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Monday, November 16, 2020

Sequential Prophet 5 rev4 - 5 Part Invention part 3 :: Experimental Synth


"One last visit with generative sequences on the Prophet 5. Created with Ableton and Max4Live, then run through an Eventide H9. Learn more at"

experimentalsynth Sequential Prophet 5 rev4 posts

DX5 playing Depeche Mode "Uselink"

"A quick-done cover (half an afternoon including sequencing, sound design, etc) from one of the most interesting DM instrumentals.

Gear used:
Roland JP8000 (lead sound).
Access Virus TI Snow (Fx)
Kurzweil PC1x (Triggering the Virus)
Roland JX-8P (Square sound)
Emu Emax (pre recorded orchestal hits)

Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools, with lots of filter sweeps and distortions.
Composed by Martin L.Gore.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."


Access Virus KB - Otherland


Access Virus KB
Eventide Blackhole VST

just another day of practice w/ Todd Barton

Todd Barton

"...and test driving a 3 camera shoot. . ."

Beast-Tek Transmuter Sync Demo


"Demo showing Transmuter generating clock and transport signals from ER-1 MIDI output.
The sequencer (controlling Plaits) stays in perfect sync with the ER-1 😈"

via this auction

Akai ax80

via this auction

Vintage - Oberheim Matrix-12 w/ original box


"Redefining Epic one note at a time!"

via this auction

"Overall this unit is in exceptionally nice condition. This is a consignment piece, owned by one family since new, stored most of its life in the original factory packaging. There are very light marks here and there all visible in the pictures. This is about close to a new-old-stock unit you could have. Functions 100% and sounds amazing.

This synth has been painstakingly restored here at RetroLinear. A complete work report will be provided with the sale. Lots of electronic future-proofing, contacts, controls cleaned, fully calibrated- latest revision voice and system roms.

• Original factory box
• Original sustain foot switch/pedal
• Original factory manual"


"The module adds an additional channel to the C960 sequencer. This extension runs directly parallel to the C960 controller.

8 dials with a range of 2V or 4V, adjustable via the enlightened SCALE switch.

GATE SELECT: Selection either from the C960 or from the internal quantizer.

2 voltage outputs are available.

Direct analog or via internal quantizer in semitone steps over the 'SCALE' range."

"The C911A/M DUAL TRIGGER DELAY is designed to be used with 2 or more C911 Envelope Generators. It provides one or two time delays on an input voltage trigger signal (bound for the activation of an envelope voltage trigger). Three different modes of operation are available via the coupling mode switch.

OFF: Delays are activated independently through individual voltage trigger inputs.

PARALLEL: Voltage trigger input to top C911A/M activates timing circuit on both simultaneously.

SERIES: Voltage trigger input to top C911A/M activates top timing circuit, then triggers second upon activation of first."

These in via John L Rice.

Also see the new C1650 EXTENDED RHYTHM CONTROLLER, C919 STAGE PERFORMER and C909-RS posted here.

Zlob Modular Diode Chaos modulation source (LMEE)

Learning Modular

"This simple, small, inexpensive module is a source of three smoothly varying semi-random control voltages plus a random trigger. This video gives an overview of its behavior.

The short version is:

• Higher Rate settings produce more Triggers over the same period of time, with a sudden increase to audio rate triggers at the clockwise extreme of the Rate control.
• The X output is the most active, providing a set of peaks like a “pinged” resonant filter at higher “Rate” settings. A train of these peaks starts with each Trigger output.
• The Y output is like a heavily slewed version of the X output, and is somewhat out of phase.
• The Z output acts like a bit like a slow attack/decay function generator, triggered by each Trigger output.
• As a result of the above, “Rate” works more like a “complexity” control, than the normal speed of an LFO.

This video, plus a second one showing how to use it as the main driver in a generative patch, are part of the Learning Modular Eurorack Expansion: Extended Edition course:

Those two videos, plus a third on how to tame the changing voltage ranges of the Diode Chaos and additional text explanations, were shared with the +5v and above Learning Modular subscribers on Patreon:"

MODAL COBALT8: review, demo walkthrough and tutorial

Starsky Carr

"Review of Modal Electronics Cobalt 8 synth: walking through the main functions and some sounds only demos at the end. It's quite an interesting and powerful little synth - with a great interface and sexy design :)

0:00 intro
2:18 editor/librarian
2:54 interface
5:07 oscillators
11:30 filters
17:18 envelopes
19:40 modulation
20:28 LFOs
22:52 arp & sequencer
25:27 FX
28:04 all together
30:25 final thoughts
32:40 example sounds"

iOS 14.2 Breaks Patch Base

via Coffee Shopped:

"Hi, I have an important update to users of Patch Base on iPad! The latest version of iOS (14.2) appears to have a bug in it that causes crashing when sending MIDI data. This is a bug in iOS itself, not Patch Base, but it means Patch Base crashes when using it at all on 14.2.

I'm currently trying to find a workaround for this bug, but it might not be possible soon. So, I recommend NOT updating to iOS 14.2 if you need Patch Base to work for now. Hopefully Apple will be publishing an update to iOS soon that addresses this bug. I will be monitoring that.

All previous versions of iOS should still work fine though!"

You might want to check your apps as well before updating.

Prophet 10 rev 4 Demo – [No FX + No Talking]

"Here I demo some presets on the new Sequential Prophet 10 rev 4 Synthesizer. This synth is a Prophet 5 rev 4 (which is a reissue of the original Prophet 5) but with another 5 voices! This means lots of polyphony and boy does it sound amazing!

In this video, I have captured audio through Ableton Live, but and no external FX used, and no processing has been done. I did level match in post-production some of the quieter patches but was only a volume bump in Adobe Premier. The Prophet 10 rev 4 is a polyphonic analog synth with a mono output and no onboard FX."

SOUNDMIT 2020 Day 3 - Exhibitor Vidoes

Update: Vermona added to the playlist. Check back for more throughout the day.

Use the player controls on the top right to select videos in the playlist, or the player controls on the bottom left once started.


SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - Insurance4Music - Intervista a Carmine Capone
SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - Showcase Meyer EMI M700
SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - MakePro X - Showcase
SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - MakePro X - Interview
SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - Showcase - Playtime Engineering BlipBlox
SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - Vermona - Melodicer Italian review

See the SOUNDMIT label below for more.

Gotharman's SpazeDrum Gets a Major Update

Gotharman's has released a massive update for SpazeDrum today featuring the following:

-4 Extra digital voices, for a total of 8 voices (4 analog and 4 digital)

-25 new filter types for a total of 41 different filter types!

-ReSampling function with number of bars and auto-chop added

-New metallic noise waveforms for Analog Percussion modulation

-New asymmetrical distortion effect
-Sample loop function added

-LFO’s one-time mode added

-Preset change confirm function added

-Song/Pattern mode change: Song button now has to be held for a couple of seconds

-EFX buffer clear between pattern changes, can now be switched off"

Audiothingies Introduces the MicroMonsta 2


"The Audiothingies MicroMonsta 2 is a dual polyphonic synthesizer"

MicroMonsta 2 is a dual polyphonic synthesizer featuring :

2 x 6 voices of polyphony
3 oscillators, 1 multimode filter, 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 10 modulation slots and 2 operators per voice (lag and mult)
12 « analog » oscillator types + 4 FM-able oscillators for OSC1
12 « analog » oscillator types + 8 multisampled wavetables for OSC2 and OSC3 (FM source)
8 filter types with FM
Per voice and per oscillator detuning options for analog character
Deep modulation matrix
Delay + reverb (per program)
MicroMonsta (R)evolution

MicroMonsta 2 is a brand new synth design based on our critically acclaimed MicroMonsta synthesizer.

Despite the fact they share the same name, they are different in every way: brand new hardware with much more powerful dsp, upgraded switches and encoders, new low profile sexy aluminum enclosure, different internal architecture and updated algorithms. Everything has been re-done from scratch. It is also USB powered and the output can drive a pair of headphones.

In the end, we believe it’s better in every way, it looks better, it sounds better, has more sound shaping possibilities and is easier to use.

Rossum Electro-Music Announces Mob of Emus Multifunctional Harmonic Sextet

Rossum Electro-Music

(Santa Cruz CA, November 16, 2020) — Rossum Electro-Music has announced the introduction of their Mob of Emus eurorack synthesizer module.

Mob of Emus is a powerful music and sound design tool that packs an enormous amount of creative power into an amazingly compact 16HP module.

Mob of Emus provides six channels of oscillators, noise sources, cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes), sample and hold waveshapes, slow random modulators, triggers, rhythm patterns, and quantization (of both internal and external signals) in pretty much any combination.

In addition to being able to independently program the function of each individual channel, Mob of Emus’ Hex Mode provides a macro control layer that allows you to control all of its channels simultaneously (while maintaining the relationships of each channel’s independent programming).

What’s more, Mob of Emus’ “harmonic” control structure makes it extremely easy to combine its oscillators into rich additive timbres, to combine its LFOs into stacked harmonic low frequency modulation waves, and to create modulation sources and triggers with intricate polyrhythmic patterns.

With an external trigger input, six CV inputs that can operate in six different control modes, six independent outputs, and an assignable mix output, Mob of Emus can operate as the heart of an almost unlimited variety of patches. And its 8 real-time controls give immediate hands-on access to a channel’s (or all six channels’) key parameters, inviting (and rewarding) exploration and improvisation.

Mob of Emus features include:

• Six channels that can function independently or can be further controlled by a Hex Mode macro layer that lets you control all six simultaneously.

Channels can be:

- Wide-range digital oscillators
- Noise sources
- Cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes)
- Sample and hold waveshapes
- Slow random modulators
- Triggers
- Rhythm patterns
- Quantizers (of both internal and external(!) signals)

• Six CV inputs that can function in six different control modes

• Eight real-time controls for immediate access to key channel parameters

• Six individual channel outputs and an assignable mix output

• The ability to store and recall 12 user presets

• And much more…

Mob of Emus is 16HP wide and 25mm deep.

Power requirements (max): 130mA +12V, 25mA -12V. Reverse polarity protected.

Mob of Emus will be available in late November from Rossum Electro-Music dealers worldwide at a suggested retail price in the US of $399.00.

More Mob of Emus information can be found at the Rossum Electro-Music web site:

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Benge's Emu Modular

zack dagoba

"A nice vintage Emu modular system at Memetunes Studio. Random stutterings today!"

Ultra Rare Quasimidi 309-Groove-X! (Klaus Schulze Edition!)

Electronisounds Audio

"FIRST sound examples of the *ULTRA-RARE* Quasimidi 309-Groove-X Klaus Schulze Edition!
On first inspection, the only differences I can find between this edition and the original Rave-O-Lution 309 are these patterns. The sounds appear to be the same in both units.
More videos to come on this wonderful rarity!
Thanks for watching!"

You can find additional posts featuring the Klaus Schulze Quasimidi 309 here, including a rough demo here. There was also a non Schulze edition black Quasimidi 309 you can find in previous posts here.

Elektron Performance Step-By-Step | Resampling Technique OT, DT, A4 ep.1


"In this video I narrate step-by-step my Elektron performance so you can see exactly what I am doing and what I am thinking as I perform with Octatrack, Digitakt, and the Analog 4MK2. The performance is my "Remixer" technique which I constructed using various developed methods that I gleaned from artists I admire. I have a tutorial for the "Remixer" concept here:"

Song title: Independent Stasis

"Not afraid of you
or anyone
that you thought I would be,
I am free."

If you want more and feel inspired to support me, please visit my Patreon page:"

Prophet 5 Analogue Renaissance REV -1


"Demonstration of the new Filterchip Downgrade of Analogue Renaissance which uses new created SSI Filter Chips from Dave Rossum to Downgrade the Rev. 3 to the former Rev. 1 and 2 Filter Design.

For this mod you have to replace the CEM Filter Chips with a small board of 5 SSI Filter Chips. Additionally there is also a 12 dB Filter and Q-Compensation to compensate the loss of volume in high resonance sounds.

After modding the Rev. 3 gets much loader using Q-Comp; I had to decrease the volume of the oscillators in the mixer.

I let install the mod through my tech, because the old sockets must be desoldered in my opinion, otherwise you get contact problems.

In this Prophet 5 I didn't do the calibration of the filter chips, because I was not sure if I want to go back to my old CEM Filter chips. But meanwhile I won't go back and I also have to calibrate the unit.

I like the mod very much and the variation of sounds increase. The Q-Comp ist a really great feature which allows making really ultra fat resonance sounds, like Tom Sawyer Filter sweeps and other Oberheimesque Sounds (also thanks to the 12-Pole Filter).

The sound goes directly to the audio interface without any mastering, FX or equalizer.

If you want to hear my original Prophet 5 without this mod and CEM Filter Chips with a lots of the same patches view this video:" [posted here]

Machine of the Week: Boss VT-1 Voice Transformer | Synth Club #9

Rex The Dog

"The things you can do when you mess around with the Boss VT-1 and a microphone...."

Best Analog bassline synthesizer Pioneer Toraiz as-1 Sounds

Caner Genç

Vintage sequencing with Big Ancestor (Part 1)

Nr Synth

"All sounds from Big Ancestor (Moog modular version)
Part 1: Spacey sequence by NRsynth Modular (moog clone) through Triple Chorus and phaser.
Part 4: NRsynth modular: bass sequence
Linndrum1 sample
Yamaha MODX6 through Triple Chorus and flanger

All sounds directly recorded in the UMC 1820
no hardware compression - no EQ"

Roland Jupiter 6 - Ambient Drone Pads

Tom Noise

"Ambient Drone track.

Some layered Pads and Effect sounds made on a Roland Jupiter 6."

1981 Casio DG-1 Digital Guitar Synthesizer Drum Machine

via this auction

"1981 Casio DG-1 Digital Guitar in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Produced for a single year, the DG-1 is Casio’s original Digital Guitar that launched a cult classic series of truly unique synthesizers. Looking like what would be RoboCop’s personal guitar, this digital axe features nylon strings and a rubber fingerboard pad that translates the intended notes through selected digital onboard Casio sound banks through a 1/8“ Line Out and built-in speaker.

The Tone bank includes 12 different selectable sounds, all with unique and arguably usable qualities. The Rhythm section features 12 different drum machine patterns with adjustable Tempo controls, and the drum machine can be played simultaneously as an accompaniment to the guitar output with a Start/Stop button and Synchro/Fill pad.

A Main Volume control and separate Rhythm Volume knob are located next to the Power switch, and the guitar runs on 6 AA batteries or a 9v power adapter (not included). The output is 1/8“ and will need a 1/4“ adapter to interface with standard instrument connections, while the built-in speaker works as it should. Cosmetically, there are light surface scuffs and scratches mostly relegated to the back of the plastic body and neck profile."

Casio CZ-3000 Vintage Phase Distortion Digital Synth

via this auction

CASIO CZ-1000 COSMO SYNTHESIZER ~ Phase Distortion Synthesis

via this auction

Looks like there's plastic wrap over the display section.

"The Casio CZ-1000 is a 49 key, 8 voice digital synthesizer, featuring dual oscillators (8 waveforms with ring and noise mod), dedicated 8 stage pitch, phase, and volume envelopes per voice, along with vibrato, portamento, 32 presets (16 editable) and MIDI.

Nice, clean and solid, fully functional unit; has a few minor dings and cosmetic blemishes (see close-up details), but does not affect usability or functionality."

Yamaha CS-30 Vintage Analog Mono-Synthesizer SN 1717

via this auction

"A total beast of a synth, top of the range of Yamaha's original line-up of mono's, so many routing options it's almost modular, incredibly versatile with fantastic sounding oscillators and filters. Fully functional and recently repaired.

Runs on 110V Japanese power I can include a transformer for free.

- Missing the portamento slider cap
- The VCA Hold/EG switch is unoriginal and works in reverse (when flicked up EG is selected, vice versa)
- Needs to warm up when powering on

If you can locate a spare portamento cap or 2-pole slider I'll install them for free, but they're unobtainium believe me I've tried.

Located inner-city Sydney for collection."

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synthesizer SN 004433

via this auction

Roland SYSTEM-100m D-set Analog synthesizer 112 121 130 140 150 191-J #2

via this auction


112 233122
121 071677
130 252933
140 253924
150 112229

Roland D2 Synth MIDI Groovebox Drum Machine w/ D-Field Controller

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave 1 (Rev A) Blue Anodized Faceplate w/ RAM Cards

via this auction

"Microwave 1 (Rev A) in excellent condition overall. Very minor rack rash, and a few dings here and there, and some scratches on the bottom, but these are hard to find in perfect condition.

These are hard to find in the US. It is an original 120 volt version, with the analog filters. It has been serviced and adjusted. Electrolytic Capacitors on the PCB have been changed. It sounds excellent.

It includes 4 Ram cards for storing extra sounds which essentially can expand the available sound patches to 128 with one of the larger cards inserted. If you are not interested in the cards or sound banks I can reduce the price $200 and sell them separately."

E-MU Systems Emax I SE

via this auction

"Emu Systems Emax 1 with SE update, OLED display installed. Brand new universal power supply installed. Floppy SD Card replacement with SD card containing EMU Emax Factory Library, Depeche Mode Sample Collection, Greytsounds, Northstar Library, Roland, and thousands more."

Oberheim OB-8 (1983/USA) Factory Midi, Original Manual SN C34322

via this auction

Roland Jupiter 6 with Europa Mod

via this auction

"Outfitted with the rare and discontinued Synthcom Systems, Inc. Europe Mod Version 2.0 with tons of added features for Arp/Seq/MIDI control

Complete repair service performed by Advanced Musical Electronics in Los Angeles ($1800+, receipts included) completed 1/15/20

Custom leather dust cover from Stardust Synth Covers

Manuals for Jupiter 6 (Roland factory) and for Europa Upgrade included"

Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #5


"Every week (give or take) a new patch with the Norand Mono.

Here is a new patch : A Drone synth with 2 oscillators and AM. No sound effects or processing here."

See the Norand label below for more.

MoMo - Making A Beat On Synthesizers

Noncdxl Instrument

"Bài này mình lấy ý tưởng từ những ngày đi về trên con đường Võ Văn Kiệt và chứng kiến thường xuyên những tai nạn thương tâm...mình gọi nó là: ĐẠI LỘ KINH HOÀNG.
Prod by: MoMo"


"In this article, I got the idea from the days I went back on Vo Van Kiet street and witnessed often tragic accidents ... I call it: DAI LOC KINH HOANG. Prod by: MoMo "

Victor branded Korg Micro-Preset at the start.

Roland MC-202 + Boss DR-110 - Acid House

Tom Noise

Produced with MC-202 and DR-110.
Drums: Boss DR-110
All other sounds: Roland MC-202

Mother Source by Miclop


Mother Source Trailer
Mother source "Sound demo concept"
Mother source " Demo presets"
Mother Source Tutorial

"The Mother source concept is based on the exchange of sources on the included presets, these sources are designed to generate a new sound on the same preset.
Imagine that we have a bass preset with a short Decay and a devastating distortion. Now, just by changing the source, we will obtain a new sound that, maybe, we like more or that maybe it adapts better to what we are looking for, so a single bass preset generates more than 130 different basses in a blink of an eye. | more information:"

Intense Electro House / EDM Jam (Novation Circuit)

Gabe Miller Music

"A heavy electro house jam with a lot of modern EDM (plus Pistol Whip OST) influence. Made 100% on the Novation Circuit with the Manitoba Cassette pack by Digiphex. Background visuals by Beeple."

Cirklon Track Control Values

00:00 - Entering the black hole of knowledge
00:59 - transpose, octave and leng%
03:50 - quant% and tbase
08:00 - quant% and tbase use suggestions
09:19 - reich
14:45 - Adding more than six track control values
15:40 - note% and noteC
20:50 - Forcing notes to a scale with fts-S and fts-R
27:27 - Forcing notes to a user created scale
31:38 - velo% and veloC
33:32 - Clearing the track control values
34:29 - Saving track control edits and two feature requests
38:20 - Bonus beats goodbye

Update your Cirklon firmware:
Update your postcard collection:

Cirklon Song, Scene and Track page informational video message

00:00 - Put the kettle on
01:34 - Update yer firmware
04:32 - Song page
09:58 - Safe stop
10:46 - Track page
14:56 - Changing an instrument
16:16 - Track mixer page
18:58 - Track pattern / fill / track name / instrument view
21:16 - Creating a new instrument definition

standuino 2pi / volca fm / re-201

studio snippets

Amen Bass -- hardware challenge

juanito moore

"This weekend's hardware jams challenge was to incorporate the world-famous Amen Break, a 7-second snippet of a drum solo that's become the most played drum loop in history. The drummer, a Black man named Gregory Coleman, never got rich or famous from his work. Surprise.

I've been working on creating a usable module that can play the Amen Break (and any other sample) for YEARS, and just a few months ago built one. It's still very lo-fi, and difficult to use, but it... functions... if you try hard enough. It's got an ISD1820 voice recorder chip inside it that I put the Amen Break on.

I tried to get 'foghorn' bass. I designed a VCO with two wavefolders built in, putting that signal through two VCFs and a THIRD wavefolder, and then a reverb effect module. If I had enough hands to twist all the knobs, I could probably get a pretty convincing foghorn bass sound out of that signal path... but time is slipping away."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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