MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday, February 08, 2021

Rhodes Chroma Birds

video by Claes von Heijne

"In the very cold, deep forests, among roots and birch, nests the rare Rhodes Chroma Bird."
"Rhodes Chroma w Expander through TC Electronics Flashback x4"

You can find more here.

#FFS​ - February Filter Sweep pt2 - Modular mix

video by SynthAddict

"A quick FFS run-though of some modular synth filters.

Included: Polivoks, Steiner-Parker Multimode, Gyrinx (Synton Syrinx), Disting EX4 LP/HP
Bonus: Braids Vowel tweaks through freq. shifter"

Part 1 here, and main #FFS post here.

DIY OBS / MIDI controller for CHEAP!

video by Captain Credible

"Schematic and Code available for patrons on Patreon

Want to have a fancy 'eLgAtO sTrEaMdEcK' but don't want to buy one with money, and also not so bothered about the little displays on the buttons and the software and all that high tech stuff? Then this is the project for u ! Cheap, easy and doubles as a MIDI controller!

Hello internet, I am back. 2020 ended with a dead HDD for me yay. So now I'll just need to remake a bunch of videos.
That's fine, this is fine."

Dreadbox Typhon - new factory presets in V 3.1 Firmware Update

video by Sinevibes

"A few demos of the new presets added in Dreadbox Typhon version 3.1 firmware update"

3.1 Firmware Update:

1. New features
– MIDI Clock Out
– MIDI CC: Sustain Pedal, Preset Volume, Modulators & FX types
– Preset Preview

2. Bug Fixes
– MIDI OUT in some cases would cause Typhon to crash

3. New Factory Presets

1985 NED SYNCLAVIER 3200 System

via this auction

"NED Synclavier II 3200 system with VPK keyboard, iMac G4 with Synclavier Software, Monitor, Mouse, keyboard, Flightcase for the keyboard and all the connection cables. 110V. The Mainframe has an internal hard drive with an extensive sample library for quick loading times. The system comes with 16 outputs and midi IN - OUT module installed in the mainframe. 16 Voices polyphony upgraded to 32mb of memory, start up floppy and some diagnostic discs..."

Korg Arp Odessey Desktop SN 100757 w/ Original Box

via this auction

TR 9090 RAW workout

video by BlackBakeryRec

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with NICHOLAS VELLA

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Nicholas Vella is a pianist, keyboardist, and producer born in Palermo, Italy, and later moved to Paris in his 20s where he graduated from the Conservatory of Paris. He has played regularly at jazz clubs and quickly became one of the most sought sidemen on the French and international scene. Nicholas has recorded and performed on stage with Mayra Andrade, Joss Stone, Dam’nco, Etienne Mbappé, Paco Sery, Nina Attal, French pop star Tal, Slimane, Sinclair and many others.

Now he is the active leader in his project MONSIEUR MALA as a textless storyteller, sound painter, and gives freedom to everyone’s imagination and interpretation. MONSIEUR MALA, with a universe of unique colors, welcomes to a voyage full of trance, dream and dance. Through its music, it explores captivating atmospheres with a most exciting originality.

We chatted with Nicholas on how he uses the Prophet-6 in his music"

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Something New Coming From Novation

New Groovebox teaser from Novation. Details coming tomorrow. :)

Update: details and demos here.

“Reissues” – Ft. Prophet 10 rev 4 - Arp 2600 FS - MINIMOOG - MS-20 and more – Powered by BlueARP DM

video by Marshal Arnold

“Reissues” – Ft. Prophet 10 rev 4 - Arp 2600 FS - MINIMOOG - MS-20 and more – Powered by BlueARP DM

Tonight, I perform some live Trance using a combination analog and digital reissued synths I own. The track is my original work, and features the Sequential Prophet 10 rev 4, Korg ARP 2600 FS, Moog Minimoog Model D and the Korg MS-20 Mini. I am also using a Roland TR8s, a Roland D-05 Boutique and several Roland Cloud drum machines and synths as well.

The cool thing here is that a good chunk of the sequences and patterns are driven by the amazing BlueARP DM MK.1. A hardware Arpeggiator and Pattern Sequencer developed by Oleg Mikheev, AKA Graywolf. I have been fortunate to help Oleg with beta testing the BlueARP DM and have been itching to get it more integrated into my workflow. This was a great opportunity to combine a bunch of wonderful analog and digital reissued synthesizers with this super cool BlueARP hardware.
I have a few backing tracks all played live on the V-Synth (which is multitimbral.. how many of you knew that? Lol) triggered with the Ableton Push and one instance of Omnisphere also adding an almost string like swell.

Below is each synth and what it was doing in this track-

Hardware Synthesizers and Drum Machines:

Korg MS-20 Mini – Main Bassline (Sequenced by BlueARP DM)

Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue – Secondary Bassline (16th note pattern sequenced by BlueARP DM)

Korg ARP 2600 FS – FX (the long sweep at the start of each 2 measures is the 2600, this also is triggered with BlueARP DM)

Prophet 10 Rev 4 – Main Lead (played in real-time by hand, including filter cutoff modulation)

Roland D-05 Boutique – FX (a short dry sweep heard at the start of every 2 measures, triggered in Ableton Live)

Roland V-Synth – Secondary Synth Lead and backing track on second timber. The Lead is played in real-time by hand including filter cutoff modulation, but the backing pattern is triggered on MIDI chnl 3 of the V-Synth sequenced by BlueARP DM.

Roland TR8s – The thicker clap that comes in is from the TR-8s – this is sequenced in Ableton Live

Soft Synths:
Roland Cloud

TR-909 for kick, Crash, clap and High Hats (Sequenced in Ableton Live)

TR-808 for High Hats and snare crescendo (Sequenced in Ableton Live)

Jupiter 8 – FX - A rapid stepped riser you hear at the end of every 2 measures (Sequenced in Ableton Live)

System 8 – another synth lead, heard at the beginning of the change right before the Prophet 10 comes in. (Sequenced with BlueARP DM)

Omnisphere 2.6 – Ambient type sound.. hard to explain, almost like a cello swell or something.

I think that’s all folks lol. Enjoy, thanks for watching!

Follow me on SoundCloud:"

VGM #187: Cult of the Zealous (Hyper Light Drifter) Epic Synth Cover

video by Amie Waters

"This video was chosen by my wonderful patrons and I decided to turn it into a 10+ minute epic. Hyper Light Drifter has one of my favorite OSTs, by one of my favorite composers, so I had to give it my all, and I hope you enjoy it!"

Korg Opsix - Cinematic Ambient Presets (Demo/No Talking)

video by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for Korg Opsix - Cinematic Ambient.
It is a collection of 50 beautiful presets that can be used in various genres: Ambient, Cinematic, Chill out, Lounge, Trip-hop, Downtempo, Trance, Deep, Electronica, House, Progressive, IDM, Breaks, Drum’n’Bass and others.

The soundset consists of: 13 Pads, 6 Strings, 5 Plucks, 7 Synths, 3 Bells, 5 Basses, 5 Drones, 6 Keys.

All presets are velocity sensitive. Each preset has an individual Modwheel assignment. This will make your performance or arrangement lively and dynamic.

Use official application (Opsix Sound Librarian) by Korg to import the presets to your Opsix. Inside the archive you will find .op6lib file, that contains all the 50 presets, and the folder with individual programs.

Get the soundset:
#korg​ #opsix​ #korgopsix​"

Minky Starshine quick demo—Glass Pad

video by boxoftextures

"Quick demo of the Minky Starshine additive synth. Not even a demo, really, just a chord progression I came up with while making the patch. I got this originally in 2004 according to my records, so I've had it now for 17 years LOL. Got this because there was no way was ever going to be able to get an Alpha Syntauri even though that was almost 20 years earlier. Made by Expert Sleepers, the same folks now make make the Disting and other Eurorack modules. Super happy they're still keeping it modern OS compatible. Like many older soft synths the interface is now super tiny, mostly because at the time nobody could have possibly imagined today's high-res monitors. Everything still works though so I'm not complaining. I suppose if this were a modern app everything would be scalable live animation in 3D but none of that's really necessary to be honest.

Minky Starshine is basically an additive synthesizer with a subtractive filter, with three LFOs and some envelope generators, and you can use all those to modulate the harmonics. Makes the sound shift and shimmer in interesting ways, or you can "just" make your regular old synth patches too. Surprisingly flexible despite at first glance having not all that many controls. And as a bonus it's delightfully psychedelic too. You can still buy it for remarkably little money (iLok account required) and it still sounds great even after several decades.

You can find Minky Starshine at

Twitter: @selgart

Minky Starshine was first featured on the site back in 2008 here.

Psychodelive V1 for Synthmaster One

video by Igor Leus

"Buy Here:
Synthmaster One Presets & FL Studio 20 Template.

Psychodelive V1 - Is the fourth expansion soundbank for Synthmaster One. This sound pack is designed for fans of Full-On and Psychedelic Trance rhythms. In your hands now all the Synthmaster instruments for creating a mind-blowing Psy drive. From the slow swing arp's to highly speed up Lead lines. Also, you will get a freshly new Voc-synthesized sound, in Leads, Plucks, and SFX's.

Soundpack contains 60 Synthmaster One Presets which:

3 ACID Lines
7 ARP's
13 Basses
14 SFX Sounds
1 - KEY
6 - Leads
6 PADs
8 Plucks
2 VOC's

+FL Studio 20 projects in the pack. Separated by colors, it gives you a full view of how it was built, and 46 Wave Files (Samples).

For the full load of project, you need:

Invisible Limiter G2
dBlue Glitch 1.3 (Free)
Valhalla Shimmer"

-CALC- PAWS2 extended Jam with Rossum Panharmonium, Octatrack and Novation Summit driven by SLMKIII

video by -CALC-

"Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam"

Mellotron Micro & Strymon Pedals Into A La Voix du Luthier ONDE

video by John L Rice

"Trying out the ONDE acoustic resonator amplifier with the Mellotron Micro and Strymon DECO, DIG, and BigSky pedals.

0:00​​ Introduction
0:36​​ Explanation
2:15​ Saxy Noodlin'
3:07​ Flutey Tootin'
4:20​​ Vocally Warblin'
4:40​ Fiddly Fiddlin'
6:17​ Stringy Pluckin'
7:36​ Amazingly Graceful (almost)
9:03​ Licorice Stick Lickin'
9:33​ Toccata And Fugue D Minus
10:10​ The Endy Endin'

For more info on the gear used check out the manufacturers:
Mellotron Micro:​
Strymon Engineering:​
La Voix du Lutier:​

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, and commenting! 🥳
If you are able to, please consider "buying me a coffee" if you found this content helpful or entertaining:"

Mycorrhiza - Birds, Passing Cars, O Coast, Microcosm

video by Omri Cohen

"I recorded some bird sounds and passing cars with the tape recorder, and ran it through the Microcosm pedal. I also played the O Coast with the Keystep, running through the Microcosm as well, recording a loop and playing on top."

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

VCV Rack Patch from Scratch - Instruo Tš-L

video by Omri Cohen

"Here is the patch -"

You can find additional resources from Omri Cohen at

Oberheim Xpander US Version

via this auction

"It includes the same sound and same flexibility as the legendary Oberheim Matrix 12, but with 6 voices. Countless modulations and filter possibilities.

Lastest OS is installed. Power supply is switchable to use anywhere."

Yamaha DX5 w/ Breath Controller

via this auction

-Yamaha dx5 synth
-Original power cable
-x1 memory card Original Yamaha
-Transportation pro build hard case
-x1 Bc1 breath co troller Original Yamaha

SN 1650

Waldorf Micro-Q Keyboard Synth SN 130006000235

via this auction

Roland Phrase Lab MC-09

via this auction

SN ZQ01987

Roland SH-1000 Analogue Monophonic Synthesiser w/ Original Box

via this auction

Korg PSS-50 chord progression 2 with Alesis Midiverb (avant-prog/free improvisation edition)

video by acreil

"You can make unusual time signatures by switching between patterns.

Chord progression:
First part: F m7, B m6, D M7, G# 7, A# m9, E 6, G m6, C# 9
Second part: C# m7, C M7, E m7, G M7, G# m7, B M7, A# m7, F# M7, F m7, E M7, D# m7, A M7
Third part: F M7, A m7, A# M7, B m7, D M7, F# m7, D# M7, D m7, C# M7, C m7, G# M7, G m7"

Winterbloom Castor and Pollux, a Juno-Inspired Friend

video by Red Means Recording

"The Winterbloom Castor and Pollux is a Roland inspired dual oscillator for Eurorack format. In this video, we'll listen to it and check out how it works.​

00:00​ simple dual oscillator demo
01:53​ dual sharp adsr electro
03:26​ stereo hardbass
04:46​ unquantized ambient melody
05:57​ bass and lead through mi blades filter
07:57​ dual melody through blades
09:54​ every output arpeggios
12:33​ hard sync part 1
13:50​ hard sync part 2
14:45​ final fantasy"

via Winterbloom:

"Winterbloom Castor & Pollux

Twins that move in and out of phase, unique but of the same kind, bound together in the infinite universe.

Castor & Pollux is a Roland Juno-inspired oscillator. It contains two digitally-controlled analog oscillators implemented using a faithfully modernized version of the original Juno 106 design. Like its inspiration, it can give you that wonderful 80s sound with independent and mixed ramp, pulse, and sub outputs. But the twins do not stop there- the second oscillator can be used to layer in thick detuned sounds, harmonically complex hard synced waveforms, or as a fully independent second oscillator.

The cherry on top is the digitally-controlled chorusing that applies subtle pitch shifting to the second oscillator. This gives a sound that echos back to the Juno chorus circuit but with a unique twist.

Manufactured in the United States.

Pre-orders placed after February 2021 are expected to start shipping in May, 2021.

Pre-orders placed before February 2021 are expected to start shipping in March, 2021."

Shakmat Aeolus Seeds — Demo

video by Shakmat

"Aeolus Seeds manipulate the dynamics of a fully analog signal path through four VCAs driven by a handy multi channel modulation source.

As well as an obvious tool for quadraphonic spatialisation, Aeolus Seeds is also a useful device for vector synthesis, thanks to its Sum output.

The CV output also pushes the exploration further by providing signals to other modules, enabling you to breathe more life into the sound spatialisation of a quad environment."

Shakmat Aeolus Mixer — Demo

"Aeolus Mixer is a 6HP quadraphonic unity mixer. Three quadraphonic inputs and two stereo outputs are mixed to provide a quadraphonic output with 5.1 compatibility."

See this post for initial details on each.

QB Sessions // Silent Strike - Beat 1

video by Silent Strike

Eurorack modular cube. You can find additional posts featuring Solent Strike here.

@MAKEN0ISE​ Strega - more than noise | demo, review, patching

video by HAINBACH

"In which I review the Strega, a synthesizer and effects processor created by @MAKEN0ISE and @Alessandro Cortini . I answer all the questions you asked on Instagram and on YouTube, and put it into musical context. Video includes sound demos across genres (ambient, drone, noise, acid, kosmische, sound design, techno, experimental, lofi), patch ideas, a feature overview and a review of what I think of it."

Patch n Tweak
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