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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Keyboard playing techniques to emulate other instruments

Published on Jul 13, 2017 SynthMania

Acoustic guitar - 0:44
Banjo - 6:39
Orchestral Strings - 9:45
Choir - 13:06
Flute - 15:17
Saxophone - 17:32
Trumpet - 20:14
Harp - 22:33
Marimba - 25:20
Electric Bass - 26:49
Synth: Kurzweil K2500RS
MIDI controller keyboard: M-Audio Axiom 61

Luis Fonsi - DESPACITO (Electronic synthesizer COVER) by Starshipfive

Published on Jul 13, 2017 starshipfive

"No copyright infringement intented.


This is my electronic style cover for this theme.

Sequence was done in Cubase 5 and then audio mixdown was passed to Roland SP 404 Sampler.

Pad - Roland XP-60
Lead - Yamaha AN1x
Synth Strings - Alesis Ion
Vocoder - Roland V-synth XT
Lead #2 - Yamaha CS6x with 2 Yamaha PLG 150 AN
FX - Roland JP 8000

Several VST instruments were used in the sequenced part"

Vintage 60s 70s Beatnik Stylophone w/ Original Box

via this auction

In case anyone was wondering if beatniks used stylophones, apparently the Beatnik movement ended in the mid 60s and the Stylophone was invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis, and entered production in 1968. Maybe Brian was a beatnik. :)

According to wikipedia: "Elements of the beatnik trope included pseudo-intellectualism, drug use, and a cartoonish depiction of real-life people along with the spiritual quest of Jack Kerouac's autobiographical fiction."

The box art?

Original Novation BassStation SN 0001226

via this auction

YAMAHA ED10 ELECTRONIC DRUM Fat Analog Drum Synthesizer SN 22891

via this auction

Check out the tiny hex pad on the back! :)

Original Yamaha DX9 Synthesizer Data Tape

via this auction

Aside from this still existing, another interesting thing is the "A" and "B" indicating each side of the tape is hand written. Curious if it was done during manufacturing or if the owner did it later. As you can see on the back of the case, there are three banks. If you've ever used a tape for data backup on a synth, you'll know they don't take up much time, so it is possible all three banks were on one or both sides.

"The tape has been tested and plays well with no faults. It has not been tested on a DX9 synthesizer."

PAIA 2720 Vintage DIY Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

PAIA Gnome Early Synthesizer w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

"This was available in kit form in the mid 1970's

Itis completely assembled and for the most part works.

The only issue I can report is the VCF appears to have limited functionality.

The resistive element is intact and it does work.

Requires two 9 volt batteris to operate.

Unit is in very good condition."

ENSONIQ ESQ-M ANALOG WAVE SYNTHESIZER w/ Original Box & Voice Crystal Carts

via this auction

Nice shot of the CEM3CEM3379 24 dB/oct. VCF, VCA, VC pan 379 chips on the inside further below.

"It comes with rack ears, 4 cartridges, manuals, a bunch of cool preset sheets, and original box. One thing worth noting is that cartridge 2 and 3 are full of great useable sounds and drum kits while cartridge 1 and X have been erased. It also responds to aftertouch which is great. This is what you want if you don't have the space for a big heavy keyboard."

Crumar Bit 01 Rack Expander 6-Voice Vintage Synthesizer SN 00060

via this auction

The Bit 01 is an analog six-voice polyphonic MIDI module. It has MIDI-in only, so there's no saving patches by MIDI - only to the Tape interface (which I haven't tested). There are 99 memory locations - 75 for basic patches - 24 for saving splits & doubles. It has selectable stereo audio outputs for those split & double modes (3 voices per channel).
I don't have the proper owner's manual, only a scan of the Bit 99 manual (the same engine with a keyboard) which you'll get in a nice binder! The 01 lacks the "program advance" pedal input (for program chaining) and headphone jack that the 99 has. It does have the release pedal input. The MIDI input works fine, including program change. The sound is clean from both channels."

Roland MC 202 w/ Arturia Beatstep

via this auction

"You are bidding on a Roland MC 202 synthesizer. It works great and is a classic since it is essentially a SH-101 with no keyboard. It does have a few minor scratches and chips on one side, but functionality is not affected. It has a built in sequencer, but I prefer to use it with the Arturia Beatstep (CV/Gate Sequencer). With this you get..."

Testing a KORG SQ-1 with a Vintage Yamaha CS15 Synthesizer

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Ritchie DeCarlo

Pulse - Beat Making Music Studio / Audio Sequencer Promo Code


First one to grab it gets it.

As promised in this post. :)

For those that missed it, you can find details on Pulse on iTunes here - currently 50% off as of this post!

P.S. If you are a developer and want to give away promo codes to readers of the site, send them in! It's a good way to both give back and get additional exposure for your app. You can find the email icon towards the bottom right of the site under the CONTACT section, or in the Submit a Post link on the top right.

MIKE303 'Roland Orchestra 01' (VP330 Tr808 Juno60)

Published on Jul 13, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

MIKE303 'Roland Orchestra 02' (VP330 Juno60 Tr808)

"Roland Juno60 arpegiator of the Juno60 sync and control by the Tr808

strings human voice vocoder Roland vp330 MKII"

'POLYMATHS' Make Noise B&G Shared System

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Caspar Hesselager

"Patch notes:
The general idea of the patch is to explore Maths as a dual oscillator by modulating very fast audio-rate cycles of channels 1 and 2. Two sets of offset voltages go from Pressure Points to the cv inputs of Maths ('both') to change notes. A third set of voltages goes to the Varispeed input of the Phonogene, effectively creating a third voice. The DPO oscillators A and B are also in the mix independently. Osc. B receives quantized cv from René, and osc. A receives the independent unquantized cv (tuned by ear). Tuning the Maths properly here can be be an issue, since very small incremental changes to the knob positions have a big effect! A second (and third) quantizer would've come in handy, but where's the challenge in that?
DPO is linear(ly) FM'ed by the Smooth VCO from the Wogglebug. WB also acts as an envelope generator to open the Optomix channels, since Maths is busy oscillating :)
Hope you enjoy!

No editing or post-processing.
Audio-only version:"

DSI Prophet REV 2 - Custom Patches 101 to 128 -

Published on Jul 13, 2017 GEOSynths

"Buy Now -

The final Episode and the final 28 Patches i've created for the Prophet REV 2. It's been great making these patches and hearing how different the REV 2 can be from the Prophet 08, yet still has its heritage.

Has been lots of fun and probably worked harder on these patches than any others...It's deep!"

Click here for all parts in this series.

Meris with L.A. Electronic Artist BASECK using Ottobit Jr. and Mercury7

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Meris

"L.A. Electronic Artist BASECK performs with Meris pedals (Ottobit Jr. and Mercury7). He gives his very first impressions of the pedals while playing an exclusive track live thru a DSI Sequential Tempest and Roland TB303.

Official Meris Site:"

Bladerunner Inspired Live Session: LA Session Artist Bryan Velasco using Mercury7 Pedal

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Meris

"L.A. Session Artist/Keyboardist Bryan Velasco performs with the Meris Mercury7 Reverb Pedal. Bryan improvises live while channeling a Bladerunner inspired mood using a Mercury7 Reverb, Moog Voyager + Yamaha S90.

Official Meris Site:"


"A relaxing piece from the Buchla Easel with 208 toolbox and an Eventide H9 Resonator (Scary chord preset). This is a self playing patch, the only interaction was changing the Easel's pulser timing slider. Random pitch, Random Timbre, and Random Toolbox flips on CA and MO waveshape."

Makaton live at Brighton Modular Meet 2017

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Brighton Modular Meet

"Makaton performing live as part of the 2017 Brighton Modular Meet at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Sponsored by Thonk, Makenoise, Rubadub, Ableton, AJH Synths, ALM Busy Circuits, Arturia, Erica Synths and Expert Sleepers."

Hypersynth Xenophone in White & OS Updates

via Hypersynth

"Firmware v2.1 Additions & Fixes:

-Optimized system performance.
-Added option to copy and paste a sequence from one preset to another.
-Added "De-zipper" to remove zipper noise of filter freq knob and modulation wheel.
-Removed: [Freq Enc Ratio] in global menu.
-Now semitone knob changes the oscillator pitch smoothly without any stepping.
-Now the OLED display makes less jumps while two knobs are tweaked at the same time.
-Now "Arp latch" can be set in Arp menu using soft knob [E4].
-Increased preciseness of the numbers that are displayed for LFO rates and ENV parameters.
-Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing oscillator's transpose and cent.
-Fixed compare button issue that sent out unwanted MIDI messages.
-Fixed FM level issue that displayed wrong value on the screen after being modulated.
-Fixed soft knob [E2] problem that did not transmit after touch message when "Panel TX MIDI= ON".
-Fixed bug that caused knobs send out of range MIDI messages when "Panel TX MIDI= ON".
-Fixed problem in receiving "bank select" followed by "program change" message via MIDI.
-Minor improvements in updating parameters via MIDI.
-Renamed: SEQ-T1/2/3/4 to "SQ-NOTE", "SQ-VEL ", "SQ-AUX1", "SQ-AUX2" in Mod Matrix source list.
Firmware v2.0 Additions & Fixes:
- Added Duophonic mode.
- Now all parameters with dedicated controls (knob/button) respond to soft knobs.
- Now you can fine-tune Filter Frequecny, Env depth and LFO rates using soft knobs.
- Now for all buttons, first click displays parameter's edit-page without changing the value.
- Now LFO rate LEDs fade up/down according to LFO wave.
- Redesigned envelope display format.
- Now envelope page 2 and 3 are merged to show Delay/Hold/Style/Trigger in one page.
- Now SEQ edit-pages memorize the last edit position.
- Now you can navigate to all Arp/Seq edit-pages using [select] button.
- Now external clock does not trigger notes when Arp/Seq set to off.
- Now [preview] buttons do not trigger Amp envelope when "arp span=off" (Start/Stop mode).
- Now OSC3 does not respond to pitch wheel data when keytrk=off.
- Minor improvements in captions and text location on the screen.
- Fixed OSC3 random pitch change when keytrk=off.
- Fixed CV-Out reversed order in global menu (V-Trig/S-Trig).
- Fixed Amp Envelope malfunction in RC style with long attack and release (Trig=Analog1/2).
- Fixed issue in starting point of Amp Envelope release stage.
- Fixed Amp Envelope style problem that could be set to an out of range value after "EXP".
- Fixed Arp pattern reset issue while changing detune and drift parameters.
- Fixed portamento time problem that was not changed during gate-on time.
- Fixed "LFO3 Target" that was displayed wrongly as "LFO2".
- Fixed issue with "Filter Env Depth" and "LFO1/3 Depth" that could not be set to zero in some circumstances.
- Fixed soft knob E4 malfunction in last page of main section.
- Fixed rare bug that caused soft knobs to be temporarily disabled after updating ENV parameters via MIDI.
- Fixed bug in "UI-Fixed Mode" that caused unwanted jump to OSC3 edit page."

Gecho + Fidget Spinners = Fun! :)

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Gecho Loopsynth

"The demonstration of high-pass filtering (as opposed to previously shown low-pass). Because this mode does not attenuate higher frequencies, faintest noises, scratches and taps can be heard perfectly.

More information at"

New nonlinearcircuits Primal Hyperchaos Module

Published on Jul 13, 2017 cirtcele

"Hyperchaos module - can be built to run at a variety of rates. The versions in this vid use 1uF capacitors and then from approx 2:25 slow right down with 10uF"

Digitakt Techno Jam

Published on Jul 13, 2017 wouter van dam

"Since I found out how to mix songs inside digitakt/ rytm.... I can make live sets with only one device....

here I boost my digitakt with the heat

just some techno loops, jamming and recording"

New Moog MF-107 FreqBox Eurorack Module from Million Machine March

via Million Machine March

"What a useful module! Bringing this over to the eurorack world was a no brainer, because in the eurorack world an envelope and voltage follower are almost standard fare!

Buchla CVT Twenty

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Todd Barton

Buchla CVT

Blade Runner theme-s made at the Moog Mother64

Published on Oct 11, 2016

"just having fun with the Mother64"

Mother32 x 2.

Self playing Moogs, Buchla style

Published on Sep 29, 2016 Tobor Experiment

"The mighty Mother32 can indeed work with self playing patches Buchla style. Actually you will need two Mothers to make a Mother "64" fully capable of this and a lot more.

In this video the two filters are used as oscillators (the second VCO AM modulates the first also) and the sequencers are set in a feedback configuration using the two assignable outs as random voltages that trigger each other.
Mixers, assignable outs and multis are essential to the patch design."

TB-03 Dafunk fun

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Tobor Experiment

"just having fun cover-izing dafunk with TB-03 + volca sampler + Fender Precision bass + 1 sample on Logic (with no sync, ha!)

TB03 with onboard distortion d2 & delay
only one multi band compressor on the master and nothing else
done very quickly, I should have shifted the clap :P"

t.A.T.u All The Things She Said Live Synth Guitar Cover #tatu #t.A.T.u Ya Soshla S Uma

Published on Jul 13, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"t.A.T.u All The Things She Said Cover. Ya Soshla S Uma
All played on the 1 guitar controller. Each string controls a separate synth.
One of my favourites from the early 2000's, you cant deny its a good song.
Drums From The YAMAHA DD10.
Controller is a Casio DG20 Pretty amazing for a piece of 80's obsolete equipment.

Check out my other video on this Guitar here :- [posted here]

Pedals turning on and off the actual signal coming from the guitar, going through reverb and overdrive.
vocals at the end going through distortion and reverb and compression. All live."

Dynacord Add One & Add Drive

Published on Jul 13, 2017 RR

via this auction


via this auction

Mutable Instruments Shruthi XT Synthesizer with Aluminum Panel with Rogan Knobs

via this auction

"This was purchased as a (limited run) complete kit from Mutable Instruments and assembled at home (5+ years of module and synth building). The main advantage of this model is the extensive amount of real time control compared to the standard four knob version. It is very easy and quick to get great sounds and by loading presets and tweaking you can get everything from killer basses to great leads in a few seconds and with the three oscillators with spread can go from lead to bass and back in seconds. This limited kit came with a green OLED display, the SMR4 mkII filter board (user upgradable or you can buy ready-made filter board upgrades) a black acrylic case with a beautiful aluminum panel and white rogan knobs along with the latest firmware at that time. I believe the processor is faster than the stock to handle multiple knob turning, ect. Included is a standard US power adapter."

Emenee Computer Play Organ SN 08310 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Never seen this one before. Curious if this one was produced by Antonelli for Emenee. Antonelli was an Italian organ company that produced the Audion Solista.

"Emenee Computer Play Organ - RARE Vintage Synthesizer Electric Portable Keyboard
This is vintage but looks like it was never used.
It still has original packing tape on the unit and is in beautiful condition.
Tested and working.
Comes with the original box.
Comes with the adapter.
Comes with the paperwork.
Everything that is shown and nothing more.
It is extremely rare especially in this condition."

Gibson Maestro Soundsystem for Woodwinds

via this auction

Vintage Synthesizer : ROLAND TB-303 SN 185800

via this auction

Vintage ROLAND TR-909

via this auction

"This unit has been checked and tested by professional prior to listing.

Legendary analog drum machine from Roland. This is the standard drum machine used for techno, dance and house music. It comes with sounds such as the kick drum, toms, hihats, cymbals, snare and clap. Each sound is tweakable for parameters such as attack, tone, decay, snap and accent. The sounds have great unique analogue character which has been loved by many artists and engineers.

This piece of magic comes with MIDI, individual drum parts output and an external memory cartridge."

Sonic LAB: Steinberg HALion 6 - bet you didnt know...

Published on Jul 13, 2017 sonicstate

"We take a look at Steinberg's HALion 6 sample workstation, a beast of a creative sampling system. We also discover that you can export your own libraries, possibly for sale or to give away using the free HALion player.

Check our Awesome MAX4Live Synth:"

FoAM midimutant Yamaha DX Programmer in Collaboration with Aphex Twin

Published on Jul 2, 2017 Dave Griffiths

via FoAM

"Made in collaboration with Aphex Twin, the midimutant learns how to program your DX7 synth so you don't have to.

Equipped only with a microphone input and midi output, the midimutant runs on a Raspberry Pi and uses artificial evolution to grow new sounds on hardware synthesisers that mimic an example sound you provide.

Coming soon: Source code and instructions on how to build your own.

How it works: Every sound in a population of initially random patches is sent and auditioned via sysex midi messages, sampled and checked for similarity using MFCC analysis. The best patches are chosen to form the next generation using the sysex patch data as genetic material, converging (most of the time) on similar sounds. Unlike a neural network or machine learning algorithms, the artificial evolution does not need to model the underlying parameter space - i.e. how the synth internally functions to create sound. Midimutant can therefore be used on any synthesiser with a documented sysex dump format.

Some conceptual background can be found in this paper (although the midimutant is a more naive and freeform approach to the same problem):

Andrew Horner, James Beauchamp, and Lippold Haken, "Machine Tongues XVI:
Genetic Algorithms and their Application to FM Matching Synthesis,"
Computer Music Journal, 17:4, pp. 17-29, Winter 1993."

Dax & Winston (D&W) Groove Engine: MIDI-CV Step Sequencer-Arranger

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Pier Mayhem

"MIDI + Control Voltage Step Sequencer / Arranger, 16 channel output, Per step CC Automation and more

Bring all of your gear together. The groove engine's purpose is to provide a standalone production platform for live-stream and live venue performers. Ideal for breaking from the virtual mindset of computers, sub menus and limitations of on-board sequencers on samplers and synths. All parameters right at your finger tips for when you just want to write music without menu diving, using all the gear you've paid your money for. User feedback and feature suggestions are encouraged!

The First Firmware test on a Standalone Board (early prototype):

MIDI / CV Sequencer Prototype test

Published on Oct 7, 2016 Pier Mayhem

The D&W Groove Engine is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

"What does the Funding cover:
Rework / Soldering station.
CNC Router / Aluminum Milling machine.
Controllers, Programmers and ICs.
Analog Components.
Aluminum plates.
PCB layout.
PCB Print outsourcing.
Shipping Costs.
Unforeseeable expenses"

New Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Loquelic. Iteritas. Percido.

LIP takes the core synthesis of the original Loquelic Iteritas and adds an envelope that can be shaped, modulated, and routed to pitches and parameters."

Loquelic - speech - from Latin loquela "speech"

Iteritas - repetitiousness - from Latin itero "repeat" with suffix -tas state of being"

Percido - smash - from Latin percido "smash"

"smash speech oscillator"

Complex digital voice

Size: 20HP Eurorack

Depth: 1 Inch

Power: 2x8 Eurorack

Draw +12v: 150/80 mA

Draw -12v: 5 mA

Draw +5v: 0/90 mA (optional)

MSRP: $555 US

New Noise Engineering Extra Mullet Tutorial

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Have you been thinking lately that you have plenty of business, but you really need some more party?

Extra Mullet is a buffered multiple with extra outputs that additively combine inputs. Use it to combine gates, CVs, or a combination of the two.

Extra Mullet: when you need that much more style."

Extra - from Latin extra for "more"

Mullet - for a sexy, stylish haircut

"supremely stylish"

Combining buffered multiple

Size: 6HP Eurorack

Depth: 0.8 Inches

Power: 2x5 Eurorack

Draw +12v: 50 mA

Draw -12v: 10 mA

MSRP: $133 US

Noise Engineering Horologic Solum and Horologic Uter Tutorial

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Tired of having mult and mult and mult your master clock signal? We've got you covered. Horologic Solum is a 4HP masterclock with three outputs and an optional Horologic Uter expander (4HP) with SEVEN more outs! Multiple modes and various controls mean you can clock a huge variety of tempos."

Noise Engineering Variatic Sequent and Variatic Multium Tutorial

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Variatic Sequent is a minimalist trigger sequencer. Dial in a pattern of up to four beats (plus a downbeat) and send to a single triggered voice, or with the optional Variatic Multium expander, send each beat to individual voices. VM also allows CV control over each beat."

New Noise Engineering Xerest Pola

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Xerest Pola is a 3-channel mixer ideal for lunchbox or small, on-the-go modular cases. It has stereo audio and headphone outs, per-channel mutes, and master control. So much control in so little space."

Xerest - here is; from Greek cherest

"here is"

Pola - small; from Latin pollus

"here is small"

Lunchbox mixer

Size: 6HP Eurorack

Depth: 0.8 Inches

Power: 2x5 Eurorack

Draw +12v: 50 mA

Draw -12v: 10 mA

MSRP: $133 US

Roland SE-02 Step Sequencer Parameter Modulation

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Rishabh Rajan

"A tutorial on how to use the Synth Parameter Modulation Values feature on the Roland SE-02 Boutique Analog Synthesizer"

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 035 - Sequence1

Published on Jul 13, 2017 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 101-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 035-

First video of the little sequence series within the Phenol series. Just some simple and short sequences in each video.


Kittens & SebtiSynth

Second video added here.

KASPAR Supersynthesizer Available July 20

Published on Jul 13, 2017 YonacSoftware

"Harness the enormous power of 8 polyphonic synths: meet KASPAR Supersynthesizer! Featuring our cutting edge Multi-Engine Automorphing SuperSynthesis technology, KASPAR is a gigantic machine. A total of 24 oscillators, 8 filters, 8 arps; extensive morphing, automorphing, and layering abilities; a powerful modulation system; poly aftertouch; 2 FX Busses filled with fully stereo Yonac effects — just a few of the amazing features of this behemoth synth!

Available for iPad on July 20th."

120717 - Generative Modular Ambient

Published on Jul 13, 2017 zacharyradford

"I think I need a new mixer."

Making an enclosure for an axoloti synth

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Matthew Tyas

"This video shows the different steps necessary into making a DIY synth using an axoloti board, a few buttons, some pots, plugs and wire.
This isn't in any way a tutorial for woodwork, soldering or electronics, but can give you an idea of what can be done with little skill. It's only an example and with some imagination and information research you can make something much more evolved.
All the music that you can hear during this video was recorded using this 'SebtiSynth' and a unique patch (with overdubs, added reverb and simple mixing)"

Kittens & SebtiSynth

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Matthew Tyas

"Homemade synth and kittens
A synth isn't a real synth without a kitten & synth clip, so here we go.
The music was made by overdubbing the synth in question (an Axoloti)"

Novation Bass Station 2 & Moog Minitaur

Published on Jul 13, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the BS2 & Minitaur synthesisers synced together.
BS2 MIDI Out to Minitaur MIDI In. Minitaur output to BS2 Audio In."

Moog Minitaur & Arturia Minibrute

Published on Jul 13, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Minibrute & Minitaur synthesisers synced together.
Minibrute MIDI Out to Minitaur MIDI In. Minibrute output to Minitaur Audio In."


Published on Jul 13, 2017 Plankton Elec

"Patch on the Ants! patchable synth. XTOSC·X is modulated via XTOSC·Y and the Sample and Hold. See the patch at:"

Revenant - Novation Circuit and Microgranny improvised jam

Published on Jul 13, 2017 Play Nice

"A little ambient sketch using the Circuit and Microgranny. The Circuit sends clock to the MG, which goes through a Zoom MS-70."

Eurorack demo: Klavis Twin Waves & Vermona twinVCFilter

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Nick Herman

"A compilation of short demos showing off some of the characteristics of the Klavis Twin Waves (actually just oscillator 1 and it's sub oscillator!) through various parameters and modulation of the new Vermona twinVCFilter, which is one of the most glorious and flexible filters I've come across. With all the cv inputs, you start to approach ADDAC filterbank territory..but it's smoother, and cheaper."

Day 12, July 2017

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Steven Blum

DSI Prophet 12
Vermona Perfourmer - Empress Reverb
Make Noise 0-Coast - MXR Carbon Copy
Squarp Pyramid doing some live midi looping

Access Virus TI Polar DarkStar Demos by DKS SYNTH LAB

Published on Jul 12, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB

Patch n Tweak

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