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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble - Superbooth21

video upload by Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

"The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at SUPERBOOTH 2021 in Berlin.
Workshop and Performance in the big Auditorium of the former GDR Pionier Palast now caled FEZ in the Wuhlheide.
Presented and supported by MILLER-ZILLMER Foundation.

ARP2600 and Korg ARP2600FS. Comparing the oscillators.

video upload by CGMAGIK

"Comparing my vintage ARP2600P with the new Korg ARP2600FS re-issue.
Outputs are taken from the left output patch point of each 2600."

Patchwerks Featured on Local Seattle News

video upload by KING 5

"A worker at one Seattle store said it looked like they were going out of business because inventory is so low right now." Patchwerks comes in halfway into the video.

Update: found the video on YouTube. Much better embed for the site. You can find the article on KING5 here.

I thought this was pretty cool. Patchwerks was featured on Seattle's KING5 news channel yesterday and today. The segment, as you can see, focused on supply chain issues impacting everyday shopping and seasonal items at Puget Sound retailers. It's fun seeing familiar synth heads featured on public TV.

Fun with Electrix MO-FX and some random thrift store records

video upload by CGMAGIK

"One of things I've always loved about the Electrix FX boxes is that they have a phono pre-amp built directly in to them! Fantastic for grabbing some random vinyl and having fun."

Expert Sleepers FH2 Accessibility & Remote Control

video upload by Feel The Noise

"Minimum firmware for this feature is 1.15.

Expert Sleepers FH-2 firmware, configuration tool and manuals:

Expert Sleepers FH-2 additional tools, including the accessibility tool:

Expert Sleepers panel layouts:

Raised Bar Home:

Thanks for watching!"


Kurzweill Access Demo

video upload by

"This is a handy tool for anybody with a visual impairment who wants better access to their Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600 or K2661 (and variants like the X and R models)."

Noisebug Now Accepting Crypto for Payment

via @Noisebug

"Noisebug is proud to be accepting BitPay and Affirm Financing at checkout!"

This had me wondering, is Noisebug the first shop to accept crypto?

I asked them how it works and they came back with the following:

“You can now buy synths and modules At Noisebug directly with Bitcoin without first transferring to your local currency. It is handled conveniently in the shopping cart checkout section of our website. You can easily peel of some of your crypto earnings and profits without having to transfer multiple times to multiple addresses or time each transfer perfectly. We are working to accept more coins in the near future.”

VM900 Pseudo Clocks

video upload by boxoftextures


"In one of my previous videos I was bemoaning the fact that the 960 Sequential Controller modules—henceforth to be called sequencers, as is right and proper—did not have clock inputs. And while technically true, at some point in a week or so of having given up on the idea and not thinking about it, it somewhat randomly occurred to me that you could make use of the Shift input to essentially clock the sequencer. The "proper use" of the Shift input is to force the sequencer to advance to the next stage when it sees an input voltage. It's not exactly a true clock because technically the sequencer clock would not actually be running but the effect is more or less the same; when the Shift input sees a pulse, it advances the sequencer to the next step. Sort of like a clock.

So normally what one does with a running sequencer is have it send out voltages on each step that get converted into notes by an oscillator. However, while that's the usual there's no reason you have to actually use it that way. In this instance, we're using the second row of voltage knobs to send out 2 volts on the first step and 0 volts on the others. Essentially this means that if the sequencer is set to 4 steps we've now divided that by four if we only send out a voltage on that first step. Voilà, we just made a 4-to-1 clock divider using only analog circuitry.

But that's just the beginning. Let's say Sequencer 1 is set to three steps and Sequencer 2 is set to five steps. If they're both being clocked by the same external oscillator, you now have a 5 against 3 rhythm going on. But what if you turn up knob 4 on that second sequencer? Now you have 1 and 4 out of 5 playing against the 1 out of 3 of the first sequencer. And now we're headed for polyrhythms. But why stop there? You can add in a third sequencer, for example. Or you can start ratcheting some of the steps to make even more complex rhythms. Or what would happen if you used the voltage of one of the sequencer steps to change the frequency of the clocking oscillator? Or how about doing all of these sorts of things and also have the sequencer's internal clock running as well? That's the beauty of modular; you can do all sorts of things.

I haven't explored all of those options in this particular video because if I did it would've been three hours long. Perhaps next time. What I've done this time though is go through all of the steps to get something like this working, more than enough to get you started if you're so inclined.


Cherry Audio Voltage Modular VM900 Collection:"

OXI One Showcase #13 - OXI Pipe, eurorack, Volca Sample and OP-Z

video upload by OXI Instruments

"Hi everyone, here's our first video showcasing the OXI Pipe in the production version of the OXI One. The OP-Z is connected by MIDI Bluetooth to the OXI One thanks to the Dual role support."

All parts here

Late Night Public Access Cable with Make Noise

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"The whole Make Noise crew took part in this public-access-cable-inspired video, originally broadcast as part of a local arts project put on by Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center here in Asheville."


video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"The latest on the GAMEBOY MEGAMACHINE
Loads of extra videos, audio downloads, songs and livestreams available:-
it also makes @THIS MUSEUM IS (NOT) OBSOLETE possible"

Additional GAMEBOY MEGAMACHINE posts here

ARPchives LIVE! meets with ARPs with Chris 'Haasan Barclay' Rogers. November 23, 2021

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"ARPCHIVES LIVE is back next with a very exciting guest! Haasan Barclay is an accomplished Boston-based artist who has participated in our ARPS for All program, utilizing the collection to broaden his spectrum of work. Join us as we sit down with him to discuss synthesizers and his work.

Check out his bio:
Haasan Barclay is a recording artist, songwriter, and record producer from Boston, MA. Growing up in the early internet age, his music represents the melding of classic pop sensibilities with a fresh, modern intensity. His creative approach to short form video has amassed millions of views across social media, acclaim from music critic Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop, and led to partnerships with brands like Topo Chico, FILES, and GIPHY. His most recent project, 800 Fantasy Lane explores the vulnerabilities of black masculinity in America while blurring the boundaries between genres to achieve a sound that Jamz Supernova of BBC 1 Xtra described as, 'post Frank Ocean funk rock.' Haasan's work has been featured in Pitchfork, Complex, NPR, and Allston Pudding, as well as through exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Boston Center for the Arts."

Playing With Urano #12

video upload by gotharman

"Some more Gotharman polka!"

Vangelis - Inspired 80's Ambient Modular Composition (Eurorack + CMS MR-15 Modular Synth)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Made this in the Berklee College Modular Lab, with their Discrete Synthesizers CMS MR-15 Modular System, based on the vintage ARP 2500, as well as their Monorocket style modular system, as well as my own Intellijel 7U 104 case. Full patch notes will be available on my Patreon, link below.

Here are some links of mine:"

TEST SERIES 2 X Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender 2 X Benjolin Eurorack Sound Design

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"WARNING!!! This video has fast flashing lights which can cause problems for some viewers.

Benjolin V1 and V2 with expanders.
2 X Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender
Happy Nerding FX AID

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Outsider Sound Design 'TEST SERIES'

what is this synthesizer?

video upload by Lonershy

"this is an explanation of this diy modular synthesizer I´ve been building. More details soon.
the pitch / master clock thing is a real confusion... not always working as should...

check it in action here:"

synths of future: everything is digital

video upload by Lonershy

"I´ve been building this synthesizer for one year, now it is working. What you see is the top of the monolith. It is basically a diy modular synth.
This synthesizer is the beginning of something."

Making a MIDI to CV converter/At Africa's longest River!

video upload by Afrorack

"Midi to CV converters don't have to be expensive. You can make one for your modular synth for the cost of 5 dollars and a weekend if you have the time. Here I share my ideas. They are not perfect but they work! I also share a link to the Arduino code that I wrote. Again not perfect but should give you a general idea. Plus enjoy the sights of the River Nile in the background.

To support the channel

Audanika Walkthrough | Audanika

video upload by Audanika

"This video covers the main features of the interface, using the app as a MIDI controller, and emotional composing. Have fun!

0:00 Intro
0:45 MIDI Setup
1:27 Internal Sound
1:53 Bass, Chords and Melody
2:58 How to change Melodytone and Chords
4:10 Awesome Sound enabled by MIDI
4:46 Bright and Dark Tiles
5:25 Dot tiles
6:32 Four meanings of the letter
7:43 Audanikas Chordtypes
8:36 Outro

Go directly to the app here:"

Virtual ROLAND GAIA Software Programmer for LOGIC v4 - X

Available on Reverb and eBay

"This software is a virtual ROLAND GAIA programmer for use with the Roland GAIA polyphonic synthesizer. It simulates a hardware programmer in a software environment within the APPLE LOGIC audio / sequencer program (formerly Emagic LOGIC). To use this software you MUST have a valid copy of LOGIC on your computer (see below) as well as a USB cable or MIDI interface which connects your computer via cable to your GAIA synthesizer. This software CANNOT be used as a stand alone application under any circumstances. It will not run in Reason, Ableton, AU, VST or any other plug-in format. It was created and is presented through use of the LOGIC “environment” architecture.

Upon purchase, you will ultimately receive a ZIP archive of the editor you purchased for Logic. UNZIP this archive and you will have a choice of LOGIC song documents (v9 > vX) you can now open in the Logic program (please send special request for versions pre-v9 or PC if you require them). Once open, you will see the editor on your screen and you can then discover the pleasures of a virtual GAIA programmer for your synth.


* Remote control of all front panel functions of the GAIA and other non-panel functions in realtime
* Designed for single or selectable multi-oscillator control from one master control panel
* Remote access to many relevant Global functions
* Recordable moves in realtime to your Logic sequencer for dynamic integration into sequences
* Audition Keyboard
* Patch RESET function for initialized patch and FX parameters
* Provides patch selection access to all 16 channels of Roland’s included GM sound module

All real time moves are recordable by the Logic sequencer for repeatable real time changes on playback - or you can automate using HYPERDRAW. You may also remotely control these SYSEX faders and buttons via a hardware control surface if you take the time to tailor the controls to suit your individual hardware. This is not difficult to do and needs only be done once and then saved for future sessions.

The editor consists of two programmer pages and resides in one layer of the LOGIC environment hierarchy in it's own SONG document. Importable to your own personal AUTOLOAD song for automatic pre-load before any new session."

Akai Miniak - Does Vintage Sounds Wonderful!

video upload by LFOstore

"While many of us saying that Miniak/Micron engine sounds not so warm & vintage, more digital & sterille - we put our effort into most warm analog-like sounds.

And both synthesizers doing vintage sounds great & putting Miniak & Micron to the normal v.a. synth territory.

Sounds are here:
'Geometria' Miniak soundset:
'Geometria' Micron soundset:"

Roland JD-XA - Ambient & Cinematic sounds Walkthrough

video upload by LFOstore

"Finally we put our hands & eyes on Roland's most complex modern machine - JD-XA!
By many asks "Cinematica" soundset is here!

64 handcrafted presets splitted on categories:

Beautiflu deep pads & atmospheres
Massive cinematic strings
Detuned basses
Various arps & sequences
Very alive and expressive leads

Soundtrack with cyberpunk atmosphere, synthwave track, ambient & electronica vibes can be easily created with our sounds."

Super 6 - USB MIDI & CC Messages in v0.27 Firmware Update

video upload by UDO Audio

"Hazel Mills has created a handy video to walk you through the newly implemented USB MIDI and MIDI CC capabilities of the Super 6.

These updates are courtesy of the latest firmware update (v0.27) for the Super 6. Expect more updates and more videos from UDO & Hazel Mills in the near future."

CRUMAR BIT 99 Synthesizer Keyboard SN 00074

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"Meticulously refurbished, working perfectly and better than the rest. Check out the photos - this one's in gorgeous physical condition too!

Cleaned and lubed output side pots. Replaced capacitor for reset section. Replaced battery. Cleaned unit inside and out. Updated firmware to Tauntek - this excellent update provides MIDI CC control over all parameters!

You'll have a hard time finding one in better condition anywhere."

Roland SH1 w/ Original Roland Hard Case

via this auction

L.E.P Leploop

via this auction

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer w/ Funkagenda Mod

video upload by

via this auction

Amazing TB-303 with Funkagenda mod! BLUE LEDS completely new! The unit has a white new color!

You can work this machine with a kenton cv/midi thanks to this mod!

Added controls with this mod: Slide, Acc, Filter (WOW) Gate, CV."

Quasimidi Polymorph V2 + New Control Panel

via this auction

"Latest v 2.01f firmware chip

Completely new top control panel with ALL new potentiometers, encoders and buttons"

Logan/Hohner String Melody I

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Amazing analogue string machine Logan/Hohner "String Melody" by Ing. Giuliano Costantini. Just completely reviewed, perfectly working, in very good conditions despite the 48 years of age. it was sold under both the Logan brand name and re-badged as both a Hohner and Vox product. The Vox version was called The String Thing but still featured the Logan brand name on the back of the case."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 SN 0623 in Thon Rack 3U Eco II 35 Case

via this auction

"For sale Prophet 2002 with extended memory (PC 877) and Thon Rack 3U Eco II 35 case. Working condition. Beautiful sound."

Compare to the 2002 PLUS here.

Akai AX80 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Perfect conditions, Just completely overhauled!, and updated with OS Tauntek"

Yamaha VL7 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer Keyboard Version 2

via this auction

Roland JX-8P Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ Original Roland Hard Case

via this auction

MODAL ELECTRONICS 002 12-Voice Analogue-Digital Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

Kawai K5000s Additive Synth SN 593228

via this auction

"Kawai K5000s Additive Synth in good condition. This is IMO the best pad / odd texture synth ever made. So much potential for sound creation. The knoby section is so fun and inspiring."

My vote goes to the Fizmo.

Soviet Formanta Faemi 1M

via this auction

This one is listed for sale in Armenia.

"Used item, some scratches, marks. Missing 1x knob. I'm mostly guitar guy, so don't know much about synths. I plugged this thing up, light was on. But because it has Soviet jacks + needs and amp to be tested, I was unable to test further. So Im listing it AS-IS, UNTESTED. All parts in place, check the last photos. Working with 220v. Dimensions aprox. 71x12x33. Weight 8.6kg."

Couple of pics of the inside below.

KORG M1 - exploring the original factory presets

video upload by CGMAGIK

"In 1989 I bought a KORG M1. My first big musical purchase. I think it was $2500 at the time and I took out my first bank loan to do it. An incredible synth and workstation in it's day and I used that thing HEAVILY for many years to follow. I used it all through my days at Berklee College of Music in the early 90s, for composing, sequencing, arranging and on many gigs.
This particular M1 is not the original one that I had, but one that was recently gifted to me by a local High School. It's missing the joystick, so luckily for all of you there is no gratuitous pitch bending action in this video :)
I'm surprised how great some of these sounds still are all these years later! Playing through these presets really brought back some great memories and feelings."

4 Performances with Digitakt and Microcosm

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

The Hologram Microcosm, In Context

"In this video, we'll pair the Hologram Microcosm effect pedal with the Elektron Digitakt for some transformative sonic exploration."

M²Synth Kickstarter Video

video upload by Soundtronics Ltd

"Our promo video for the new M²Synth from Soundtronics to support our Kickstarter campaign running through to December 23rd 2021. Music produced on the M²Synth System 40.

Learn More:"

See the Soundtronics label below for previous posts.

New Arcadia Electronics DIY Synthesizer Demos

DIY Synthesizer ,Filter LFO ,(Arcadia PLL Organ kit)
DIY Synthesizer (Arcadia PLL Organ kit) Vibrato, Filter and resonance
DIY Synthesizer (Arcadia PLL Organ Kit) Square wave LFO
DIY Synthesizer (Arcadia PLL Organ kit) Touch Pad,Filter and Delay

Follow-up to this post where you can find additonal info & demos.


video upload by studio snippets

Modular Shorts #4

video upload by OMNiSYN

"Yes, I know I have way too much free time on my hands. They were just sitting in the attic gathering dust, now they are in their own little video. Song title – Machines?"

You can find details on the OMNiSYN Mini Roland System 700 LAB Eurorack Clone in the background here. See the OMNiSYN label below for more.

The Sound of Genesis - KORG Wavestation

video upload by RetroSound

"❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

The Korg Wavestation is a favorite synthesizer from Tony Banks. Together with the Roland JD-800. You can hear a lot Wavestation sounds in the songs of the 'We Can`t Dance' album.
In the song "Hold On My Heart" can you hear a airy pad sound called "Whisper Voices". The sound is a WS factory sound.

The glassy sound called 'Spun Glass' is from the Roland JD-800.
The drums the Roland TR-808 and samples.
The bass and the sequenced sound is the Roland JD-800 too.

The Wavestation EX was one of my first synths ever. Later I sold the WS EX and bought the rack module Wavestation SR. Now since many years in my synth rack."

ALISA - 1377 / АЛИСА - 1377 Synth that is missing in your collection! HQ sound.

video upload by Kee Reel

"Sound demonstration of one of the most charismatic analog Soviet synths.
No processing/effects, just natural Alisa - 1377 sounds."

BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer - Now Available for Win / Mac / iOS

video upload by BLEASS

"Versatile Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
Available for Win / Mac / iOS

BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer is a virtual analog polyphonic stereo synthesizer inspired by classic analog synths and enhanced by the BLEASS’ very own musical and technical approach.

The Alpha is a highly versatile Synthesizer that aims at bringing new ways of designing and playing an infinite constellation of sounds while sparkling creativity.


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