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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Electronic Voyages: Early Moog Recordings 1964-1969 - Compilation LP Preview

Published on May 4, 2019 Waveshaper Media

Update: see the second embed further below.

"Available exclusively from our Bob Moog documentary Indiegogo campaign:

Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969
(Waveshaper Media - WSM-03 vinyl LP)

A1. Robert Arthur Moog - The Abominatron (1964)
A2. Herbert Deutsch - Jazz Images, A Worksong And Blues (1967)
A3. Joel Chadabe - Blues Mix (1966)
B1. Lothar and the Hand People - Milkweed Love (1968)
B2. Intersystems - Changing Colours (1968)
B3. Ruth White - The Clock (1969)
B4. Max Brand - Triptych (1969)
B5. Paul Earls - Monday Music (1968)

In support of their forthcoming Bob Moog documentary Electronic Voyager, Waveshaper Media have produced a compilation LP of Moog recordings from the 1960s. The first compilation of its kind, Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 contains tracks by Robert Arthur Moog, Herbert Deutsch, Joel Chadabe, Lothar and the Hand People, Intersystems, Ruth White, Max Brand, and Paul Earls. All of these tracks, released here on vinyl in an edition of 1000 copies, have been scarcely heard and difficult to track down, with all but three of them previously unreleased on vinyl.

Bypassing the Moog synthesizer’s backseat appearance on key pop recordings by the likes of the Beatles, the Doors, and the Beach Boys, Electronic Voyages aims to highlight the diverse approach of 1960s musicians and composers who adopted the Moog as their primary instrument; these recordings all feature the Moog synthesizer front and centre. Beginning with an “audio letter” (The Abominatron) from Bob Moog to his musician-muse Herbert Deutsch, demonstrating some of the first Moog synthesizer prototype’s capabilities, Electronic Voyages veers from avant-garde and electronic soundscapes, to psychedelic madness and summer-of-love pop. In the 1960s, the Moog synthesizer was a new, groundbreaking instrument, and its use was completely uncharted territory. The pioneering use of the Moog on all of these recordings sounds fresh today - you can sense the wide-eyed exploratory delight unfolding, and the disparate results range from endearingly naive (Lothar and the Hand People, Paul Earls) to downright eerie (Ruth White, Intersystems).

The musicians and composers behind these Electronic Voyages may have been among the first to adopt Moog synthesizers, but the fact that they so readily found within them expressivity, heart, and a means to translate their wondrous sense of discovery, speaks far more to Bob Moog’s visionary invention and enduring legacy."

Update: Playlist of releases in different order:

Robert Arthur Moog - The Abominatron (1964) - from "Electronic Voyages" LP
Ruth White - The Clock (1969) - from "Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969" LP
Intersystems - Changing Colours (1968) - from "Electronic Voyages" LP
Lothar and the Hand People - Milkweed Love (1968) - from "Electronic Voyages" LP
Joel Chadabe - Blues Mix (1968) - from "Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969" LP
Paul Earls - Monday Music (1968) - from "Electronic Voyages" LP
Max Brand - Triptych (1969) - from "Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969" LP

New Din Sync JP-ONE Demo & Pic

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Demo below.

"No longer renders, here's the first pictures of the concept prototype of JP-ONE come see it at #superbooth19 next week"

Follow-up to this post.

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Saturday morning table jams

A post shared by Paul Barker (@dinsync) on

The Division Department 01/IV Analog Drum Machine Coming to SUPERBOOTH 19

Published on Feb 15, 2019

"Drum sounds from the 01/IV"

Arturia MicroFreak Organ synth? | haQ attaQ

Published on May 4, 2019 Jakob Haq

"I’m doing sound design with the Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer. This synth has a lot of stuff packed into it which helps when designing complex sounds. Apart from checking out the Cycling Envelope, we’re also having a quick look at the 64 step sequencer and how sweet it really is. Let’s go!"


Published on May 4, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"I was sort of working this out as I went along so it may not be perfect but it gives an idea of some of the features of the sequencer. I tend to prefer making songs than rambling too much so its just a rough look at the sequencer and what I figured out since there is no manual!"

Behringer MS-101 Sequencer A Chaotic Guide Pt2

Published on May 5, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"Played about with the sequencer to learn more features
This one covers Accents, Rests. Swing, etc."

Teenage Engineering OP-Z - A Tiny Little Set

Published on May 4, 2019 Oscillator Sink

"I've been very much enjoying the tiny magical, musical remote control-looking OP-Z. Having something so portable, neat but powerful that I can jam with around the house is super cool. I've been playing around with a few patterns as I'm learning the OP-Z, so I figured I'd form them into a little mini-set.

Lots to explore still (the sequencer in particular is super powerful and I'll definitely talk about it in more depth once I know it better), but what's really striking to me is how much fun I'm having making music on the OP-Z."

Prophet 12 Preset Sound Bank

Published on May 4, 2019 Arthur Fussy

"Soundpack for the DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer.
You can buy the presets here:

The sounds you hear are recorded straight into my Apollo AudioInterface, all sounds from the Prophet12, no additional effects or compression added (exception: Bladerunnner Preset). What you hear is what you get..."

morning call // modular x novation peak

Published on May 4, 2019 ann annie

"bouncing along...
(best with headphones)
patch notes below !

IN FRAMES @annnannie

patch notes//

synth keys - Novation Peak
hi-hat & kick - mutable instruments peaks
rim - 2hp bell
snare - rings
glisten - rings through morphagene
low drone bass - mangrove
bell lead - 2nd rings
*both rings in easter egg mode

sequenced with hermod
clocked by pamela's new workout
clouds providing mixing and a small amount of reverb
modulated by ornament_crime

control: doboz xiio -- mangrove & manual tuning of osc 2, 3 - novation peak

captured by canon 60D w 50mm f1.4 lens. recorded and mastered in logic pro."

Novation Circuit Ambient #12: Spring (RMB cover)

Published on May 4, 2019 Flak Cannon

"I made an ambient cover of one of my favourite songs of all time (OF ALL TIME!), 'Spring' by RMB.

Completely made with the Novation Circuit. The audio has been processed with the Valhalla Shimmer and Valhalla Delay plugins."

Novation // Andreas Schneider Interview

Published on May 4, 2019 NovationTV

"We caught up with Andreas Schneider at his SchneidersLaden store in Berlin ahead of this year's Superbooth event to chat to him about all things Synth - from his favourite and first instruments to how he got started in the industry, what he's currently listening to and what to look out for at Superbooth 2019.

--- Superbooth takes place at FEZ Berlin in May:"

Low Frequency Expander for DSI OB6, Sequential Prophet 6 and more - Yorick Tech

Published on May 4, 2019 GEOSynths

See the Yorick Tech label below for more.

Synthesizer Sounds by Computerbandit

Published on May 4, 2019 Computerbandit

1. Sequential Prophet 6 - Pad Sounds (by Computerbandit)
Own created Sequential Prophet 6 pad sounds.
Only with internal effects.

The Prophet 6 is a great sounding analog Synthesizer. The resonance and the VCOs are so alive. The P6 can sound hard and smooth.
2. Roland Juno 60 - Synthesizer Sounds (by Computerbandit)
Own created Roland Juno 60 Sounds.
Only with 15% small room reverb.

The Juno 60 is a great sounding analog Synthesizer. His envelopes are awesome and alive.
3. Nord Lead 3 - FX Sounds (by Computerbandit)
Own created Nord Lead 3 FX Sounds.
Only with internal unison mode.

The multimode filter types are awesome and so clear. I think the NL3 has the best unison mode of all Nord Leads. Also great for cheesy digital pads and deep bass lines.
4. Nord Lead 4 - Pad Sounds (by Computerbandit)
Own created Pad Sounds of the Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer.
Only with internal effects. No Multitimbral / single sounds only.

I love the Nord Lead 4. Yes it can sound aggressive an digital but often he sounds so warm and smooth.

Eclipse Soundpack for Launchpad

Eclipse Soundpack for Launchpad from Ampify on Vimeo.

"Offering rich analogue synths, pulsating beats and a dazzling collection of sound effects - Eclipse brings a stellar new Soundpack full of outshining textures."




May 7–11: Keith Fullerton Whitman
May 14–18: C. Lavender
May 28–June 1: C. Spencer Yeh
June 4–8: Chuck Bettis
June 18–22: Victoria Shen


kurimanzutto presents Tarek Atoui’s project “Organ Within” at its cabinet space in New York City. Operating as an open sound laboratory, and instrumentarium, “Organ Within” is the result of his ongoing collaboration with instrument-makers Léo Maurel and Vincent Martial, and their research into historical church pipe organs, modular synthesizers, and the sonic experiences of deaf people.

As host and activator of the project, CONTROL has invited a diverse group of sound artists and musicians from New York’s experimental music community to venture and play the organ at kurimanzutto in New York. This group of collaborators will occupy the cabinet space one week at a time, to work with the instrument for research and recording purposes. These residencies, curated in collaboration with Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe, will be open to the public, with a weekly performance held every Saturday at 3p.

Dubreq Stylophone GEN-R8 Coming to SUPERBOOTH

Dubreq will be at booth H374 at this year's SUPERBOOTH 19 showing their new GEN-R8.

You can find a demo of the GEN-R8 here.

ST Modular - Filter "KARL" & "KARL Mode Selector" Expander Module & Self-Oscillation

Published on May 4, 2019 Stefan Tretau

2016 Hardware Sets post 1

Published on May 3, 2019 Joel Braverman

"Found some vids I recorded at my old studio in 2016 - volcas, moog arp cr-8000 dr-110 Drum-X other stuff sequenced via Europa seq,"

Vintage Roland Juno-60 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Elektron SID Station Sidstation SN H30301339-81

via this auction

Waldorf Q RACK Analog Modeling Wavetable Synthesizer SN 1109264386

via this auction

MAM MB33 II Analog Bass-Synth SN 8039322

via this auction

Roland System 100 Model 103 Mixer / Amplifier

via this auction

"This listing is for the Roland System 100 Model 103 Mixer/Amplifier. It was designed to sit on the right side within the System 100 and feeds the Model 109 monitor speakers.

The Model 103 Mixer features 4 channel with 4 sliders and mixes these down to 2 outputs. There are two analog VU meters as well as stereo panning, mono effect sends/returns and a built-in spring reverb. This unit is 117v 50/60hz.

This unit is in good working condition and good cosmetic condition. There is some pitting on the front panel. (see pictures). This unit was checked/ cleaned by a professional technician.

The whole Roland System 100 comprises: Model 101 Analog synth/Keyboard, Model 102 Synth expander, Model 108 Sequencer, Model 103 Mixer and two Model 109 Speakers. See attached picture of whole system. Only Model 103 is for sale in this listing."

ranzee Live Stream - Behringer VC340 Vocoder and String Synthesizer

Streamed live 3 hours ago ranzee

"This week we're taking a look at the Behringer VC340. The latest analog vocoder synth with a Roland VP-330 heritage. It's a string synthesizer and vocoder with a human voice section too. It is completely analog and has a beautiful retro sound - which I'm sure you'll recognise immediately from records in the 70s and 80s."

Playing With… The Arp 2600 and Sounds of R2-D2 | Red Bull Music Academy

Published on May 4, 2019 Red Bull Music Academy

"M. Salaciak and Text Chunk attempt to recreate the voice of R2-D2 using the Arp 2600, the same synthesizer used in Star Wars movies to give the robot its distinguishable vocal chirps. Filmed at Studio Bell’s National Music Center in Calgary, Alberta during the RBMA Bass Camp Calgary 2019."

volca modular Patch of the Week 5: Slap Bass

Published on May 4, 2019 Korg

"Creating a simple slap bass style sound on volca modular by using random modulation from the woggle. Check back each week for simple patches that you can follow along on your volca modular at home!"

volca modular Patch of the Week

Syncing Up!!!!!

Published on May 4, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"Just a basic sequence to test all is in sync"

ST Modular - EFI (4HP Analog Filter)

Published on May 4, 2019 Stefan Tretau

"Dual-Mode Analog Filter

EFI is an analog multi-mode filter that is loosely based on the KORG MS-20 filter, but has been improved to fit into a 4 HP module.

It has a Low Pass and High Pass Mode which you may choose via Switch on the front panel. Additionally there are two CV inputs with an attenuator each.

Resonance can self-oscillate and there is a third mode that you may choose via jumper on the back. In this mode Resonance will be overdiven very quickly in Low Pass Mode and you will get some nice liquid sounding overtones.

This module is very easy to build and only needs 24 different components that are quite easy to source.

• Analog Dual-Mode-Filter
• Filter Modes: LP, HP (+ LP Overdrive via Jumper)
• Resonance Control
• Two CV Inputs
• Two CV Attenuators
• Wrong Polarity Protection
• 3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide

The module consists of two boards:

• Front PCB Panel
• Main PCB

26 mA +12V
24 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
25 mm deep
Module is available as a DIY project only."

CV controlled PONG in Eurorack

Published on May 4, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Now we all know that you get into Eurorack to play retro games and try to CV control them right? ... Here's a nice little Easter Egg (see Easter Egg link below if that's a new term for you) in the Waveplane Oscillator from Dove Audio. CV controlled PONG! So here's a ridiculous over the top FX chain processing the beeps, the "secret handshake" AKA how to set the knobs and get into the Easter Egg mode and just a bit of fun. Enjoy, support the module and grab it early on Kickstarter here - - PONG aside, check the links below to hear the oscillator it's very nice."

Swapping Moog Grandmothers internal spring reverb tank with one 100 metres away?

Published on May 4, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"the #moog grandmother has a spring reverb tank inside it, in the last video we found out it was connected via a phono to mini jack. so we decided to experiment! at #TSR19"

Moog One tuning issues: Update - RESOLVED??

See the third video posted here.

Erica Synths-1x126 HP Skiff Case !

Published on May 4, 2019 Dziam Bass

"Full aluminium 126HP 60mm deep 1 row eurorack skiff enclosure with aluminium rails of a unique design. This case has integrated Erica Synths PSU capable of +12V@1.25A and -12V@1.25A (2.5A total), +5V@0.8A and 6.3V Fusion tube heater power suply for 3 modules. +9V 6A 100-240VAC desktop PSU included. As standard 60mm deep enclosures comes with horizontal wooden side panels and one distribution board with 30 connector sockets. Also check Rack ears for options! Dimensions with wooden sides 630mmx150mmx110mm (case depth is 60mm, but wooden side panels make it under the angle)."

Priced at:

1x126HP Skiff case (EU plug) € 310.00

1x126HP Skiff case (UK plug) € 310.00

1x126HP Skiff case (USA plug) € 310.00

Strng (iOS String Synthesis) AUv3 Plugin

Published on May 4, 2019 humbletune

"Strng is a string synthesiser inspired by the karplus-strong algorithm. The physical modelling starts with a short burst of noise that then guided by a tuned delay buffer and string tension filter, generates plucked string like sounds. No samples are used.

Now it can also run as a AUv3 plugin in your favourite host, as well as run stand alone supporting Inter App Audio and AudioBus."

The UI reminds me of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Strng was released back in 2015.

Update: a video from The Sound Test Room:

STRNG - String Synthesis Engine - Updated To AUv3 - Demo for the iPad

Streamed live 2 hours ago

Moog One- Building up the Armoury

Published on May 3, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

"Added a Moog One and a Polyend Medusa to the Armoury - I think its all synced now - haven't tested it as I got upo at 3am to set it all up and am too knackered to try it out - going back to bed now!!!"

Behringer VC340 Vocoder USER REVIEW Synthesizer

Published on May 4, 2019 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2019

Today I am giving a user review of the new Behringer VC340.
The VC340 is billed as a complete reproduction of the Roland VP-330 all-analog circuitry.
I have some experience having owned an original VP-330 MK1.
And previously reviewed the Roland Boutique VP-03 [posted here] which had an Achilles heel IMHO.
How does the VC340 measure up?

0:00 What is the Vocoder VC340
1:07 Build Quality
2:50 Sound & Features
9:10 Summary of Final Thoughts

Recorded direct to Tascam DR-05.
No other effects nor processing of any kind."

Patch n Tweak

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