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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jaèdéd-Your Cold Face

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Jae Ryan

"I've got company in my studio and decided to get out the old 4 track cassette deck until the holidays pass. Here is a recording I did using only the DSI/Tom Oberheim OB-6 triggered by an original Roland Tr-606! It's been inspiring, as terrible as it sounds and I think I will continue to make some more minimal recordings in this style. I need a break from computers......"

Jones O'Tool Plus

The Jones O'Tool Plus, aka O'Tool +, apparently was released back in June according to the Jones website. I'm not sure how many were initially released, but I'm seeing announcements from various dealers that they are now in stock. If you are interested in picking one up, see the dealers on the right of the site for availability and pricing. Check out the cool screens on the O'Tool + below.

"The new and improved Jones O'Tool Plus oscilloscope and audio tools eurorack module from Dave Jones Design was in development for almost two years. It was finally released in June 2016.

A greatly improved version of the original O'Tool module, with temperature stable readings, extreme accuracy, added modes, upgradability, and more.

Single channel oscilloscope
Dual channel oscilloscope
3D oscilloscope
X/Y display
Level meter
VU meter
Peak meter
Voltmeter (with p-p and average DC)
Frequency meter
Tuner (guitar tuner style)
Linear spectrum analyzer
Log spectrum analyzer
BPM meter
It includes user configurable settings and can remember settings at power up for three users. That means you can have different settings for home, studio, and performances, or any three different sets of settings.

It is temperature stable and extremely accurate. It can monitor two signals, with inputs looped through to other modules. The scope modes include an external trigger option.

It is firmware upgradable. It has a jumper for internal or external 5 volt source. It has an expansion connector for possible future add-on modules."

Jazz-cid. Animoog Poison Bassline Patterning iM1 seq'd with Genome

Published on Dec 14, 2016 exnihilo415

"A jazzy syncopated electric piano and wheezy accordion ditty morphs into a four on the floor acidic echo fest jam.

Animoog is doing the bass
Poison is doing the accordion (on modified Accordian patch)
iM1 (on modified Synthbass patch)
Patterning is doing the drums
Bassline is providing the acid reflux disorder
All sync'd up with Genome"

Roland Juno-60 (1982) through ARP Odyssey Mk.3 (1978) - filter modulation demo

Published on Dec 14, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

Roland Juno-60 Analog Synthesizer (1982) through ARP Odyssey MK3 (1978) audio in demonstration including filter resonance sample/hold and LFO modulation
fx: reverb and delay"

Pre-Production Model Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN B0007

via this auction

"This synthesizer has been lovingly cared for in a smoke-free studio, which it has not left. It is fully functional and every button and knob operates as new. It has been updated to the newest available Prophet 6 operating system, which boasts features like the Oberheim phaser and ring modulator effects found on the OB-6 (see pictures).

If you're a collector, this model is quite rare. It is a pre-production model, which is why its note value settings are visually different. Because this was created before the production factory presets were finished, the factory preset ROM region of the sound bank is empty. But the user section is currently filled with the factory presets, and can be used to store or download new sounds.

The Prophet 6 comes in original Prophet 6 packaging that will be protected with further layers of cardboard."

Rare Custom Commodore C64 SID Synthesizer

via this auction

"in excellent condition, made from a vintage Commodore 64 case that will have minor wear due to its age.

**This is a rare custom designed synth made from a Commodore 64 case and that uses 2 SID 8580 chips.
its got a ton of power and features. killer synth for chip tune.

fast and hands-on with heaps of crazy features (3-way-polyphony, wavetables, triggers, special drum engine, bassline engine, etc).

The sound chips are the later SID 8580 (from the mid 80s original C64s), much better than the earlier 6581 ones the SID station uses. It can combine waveforms, like TRI+PULSE, SAW+PULSE, etc, the old ones couldn't do it. Gives it a much wider sound spectrum.

it has two independent SIDs, each with own MIDI channel and seperate audio outs, so one can do a bassline and the other can do skanks for instance while you can tweak both in realtime, with the knobs or MIDI controllers."

ARP 1601 CV/Gate Sequencer

via this auction

"Everything works as it should. It should be noted, however, that the sliders are quite stiff/gunky and will need to be cleaned or replaced (they do function correctly though.) Also, the sliders in the step section are missing their respective caps (slider caps are easily sourced in light of Korg reproducing the Oddy)...

Here are some specs:

'This sequencer is packed full of features as is a must have piece to accompany an ARP 2600, TTSH, Eurorack or any other 1V/octave modular synths.

Some of the major features:

1x16 step sequencer or 2x8 step sequencers

3 gate outputs selectable per step

Selectable step or random sequencing

Internal or external clocking

2 built in quantizers

Transposable via quantizer CV Input

Foot switch start/stop control

Passive multiples'"

Zebra 2 Patch - Computing for You Now

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Mark Mosher

"Original patch from INIT using only U-HE Zebra 2 by Mark Mosher.

Makes extensive use of X/Y modulation."

AniModule STD + Gate_Mod Polyrhytm Patch - Lil' Monster VCO Pitch controlled by logic

Published on Dec 14, 2016 JRock17991

"A Cool syncopated PolyRhythmic Patch

STD at the Heart and 4 Channels of Gate_Mod Chained up to get varying syncopations

The Lil' Monster VCOs are all being controlled by Logic Gates going in to Mixers, then the voltage attenuated as desired.

Low Voice is SOB LowPass and High Voice is SOB BandPass.

You can really hear some wavefolding action going on in this :)"

MST VCO - DIY Eurorack Module - Midiverse - TV

Published on Dec 14, 2016 MIDI-VERSE TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be checking out the MST VCO. This is a DIY Eurorack Synthesizer module that we recently finished building. So here's a quick overview and a few patch examples.

Available at -"

Make Noise Wogglebug Demonstration

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Wiggle with the Make Noise Wogglebug controlling the Endorphines Furthrrr Generator and Terminal."


Note: MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio (other discounts excluded). See the membership page on how to sign up!

Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR) Tutorial #1 -- 1V/Octave outputs in firmware v5

Published on Dec 14, 2016 4mspedals

"Tutorial Video #1 in a series for the SMR from 4ms Company.

This covers the 1V/octave output mode, which is a new feature in firmware v5. Six VCOs are being controlled by the SMR, using the Spectral's built-in scales and tunings. This shows how the SMR can be used as an sequencer, arpeggiator, and chord machine using up to 6 VCOs, which adds 6 analog or digital voices to the system, tracked to the system.

Hold down ROTATE while you flip the Env switch to "Fast" to enable the Env Outs jacks to output 1V/octave CV on these jacks. Then patch the Env Out jacks into the 1V/OCT jack of your VCOs (up to 6 VCOs). Use each VCO's Frequency knob to tune it to the associated SMR channel. You can then run the VCOs into a mixer, or through effects etc if you like. All VCOs will track perfectly with your SMR!"


Custom 909 Skinned Roland TR-8

via this auction

"A custom modded Roland TR-8. I personally custom modded this TR-8 with orange and white led's. If you would like different colored led's, like blue or more orange, please let me know and I can swap them out.

Replacing the led's is very difficult, but I have the skills to do it.

This unit includes a synthgraphics 909 overlay attached permanently.

Custom 909 knobs AND 2 ORIGINAL 909/707 knobs on the scatter and tempo knob to give it a more official look.

Border trim has been spray painted to grey to match the 909 overlay.

Original adapter and instruction manual will be provided.

This item has been used, but works 100%. Will be factory restored before shipping."

Roland Juno 106 S w/ Brand New Speakers

via this auction

"This is a somewhat rare Juno in that the S models have speakers! New speakers have been replaced with 200 watt Pyles, and this thing sounds amazing! It's very loud and you can actually hear bass compared to the stock ones. it's loud enough to keep up with a band (depending on how loud your drummer is playing of course.) but it also has the same exact stereo outs, midi, and all the other specs of a normal 106. Everything works perfectly, no issues at all. The front has some scratches but overall this synth is near flawless. This is also a Japanese model that requires 100v. I am also including a step down converter with the synth for use in the U.S."

Emu Morpheus Z-Plane SYNTHESIZER

via this auction

"Emu Morpheus Rack Z-Plane Synth working and RARE. New BR2330 battery installed today and unit has been initialized to factory settings. All buttons, switches data wheel and volume knobs works great. Midi tested and working. Comes with A/C power cord and a CDROM with the users manual in pdf and 4 banks of patches in SYX data.Use midi OX to send data. Dance, expanded, filmscore and songwriter patches for the MORPHEUS"

Mutronics Mutator Rare Vintage Synth Stereo Analog Filter LFO SN 289M with Midi

via this auction

"There are only 1000 of these made, and this one is the rare version with midi. This unit has 120v and 240v switching built in and easy to switch between the two depending on your country's power needs. It's fully functional and sounds amazing! The Mutator is famous for being used by Daft Punk and Radiohead among others. Smooth warm filters aggressive sharp resonance, this sounds great for everything, drums, bass, synthesizers, vocals, entire tracks. Cosmetically it's in great shape, with some minor signs of use. Be sure to check out the pictures to make sure you like it. Don't miss out on this classic filter!"

Moog Prodigy Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 1524

via this auction

Mini-Korg 700 Synthesizer - Univox K-2

via this auction

Electronic music Jam #37 MOTHMAN Machinedrum + Octatrack + Blofeld

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Ant GM

"New LiveSet with Elektron Machinedrum, Octatrack and Waldorf Blofeld."

Deluge - Parameter Automation (Demo and Tutorial)

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Synthstrom Audible

"A short demo and a tutorial of how to program parameter automation on the Deluge."


Published on Dec 14, 2016 LESINDES

"VERBOS BARK FILTER PROCESSOR using it as a 6-band-vocoderr. The Bark is a 12-band dynamic graphic EQ with an evelope follower for each band."


Published on Dec 14, 2016 A Touching Display

"A Touching Display 6 songs liveset
electro/techno/trip hop/cosmic/synth pop"

Studio Science: Suzanne Ciani on the Buchla

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Red Bull Music Academy

"Created in the early 1960s by Don Buchla, the Buchla synthesizer revolutionized electronic music through its innovative design and endlessly variable modular system, encouraging new methods of creation and performance. Few artists pursued the emotional and sonic possibilities as comprehensively as Suzanne Ciani, an early disciple of Buchla and an undeniable master of the machine who first got her start composing music for advertisements before redefining herself as a Grammy-nominated new age artist. In Ciani’s hands, what can often look like an impenetrable tangle of wires becomes an instrument of beauty, capable of producing truly far-out sounds.

In this impressive display of expert knowledge, filmed at the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy in Montréal, the synthesizer pioneer takes us inside the Buchla in all its complex glory.

The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. We celebrate music, its culture, and the transformative minds behind it. Begun in 1998, the Academy has taken the core principles that underlie its annual workshop for selected participants and applied this curatorial approach to events, lectures, and city-wide festivals throughout the year."


Published on Dec 14, 2016 junkiexlofficial

"Let's take a look at one of the earliest digital sequencers ever made..."

Modular Synth Masterclass with Gino Robair - 11 January 2017 - Torino Italy

Published on Dec 14, 2016 NOISECOLLECTIVE

"The workshop will examine a number of techniques to use when improvising with modular synthesizers within a large group and it lays the groundwork for a concert the same evening, with the workshop participants.

The workshop will focus on global awareness and listening during an improvisation, while exploring patching strategies for achieving maximum variety and avoiding stagnation. We will also discuss concepts such as foreground/background, solo/support, gestural control, and intention/non-intention.

This would be particularly interesting for modular synth users because the temptation with the instrument is to simply layer sounds. Actively patching, and utilizing concepts such as disruption vs. support can be very helpful for sparking ideas about new ways to approach electronics in an group-improv situation.

Gino uses strategies, concepts, and hand cues (conduction) based on his own work, as well as the work of John Zorn, Butch Morris, ROVA Sax Quartet, Anthony Braxton and Frank Zappa.

The workshop will be held at Mothership Club in Via Schiaparelli 16 - Torino

Thanks to
Synth meeting, Synth cafè, Ultrasonica"

Details posted here.

New Technos Acxel Preset Demos

New demos of the Technos Acxel Resynthesizer have been added to this post. A working Acxel Resynthesizer is about as rare as it gets, so do not miss these.

Abstract Data ADE-32 Demo

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Octocontroller, from Abstract Data, is a complex modulator used as a commanding controller for Eurorack modular systems. It has eight different outputs which can be assigned to 12 different functions from Sample n holds to LFOs and clock dividers. There is a master clock and external clock input to use the Octocontroller as a master or slave clock, as well as a reset input to synchronization. For as jam packed as this module is, there is no menu diving, with all the parameter settings visibly presented by the LEDs. For a compact system, this is the ultimate module for all clocking and modulation needs."


Note: MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio (other discounts excluded). See the membership page on how to sign up!

Hordijk Osc Sync First Patch

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Todd Barton

"Maiden voyage of this amazing Osc Sync by Rob Hordijk"

New Malekko SND/RTN Now Available

"The #Malekko SND/RTN module is now officially available at your favorite shop!"

You can find one via the banners on the right here on MATRIXSYNTH.

Details on the new eurorack module via Malekko:



4hp SND/RTN module includes ¼ jacks for instrument and line level input with CV input to modulate the dry/wet mix as well as manual control over send and return levels (and a clip LED). Marry Malekko pedals and other outboard effects with your modular in 4hp."

You can find a prototype demo from Nova Musik (now Kraft Music) at NAMM posted here.

VGM #96: The Streets of Whiterun (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Ace Waters

"This counts as a winter level right? I mean, all of Skyrim is practically winter all the time, so I think it counts. Been wanting to do the streets of Whiterun for a long time. Such a peaceful bit of music from a game that consumed hundreds of hours of my life."

0-Coast Firmware Update Procedure

Published on Dec 14, 2016 MAKEN0ISE

"How to update the firmware on a Make Noise 0-Coast using audio bootloader. Check readme before updating to make sure you don't already have the latest firmware.

If your 0-COAST has serial number 1603 or higher you already have this version of firmware, do not run this firmware updater!!!

Before updating, check the light sequence on power up of your 0-COAST. Units that have already been updated to 1.5.4 will flash PGM_A, PGM_B and MIDI A Activity Windows on power up. If your 0-COAST flashes PGM_A, PGM_B and MIDI A Activity Windows on power up do not run this firmware updater!!!

If your 0-COAST does not power up with the 1.5.4 light sequence, you could run the firmware updater.

Find latest firmware at"

Primal Audio FM4 "FM HEAVEN Soundset"

Published on Dec 9, 2016 Yuuki Koide

iTunes: FM4 - Primal Audio

MOOG MF-104M + KORG VOLCA BASS ~ Will They Pair? Ep.01

Published on Dec 14, 2016 once upon a synth

"I feed the Korg Volca Bass analog synth into the Moogerfooger MF-104M analog delay pedal and just keep tweaking. 'Will They Pair?' is a series where I try to combine two pieces of musical gear together to see what kind of sounds I can come up with."

Vintage Roland SH-101 Analog Monophonic Bass Synth with Modulation Grip

via this auction and on Reverb

KORG Polysix SN 461753

via this auction

Teenage Engineering OP-1: Voltage Demo Song

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Stochastic Design

"A quick demo of the capabilities of the Voltage synth in the OP-1, where we create and record the drums, bass, pad and lead for a short tune!"

Christmas Time Is Here - Altera DE2-115 Nios II Synthesizer

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Zackery Arnold

The Altera DE2-115 is a Development and Education Board from Intel. The following are details on the board itself, and not the synth above, via Intel. Just thought it was a fun holiday post, and as with many posts on MATRIXSYNTH, it's an FYI that this is out there for those that might be interested. Not sure what the sound/synth engine is, so I reached out to Zackery and will post back if I hear back. See the FPGA label below from some previous posts featuring FPGA DIY projects.

"Board Category: Development Kit

Components & Interface: Audio: Iomic; Expansion: Generic, HSMC; Industry Standard: Ethernet, PS2, RS232, USB Device; Video: Composite Input, VGA Output

End Market: Broadcast, Computer & Storage, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military, Test & Measurement, Wireline

General User IO: 7 Segment Display, LED, Push Button, Slider Switch

Technology: General Purpose

Cyclone Series: Cyclone IV: Cyclone IV E

The DE2 series has consistently been at the forefront of educational development boards by distinguishing itself with an abundance of interfaces to accommodate various application needs. Extending its leadership and success, Terasic announces the latest DE2-115 that features the Cyclone IV E device. Responding to increased versatile low-cost spectrum needs driven by the demand for mobile video, voice, data access, and the hunger for high-quality images, the new DE2-115 offers an optimal balance of low cost, low power and a rich supply of logic, memory and DSP capabilities. The DE2-115 adopts similar features from the earlier DE2 series primarily the DE2-70, as well as additional interfaces to support mainstream protocols including Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). A High-Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) connector is provided to support additional functionality and connectivity via HSMC daughter cards and cables. For large-scale ASIC prototype development, a connection can be made with two or more FPGA-based boards by means of a HSMC cable through the HSMC connector. The Cyclone EP4CE115 device equipped on the DE2-115 features 114,480 logic elements (LEs), the largest offered in the Cyclone IV E series, up to 3.9-Mbits of RAM, and 266 multipliers. In addition, it delivers an unprecedented combination of low cost and functionality, and lower power compared to previous generation Cyclone devices."

248r MARF Patch Test Dec 14 2016

Published on Dec 14, 2016 djangosfire

"Test patch - focus is on external clock source, and applying programmed pulse out.

2x sequences (5 against 6) on clock
1x 261e voice

Thank you
- Djangosfire"

Studiologic Sledge Synthesiser Tutorial 41 Tomita Snowflakes are Dancing

Published on Dec 14, 2016 David Clements

"George Hall recreates sounds used on Isao Tomita's album Snowflakes are Dancing (The Newest Sound Of Debussy) on a Studiologic Sledge synthesiser. Learn synth programming with George Hall."

You can find all parts in the series here.

KORG Monologue Synthesizer - Factory Sounds Walkthrough & Unboxing Video

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Synth Anatomy

KORG Monologue Synthesizer - Unboxing
KORG Monologue Synthesizer - Factory Sounds Walkthrough I
KORG Monologue Synthesizer - Factory Sounds Walkthrough II
KORG Monologue Synthesizer - New Sounds
KORG Monologue Synthesizer - Ring Modulation Feature
Let's Seqz #2 - KORG Monologue & Kaoss Pad Mini
KORG Monologue - Waveform Sequencing Tutorial
KORG Monologue - Percussive Sounds Tutorial

Live Jam #64 - Techno / Melodic - Arturia Microbrute, Akai APC, Korg volca sample, er-1, eurorack

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Monotrail

"Another more techno oriented jam. A bit of a slow start on this one but I really liked playing with the random melody."

microKorg patch editing with Patch Base

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Coffeeshopped

"Korg microKorg patch editing with Patch Base on iPad. Patch Base is a full-featured patch editor and librarian for new and vintage synthesizers. More information at

Patch Base is used for all patch editing in the video.

The microKorg is being sequenced by Little MIDI Machine app on the iPad.

The iPad is connected to the microKorg with the iConnectMIDI1"

YAMAHA SK-20 - Ambient music soundscape【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Dec 14, 2016 synth4ever

"Yamaha SK-20 synth demo - playing relaxing ambient music soundscape on Yamaha SK-20 combo organ / string / analog synthesizer from Yamaha. The Yamaha SK-20 is a vintage organ/stringer polysynth with tremolo and ensemble effects.

Additional effects from MXR Stereo Chorus, Eventide SPACE reverb & Timefactor delay guitar pedals."

Acid House live with Electribe, Volca, 303, Blofeld: "Two People"

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Shimanski Beats

"Acid house live performance with the following instruments:
Korg Electribe Sampler 2 (drums, percussion, vocal samples and hardware sequencing)
DSI Mopho: Bass
Cyclone Bassbot TT 303: acid line 1
MAM MB 33 retro: acid line 2
Waldorf Streichfett: string pad
Waldorf Blofeld: mallet-like sequence
Korg Volca FM: Submarine-like sound

Effects: TC One XL (reverb), Lexicon MX-200 (reverb and delay on Blofeld and MB33), TC Dark Matter (distortion on TT 303), Marshal Jackhammer (distortion on MB33), TC Alter Ego x4 Vintage delay (delay on TT-303)."

A Love Supreme Generating CV - Making Jazz with Make Noise

Published on Jun 10, 2016

"An excerpt of John Coltrane's solo from 'A Love Supreme" used to control Rene in the Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System."

iPad jam #2

Published on Dec 14, 2016 Alex Wray

"iPad jam with Fugue machine playing back Arturia iMini, with Patterning on the drums, and Arp Odyssei with a little help/skip from Korg gadget. Summed together via Audiobus and miMIX, recorded directly to Audioshare. Master control via Audiobus Remote on iPhone. Slight post mastering via compression/EQ in logic."

Spotted on discchord.

Exploring Samplr

Published on Dec 13, 2016 Alex Wray

"Got Samplr today, a dark exploring improve, with Korg Gadget (Helsinki, Bilboa, and Berlin)"

iTunes: Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso

A polar bear and his Electribe

Published on Aug 24, 2016 Alex Wray

"I was gifted a polar bear suit from Grizcoat, and feeling a bit silly. The result: A hardware jam with a few mistakes, in a polar bear outfit.

Nord Lead 2x
Novation A-Station
Korg Electribe 2
Line 6 Echo Park"

Electribe 2 - Not a Techno Song & Performance/Arrangement Tips by Alex Wray

Published on May 18, 2016 Alex Wray

"Pure Korg Electribe 2. Excuse the mistakes :)"

Korg Electribe 2 performance/arrangement tricks- Latch/hold Trigger Seq & Step Jump

Published on Jul 19, 2016

"A quick video on how to latch and hold trigger sequences and combining them with held step jump sequence. This opens up a whole new way to play, arrange and perform with your Electribe. Enjoy!
Big shout out to Sumako Artist who made some very informative video's on holding/ latching pad modes with the Gate Arp and the kaoss pad. Check them out!"

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