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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Cards for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP

Three new cards have been announced for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP eurorack module: Clocked Delays, Chorus, and Spring Waves.

Q960 On The Run Test

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Rafael Carrasquillo Q960 sequencer & Moog Minimoog Voyager.

Pollard Syndrum Twin - Vintage Analog Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and is working 100%. It is ready to be used and needs nothing! As you can see, this one includes the two original Syndrum pads and the original foot-pedal."

Koma Elektronik RH-301 Rhythm Workstation

via this auction

"Koma Elektronik RH-301 Rhythm Workstation midi to cv trigger generator, lfo, eg, infra red sensor, etc"


Published on Dec 1, 2015 Telekom Electronic Beats

Be sure to hit CC on the bottom right of the player for captions.

"EB.TV #88 - 01.12.2015
Since the creation of the Eurorack format the modular synthesiser has had an amazing renaissance. You will work hard to find an electronic musician these days who doesn’t use some sort of modular system. In this Tech Talk on EB.TV we dig a bit deeper to grasp this Modular Fascination and understand how these diverse and powerful instruments are being used. The words and wisdom of: Thomas Kircher of Schneiders Laden, Blawan, Kangding Ray, Henning Baer, Smash TV, Tobi Neumann and Alex Krueger help us along the way."

EB.TV TECH: Secret Weapons

Published on Jan 7, 2016 Telekom Electronic Beats

SECRET WEAPONS with ARIL BRIKHA (EB.TV) - Ensoniq ESQ-M, the synth that helped shape the classic “Groove La Chord” and much of the “Departure In Time” album on Derrick May’s Transmat label.
SECRET WEAPONS with REDSHAPE - E-mu SP-1200 - his Secret Weapon on Telekom Electronic Beats TV

EB.TV TECH: Thomas P. Heckmann's Devil's Kitchen Playlist

Published on Jan 21, 2016 Telekom Electronic Beats


MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio): How A Moog 55 Works

Published on Apr 27, 2016 Audio Technology Magazine

"Byron Scullin takes the Moog 55 modular synth for a drive and shows us how it works.

MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio)"

The Transaudio ProCase 6 - Custom Dual EMS VCS3 Modular Pin Matrix Synth at MESS

Robin Fox - MESS Ltd - Transaudio Procast 6

Published on Jun 14, 2016

Note this is the first post on the Transaudio ProCase 6 on MATRIXSYNTH. The synth is from 1976 and is part of the MESS collection. Only three of these where produced. It is essentially two EMS VCS3s in one unit with extras. See the overview video below.

Above: "Robin Fox takes us through the Melbourne made Transaudio Procaast 6 Synthesiser at MESS Ltd - Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio

MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio): How A Transaudio ProCase 6 Works

Published on Apr 27, 2016

"Robin Fox from MESS demonstrates a Transaudio ProCase 6 modular synth at MESS, Melbourne. Only three of them were ever made.


Image via Cycle Defrost

Update: see this post for some pics and a video walkthrough of MESS.

AT Tours MESS, Melbourne's New Synth Haven

Serkan Emre Çifçi - Emre Nişancı - Tunç Çakır / Multiraid at Peyote

Published on Jun 11, 2016 Tunç Çakır


Serkan Emre Çifçi - trumpet
Emre Nişancı - synthesizer
Tunç Çakır - drum machine - synthesizer

Mix: Emre Nişancı (Deneyevi Studio)"

A very small (it's an experiment/quick look) video - Ken MacBeth/Stanley Arts/Stjohn Mantle

Published on Jun 14, 2016 macbethsynthesizers

"We recorded some stuff at the weekend in Holland- Stanley Arts/Stjohn Mantle and myself!....a variety of interesting analogue synths and ipad synths too! There's Elements on it, a slider synth experiment and moog on the ipad! Drone is render this vid fully to quality will be an over night thing- I've just done this pretty quickly so vid quality is low, but ok for ipad/tablet."


via this auction

Erbe-verb test. Music for horror film.

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Andrew Hunter Music

"I'm working on a film score for an upcoming horror/thriller...picked up a Make Noise Erbe-Verb for inspiration. This sound is a tiptop 909 kick - doepfer bit crusher - boogie filter - pitts filter - springray reverb & erbe-verb. Everything synced to 4ms clocks and modulated manually and by PEG.'

Attack Decay Envelopes - Lessons From The Modular

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"One lesson we can learn from the modular synth world, is to drop the Sustain and Release stages of our 4 stage ADSR envelopes, turning them into West Coast friendly Attack Decay functions."

Amplitude Modulation with guitar and modular synthesizer

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Emiliano Bagnato

"Some examples of simple patches of Amplitude Modulation with a fretless guitar and a small Eurorack System.

The music extract at the end of the video is part of "Lacerazioni (uscita dal sonno)", a song from my latest album Cerchi Nell'Acqua available at:" - Superbooth16

Published on Jun 14, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Here's taking us through what they do and the patchblocks modules at Superbooth."

microGranny's First Date with Modstep

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"Bastl Instruments Microgranny 2 is a hardware granular sampler. In this video i want to show the integration to Modstep App. In this jam I mapped the parameters with Midi CC to Modstep and I use only this X Y Pads. In a second date, I will use automation with Modstep and Microgranny. A template will be available in the next update of Modstep."

Volca FM, Machinedrum, Electribe Sampler, Tribal House Live jam

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Shimanski Beats

"Finally received the Volca FM, and after a while of playing around I came up with an edgy FM sequence that I combined with a tribal house beat on the Machinedrum made the other day, and then programmed the other elements on the Electribe Sampler. Everything DAWless, i.e. it's a live hardware performance recorded in one go. unfortuantely, the camera position is not the best, so sometimes my arms block the vision.

Instruments used:
Volca FM (edgy FM sequence; internal sequencer)
Elektron Machinedrum (beat; internal sequencer)
DSI Mopho (lead sequence)
Yamaha TX81z (FM slap bass + mallet lead sequence)
MAM MB33 Retro (analog bass)
Electribe Sampler (sequencer for the other gear)
External FX used: Lexicon MX200, TC Electronic M one XL, TC Electronic M350, DBX 166XL
(the Waldorf Blofeld in the picture is not in use in this track)"

#ElectroSound – Du lab au dancefloor | Espace Fondation EDF

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Fondation EDF
Re-Published on Jun 15, 2016

Some synth spotting including the Hyve Touch Synthesizer, Minimoog Model D, Roland TR-808, SCI Pro-One and more.

"Exposer la musique électronique pourrait paraître en soi paradoxal : la musique s’écoute, se vit, se danse, s’expérimente, se ressent. Elle ne s’observe pas ! Et pourtant, découvrir son histoire, sa culture, c’est en réalité la décrypter et la comprendre. Quelles en sont les références, les codes et les outils ? Quelles seront, demain, ses nouvelles formes d’expression ? ≥≥ Exposition présentée du 25 mai au 2 octobre 2016 ≥ Espace Fondation EDF - 6, rue Récamier 75007 Paris ≥ Tous les jours du mardi au dimanche de 12h à 19h (sauf jours fériés) ≥ Entrée libre."


"Exposing electronic music might seem paradoxical in itself.! The music listening is lived, dance, experimenting, feels she is not observed Yet discover its history, its culture is .? actually decipher and understand what are the references, codes and tools What will tomorrow its new forms of expression ≥≥ Exhibition presented from May 25 to 2 October 2016 ≥ Espace Fondation EDF - 6 rue Récamier 75007 Paris ≥ Every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 12h to 19h (except holidays) ≥ free. "

The Dato DUO is Fully Funded!

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Dato Musical Instruments

"We made it! We reached 100% our Kickstarter funding goal to bring the Dato DUO in production with a little under 2 weeks to go.

Dato DUO is an innovative synth for two by Dutch designers David and Toon. It is aimed at musicians and non-musicians of any age. It has two faces: a synthesizer side and a synth side. Two players collaborate in making music facing each other. The controls and functions have been designed so that the instrument is easily usable by non-musicians, too. For the more serious musician, the Dato DUO is equipped with sync in and outputs and MIDI IN/OUT.

Dato has been visiting artists and letting them jam on the DUO prototype. Chris from Dutch producer duo Killing Skills says: “Constraints are actually really cool. They make you creative”. Videos will be posted on the Dato Music YouTube channel as they appear (

The Dato DUO was selected Kickstarter project of the day on June 8th. We reached our funding goal of € 60000 (~$68000) in 15 days. The Kickstarter campaign will run until June 26th 23:00 CEST."

Novation Releases Launchpad for iOS V2.0

Launchpad for iOS // V2.0 Realtime Tempo and Link Tutorial

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Launchpad for iOS

Launchpad for iOS // V2.0 Realtime Tempo & Ableton Link

iTunes: Novation Launchpad - Make & Remix Music - Novation

"What's New in Version 2.0
We’re proud to present the biggest ever update to Launchpad for iOS. We’ve completely redesigned the audio engine to add real-time stretching, so you can now change tempo at any time. We’ve also added Ableton Link, which allows you to play Launchpad in time with your other music apps, music devices and Ableton Live. All this, for free, on iPhone and iPad. Thank you for using Launchpad.

Highlight Features
• New real-time stretch engine - Change tempo while playing
• Ableton Link support - Jam in sync with your other apps, devices or laptop
• Free update for all iPhone and iPad users - No in-app purchase required
• New tempo control, with tap tempo and tempo display
• Effects adapt intelligently as the tempo changes

Other updates
• Various minor bugfixes and improvements"

New iConnectivity mio™ Advanced MIDI Interfaces

via iConnectivity

"Give your MIDI a big upgrade!

New line of ultra-versatile MIDI problem solvers offering support for 0 to 2 computers simultaneously, plus built-in MIDI merging, filtering, remapping, and routing

The mio™ Advanced MIDI interfaces are here! It’s a new line of MIDI problem-solvers from iConnectivity. Just plug in to connect and collaborate, in the studio or on stage. These are reinvented MIDI interfaces that work standalone or with up to six Macs/PCs at the same time.

They all feature built-in MIDI merging, filtering, remapping, and routing functions so you don’t need extra hardware units. mio10 has 10x10 5-pin MIDI, the mio4 has 4x4, and both support everything: USB MIDI, Ethernet MIDI, and more.

The affordable mio2 (2x2 5-pin MIDI) supports two Macs/PCs at the same time.

iConnectivity now has a comprehensive line of innovative MIDI and audio interfaces to handle modern setups of all sizes.

The mio™ line handles everything from essential up to extreme MIDI setups, in the studio and on stage. They're all USB MIDI Class-Compliant, so they plug-'n-play - no drivers become outdated, and other musicians only have to plug in to collaborate.

Famed musician/sound designer/MIDI wizard Richard Devine has been working with a pre-production unit: "iConnectivity's new mio10 is the dream MIDI system I've been waiting for! Its routing system is very flexible, and it's a breeze to use. Absolute class all the way. The Rolls Royce of MIDI interfaces!"

Moog mother32 seq

Published on Jun 14, 2016 tasuku0676


Published on Jun 9, 2016 Barry Neilsen


1. Leftie
"Very slow and a bit old-school.

Two patches running in a performance, both using the 002's Animator, which is a kind of parameter sequencer which runs individually for each voice. On both patches here it's controlling individual oscillator levels, plus LFO rates and amounts.

The thing down by my left hand is a Launch Control and I'm using the pads to trigger the second patch, which is making all the old-school noise and modulated sine wave sounds.

Download the audio for this, here:"

2. Antithesis
"Looping sequences in the 002, all different lengths so they phase with each other. Two short (high, sustained sound); one medium (bass) and one very long (discordant brassy strings) where I mess with the loop length. My left hand is working the nanoKontrol mapped to filter and volume on the 002 parts. Percussion and FX from MachineDrum, LXP-15 and VoiceWorks."

3. Rosebud
"This is an oldie for me. I came up with these ideas back in the mid eighties, but I just wanted to get them back in my head ... well, they've never really left my head but it's a long time since my hands played them (and doesn't it show).

All sounds from my Modal 002; reverb and delay are an LXP 15II; and sequencing is from Genome on iPad hooked up to an iConnectMidi4+. (Glad my iPad 2 is still good for something.)"

4. 002 Jam, May 2016
"I've had my 002 nearly three years now. It still feels very fresh :)

For those who know don't this synth, this is an eight-part multi-timbral performance. (The synth is twelve voice and can be twelve-part multi-timbral.) Six of the parts are running their own sequences, which are up to 32 steps of up to one whole-note length. The two remaining parts are mapped across the keyboard. I'm using the Nano-Kontrol faders to control part level, and the rotary knobs controls filter cut-off on each part.

Delay and reverb are from my trusty old LXP-15II."

Atomosynth Mochika XL Retro Synth Square Wave Old School Synthesizer

via this auction

RangerGranny Jam (w/ bitRanger, MicroGranny 2.0 & Volca Beats) #TTNM

Published on Jun 14, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

"Jamming with the Volca Beats, synced to the Bastl bitRanger, with some additional live button mashing on the MicroGranny 2.0 :)

Questions or comments? Go ahead and post them below! :) Thanks for watching! Check out my channel for more Synthesizer Music.

Audio gear used:
- Bastl Instruments / Casper Electronics bitRanger logic computer synth
- Bastl Electronics MicroGranny 2.4 granular sampler
- Korg Volca Beats drum machine"

ARP Odyssey Mk 1 ORIGINAL Model 2800 Analog Synthesizer SN 282760

via this auction

Bruce Forat Emu SP-12 Turbo

via this auction

"Emu's legendary Sp12 Turbo slightly second only to the SP1200. Freshly back from a complete check up and minor tune-up and new battery from Bruce Forat, this is one of the cleanest units we have ever seen. We all know that legendary 12bit crunch from our favorite Daft Punk records and classic hip hop records. No plug-ins have yet to emulate the real thing, so don't miss out on this incredible tool for your classic house and hip-hop tracks.

One of the main advantages over an SP1200 is the battery stores whatever you've done to memory after you turn it off, so when it's back on it's all there where you left off! Another key advantage is being able to transfer samples via midi using software! And of course, SP1200's have sky rocketed in price, putting them out of the reach of most people."

Oberheim OB 8 with Midi & Aftertouch

via this auction

"Oberheim OB8 with factory midi in excellent functional and cosmetic condition.The OB 8 comes with a travel case and original OB8 operating manual and patch cassette.

This unit has been modified in 3 ways. 1) The original problematic Panasonic keyboard has been replaced with a new custom Fatar keyboard. This keyboard has a built in aftertouch sensor and was installed by Retrolinear. 2) A sophisticated AT circuit was installed by New England Analog and includes a Pyxis controller and external pressure pad controller. Check out YouTube videos by New England Analog and the Pyxis control system.The Pyxis controller allows the AT to control the VCO, VCF, VCA, and LFO by intensity and speed. A series of toggle switches on the back of the synth allow a variety of AT combinations such as pitch bending up, down, or Osc 1 up and Osc 2 down. Do a search on NEA's Pyxis controller and its capabilities and 3) bass boost which was done by replacing the 100k R505 and R506 resistors with 1M resistors(4) and building a network of 4x of 120K resistors and 0.0056 film caps in series and connecting the small network in parallel to the new 1M resistors.This modification helps create a better low end somewhere in between a standard OBX-A and an OB 8.

This particular unit was in great functional shape when purchased and I invested another $2500 with NEA and Retrolinear on the refurbishing and mods.The rebuild work done includes:
replaced capacitors in PSU
Repaired faulty envelope generator release control on upper four voices
Installed new 5V bridge rectifier
replaced 40109 chips and top voice board 3080 chips
Replaced calibration summing TL 071 Op amp and the two TL 072 output OP amps.
Installed Fatar keyboard with factory aftertouch sensor
Installed aftertouch circuitry and Pyxis AT controller and touch sensor pad
all 16 oscillators tuned and calibrated.
Loaded factory preset patches"

Radikal Technologies RT 451Stereofilter

Published on Jun 14, 2016 lfoone

"Analog Stereofilter fürs Eurorack! Ich nutze das gute Stück als Filter für meine Drumsubgruppe. In diesm Video habe ich den Synthesizer JDXi von Roland mal durch das Filter geschickt um damit mal darzustellen, wie herrlich warm und frisch ein digitaler Synthesizer klingen kann. Das Filter eignet sich hervorragend für die analogisierung von digitalen oder virtuell analogen Klangerzeugern und wertet diese um ein vielfaches auf. Es muss also nicht gleich eine teurer Real Analogsynthesizer sein.
Ich hoffe euch gefällt was Ihr seht und vor allem hört."


"Analog stereo filter for Eurorack! I use a good piece as a filter for my Drumsubgruppe. In diesm video I have the synthesizer JDXi Roland once sent through the filter in order to present times how wonderfully warm and fresh, a digital synthesizer can sound. The filter is ideal for analogization of digital or virtual analog sound generators and evaluates them on many times. So there must be a more expensive Real Analog Synthesizer is not equal.
I hope you like what you see and hear mainly."

AudioThing SR-88 Demo - Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88 Emulation

Published on Jun 14, 2016 audiothing

"Get this plugin here:

SR-88 is a sample-based plugin emulation of the Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88, a rare analog drum machine from the 80s.

The instrument features 5 classic analog sounds: Kick, Snare, Hi Hat 1, Hi Hat 2, and Cymbal, which can be pitched, panned or mixed independently."

Modular Jam 54 "Ditto That"

Published on Jun 14, 2016 ngarjuna

"Drums in Sector (iOS): I tossed 4 reps of the drum loop (Jamstix-AD) into Sector and then setup a probabilistic grid with a fairly straight version of the loop on the bottom of the circle and various effects and glitches on the top of the circle. The grid lines determine whether the pattern will step to the next sector (clockwise starting from 3:00) or jump to one of its possible variant sectors on the top.

Acid Voices
Sequencer 1 driving Rubicon sigmoid
Into the VCF 303 enveloped by itself and modulated by PEG (both channels combined in Maths)
Into uVCA enveloped by VCF 303 (Gate and Accent)
Distortion from module (VCF 303), Angel Lofte Source Plus (tubes) with Klanghelm SDDR (fuzz), and guitar amp

FM Off Lead Voice
Rene driving the STO
STO dynamically LIN FM'd (via Optomix and Maths plus Wogglebug STEPPED OUT) via its own SUB
STO Vari SHAPE modulated by a ramp LFO from Sequencer 1
Into Optomix enveloped by Maths (FALL modulated by another ramp LFO from Sequencer 1) and damp modulated by Rene
Delay in DubStation

SMR Voice
Sequencer 1 giving off gates from: Gate, Accent, CV1, CV2, CV3 and Clock into the SMR CV ins for each channel
Custom scale (basically pent minor)
PEG (slower channel) rotating the scale in time

Robot Sex Voice
Sequencer 1 driving Sputnik 2 and Rubicon
Sputnik 2 FM'ing the Rubicon (dynamic via Maths ch4 being Fall modulated by Sequencer 1)
Maths ch1 (very slowly) cycling CV into the extra exponential input (with attenuverter part way up into positive)
Rubicon triangle out into the Timbre modulated by Sequencer 1

FM Hash Percussion Voices
Rene driving Sputniks and STO
258 FM'ing itself from SUB (dynamically via double PEG [OR] and Optomix or uVCA)
In one patch it's SQUARE from the Waveshape out (modulated by SMOOTH CV OUT from Wogglebug)
in the others it's SINE out into Timbre modulated by PEG envelope(s)
Into the Optomix where it either drones (damp modulated by Rene) or gets enveloped by Maths"

Expert Sleepers disting mk3 - MIDI File Playback

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Expert Sleepers

Library Modular Synth Adventures Pt 2

Published on Jun 14, 2016 Jade Guitarmaker

"Here is another improvisation I performed on the modular synthesizer at the Lawrence Public Library. All the sounds including the drums are being performed in the same patch.

You can download a higher quality version of the song here:"

Part 1 here.

Crumar Bit99 synth demo - instant 80s

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Susan Gardener

An overview of the Crumar Bit99.

"This is the Crumar Bit99, produced in 1985.
It was marketed simply as the brand Bit with no mention of Crumar, presumably as a rebranding exercise. They were jumping on the digital bandwagon with the name, but apart from the oscillators and control circuitry this is an analog synth. The DCOs, unlike many of their competitors, are not digitally controlled analog oscillators - I understand the waveforms are digitally generated. After the oscillators, the signal path is pure analog with 6 voice polyphony and a bi-timbral capability. You can layer sounds - either in mono or stereo, or split sounds across the keyboard. The stereo is simply 2 outputs, one for each layer, or if a single timbre is selected it will split voices across the outputs. In the demo I have the lower output assigned left and the upper output assigned right.

The architecture was quite advanced for its day, with 2 oscillators and 2 envelope generators per voice. It also has fully assignable velocity sensitivity and full MIDI capability. The design philosophy was very much 'no knobs', but with the architecture and parameter numbers printed on the front, editing was actually pretty simple.

The Bit99 was the top of the range of Bit synths from Crumar, following on from the Bit One keyboard and Bit 01 expander. I'm not sure why it never really caught on as it's the equal of synths such as Roland's JX8P, which I also own."

Test Crumar Tocata Organ Analog Vintage

Published on Jun 13, 2016 Ulises El Licenciado Lozano

"Great Crumar Organ Compact with Leslie simulator.
Warm sound, great presets and the pedal option to change from slow to fast tremolo is awesome !
this is one of my fav organs in my collection. not very expensive but big and legit sound !"

Patch n Tweak

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