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Thursday, July 08, 2021

3X Analog Layer Prophet-5 Grandmother Dark Alpha Juno-1 Synthesizer Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"In this video I layer (via MIDI) the Roland Alpha Juno-1, Sequential Prophet-5 & Moog Grandmother Dark together with light multi-tap delay effects from my Mackie mixer. What a powerful combination!"

Rik's Links:
Ahnyxian Sound Design:

Behringer Introduces TD-3-MO - 'Modded Out' Edition

video upload by Behringer

Update: Note there is no mention of Devil Fish in regards to the mods. Additional vids added below.

"Taking the TD-3 to a whole new level, introducing the TD-3-MO 'Modded Out' edition.

Fitted with brand new circuitry introducing a club shaking sub-oscillator, all new parameter controls, patching capabilities, a midi cc controllable cutoff filter, and much more!

In this video, Dan takes us through what new features the TD-3-MO brings to the table and shows how the 'modded out' edition adds a brand new character to this already iconic sound.

Silver Edition - TD-3-MO-SR
Amber Edition - TD-3-MO-AM


00:00 - Intro
00:18 - Overview
00:47 - Sub Oscillator
01:35 - New Parameter Controls
01:50 - Sound Demo
02:45 - Connecting to Eurorack
03:09 - Midi CC Controllable Filter
03:17 - LED Case Lighting
03:25 - TD-3-MO-AM"

Behringer TD 3 MO Modded Out Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Shout at the Devil: First Time with the Behringer TD-3 Modded Out

video upload by Honeysmack

"Here’s my first walk around the block with the new Behringer TD-3 Modded Out. Jamming it with some old and new friends. Totally unrehearsed improvised Acid Techno jam recorded in one take.

Gear used in this video:
Behringer TD-3 MO
Behringer RD-8 MkII
Behringer RD-9
Roland TB-303 Devil Fish modified
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Playdifferently Model1 DJ Mixer
Eventide Space
Eventide Timefactor
Elektron Analog Heat MkI
(no other sound sources used except those listed above)

Much respect to Robin Whittle and his wife Tina who have been doing the Devil Fish modification for the Roland TB-303 for many years. Check out their other modifications and work here:"

JLR's Modular Synthesizers - System Breakdown #1 -

video upload by John L Rice

JLR's Modular Synthesizers System Breakdown posts

"This is something I've been thinking about for a long time, a separate video breakdown/rundown for each of my separate modular synth systems. I have about eight 5U modular systems and about four Eurorack modular systems to do so it will take a while to get through them all. (and I'll still be doing other types of videos in-between of course) Index: 0:00 Beginning 0:17 Introduction 1:40 Modules In The System 3:29 Modifications Overview 9:01 Module Modifications Detail 16:18 Case/Power Modifications Detail 19:19 Miscellaneous Items and Final Words 20:20 Unplanned Bonus Wiggle 29:40 End List of the modules in this system: Mos-Lab 921ABBB VCO set Synth-Werk 6401M Bode Ringmodulator (NOT a 'frequency modulator'!) STG Soundlabs Mixer Grove Audio GMS-294A LP VCF Mos-Lab 911 Envelope Generator (x2) Mos-Lab 902 VCA Club Of The Knobs C946 v1 LFO Grp Synthesizer R24 sequencer Oakley / Krisp1 Deep Equinoxe phase shifter Moon Modular 530 stereo delay You can see details for the above modules on my ModularGrid page for this system at Check out Aaron Kraten's wonderful artwork at As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, and commenting! 🥳 Please consider "buying me a coffee" if you found this content helpful or entertaining:"

Sequential Pro 3 Shoegaze Tutorial

video upload by Synthetic World 859

"I had a request for how to make this patch so here it is! It's a distortion-oriented, FX-driven patch that's a lot of fun to play with. It really makes use of the built-in chorus, which is awesome and does a great job of capturing a vintage vibe. It's also a ladder filter patch."


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings

"The Aries Modular Synthesizer was designed by Dennis Colin, designer of the original ARP 2600 synthesizer (which is another synth we buy, meticulously refurbish and sell).

This unit has been meticulously refurbished over dozens of hours to make it not only work perfectly but to also hopefully keep it working perfectly for a long long time. You won't find a better one. Contains the hard to find Phase/Flange module, which makes an already incredible sounding synth sound even better - check out the clips below! And if you want to read about more about Aries synthesizers, please search our website for our other Aries listing(s).

This modular system includes the following:

-AR-318 Sample and hold / clock noise generator
-AR-312 Envelope generator
-AR-312 Envelope generator
-AR-317 VCO (single)
-AR-316 VCA
-AR-327 Multimode Filter
-AR-329 Phase/Flange
-AR-324 Dual LFO Lag / Inverter
-AR-332 Dual VCO
-Output & Power
-New blank panels

This cabinet was custom built by its original owner. If you're planning on adding modules to this system, please note that the way the cabinet was designed, theres wood protruding behind the 2 blank panels near the middle of the unit that will prevent you from adding typical aries depth modules in those sections without modifying the cabinet. So, either plan on modifying, or stick a couple shallow attentuator modules or custom modules in those two slots. The end two empty spaces will fit additional modules just fine."


via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings

KAWAI K5M Additive Digital Synthesizer SN 122236

via this auction

"This is one of the few additive synths ever made. The K5000 came out later and also offered additive synthesis, but doesn't sound as good to us as the K5m. If this doesn't sell soon, it'll become part of the insane collection of synths at The Synth Sanctuary electronic music studio in NYC."

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings

1976 MOOG "Taurus Pedal Synthesizer" Color Brochure

via this auction

Soundmaster sr-88 Memory Rhythm Analogue Drum Machine w/ Original Box

via this auction

Vintage SoundMaster Latin Percussion w/ Original Box & Manual

spotted on

This appears to be the first one featured on the site.

KEYS prototype

video upload by Ghost In Translation

"This is the very first time I create a working prototype using multiple of my tactile keys.

Those who follow me on Instagram know by now that I've been working on making an entire tactile keyboard for quite some time. I tested many different designs for the keys, had a few failures, and recently it finally started to work.

The keys feature:
- very discreet
- 1 wire only per key
- pressure sensitive

The circuit to which the keys are connected is my current prototype of the MOTHERBOARD v2.0. It is based on Teensy 4.0.

My goal is to create a 32 keys keyboard...

All my code is open-source:

Follow me"

Todd Barton: How My Buchla Brain Works

video upload by Todd Barton

"Annotated version over on my Patreon:"

Noise Engineering March 2021 #2 - Live Modular Synth Jam

video upload by Noise Engineering

Gear List:
Basimilus Iteritas Alter x3
Cursus Iteritas
Ruina Versio
Electus Versio
Manis Iteritas
Imitor Versio
Vox Digitalis x3
Mimetic Digitalis x2
Lapsus Os x3
Quantus Pax
Pura Ruina x2
Univer Inter (prorotype) x2
Xerest Dualis x2
Sono Abitus

Video recorded with OBS
Audio interface Scarlett 6i6
Basic audio mastering with Reaper

Sequential Delivers 32 New Wavetables, 128 New Sounds for Pro 3 Multi-filter Mono Synth

via Sequential

"San Francisco, CA—July 9, 2021— Sequential today released a major enhancement to their acclaimed Pro 3 multi-filter mono synth — a full set of 32 new wavetables that significantly expand its sound palette. As a hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features two VCOs plus a third, digital wavetable oscillator. The new wavetables are derived from an eclectic collection of sources including the Fairlight IIx, a vintage Sequential Circuits TOM drum machine, dual TAU 20-stage phasers, a boutique Frequency Shifter, an Equinox EQ Phaser, and classic 90’s-era Turbosynth sound design software. Also included are a selection of heavily processed acoustic instruments such as Chapman Stick and human voice.

To showcase the new wavetables, Sequential is also providing an all-new bank of 128 sounds that put the wavetables to use. Each sound in the set includes, extensive modulation routings, effects setups, and its own accompanying sequence to demonstrate the sound in context.

The new wavetables and sound bank are available for download free of charge on Sequential’s website.

“Our whole concept behind the Pro 3 was to make it the deepest, best-sounding, most endlessly creative mono synth you’ll ever own,” said Sequential founder Dave Smith: “And by continuing to expand its capabilities with new wavetables, new sound banks, and new software features like Patch Morphing, we’re not only keeping it fresh, we’re keeping firmly at the leading edge of hybrid synths. There’s no other way to say it: the Pro 3 is a beast.”

A hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features three classic analog filters (Prophet-6, OB-6, and ladder) and three oscillators (two VCOs and one wavetable oscillator) along with a 16-track sequencer, and the ability to connect with modular synths through its four control voltage ins/outs. The feature set is rounded out with a multimode arpeggiator, three LFOs, four loopable ADSR+delay envelopes, dual digital effects (delays, reverbs, and various time-based effects), tuned feedback, analog distortion, and extensive modulation possibilities. The synth is also capable of 3-voice paraphonic operation.

Sequential is offering two versions of the Pro 3, the standard edition, and the Pro 3 SE, a special edition that puts the same synthesis power into a collector-worthy design with a tilt-up control panel and premium-grade walnut trim.

The Pro 3 standard edition has a US MAP of $1,599.

The Pro 3 SE has a US MAP of $2,099.

IOLabs Flux - V1.06 MIDI Update

video upload by IOLabs

"Flux OB V1.06 MIDI, Burst Mode & External Clock Rework

Flux firmware update ‘Open Beta V1.06’ is now available for download!

The highlight feature of the new update is full USB MIDI support! Flux now offers MIDI Clock in and out, MIDI notes out for all gate outputs (with velocity fixed or linked to a Flux CV output) and every parameter is now controllable via MIDI CC/NRPN messages!

Other features include a new Burst mode and a complete rework of External Clock mode which is now rock solid. There are also many fixes and general improvements and the full patch notes are included in the firmware download folder.

We are extremely excited to share this update, MIDI brings so many creative possibilities to Flux and integrating the sequencer with a DAW based workflow is now a matter of a single USB cable connection.

V1.06 is downloadable now from the IOLabs website:"

How to synthesise the sounds of Visage: Fade To Grey

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"In this video, I'm creating the sounds used in Visage's 1980 hit "Fade To Grey", so you can play that song on your synth for your friends at campfires or so. ;-)

Table of contents:

00:00 demo
00:48 a new series!
01:43 some subtractive synth basics
04:51 bass
05:51 organ (sound at the beginning of the song)
07:21 main pad sound / string sound
11:01 lead sound
13:46 "piano" sound
15:41 assembling the song: chords, bass, lead, piano, drums
18:27 demo 2
18:57 conclusion"


Generative Eurorack Drum Tips for Making Fun Messy Drums

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"In this video Wes brings in his personal eurorack case to show off some interesting uses for random utility modules such as the Bastl Kompas and how to easily patch up generative drums.
Generative patches are characterized by their ability to generate new rhythms and melodies based on feedback from other modules or sources of modulation. They're a great way to practice patching in different methods, as well as a fun way to find unique sounds and sweet-spots.

Bastl Kompas available here:


00:00 - jam
01:35 - intro
02:30 - sounds overview
03:53 - backbone rhythm
04:33 - bastl kompas modulation
06:00 - modulation feedback
06:47 - performance macros
08:30 - outro"

Playing With SpazeDrum BLUE #5

video upload by gotharman

Summer music :)

Monstre marin [Epicurythme] - live

video upload by Meska

"Live version of Nuit étoilée - Epicurythme EP
Elektron MD/OT OTO BOUM Gotharman LD3, Tasty chips GR1"

Official release:

Meska - Monstre marin [Epicurythme]

video upload by Meska

taken from Meska - Epicurythme EP
Support the label, buy it here:
Original picture by :
From france with love!
Statik Wave 2021

Karat - Der Blaue Planet mit Moog Minimoog Synthesizer - DDR Ostrock

video upload by RetroSound

(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

bass synthesizer sounds: Moog Minimoog Analog Synthesizer
analog strings: Logan String Melody II String Ensemble
mello flute/ sitar: Roland M-VS-1 Vintage Synth
drums: E-MU Samples
recording: multi-track, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer Christmas

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer Christmas Vinyl Record
Jingle Bells - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer Christmas Vinyl Recording
Tijuana Christmas - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
My Favorite Things - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
The Little Dummer Boy - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
Christmas Bells - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
White Christmas - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
Joy to the World - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
When Christmas Comes - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
Angels We Have Heard On High - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer Christmas Vinyl Recording
Silent Night - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording
What Child is This - Switched on Santa - Moog Synthesizer - Christmas Vinyl Recording

Vintage 1960s Rheem Kee Bass 25-Key Combo Organ / Bass Synth

via this auction

Effects: Mellow, Bright, Fuzz, Sustain, Percussion, Decay (Fast, Slow)

Power: 110-120 Volts, 2 Watts 60 Cycles

E-MU Systems E5000 Ultra Rackmount Sampler

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"E-MU Systems E5000 Ultra Ultra Rackmount Sampler, tested in great working condition. *SCSI cable clips are missing, but the port works as expected otherwise. Includes Apple AppleCD600e SCSI CD drive and SCSI cable.

Running OS 4.01, effects installed, 66mb of sound ram, w/ 64 channel card."

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

"Absolutely beautiful Oberheim Matrix 12 Sounds and plays amazing. All VFDs and encoders work."

Rhodes Chroma

via this auction

"Includes MIDI interface and spare cards / parts as seen in the photos. Absolutely astonishing synthesizer, the velocity sensitivity is amazing."

Korg Univox MiniKorg 700 SN 1081 w/ Follow The Music to It's Source Sticker

via this auction

"This is the original K1, not the later K2. A classic with a unique sound that can be very useful in an era where everybody else is using the same boring-sounding modern synths.

This one is branded by Univox & sounds amazing. Huge bass for a single oscillator mono synth. Really cool flute-like tones, chorus sounds, sound effects, leads, etc. as well. Onboard effects include portamento, vibrato, bender, repeat, sustain, expand & bright. The high & low "traveler" filters are also killer. Rare vintage Korg sticker on the wood & everything is original as far as I can tell.

Everything functions as it should including the Hi-Z output which I recently fixed. The highest key is at slight angle (see photos) but works perfectly. Also, there is some wear/stain on one side that is shown in the photos. The wood side panels can be replaced if desired as there is a company in Germany making replacements. Lastly, there is a screw missing on the top panel which doesn't affect playability or functionality in any way. Like any vintage synth, if left unplayed for long periods of time, some of the switches can get scratchy but this goes away quickly with use and/or Deoxit.

*I have just retested all functions as of 10/24/2020 & everything is working/sounding great except for the following minor issues:

-The "Scale" switch can make a small "pop" sound similar to turning on a guitar pedal when adjusted. I don't find this to be a problem as I generally don't adjust the scale when recording.

-The "Mode" switch can sometimes not register & just needs to be moved around a bit to get going again.

-The Vibrato switch did not turn off the effect - however, simply turning the vibrato "depth" slider to zero turned it off."

CES Ed-Lab 70M

via this auction

Roland System 100 MODEL 101 SN 572067 w/ Original Box & Extras

via this auction

Patch Notes
120,000 Yen price tag ($1,092.64)

Grey Roland SH-101 w/ Mod Grip

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

DOEPFER MS-404 SN 971300

via this auction


via this auction

Farfisa Clavioline, vintage monophonic tube synthesizer from 50s/60s

video upload by Vintage Echo Room

Vintage Echo Room on Reverb

"Forgive my way of playing...really i don't have any technique! The video was made quickly just to demonstrate the functionality of the Clavioline. Initially the sound is taken directly from its amplifier, then I used the auxiliary jack output with my amplifier and I tried some external effects.

After this video i fixed the switch number "3" (basically a filter), there was a contact that didn't touch very well."

Introducing the Behringer 2600-VCO

video upload by Behringer

"An analog VCO module and an authentic reproduction of the original ARP 2600 circuitry, carefully fitted into a 16HP Eurorack module.

The VCO features 4 simultaneous waveforms including: sine, triangle, saw and pulse. All of which offer a wide frequency control from 10Hz to 10kHz or 0.03Hz to 30Hz in LF mode.

The pulse width modulation can be simultaneously controlled manually and via an external CV input.

The module is also fitted with separate outputs for each waveform and 5 CV inputs for pitch control and pulse width modulation.

List Price: $99 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory).

*2600-VCO unit used during filming has since been updated with new labelling."

The final design:


video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Korg Wavestate - Melody Maker

video upload by Waveformer

"Here's an Ambient / Berlin School style jam that demonstrates the Korg Wavestate's capabilities as a "Melody Maker" - starting off with a simple 6 note melodic played by the arpeggiator, and then letting the Pitch Sequence and Shape Sequence add the occasional fifth and octave shifts, ratchets and note-holds, with random probability per steps and different sequence lengths, transforming the notes of the original melody to a new more complex and never-repeating melodic pattern. I've added patch notes throughout the video, explaining how the melody changes as the wave sequences are introduced and parameters tweaked.

The jam uses the 'WF2 Klangspektrum' performance, available here:

Performance mod knobs:
Knob 1: Layer A (fast arp) Octave
Knob 2: Layer B (bass) Octave
Knob 3: Layer C (chord stabs) Octave
Knob 4: Layer D (slow arp) Octave
Knob 5: Layer A (fast arp) Amp Level
Knob 6: Layer B (bass) Amp Level
Knob 7: Layer C (chord stabs) Amp Level
Knob 8: Layer D (slow arb) Amp Level

The audio is recorded to SD card on a Zoom R16 and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on iPhoneX. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 17.

- Korg Wavestate
- Zoom R-16 for recording

Audio connections:
- WaveState - Zoom R16

- Initial melody [C3 Eb3 G3 Eb4 F4 G4] [C5 F5 G5]
- Chord progression 1: A: [C3], B: [C3 Eb3] [C3 F3 Ab3], C: [G3 Bb3] [Eb3 F3 Ab3] [F3 G3 Bb3] [G3], D: [Ab3, C4] [Bb3, Eb4]. Sequence A - B - A - C - A - D - A.
- Chord progression 2: [C3 Eb4 C4] [F3 Ab4 F4] [G4 Bb4 G4] [C3 Eb4 C4] [Ab3 C4 Ab4] [G3 Eb4 Bb4] [G3 F4 G4] [C3 Eb4 C4] [C3]
- Chord progression 3: Cm/C Ab/Ab Fm/F C#/C# G7sus4-2/G

My music on Bandcamp:"

Polyend Medusa/Tracker/Fifi chill beats

video upload by Isobutane

"Hey, some details about this beat. Im running a sequence of midi chords on the Tracker using the midi chord step fx. These are played back on Medusa. The synths output is connected to Tracker's line input and runs through the onboard limiter, eq, and reverb. The wonky beat is live-recorded from one-shot samples using micro-timing while live-recording. The bassline is a looped and filtered sample of a square wave from my MS1 synth. The cat's name is Fifi.

Thank you for watching."

Roland JUNO-106 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

#juno-106 #roland #analogsynthesizer
Roland JUNO-106 Demo & Review
High quality sound version.
DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Effect Used.
Universal Audio Apollo 8P Audio Interface System.
Neve 88RS Channel Strip.
Studio D Chorus (Dimension Stereo Chorus)
Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay (Stereo Delay)
Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb.

Patch n Tweak
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