MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday, February 17, 2019

minilogue xd: First look with Kabuki (part 2)

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Korg

minilogue xd: First look with Kabuki videos

Cover Blade Runner "End titles"

Published on Feb 17, 2019 FM74

"This cover is not intended to be a true copy of Vangélis' work, it is only made to show Skulpt's sound creations on a composition known to all.

Ce cover n'a pas la vocation d'être une copie conforme de l'oeuvre de Vangélis, il est seulement réalisé afin de montrer les possibilités de créations sonore du Skulpt sur une composition connue de tous"

Follow-up to cover blade runner With only the SKULPT Modal

Modal Electronics Skulpt played with Quasimidi Cyber 6 midi keyboard controller.

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (new Cover)

Published on Feb 17, 2019 starshipfive

No Copyright Infringement Intented --------------------------------------------------------------------

Synths used:

Roland Fantom X6 expanded with:
SRX Ultimate Keys
SRX World Collection
SRX Complete Orchestra
SRX XP/JV Essentials
512 Mb RAM
Yamaha CS6x expanded with:
Korg X5D
Kurzweil K2500r
Roland V-Synth XT [having VC1-(D50) and VC2-(Vocal)]
Roland JV-2080 expanded with:
SR-JV Vintage Synth
SR-JV Session
SR-JV Orchestral
SR-JV Latin
Ketron SD1 Plus

Sequenced Parts done in Cubase 5, using several Hardware and VST Plugins, then audio mixdown passed to Hardware sampler in Roland Fantom X6

Devo - Big Mess (chisel316 cover)

Published on Feb 17, 2019 chisel316

"It's been awhile since I made a Devo cover. By request, here is another one of my all-time favorite Devo songs. Hope you enjoy it!

Gear used:
Roland Boutiques...
SH-01A - sequenced synth
JU-06 - sub bass
JP-08 - right hand
JX-03 - left hand
Mutable Instruments Braids - yes, it says 'DEVO' :)
Mordax Data - green-on-black oscilloscope
Social Entropy Engine - MIDI sequencer
Korg MicroKEY - left hand keyboard controller
Yamaha Reface DX - right hand keyboard controller
Novation Launch Control XL (x2) - mixer controllers
iPad mini 4 - picture/mixer/effects/samples

iOS apps:
Beathawk - drums w/custom samples
bs16i - wood block
AUM - mixer
Eos 2 - reverb fx
FAC Chorus -chorus fx
FAC Maxima - maximizer
Woodpressor - compressor
Master Record - live mastering suite"

Affordable sampling in 1985: Korg SDD-2000

Published on Feb 17, 2019 SynthMania

"The Korg SDD-2000 was a cool sampling digital delay from the mid-'80s, that allowed users to control samples via MIDI. Back in the days when samplers were very expensive, DDLs were a good way to get in the sampling game without breaking the bank."

SEQUENTIAL PROPHET X | Sounds, Presets & Ambient Soundscapes【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Feb 17, 2019 synth4ever

"Sequential Prophet X 61-key synthesizer demo, featuring Prophet X sounds, presets and ambient soundscapes. The Sequential Prophet X is a futuristic hybrid digital/analog synth that blends traditional synthesis with high quality samples from 8Dio.

The Prophet X is a bi-timbral, 8-voice-stereo, 16-voice mono/stereo, 32-voice paraphonic synthesizer. It has 2 sample-based oscillators + 2 digital oscillators, with 150 GB of internal samples from 8Dio and 50GB of additional storage for user-imported samples.

The Prophet X features an analog 4-pole resonant low-pass filter, digital high pass filter, 4 loopable five stage envelopes, 4 LFOs (triangle, saw, reverse saw, square, random), 64-step polyphonic step sequencer, arpeggiator, digital effects, a 16-slot modulation matrix with 28 sources and 92 destinations, 64 alternative tunings, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, 512 factory & 512 user programs.

The 2 multi-sampled stereo instruments per voice feature editable sample start, sample end, loop size, and loop center, loop on/off, sample reverse, sample stretch, bit-rate reduction, and sample rate reduction which enables incredible sample control and movement.

The Sequential Prophet X allows for creative sound design and sonic exploration, putting cinematic performances at your fingertips. In this Prophet X demo I cover various sounds and presets as well as some ambient soundscapes to showcase some of the features of the Prophet X. This demo features pads, percussion, arpeggiators, cinematic strings, textures and piano improvisation.

The Sequential Prophet XL is the larger version with full-sized, semi-weighted, 76-key, Fatar TP/8 keyboard with velocity and channel (mono) aftertouch.

Both the Prophet X and Prophet XL are fantastic sounding hybrid digital/analog synths, and give you the power to create and compose music using both samples and synthesis in exciting new ways within a single instrument. "

LaserGong | Flanigan Ayoub & Chadra

Published on Feb 17, 2019 ClavAnother

"While recording bed tracks for the album, we fired a laser at Cory's gong which was being fed audio from the gong after being run through Bubba's modular synthesizer. A super cool side effect was that the laser got reflected onto the ceiling and then Cory was able to see it as well.

Cory Flanigan
Bubba Ayoub
Matt Chadra"

oscilloscope on a gong

Mattel Optigan with 12 Discs - Model 35012 Mediterranean

via this auction

"The Optigan has a unique sound which is attributed to the optical discs containing pre-recorded backing tracks and unique lead tone for the keyboard portion. Each disc has five accompaniment tracks which can be triggered. Usually a beat, various instrumental accompaniment & often more percussion. Each disc is loaded with unique and very musical content.

Includes Twelve Discs! Original discs are rare and very sought after- so this is a rare opportunity to pick up a stack of them along with a sweet Optigan!

Pop Piano Plus Guitar
Guitar in 3/4 time
Dixieland Strut
Latin Fever
Gay 90s Waltz
Bluegrass Banjo
Sleigh Ride
Majestic Pipe Organ
Hear and Now
Big Band Beat
Classic Guitar

Playing condition:
Working - the keyboard works great, all but two keys play (the highest and lowest) are not making sound. A couple of the 'chord organ' buttons on the left side are intermittent but this is something that can be repaired with contact cleaner.

More about the Optigan:
If you are not familiar with the Optigan, the sound is not 'hi-fidelity' but is very unique and is loved by many admirers familiar with what it does!"

Yamaha CS01 ANALOG Synthesizer SN 11149 w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer SN 3349

via this auction

"This is the preferred J-wire model.

Recent restoration includes;

- 8 noisy potentiometers replaced with new ones.

- All new keyboard bushings.

- New power cord.

- New power switch and new fuse holder.

- All switches and potentiometers cleaned.

- Keyboard contacts cleaned like new.

A few extras are also included;

- Extra keyboard to circuit board cable that is extra-long.This is useful for servicing.

- Extra spare potentiometers included in case you need to replace any in the future.

- The original potentiometers that were replaced during servicing are also provided."

Access Virus TI Polar Synthesizer Upgraded to TI2

via this auction

"This synth started its life as a first generation TI Polar.

It was then upgraded by the manufacturer to a second generation TI2 Polar where it was fitted with the new, more powerful TI2 processor. At the time, the synth was also assigned a new serial number designating it as a TI2 Polar.

The only differences between this "Hybrid" synth and an out-of-the-box TI2 Polar are minor cosmetic differences in the case, and one less USB port (TI comes with 2 USB ports; TI2 comes with 3 USB ports)."

Dave Smith DSI Evolver

Published on Feb 17, 2019

"This is a little tribute to Dave Smith and his amazing Evolver monosynth. This synth is now over sixteen years old and certainly its interface is feeling a little dated, but so much of what Dave Smith developed inside this synth has set the standard for everything that DSI have produced since, including the feedback circuit, modulation routings and four-channel sixteen step sequencer. Watch out for my next video which will go through the Evolver's features in more detail, including its very impressive software editor and VST plugin.

Special credits go to the following link for giving me access to the precious audio from Dave Smith's original product demonstration way back in 2003 which was broadcast by the Synthesiser Service Centre (SSC), London UK:"

Fredmans epistel N:o 81

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Martin Rudefelt

"En tolkning av Fredmans epistel N:o 81 av Martin Rudefelt"

With the Roland Jupiter-8.

FM synthesis on the Yamaha EX5

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

"The Yamaha EX5 features a virtual analog synth engine which is capable of frequency modulation, using one of three possible algorithms. This video shows how to set up a sound to utilize this, and some workarounds to the limitations of the synth engine."

Simon & Garfunkel Save the Life of My Child featuring the Vintage Moog Modular System

Published on Feb 27, 2010

"The album begins softly, but takes a heavier turn with the second track, 'Save the Life of My Child,' which uses the sounds of a distorted synthesizer and is a noted departure from the softer sound that was the signature of the duo. 'Save the Life of My Child' also features a sample from their single 'The Sounds of Silence' ... which starts with a bass sound personally set up by Bob Moog himself."

And via Art Garfunkel's website:

"Robert Moog had invented the synthesiser, and was having courses, in New York, for those who wanted to learn about this. And we would go to these classes to learn about this instrument. And we arranged to bring the whole thing into the studio, it’s an enormous contraption. We didn’t know how to use it. We knew it could make these wonderful saw-tooth buzzy sounds. It could do so many different things, but we said let’s use it as a bass instrument, let it be a pretend electric bass, a synthesised bass, and we tried to exploit the buzzy sound of the low end. So, that’s the first time that had ever been used."

Tangerine Dream- Exit

Published on Feb 17, 2019 graal7

cover with arturia matrix an drumbrute
prologue 16

DSI Prophet 6 & TC Electronic Hall Of Fame

Published on Feb 17, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

WC Olo Garb: A Message / Leftovers (close your eyes, guess the synth).

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Jexus

A new video from Jexus.

"Check out my Patreon:

This is a mash-up of some unused sounds from my previous synth demos put together in oldschool wcog style for the fans. Full story and synth patches at:"


Published on Feb 17, 2019 BoBeats

"Today I am checking out Overbridge from Elektron. It is in open beta currently and you can check it out here:


Explore 'Odyssey' in VCV Rack

Published on Jan 8, 2019 Fahmi M.

“It is very close in most ways, I owned 2 different Oddys back in the day.
The oscillators are a bit ballsier than arps, but filtered back a bit they are very close. the HPF can thin them a bit also.. Adding the third VCO was a tribute to the MiniMoog. I was going to make the 3rd osc go between audio and LFO, then decided to add a 3rd audio VCO, so you would always have the LFo for modulation.
The the filter seems to be halfway between the 2nd and 3rd version. It is all around pretty close. The over patching available is as close as I could get. In the end it is what I would mod an Oddy to sound like.”
- Don Turnock
My music :

Moog Prodigy MK2 with MIDI and mods

Published on Feb 16, 2019 Vco Vca

via this auction

"This is a serviced and calibrated Moog Prodigy MK2 with added MIDI and mods.
Cosmetically it is in a very good condition. Some of the lettering is a bit faded and there are some minor scratches but overall in very nice condition. Even the wood side have a nice vintage tone.
It comes with it original manual.

Unit modifications consists of:
- LFO speed feedback led added
- Loudness contour feedback led added
- Pitch can be modulated by filter enveloppe. Depth of the effect is controlled by a new dedicated pot in the modwheel section.
- there is a switch and led indicator to alternate between pitch bend control of the pitch or filter enveloppe control of the pitch (you can't get both at the same time).

Last and not least the prodigy is enhanced with a Midi to CV interface, the Doepfer MCV4.
This unit enables control of 4 CVs over MIDI.
3 CVs are currently used so there is one left if you feel the need to further modify the synth.
Also by controlling the unit over midi you can have control over enveloppe retrigger, note priority and velocity control. All of these functions are impossible to get on the synth alone.µ
My unit has aftertouch control of the filter as long as velocity and modwheel control of the filter.
One nice feature over midi is also the ability to transpose a running sequence from the synth keyboard."

New Gear Day - Elektron Digitakt

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Oscillator Sink

"Of course it happened, I could only hold out so long: I picked up a Digitakt, and it's love at first sight!

Here are my first 3 patterns from the first 3 days of ownership. All stock samples, raw out of the Digitakt, all effects coming from the Digitakt."


Published on Feb 17, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

"PIF Soviet Analog Synthesizer. 24 mini-key piano. Internal speaker. 3 octave range. One volume knob, one low-pass filter knob. Produces video game-like sounds. It reminds me of early Nintendo games like Castlevania. A great buy for anyone looking for a rare, russian-made analog synth."

via this auction


Published on Feb 17, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

"Extremely rare soviet vintage analog guitar micro synthesizer 'LIDER-2'. It is a original guitar effects processor produced in 1980`s by Katchkanar radio equipment factory 'Formanta', famous for its well-known synthesizers Polivoks, Manual, Maestro etc. Was designed to be applied by musicians who use external effects in the live performance or studio work. Can be easely used not only with guitars but with synths, organs, bass e.t.c. It is a floor-mounted unit with five rubber footswitches; it also has sliders and knobs for changing the parameters of effects. Can process sounds in different ways and mix signal inside the synthesizer."

via this auction


Published on Feb 17, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

"Polyphonic analog synthesizer "Faemi-1M" (released at the Kachkanar radio plant) has 4 octave keyboard. The synthesis is based on one master oscillator, infralow frequency generator, low-pass filter, amplifier. The control panel is divided into five sections: a generator, a timbre, a vibrato, a filter, an amplifier."

via this auction


Published on Feb 17, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

"AELITA is a 3-oscillator monophonic synthesizer with 44 keys, produced by the Murom radio plant in USSR in eighties. The device is housed in a strong aluminum body. Sound control is performed with handy faders and buttons. The synth has really impressive analog sound - it is convenient for modeling of fat analog basses, classic rock leads, hard razor waves, various space FX`s, noises, ambient textures and much more... It is able to form both hard and soft timbres. By activating the UNISON function, the number of simultaneously sounding voices may be 5 or 6. Because you can detune the three independent oscillators, it is possible to create 'one finger chord hits'."

via this auction

Yamaha Yamaha SY-1 analog synthesizer 1974

via this auction

Man, all those vintage synths gone to fluff... And yes, there are two Yamaha's in the listing title. Made me wonder if a Behringer Yamaha will eventually come...

That's the Moog couch & synth pillows.

Monome Norns

via this auction

The images on the inside of the box below reminded me of a Rorschach of the Mute logo.

Folktek Resonant Garden

via this auction

Oberheim Two Voice Pro SN 0168

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/GliGli & Extras SN 4298

via this auction

"Amazing condition late model (serial# 4200+) Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/GliGli CPU upgrade. Works perfect. Latest GliGli 2.1R3 firware. includes original Z80 CPU if you want to go back and a Calzone ATA transport case in which it will ship."

Roland Phrase Lab MC-09 Synthesizer SN ZQ12304

via this auction

Roland's first proper TB-303 emulator? There was the MC-303 (and MC-505 before it), but I believe the MC-303 was more inspired by the TB-303 rather than emulating it like the MC-09. The MC-09 had the ability to capture and loop phrases much like a 4-track tape where you could bounce tracks.  I still need to dig into mine one of these days.  Editing on it wasn't the most intuitive so it kind of just sits there waiting for a "rainy day".

Akai S612 MIDI Digital Sampler Synthesizer w/ MD280, ME20A, & ME10

This is the first post to feature the MD20A and ME100.

via this auction

MD20A MIDI Sequence Arpeggiator
ME100 MIDI Digital Delay
S612 MIDI Digital Sampler
MD280 Sampler Disk Drive


via this auction

"The Monowave is a wavetable synthesiser with 256 waves available for each of the two oscillators. Each oscillator also has a sub-oscillator. The filter is a copy of the Moog filter, there are separate envelope generators for the filter and amplifier, and a simple LFO. The panel is very 'retro' and 'traditional' with knobs for every function and a simple display. Internally, the circuitry is all analogue (except for the digital circuitry used in the oscillators)... no wimpy DSP thank you very much - this is a 'real' synth!!"

Roland Juno 106

via this auction

L-1 Synthesizer plays Крылатые Качели

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Aleksei Laman

"Wanted to play some techno but played this... :) I can't control my music. Music controls me."

Song-A-Day & #RPM Challenge 16 - 'RFTXRX' on 100% Nord Lead Ambient Music

Published on Feb 17, 2019 ChrisLody

"So here's another 100% Nord Lead track, maybe not quite what I went into the studio to achieve today, but who doesn't like a bit of creepy sci-fi soundscape every now and again? So there's 4 layer of Nord Lead one here with just a touch of reverb in Reaper and nothing more. I really like the Nord's ability to get really weird and wonky when the oscillators are pushed past where they comfortable so I used that a lot here."

Behringer Neutron Introduction and Initial Patch Settings & Chorus Pad Videos

Two new videos added to the playlist here.

Tears For Fears Prophet 5 Heritage Synth Restoration - Part 1

Published on Feb 17, 2019 BEHRINGER

"We recently purchased a collection of heritage synthesizers from iconic 80's band Tears For Fears. Our Music Tribe UK Care team begin repairing the Prophet 5 in a quest to bring this piece of musical history back to life."

TR808 triggers SH101

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Peter Maas

"Jamming with the roland family. Programming a small little sequence on the SH101 on the fly.... some nice basses from the MC202 to back it up with."

Basic Overview // Soma Labs Lyra 8 Drone Synth Tutorial

Published on Feb 17, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro

"Please keep your volume at moderate levels. Due to the experimental nature of this synth it gets very noisy and could hurt your ears. The reverb added at 13:07 was external, Kp3+ and Eventide H9 Max.

Intro 0:00
Oscillators 0:48
Fast Release 1:01
Tune 1:38
Voice Pairs and Groups 2:03
Sharp 2:31
Mod 2:49
Mod Switches 3:14
Noisy Mod Demo 3:42
Adding More Modulation 4:50
Extended Modulation Experimental Noise Demo 5:29
LFO / FB CV 6:05
34-56, 78-12 6:28
Hyper LFO 6:49
Total FB 8:42
Pitch Groups 8:54
Vibrato 9:12
Mod Delay 9:30
Distortion 12:27
Hold 13:24
Improv Drone Noise Demo 13:58"


Published on Feb 17, 2019 impurfekt


featuring (in order of appearance):
samples - vintage movie vocals thru dod rubberneck
fx - dopesonix crate digger
beat -dopesonix beat machine thru pro co rat thru boss re-20
pad - black corporation deckard's dream thru strymon dig
synth - behringer neutron thru electro-harmonix super pulsar
bass - studio electronics boomstar 5089 thru boss re-20
lead - dave smith mopho x4 thru strymon dig

sequencing/tracking/mixing - steinberg cubase 10
compression - drawmer 1968 mkii

please support impurfekt:

Nighttime: February - Wayne Rowand- Korg Minilogue

Published on Feb 7, 2019 Wayne Rowand

Korg Minilogue
Zoom ms 70 CDR
Rozeta Suite
Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK
Auria Pro
Eos 2
DAW Cassette

Patch n Tweak

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