MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

All You Need at NAMM

via Synth Addict

"Hangin' out at NAMM 2020 with all the gear I need... at the moment. :-)"

Thank you Synth Addict! :)

You can find Synth Addict/Aquifex03 on SoundCloud here.

Update: closing out NAMM

CS-80V Tutorial Complete - Blade Runner

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Digiphex Electronics

"Guide to every function of the CS-80V."

NAMM 2020 - Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Sequential Pro 3 BUNDLES at Kraft Music.

The man himself, Dave Smith takes us on a personal tour of the Sequential Pro 3 at the 2020 NAMM Show.

The Sequential Pro 3 mono/paraphonic synthesizer offers a hybrid of solid, old-school analog synthesis paired with versatile digital technology. Two voltage controlled oscillators provide warmth and presence while its third wavetable oscillator provides digital edge and grit. Filters are a 4-pole low-pass design based on the Prophet-6, a transistor ladder filter with optional resonance compensation, and a 2-pole, state-variable design based on the OB-6. With additional features including a 16-track sequencer, multimode arpeggiator, dual digital effects, analog distortion, extensive modulation possibilities, and control voltage ins and outs, Pro 3 offers impressive sonic power and versatility.

The Pro 3 SE is a special edition version that puts the same synthesis power into a collector-worthy design with a tilt-up control panel and premium-grade walnut trim.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Sequential Pro 3 mono/paraphonic synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Sequential Pro 3 posts

Kraft Music NAMM 2020 - Best of Day 2

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Kraft Music

"Kraft Music brings you latest on all your favorite brands from the showfloor of the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim California!"

Kraft Music NAMM 2020 - Best of posts

NAMM 2020: Nord Wave 2 Sounds

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Nord's Wave 2 is an update of one of their most interesting instruments, providing deep options for layering diverse ranges of sound.

The Wave 2 can produce up to four layers (timbres) at once, each with independent selection of sound production method. The included sound engines provide access to virtual analog synthesis, FM, wavetable synthesis, and sample playback...meaning that the Wave 2 can sound like basically anything you want. Create complex splits and layers, and morph multiple parameter values in real time: the Wave 2 is a sound designer's dream.

Perhaps most interestingly, Wave 2's sample engine supports the use of user
samples via Nord's Sample Editor 3 software. You can either assign specific
samples to specific keys or use samples across entire stretches of the keyboard—meaning that you can create Mellotron-like playback from any sound, or construct unique kits of sound effects. With every sound in the world within reach, the Wave 2 is one of the most interesting keyboards at the NAMM show this year.

Nord Wave 2 available here"

Clavia Nord Wave 2 posts

NAMM 2020: Playtime Engineering BlipBox After Dark Sounds

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Playtime Engineering's Blipblox After Dark is a revised and repackaged version of their Blipblox synthesizer, turning a toy into a tool for serious sonic exploration and production.

Introduced last year, the Playtime Engineering Blipblox is a synthesizer designed to be safe and fun for young children. Playtime Engineering no doubt noticed, though, that the device kept finding its way into the hands of adults: so they created Blipblox After Dark, which dispenses of the original's cryptic labeling and adds extra features that turn it into a considerably more useful tool for musicians of all ages.

The advanced multimode filter, multi-tap stereo delay, 256 custom wavetables, and considerably expanded drum tone palette open the Blipblox to a considerably broader range of musical contexts than previously possible—and don't fret, it's still fun for kids as well!

Playtime Engineering gear available here"

NAMM 2020 - Arturia Keystep Pro

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Arturia KeyStep Pro BUNDLES at Kraft Music.

Arturia showcases the Keystep Pro Controller Sequencer at the 2020 NAMM Show

The Arturia KeyStep Pro gives keyboard players incredible sequencing and performance power in a compact, versatile controller. An all-in-one sequencing solution, KeyStep Pro lets you take full control of your modular rigs, outboard synths, and software studio – all at the same time. KeyStep Pro's 3-octave slim-key keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch is accompanied by four independent polyphonic sequencer tracks, a 16-part drum sequencer, intuitive controls, and unparalleled connectivity.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Arturia KeyStep Pro controller and sequencer bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new controller/sequencer, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

NAMM 2020: Verbos Electronics New Modules Sounds

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"Verbos Electronics brought three new modules to the NAMM show this year, including a new oscillator, filter/amplifier, and filterbank/noise source.

The Verbos Foundation Oscillator is inspired by the Music Easel's Complex Oscillator, providing both fixed outputs and outputs which can continuously fade between sine and more complex shapes (including the famous spike wave). It also adds a "richness" parameter, which provides an edgy tone not unlike the sounds of hard sync sweeps.

The new Amp and Tone Controller is a smaller version of their prior Amp & Tone, providing everything from lowpass gates to much grittier overdriven filter tones. The Noise and Filter module offers white noise and a four-band fixed filterbank, great for sculpting percussive sounds and dividing sounds into multiple spectral regions.

Foundation Oscillator available here"

Patch of the Week 41: ARP 2600 – Destructive Feedback Loop

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Korg

"The 2600 is well known for its pre-amp which can be used to bring external sounds into the synth. But what happens if we patch the output of the VCA back into its pre-amp for overdrive?"

Korg Patch of the Week posts

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NAMM 2020: Korg Wavestate

Published on Jan 17, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We get a demo and explanation of the new Korg Wavestate synthesizer, one of most discussed new instruments at NAMM 2020."

NAMM 2020 - KORG ARP 2600 FS

Published on Jan 17, 2020 SynthMania

"The recreation of the classic ARP synth from the early '70s. Feat. Gianni aka 'Synth Guru'"

The line-in audio for this one appears to be left channel only. The right drops out.

KORG ARP 2600 FS posts

Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Sound On Sound magazine

"8-bit wave memory synthesizer designed with live performance in mind"

Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps

NAMM 2020: Doepfer Made a Joystick Controller With A New Axis!!

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

Try taking that on a flight...

"With the proliferation of the Eurorack format, Doepfer sometimes get pushed to the side however if you can look past the utilitarian front panels then you'll see that Dieter Doepfer is continually making really useful, interesting and feature packed modules.

The Doepfer A-174-4 is a joy stick controller that gives you a ton of cv outputs. 4 quadrant outputs, xyz rotation and a gate. We also took a look at a few other modules that have been added to the a-100 line this year."

A-111-6 featured as well.

NAMM 2020: Arturia KeyStep Pro

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

Arturia KeyStep Pro - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Checking out the Arturia KeyStep Pro sequencer and MIDI controller at NAMM 2020."

Arturia KeyStep Pro posts

NAMM 2020: Akai Force

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

Novation Summit Demo ( SINGLE Custom Patches ) I No Talking

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Alphacode

"NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PEAK ! (For Now) - To buy the ''SINGLE'' 'Bank C' of 128 patches, please send a 8€ / 9$ PayPal payment to (please cover fee). Feel free to add a small donation on top to help me grow the channel and content :). Thank you !"

NAMM 2020: BlipBlox After Dark (No Talking Demo)

Published on Jan 17, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We get a demo of the new BlipBlox After Dark, the latest version of the BlipBlox toy synthesizer from Playtime Engineering, at NAMM 2020."

NAMM 2020: Playtime Engineering Blipblox Afterdark Edition

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

NAMM 2020: 2hp Lunchbox and New Modules

Published on Jan 17, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We check in with 2hp at NAMM 2020 and see the new lunchbox cases as well as a few new modules."

NAMM 2020: Frap Tools Brenso and other modules

Published on Jan 17, 2020 CatSynth TV

"We speak with Giovanni Grandi of Frap Tools about the new Brenso module and get a demo of their full line of synthesizer modules. The video intersperses a description of the Brenso with a musical demo."

2019 Mode Machines x0xb0x MK3

via this auction

John Bowen Solaris SN 0311

via this auction

"Incredible condition, everything works great!

Serial number in the 300s. I was told that serials below 250 sometimes have encoder problems -- nothing to worry about here! The encoders work great as does everything else!"

Alesis A6 Andromeda 16 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer SN (21)A6003020800087

via this auction

A6 Andromeda Features

>Real analog synthesis with full MIDI implementation

>16-voice polyphony, 16-channel multitimbral capability

>Each voice features 2 oscillators and 2 classically derived resonating filters. External audio inputs can route any signal through filters

>61-key semi-weighted keyboard with velocity, release velocity and aftertouch. Ribbon controller offers multiple assignable functions

>Backlit LCD window with real-world parameter values (including time, frequency and BPM) and high-resolution graphics

>Built-in arpeggiator and analog-style sequencer with MIDI sync. High-quality digital effects including reverb, chorus and echo, plus a built-in analog distortion circuit

>256 preset and 128 user-defined programs with PCMCIA memory card slot for additional programs and mixes

Korg WaveStation A/D Rackmount Synth Module SN 300544

via this auction

"The Wavestation A/D is essentially a compact rackmount module of the Wavestation EX. It has the 4MB of advanced Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing synthesis and editing capabilities. The A/D also has a joystick controller to aid editing the Vectors. A new feature is a stereo analog input for filtering and modulating any external audio sources. They can even be used as part of the vector wave shaping, vocoder and more to incorporate it into your sound. The Wavestation A/D also has a wealth of on-board digital multi-effects for sweet synth sounds and pads!"

Roland MSQ-700

via this auction

"Sequence your gear the old fashioned way!"

NAMM 2020 - STG Soundlabs

Published on Jan 17, 2020 SynthMania

"Check out the STG Soundlabs products at:"

Interesting note from the video: there are more Moog Mother 32s than all Minimoogs produced.

Marc Doty aka AutomaticGainsay in the background. Credit goes to gridsleep in the comments for catching him.

NAMM 2020: Rhythmo BeatBox Drum Machine

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"If you're looking for an affordable MIDI controller to make beats on and you'd like to do a little DIY in the process then the Rhythmo BeatBox could be exactly what you're looking for.

The Rhythmo is an all-in-one DIY MIDI controller drum machine kit and mobile studio that will eventually have an associated App for making beats."

Premiered Jul 19, 2019 Swiftstyle

via Kickstarter

"The BeatBox is an all-in-one DIY MIDI controller drum machine kit and mobile studio made for everyone from beginners to professionals. It has a built-in battery so you can play it at home or on the go. You will be making music within minutes with the same ease of clicking away on a keyboard.

Build your BeatBox from the ground up/from scratch. BeatBox comes un-assembled as we believe making it is 50% of the fun itself! There’s no soldering involved. Everything is either quick connection or screwed on

Learn to create and play your own songs. The best way to learn the BeatBox is hands-on through tutorials on our music production app. 4 integrated tutorials for 4 different styles of music with video instructions will be in the BeatBox app, including live performance tutorials for each, so you can finally flex on your friends with ease.

Create your own fire beats! No need to purchase another DAW for this controller. With the BeatBox app, you can create custom beats on-the-go using your smartphone..."


"All tracks recorded directly from the Pro 3 with no additional external processing. Tusker Bunch Multitrack Demo was created by Peter Dyer using the Pro 3 exclusively for every sound."

Sequential Pro 3 posts

Wendy Carlos: A Biography by Amanda Sewell

A new biography on likely the most pivotal electronic artist to bring awareness to synthesizers, Wendy Carlos.

Pre-orders available on Amazon

"With her debut album Switched-On Bach, composer and electronic musician Wendy Carlos (b. 1939) brought the sound of the Moog synthesizer to a generation of listeners, helping to effect arguably one of the most substantial changes in popular music's sound since musicians began using amplifiers. Her story is not only one of a person who blazed new trails in electronic music for decades but is also the story of a person who intersected in many ways with American popular culture, medicine, and social trends during the second half of the 20th century and well into the 21st. There is much to tell about her life and about the ways in which her life reflects many dimensions of American culture.

Carlos's identity as a transgender woman has shaped many aspects of her life, her career, how she relates to the public, and how the public has received her and her music. Cultural factors surrounding the treatment of transgender people affected many of the decisions that Carlos has made over the decades. Additionally, cultural reception and perception of transgender people has colored how journalists, scholars, and fans have written about Carlos and her music for decades."

An Interview with Doug Lynner

You'll find the full interview at

"Doug Lynner started out as a keyboard and guitar player in psychedelic rock bands in California in the 1960s. Doug also teaches music composition and is known internationally for his modular synthesis performances and online tutorials. He was editor and publisher of Synapse magazine and currently helms the Neat Net Noise label. Doug improvises as Bloop Quack with R Duck on processed guitar, and the duo hosted a weekly live radio show, Bloop And Quack, on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM in the Bay Area.

This interview accompanies his session for Philippe Petit‘s Modulisme platform as part of Freq‘s ongoing collaboration with the site."

Serge & Buchla systems pictured. According to Doug, the bottom is at California Institute of the Arts. "It is the Buchla 200 that was in the fabled Studio B-303."

Sequential Pro 3 Sound Demo (no talking) - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Bonedo Synthesizers

Sequential Pro 3 posts

NAMM 2020: Sequential Pro 3

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Future Music Magazine

"Dave Smith's latest combines the best of analogue and digital technologies, with VCOs paired with a powerful wavetable oscillator, digital effects, a complex sequencer and more. We got the full lowdown on the NAMM show floor."

Sequential Pro 3 posts

NAMM 2020: Roland Zenbeats

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

Posts featuring Roland Zenbeats

NAMM 2020: Korg Wavestate

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

Korg Wavestate posts - some wavestation posts mixed in due to wavestate references in them.

Happy Nerding FX Aid - Multi FX Module Overview

Published on Jan 17, 2020 SamiRabia

"I this video I give an overview of the new FX module from Happy Nerding, FX Aid."

Happy Nerding FX Aid posts

Winter NAMM 2020 | MONTAGE LIve Performance | Dom Sigalas

Started streaming 71 seconds ago Yamaha Synths Official

"Check out the sounds of the MONTAGE in the hands of composer, producer and musicologist, Dom Sigalas, live from Winter NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, California.
#YamahSynths #NAMMShow #YamahaMusic #MakeWaves"

Reminder to check out the News Label

This is just a reminder to keep an eye on the News label as well as the NAMM label. NAMM is everything NAMM. News covers new items and announcements. They don't always overlap. As you know there are repeat NAMM posts covering specific gear. The News label is a way to filter that out and go straight to the individual announcement posts. You can find links to both labels on the top left.

BLM 10 Stage Steiner VCF

via this auction

Model: BLM 10 Stage Steiner VCF
Analog Filter
Width: 10hp
Current: +16mA,-15mA

What does this do?
This product is an analog filter that processes -5v/+5v synth level audio signals. This particular product is using a 10 stage diode ladder circuit influenced from a classic steiner filter.

-Ping circuit, for easy percussion sounds
-level controls for Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass inputs.
-All inputs can be used simultaneous.
-FM bi-polar input
-CV direct input

Price: $135.00

Clavia Nord Wave 2 Sound Demo (no talking) - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Bonedo Synthesizers

Clavia Nord Wave 2 posts

Korg Wavestate - NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Bedroom Producers Blog

"Korg Wavestate synthesizer at the NAMM 2020 show."

Korg Wavestate posts - some wavestation posts mixed in due to wavestate references in them.

Novation // Launchpad Pro - Ableton: Fundamentals & Track Toggles

Published on Jan 17, 2020 NovationTV

"The Launchpad Pro [MK3] can help you quickly navigate your whole Ableton Live session - Enrique shows you how."

Novation // Launchpad Pro - Ableton: Track Controls [Track Toggles]

Published on Jan 17, 2020 NovationTV

"A great feature on the Launchpad Pro [MK3] is the bottom row of buttons, allowing you quick access to your track selections and added a row to give you quick and easy access to functions such as Stop, Solo, Mute and Record Arm.

Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing: both in Ableton Live and with your hardware. It gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks.

Featuring deeper Live integration and dedicated buttons that get you closer to the Ableton workflow, Launchpad Pro [MK3] is our most advanced grid controller for producing with Ableton Live. Plus, keep your tracks evolving with the four-track, eight-note polyphonic, 32-step standalone sequencer, get inspired to build harmonies with chord mode and never hit a wrong note with scale mode.

Make Launchpad Pro [MK3] your own. Custom Modes lets you design the perfect controller for your live setup and perform with all your gear, however you want. You can also tailor Launchpad Pro [MK3] to take control of MIDI-compatible hardware and software – with or without a computer.

That’s not all, Launchpad Pro comes with a constant source of inspiration featuring plug-ins, sounds, instruments and effects from AAS, Softube, XLN Addictive Keys, and Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette- plus membership to Novation Sound Collective.

--- Discover even more about Launchpad Pro:"

NAMM 2020 Imitone Pitch to MIDI

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

Imitone was featured back in 2014 here.

Also see:
Waves Audio OVox Voice Controlled Software Synth - NAMM 2020
Vochlea Doubler - NAMM 2020 (Use Your VOICE As A MIDI Controller!)
NAMM 2020: Bitwig Studio Vocoder and More
And the Speech Synthesis label

Nord at NAMM 2020: DOMi & JD Beck

Premiered 14 minutes ago NordKeyboards

"The amazing DOMi and JD Beck performing live at Nord Booth at NAMM 2020 featuring the brand new Nord Wave 2. Check this out! #nordwave2 #domi #jdbeck #iseenord #namm2020"

Digi Drops - Live Jam Roland MC-303, Volca Beats, xone mixer KP3 efx 116 BPM Hypnotic Dubs

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Phone Records

"Live Jam with Roland MC-303, Volca Beats, Xone mixer KP3 efx."


Dropping in supporting member posts in between all the NAMM posts because I support those who support the site. Note, I usually post these on my own when I see them, as well. These aren't user submitted post although members are definitely free to send them in.

NAMM 2020: Verbos Electronics - Foundation Oscillator, Noise & Filter and Amp & Tone

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"Mark Verbos was on hand this year to show off his new modules for 2020. The new modules comprised of the Foundation Oscillator, a slim and interesting analogue oscillator. Noise & filter and the updated Amp&Tone.

As well as the new modules Mark was also showing of the new cases for his entire Verbos Electronics Systems. The systems do look rather lovely when they're all in one case like that."

NAMM 2020 Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro with Deckard's Dream

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"Keith McMillen were at the NAMM show this year to show off their K-Board Pro 4 using MPE to control the Deckards Dream synthesizer. We got a quick demo, and then we spoke about the configuration options of the K-Board to tailor it to your playing needs."

NAMM 2020: 2HP Lunchbox - Small Cheap Solution for Modular Synths

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"2hp were on the booth this year to show off their new Lunchbox system, this is a small portable modular synth case. It will be available in various different system configurations.

Stephen also showed off a couple of their other modules that have been added to their ever expanding range of modules."

2HP Lunchbox posts

NAMM 2020: Noise Engineering New Modules for 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"Noise engineering always seem to have lots to show off at the NAMM show and this year was no exception. You can almost always guarantee that they will have a oscillator too.

First of all we had a look at their USB Midi interface, which is completely programmable. We then looked at their Stereo oscillator platform, and finally their new reverb."

A Roland SH-101 synth plugin?

Published on Jan 17, 2020 once upon a synth

"This is a tutorial and demo of the TAL Bassline 101 VST synth plugin. This is based on the classic Roland SH-101 analog synthesizer from the 80s."

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers NAMM Day 2 Live!

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

Don't miss 9:18. The gentleman you see there, named Don, presented the ARP 2600 back in 1972 as well. So cool.

Dj Cyberium Presents My Synthesizer Music Experience

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Dj Cyberium

"Dj Cyberium Presents My Synthesizer Music Experience
Welcome To My Cyberdark World From Darkness To Light"

Some great synth spotting in this one. Filed under studio tours.

Dj Cyberium Presents My Recording Music Experience

Published on Jan 17, 2020

"Dj Cyberium Presents My Recording Music Experience
This Is The Best Studio Sound In The World In My Life"

Patch Base Adds Roland Alpha Juno-1, Alpha Juno-2, and MKS-50 Editors

via Coffeeshopped

"Simple and classic" is how I would describe the Roland Alpha Junos. Like the Korg DW-8000, they don't have too many moving parts: your standard subtractive synth setup, and with only a single envelope and a single LFO. Not a lot of modulation capabilities. But the sound of the oscillators and the resonant low-pass filter give you a classic Roland sound, and the minimal parameters let you quickly explore a lot of different sonic spaces. You can get round and punchy basses, hollow leads, and soft pads all with ease. And everything sounds sweeter with the Chorus turned on; it's a Juno.

The MKS-50 (photographed above by Lauren Slusher) is the same inside as the Alpha Junos, but with a little more in terms of performance setups, utilizing the weird "Patch" structure that Roland also used in the D-110, which is like a precursor to the idea of "Performances". But that aside, you've got the same sound capabilities as the Alpha Juno keyboards.

Patch Base gives you quick and easy control over all of the sound parameters inside these synths; no menu-diving or wheel-jogging required.

Thanks again to Stefan George for lending me his Roland MKS-50 for development work, and Cody Johnson for his Roland HS-10 (an Alpha Juno-1 in different clothing)."

NAMM 2020 Spitfire ALBION Neo Orchestral Library

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"A new extension to the Albion collection from Spitfire audio, with more muted and flautando voicings as well as additional synthesized sections.
Available for preorder now, 59GB download, uses Kontakt player."

See this post for additional details on Spitfire's ALBION Neo.

NAMM 2020: Yamaha

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

"We get a look at the new Yamaha YC61 Stage Organ - a 61 key VCM modelled organ but with pianos and other sounds as well.
Organ emulation uses some advanced VCM modelling techniques to create realistic tone, transistor and FM organs, as well as Leslie and additional effects."

Blackbox Sampler 1.4 Update - 1010 Music | NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Under the Big Tree

"Aaron Higgins of 1010 Music demos the exciting new enhancements to Blackbox at NAMM 2020. If you have a Blackbox, you are going to want to download the free firmware upgrade to get enhanced keyboard and scale modes, as well as many other improvements."

1938 Hammond NOVACHORD SN 105

via this auction

Some incredible pics of the inside below.

Update via Kenny in the comments worth noting: "Beautiful instrument but no where near the first synthesizer. The Trautonium was already in use and for sale long before the Hammond came out. Even the Hohner Multimonica predates the Hammond. One could say that the Hammond design was heavily inspired by these earlier synthesizers. The Hammond is an amazing instrument so there is no need for false information."

This reminded me of the 120 Years of Electronic Music site. It's a great resource for the timeline of electronic instruments.

Listing description:

"In the late 1930's, Hammond engineers went way above and beyond to create the worlds first electronic synthesizer, and built it the Hammond way ~ the best. I could ramble on all day about this device, but you're honestly better to visit this website, they've fully documented their Novachord and it's restoration.

As for my specific instrument, it's among the very earliest built (#105) and features what I believe is a factory blonde cabinet accent, which I've never seen before. I think it's original because it's so expertly installed, and wraps around the back to the amplifier compartment. The material feels like a grained vinyl (leatherette) with a canvas backing? It's been stripped off on the left side, but you get the idea. The cabinet will need refinishing as seen, but is in remarkable shape for it's age.

When I decided to power it up for the first time, I brought up the voltage on a Variac - slowly. I heard a loud popping sound and found a bad 2A3 tube, which I replaced with a good/tested one. Once up to line voltage, I was able to actually hear this thing play! Volume, vibrato, attack, and various variations of all the controls were essentially functional on the upper half of the keyboard. I didn't get a response from the lower half of the keyboard. This tells me that the basic components (pre-amp, amplifiers, speakers and motor were all functioning) There are 160 vacuum tubes to check, and about 1000 capacitors! You'll have a good and worthy project ahead of you. I do have a short video of my experimentation, happy to email or text it to you! The wiring harnesses, speakers, amplifiers, and other components appear to be in very good cosmetic condition!

Future Retro 777 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

BLM Fermented Grains

via this auction

"Granular Synthesizer running Monsoon Firmware.

CC-BY-SA-3.0 Project. Files are at my website, blue lantern modules store.

Some differences between the original monsoon module:
-has onboard stereo vca's with velocity generator circuit and envelope generator.
-has bi-polar CV circuit for the SIZE, DENSITY, TEXTURE, and POSITION
-has a scale quantizer circuit.
-has a headphone or portable speaker monitor circuit.

The enclosure is a Hammond: 1455R2201BK or 1455R2202BK"

NAMM 2020 – Behringer Introduces a System 55 Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jan 17, 2020 BEHRINGER

"Let’s switch on the time machine and go back to the sound of the 1970s. Introducing: Our Modular 55, 35 & 15 Series! We’ve got more than 20 modules for you – all authentic reproductions of the circuitry from the 'Modular 55, 35 & 15' Series. And all brought to the Eurorack standard but still staying true to the era with some specific features.

That warm sound was loved by Artists from Tangerine Dream to Depeche Mode. And an earlier version used by Wendy Carlos on the famous album “Switched on Bach”. That brought the sound of synthesisers into mainstream music and became basically the founding father of all synths in pop music.


Also see: NAMM 2020 - Introducing System 100 - Behringer Modular Synthesizer

Behringer NAMM posts

NAMM 2020: ASM Hydrasynth

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Future Music Magazine

ASM Hydrasynth posts

NAMM 2020: Sequential Pro 3 Sounds & Dave Smith Interview

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Perfect Circuit

Funny intro by Dave Smith. :) Anyone that's been to NAMM knows how hectic it can be.

"Straight from NAMM 2020, we take a look at the Sequential Pro 3.

Dave Smith himself gives us an overview of Sequential's newest monosynth, quickly revealing that there is much more to this instrument than first meets the eye.

The Pro 3 is the newest in a long line of amazing monosynths from Sequential, following in the footsteps of the Pro-1 and Pro-2. Like its predecessors, the Pro 3 features a remarkably robust modulation section, enabling the creation of complex tapestries of sound. When combined with the internal effects, 16-track sequencer, arpeggiator, and the option for three-note paraphonic behavior, the Pro 3 can be basically whatever synth you want it to be.

Two VCOs, a wavetable oscillator, three classic filter types, CV/Gate I/O, and a world's worth of modulation make the Pro 3 one of the most exciting announcements at NAMM this year.

Pro 3 Standard available here:

Pro 3 SE available here:

#PerfectCircuit #NAMM2020 #Sequential"

NAMM 2020: Korg MS-20 FS Sounds

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"On the heels of their reissue of the classic ARP 2600, Korg have announced plans to bring back the Korg MS-20—in its original size and in several limited edition colors.

The Korg MS-20 made waves when it was first introduced in 1978; it was one of the most affordable synthesizers of all time, bringing the immediacy of fixed-architecture synths and the flexibility of modular into a single strangely-shaped package. With its intense, howling dual filter, peculiar external signal processing, and open-ended patch bay, the MS-20 is still one of the most singular synthesizers ever made, with a gritty, robust voice all its own.
Korg's MS-20 FS will be available in the spring in four limited edition colors. For anyone looking to re-live the sound of a synth that defined the sound of the late '70s and 80s, MS-20 FS is not to be missed.

Korg instruments available here:"

NAMM 2020: 2HP Lunchbox Case

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"2hp came to NAMM 2020 with some pleasant surprises: three new modules and a literal lunchbox case for Eurorack modular synths.

2hp's metal lunchbox case provides 42hp of space for mounting Eurorack modules, making for the most easily portable small Euro case solution we've ever seen. Whether your system is densely packed with 2hp modules or you just want to put together a system of a few modules to take to a picnic, this lunchbox case is a fun addition to any modular enthusiast's setup.
2hp plans to release full systems of their modules based around this tiny case—and it's truly remarkable just how much you can pack into such a small instrument.

2hp modules available here:"

NAMM 2020: Arturia Keylab 88 Essential

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Future Music Magazine

NAMM 2020: Arturia Microfreak Update

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Future Music Magazine

NAMM Synth Bonanza: Korg (opsix), 2hp, Arturia and More at Winter NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Reverb

"Justin DeLay, one of many synth nerds here at Reverb, decided to scope the scene at the Winter NAMM 2020 convention. Here is just a small selection of the incredible innovations and exciting products coming this year.

Featuring the:
Korg Opsix
Korg Wavestate
Korg MS-20 FS
Korg ARP-2600 Reissue
Blipblox After Dark
Sequential Pro 3
Nektar Aura
Arturia KeyStep Pro
Roland Jupiter XM
Roland Jupiter X
2hp Lunchbox Modular
& Nord Wave 2"


Published on Jan 17, 2020 Dj Cyberium

"What was some of the synth highlights at NAMM 2020? Here's a news round up."

Korg Wavestate Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Bonedo Synthesizers

Korg Re-releases ARP 2600 Synth | NAMM 2020

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Under the Big Tree

"The most exciting and surprising news I've found here at NAMM 2020 is Korg's announcement that they are re-releasing the legendary ARP 2600, in a limited run. Nick Kwas from Korg tells us what the scoop is."

KORG ARP 2600 FS posts

Korg Wavestation A/D | Beautiful, Complex - Unbeatable.

Published on Jan 16, 2020 Espen Kraft

"With Korg announcing the new Wavestate Wave Sequencing Synthesizer, I only found it appropriate to show you that the old Wavestation A/D beats any newcomer by K.O. in the first round."

Korg Wavestation A/D - The Espen Kraft Demo Song

Published on Jan 16, 2020 Espen Kraft

The demo song can be downloaded (for free) here:

Patch n Tweak

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