsch recounts his life in music—including the genesis and collaborative process behind creating the first Moog synthesizer with Bob Moog. These two pioneers of synthesis worked together to create a portable electronic instrument with endless sound potential, thanks to the power of “voltage control.” The Moog prototype is an essential part of music history; its sound has continued to impact popular and experimental music alike since the 1960s. Today, Moog Music, Inc. continues to revolutionize synthesis—while paying homage to the root notes of its past."

via @drblankenstein, who interviewed Herb Deutsch at Queens Museum in 2014. You'll find an interview from 2012 by Astronauta Pinguim here.

Protosynth Midi Features Demo Video

Published on Jun 8, 2016 whisk0r

"This is a powerful MIDI prototyping platform that converts incoming MIDI events into electrical signals that make experimentation easy!

A few years ago we built a synthesizer prototyping tool called Protosynth. The project was such a big hit that people requested the ability to buy their own, so we designed a powerful MIDI controlled version!

Over the last few years, we have refined Protosynth Midi to be powerful, flexible, and easy to use.
Protosynth Midi are built in limited quantities by hand here at the Tymkrs Wrkshp. Every unit is assembled, tested, and given a unique serial number. The beautiful handmade hardwood cases with traditional joinery hold your circuit at an angle so you can tinker in comfort and style!"

Full details previously captured here.

You'll find their website here.

Vintage Original German Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Users Manual

via this auction

"This is an original operating manual for the Sequential Circuits Sixtrak synthesizer.

The instructions are in GERMAN.

The manual is in used condition as would be expected but the pages are clean and legible."

Sequential Circuits Sixtrak Analogue Synth

via this auction

Roli Seaboard Rise 49, Expert Sleepers FH 1 and Eurorack

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Dimitrios Sismanis

"First run with the Roli Seaboard Rise 49 into Expert Sleepers FH-1 controlling a single voice from the modular (2 Dixie II's, Cyclebox and STO sub, into Korgasmatron). Processing by Malgorithm and then Clouds. Pitch and gate from FH-1 (obviously). Using custom script from Roli, the XY pad has been mapped to the outs of the FH-1 and is used to control bit depth and sample rate in the Malgorithm, as well as size and position in Clouds. Pressure controls the mix on the Malgorithm. The slide parameter of the Rise is routed to a VCA, which controls an LFO routed to the frequency of the LPF (Korgasmatron)."


Published on Jun 8, 2016 midirausch

"listen with headphones or proper monitors.
Attention, deep fat bass inside.
from my modular directly into the camera (except a little tune from MI Ambika through El Capistan)
still working on my techno maschine:-D
nice filtersweeps from Doepfer Wasp in highpass mode and Happy Nerding MMM VCF n stereo lowpass mode.
unfortunately some hickups from the reset of a sequencer I still have to solve.
Instruments are:
TT808 Kick
DPO-RxMx-MMG-Optomix Bass
Nebulae-Optomix Sample
Telharmonic-Lxd Pad
Mysteron High Hats
Erbe Verb for Reverb
DubJr for Delay"

Serge Paperface '78

Published on Jun 8, 2016 batchas

"First mins spent on the 2 panels I cleaned from the Serge Paperface.
TBK sequencing + trying a NTO FMed by PCO + Variable Slope VCF.
No effects added and the volume is also not corrected."

Synth City Presents a Live Moog Model 15 Session

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Synth City

"An itinerant Model 15 stopped through Synth City a few weeks back. There was just enough time for our product specialist Wesley Groves to coax a wall of droning doom and pitch black dark ambience out of the synth, presented here in one live take. No talking, no patch breakdowns, just pure live Moog power.

Equipment used: Moog Model 15, Moog 953 keyboard, Moog CP-251, Moog MF-104M Delay, and Strymon Blue Sky Reverb."

Stardust Covers - For the Love of Synths

via @stardustcovers

"We've been asked if there's a demand for a Linndrum cover in 2016. The answer is obvious: NO! It's only love"

Thought this was pretty cool. I used to get some the same question regarding some of the posts that have gone up over the years here on MATRIXSYNTH. In case anyone still wonders... We do it for the love of synths. :)

New Aphex Twin Cheetah EP a Nod to the Cheetah MS800

How's that for pretty cool. The wording follows and matches the Cheetah MS800 manual. You can see an image of one here (there are only a handful of references to the MS800 on the site). This is one rare synth.

"The Aphex Twin Cheetah EP uses digital sound generation techniques combined with wave sequencing technology to bring you sounds with movement and depth rarely found on records today.

To assure you that your Cheetah EP will give you many years of enjoyment, please be sure to read the owners manual carefully before attempting to operate the Cheetah EP.

If you wish to experiment and create some sounds of your own, first try editing some sounds we’ve already made for you, before attempting to create a patch from scratch.

We sincerely hope that having battled through the programming of the Cheetah EP, you have not become familiar with the exceptional potential of this record.

Have fun programming, and if you create any superb patches and tones which you feel deserve to be appreciated by other Cheetah EP buyers, send a MIDI System Dump of them, on a disc to us at WARP and if we also think they are superb, you could be rewarded for your efforts. Try us!”


Digital Wave Sequencing Synthesizer
Sounds programmed to sequence through changing waveforms as the note plays, giving exceptional movement and character to the music
15 note polyphonic
Velocity Sensitive
Stereo Output
Fully programmable from the front panel
LED display"

Update: Cheetah Sweet Talker cassette pic in via Luan Correa.

What the?...

See video below. Curious if he has one and if it will be featured...

Note this is the first post out of currently 139,421 to feature the Cheetah Sweet Talker, and thus gets the illusive exclusive label. You think you've seen it all and then this. Thanks to Luan for sharing!

BBC Micro Speech Synthesis Published on Nov 24, 2012

"I found a speech synthesis chip for the BBC Micro, so I had to try it out! :L This is just running the demo program. The chip was a Cheetah 'Sweet Talker' extension pack. Sorry about the poor visuals; I would have re-recorded it but the power supply blew up shortly after this video.

For any of my subscribers wondering about the lack of Tiny Tim updates, an awful lot has been happening on the design side of things, and I'm doing regular updates on the website ( However as not much more has been done on the hardware side, there hasn't been anything to film yet. I will hopefully get a new vid up about memory in the next to weeks."

Ambient 08062016 // Monotribe & Zoom MS-70CDR

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Computing.Sound

"Created with a Korg Monotribe processed by a Zoom Multistomp MS-70CDR guitar multi-fx pedal, using the Particle Reverb.

The manual states that it models the LINE6 M9 Particle Verb.

If you want to listen to the .wav-file you can download it from Bandcamp."

Synthrotek Midi to CV expander eurorack module

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Flux302 of

Discover new musical possibilities with the Hyve Touch Synthesizer

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Skot Wiedmann

"Be melodic and expressive, or drum and tap. Here are some fun ways to explore 3D touch and performance gestures on this little synthesizer.

Sign up for updates at"

Buchla 251e Ratcheting

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Todd Barton

"Simple demo of programming ratcheting. I'm only using a single section of the 251e - 3 more sections available for more advanced and complex patching"

Zaquencer/Beatstep Pro Jam (June 6 2016)

Published on Jun 6, 2016 stereofect

"This time I use Zaquencer to not only sequence my synths but also sync up the Beatstep Pro to Zaquencer. Zaquencer is on X5Dr, Mopho and anode duty while the Beastep Pro handles drums and the AN200. I, of course, play lead on the Bass Station II. An Oxygen8 is used to transpose both Zaquencer and the Beatstep Pro.

Gear used:

Mopho Desktop
Korg X5DR
Meeblip anode
Yamaha AN200
Novation Bass Station II
Boss DR-550 MKII
BCR2000 running Zaquencer
Arturia Beatstep Pro

Hope you like it!


Moog Mother-32 Lost Patch

Published on Jun 8, 2016 ozashikiTECHNO

"Vintage '60s style Electronic music sound with Moog Mother-32 analog synthesizer."

Moog mother 32 live sequencer play

Published on Jun 7, 2016 Cray

"Moog mother 32 live seq play"

New Yamaha DX7 4x Expansion Board - 128 Patch Memories, Velocity Fix, and More

via this auction

"Another great revived expansion board for the original DX7. Simpler and easier to use than E! or SuperMAX+. Here is a brief explanation of the expansion:

Memory expansion to 128 patches (Yamaha calls them "voices") in 4 banks of 32 patches.
All patches directly accessible using standard MIDI Program Change (both in and out).
Velocity offset setting for fixing the DX7 max velocity issue.
Selectable MIDI IN and OUT channels (they can be different).
Local On/Off lets you control if the local keyboard controls the built-in FM sound engine or not.
Keyboard Split with adjustable split point.
Compatible with standard RAM and ROM cartridges
SOLDERING IS REQUIRED. Three wires -- get a tech to do it.

Installation Manual

User Manual

See the website for more."

DSI Mopho Keyboard SN 02469

via this auction

Tiptop Audio Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Case

via this auction

New Syncussion SY-1 Clone DIY From the Maker of the TTSH

Published on Jun 8, 2016 zthee

New from the maker of the TTSH ARP 2600 clone.

"Syncussion to be released the 16th of June.

Price will be 2500 SEK + VAT (~$300) for a kit.
Kit includes circuit boards, steel case and potentiometers. Additional components are about $100 from Mouser.

Release part starts at 18.00. Kits in shop on the 16th by noon CET.

The SY-1 in the video is a prototype, it'll be powder coat in the same color as the original with white silk screen."

Mutable Instruments Introduces New Blinds Eurorack Module

via Mutable Instruments

"Blinds is a 4-channel voltage-controlled signal polarizer. Each channel consists of a polarizer circuit, also known as a four-quadrant multiplier. This circuit acts like a VCA, except that a negative control voltage will cause the output signal to be inverted, instead of being silenced. Blinds’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels, to be mixed together.

One can think of Blinds’ as a voltage-controlled version of Shades, the control center for all the modulation CVs used in a patch. Many other uses are possible, though. For example, each individual channel can be used to scale/offset a CV; and with audio rate modulation signals, each channel acts like a ring-modulator, with massive potential for drones and feedback patches.

Technical characteristics

All inputs DC-coupled.
All inputs handle audio-rate signals.
Input impedance: 100k for all inputs.
CV offset range: +/- 5V.
Gain scale: linear, a +5V CV translates to a gain of 1.
Gain range: +/- 2.
Current consumption: +12V: 70mA ; -12V: 70mA.
Open-source hardware."

Mutable Instruments Introduces New Veils Eurorack Module

via Mutable Instruments

"VCAs are the cornerstones of modular patches: shaping the amplitude or timbre of a tone with an envelope, animating a mixture of several oscillators, controlling the amount of filter modulation with a random source or a touch controller, applying an envelope on the linear FM signal hitting an oscillator… are all possible uses of these super versatile building blocks. That’s why you never have enough of them. What about four more?

Veils provides four VCAs with an adjustable response curve. Veils’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels, to be mixed together.

Technical characteristics

All inputs DC-coupled.
All inputs handle audio-rate signals.
Input impedance: 100k for all inputs.
Gain scale: a +5V CV translates to a gain of 1 (0dB).
Gain range: 2 (+6dB) in linear operation, 10 (+20dB) in exponential operation.
Current consumption: +12V: 50mA ; -12V: 50mA.
Open-source hardware."

REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 - Control your hardware with Blocks

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Native Instruments

"The free Blocks 1.2 update delivers major improvements on integrating hardware into your REAKTOR setup for unprecedented synergy. Learn more:

Connect Blocks to your hardware! The REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 update introduces new CV and MIDI connectivity. Calibrate pitch signals for accurate use with external hardware oscillators, use Blocks to convert any signal into gates and triggers, and send pitch, gate, and modulation signals from a Blocks patch to REAKTOR's MIDI out. This free update is free for all registered REAKTOR 6 users."

And the press release:

"Native Instruments Releases Free REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 Update

Berlin, June 8, 2016 – Native Instruments today released the free REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 update. Blocks 1.2 adds major improvements for integrating hardware into REAKTOR-based setups. The update adds three new utilities, as well as introducing a MASCHINE sequencer and a set of eight drum modules designed to recreate the sound of a legendary drum machine. Coinciding with the release is a new series of tutorials demonstrating Blocks integration. The Blocks 1.2 update is available for free via the NI Service Center.

REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 brings several new Blocks to Native Instruments’ rack-style modular framework. The Pitch CV Out Block sends pitch CV and Gate signals to external hardware. Convenient auto-calibration tunes oscillators and calibrates the pitch CV signal sent out of REAKTOR. Calibration can be saved per snapshot. The Gates and Triggers Block generate up to four gates and triggers from incoming signals, allowing users to ping filters, trigger function generators and envelopes, clock sequencers, and much more. The MIDI Out module converts pitch and gate information from any Blocks patch into MIDI signals for controlling external MIDI gear. The module also functions as a four-channel CV to MIDI CC converter. These new devices also expand REAKTOR’s existing OSC capability, allowing users to transform incoming OSC signals into MIDI or CV/gate signals to control their external hardware.

REAKTOR Blocks 1.2 also marks the release of nine new Blocks that add enhanced functionality to MASCHINE and dedicated drum voices to the REAKTOR Blocks framework. The MASCHINE Sequencer Block is an eight-channel trigger sequencer designed to control Blocks patches directly the MASCHINE MK2 controller. The sequencer also features a Euclidean pattern generator that automatically creates new polyrhythmic structures within a sequence. The MASCHINE Sequencer Block is available free in the NI User Library. Niji Drum Blocks are eight drum modules that recreate the sound of a legendary drum machine. Combining these voices with the MASCHINE sequencer allows users to create their own custom drum machines.

Released in conjunction with the Blocks 1.2 update, Owen Vallis of the online education platform Kadenze has created a series of tutorials demonstrating how to integrate a setup – including hardware – with the new Blocks included in the update.

The Blocks 1.2 update is available free via the NI Service Center.

Additional information on REAKTOR 6 is available at:"

WIGGLE 1.1.1 Update - Parallel & Serial Filter, 37 New Presets

Published on Jun 6, 2016 2nd Sense Audio

"2nd Sense Audio Updates WIGGLE Dynamic Waveshaping Synthesizer to 1.1.1 – With Filter Routing Options

2nd Sense Audio has released 1.1.1 of its dynamic waveshaping synthesizer WIGGLE. Version 1.1.1 has improved SVF filters quality on resonance response, added Parallel & Series filter routing options and 38 new factory presets.

WIGGLE 1.1.1 update:
• Added filter Parallel & Series structure selection;
• Improved SVF filters quality on Resonance response;
• Added Seq Mod randomization function;
• Fixed a bug in distortion which could possibly cause crash;
• Added 38 new factory presets.

WIGGLE main features:
• Control points – WIGGLE has 4 operators. Each operator's wavetable can be dynamically customized by its 4 control points. Each control point has its independent built-in LFO. These build the basic characters of a sound.
• Other synthesis possibilities – Free-drawing PD (Phase Distortion) curve, FM (Frequency Modulation) and Morphing offer deep sonic potentials.
• Color coded FM Matrix – The FM Matrix clearly indicates the modulator/carrier relationship between the operators using color coded knobs.
• Modulations – 8 free drawing LFO/Envelope, 8 step-based and 4 specialized modulators can be drag-and-droped onto most of the synth parameters.
• Morph pad – Morphing between 4 variations of a preset captured on the Morph Pad multiplies the degree of sonic expressiveness. You can also draw an arbitrary path to automate the morph process.
• Built-in effects – 7 built-in effects can also be modulated and make a WIGGLE sound more interesting. 4 Operators could go through duo multi-mode filter parallel.
• Step sequencer – The sequencer offers you precise control over each step for creating musical pattern with human feel. The resulting sequence can be dragged out as a MIDI file.
• Built-in recorder – A simple built-in recorder helps you quickly sample a sound tweaking process. The resulting audio can be dragged out as a wave file.
• Retina ready – High resolution images of the user interface are prepared for better viewing experience on retina displays.
• Interactive guide – A short interactive tutorial walks you through the basic functions of WIGGLE upon its first launch. You will get to a good start point in minutes.
• Compatibility – VST, AU, AAX, Standalone, Windows/Mac OS X, 32/64 bit supported

Pricing and Availability:
WIGGLE 1.1.1 is a free update for all customers, available immediately
through the official website.
WIGGLE is available for $99. You can download the 20-day fully functional
demo version for Mac OS X and Windows on"

Korg Minilogue UAD Real Verb Pro EHX Deluxe Memory Man

Published on Jun 8, 2016 darksideothetune

Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition with Original Box

via this auction

"The Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition is a limited run of the traditional MiniMoog Voyager; a classic monophonic synth based on the famous MiniMoog Model D, but housed in a rugged steel chassis which is fixed in a custom finished wood cabinet. Other features include an all analog signal path, the legendary Moog filters, assignable X/Y/A Touch Control interface, and over 800 onboard presets."

Roland Jupiter 6 Analogue synth. MINT and fully refurbished

via this auction

"I have owned this keyboard for over 10 years. I bought it in 2005 with a 2 voice fault. As the keyboard was in pretty good condition I decided to give it a good once over. I have refurbished many classic analogue synths and have been an electronics engineer for 30 years.

I installed all new pots, sliders and some of the coloured button caps. I cleaned and polished the remaining caps that are not available. I cleaned the rotary pot covers.

I have cleaned the keyboard contacts and set them up for trouble free operation.

I removed as much of the 30 years muck from the clear LED caps but they are slightly discoloured from time and age and as they are NLA I bit the bullet and refitted them.

I have set up all voltages and frequencies using a multi meter and oscilloscope where required as per the Roland service notes.

The functioning of this synth is 100%.

The cosmetics are 99.5%. There are some very minor scratches to the casing which are barely visible.

You may find an equal out there but you wont find better."

Voltix Analog Synthesizer reborn by Tokai

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Allex Bessa

See the Voltix channel for previous posts. Two of the older videos are gone but the details on this synth are there.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World // Ramona [Geektronica Synth Cover]

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Ace Waters

"Was working on a VGM when I found the Scott Pilgrim vinyl at my local record shop. I remembered a long while ago wanting to do a cover of the song "Ramona" from the film, and decided this would be the perfect time to do it. Hope you enjoy! I know I don't sing very often, so hopefully its not too painful.

One note. I had no idea the lyrics are actually 'On my mind' and not just 'my my my'. Oh well. I think they still work pretty well. The song is so basic, I didnt think to look up lyrics. I just went by what I always thought it was.

Thank you to the wonderful people who support that channel through patreon. If you enjoyed this video, think about supporting the music and join the party!



More Ace Waters here.

TC-11 3.0 Update with Multi-Mode Support Added

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Bit Shape

"There are some big new features in TC-11 3.0!"

iTunes: TC-11 - Bit Shape

"What's New in Version 3.0
Multi mode! Up to 4 simultaneous patches on screen (on 64-bit iPads). *** Now a universal app for iPad and iPhone devices! ***

New Features:
• Multi mode! Up to 4 simultaneous patches on screen (available on 64-bit iPads)
• Universal iPad + iPhone
• Multitasking split-screen support
• Increased timed controller rate to 60Hz"

Yamaha DX7 II - Modified patches

Published on Jun 8, 2016 roboticrealm

"Some patches I've found on the internet that I've modified a bit. They only work on DX7 IID, FD or TX802.


The patches are in sysex and dxm format."

Red Sound elaVAta

via this auction

So, is it Red Sound or is it RedSound? :)

Vintage Roland System100M 191J 121 121 140 172 132 Set with Upside Down Serial Number

via this auction

"Comes with Original "Sound Sample"Pamphlet by Roland.

-191J SER.No.961385

-121 SER.No.071693

-121 SER.No.132236 a low pass to a high pass filter remodeled by Roland. you can control voltage, but not the filter outgoing.

-140 SER.No.072260

-172 SER.No.990502

-132 SER.NO.010735"

Thought the upside down serial number on one of the 121s was interesting. Curious if it came out of the factory that way or somehow happened later.

Roland JD-800 SN ZC54759

via this auction

"Excellent condition Roland JD 800 ultimate studio pad synth with original felt-lined Hardcase, Power Supply, and Voice Crystal 2- 64 Voice RAM Expansion Card.

In perfect working order. Every key working as it should as well as each slider and button. No sticky keys which can sometimes be an issue with these beauties...

Renowned for its enormous lush, evolving pads, the jd 800 is also capable of crystal clear glassy leads and deep, full basses. Wonderful array of useful functions, aftertouch, 6 part multitimbral, velocity, midi. On-board effects include Chorus, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Phaser, Reverb, Enhancer."

Teisco 60f Analogue Mono Synthesizer with Original Leather Gig Bag

via this auction

Linndrum LM2 Vintage Analogue Drum Machine Fully Serviced

via this auction

"All original LM2 eproms installed.
They also have the quick release eprom sockets so if you do want to swap eprom sounds you easily can.

This Super rare Linndrum is one of the best drum machines you can get. It can sound heavy weight with the classic Linndrum Kick and Snare sounds
it can be very rounded fat and chunky as well as light icey and breezy its very versatile.

The clock and groove of the sequencer is amazing on these machines yes you can get LM2 samples
but the feel of the clock and the way the machine grooves and ticks over is the real charm and character of this amazing drum machine theres nothing quite like it.

Used on countless hits from the 80s, 90s upto the present day.

Sounds: The tunable Side stick and Snare give you that crazy Prince sound.
The tunable toms and congas can become bass lines waiting to happen.
And the top end and percussive parts are stunning.
All with individual outputs for each sound aswell as L-R Mix out.

Synch: I have been syching/clocking this machine with a Roland SH101 to test and its tight and funky and sounds bang on. And I have also been lining up the Linndrum takes to the Click track in Logic X and its very steady and stays with the click."

Crumar Bit One

via this auction

Future Retro XS Synthesiser

via this auction

Kawai SX-210 Analog Professional Polysonic Keyboard

via this auction

Polysonic! That's actually a cool concept when you think about it. All synths are polysonic!

"I found this rare and excellent condition Vintage Kawai SX-210 Polysonic Synthesizer\analog keyboard at a local estate sale. This keyboard has been tested and works and sounds great! Very low start price on this professional full size analog keyboard. These were produced in the early 1980s by Kasai and are exceedingly hard to find. True analog sound from this vintage full sized Kawai soundboard. This was found at the estate of a local musician and has been very well cared for. This 61 key poly sonic synthesizer shows a little wear to the woodgrain sides as shown in pictures but is otherwise clean a works perfectly, producing clean a clear true analog sound. See all pictures. All original keys buttons and dials. Previous owner stated that he has never had any issues with this keyboard and was the original owner. These keyboard are very rare and very desirable to musicians as they are no longer produced This keyboard weighs about 28 pounds and I am extimating the shipping weight to be 30-31 lbs. All functions tested and working as designed and intended. No excessive slack or play in modulation wheel or pitch/bend bar. The only wear noticed upon inspection is a slight canting of the 32nd and 58th keys. Might be an easy fix at a music shop but keys work fine, they just hit the keys next to them (left and right respectively. No other issues but some cosmetic wear as to be expected for a 35 year old vintage price. All original down to the cord. This full sized keyboard measures 34 3/4" inches long and is 6" tall with knobs. Case measured 15 3/4" deep from back to front. Very clean example that was well cared for and properly stored by the previous owner. See all pictures as they are part of the description and a true testament to the condition of the synthesizer."

2016.06.07 Serge ÷N COM Test with TTSH

2016.06.07 Serge ÷N COM Test with TTSH from bucketbd on Vimeo.

2016.06.05 from bucketbd on Vimeo.

Circuit bent Yamaha RX17

Published on Jun 8, 2016 ScrewedCircuitz

"Commissioned work for an artist named Graham.

Graham got in touch through the ScrewedCircuitz website and wanted us to add a little flavor to his Yamaha RX17. Mission accomplished!!

Want an effect or synth ? We'll make you something or customize according to your budget. Not bad wouldn't you say?

For inquiries we can be reached at"

Circuit bent Yamah RX17 -GROOVIN'

Live Jam #37 - Minimal / Techno - Korg Volca Sample and Arturia Microbrute

Published on Jun 8, 2016 TRM

"I plan to do some traveling and thought that would be a good excuse to buy a Korg Volca Sample. I expect to stuff it with my own recordings, but at the moment its just stock samples.

Stuff used:

Korg Volca Sample and Arturia Microbrute

Audio via the Behringer mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
External effects: T.C electronics M350 for reverb.

No post processing."

The Optimist

Published on Jun 8, 2016 UncertainMusicCorps

"A short game of chance with Disting in ASR mode and Clouds (Parasites) as resonator.

Look into my eyes..."

Deepness - Eurorack Jamsession

Published on Jun 8, 2016 Colin Benders

"Definitely a track for me to work on."

Roland JDXA and DSI/Tom Oberheim OB6 quick comparison PT1

Published on Jun 8, 2016 JD73's World

"Thought I'd compare these two great mic audio. The JDXA is using the 12db 2 pole LPF3 mode in line with the OB6 filter."

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