MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday, May 24, 2020

synth_nyc Roland Studio Electronics SE-02 Custom Patches

"5 beautifully crafted synthesizer custom patches for Roland / Studio Electronics SE-02, best of [Bank 1].

1 to 2 hours of work (fun!) per patch."

ARP Solina & Yamaha CS-5

Published on May 24, 2020 SynthMania

"Two classic keyboards from the 1970s"

Oscilaciones de la Naturaleza Live Cinema 2020 ch A performance

Premiered May 22, 2020 PositronMusic

Oscilaciones de la Naturaleza live cinema 2020 B visuals

Premiered May 22, 2020 PositronMusic

"The Social Distancing Festival

Oscilaciones de la Naturaleza
Live Cinema 2020

To achieve the maximum potential of this piece it's better to play both channels simultaneously where you can receive the complete online experience.

I strongly advise to use a good sound system to hear every signal.

In that way you will enjoy the surround quadraphonic sound of this act.

Nevertheless, due the transmedia nature of this work, if you hear and watch every channel separately you still will have a very good experience."

Spectral Voyage : E&MM Spectrum // MFB Tanzbär // TC Electronic AlterEgo // Sennheiser AMBEO

Published on May 24, 2020 Reuben Jones

"This was only meant to be a few minutes long so sorry if it drags, but it's a long journey to where we're going."


via this auction

See the ARIES label for demos and more.

"Vintage ARIES MODULAR 300 Vintage Analog Synthesizer modules, Sold as is not tested we only tested the power supply which is good to go at 15 volt +-, the owner which passed 15 years ago had this on a 3rd floor studio where he did mixes for music tracks. The back panel has no connections except your power cable connections exiting to your power supply..."

Hammond Novachord Model H Tube Polyphonic Synthesizer Organ

via this auction

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Fair- There are numerous broken keys in the very lower register, including a missing middle B key. The on-off switch is broke off but it still can be flipped on and off. WORKING CONDITION: Non-Functional- The power amps are not connected and the unit is presumed to be non-functional. All major components are intact. There are numerous scratches, dings and general wear on the wood housing but overall it remains solid and sturdy. This unit is still worthy enough as a major restoration project or to be used for parts."

Touched By Sound Syncussion Drum Synthesizer (Vermona) SN B02218

via this auction

"Awesome analog drum synthesizer. 808/909 type sounds with massive flexibility. Shape the fully analog sounds in real time with 9 knobs per voice."

Clavia Nord Lead 2X Rack Mount SN NF11580

via this auction

Kawai K5000s Advanced Additive Synth SN 599158

via this auction

"Manual and extra 'must have' guide book to Additive Synthesis with disk included."

Black Corporation Kijimi

via this auction

Access Virus Rack Synthesizer SN H10000200 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha TX802 with New Blue Display

via this auction

"A DX7mkII synth in a rack unit with 16 voices of polyphony, 8 part multi-timbral, multiple audio outputs.
Purchased used just under 2 years ago. The unit is essentially in the same physical condition as when I received it (please view photos). I had the custom blue LCD display installed and the TX inspected by one of the top synth techs in Los Angeles. Fully functioning, works perfectly! Unit only, (manual pdf can be downloaded from the Yamaha website). Carefully packaged for a safe journey to a new home."

SynthFest France Videos for May 24, 2020

Published on May 24, 2020 SynthFest France


Waldorf Wave - Eric Mouquet | SynthFest 2020
SyntheGrall - visite virtuelle | SynthFest 2020
Masterclass NED Synclavier 1 | SynthFest 2020
Kosima | SynthFest 2020
Mos-Lab - Visite virtuelle (part 1) | SynthFest 2020
Mos-Lab - Visite virtuelle (part 2) | SynthFest 2020
Yves Usson - Yusynth | SynthFest 2020
TouellSkouarn modular sessions | SynthFest 2020

See the SynthFest France label below for more.

Synthesizer J.S. Bach Two Part Inventions 1-4!! Prophet 600 GliGli, ARP Odyssey, Prophet 6, ARP Axxe

Published on May 24, 2020 Tom Loncaric

"J. S. Bach’s Two Part Inventions 1-4, performed on analog synthesizers! Played live, no overdubbing.

Invention No. 1 in C major, BWV 772
ARP Odyssey Mk II (1978)
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with GliGli mod (1983)

Invention No. 2 in C minor, BWV 773
ARP Odyssey Mk II (1978)
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with GliGli mod (1983)

Invention No. 3 in D major, BWV 774
ARP Odyssey Mk II (1978)
Sequential Prophet 6 (2016)

Invention No. 4 in D minor, BWV 775
ARP Odyssey Mk II (1978)
ARP Axxe Mk I (1975)

Effects used:
Moog Minifooger Delay
Demeter RV1 Real Spring Reverb

#prophet6 #synthesizer #prophet 600 #arpodyssey #arpaxxe"

Stand back (Stevie NIcks cover) using Apollo Mini and Zeus

Published on May 24, 2020 GS Music

"A small extract from this song recreated using Apollo Mini and Zeus."

Red Means Recording - Why I Love the Sequential Pro 3

Published on May 24, 2020 Red Means Recording

"The Sequential Pro 3 is the current flagship monosynth from Sequential. I purchased one shortly after NAMM 2020, and now I'm finally ready to talk about it with you. Strap in, this thing goes to 11.

01:35: intro
03:06 oscillators
06:30 filters
10:29 fx
14:10 paraphonic stuff
18:08 modulation
26:38 patch walkthroughs
30:29 sequencer stuff
32:34 more patches
36:46 tuned feedback
39:15 outro"

DSI Prophet 6 & Boss DD8 Digital Delay

Published on May 24, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

CRITICAL ZONE: Prophet REV-2, PEAK, ARP Odyssey, Ti2, JP-08, MatrixBrute, Toraiz AS-1

Published on May 23, 2020 Alba Ecstasy

"#Ambient Synth #Patches 👉
A casual Berlin School - Epic fusion, using: Prophet Rev-2, Virus Ti2, Roland JP-08, #NovationPeak, MatrixBrute, ARP Odyssey and Toraiz AS-1.

All my best!

HG Sounds Group Buy for K6 Demo

Published on May 24, 2020 BoBSwanS

"I recorded an hour of me just droning about with the current Wavetable synths available in the HomeGrown Sounds Kontakt 6 Groupbuy Lvl 5,
Mostly just hitting the RANDOM button and seeing what happens.
This is the edited version.

$24.99 for everything listed at this link

It's an insane bargain considering we are only halfway through.
These 4 Wavetable synths are fantastic

The Serenity Group Buy focuses primarily on the Wavetable support added in Kontakt 6 as well as providing an extensive collection of Wavetables. The Wavetables were made by sampling a Novation Peak, Virus TI as well as various other Synths. Initially 700 Wavetables are included and they are also compatible with any Synth that can load Serum Wavetables. A couple of Midi Instruments as well as a Euclidean Drum Machine are also planned."

Welcome From LFO Team!

Published on May 24, 2020 LFOstore

LFO store is a supporting member of MATRIXSYNTH.

"#sounddesign #presets #patches

LFO store is a sound design and presets for synthesizers company that was founded in 2016 and
based in Moscow, Russia.
In 4 years has become the one of the biggest players on sound design market & largest in Eastern Europe.

Our mission is to deliver best up to date sounds for all modern hardware/software synthesizers which are ready to go in your music & to re-discover classical vintage keyboards in a modern way.

We have a leading team of professionals cooperating with the world-known music and sound companies.

Our core is:

Nick Klimenko, a сomposer & sound designer, a certified teacher of Steinberg/Yamaha & PluginBotique companies, a head of the ambient musical project Chronos group.
Otto Schwartz, a founder of Ephilion project, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer.
Alex Diakov, a musician and sound designer. At first he has been exploring rock music as a guitarist of several indie bands and after founded his own electronic studio and devoted himself to investigations of electronic sound.
Anton Anru, an Ableton certified trainer, music producer and sound designer.
Anton Sacral Reason, a sound designer.

Welcome to LFO store!"

Waldorf Micro Q - "Analog Dreams" 100 Presets

Published on May 24, 2020 LFOstore

"#waldorf #microq #patches
LFO Team is glad to Introduce: "Analog Dreams" soundset with one of the most deep patches you heard on Waldorf Micro Q


By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation.

100 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel reaction

This sounds will work great in your Techno, House, Synth Pop, Synth Wave, Ambient, Chillout tracks!

Including recreations of famous synths: JX & Juno Series, Moog, Prophet,
CS Series, Polysix & Pro One, Polysix and others.

Inside of the pack:


Enjoy & re-discover your Micro Q with our sounds!"

Alpha Juno 2 Ableton Instrument Pack - Mike's Mix

Published on May 24, 2020 Expanding Sound

"get the pack here

The Alpha Juno 2 was the first synth I used to make Ableton instruments. Many years ago now, I made a pack with my friend Brian Funk for his website, at the time called Afrodjmac dot com. You can check out his site here
The pack came out very nice and still sounds great, however I still had a lot to learn about sampling. It was literally impossible for me to edit any patches via menu diving since my Alpha Juno at the time had some sort of chip error. Every time it would boot up the AJ would just show a combination of letters and numbers that were nonsensical. Couple that with my inexperience, and the pack turned out to be predominantly preset based. Thats why I'm calling this pack Mike's Mix! I finally got another Alpha Juno 2 a few years back, and I have the Alpha iOS editor which makes editing the synth worlds easier than menu diving. Some patches are derivates of presets but every sound has been tailored by me. I also included 5 instruments where I ran the AJ2 through my new Korg NT1S to get some wild effects and synth layering. I love how this pack sounds and I think you will too.
The Mikes Mix megapack includes
25 Multi Sampled Alpha Juno 2 user presets
5 Alpha Juno 2 presets layered with the new Korg NTS1 for some extra effects and madness!
Thanks for checking out the pack, I hope you enjoy it!"

Casino Renegade (Synthwave with Juno 60 + OP-1)

Published on May 24, 2020 Autotross

"A track from my album Time Vault, created primarily with the the Roland Juno 60 and Teenage Engineering OP-1, as well as a 5U modular synthesizer and Nord Electro 4 HP."


Published on May 24, 2020 George Benton

"It's funny...I started with a totally different idea that morphed into this!

At the key change I pressed a key on the lower keyboard to move the pitches up and also used a Q128 switch with a footswitch attached that allowed me to switch from sawtooth waves to square waves on the lead sound.

Drone - two oscillators tuned a fifth apart
Wind - noise run through a filter with LFO sweeping
ARP - two oscillators with different seq notes
Lead - tow oscillators slightly detuned and driven with LFO
Drums - noise through a bandpass filter being controlled with seq. Check out the video below on how that's done."

Analog Drums on a Modular Synthesizer

Published on Sep 16, 2019 George Benton

"Using a sequencer and bandpass filter to create drum sounds.
The Modular is a custom built system. Although the video says just a sequencer and a filter, (meaning no oscillators) it does require a noise source, VCA and ADSR.

The two voltages from the sequencer drive the frequency cutoff and resonance. The clock out from the sequencer goes to the ADSR gate in.

The frequency of the filter determines the 'pitch range' Higher range for cymbals, brushes etc. Lower range for toms, bass etc.

The resonance affects the "drum head" effect. More resonance for pronounced pitch like wood block or toms etc. Lower resonance for a more pitched noise effect."

Synth Stuff Ep. 66 - Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro

Published on May 24, 2020 tritonrecordings

"Tom's masterpiece! The TVP is essentially a modern Oberheim Two Voice, but with tons of added functionality. I absolutely did not even scratch the surface of what it can do. Tons of low end, a nice fuzzy character, and the huge sound of panning the two SEMs apart is to die for. Definitely takes some getting used to when it comes to programming it. These aren't exactly easy to find but if you see one, consider it an investment."

Radio From a Tree! Ether Adventures

Published on May 24, 2020 DECIMA1

"This video is not endorsed or sponsored by SOMA Laboratory.

From the SOMA Website about the ETHER V2:

ETHER is a kind of anti-radio. Instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that a traditional radio tries to eliminate in order to create a clean signal. It captures the radio waves “as is” from hertz to gigahertz because it doesn’t contain the tuned input circuit that filters out all frequencies except the narrow band of a specific station. This allows ETHER to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape that humans created unintentionally, making possible live electromagnetic field listening and recording.

Jamming with Circuit and app prototype

Published on May 24, 2020 Yurii Zubkov

Forgot to rename the patch that I made myself on Synth1 :)
First tune is mine
Second tune is cover or remix of "Radiohead - Everything in it's right place"
This is a prototype of my app for the Circuit.
P.S. Dancing socks! 😂"

Flame Mäander & Friends // Ambient Synth Jam with Ruismaker, Kosmonaut & EOS2 #TTNM

Published on May 24, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Another camping synth jam! This time the FLAME MÄANDER brought some iOS friends :) MORE INFO BELOW.


For this jam I played with the Mäander for a while and then added a kick drum and additional percussion from Bram Bos Ruismaker iOS AUv3 drum machine in Cubasis on my iPad. The noise snare is still the original Mäander though. Of course there was also a bunch of Kosmonaut delay and Audio Damage EOS2 reverb involved."


Flip gamelan

Published on May 23, 2020 Cray

Heartbeat Whisper - BIA, Morphagene, Magneto, Arbhar, VCV Rack, Microcell, Mimophon, Nebulae

Published on May 24, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file for this recording on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes:
- I've recorded a piano loop into Magneto and I'm playing it back in half speed. I'm also triggering its revers function with a random trigger from VCV Rack, and it's going through Microcell for some reverb.
- I have the Noise Tools from Intellijel generating a pulse that triggers the BIA, which is going through LedRover and being mixed into the Mimeophon.
- I have a recording of the O Coast on the Morphagene, which is going through the 2HP Freez and is also being mixed into the Mimeophon.
- In VCV Rack, I have an Arp going with 2 different oscillators from Vult, Vessek and Basal.
- Vessek is going through the hardware Freak and back in VCV for some delay and reverb, and Basal is being mixed with the BIA and Morphagene into the Mimeophon.
- I have a Viola loop recorded on the Nebulae, which is going through another hardware Freak for distortion, and it's also going through the Disting for some reverb.
- On Arbhar I have a flute loop recorded, and I'm sending it into VCV Rack for some delay with the Chronoblob 2.
- I used the ES-9 from Expert Sleepers as my interface, sending audio and CV in both direction into and from VCV Rack."

Eurorack polyphony in 52 HP (single filter)

Published on May 24, 2020 joeSeggiola

"My personal take on polyphony in Eurorack. Recorded in spring 2020.
DIY MIDI to 4x CV/gate interface:
MI Stages custom firmware:

Patch notes, from left to right:

- A DIY MIDI interface (link above) allocates notes polyphonically from the keyboard into four channels of CV/gate. The additional top-most gate output is a combined OR.
- CVs are sent to Chord v2 in Unison Poly Mode: each oscillator is controlled independently by its own 1V/oct input.
- Gates are sent to Stages, which runs a custom firmware (link above) that generates five identical envelopes.
- Veils uses four of these envelopes to drive one VCA for each of the four voices coming from Chord's individual outputs.
- WMD SSF Pole-Zero filters the final mix from Veils; its cutoff is modulated using the fifth envelope from Stages, the one triggered by the OR-gate signal.

[ 0:00 ] Overview, simple melody
[ 1:13 ] Filtered chords
[ 2:04 ] Overlapping arpeggios
[ 3:44 ] Wavetables exploration

I'm not claiming this is the way to get polyphony in Eurorack, I'm just sharing the result of my latest DIY and coding projects."

Monome Norns Shield {diy Norns}

via this auction

"Works well, has code base installed.

Pi 3b+
16GB card
Dark green case
Light green clear top

Haible Living VCOs eurorack triple oscillator module (random source version)

via this auction

You can find some previous posts featuring JH Living VCOs here, including one with some very unique counter knobs.

Jurgen Haible was well known for his synth DIY designs. He unfortunatelypassed away in December of 2011, and his site is now gone: Fortunately you can, however, find backups in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam

via this auction

"Hard to find bass line analog synth with 2 sequencers, an amazing filter and banana jacks."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Oxford Synthesizer Company Oscar

via this auction

1978 Roland SH-1 w/ Original Price Tag & Clear Protective Plastic Overlay

via this auction

"Imported from Japan. It still has the original price tag, though sadly not the box, and has barely had any playing in its lifetime. There are minor scratches on the surface and the jack nuts have a little rust (photographed) but it is in very good condition for its age and plays really nicely. In fact, it still has the original plastic protective covering on. It does have a Japanese plug and runs on 100 volts but a transformer costs £15/20 and a technician can modify the internal transformer if you have one nearby. Going for around £1500 serviced with a UK plug, this is a chance to grab a bargain."

YAMAHA DX100 w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

"Yamaha DX100 with Accessories in Near Mint Condition, working perfectly. Includes DX100, 3 Books Pictured, Yamaha PA-40 AC Adapter and the Original Yamaha Shipping Box. No scratches on face or keys."

Sequential Circuits Multitrak Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Ambient Dark Drone With Microfreak

Published on May 24, 2020 Perplex On

"Droning with #microfreak, spiced up with FAC Alteza Reverb. Projectionmapping done with HeavyM featuring pixelsorted video material of a nearby river."

Modifying a Powerglove To Make Music, But Controlling It With A Robot.. Because... Why not?

Published on May 24, 2020 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"It was only a matter of time i did a #retro NES #powerglove hack!
Thanks very much for the support! It means projects like this can keep getting done, the 1000 oscillator mega drone is nearly finished! if you want your name on a knob check out here, also a sample pack from todays video is available there too!

Support :-

I used a LULZBOT mini to print out all the 3d printing, and it needed no calbiration or filing and the arm slotted together! highly recommended

if anyone has a DOEPFER MOGLI, that they wanna sell! or want to lend please let me know!

Build your own open source robot! InMoov!


ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends

Published on May 23, 2020 thenoiztemple

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends
- for more noiz:
Created during The Plague.

Moog Subharmonicon Workflow - with Chase Bliss Tonal Recall and AD EOS2

Published on May 23, 2020 Morning Strategy

"Absorb some sounds from the Moog Subharmonicon through a thorough coat of delay from the Chase Bliss Tonal Recall. Patch from scratch: 7:18.

32:50 is my favourite glump - and it only took 25 minutes to get there...

I've been dubbing this synth the "Subharm" in my file management and social comments. The battle with this synth is to get those sub harmonies to play along, to make fewer waves and stop hurting each other, do less harm. I'm working my way underneath them to choose the compatibles, and it's a good fight.

Long-form video demos lately, not sure why, but I'm enjoying them more from both the creator and receiver side of YouTube. They're little ambient EPs that stand alone, apart.

Unrelated: I'm starting a vidcast on family hiking, hence the sub-footage.

Present and observe,

Patch n Tweak
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