MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Amber by mudlogger

Published on Jan 28, 2018 mlogger

SDS Digital RIT_M CVin+Knob Hold Feature

Published on Jan 28, 2018 freshnelly

"Here's a quick little video presenting the RIT_M's new CV in + CV Knob hold feature.
When the knob is moved, it generally switches out the Playing CV's for a live CV preview instead. (BTW this can be disabled)
For some control while using this to momentarily "overdub" the playing CV's with a Live CV, just hold the Loop pad and turn the knob a bit. The knob won't time-out and the preview ends immediately upon release of the Loop pad."

Dominique Périer MDB Polysequencer Bach demo 80s

Published on Jan 28, 2018 AnalogSynthMuseum

"He usually worked with Jean michel Jarre, he use the MDB polysequencer to control all his synth set, that's the pleasure of the hardware machine instead of nowaydays plugins."

This is the first post to feature the MDB Polysequencer.

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

via this auction

Roli Songmaker Kit - NAMM 2018

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Sound On Sound magazine

"Roli create a package of their products based around making songwriting easy."

Waldorf Blofeld Custom Patch H067 KMA

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Mark Pigott

"One Sine wave modulated by a zero frequency (or close to it) square wave (Osc2). All sorts of goodies like lagged mod wheel added to pitch. No filter was used for this, just like the way a real FM synth would do it. Of course, this was done differently.

A bog standard MS-20kit adds onto the sound"

Kit Assembly Video for the Eurorack High Hats Module

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Today we are going to build a high hats module. This build uses mostly SMT parts, and is not recommended for beginners.

All the steps of assembly are covered."

Ready Made

Published on Jan 27, 2018 mmurmoons

"Composition for expanded MakeNoise Shared System and 0coast.

body of the composition is focused on the morphagene, with wogglebug as the clock.
morphagene is providing the keyboard stabs out of R channel (into optomix ch 1) and percussive low sound out of L channel (into optomix ch 2).
wogglebug is sending int clock out to cvbus ch4, which is then distributed to x clock in of rene, clk in of morphagene, and clk input of echophon. woggle is also sending brst out to cvbus ch2, where it is distributed to gate in of 0coast and dgate in of telharmonic.
Maths is sending control signals from ch1 and 4 to cntrl inputs of optomix, ch 1 and 2.
optomix is sending sum out to echophon, which is sending mix out to the cvbus's stereo out (L channel)
Rene is sending x gate out to trig in (ch1) of maths, and y gate to tring in (ch 4) of maths. Also sending qcv out to cvbus ch1, which is then distributed to both the v/oct in on the 0coast, the v/oct of osc2 on the dpo, and the degree in of the telharmonic.
telharmonic is sending P out to 0coast's balance external input.
the dpo is sending osc2 square out to modemix ch2 in.
0coast is sending dynamics out to chA input of rosie.
pressure points is sending ch1 gate output to modemix ch2 carrier cv input.
modemix is sending ch2 out to chB input of rosie.
rosie is sending the fxsend output to the input of erbeverb.
erbeverb seding L and R out to fxreturn of rosie.

patch is being monitored from stereo out of the cvbus and stereo out of rosie.

no external processing."

GRP-A4 Analog Synthesizer SN 003

via this auction

Update: this one was re-listed. The link above will take you to the new listing.

"Offers 3 full-feature oscillators, plus 2 discrete LFO's. S&H, Noise, Mixers, 2 ADSR, 16-Step sequencer, A-440 generator. 12dB State variable filter and 24dB Low pass filters, Glide, Auto-pan, accepts external signals, Stereo Headphone TRS jack. CV/gates in and out. MIDI and USB in rear. Complex routing features: provides virtually the same flexibility of a modular without the need for patching. The A-4 is single-voice, and does not store patches.

Audiophile timbral quality. Truly holds its own with ANY other synth. One of the most beautiful synths ever made."

The NAMM Show 2018 - QuBit New Eurorack Modules

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Animato Audio

"Andrew of QuBit demonstrates the latest and greatest from QuBit: Synapse, Nebulae and Scanned. Scanned is a unique and little explored synthesis method using the metaphor of vibrating strings"

Best of CGS Serge BOG + SWAMP Jam #TTNM

Published on Jan 28, 2018

"After spending a few days figuring out how to get things running, I finally jammed on two-thirds of my new Serge Modular system for the first time, using the CGS BOG and SWAMP panels. The MARSH will join the two soon. PATCH NOTES BELOW!


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:


Audio gear used:
Best of CGS BOG & SWAMP Boats

Patch Notes:
The two NCOs are driven by the Sequencer Programmer which plays four two-note chords. All audio goes through the low pass filter, being modulated by one DUSG decay envelope. The other DUSG modulates a VCA through which White Noise is fed to create a percussion sound. One Utility LFO is the master clock. The other LFO is running at audio rate at constant pitch, going through the modulated Wave Multiplier into the Mixer with the Noise and the two VCOs. The mix is then sent through the VCF. The Gated Comparator acts as the main modulator in this patch, changing both DUSG's decay envelope times, PWM of the VCOs and wave folding of the Utility LFO (which creates the "melody" on top of the chords)."

Emu Emulator II+ (Includes Floppies & Lotharek Floppy Emulator + SD card w/Sound Banks)

via this auction

"Included are 24 floppy disk of sound banks and 24 blank floppy disk for recording your own samples on (if you decide to leave the original floppy drive in).

I'm also including a Lotharek floppy drive Emulator. You can swap out the original floppy drive with this and play sound banks that are loaded on an SD card. This also includes an SD card LOADED with a near complete library of the OMI Universe of Sounds sound banks. TONS of great sounds in here. It includes the power cable adaptor and mounting bracket, but you will need to make a new ribbon cable to connect and use the drive. Besides that it's plug and play! A small note, I've seen videos where peoples Lotharek emulates some sort of "loading" noise, I'm not sure what the difference is or if it's some hidden setting, but mine does not make this noise."

Jasper Synthesizer Wasp Clone Midi CV GATE AC Adapter

via this auction

"Jasper Synthesizer Wasp Clone Midi CV GATE AC Adapter panels and pcb's from jaspersynth in the UK
Just built 2 of great synths. Tested calibrated works great and sounds amazing.
Built with top quality parts from Digikey and Mouser electronics.
Comes with all as seen in the pictures.
USA and Canada Buyers ONLY"

DIY digital controlled analog monophonic synthesizer

Published on Jan 28, 2018 merlin07756

"This is a demonstration of my homebrewn monophonic analog synthesizer. It's based on a modded PAiA Fatman tied to an Arduino Mega. The keyboard is salvaged from an old M-Audio Keystation 49, the front panel was designed in Inkscape and printed online.


* monophonic
* 2 Sawtooth VCOs (more to come)
* 1 software based LFO (five waveforms) which controls filter envelope
* Creamy 12db low-pass filter (HP/BP yet to come)
* ADSR and filter envelope
* built in delay and distortion effects
* Arpeggiator and sequencer (latched and transposable of course)
* MIDI control and sync
* modwheel controls pitch based by LFO
* 4x20 LCD for control of the digital parameters

I've got the idea from - check him out :)

The synth is still not finished. I want to add minimum one VCO, a ring modulator, second LFO and some more modules. Also there are some nasty software bugs (especially with the arpeggiator and timing in general) which have to be resolved...

To be continued..."

New Soulsby Atmegatrons in the Works

via @SoulsbySynths

"Reason I’m not at #NAMM this year is coz I’m right in the middle of developing the next range of Atmegatrons. I have until May to turn these into real products! No sleep till #Superbooth2018 !!"

Godwin DrumMaker 32 P & Crumar DS1 Live Jam Improvisation - Analog Sound Made in Italy

Published on Jan 28, 2018 VSMI

"40 years old Made in Italy Analog Machines... Godwin DrumMaker 32 P groove presets machine with trigger out in Crumar DS1 mono synth gate in. DM32 Chord section thru DS1 Ext-Input filter controlled. Montarbo DRev128 echo/reverb only. Morning Live Session as is... ;)"

This is the first Godwin DrumMaker 32 P to be featured on the site. Never seen one before now.

NAMM 2018 - Alesis Vortex Wireless Midi Controller w/ Sliders & Trigger Pads

Published on Jan 27, 2018 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Alesis deals at Kraft Music:"

NAMM Pics from Control Voltage

Click on the pics to bring up the larger versions.

Kilpatrick / Shifted Phase Update from NAMM!

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Shifted Phase

"Here’s a quick view of my booth at NAMM 2018."

Elektron Digitone Divkid Patches 02 - Kick, Snare / Clap, Hi Hats & Dissonant Donk

Published on Jan 28, 2018 DivKidVideo

"In this second patch/project video with the Elektron Digitone we get a kick drum, snare / clap hybrid, some hi hats and a dissonant FM Donk!"

All parts here.

Qu-Bit in Matte Black

via @quebitelectronics

"Matte black aluminum panels🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤"

Caitlin's explains her team's Astro Pi Code and jams with waveforms created from historic ISS data.

Published on Jan 28, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"Team STEAMCademy's Astro Pi code is almost complete and here Caitlin demonstrates how it will (hopefully!) be used to collect data on board the International Space Station.

In a previous video she demonstrated how she can use the data to generate waveforms using the Synthesis Technology Waveedit program, and if successful in the Astro Pi competition she will use it to generate wavetables from this code.

Caitlin then has a quick jam with the Moog Mother-32, Roland System-1m and the e352 Cloud Terrarium using wavetables she has previously generated from historic ISS data."

Music Thing Modular Turing Machine MKI w/ expansions 2017 Grayscale

via this auction

"DIY Turning Machine with all expansion modules. Unique stereo knob tuner. Works great and it’s so much fun"

Roland Alpha Juno 2 with PG 300

via this auction

Oberheim OBMX 4 Voice SN MX001511

via this auction

"Just back from Service. All potmeters / switches / original voices / outputs work. New battery. Updated to OS 2.0
Clean & Tested thoroughly (full inspection). Plug & Play."

Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb


via this auction

ROLAND TR-808 Drum Machine

via this auction

ROLAND VP-330 MK1 - Vocoder Plus SN 830294

via this auction

"An incredible example of a rare and beautiful piece of synth history.
Used by: Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and many more...
Lush Warm Analog Vocoder, Strings, Human Voice, Vibrato, Classic Roland Ensemble and more.

If you are considering investing in a VP-330 this is likely the one of the best you will ever find. The 1979 MK1 in my opinion more desirable to the MK2."

KORG DV-800 ( Univox Maxikorg ) Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 770220

via this auction

Elektron Sidstation NINJA Chiptune SID Synthesizer

via this auction

Modor NF-1 Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Modor NF-1 synth is a digital DSP synth very comparable to the classic Virtual Analog synths, but Modor is moving further on from this point. We use the classic structure of VA-synths, with oscillators, filters and effects, with parameters that can be modulated using LFO's and envelopes. But every element has been rethought and reinvented. In a digital way.

The NF-1 has a classic 12dB/oct resonant filter, but we are also giving it a versatile formant filter, never seen in hardware before! It does make classic sawtooth waves, but we're also including a lot of other brand new modulatable noisy waveforms! It has a classic delay effect, but we make every parameter editable to give way to special unexpected effect types! And so on..."


via this auction

Cool slate design.

Doomsday Beats (Akai Tom Cat thru Moog Mother 32, MF Delay & Freqbox)

Published on Jan 28, 2018 HardtekStudios

"This one is all kinds of crazy and out of control! I have the Akai Tom Cat going into the audio in of the Moog Mother-32, then thru the Minifooger Delay and finally into the Moogerfooger Freqbox! Lots of weird modulation & gating created the weakening/strengthing effect of the whole signal. Little Godzilla is just hanging out on the one yellow cable."

VCV Rack Vult Filters & Module Updates v0.5.5

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

"This video is an overview of all the Vult filters and tries to cover it similarities and differences. You can find more information in about the modules in

You can place a donation in"

Module Updates v0.5.5

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Leonardo Laguna Ruiz

"This video shows all the small improvements that will be available in the Vult modules version 0.5.5."

Syntronik J60 - Roland Juno 60 synth iPad Demo

Published on Jan 28, 2018 redskylullaby

"Demo of the J60 in app purchase in Syntronik for iPad and iPhone
Emulation of the Roland Juno 60 synth from the 80s
Also using iRig Keys io25 controller"

iTunes: Syntronik - IK Multimedia

"Syntronik comprises 17 powerful virtual synths recreating the legendary sonic signature of 38 of the most sought-after classic analog synthesizers and string machines ever created, recognizable by their elegantly designed, easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Thanks to IK’s exclusive DRIFT™ technology, which emulates the way real analog circuits behave over time, the astounding circuit-modeled filters and the multi-sampled oscillators, Syntronik is the most authentic sounding analog virtual synthesizer to date and is the one-stop solution for musicians, discerning producers and synth aficionados demanding utmost sound quality and extreme playability both live and in the studio.

The instruments available in Syntronik cover an incredibly wide range of sounds, triggering inspiration right from the start with 1200 instrument presets, easily accessible with a smart browser, 200 multis*, 129 arpeggios and much more.

- 17 virtual synths provide the iconic, timeless sound of 38 legendary machines: (Alesis Andromeda, ARP 2600, ARP String Ensemble (Solina), Elka, Rhapsody 490, Hohner String Performer, Micromoog, Minimoog Model D, Modular Moog, Moog Opus 3, Moog Prodigy, Moog Rogue, Moog Taurus I, Moog Taurus II, Moog Taurus 3, Moog Voyager, Multimoog, Oberheim OB-X, Oberheim OB-Xa, Oberheim SEM, Polymoog, PPG Wave 2.3, Realistic Concertmate MG-1, Roland Juno-60, Roland Jupiter-4, Roland Jupiter-6, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland JX-10, Roland JX-3P, Roland JX-8P, Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings, Roland RS-505 Paraphonic, Roland TB-303 Bassline, Sequential Circuits Prophet-10, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Yamaha CS-01II, Yamaha CS-80, Yamaha GX-1, Yamaha SY99)"

Interview: Designing the Arturia MiniBrute 2

Published on Jan 28, 2018 SourceDistributionTV

"We met up with Arturia Product Manager Sebastien Rochard at NAMM 2018, to talk about the inception and design evolution of the new MiniBrute analogue synths and the RackBrute eurorack case system, ending with tips for building a Eurorack system."

Geiger Counter Pro NAMM 2018

Published on Jan 28, 2018 cuckoomusic

"WMD is releasing the Gieger Counter Pro, finally!!! It's nasty!! Love it!"

NAMM 2018 Rossum Electro Music Assimil8or eurorack module

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"Dave Rossum explains and demos the wonderful Assimil8or module"

NAMM 2018 Vintage Synth Lab new eurorack modules

Published on Jan 28, 2018

"Vintage Synth Lab (VSL) runs me through the new modules they are working on."

CEM 3340 VCO-2 module. See the Vintage Synth Lab label below for more.

Behringer Model D Jam #04 - Filter Oscillation, Percussion and FM

New video added here.

Doepfer filter comparison / shootout

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Zoë Blade

"Playing the Second Summer of Love bassline on various Doepfer filters to compare them: A-101-1, A-102, A-103, A-105, A-106-5, A-124, A-108."

Cosmosƒ Saturn 5.1 new update

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Sinan Bokesoy

"some of the new features on Cosmosƒ Saturn 5.1"

Waldorf Quantum Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

ER-301 Videos by Sequenox

ER-301 in the darkness Published on Jan 28, 2018

ER-301 manual grains test #144

Published on Jan 28, 2018

"Here is a little manual grains on ER-301 #er301"

Ace Tone (Roland) Rhythm Ace Drum Machines Comparison Test

Published on Jan 27, 2018 SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Ace Tone (the forerunner of Roland) Rhythm Ace Drum Machines Comparison Test

1. Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-6
2. Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-7L
3. Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-8L

recorded with Drawmer LX-20 compressor and Ableton Live"

subtokyoshop on eBay

NAMM 2018 Parts 25 - 29 from SynthMania

The following have been added to this post. You can used the the control on the top left of the video player to get to them.

NAMM 2018 part 25 - Detachment 3
NAMM 2018 part 26 - Mark Vail
NAMM 2018 part 27 - Arturia
NAMM 2018 part 28 - Nord
NAMM 2018 part 29 - modulars, Pioneer, PreSonus

Patch n Tweak

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