MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Blueshift by Norhythmic

New release from Norhythmic composed with KORG Gadget and a Zoom IQ6 mic plugged into the iPad. You can download it on BandCamp here.

Noise Engineering Whisky & Module Pairing In Store at Perfect Circuit

Started streaming 37 minutes ago Perfect Circuit

"Noise Engineering and Balcones Distillery present a demonstration of Noise Engineerings modules, including the new Ataraxic Iteritas. The modules will be paired with Whiskys from Balcones.

Watch here on YouTube live streaming or come by our Burbank CA showroom to see the event.

Noise Engineering modules available here:
Ataraxic Iteritas available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Red Velvet part1 | an ambient jam with Medusa synth and RV-500 reverb | funktree

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Funk Tree

"A shorter part of a simple ambient jam with RV-500 reverb"

Synthetic Music Collective April

Published on Apr 16, 2018 defects

"If you are in the area of Ithaca NY, or western new york, synth night happens every second Wednesday at the sacred kava root lounge and tea bar in downtown Ithaca at 7:00 PM!

Hosted by the Synthetic Music Collective"

KORG Will Fix Tuning Issue with Prologue 8 & Prologue 16 Synths

See the update in this post.

NOD-ODDY / Digitakt / Volca FM / MicroGranny / Filter Lancet #lo-fi #beat #digitakt

Published on Oct 24, 2018 mishpult

"A lo-phi (yes, phi) hip-hop beat with Digitakt as puppet-master of the ensemble. I had fun chopping up some random 50's piano piece by Frank Chacksfield Orchestra recorded through my cassette deck for some extra crunch, along with spoken word from a Charles Bukowski poem called 'The Crunch' which I heard in a techno mix used by the mighty Legowelt. On the side there's the Microgranny, going through the Vermona Filter Lancet's high-pass filter, some drive and synced lfo that controls the filter, and the Volca FM providing the glassy, dreamy pad/bell sound. All sprinkled with a pinch of tape echo and verb. Enjoy!"

LHI Audio Cadmium Vector Phase-Shaping Software Synthesizer

via LHI Audio where you'll find some audio demos.

"Cadmium is a vector phase-shaping synthesizer.
Vector phase-shaping (VPS) is an evolution of phase distortion, taken further in Cadmium with audio-rate modulation. This opens up a sound palette characterised by moving, morphing, shifting timbres – from snarling jungle bass to classic FM tones and everything inbetween.

It has the accoutrements of a subtractive synth: a modelled filter, envelopes and LFOs for modulation, but with a fresh approach where it counts – the oscillators.

Cadmium is now available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Next! Superbass 4.4 (MAM MB33 v1) TB-303 Rack Synth

via this auction

"Made in Bavaria by MAM for Next!. Identical to the MB33"

GeneralMusic S2R Music Processor Rack Synth

via this auction

"The S2R Music Processor is a digital synthesizer workstation with 6 MB of sampled waveforms as the basis for the oscillators which are processed through two Variable Filters and a programmable envelope. The S2R came standard with 2 MB of sample ram and the new Turbo feature which allows sample data to be loaded from floppy disk without having to be converted on a computer first.

The synthesizer engine is 32-note polyphonic.

The sound structure is similar to older Korg models: Two oscillators per voice (it can also use one oscillator per voice, but with some limitations) which can use one or two of the 209 waveforms included in ROM or any of the multisamples loaded into RAM.

KAWAI K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer OS 4.04 SN 595875

via this auction

"The K5000s is a bold and elegantly designed synth with a large LCD display, realtime controls and incredible sounds. The K5000s combines additive synthesis and PCM sampled waveforms for you to layer and combine to design a whole range of sounds. Plenty of LFO modulation, filters and envelope controls allow you to shape and morph your sounds further. On-board multi-effects add the final touch of life to your sounds. There are 4 user-definable knobs and 2 assignable switches and 12 dedicated knobs for hands-on control of filter, LFO and envelope parameters. The K5000S also has a 40-pattern arpeggiator on-board with 8 user-definable patterns."

Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synthesizer SN FIZMO-11243

via this auction

"Ensoniq Fizmo 61-note synthesizer with professionally installed regulator fix and original manual. (It even has the original clear film on the LED read out.) It has been maintained in a non-smoking environment. Everything works, very few scuffs or signs of wear."


via this auction

TSL studio equipment boutique Analog Gate Sequencer for synth , guitar

Published on Oct 24, 2018 TSL Studio Equipment

"Analog Gate Sequencer by TSL Studio Equipment
8 Ch Sequencer with LFO and AR Filter (Attack and Release)
- True Bypass Switch
- Tempo Knob
100% Handmade point to point designed it by George Tsomokos for TSL Studio Equipment"

Roland Jupiter 8 vs Roland Juno 60 First Comparison

Published on Oct 24, 2018 synthartist69

"In this video, I attempted to match one of my custom patches, Synthbrass to the Jupiter 8 using the Juno 60. I did not add any effect during the first part of the video so that you could hear the raw sound of both. When adding the Juno chorus effect, I detuned the Jupiter 8 oscillators to match the Juno chorus. I do apologize for any noise in the video. The noise is associated with the Juno 60 chorus effect, common issue with Juno 60's but easy to work around with lower pre mixer input volume levels. The Jupiter 8 is an incredible sounding synthesizer but a Juno 60 deserves to be up there in the high ranks along with it. What are you thoughts? Do you own either of these great synths? NOW.. don't get on Ebay or Reverb and start running the Juno 60 prices through the roof thinking you now have a Jupiter 8!! But, in my opinion.. the Juno 60 is still one helluva a value and it sounds so much better than modern synthesizers. Yes it is limited, but for me it is all about the basic sound and these Roland filters sound incredible.. especially when you add the chorus effect."

The Jupiter of course has two independent VCOs, Sync, and Crossmod. The Juno-60 has one DCO and one Sub osc.

Roland Juno 60 vs Roland Jupiter 8 80's Music Battle!!

Published on Oct 24, 2018 synthartist69

"At the very beginning there is no effect added but shortly in I added delay to both synths. Thanks for watching!"

modular shades #20 | autumn

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Elinch

"finally, my 9u system is complete again. the piece begins with rings controlled by ribn and has 3 "parts". please take a look at the video in peace.

my first album is now available on bandcamp

1. sequence #1 /// mutable instruments rings (sequenced by marbles - amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
2. voice pad /// make noise morphagene / 4ms topographic delay loop (amplitude controlled by ribn)
3. Voice /// make noise morphagene (gene size / slide / amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
4. effets /// mutable instruments plaits (pitch controlled by marbles - amplitude controlled by ribn) / mutable instruments rings
5. sequence #2 /// intellijel dixie 2 (sequenced by malekko varigate 4+) / manhattan analog svvcf / zvex lofi junky / 4ms dld
6. sequence #2 parallel /// intellijel dixie 2 (sequenced by malekko varigate 4+) / don buchla thonas white dual lpg / zvex lofi junky / 4ms dld
7. noise /// pico rnd / xaoc devices kamieniec / 4ms dld
8. sequence #3 /// rings (sequenced by patterning) / strymon magneto
9. vintage synth sound /// dreadbox omikron (sequenced by patterning) / don buchla thonas white dual lpg

recorded live with tascam dr 100. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.
the beautiful female voice is a 3 second sample from my daughter vinyl ("

NOVATION BASS STATION 2 with Synth Mike - Sound Design Pt. 3

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Synth Mike

Previous parts here.

TEST SERIES Make Noise Telharmonic Eurorack with Source Audio Manta Nemesis Orbital Multiwave

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Make Noise Telharmonic Eurorack with Source Audio Nemesis, Orbital, Multiwave, and Manta guitar effects pedals.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Steinberg Adds Support for ELK

You might remember the ELK Music Operating System from this prevoius post. In a nutshell, "ELK allows manufacturers to move away from dedicated chips and use standard off-the-shelf CPUs, with significant improvements in terms of user experience, performance and scalability - combined with unprecedented time-to-market advantages and potential new post-sales revenues from software, content and services for their devices."

It also supported the ability to host JUCE and VsT 2.x and 3.x plugins. That integration, however, was implemented by ELK. With this announcement, Steinberg is hosting the integration.

I asked ELK how this differed from the prior announcement and my contact stated: "Before WE (ELK/MIND Music Labs) were the ones working on integrating VST support in ELK (i.e. making ELK "VST compatible") - potentially with the need of future reworks, patches, etc. and no guarantee of support to future VST evolutions.

Since today, it is Steinberg that by adding ELK-related elements to its standard ensures future-proof full compatibility between VST and ELK."

And: "This means ELK will be the first available embedded platform to officially support all plug-ins developed under VST 3 specifications, allowing manufacturers to offer their customers access to an enormous range of VST instruments and processors, and making it extremely easy for software developers to release VST-based software, sounds and effects on hardware musical instruments."

The following is the official press release on the announcement:


With the release of version 3.6.11, Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology plug-in format will natively support the integration of Mind Music Lab’s ELK operating system, allowing VST-based plug-ins to run seamlessly in ELK-powered musical instruments and audio processors.

October 23, 2018 – Stockholm, Sweden

Today MIND Music Labs announced that version 3.6.11 of Steinberg's VST (Virtual Studio Technology) natively supports ELK integration.

ELK, an OS designed specifically for use in embedded systems such as hardware musical instruments and audio processors, will be the first such platform to officially support all plug-ins developed under VST 3 specification. This will allow embedded hardware manufacturers who develop products with the ELK OS to offer their customers access to an enormous range of VST instruments and processors.

Essentially, ELK's integration with VST will make it extremely easy for software developers to release VST-based software, sounds and effects on Powered by ELK hardware musical instruments - the first of which, DVMark's Smart Multiamp, is scheduled for release in early 2019.

“We were very impressed by the performance and stability that the ELK Music Operating System has to offer. And this is the prominent reason that we decided for it to become the first platform for hardware musical instruments within the VST domain,” commented Yvan Grabit, senior developer and tech lead at Steinberg.

"It is an honor for us to be officially recognized as partners for embedded use by Steinberg. For the past 20 years, VST plug-ins have been the de-facto standards for desktop-produced music, and we are ready to help VST become the standard for smart musical instruments and audio processors as well." said Michele Benincaso, CEO of MIND Music Labs.

About MIND Music Labs:
MIND Music Labs develops music technologies that change the way musicians create, record and share music. Among the people who believed in MIND Music Labs are Jacob Key - former VP at Warner Music - Ludvig Linge - co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe, bought by Blackberry in 2010 - and Jordan Rudess - Dream Theater keyboardist and music tech entrepreneur.

About Steinberg:
Steinberg has been providing award-winning, technologically advanced music and media production products for musicians and producers of music, video and film since 1984. Today, Steinberg is one of the world's largest manufacturers of music and audio software and hardware, as well as license-management and copy-protection systems. The Steinberg range of products has long since found world renown in all aspects of modern digital audio processing.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z!!

Published on Oct 24, 2018 ANDREW HUANG

Moog One: System Architecture- Part 3

Part 3 added here.

Macbeth X Series Micromac R Eurorack Synth Module

via this auction

"Superb complete semi modular mono synth for eurorack. Massive sound. Beautifully built. Incredible synth. Very Minimoog like."

Vintage MOOG Synthesizer Brochures

via this auction

"A great set of rare synth brochures (see my other auctions too!) All MOOG 70s instruments. The German Minimoog and Sonic Six brochures are 4 pages each, in color. Am so there are the modular systems - 12 15 35 (rarest for some reason) and 55. All used but decent shape. Sold as-is."

Vintage Synthesizer Brochures Including Rare Vako Orchestron, Moog Constellation, and Electronium

via this auction

"A nice set of very rare synthesizer brochure / catalog paperwork. Raymond Scott ELECTRONIUM May 70, MOOG Syn Amp, VAKO Orchestron for YES, MOOG Sonic Six, Moog Constellation 1973 Taurus Apollo Lyra - for Keith Emerson of ELP. These documents are used but in good condition. Will not separate, sold as-is, thank you."

Roland SBX-10 Sync Box/Converter

via this auction

Roland RS-505 SN 801090

via this auction

Nozoid OCS-2 semi modular synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Synthesizer Gligli Mod SN 5679

via this auction

Future Retro Swynx

via this auction

Search for Swynx below for demos and more info.

Crumar DS-2 Analog Synthesizer with DCO's

via this auction

"This synth could use some tlc.

It makes sound in it's current condition and most of the functions seem to work in general.

Unfortunately, it only works when set to certain waveforms in the two LFO's so it's going to need some attention.

It only makes sound when LFO 1 is set to ramp and LFO 2 is set to square."

Tiptop Audio MIX7

Tiptop Audio MIX7 from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

Technics SX-K700 synthesizer demo and review

Published on Oct 23, 2018 Gearfacts

Preset synth with limited editing, covered at 2:40.

"Technics keyboards never inspired me all that much, but I decided to make a real effort with this one. Now I think that with a bit of imagination and creative thinking, this is definitely a usable (though not classic) keyboard in this year 2018."

Technics SX-K700 keyboard synth: Sounds only, no talk

Published on Oct 23, 2018 Gearfacts

"As promised, a direct recording of the Technics KS-X700 with some beats, basslines, general sounds and demonstrated use of effects and synth editing."

Critter & Guitari - FX 13 for Organelle

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Critter & Guitari

"Download this patch here:
Quickly select effect, change effects settings, and jump through custom presets with the FX-13 effects patch! Choose from reverb, delay, spectral delay, pitch shifter, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrusher, tremolo, LFO filter, panner, and two distortions.

Saving a preset is a cinch! Press a key, chose your favorite effect and settings, and hold Aux.

In this demo, we've shown input examples in the forms of an organ recording, another Organelle playing Genny 1 and Rhodey, and electric guitar.


24 10 18 Scrotum Lab - Tresses [01]

Published on Oct 24, 2018 batchas

"Testing one of the different models on the upcoming module for the BugBrand system and enjoying very much this little sequence."

Strutting With Steppy

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Intellijel

"Steppy is a 4-track programmable gate sequencer with eight internal memory slots, external clocking, numerous tweakable parameters, and a performance-first design aesthetic.

Each track features numerous independent parameters that govern its playback independently of the other tracks. Specifically:

Each track has its own length, which can range from 1-step to 64-steps, allowing for polyrhythms, fills, or constantly evolving gate interactions between tracks.
Each track has its own gate length, which ranges from very short to very long, with tied gates possible at the extreme setting.
Each track has its own clock divider, allowing patterns to play out over completely different periods of time.
Each track has its own swing setting, which offsets the timing of every other step.
Each track has its own delay setting, which offsets the timing of every step.
Each track has its own probability control, which sets the likelihood that each programmed gate will fire when called upon by the pattern.
Each track can be shifted (or ‘rotated’) forward or backward by a number of steps. So if you’ve created a pattern that ‘feels’ like it has its downbeat on step 3, you can shift that pattern two steps to the left, so that the downbeat sits on step 1.
Tracks can be programmed by entering active steps on the grid or tapped in live as the sequence is moving. Tracks can be selected and modified in real time as the sequence plays. A select button allows you to directly access each track (and each page of 16 steps within that track) directly through Steppy’s intuitive multifunction buttons array.

Tracks can be individually muted and unmuted, and a special performance mode (called “Loopy”) enables you to touch any two gate steps and instantly create a performance that loops between those steps.

Track patterns can be cleared without clearing its playback parameters, and all track patterns (along with their individual playback and performance parameters) can be saved as a preset to one of eight internal memory slots."

Moog One: System Architecture - Part 2

Part 2 added here.

The Select Bus

Published on Oct 24, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"The Select Bus is a new standard for inter-module communication that utilizes the Doepfer CV bus on the Eurorack power rails to let digital modules with State Selection control each other without any patching needed. If one module is set to Lead on the Select Bus, and another to Follow, the follower will always automatically go to the same State the Leader is on. With René and TEMPI (with latest firmware), this means we can potentially have a unique clocking arrangement for each of René’s States. Also in the case of René and TEMPI, it is possible to use René’s Multi-Paste, Mesh, Store, and other commands to tell TEMPI to do the same.

You must have the latest TEMPI firmware to fully utilize the Select Bus with TEMPI."

All-Hardware Live Electro with Korg Mono/Poly + Elektron Dark Trinity

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Austin Speed

"Quick jam with my newly acquired Korg Mono/Poly, this thing is absolutely wicked! It’s being triggered by the Analog Four and audio is being sent to the Monomachine for some light stereo effects. Audio is a direct recording straight from the Octatrack."

ST Modular - Filtering Werner

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Stefan Tretau

"Werner is a modification of Olivier Gillet´s Ripples filter. Actually its a Franz´d Ripples if you like, as it got a mixer and an internal LFO. Just like his big brother. It is not as buttery as Franz, but still one of the best filter around.

It has all the functionality of the original Ripples module, but also provides a transistor based 3-channel mixer and an LFO with Triangle, Square and inverted Triangle outs, that are normalled to CUTOFF and Q. This connection is interrupted as soon as external CV is plugged into the corresponding CV inputs.

There is also an LFO RESET input in order to restart the LFO cycle. This way you can synchronize the CUTOFF movements to a rhythmical pattern.

Resources for Ripples:


● Analog Filter
● 3 Filter Outputs: Low Pass 2-Pole, Low-Pass 4-Pole, Band Pass 2-Pole
● VCA for Low-Pass 4-Pole
● Internal LFO with three Waveforms: Triangle, Inverted Triangle & Square
● LFO Reset
● LED indicating LFO rate
● LFO normalled to Filter Circuit
● Apply three LFO waveforms at the same time
● Attenuator for each LFO Wave or external CV
● 3-Channel Transistor based Mixer
● Volume control for each Mixer Channel
● Wrong Polarity Protection
● 3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide
● Power consumption: 55 mA at +12 V and 55 mA at -12 V

The module consists of three boards:
● Front PCB Panel
● Control PCB for LEDs, potentiometers and jacks
● Little PCB with all electronic components for LFO and Mixer

55 mA +12V
55 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
35 mm deep
Module is available as a DIY project only."

Gecho & Friends - Part 3: 8bit Mixtape Neo

Published on Oct 24, 2018 Gecho Loopsynth

"This is the very cool looking 'Berliner Schule' edition of 8bit Mixtape Neo from - a little digital synthesizer which is also available as a DIY kit! There are various firmwares available too, this is just one of them.

They play nice together. Mixtape's monophonic output is spread around stereo with delay effect, layered into the loop, filtered using low-pass filters individually controlled by four Gecho's infra-red proximity sensors.

As usual, no additional effects or post-processing applied."

See the Gecho label below for more.

Loopseque 8 — beat performer

Published on Oct 24, 2018 loopseque

"Wheel-based performer for rhythm improvisation.

Loopseque 8 is a logical evolution of the Loopseque’s idea.

Thanks to the modern iPad capabilities, we were able to implement much more effects, more audio channels, improved graphics and many other features, the chief among which is the ability to mix projects as we do it with tracks in DJ's music apps.

Loopseque is back with a rounded beat machine, percussion drum sequencer, the ability to change samples, patterns on the run, use effects, filters, etc to easily create a musical atmosphere that you like.

You can record sessions, use audio Copy/Paste or AudioBus to work with created audio material outside Loopseque 8 application.

Waldorf Quantum demo - SOYL Custom made preset by CO5MA

Published on Oct 24, 2018 CO5MA

"Demo focused on the Resonator, with two custom-made presets: Soyl I and Soyl II

In some parts, the Resonator is used on its own. And in some parts, the resonator is affected to a sample.

Internal FX only.

This is a live improvisation and not a recorded sequence."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer GliGli - Big Brass - "Rocky"

Published on Oct 23, 2018 Tom Loncaric

"1983 Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer with GliGli mod. Testing out some sounds... gonna fly now...."

80s Dark style Oct 23, 2018

Published on Oct 23, 2018 SynthMania

"The track starts at 2:34
Several people have requested more mid-'80s Dark style content, so here you go, guys and gals, a new ditty in the vein of my dark teenager years"

Patch n Tweak

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