MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

flight of harmony Infernal Noise Machine (INM-E) Eurorack Module on Kickstarter

First announced in July, and featured in a few posts, flight of harmony's Infernal Noise Machine (INM-E) Eurorack Module is now on Kickstarter.

The original Infernal Noise Machine was in desktop form (pictured below) and has been featured here on MATRIXSYNTH over the years. You can see the prototype here. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails had one as seen here.

The following is some info pulled from the Kickstarter (be sure to click through for more):

"The Infernal Noise Machine is actually the first device ever created at f(h), back in 2007. Designed as a standalone, or "desktop " device. It was later released in multiple limited-run batches over the years, with all available units sold out during preorder each time."

"What is it?

The Infernal Noise Machine is a sound synthesizer, not a music synthesizer.

It was designed towards the creation of noise, sound effects, and for the general field of sound design. Having said that, the INM can create a full range of “musical” tones and sound, but that was not the primary goal. It can be used completely independently, but is intended for use with external control voltage (CV) sources to affect or modulate various parameters, which is where the INM truly comes alive.

So what can you do with it? Incidental sounds and ambiances, unholy caterwauling, soundscapes from melancholy to manic, even percussion and traditional musical sounds. The Infernal Noise Machine is particularly effective for making drones that evolve with time, with no external sources required. The internal architecture allows for a wide range of self-evolving, beat-frequency style tonal variations over an infinite range of rates. There is really no simple way to describe what the INM can do – you have to find out for yourself. This is a unique device. It requires a bit of time and patience to get a feel for how it works, but it is worth the effort."

"The new Infernal Noise Machine has the same sound, features, and potential as the original, but has been completely redesigned and refined. Each format brings its own needs and possibilities, so the system has been expanded to allow even more utility than the original, while keeping it as compact as feasible without impacting the philosophy behind the design."

Roland JX-3P or JX-8P? Smoothness Wars!

Espen Kraft

"For years these two synthesizers have divided opinions. Which one is the one to get?
The 3P with its sequencer and stylish casing or the 8P with unison and mono modes?
Do they sound the same or is it best to have them both?

Be aware that an original JX-3P has very limited MIDI functionality, it's in constant Omni-mode, and therefor cannot be in a MIDI sequencer chain without problems. It cannot receive or send MIDI sysex either.
The 8P is not 8-voice polyphonic even if the "8" should indicate that. It's 6 voices like the 3P. The 8P also have a custom fluorescent display that can be tricky to upgrade and the transformer can often become very noisy (acoustically).

The demo track that starts the video can be found here:"

Prophet 6 , Flames & Oceans , Analog Synth preset 135.

Bob I. Gomez

"Original tune for the Prophet 6 synthesizer. I use my own version of preset 135, which I call, Unknown."

The Lost Child - Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver (STEREO)

Reuben Jones

"Making the Poly Evolver sing.

PolyEvolver ➤ Molot Compressor ➤ BootEQmk II ➤ Sennheiser AMBEO Orbit ➤ Valhalla Reverb"

Hypercube VST: Reduce 100+ Synth Parameters to Just 3

Novel Insight Software

Here is an interesting program in via Novel Insight Software. In short it uses artificial intelligence to pick from all available parameters in creating a three new parameter. The three act as macro controls for the parameters selected and they can change over time. One of the thing that makes the Yamaha DX-200 and the newer Reface DX are the macro controls allowing you to morph multiple FM parameters at the same time. And of course there's the macro knob on the Yamaha MODX series.

The following is what Novel Insight Software had to say about the software:

"We have been developing a new (still beta) software which makes it easier to find new sounds from VST synths. (Novel Insight Hypercube VST).

The freeware software uses machine learning to analyze presets and reduces the number of parameters to three making it easier to find new sounds. Currently VST2 plugins are supported.

The algorithms start from a random starting points so the results are a bit different everytime parameters are calculated, especially when there are no large number of presets available (machine learning methods require large amount of data and typically the number of presets are only in hundreds meaning the results depend on a random starting points).

Software is also quite slow on laptops, it can take 10 minutes or hours to calculate parameter reduction for a single VST instrument. I’m developing GPU acceleration which should speed up calculations significantly."

And via their website where you can find the download and a few demos:

"Hypercube VST is a parameter reducer plugin for VST2 instruments. It reduces the number of synthesizer/effect parameters to just three (3) which makes it easier to find new sounds than changing 100+ parameters that may be available through the normal user interface.

In order to to do parameter reduction a VST module must have roughly more presets of good instruments/effects than there are synthesizer parameters. The existing good presets are used to find "three dimensional space of good sounds", which can be then explored by using only three parameters: X, Y and Z.

Hypercube VST currently supports only 64bit VST2 modules. Support of 64bit VST3 instruments is planned in future releases. This software requires 64bit Windows 10 (earlier versions not tested) and 64bit Java (plugin generator user interface).


Hypercube VST is free to use (freeware) but closed source."

Herb Deutsch's Moog SOB Part 2 (by Synthpro)

Part 2 added here.

Novation Supernova 2 repair Information don't buy CS4391KZ and watch this video!


Interesting. Do your research if you pan to do this yourself!

How to add Velocity and Accents in VCV Rack

Omri Cohen

Here are the patches -

You can find additional resources available from Omri Cohen at

Launchpad Pro [MK3] - Version 1.2 // Novation


"In this video, Enrique introduces you to the new v1.2 firmware update for Launchpad Pro [MK3], which brings new features that expand the creative and performance capabilities of the much-loved grid controller.

Launchpad Pro [MK3] users now get Unquantised Recording to create out-of-this-world, off-grid beats, as well as a new feature that lets you perform and record sequences with even more intricacy and nuance than before. There’s also the ability to set the threshold of the trigger pads, to tailor Launchpad Pro to your unique playing style. Lastly, Legacy Mode re-introduces the User layout of the original Launchpad Pro, which opens the door to a world of legacy applications and lightshow performances.

--- Discover the update & download the free Ableton session:

--- Check out Launchpad Pro [MK3]:"

Novation Peak Tutorial - DIY Sequencer (advanced Sound Design)

Limbic Bits

"In this Tutorial for Novation Peak you'll learn how to create your own note and mod sequencer using only Peak's Sound Engine."

UVI Introduces Shade - Creative Filter and EQ

UVI Shade | Overview

"A next-generation advanced EQ, mix tool, and creative filter delivering an unparalleled selection of 35 shapes, 9 modulators, full multichannel support and much more.

0:00 Intro
1:25 Basic Operations
2:47 Simple Mix example
5:42 Use Modulators in Shade
6:17 LFO
9:26 Spread
10:22 Envelope
11:02 Trigger settings
12:10 Follower
13:46 Figure
15:46 Random
16:41 MSEG
18:49 X/Y
19:50 Macro
20:59 Dynamic EQ
23:39 De-esser

Video Credits: Joshua D. Carney"

You can find Shade at

Erica Synths DB-01 tutorial - Part 3: MIDI & CV

Richard DeHove

You can find all parts in the series here.

"Part 3 of a tutorial series for the Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline synth. The tutorial covers such things as MIDI control, CV in, CV clock and pattern chaining. A short jam toward the end shows a small sample of the range of sounds when paired with a Moog DFAM.

0:00 Playing from an external keyboard
1:08 Keyboard mode
1:35 Setting the MIDI input channel
2:20 Portamento
2:45 External control of the arpeggiator
3:08 External control of step roll mode
4:03 Chaining patterns
5:05 Sync to external clock
5:46 CV inputs
6:10 Pitch CV in
7:05 Fixing knob lag
8:00 A Throbbing Gristle moment
9:50 DFAM pitch input
15:02 Filter CV input and jam"

MAKEN0ISE Office Hours, Thursday September 24th at 1pm EST!


"This week, Office Hours will be hosted by Pete Speer, our Instagram video maker, who will be exploring sound design patches on a modified Shared System."

More MAKEN0ISE Office Hours here

There's a synthesiser in your browser. Here's how to use it.

Floyd Steinberg

"Table of contents and links below! You may or may not already know this, but modern browsers contain powerful tools for manipulating audio. In this video, I'm giving you a brief (and imcomplete!) overview what's possible regarding sound synthesis, take a look at what other people created and try to build a small hardware synth using the Raspberry PI.

Table of contents:

00:00 Introduction
00:38 demonstration of my own small JavaScript synth
02:51 webaudio API (application programmers' interface) overview
05:44 some examples from the web...
05:59 semi-modular virtual analog synth
06:54 acid machine (fun 303 / 808 emulator and sequencer)
07:55 juno 106 emulation
09:28 websynths (this one is worth trying, definitely!)
10:28 comparing Firefox to Edge/Chromium
12:44 is this any useful for musicians?
13:15 trying to build a RasPi hardware synth with this (epic fail)
14:17 bye-bye :-)


Webaudio documentation:
My own attempt at a subtractive synth (commented source code):
jQuery webmidi:
Webmidi Envelopes:
Juno 106:
Semi-Modular web synth:
Acid machine:
Web synth:"

5 minutes of chill with Dreadbox Typhon!

Electronisounds Audio

"Just a quick play with the Dreadbox Typhon to show what a nice range of tones you can get from it. No extra FX, no extra processing - just direct sound from the Typhon.

I'm using the 'Riffer' app on an iPad to randomly sequence the Typhon.

Thanks for watching!"


ESK - Korg Lambda Sound with FX


"Some sounds from the Korg Lambda ES-50 (analog String Ensemble Synthesizer) with Lexicon MX200 effect unit.
In the video you hear every sound first dry from the Korg Lambda and afterwards played through the Lexicon FX. Every section of the Korg (Percussive, Ensemble) has his own effect.
Direct recording without mastering."

Music Synthesizers: A Manual of Design and Construction by Delton T. Horn

via this auction

You can find other books by Delton in the archives here. He worked on a few of them.

"Music Synthesizers: A Manual of Design and Construction

Scarce title.

- Describes the power supplies, signal sources, VCOs, amplifiers, filters, mixers, and other circuits that go into the construction of an electronic music synthesizer.

- Dozens of electronic circuits with complete parts lists that you can easily build and experiment with.

- Special circuits including signal brighteners, distortion boosters, ring modulators, and voicing circuits.

Apart from a little cover wear, the book is in very good condition. Softcover, 376 pages. Copyright 1984. This item ships WORLDWIDE."

Roland SH-7 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Crumar Synergy SN 01049

via this auction

"crumar synthesizer - Digital Keyboards, Inc - 1980’s

Serial number: 01049

I got this from my neighbors estate sale, her husband played in the day. I think she said he bought it new.

I found a website for this exact model, given I cannot even lip sync I have no clue about instruments. I did count the number of keys and there are 74 of them.

I did plug it in and it makes a little noise, but I have no speakers to plug into it. Also, I understand there is a cartridge that plugs in to it, I have no idea if one is required for it to play.

I do have to sell as is, if you live in the greater Phoenix area, you are welcomed to come and look at it."

1985 PPG Wave 2.3

via this auction

Custom Black Orange Waldorf Microwave XT Rack

via this auction

I had to do a double take when I first saw this one. Clearly not a Shadow XT. Turns out it's an orange XT painted black. You can see the orange underneath in the bottom pic. Cool, thing though is the black is an overlay so you can pick orange vs. black. BTW, see my cure for the Waldorf Nextel sticky coating here. Curious if that's why this one has a cover...

via the listing:

"Waldorf XT in good shape with custom black cover.

Just back from Full Pro Service (Extensive testruns, all potmeters replaced and all new potmeter caps).

You will receive:

Waldorf Microwave XT 10 voices Board #3
Full set of new Potmeter caps
Custom black overlay.
Manual (Copy)
Power cord / adapter
Ocsidance invoice including 3 months Warranty
Service Report"

REON driftbox C Multifunction mixer

via this auction

"Comes with original power supply and original box & instruction.

REON Leon / driftbox C

Multifunction mixer that can control CV equipment with 4ch audio / CV input and 2 bus output CV-VCA output

4ch audio / CV input, 2 bus output. Multifunction mixer that can control external CV equipment with CV-VCA output

The driftbox C has 4 channels of audio / CV input, and the audio signal can be adjusted and output to any level on 2 BUS.
The CV input can be switched to VCA to generate a voltage, so the CV input can be added to control CV-compatible devices such as an external synthesizer VCO / VCF. With four channels of CV input and addition, it will be possible to produce changes beyond imagination. Simultaneous output of each signal is also possible by inputting CV signal to 1 / 3ch and audio signal to 2 / 4ch.

Cherry Audio - Something New is Coming | 10.1.20

Teaser video from Cherry Audio.

Moog Announces New Dark Series Matriarch and Gradmother, New Patches & Firmware Updates

Lisa Bella Donna | The Mothership II: Night Flight

Moog Music Inc

"The Mothership has landed.

As a sequel to her mind-expanding semi-modular performance in 'The Mothership' earlier this year, sonic sorceress Lisa Bella Donna brings even more analog power, magic, and prowess to this new composition using the complete Moog semi-modular family.

Witness her first encounter with the Dark Series Matriarch and Grandmother synthesizers alongside their keyless counterparts: Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon.

Instruments used:
- Matriarch (Dark Series)
- Grandmother (Dark Series)
- 8x Mother-32
- 2x DFAM
- 2x Subharmonicon"

Update: new tutorial videos featuring the "Dark Series" (just the Matriarch are up so far):

Matriarch | How to Play the Filter
Matriarch | Stereo Delay Patch Tips
Matriarch | Chord Memory Tricks

"Introducing Dark Series for Matriarch & Grandmother

Dark Series for Matriarch and Grandmother strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern, featuring an all-black aesthetic that invokes the timeless look of early Moog modular systems—with all the functionality and versatility these two state-of-the-art sound design machines are known for.

Today, we are excited to announce a new addition to our semi-modular family: Dark Series for Grandmother and Matriarch. The new visual twist for these two synthesizers is a nod to the modular control panel designs that inspired their very creation.
Grandmother and Matriarch's circuits, spirit, and analog effects are inspired by the classic Moog modular synthesizers designed by Bob Moog during the '60s and '70s. These instruments quickly became a staple in studio setups and live performance settings, a go-to first synthesizer for beginners, and a multifaceted creative tool used by musicians of all skill levels to explore the power of analog sound.
A complement to the distinct multi-colored artwork of the original Matriarch and Grandmother synthesizers, Dark Series presents a style option that celebrates the intersection of tradition and innovation.

New Patches & Firmware Updates

Significant firmware updates for Matriarch and Grandmother are now available for all owners. These updates feature a new sync engine that keeps the internal arp/sequencer, analog clock, and MIDI all tightly locked in phase; a new easy method to reset global settings to defaults; a new Envelope Multi-Trig mode for Grandmother; and many other enhancements, features, and bug fixes for both instruments based on customer feedback.

Alongside these firmware enhancements, new exploratory patches are now available to download for Matriarch and Grandmother registered owners. These 30 inspiring patches (16 for Grandmother and 14 for Matriarch) are designed to guide your eternal experimentation and open your mind to each instrument’s unparalleled analog sound."

After Later Audio Steps // Eurorack shift register, burst generator, clock, looping melodies & more


"Here’s ‘Steps’ from After Later Audio. A 6HP Eurorack module that offers multiple functions including … clock generator, random rhythm generating, rhythm looper, stepped random generator, 8 step sequences, bursts, end of outputs, unique audio rate waves and more!

At it’s core Steps generates an 8 step burst, held gate during it’s bursting activity and end of burst output. The 8 step pulses feed a shift register for either 8 step random bipolar signals of an 8 step looped sequences. Gate rhythms with varying gate lengths and rhythms are generated from the shift register and the whole module works via button or external trigger or in a looping state.

Steps covers a range of essential functions for any modular system as the potential use cases are massive. This video aims to highlight plenty of them as well as showing how the module functions technically and musically."

Check with the sponsors on the right for availability.

Elektron Announces Analog Four & Analog Rytm OS Upgrades


Following the design updates, Elektron announces OS updates to the Analog Four & Analog Rytm.

"Grab your Analogs, new and old! It’s upgrade time! To partner the new-look Analog Four and Analog Rytm, we have a superpowered OS Upgrade packed full of extra features available for everyone as of this very minute.

The MKIIs are bringing Class Compliant USB Audio with advanced voice routing capabilities onboard, while both MKI and MKII versions of the machines (and Analog Keys) get boosted with Step Recording, Trig Probability, Trig Review, a bevy of bug-vanquishing performance improvements, and much more.

More info at Elektronauts:"

Additonal details on the update:

"Grab your Analogs, new and old! It’s upgrade time! To partner the new-look Analog Four and Analog Rytm, we have a superpowered OS Upgrade for each machine. These upgrades extend all the way back to the MKI versions of both instruments (and Analog Keys) unless noted, meaning there are plenty of music-making bonuses for everyone!

Class Compliant USB Audio (MKII only)

Class Compliant USB Audio is now available on the Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII. Connect to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and record or process your audio easier than ever before. Add software superpowers via apps to give you countless possibilities: Parameter automation, bi-directional audio processing, audio recording, MIDI sequencing & sync, and that’s just the start. More modulation, more LFOs, more magic.

Step Recording mode
Step Recording comes to the Analogs! Fresh from its splashdown on the Digis, the machines can now input notes into the sequencer step by step. For Analog Rytm users, you can even input multiple tracks simultaneously. On Analog Four, things stay tasty allowing you to input chords per step. Flex the feature’s power to the max by controlling other gear using Midi, CV, and Gate!

Trig Probability
The Analog Four and Analog Rytm now have the power of Trig Probability in their arsenal. With great power comes controlled unpredictability. Take a pattern, take a chance, and see where you go!

Trig Preview
Trig Preview on the Analog Four and Analog Rytm lets you beat the pattern to the punch. Preview individual trigs quickly and easily whenever you want, keeping you ahead of the track and never missing a step.

Improved sample & sound management
Keeping your Analog Rytm and Analog Four organized is now easier than ever. Improved sample and sound management lets you remove whatever you’re not using, giving you more room for new sounds and new music. Get purging!

More improvements & fixes
You also get access to the sweet new factory content released with the new look MKIIs on all machines except Analog Four MKI & Analog Keys. For a full list of improvements and bug fixes - check the release notes.

To use the upgraded Analog OS with Overbridge, please update to Overbridge 2.0.41, also released today to support the new firmware."

Tranquil Light Modular Session

Indra Perkasa

"a quick getaway to a very nice & soothing place. it's been a while since i was here, i forgot how beautiful and serene this land. i am very grateful had a chance to reunite with nature."

disting EX generative piano patch

Expert Sleepers

"FH-2 clocks first disting EX, in dual 'F-6 Quantized Random' mode. Two pairs of CV/gate drive second disting EX in 'SD Multisample' mode.
No human interaction. No further audio processing."


Patch n Tweak
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