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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Moog Matriarch Revealed

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Moog Music Inc

"Matriarch: Place / Time / Memory illuminates the interconnectedness between one’s sense of place, our perceptions of sound organized in time, and the impressions they leave behind.

Exploring the Moog Matriarch synthesizer from their personal home studios, multi-instrumentalist Lisa Bella Donna, Ghostly Intl. electronic producer Max Ravitz (Patricia), Anthem / Call of Duty / Assassins Creed composer Sarah Schachner and Paris Strother of Grammy-nominated R&B duo We Are KING, express 4 unique sonic perspectives on the new instrument within the context of their own creative environments."

Update:I'm not seeing the White Noise Generator, Spring Reverb, or Linear FM that are featured on the Grandmother. Interesting if this is indeed the case, and good news for those that invested in a Grandmother. Some quick diffs compared to the Grandmother:

49 velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch vs 32 velocity minus aftertouch
4 oscillators vs 2
2 filters vs 1
Dual VCA
Second simple LFO
Analog Delay
3 bipolar attenuators with ring mod vs 1
2x4 mults vs. 1x4
Mono, duo, & 4 note paraphonic vs Mono
256 step sequencer adds 4 note per step & 12 stored patterns vs 3
90 patch points (for the added modules) vs 41

And again, the Matriarch appears to be missing the White Noise Generator, Spring Reverb, and Linear FM on the Grandmother.

Update2: new hi-res image. It looks like Noise and Linear FM are there.  So we have the Stereo Delay in place of Spring Reverb.

"The Pinnacle of Moog's Semi-Modular Family of Analog Synthesizers.

Moog Matriarch is a patchable 4-note paraphonic analog synthesizer with a built-in Sequencer, Arpeggiator, stereo Ladder Filters, and stereo Analog Delay. Create rich evolving chord patterns immediately with 'no patching required', then tap into an abundance of inspiring textures, new sounds, and an endless supply of happy accidents through Matriarch’s 90 modular patch points. Based on the vintage circuitry of classic Moog synthesizer modules, Matriarch is a catalyst for creative ideas and a medium for multidimensional expression.

Sequence and perform in mono, duo, and 4-note paraphonic modes.

Classic and ping-pong style repeats with lush infinite delay trails.

Create, mangle and explore the endless expanse of sound with 90 modular patch points.

Matriarch is an analog synthesizer with an emphasis on imagination. The pinnacle of Moog’s semi-modular family of synthesizers, Matriarch’s patchable architecture and vintage Moog circuits reward open exploration with endless sonic possibilities and unparalleled analog sound.

Easily create rich harmonic shapes with up to 4 notes of paraphony that can be sequenced, saved, and shifted with Matriarch’s intuitive 256 step sequencer, or stack the analog VCOs to play on a massive 4 oscillator mono synth.
With a deep assortment of synthesis modules based on Bob Moog’s original circuit designs, Matriarch’s 100% analog signal path spans a dynamic sonic vocabulary – from overdriven monophonic bass to gently evolving paraphonic plucks that cycle through waveshapes into a wash of infinite delay trails. Coupling the power of vintage stereo ladder filters, dual Envelope Generators, stereo Analog Delays, and stereo VCAs, Matriarch delivers a multidimensional sound that empowers the sonic exploration of space and time.

Though Matriarch’s semi-modular design requires absolutely no patching, 90 modular patch points are easily accessible throughout the panel via the included 3.5mm patch cables. This powerful electronic instrument is a highly-versatile addition to any stage or studio that can effortlessly transform from a performance keyboard to a fully modular analog synthesizer at a moment’s notice.

In addition to its standalone function, Matriarch is also an ideal processor of external sound sources and a powerful keyboard front-end for expanding a DFAM, Mother-32, Grandmother, or Eurorack modular system.

**Matriarch Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer begins shipping in Summer of 2019."

Moog Sub37 Spring Day II

Published on Apr 24, 2019 SamiRabia

"It's that lovely time of year again

Multi-tracked, about 7 tracks.

I used NI RC24 Reverb and Replika Delay.
Then a bit of stereo widening, some high pass filtering and a touch of top end EQ."

Percussa SSP In-Store Demo + Q&A

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Percussa demonstrated their SSP eurorack module in our Burbank CA showroom on Wednesday April 4/24 from 6-8PM.

Percussa SSP available here:

#PerfectCircuit #Live #PercussaSSP"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Scanner EaselGene Drivin

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Todd Barton

"More playtime with Robin Rimbaud's Morphagene reel from MakeNoise at Using the Easel to drive the Morphagene. The first sounds you hear are the Easel then the Morphagene slides in. . ."

Roland RS-09 Functions Testing Analog Organ String Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Rik Marston Official

"#rolandrs09 #rolandvintagesynth #stringsynthesizer
Roland RS-09 Functions Testing
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **TURN IT UP!!**

Roland RS-09 Organ / String Synthesizer REV 3.
I am only posting this to help out my sale or trade
in North Florida, USA. This video is to show it's functions,
scratchy Organ sliders & all. Still sounds SWEET!
Especially with the RS-09's Ensemble Effect!!!
I only have it on Craigslist to trade for Roland
Boutique units or $400 CASH.
Ahh the Boutique life :)
Looking for JP-08, JU-06, JX-03, D-05, SH-01A, TR-08.....
A K-25m will help! Also I need SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth!
Thank you for watching!

Support the Rik Marston Official channel!
Please buy these AWESOME Sample Packs!!"

Mutable Instruments Ambika

via this auction

"The Ambika is a 6 voice hybrid synthesizer with digital oscillators similar to the Mutable Instruments Braids and analog filters and VCAs. There is very flexible voice routing allowing for 6 separate monosynths or any specific voice groupings that you desire. There are six individual outputs on the rear to take the flexibility into the hardware domain."

Dreadbox NYX

via this auction

"The NYX is an awesome analog monosynth with 2 VCOs, 3 function generators, multimode filter, reverb and a select set of patch points. This synth sounds great with a heavy and warm character that Dreadbox is known for."

Moog Grandmother

via this auction

"The Grandmother is a lovely semi-modular analog monosynth with circuits based on the original Moog modular modules. It has the classic heavy Moog sound and is great for bass, warm leads, and of course can get weird with some patching."

Elektron Analog Keys w/ Hard Case

via this auction

"Elektron revolutionized the synth world with their sequencers. Having a keyboard on such a powerful analog synthesizer can open up endless possibilities. The Analog Keys is a four voice synthesizer that can be four independent monophonic voices, four polyphonic voices or anything in between.

This unit is in great shape and includes a quality fitted hard case. The lid is fully removable so the synth can be transported and performed on very easily."

Korg 770 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CS50 1977 Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

1984 Akai AX-80 Fully Restored & Future Proofed w/ Latest Tauntek Firmware

via this auction

Arturia MatrixBrute Preset Bank by Arthur Fussy

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Arthur Fussy

"Preset Soundpack for the Arturia Matrixbrute Synthesizer.
You can buy the preset pack here:

The sounds you here are recorded straight into my Apollo AudioInterface, all sounds from the Matrixbrute, no additional effects or compression added. What you here is what you get..."

Roland TR-8S - Quick Jam

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Kraft Music

"Shop exclusive Roland TR-8S BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

There are many drum machines to choose from...but there is only ONE rhythm performer!

Notice a lack of videos on a something specific that you want to hear, or have an idea for one? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

The Roland AIRA TR-8S Rhythm Performer combines the best of its Roland heritage with modern production techniques and professional sound design. Loaded with the largest, most authentic collection of TR drum machines available, the TR-8S can also incorporate preset and custom samples to create unique hybrid and layered kits. Featuring a refined, performance-tuned interface, the TR-8S enables natural and intuitive creation of evolving patterns with variations, fills, and motion.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Roland AIRA TR-8S Rhythm Performer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new drum machine, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Roland TB-303 SN 296200 w/ Devilfish Mod SN 281

via this auction

"Roland TB-303 Devilfish with Quicksilver CPU --- in excellent condition! 100% functional! Looks and sounds awesome!
Has all the devilfish mods and the out of production Quicksilver CPU which make this a flagship 303.
Comes with the original carry case and a new high quality Boss power supply."

Moog Emblem Synthesizer Patch?

via this auction

Strymon Big Sky vs GFI SYSTEM Specular V3

Published on Apr 24, 2019 synthlegends

"Comparision of two great reverb pedals. The very popular Strymon Big Sky against the quite unknown GFI SYSTEM Specular Reverb V3.

The Strymon contains 12 algorithms and a lot of parameters, whereas the GFI is ab bit simpler. It contains only 7 algorithms. But it costs only about half the price of the Strymon. Soundwise both are great. I prefer the GFI, because I think it sounds warmer and is incredible for ambient stuff.

I tried to compare some similar algorithms and didn't manage to match exactly the same settings.
1. Big Sky Shimmer vs Specular Shimmer
2. Big Sky Cloud vs Specular Spatium
3. Big Sky Magneto vs Specular Echo
4. Big Sky Chorale vs Specular Voices
5. Big Sky Hall vs Specular Spatium (less intensive than in the first example)

I hope this video helps you to find out, which is you pedal.

I played everything on Oberheim OBXa stereo into the pedal and stereo out.

There are no additional effects or mastering used.

Thanks for watching !"

SynthFest 2018 - Modulaire Hordijk - Eric Mouquet

Published on Apr 24, 2019 SynthFest France

Critter & Guitari - 2 Delay XT for Organelle

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Critter & Guitari

"Author: raphy

This is one of thirteen user-made patches we're showcasing! The Organelle is full of possibilities waiting to be explored and shared. Each patch in this series is a unique approach to an instrument or effect - the result of the contributor working with the Organelle to make their vision a reality! The icing of this musical cake is that the patches have been shared so others may explore and create! Thanks to all the creators making the Organelle more than we hoped it could be!

This delay is based on the Quad Delay patch. Use the knobs to control feedback for two delays, delay time adjustment, and mix. Like quad delay, the keyboard keys set delay time as well. Use 'Aux' to toggle sending to the delay. Flipping between radio stations is our favorite way to test this effects patch (or any effects patch really!).

Download this patch here:"

Deejayiwan - RENOPOLIS

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Omni Art


Ian Richter - Entrusted

Published on Apr 23, 2019 Ian Richter

A new EP from supporting member, Ian Richter.

"First track off the Entrusted EP.

Listen to/Download the EP:

Video by Nimrod Gershoni:

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, or your favorite streamy-weamy service."

Hertz Donut MKIII : 2nd Audio Demo

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Robotopsy Robotopsy

Deluge 3.0 Firmware Update adds Live Looping

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Synthstrom Audible


1. Deluge 3.0 Firmware Feature Tease: Live Looping 1 of 3
We asked Secret Knives ( to jam on our alpha firmware to explore live guitar looping on the Deluge. Live Looping is part of the upcoming 3.0 firmware release due mid-2019.

You can read more about the upcoming update here:
2. Deluge 3.0 Firmware Feature Tease: Live Looping 2 of 3
We asked Thomas Lambert (a.k.a Thomas Arbor / i.ryoko) ( to jam on our alpha firmware to explore live looping on the Deluge.

Live Looping is part of the upcoming 3.0 firmware release due mid-2019.
You can read more about the upcoming update at the link here:

Listen to Thomas Arbor here:
3. Deluge 3.0 Firmware Feature Tease: Live Looping 3 of 3
We asked Kaysha Bowler to jam on our alpha firmware to explore Live Looping with her "Plex". Live Looping is part of the upcoming 3.0 firmware release due mid-2019.

You can read more about the upcoming update at the link here:
Find out more about Kaysha's projects at:

“Muffwiggler” Mike McGrath - Waveshaper TV Ep.12 - IDOW archive series

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Waveshaper Media

"We go back to the I Dream Of Wires archives for our next episode of Waveshaper TV - a 2011 interview with "Muffwiggler" Mike McGrath, founder of the quintessential modular synthesizer forum/community Muff Wiggler, who passed away on April 23 2019. We put this video together on short notice as a tribute to Mike, the day after his passing. R.I.P. (1976-2019)."

Mike with Don Buchla at NAMM from Instagram.

Also see:
Failed Muso

Association of Microorganisms session No. 1

Published on Apr 17, 2019 Purple Tonal Central 27

Synth Quest Episode 6 | Linn Electronics LinnDrum

Published on Apr 24, 2019 madFame

"In this episode of Synth Quest we take a look at the Linn Electronics LinnDrum. This video is the most in-depth, high-quality demo of the LinnDrum on the internet, I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to this drum machine in my new EP - STARSHIP by Magic & Steel. Find it on Spotify or Bandcamp:

Synth Quest gives you a close up look and a sonic tour of the various synths and drum machines here in my studio.

Besides collecting old and new synths, I rescue and repair unwanted synths and return them to a life of making music as they were intended.

If you have any unwanted synths and drum machines that you would like to contribute to Synth Quest, you can email me at

If you would like to support this channel and the production of future episodes you can consider joining my other patrons at:"

New Black Aluminum Cases for Leploop Arpopone & Multicassa

"Happy to introduce new Alluminium Box for :

||| Arpopone |||
||| Multicassa |||

Solid and beautiful 1.5 mm black matt aluminum box.

If you own Multicassa or Arpopone with wooden box and want to upgrade it with alu. box contact us."

New Patch Base iPad Editor for the Yamaha TG77 & SY77

via Coffeeshopped

synthpro with The Schmidt Coming to Superbooth19

Published on Apr 24, 2019 synthpro

"Hey Guys,

Just a quick video to announce that I will be at Superbooth 2019 this year with the Schmidt synthesizer team.

Really look forward to meeting some of you."

Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 Roland IR3109 Synthesizer

via this auction

"This is a fresh built Shruthi-1, Roland IR3109 synthesizer. Plenty of classic Roland squelch oozes from this LPF.

Custom Features.
-Power Switch built into the DC Jack.
-Two trimmers with back panel access to set the Input/Output levels required by your setups.
-Custom enclosure with a laser engraved legend and color infill.

Build Spec.
-Orange Custom Acrylic Enclosure.
-Orange LCD Display.
-White LEDs.
-Tight & Wobble Free Metal Shaft Pots.
-Metal Shaft Encoder.
-Neutrik Chrome Audio Jacks.
-DC Jack w/ Power Switch.
-I/O Trimpots w/ Back Panel Access.
-MIL Spec Resistors.
-Nichicon Muse & Fine Gold Audio Capacitors.
-Compact/Efficient Switching Power Adapter Included.
-Flashed w/ the Latest v1.02 Firmware.

Handbuilt w/ top quality parts sourced from Authorized dealers only."

Nord G2 Modular Synth With Expansion

via this auction

Roland MSQ-700 Multitrack Digital Keyboard Recorder / Sequencer

via this auction

"Nice condition fully functioning MSQ-700 multi track keyboard recorder from Roland. MIDI or DCB Interface for Juno 60 and Jupiter 8. Internal clock or external control of Midi clock, DIN and Tape Sync. Tape Sync control of other vintage Roland gear like 808/909/606 etc through DIN Sync. Functions as midi clock to din converter."

Moog Prodigy

via this auction

Quad Plonk Pluck & Strum

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Intellijel

"It's a lot of fun making drum grooves with four Plonks in a Palette case, but it's also fun to take a more melodic approach. By tuning the Plonks to different notes it's possible to create arpeggio patterns. With Steppy's independent gate length per track it can easily make more complex rhythms."

Microsound Workshop with DPO, QPAS, and Morphagene

Published on Apr 24, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"We’ll use a few classic techniques (pulsar, glisson, and trainlet syntheses) to create microsound events, and record each into the Morphagene for granular sculpting and iterations. The time constraints of this video mean we will only be scratching the very surface of possibilities. See the book Microsound by Curtis Roads for much more detail on the history and implementation of these techniques:"

Qu-Bit Prism // Stereo Eurorack Multidimensional Signal Processor

Published on Apr 24, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Qu-Bit say that Prism "is a multidimensional signal processor that creates a framework for the spectral metamorphosis of any input signal" and "Prism blurs the lines between DSP effect, filter, and looper and transcends into a new realm of uncharted audio processing." At it's core Prism is 3 things (all in stereo) a filter, a delay/comb and a decimator. The filter is multimode and can be place pre/post the other FX, the delay can do long echoes, slap-back and comb filter FX as well as a clocked delay mode, decimate is downsampling and bit crushing and you can freeze/loop the audio buffer too.


00:00 Welcome + patch previews.
01:20 What is Prism? Feature run down.
03:01 Sound and feature demo with granular looping samples.
05:36 No talking patch break.
05:47 Stereo analogue VCO sound and feature demo.
08:45 No talking patch break.
08:56 Clocked delay patch 1.
11:09 Clocked delay patch 2.
12:18 Clocked delay patch 3.
13:00 No talking patch break.
13:17 Prism as a stereo glitch/percussion voice
16:07 No talking patch break.
16:29 Freeze modes - latching or momentary
17:54 No talking patch break.
18:07 Send FX glitch textures
19:54 No talking patch break.
20:09 Creating analogue feedback paths.
21:42 No talking patch break.
21:59 Two Prisms + 1 Nebulae"

Cloudbusting monogamy & voodoo patching

Published on Apr 24, 2019 paul tas

"A standalone version of Cloudbusting Included special sound effect echo Metallic referb"

CloudBusting wat is voodoo patching ! ?

via Error Instruments

"cloudbusting monogamy is a fully stand alone Moduler experimental synthesizer. It has 11 points that can be patched. 6 modes and deep echo. sound effects.

Cloudbusting is a full Modular synthesiser .It has 11 points that can be patched . 6 modes .Modulation points but also Audio with experimental sounds . Most famous sounds that are used for experimental purposes. as deep Drones .And also the Inspired sound of the plum . The sound of ciat lonbarde plumbutter / Rolls5 Also some weird frequency modulation . And a lot more . every knob control voltage .To play When you’re eurorack




Create Brian Eno style generative music: 20 ideas and tools for Ableton, Eurorack, DAWless and VCV

Published on Apr 24, 2019 loopop

“Generative Music” is a term coined by Brian Eno to describe music that is always different and changing, generated by a system but led by creative guidelines, rather than typical music which follows a set of predetermined notes intended to be played the same way every time.

This video includes 20 ideas and even more tools for creating generative music inspired by Brian Eno's generative work. It's focused on ideas rather than one platform, and covers eurorack, iOS, VCV and Ableton tools for creating generative and probability based music.


0:00 Defining Generative

1:05 Simple randomization – Ableton MIDI LFO Max4Live device

2:10 Scaling random pitch – Ableton Random and Scale MIDI effects

2:50 Pitch to modal chords - Harmonaig from Instruo, with arpeggiation by Quaid Megaslope and Boss Bow Tie from ALM playing Rings from Mutable Instruments

Valhalla Delay + Moog Grandmother demo

Published on Apr 24, 2019 once upon a synth

"Demo of the new ValhallaDSP delay VST plugin which features many emulations like BBD and tape as well as some crazy fx, pitch shifting and even some reverb-sounding delays. I'm using the Moog Grandmother as the sound source and a Novation LaunchPad to control the parameters of the delay. No other effects or processing was used. Just straight grandma into the delay."


Published on Apr 24, 2019 Alba Ecstasy

I know some of your guys waited a little too much for this sound pack, but here it is: 32 #patches for# RolandJX03, the Boutique reproduction of the vintage synth #RolandJX3P.

You can hear in this video, the unaltered sound of the patches. I only automated the volume and then gained it up a little bit in Logic Pro X, so you can have an even audition, without massive drops when the sub bass sounds or the pads are presented.

The sound pack contains two banks of 16 patches each.
Only 16 patches can be uploaded at a time into the Roland JX-03. To load the other 16 patches, you must replace the existing one in bank C. Please backup your bank C, before doing any uploading operations with the Alba Ecstasy patches."

Alba Ecstasy

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Mix Demo feat. Marnie "Hearts on Fire"

Published on Apr 24, 2019 rezfilter

Impulse Command Synthesizer
Stereo synth -- headphones or speakers required!!

Here's a musical demo of the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command synthesizer at work in the studio featuring a variety of custom sounds ranging from percussion, bass and leads to other rhythmic effects.

All sounds and patches in this video are 100% Impulse Command, including all drums and effects. Analogue loops, bass lines and percussion were generated with the synth's onboard analogue sequencer and recorded individually into Logic.

This isn't a full remix, but rather an example showcasing the many sides and potential of this true sonic realiser.

The amazing vocal for "Hearts on Fire" is Helen Marnie of Marnie (and Ladytron).

You can find more of Marnie's amazing music and information here:




Update: and the original:

Marnie - Hearts On Fire (Official Video)

Published on Apr 18, 2014 MarnieMusicOfficial

Directed by James Slater
MUA - Natasha Lawes

Pioneer DJ Introduces the TORAIZ “SQUID”

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Pioneer DJ


TORAIZ “SQUID” Official Introduction – The new multitrack sequencer
TORAIZ “SQUID” Official Walkthrough – The new multitrack sequencer
Pioneer Toraiz SQUID: Creating Polyrhythms - Rishabh Rajan
Pioneer DJ SQUID sequencer review - Ask.Audio

16 tracks
64 patterns per track
64 steps per track
Step resolution
Quarter note
Eighth note
Sixteenth note
Twenty-fourth note
Thirty-second note
8 notes per step
128 projects
1 USB B port

Width 14.76 in
Height 8.81 in
Depth2.84 in
Weight 4.19 lb

Included Accessories
AC adaptor
Power cord
Quick Start Guide

Unlock limitless creativity with the SQUID™ multitrack sequencer. Part of our TORAIZ™ series of musical instruments and production equipment, this inspiration tool will be the heartbeat of your studio and live setups. The SQUID will control your workflow and give you the chance to develop new styles of music as you create unique sequence patterns and phrases at the touch of a button. Connect, sync and simultaneously control up to 16 instruments via its multiple input/outputs. The terminals are compatible with various equipment, from your DAW and hardware instruments to modular synths, vintage synthesizers and drum machines.

Perfect for on-the-fly music production, the layout and controls are effortless to navigate so your ideas will come to life the moment inspiration strikes. This production tool enables you to randomize sounds, sequences, and drums – all in key. Access endless polyrhythmic-looping options and instantly change the playback direction and speeds. With the world-first* Groove Bend feature, you’ll really feel the groove as you generate original rhythms in real time. And by controlling everything in one place, you can focus on developing phrases.

* First slider-operated trigger timing feature in the music production category (according to research conducted by Pioneer DJ Corporation, as of April 18, 2019).

Synclavier Digital Introduces the Synclavier KNOB

"Synclavier Digital re-engineers original knob from Synclavier® II as standalone Synclavier KNOB for iconic instrument iOS apps

NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA: Synclavier Digital is proud to announce availability of the standalone Synclavier KNOB — a re- engineered re-creation of the original knob central to the seminal Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer’s speedy control surface, specially commissioned by co-inventor Cameron Jones as a USB device designed to perfectly compliment the newly- created Canadian corporation’s creation of a next-generation Synclavier, recently released as awe-inspiring Synclavier Go! and Synclavier Pocket! iOS apps fit for today’s owners of Apple’s inescapable iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch platforms, putting all the famed FM (Frequency Modulation) and Additive (harmonic) synthesis capabilities of the iconic instrument as well as its intuitive panels of easy-to-touch red backlit buttons in anyone’s hands (and pockets) at an affordable fraction of the trailblazing original’s prohibitive pricing — as of April 24…

New UDO Super 6 - 12 Voice Polyphonic Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synth with Super-Wave Technology

"New Super 6 Synth from

Available in the USA through GSF Agency.

UDO is a new musical instrument company. We are a collaboration of engineers, designers and musicians dedicated to making powerful and intuitive instruments.

We are excited to announce the Super 6, a 12-voice polyphonic Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer with super-wave technology, created by our founder and designer George Hearn.

UDO will be at Superbooth 2019, find us at stand W377."

More details to come...

Patch n Tweak

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