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Thursday, July 30, 2020

E-mu Proteus | The Module EVERYONE wanted!

Espen Kraft

"The E-mu Proteus was the most hyped and eagerly awaited hi-tech music product. of 1989
This is my review of this sound module EVERYONE wanted at the end of the 80s.
High quality&24 Hours Build Time:

Support this channel on Patreon:

The hype surrounding this module was surreal, and it didn't feil to deliver. To get 4 Mb of the best Emulator 3 sounds in a multi timbral box, for about $900 in 1989 was simply a bomb going off. Everyone wanted one and they sold massive.

32 voice polyphony, editable sounds, 192 presets and with an ever expanding line of revisions and enhanced version of the Proteus was hard to resist.

Some of the sounds does seem outdated today and the "original" sounds in the Emulators and Emaxes has the edge, but many of the sounds in the Proteus is highly usable if you use them with other sounds. Some of them still excel in my opinion."

iVCS3 Toccata And Fugue in Dm

James Edward Cosby

"iVCS3 Toccata And Fugue in Dm... 4 iVCS3's running a single Preset from the soon to be released #JEC 2020 Captivity Preset Bank.
The reverb is iVCS3's own FDN Reverb, selected from the "•••" settings menu.
#iVCS3 #JEC #JamesEdwardCosby #Bach #2020Captivity #APESoft #EMS #VCS3 #Synthi #SynthiAKS"

ECCO 3 // Prophet-6, MS2000B: Imaginary Videogame Music


"Just think of it as a sequel to the hardest game in the world, with dolphins!"

Processing Dub Techno Stabs (Ft Yamaha E1010 Delay, Master Room Spring Reverb & Mu-Tron Bi-Phase)

Sound Provider

"After my video about the Sound of the Musitronics MuTron BiPhase Phaser ( [posted here] ) someone ask me a demo with Techno Dub or Reggae Dub Chord Stab so I did this video quickly .

For this one I use the Novation Peak Synthesizer to do the stabs, Switch off the effects of the Synth, then I send the sound directly to my Yamaha E1010 BBD Analog delay then I send the signal to one channel of my MicMix Master Room XL-210 Spring Reverb , finally I send the signal to the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase.


Leonard de Leonard"

EHX Grand Canyon meets Moog DFAM Full Test Analog Drum Synth Delay FX Pedal

Rik Marston Official

#moogdfam #electroharmonixgrandcanyon #analogsynthesizer
"EHX Grand Canyon meets Moog DFAM - Full Test"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn It UP!** ***No Talking!!!***

The Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay / Looper
meets the Moog DFAM (Drummer from Another Mother)
This awesome pedal converts MONO Input into Stereo Output :)
The DFAM is the BEST & coolest analog drum synth! I love it!
It's PERFECT for ambient electronic music & more!
The Grand Canyon is my favorite Delay FX pedal for synthesizers!

1983 Crumar Spirit SN 00080

via this auction

"Minus one little scratch thingy is perfect.

Everything works perfect. Needs to have a service just to clean the pots and sliders."

Casio CZ-5000

via this auction

Nord Modular 25-Key G1 with Voice Expansion

via this auction

"Nord Modular keys G1 with rare voice expansion, which makes this thing an absolute synth behemoth."

Desert1 by Baghead

"0-Coast sequenced with Kteck Iosofi M4Live sequencer, sound run thru Instruo Athru wave folder modulated by Moog CP351 LFO then thru MakeNoise Mimeophon.

Sonic Charge microtonic VST passing through a touch of Live's Corpus effect for drums.

Headphones or good subwoofer recommended


NEEMFest 2020 Cancelled


"Hello Friends,

Unfortunately, we must postpone NEEMFest 2020 indefinitely. It was a difficult decision to make (and is even more difficult to communicate) because there was no single overwhelming reason for it. Rather I -- and the rest of the group that you’ve entrusted with planning and arranging it -- felt that there are numerous obstacles standing in the way of a successful and satisfying experience for the community, enough of them to make postponement the wisest plan. A complete list would take a while, but there are three I’ll mention here.

First, a virtual conference requires a huge effort from presenters and performers, and because much of that involves learning and experimentation, it must be done well in advance. Many of us, through no fault of our own, are not very far down that road. Even though we were ready to assist everyone with both documentation and in-person support, we did not feel that NEEMFest would be able to maintain its inclusiveness, the one thing that all of us value the most.

Second, those of us who had done streaming events realized that audience attention is far harder to capture and maintain with a multi-day virtual event. That, and the need to provide technical support, had already led to a decision to reduce the number of performance slots from our normal 40+ to around 16. At that point, we had entered a world where it was not at all clear that the rewards for the performers (or for the technical volunteers) would justify the effort.

The third reason is the most difficult to describe and at the same time the most compelling. The entire community is stressed and distracted now. There is a pandemic raging in the United States and it is going to get worse, even as the rest of the developed world is slowly returning to normal. Some of us face financial insecurity. Those who have children in school, or who work in schools and colleges, are experiencing worrisome risk and real uncertainty about what will happen in just a few weeks (my own city of 30,000 is about to face an influx of tens of thousands of college students who will, of course, maintain social distancing and other safe practices at all times). NEEMFest was scheduled for the week after the public schools reopen -- a peak time for either anxiety or relief, and either way a time when people will be most focused on family and friends. It seemed that our chances of capturing the attention of performers and audience at that point in the calendar were, if anything, substantially worse than they would be at other times.

We concluded that we should, as one of us put it, “do NEEM when we can really do NEEM”. In the meantime, we can all raise our game, and continue working on virtual events in a paced, deliberate way. We’re making all of the technical-support materials we prepared available on the NEEM website (at ]). All of us are available to help people who want to get going. There are any number of good ideas for Zoom presentations and online tours floating around; over the coming weeks, we’ll be putting those forward here in the hope that some educational events and virtual tours might spring up. There is a lot for all of us to work on, and I hope that as many of you as possible will join us.

Speaking now only for myself (and maybe for some of my bandmates), virtual collaboration and performance have been a real godsend for me over the last few months. This is a resilient and adventurous community, and I’m confident that NEEM will come back in the form of a hundred micro-NEEMs before we are all able to meet together in person again -- and that there will be some new things, uniquely possible in cyberspace, that will astonish and delight all of us.

A final, personal word: I am immensely grateful to the volunteer crew of organizers: Rebekkah, Mike, Steve, Ken, Rob S., Jim, and Chris. This has been a rocky road, and I have pitched a few of the rocks. All of us are even more grateful to those of you who have made financial contributions to support NEEM. Fortunately, we have spent very little if any money so far, and your contributions remain to be used exactly as you intended -- to make the next NEEM the most inclusive, fee-free event it can possibly be. All of us are in your debt.

We close with a musical selection:"

We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn, Drag Queens in Quarantine (DiQ)

Cheddar Gorgeous

"26 drag queens from 5 different countries are asking you to help us raise money for Age UK."

Depeche Mode "See You" Patch Analysis and Tutorial

Digiphex Electronics

Update: video updated to reference A Broken Frame.

Additional Digiphex Electronics posts

Components - Summit Series // Novation


"-CALC- looks at the Novation Components software, and how to get the most out of it with Summit. Components is our powerful sound library and hardware management system that allows you to save and store all of your patches, and provides 1000s of free sounds.

With its multitimbral architecture and 16 voices of polyphony, Summit is like two Peaks in one instrument, enabling two completely independent patches to be split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. And, that’s not the end of it: the addition of dual filters, greatly extended front panel controls, audio input and the same premium-quality five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII MIDI controller, put Summit in a creative league of its own.

--- Discover Summit"

NovationTV Summit Series

20.07.31. practice (idea from "Ryuichi Sakamoto - Solari")

J Gran - 제이그랜

"Synthesizer: Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet Rev2

#ryuichisakamoto #synthesizer #prophet"

CGS202 Serge Resonant Equalizer and Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank Pro

Lower West Side Studio

"A brief comparison of the frequencies controlled by the CGS202 Serge Resonant Equalizer and the Yusynth Fixed Filter bank pro from Lower West Side Studio

CGS202 Resonant Equalizer - https://richsstudioproject.wpcomstagi...

Fixed Filter Bank Pro - https://richsstudioproject.wpcomstagi..."

CGS202 Serge Resonant Equalizer


One of the most sought after modules ever produced the Serge Resonant Equalizer is now available in classic MU format! The CGS202 Serge Resonant Equalizer offers the unique major-seventh band equalization setting itself apart from standard graphic equalizers and opening the door for interesting sonic possibilities.

The CGS202 Serge Resonant Equalizer is available in 1U and 2U widths offering the exact same features in different sizes to suit your modular system’s requirements."

Also available in single width.

Fixed Filter Bank Pro


While most modular systems contain different types of filters many tend to omit the precision sound sculpting tool, the Fixed Filter Bank. The reference standard for Fixed Filter Banks is the 914 module by Moog and while this module is both expensive and difficult to obtain the Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank Pro is an outstanding option based on the same sonic principals.

In addition to all the features of our standard edition Fixed Filter Bank the Fixed Filter Bank Pro offers individual outputs for each frequency in the filter as well as attenuators for each input.

New FREE Sample Pack! DRM-1: Four Ways

Oscillator Sink

"Get the samples here:

The Vermona DRM-1 is a wonderful, all-analogue, 8 voice drum synth with a wonderfully unashamed raw, electronic tone and a startling versatility. In this sample pack I have captured 113 samples, and processed them 4 different ways: raw; a punchy in-the-box plugin chain; processed through a gritty characterful germanium pre-amp on low and then high gain.

The samples cover the standard kick, snare, clap, cymbals and "other" drum sounds, but also takes advantage of the fantastic "multi" voice on the Vermona for metallic plinks, zaps and techno chord stabs. Additionally, as many of the voices allow you to remove the "drummy-ness" from the sounds, there are a range of "tone" samples which showcase the raw synth sounds and are great for melodic and harmonic parts."

Carbon Free Sound Expansion for the Expressive E Touché & Touché SE

Expressive E

"We are happy to announce an update to Lié, the companion software for Touché & Touché SE controllers. As of version 1.5, Lié now comes with a new sound expansion called “Carbon,” a revamped interface, a reworked firmware for Touché, and minor bug fixes. Carbon is also a free add-on for anyone who owns the MPE Collection, the sound collection Expressive E created for everyone who uses controllers with MIDI Polyphonic Expression capabilities.

Carbon sound expansion

From deep pads and gnarly basses to colorful plucks, Carbon is a new, free sound expansion for all Touché, Touché SE, and MPE Collection owners. Carbon will inspire you with 60 new, fresh, and expressive sounds, ranging across several sound categories and suitable for all kinds of genres.

How to get the sounds:

Owners of Touché & Touché SE: the 60 new sounds from the Carbon sound expansion are included as only one part of the Lié 1.5 update. It expands the number of factory sounds to now more than 250.

Owners of MPE Collection need to redownload and install MPE Collection from their customer account to obtain the fully MPE-compatible Carbon sound expansion."

Death by Audio Rooms Reverb: Synth Demo with Novation Circuit and Dreadbox Medusa

Bonedo Synthesizers

Evolution One virtual analog synth in Audio Evolution Mobile 5 for Android

Audio Evolution Mobile

Spotted this one on discchord. That's actually Tim Webb of discchord in the video.

"Audio Evolution Mobile Studio features a virtual analog synthesizer 'Evolution One' based on the very popular Synth One from AudioKit! Featuring morphing oscillators, FM, Sub Osc, Noise, Portamento, 2 LFO's that can be routed to 12 targets, Moog type filtering, effects, ARP, sequencer and more.

Presets are compatible with Synth One and it comes with licensed presets from Electronisounds and Red Sky Lullaby, giving a large number of presets to play with. Because Synth One is very CPU hungry, a lot of optimisations were performed to have it run decently on Android in a DAW environment, but a fast/recent Android device is still recommended. There is also an option to play in a lower quality mode, but when freezing a track or performing mix-down, the high quality setting is always used."

Adding Probability per step in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Vintage Tonus ARP 2600 w/ CMS Mods

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

"Up for sale is an ARP 2600 Synthesizer, early Tonus version, approx. from 1972. Completely serviced - new cases (synth and keyboard), new tolex. With CMS upgrades (audio path / filter upgrade) and extra CMS modules (another VCO plus mixer, another VCF - HighPass / LowPass - that can be used in serial or parallel to the 4012 VCF)."


via this auction

- Adds MIDI IN & THRU connectors
- MIDI LEARN button input for fast and easy active midi channel selection

1973 Moog Minimoog Model D - Early Example, Serviced, Global S&H SN

via this auction

"1973 Moog MiniMoog Model D vintage analog synthesizer. This serviced and studio-ready example, serial number 3055, is in perfect working order. The cabinet exhibits expected war and the overall cosmetic condition is fair. It does, however, work flawlessly and it sounds amazing. Tuned, calibrated, cleaned and thoroughly inspected, this is ready to go."

1982 Roland Jupiter 8 Vintage Analog Synthesizer JP-8 SN 151364

via this auction

"This extremely clean all original example, serial number 151364, was recently clean & serviced, loaded with all factory presets, and is in perfect working order. This is an exquisite synth in pristine cosmetic condition."

Pics of the inside below.

MAM RS3 Resonator stereo filter module (Korg PS series)

via this auction

"The MAM RS3 Resonator is clone of the resonator filter of the vintage seventies Korg PS 3100 and PS 3300 synthesizers. A threefold resonant filter section that can be set up in stereo, with radical and inspiring swooshy results. A simple keyboard becomes a cool fullblown pad machine (Jean Michel Jarre!). Sometimes resembing a very sophisticated phaser but different still. Supposedly Vactrol based. 100% analoog so no midi, USB or anything fancy as that... Just mono in and stereo out.

There is a modulation bus (jack in) at the back that I have never used - no reason why it shouldn't work"

Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line

via this auction

Note this is a charity listing for The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights.

"Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line MIDI USB Synthesizer Step Sequencer . Condition is Used. Manual and original boutique DK-01 included."

Yamaha CS01 Analog Synthesizer SN 23299


via this auction

"Yamaha CS01 analog synthesizer. One owner since 1985. Analogue synth. See Video. Condition is Used.

Yamaha CS01 analog monophonic synthesizer. I have owned this synth since 1985.
Battery operated, built in speaker. 32 mini keys. Portable/wearable synth.
One VCO, one LFO, one VCF, one ADSR. VCO has very nice PWM. LFO can modulate VCO or VCF.
Very good condition."

Korg M50-61 [Yellow] Music Workstation Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

"The Korg M50, released in 2008, is a fantastic member of the 3rd generation synthesizer workstation from Korg, following the success of the M1 and the Triton series. The 61-key M50 shares many features with the fantastic M3 (released one year prior), such as the “Enhanced Definition Synthesis” chip (based on the excellent HD-1 chip from the OASYS). The M50 features 80-voice polyphony, a 16-track sequencer, and a huge range of effects. The touch screen and graphical interface makes it easy to edit sounds and sequence.

This Synthesizer are in Excellent condition, cosmetically beautiful without significant signs of use , Including a few minor scratches and other stains which are not noticeable (please see photos). It has been tested by our professional technician and is working perfectly."

Baséput Modular Demos / Tutorials

Playlist as of this post:

How I use My Morphagene (Part 1)
How I use My Morphagene with an Acoustic Instrument - Sape (Part 2)
How I use My Morphagene, an Ambient Composition with Rossum Panharmonium & Assimil8or (Part 3)
How I use my Rossum Panharmonium (Part 1) | Mix, Voices, Blur, Feedback, and Glide Knobs
How I use my Rossum Panharmonium (Part 2) | Freq & Octave Knobs, Crossfading Waveforms, and Spectra
How I Use My Tendrils Cable | Eurorack Modular Synthesizer | 2 Layers of Patching, other Techniques
How I use My Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or (Part 1) | Changing Presets, Pitch, Level, and Samples
How I use My Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or with an Acoustic Instrument - Sape (Part 2) | Zones
How I use My Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or (Part 3) | Phase Modulation, Bit Depth, and Aliasing
How I Use my Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or (Part 4) | Simulating a Tape/Reel to Reel
How I Use my Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or (Part 5) | SOS - Sound O Sound with Sape
How I Use my Frap Tools USTA (Part 1) Eurorack Modular Synthesizer | General Information

MAKEN0ISE Office Hours: Patch with us LIVE on Thursday, July 30th at 1pm EST


"Tune in for another installment of Office Hours-- our experimental live-stream where we bring the synths and you tell us what to patch in the chat!"

Jolymod4 + JUPITER 4

Arthur Joly


ARP2600, korg MS10 + Korg MS20

Arthur Joly




"please support the channel:

more music for my survival horror game music project

featuring (in order of appearance):
bass - roland se-02 thru rubberneck
arp - elta pm-02 thru strymon dig
pad - dave smith instruments mopho x4 thru boss re-20

sequencing/tracking - synthstrom audible deluge
mixing - behringer x32 rack

Ambient Soundscapes with Waldorf Iridium

Martin Stürtzer

"All sounds of this track are from the Waldorf Iridium. I used four looper devices in Ableton to arrange the track. Reverb by Valhalla DSP. Recorded directly to stereo."

Arturia MicroFreak Sound Set "Effectual" by Synthient Sound [preset play through]

Synthient Sound

"Available now! To purchase this sound set, go to:

The Effectual presets are demonstrated dry and then again with one or more of the plugins you see on the left. The virtual blue power will light up when an effect is being used. Tal Chorus and Valhalla SpaceModulator are free plugins and sound amazing with the MicroFreak."

Neoclassical soundtracks with Spitfire Audio | Native Instruments

Native Instruments

"With this in-depth walkthrough Homay Schmitz takes us through Spitfire Audio's scoring tools and how you can use them to craft your soundtrack.

Save big on supernatural soundscapes and award-winning composer tools for a limited time:"

NUCLEUS Thursday Jam

Johan Bilén

See the Johan Bilén label below for more.



"(c) 2020 by AnalogAudio1

The internal factory demo songs (1993) of the Yamaha VL1 "Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer".

The Yamaha VL1 was a groundbreaking, pioneering synthesizer with its "virtual acoustic" synthesis in 1993. But it was not a big success, so Yamaha went on with sampling technology for the most part. But still, the Yamaha VL1 and VP1 have their place in history.

Recorded directly from the Yamaha VL1's outputs without any additional effects or eq treatment. Enjoy! Music by YAMAHA Corporation.

Few years ago I demoed the Yamaha VL1, see: [here]

My dream would be to own a Yamaha VP1, but I'm afraid this won't be possible..."

A look inside the Modified Nes Controller To Make Modular Synths Talk To A Nintendo NES


"This is a little extra talk about the controller built in this video :"



03-The Dreadbox Typhon: Oscillators Part Two


"Here is part two of a two-part demonstration of the sound and functionality of the oscillator structure of the Dreadbox Typhon.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Dreadbox Typhon over drum patterns fashioned from GarageBand loops."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

Patch Notes: Scott Campbell


"Scott Campbell is a synthesist, sound designer and engineer based in New Orleans, LA. He runs boutique company Onde Magnétique, whose OM-1 cassette synthesizer uses tape to create pitched soundscapes, and creates ambient music using a number of setups that he often presents on Instagram and YouTube.

In this episode of Patch Notes, Campbell records an improvised ambient piece incorporating samples from a Roland MC-707, looping and granular synthesis on the ER-301 Sound Computer, euclidean rhythms from a Dnipro DOT pattern generator, with live audio processing through a modified Marantz PMD430 three-head cassette deck."

Calsynth case with a bear logo.

You can find previous posts featuring Scott Campbell here.

The S-CAT Time-Freek Digital Delay.

Space Cat Audio Technologies

"We have included Midi In/Thru, Din Sync out x2, clock pulse out and tap tempo."

Patch n Tweak
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