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Friday, February 01, 2019

Yamaha DX7 Custom Patch Tutorial 21 | 80's Theme

Published on Feb 1, 2019 madFame

"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer.

madFame's DX7 Custom Patches are compatible with most FM synths including DEXED, Arturia DX7 V, Volca FM etc.

To support the channel further check out my Patreon page:
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files
All $5 or more Patrons get my coveted DATA SHEETS with extra programming tips

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

Beatles L.S.D. Moog Grandmother Behringer DeepMind 6 Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Feb 1, 2019 SynthgodXXX

#mooggrandmother #behringerdeepmind6 #rikmarston
The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
Moog Grandmother Behringer DeepMind 6
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **Turn it UP!**

The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
All synthesizers:
Bass: Moog Grandmother
All other parts: Behringer DeepMind 6
Sequencing on Ableton Live
A little psychedelic video to trip on for those late nights..
You gotta love The Beatles! Groovy!

Thank you for watching!

Need any Synthesizer Samples for your next track and want to save a TON of money? Here are only a few of my HQ synthesizer sample collections in .WAV format able to load into ANY device that reads .WAV files!

Moog Collection
DSI Collection
Roland Collection
Sequential Prophet-6
Dave Smith / Oberheim OB-6

GX1 Wave Level Mod Demo

Uploaded on Jan 30, 2019 sequentix

Spotted this one on Apparently there was a software editor for a Kontakt GX1 pictured below. If anyone has additional info on them, feel free to leave a comment.

via robotmakers on Muffs:

"Here's a Kontakt instrument I put together that models the Yamaha GX-1, with its quirky interface and idiosyncratic features. The instrument is based on a set of sampled analog waveforms processed through the filter and modulation engine of Kontakt 5.0. This latest version of Kontakt includes a variety of greatly improved filters, including a 12db per octave set of HP, BP and LP filters that sound surprisingly close to the GX-1's (I used MOTM-485s to compare). There are 25 pages (!) of Kontakt KSP code behind this thing, and two interface levels, portaying the unique GX-1 Programmer and a selection of other controls (e.g. LFO labeled oddly as Sub-Oscillator). This is work-in-progress, and currently uses samples of a Moog 921B VCO rather than a more representative oscillator. The next step will be modeling the VCOs more closely, among other things."

Buchla - LEM Snoopy

via this auction

"Modular or Stand Alone Synth, with Dual Independent Oscillators, Dual Lowpass vactrol-based gate/ filters and Dual Function Generator. Snoopy can be played as a stand-alone instrument with its core Complex Waveform Oscillator, filter and VCA functions with amazing power in a compact
design, or integrated into a larger complex system. With its Dual Lowpass Gate consisting of two independent vactrol-based gate/ filters in the classic Buchla format, Dual Function Generator with two independent envelope generators with VC attack and decay, and ability to cycle and perform as an LFO, MIDI, comprehensive CV and USB control to allow interfacing with all formats including EuroRack, and the most
desirable and unique timbre in the pages of synthesiser history, Snoopy is Buchla Power for now and the future.

Complex Oscillator: 2 independent oscillators that can be linked for FM/AM modulation effects

Dual Lowpass Gate: 2 independent vactrol-based gate/filters in the classic Buchla format

Dual Function Generator: 2 independent envelope generators with VC attack and decay, with the ability to cycle and perform as a LFO

MIDI-CV interface: 5-pin and USB MIDI input for a single synth voice with 1-1.2V/oct voltage conversion, jack/multiple conversion and scaling buffers for interfacing

More CV buffering, scaling, and 1-1.2V/oct conversion, jack/multiple converters and Pulse-Gate and Gate-Pulse converters interfacing to other systems.

Snoopy can be configured in a standard Buchla-style synth voice using the modulation oscillator to modulate the Primary oscillator, or even 2 independent VCO-VCF/VCA voices. Even in this compact package, there are limitless sounds that can be created in real-time.

Integrate with your synth or external audio sources and use Snoopy’s classic Buchla filters and modulation sources for unique effects."

Intellijel Atlantis SH-101 Style Eurorack Synth Voice

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"The Intellijel Atlantis was constructed in the spirit of the Roland’s legendary SH-101. Like its inspiration, the Atlantis excels at rich bass sounds and soaring leads. However, unlike the SH-101, the Atlantis ditches the sawtooth core for a triangle core, designed by David Dixon, sourced from the Intellijel Dixie. The decision to add a triangle core means that the Atlantis excels at FM style sounds. The modulator oscillator can be switched from an LFO to a VCO, with both oscillators able to track at an astonishing 8 octaves.

The module features a handy mixer section that allows for the convenient mixing of waveforms. Additionally, users could patch the modulator oscillator into this section to use the Atlantis as a more traditional dual oscillator.

The module’s filter section is essentially a Roland style cascaded 4-pole multimode filter that can be switched between low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass. The accompanying LP switch decreases the amount of resonance in low-pass mode, enabling the creation of deeper, fatter sounds.

Atlantis’s envelope section consists of a traditional ADSR envelope with an optional looping mode and the ability to be activated by an external gate. The output VCA feeds directly into an advanced clipping circuit that can be utilized to achieve a nastier/grimier sound."

Vintage ROLAND Bass Line Synthesizer TB-303 w/ Kenton CV Mods

via this auction

"TB-303 with Kenton 5 modification. It is in very good condition for the age. Shows some minor wear around upper controls - see photos."

Technosaurus Microcon II Real Analog Monophonic Synthesizer SN 2292 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This rare Technosaurus Microcon II is in excellent condition and perfect working order. Ships in original box."

BOSS DR-55 Dr. Rhythm Vintage Analog Drum Machine

via this auction

Roland TR-606 Drumatix Computer Controlled Drum Machine

via this auction

JOMOX T-Resonator

via this auction

"This JoMox T-Resonator Time Woven Filter Matrix is in excellent+, clean condition and perfect working order. T-Resonator ships in original box with ac adapter."

Sherman Filter Bank SN 1785

via this auction

"This Sherman Filter Bank Synthesizer is in excellent, super clean condition and perfect working order. Ships with manual and AC power supply. There are a couple of minor scratches on the top by IN and OUT and in back - see photos. S/N 1785. Made in Belgium. Photos are of the actual auction item. Please email with questions."

Vintage Wersi BAB Synthesizer

via this auction

Macbeth M3X 2003 Black SN 1064 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"A Macbeth Studio Systems M3x and its box. I bought this new in October 2003 via GSF Agency and, in one of the more regrettable aspects of my life, I stopped using it and all my other gear (besides my guitar) when I moved in December 2004. It's been sitting in its box ever since, until I pulled it out today.

I've played around with all of the knobs and switches on front except for the external input and aux controller route. Everything I've tried has worked fine. I've not tested the back panel ports besides using the hi out and the MIDI IN, and the only menu functionality I've used was the hold."

Roland System 100m Modular System

via this auction

"This Roland Sys 100m (191J) is a stellar example of this famous modular synthesizer from Roland.

Modules included:

M-112 dual VCO, with 3 CV ins, 2 outs, and weak/strong sync
M-121 dual VCF, with low-pass and high-pass filters with 24 dB/oct slope
M-130 dual VCA, with a linear/exponential switch
M-140 dual Envelope (ADSR, invertable, and manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)
M-150 Ring Mod, Noise (pink and white), S&H (with lag), and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)"

The ParipiDestroyer - Mini Sequencer Synth Seeks Funding

This one is in via @Shangri_La_Live

You can find the campaign with demos at DigiLog here.

Some details:

"ParipiDestroyer is a cute and very tiny synthesizer made by DigiLogTokyo's sub-brand "Crazy Synth Kids". You can play with intense bass sound despite its cute looks.

How you play is up to you. It is a size that you can carry anytime and anywhere in a real sense.


I made a prototype with a little play in 2017. I really liked it, but forgotten until recently. This year, I remembered that while I was watching Twitter. And with some improvements, a good feeling design was completed.
Paripi is the meaning of "Party People".

But, don't you ever destroy Paripi. Use ParipiDestroyer to teach Paripi really good music!

※I do not hate Paripi, my friend is Paripi, and my cousin is also Paripi. This is just a joke!"

Monotron Delay Mod - VCF modulation LFO in AUX

Published on Feb 1, 2019 lo fidgerald

Original Arp Odyssey MKII Model 2813 Serviced

via this auction

"Mint condition, very rare vintage synth. Professionally serviced, fully functional working as it should. Vintage ARP Odyssey's sound as nothing to do with Korg reissues. This is a beast!!!"

ARP Quadra

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

"Excellent state of conservation: 9/10. Few scratches here and there, nothing serious. The iron cabinet is dentless, the sides panel are ok. 220 v unit. Sounds good. Catch it now!"

AE Challenge #4 - Journey thru space

Published on Feb 1, 2019 TheTechnobear

Eigenharp Alpha and Madrona Labs Soundplane for the controllers.

"This weeks challenge was to create an ambient piece with the help of the AE Modular.

This was new to me, and honestly, the piece got more complex than I imagined...

I started with the FX / drone made on the AE modular, this was a mix of FM, noise, and feedback, and fed into the Multi FX - it was made so with changing various module parameters had pretty wild changes.

Next, I created a new AE patch, for what would become the arp, trying to create a kind of berlin school vibe.. this was relatively simple, using the NYLE filter, and then playing with Delay and MultiFX to get some flavour to it....
I layered this with a bit more of a pluck sound from the Virus TI.

Finally, I recorded some short-wave radio on a Koma Field Kit, and put this thru a spring reverb...

all the above I recorded on a Tascam 244 4-track, which I then recorded out in single tracks to Ableton.

I arranged this in Ableton in sections I wanted, then could improvise over this, with l two tracks both using Madrona Labs Aalto.

the first was played with the Madrona Labs Soundplane, as its great for fluid, expressive pads.

the other, was played on the Eigenharp Alpha which I prefer for more responsive, lead type sounds.

It's funny, whilst both are expressive controllers, they play so differently, even using an identical patch, the result will be completely different.

Things I learnt, to plan it better!.. with more layers, it got confusing to improvise over the top of, and become problematic to mix :) "

MOK Waverazor Dual Oscillator Eurorack Module

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 NAMM Show, MOK introduced the Waverazor Dual Oscillator Eurorack module."

See the MOK label below for more.

Sphero Specdrums Lets You Turn Color Into Music

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Synthtopia

"At the 2019 NAMM Show, Sphero introduced Specdrums - a new type of wireless music controller that turns color into sound."

Curious how sensitive it is - how many gradients it is capable of sensing. It it were fully programmable it could be interesting. I'm also curious how sensitive it would be to light - would brighter lighting change the perceived color and trigger the wrong thing? Makes me think of a realtime controller for ANS and Oramics type optical synthesis. A light sensitive controller capable of sensing color in addition to light. Could be interesting if applied right.

Elektron Model:Samples #01

Published on Feb 1, 2019 when the leaves are falling

"Trying this on.

Very hard buttons and knobs."

Orions by Artem Leonov

A new EP from Artem Leonov, aka VCV Rack Ideas (promo video below).

Recorded in VCV Rack.

Each track is made from only one instance of a sine oscillator [SquinkyLabs VCO1] (except for the first track - a noise source [SquinkyLabs Colors] was used to create a hat).

Also, only one instance of each module is used in each patch.

released February 1, 2019

Mastered by Artem Leonov.

Artwork by Ludmila Samofalova

Published on Feb 1, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

"Listen -

New musical project. First modular EP.
Recorded in VCV Rack.
Each track is made from only one instance of a sine oscillator [SquinkyLabs VCO1] (except for the first track - a noise source [SquinkyLabs Colors] was used to create a hat).
Also, only one instance of each module is used in each patch.
Mastered by Artem Leonov.

Artwork by Ludmila Samofalova -

Check my Instagram page and SHORT VCV RACK TIP series
Support me on Patreon"

Bastl Instruments 1983 Demo: MIDI to CV Interface & More

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Bastl Instruments

"The 1983 is a polyphonic MIDI to CV interface with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. There are four channels of CV and GATE outputs that can be configured in various Layouts, such as hybrid splits between monophonic and polyphonic voices or velocity, Control Change, aftertouch, triggers, clock or reset.¶"

And the Press Release:

We are really happy to finally announce the 1983 four channel MIDI to CV interface for eurorack with automatic tuning, creative voice manipulation and micro tuning. It took more than three years since first prototypes for it solves the unsolved problems in the modular world.

Polyphony and painless tuning might have partly been solved by some modular users thru elaborate hacks and expensive modules before but now the 1983 can simply listen to almost any analog (or digital) oscillator and even correct its tuning with simple press of one button and that is a huge deal!

On top of that it brings creative CV inputs to work with harmony, voicing, glissandos and arpeggios. It can also be used in quad performance quantizer mode in which voltages could be interpreted as and processed as defined tones. This could either be used just to correct tuning between sequencers and oscillators (no MIDI needed) or even more creatively, because the MIDI input can directly set the quantizer mask = the notes that will or won't be used.

Because equal temperament with A tuned to 440 Hz does not suit all kinds of music and synthesis techniques, the 1983 is equipped with micro tuning feature to fine tune each semitone in the octave.

As a designer of this module I have this personal note to add:

“Modular synthesizers use precise voltages to communicate pitch information (volt per octave) and such standard puts high demands on both oscillator and voltage source design and calibration while in most instances it leaves the final bit of calibration up to the user. Automatic tuning technical solutions were always used in polysynths and it was somewhat “easy” to do since they were closed systems. The open end architecture of eurorack system allows variation of the standard interpretation when it comes to in impedances or something else. I believe that in this century we should be implementing microcontrollers and create hybrid systems that solve these technical issues. This is also why we chose to use ironically retro-futuristic design and name the module 1983 after the year when MIDI was born. I hope the LISTEN feature inspires other maker to implement tuning corrections into any module that aims to work with tonality from now on.”

OP-Z Performance: "Fly Tonight" - [with iPhone Editor]

Published on Feb 1, 2019

"The OP-Z is an amazing instrument. This is me jamming over a few patterns, recorded in one take. Any flaws are down to the human and not the machine in this clip (although I am a huge fan of the contrast between machine precision and human imperfection)

This might be the instrument I have been looking for since the 90's, and I feel like I only just started to scratch the surface of what it can do. Follow us for more videos on the OP-Z and other creative tools!

Have a great weekend, and take care!"

Jordan Rudess noodling on the Streetlytron

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Pi Synth

"What a nice way to end the week. Email popped into my inbox, it's from Jordan, short message 'Some screen capture of Streetlytron'. And guess what, it's LOVELY!"

Moog Sirin Analog Synthesizer SN 0531

via this auction

"Only 2500 units sold!

Number: 0531"


via this auction

* does not power up

* 1 loose cable next to transformer

* 3 chips missing inside as far as we can see, but NOT 100% sure

* 1 knob missing

* 1 changed knob

* small dent in display

* 1 wood chip at left side panel

* needs to be FULLY serviced !

Feeltune SXE 2012 Orange

via this auction

"The unit works as it should. Its not in the best cosmetic condition. Does not come with any Plugins installed. The SXE model comes with Win 7 and 500GB hardrive. It can be upgraded further as well. Comes with power cord."

See the Feeltune label below for more.

Yamaha FS1R FM Synthesizer PH01165

via this auction

Tiptop Audio ZDSP with Halls of Valhalla, Dragonfly MKII & Shimmer

via this auction

"Tiptop Audio’s Z-DSP is a cartridge-based open source digital sound processing and effects generating platform for your modular synthesizer. Lush audio processing, greater stereo depth and a unique set of digital synthesis is what the Z-DSP is all about."

NAMM 2019 Floor Walk and Awards Handout

Published on Feb 1, 2019 sonicstate

"Sunday AM is when we hand out the awards, and usually we just take the photos, this year we decided to combine a floor walk with the awards. Contrary to most award ceremonies, this one is not at all organized.."

Behringer: Our Heritage Synth Collection is Growing - Roland SH-5 Clone Coming?

Published on Feb 1, 2019 BEHRINGER

"Michael shows us our latest find, the Roland SH-5, to be added to our heritage collection and shown in our Synthesizer museum (TBA)."

SoundsDivine 'Supersonic FM' - U-he Hive

Published on Feb 1, 2019 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Overflow' soundset for U-he's Hive synthesizer.

Drums - Korg Volca Beats"

TEST SERIES AM Radio Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus Sound Design Experiments

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

"Radio Coco.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

NAMM 2019 MOK Waverazor As A Eurorack Module

Published on Feb 1, 2019 sonicstate

"Two Waverazor wave slicinf oscillators in a Eurorack format - built on the 1010 Music Module with touch screen and MIDI control, - mmmmm....."

Boss DR-220A Drum Machine | Punchy and excellent

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Espen Kraft

"The small, but punchy Boss Dr.Rhythm 220A drum machine from 1985. Great value for money!
A quick overview and tutorial on how to use it after the demo track.

Tutorial and review starts at 03:04

The two Boss drum machines Dr. 220A and Dr. 220E were produced between 1985 and 1987. The TR-505 is a gloryfied 220A, but in reality the 220A is more punchy than the 505 and is excellent value if you can live with the mono output and no MIDI. Some parallell compression in the mix and the 220A is as punchy as a boxer on fire.
With trigger in/out it can be synced (or sync) with other gear."

Yamaha CS 60: Dreamscape Reverberations

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Stephen Coker

"Stephen Coker playing a Yamaha CS60 vintage synthesizer drenched in extra Reverb and analog stereo chours.

The CS 60 is my favourite instrument. The ethereal textures that emit from this masterpiece is timeless. Out of all my synths, if i could only keep one, it would be the CS 60.

I dont usualy use this much reverb with tails as long as what i used for this video but, i wanted to do something different..

The CS 60 is my favorite instrument."

Dubreq Stylophone GEN R8 Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

STG Sound Labs - Suit and Tie Guy | NAMM 2019

Published on Jan 31, 2019 Under the Big Tree

"Welcome to 25 minutes of Bubba. He is hilarious, entertaining, energetic...and happens to know an awful lot about modular.

Bubba does a deep dive on the STG (Suit and Tie Guy) Sound Labs line of Eurorack modules. He shows us their newest products, including some still in the prototype stage. And he throws down the gauntlet to our viewers: which collection of modules do you like better to be included in a complete synthesizer product? I'm hoping the comments are going to be flowing like water.

So watch this video. Marvel at Bubba. Ignore the obnoxious rave music happening across the way at the same time. Come to Knobcon '19 in September.

And remember: bug music is the folk music of our people."

Nodding - a Millolab & vvilms song

Published on Jan 31, 2019 millolab

"A collaboration between Millolab (Emilio Sapia, Milan - Italy) and vvilms (Aaron Wharton - Waco - Texas).

Aaron's channel:

Headphones highly recommended.

Millolab used:
- Elektron Digitakt
- Elektron Octatrack
- Elektron Machinedrum
- Korg Electribe2
- Korg Ms2000
- Boss RE20
- Eventide H9

- Ableton Live
- Zebra HZ 2.8
- Bazille
- Repro
- Push 2
- Nektar Panorama P6

Thanks for watching."

Soniccouture Sheng Khaen Sho Post Update

New demos and pics have been added to this post. Don't miss it.

Patch n Tweak

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