MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday, January 28, 2022

Crumar Spirit

via this auction

"This is near mint 100% all original Crumar Spirit analog synthesizer. Co-designed by Bob Moo[g], this synth is often compared to a Minimoog, with some suggesting a preference for this rare monosynth."

Home (Full Album Performance) - Music for a productive day

video upload by Jay Hosking

"A live, semi-improvised ambient IDM album performed entirely on one small eurorack hardware skiff. This is music deliberately created to listen to while you are working away at the rest of your life, i.e. not-so-lofi-beats to study to. But I've also written some notes and recorded the performance because that's what I personally enjoy; I hope it can be useful to see how the music was made for you.

00:00 - Harwood
05:38 - Crest
11:20 - Centre
17:32 - Euclid
23:34 - Ossington
28:58 - Yarmouth
34:00 - Hemlock
39:26 - Drive

Modules used:
Squarp Rample - four melodic samples on each track
Happy Nerding FX Aid XL - reverb on melodic samples
Prok kick, snare, hat, and clap modules - drums
Mutable Instruments Grids (uGrids version) - drum sequencing
ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's New Workout - clock, LFO, pitch, more
Intellijel FSR 1U - live control of drum parameters
Intellijel Quadratt - mixer for melodic samples
Intellijel Mix-up - mixer and mutes for main mix (except for kick)
WMD MSCL - compressor for main mix (except for kick)
Intellijel Mixer 1U - final output mixer
Intellijel Palette 4U case

Written, performed, and recorded to a stereo mix over three days. Mastered by Som Shankar.

Thanks for listening."

DIY Modular Synth, Spring Reverb 9EB3C1B and 8 Bit Delay

video upload by m655321

"I ordered a 9EB3C1B spring reverb from eBay, built a drive circuit and integrated the 8 bit delay that I made a few weeks ago."

Analog Fume

video upload by nbor

"One of those things that happens when you start trying out the new drum machine (MFB Tanzbar Lite) and then you need a bass line, and then you need a lead, and then you need to quickly mix it up. So here's a mouse-mixing session, bringing these simple loops into something more than a few bars. All recorded and mixed in Bitwig. Other instruments are the Korg Minilogue and Arturia Microbrute."

KazioTron Keys by Goldbaby

video upload by GoldbabySamples

"Vintage 80s home keyboards recorded to cassette. Available now:
Think of KazioTron Keys as a Cassette Mellotron with vintage 80s home keyboard tapes."

Kontakt GUI pictured

via Goldbaby

"The warm, lo-fi goodness of cassette tape married to the nostalgia and character of 80s home keyboards. Think of KazioTron Keys as a cassette Mellotron with vintage 80s home keyboard tapes.

Soft, mellow keys. Woozy emotive synths. Dirty, imperfect leads. These sounds are super fun to play.

Gear used: Casio VL1, SK1, MT70, MT18, CT201, CT301 and a sneaky little Yamaha PS3 bass sound. Multiple cassette decks and cassette types. Also, the odd modulation pedals for a little extra mojo. Tracked through 1073 and 501 pre-amps and a valve mixer.

Includes non-cassette versions of each instrument if you want pure vintage home keyboard sounds.

The packs come with patches for Kontakt, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and TAL-Sampler. The Kontakt version has an excellent user interface script.

Every sampler has a different sound and character. So each format will differ slightly from the others. The raw sounds, however, all sound the same in each format. Bear this in mind when listening to the audio demos."

Frequency Central MU / 5U

videos uploaded by Frequency Central

Frequency Central feat. forthcoming MU modules CEMosc, Whiteface, Arley Dynamics - Part One
Frequency Central in 'MU-looping' feat. our forthcoming MU format VCO, VCF, VCA and ADSR modules
Frequency Central: atmospheric droning soundscape of doom feat. MU format modules

Pic via this auction

KAWAI CARD K4 ROM A4-01 Analog Programmed by Bo Tomlyn (1990) - All 64 Single Patches

video upload by Nacho Marty Meyer

"this is a quick overview of the 64 single patches on the 'A4-01 Analog' card for the KAWAI K4 / K4r, these patches were programmed by Bo Tomlyn, known for his work creating sounds for Yamaha's DX series, once Bo created a company called 'Key Clique' (design and sale of patches) on this card there is a patch called precisely 'Key Clique'"

Tiny Synthesizers Huge Sounds: 1010 Lemond Drop and Fireball

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video Drew from Patchwerks goes over the new 1010 Lemondrop, a granular synthesizer and the 1010 Fireball, a wavetable synthesizer.

About the Lemondrop Granular Synthesizer: "Explore a freshly squeezed approach to granular synthesis with nanobox | lemondrop, a polyphonic granular mini synthesizer with intuitive touchscreen control. Four voice polyphony, two granulators and an oscillator provide a wide sonic palette—from lush environmental pads to rugged and glitched-out textures. Instantly morph and shape sounds with the swipe of a finger using touchscreen X/Y control. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed presets and wav files, or quickly create your own patches with deep parameter control via the 2” touchscreen. Integrate lemondrop seamlessly with your existing tabletop gear—or create on-the-go thanks to a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand." -1010 Music

About the Fireball Wavetable Synthesizer: 'Bring some heat to your music creation workflow with nanobox | fireball, a polyphonic wavetable mini synthesizer with intuitive touchscreen control. Featuring eight voice polyphony, two wavetables and an oscillator, Fireball unlocks a huge array of sounds—from punchy and aggressive leads to atmospheric pads. Touchscreen X/Y control allows you to instantly morph and shape sounds with the swipe of a finger. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed presets and wav files, or quickly create your own patches with deep parameter control via the 2” touchscreen. Integrate fireball seamlessly with your existing tabletop gear—or create on-the-go thanks to a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand.' -1010 Music

Order the 1010 Lemondrop Granular Synthesizer here:
Order the 1010 Fireball Wavetable Synthesizer here:
Demo by: Drew
Video by: Matthew Piecora"

See the main announcement post here for additional videos.

Vintage Synthesizer Museum MIDI Karaoke with Oscar Cash

video upload by Vintage Synthesizer Museum

"The Vintage Synthesizer Museum and Oscar Cash Present: The MIDI Jukebox.
On February 4th, from 1PM-4PM, we will transform VSM into a MIDI Karaoke bar. You pick the song, and we send the melodies to several synths and the drums to the TR-909. While the song plays you can twist knobs, change presets, or perform vocal duties with the assistance of the EMS Vocoder 2000. All this led by your handsome host, Oscar Cash. If you are interested in attending in person, please contact us to join our mailing list, so you can reserve a spot.

As always, you can also book a private appointment to play these classics yourself."

PPG Wave 2.2

via this auction

"This rare PPG 2.2 is 8 bit resolution for a more "grainy" and "hairy" sound which many prefer over the higher resolution 2.3 model. For the age, this PPG has been very well cared for and is in amazing condition. A full inspection have been done by Mecanik Synthetik in Montreal including a general cleaning and some parts replacement.

PHYSICAL CONDITION : Excellent. The top, sides, and back have numerous small scratches and scuffs. The face plate is spotless and looks brand new.

In order to protect the PPG from future scratches, I have carefully applied a matte black vinyl on all 3 surfaces which make it look brand new. (Picture available on demand). This vinyl can be removed at the request of the buyer to deliver it in its original condition.

WORKING CONDITION : Excellent - All keys work perfectly. MIDI implementation is perfect, CV/TRIGGER In and Out are working well, the sequencer works, the filters go from a warm glow to a full scream, the sounds are rad, and this is an incredible specimen of this synthesizer. This synth works wonderfully.

• OS Version 8.3

• 8 bit resolution for a more "grainy" and "hairy" sound which many prefer over the higher resolution 2.3 model.

• Analog VCA envelope and VCF filter sections for a classic and warm sound

• The Wave 2.2 has oscillators that can generate over 2,000 different waveforms

• Recently upgraded the latest ROM chips compatible with this OS Version

• Factory installed MIDI in/out/thru"

EMS Synthi AKS

via this auction

70’s Vako Orchestron. Serial # 2174 - Model B

via this auction

"70’s Vako Orchestron. Serial # 2174 - Model B

Selling for Mitchell Froom this is what he said:

'I bought this from one of the original designers, Ben Rizzi, around 1993. He kept it solely at his New Jersey studio, so it was in beautiful condition. I’ve used it on countless recordings since then, and have kept it exclusively at my home studio, so it’s in pristine cosmetic shape. It’s just been serviced, but of course it’s a fragile instrument, so I’d suggest local pickup. I understand that turning it on often is a good idea. Really a characterful sounding keyboard (largely because it runs optical discs). I first became aware of it through some of Kraftwork’s recordings. After I bought this, I took apart an older one I had, so it also comes with a box of spare parts. Comes with 5 optical discs - Pipe Organ, Sax, Vocal Choir (2), and Cello. The entire original set is available online.'”

ARP Axxe

via this auction

"The Arp Axxe is a single VCO mono-synth with sawtooth and square/PWM waves, and with Arp's PPC pads for expressiveness. It can be interfaced with other synths via connections for CV and Gate on the rear panel.

This unit has had all key bushings replaced, all sliders cleaned, and has been fully calibrated."

Moog Minitmoog SN 2051

via this auction

"As they say--Rare as hens teeth. The Minitmoog was made for about a year. A more useful Satellite. This one has been serviced and is ready to go to a new home. There are a few pictured nicks and dings but it is in very good condition. Being a vintage synth the buyer will assume all responsibilities of needing service after shipping."

Original R.A. Moog Model D Minimoog SN 1003

via this auction

Pics of the inside below. Update: note the oscillator board on the right of the shot shot of the inside back, further below, is a different green and appears to be upgraded - see here.

The following is the description from the listing:

"After much soul searching, I've decided to sell my Original R.A. Moog Model D MiniMoog. I remember getting in the car with my dad and driving up to Trumansburg in the summer of 1970.My dad played a Hammond B3 and was so intrigued with creating new sounds. We were going to meet Dr. Moog and possibly buy something. After an amazing exhibition of the many synths on display, my dad purchased this MiniMoog model D Serial #1003 The 3rd One Ever Made!

This beautiful MiniMoog has been well cared for its entire life. It has been played on many studio recordings, and used on a number of live performances as well. It has always been well maintained and serviced. Everything functions correctly and sounds great! The only issue is that the AC cord was damaged and had to be repaired. Also a tiny piece of wood chipped off many years ago, a purely cosmetic damage. These early MiniMoogs can be temperamental, so having a qualified technician to maintain it is very important.

There's not much more to say...If you're reading this you already know that these early MiniMoogs Model D's created some of the Fattest and Juiciest synth tones ever!! Countless artists play and record with them and they continue to be the most desirable synth ever made. You should also know that serial # 1001, and 1002 are in museums, so this Model D MiniMoog #1003 is the earliest production model in private hands. I'm open to offers, but please be realistic. I would love this to be picked up in person, and I'm willing to drive 100+ miles to deliver personally. The thought of handing it over to UPS/FedEx is scary, but that said I will ship it double boxed and "overpacked" to insure a safe arrival. This MiniMoog holds a special place in my heart, my hopes are for a new owner who will continue to play, love, and enjoy it as much as it has been for the past 50+ years"

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with MPG-80 Programmer

via this auction

"Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with MPG-80 Programmer(Ver 4.0)

With M-64C,6PIN DIN cable,6U new rack case."

Playbeat 3.1 - Top 5 Features!

video upload by Waveform

Nord Lead 2 Synthesizer Sounds High Quality Stereo

video upload by Rick Damian

"Hey all! In this video I share some Nord Lead 2 sounds. All recorded in high quality stereo. Headphones or studio monitors will really let the audio shine. Enjoy! The reverb/delay pedal I use in this video is the Dark Sun by Seymour Duncan."

Bad Gear - Roland Boutique JP-08

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland Boutique JP-08. Can this compact digital sound module capture the vintage synth magic and 80s sound of the OG Jupiter-8?

00:00 Intro tune
01:19 Overview
05:57 Hate
06:20 Jam 1
07:18 Jam 2
08:18 Finale
08:51 Verdict
10:11 Patreon Vocoder Shoutout"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

1010Music Nanobox Mini Synth Demos

Demos are now going up in the announcement post here. Be sure to refresh the post for updates. I'll post back here when done.

Update: the post is now up to date. Several new videos have been added. Looks like the price will be $399 for each.

Update2: Deep dive videos just added.

Serene Improv w/an Unusual Group of Instruments [Jamuary #4]

video upload by Poorness Studios

"For the fourth Friday in January (Jamuary), I decided to try an improv piece with 5 instruments that I wouldn't normally put together. I used my VibeDrum (steel tongue drum), my Fender P Bass, my Shruti Box, Alchemy soft synth (controlled by my Oxygen25), and my trusty Dave Smith Mopho (analog synth) keyboard. They actually sound pretty darn good together."

Buchla Tiptop Six Oscs

video upload by Todd Barton

"The 281t Quad Function Generator can serve as 4 oscillator. Here they are along with the 258t Dual Oscillator. Enjoy!"

Strymon DIG delay with a DB-01 synth

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Anyone on a quest for the perfect delay will eventually try a Strymon. There's a lot of choices but I settled on the DIG digital delay. It has most of the usual features for a mid-to-high level delay such as tap, filter, and mono or stereo input. The dual-function knobs are a bit annoying, but bearable. Overall the unit has a really solid and sure feel. Here I'm testing it with the Erica Synths DB-01 synth, which it pairs with most happily.
The first half of the video has a fair amount of talking, the second half is all audio.

0:00 Intro blather
0:20 Stereo to mono input
1:02 Basic specs
2:50 Secondary functions
3:26 Audio starts - Ping Pong
4:50 Tap input choices
5:54 The filter
6:62 Feedback
7:40 Modulation
9:54 Unsync delay 2
10:35 Unsync repeats
11:46 Series, ping pong and parallel
13:09 Jam - ping pong
14:00 Jam - in series
14:57 Jam - ADM mode
15:48 Jam - 12-bit
17:04 Jam - ADM mode
18:18 Jam - Ping pong
19:35 Jam - 12-bit
20:39 Jam - 24-bit
21:05 Jam - Filter sweeps
21:40 Jam - Feedback fun

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

Sound design using through-zero phase modulation – LA67 T-ZED oscillator

video upload by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Today we are having a look at through-zero phase modulation! An interesting variation to the common frequency modulation, offering new sounds and textures to the eurorack environment. For this we are using the T-ZED, from La Sesenta y Siete. A fully analog oscillator offering wave shaping, next to through-zero phase modulation.

In this video I explain phase modulation, go over the functions and features of the T-ZED oscillator, and of course, show you a series of patches to get started!"

Note this is the first post to feature La Sesenta y Siete.

An analogue oscillator with through-zero phase modulation. The core of the T-ZED is the SSI2130 integrated circuit. Voltage controlled wave shape and phase modulation index allow for automated sonic versatility, and 2 separate frequency ranges mean the T-ZED can be used as an audio or CV source.

• Simultaneous SINE, TRIANGLE, SAW, SQUARE, and variable SHAPE outputs
• Phase MOD input with bipolar INDEX circuit
• V/OCT input tracks 10 octaves
• FREQ spans 10 octaves, TUNE spans 1 octave
• Hard SYNC input
• SHAPE output (Sine to Triangle to Saw) with CV input and attenuator
• Frequency range HI: 10hz-25khz
• Frequency range LO: 0,1hz-200hz

Modwheel Morphing Delta CEP A

video upload by Jörg Schaaf

"Just bought a new MIDI keyboard for my Delta CEP A Synthesizer. I love to control the morphing with a modulation wheel. Here I am using to snapshots for the morphing. The second snapshot not only opens the filter. It also adds more oscillators to the swarm and adds detuning. I am working on a complete video tutorial about snapshot morphing and patch managment."

Casio MT-400V - The keyboard with an analog filter control

video upload by Keen On Keys

"The Casio MT-400V, released in 1984, is a small keyboard with 49 mid-sized keys, 8 note polyphony, 12 styles, 20 tones, vibrato, sustain/reverb and stereo chorus. It's main feature is a filter control with ADS and LFO modulation. It uses the NEC D930/931 ICs which were used for many Casio keyboards between 1983 and 1986. There's also a larger version existing, the CT-410V.

Support this channel and buy an album on Bandcamp:

Listen to some tracks on Soundcloud:

0:00 Intro
0:05 Overview
3:36 A Look Inside
7:44 Comparison with MT-65
9:12 Filter Control
11:42 ADS Envelope
14:31 Tone Examples
17:56 Envelope Triggering
20:11 LFO Modulation
21:49 Chord Mode
22:46 Rhythm Examples
25:02 Bass/Chord Examples
28:33 Noise Examples
29:40 Conclusion
30:26 Multitrack Recording"

REALLY REALLY BAD! | MICHAEL JACKSON on HYDRASYNTH, iElectribe & Vogel CMI (Fairlight) | Mini Cover

video upload by Microflat

"I was almost 17 years old. I owned an Italian Elka EK-44 synth but longed for the legendary Roland D-50. Jacko released an out-of-this-world super pop album produced by Quincy Jones and mixed by Bruce Swedien. What a magic couple. Christopher Correll and Greg Phillinganes on excellent Synclavier playing and programming, among others. Incredible handcraft. Supernatural artists.

All audio output effects are default ASM Hydrasynth FX with a bit of compression and mastering done in Adobe Audition. Presets in use are “A114 InYoFaceBass”, “A122 CompThatFunk” and “B086 RighteousOrg”. Drum pattern is delivered by the Korg iElectribe “A19 Minimal 2” preset (BPM 115) with added notes handled by the AKAI MPK Mini controller. The Synclavier-kind-of-orchestral-Hit is delivered by the Vogel CMI (Fairlight) 'ORCH #16' preset."

Stylophone Gen X-1: How to use the stylus with the volca modular

video upload by Stylophone

"Use the Stylophone Gen X-1 stylus pen with the Volca Modular!

1) On the Volca Modular connect 'Pitch' to 'b'
2) Connect the Stylophone Gen X-1 stylus to the Volca Modular 'a+bxc'
3) Connect the Stylophone Gen X-1 aux to the Volca Modular CV socket
4) By adjusting the 'c' knob on the Volca Modular a whole tone scale can be produced!

More Stylophone tutorial, tips and tricks: ✌️❤️"

Afrorack made a CV/GATE synth module from a weighing scale

video upload by Afrorack

"Initially I thought this project would end up as an electronic drum pad. But along the way it turned into a Weighing scale to Cv and Gate module. If you want to listen to the full track, its available on Bandcamp"

Tiptop Audio Buchla 200t Sound Demo

video upload by Station 252

"Buchla and Tiptop Audio 200t series workout.

Exploring Dual Oscillator Model 258t and Quad Function Generator Model 281t sound capabilities while recording my new EP. I was curious how the sound and response of those two modules will fit into my music and at the same time going into territories I wouldn't normally go to out of curiosity.

I've used a bunch of additional modules as my patches grew to hear how 200t modules fit with other eurorack modules and to keep everything in context, those where:

QasarBeach Alias Development 3 & 4

video upload by QasarBeach

"This shows QBIII Alias being developed. This is the voice modulation connections allowing automatic pitch change, modify, envelope etc"

QasarBeach Alias Development 4 - FX

"This shows the FX in QBIII Alias being developed. The FX concept is based on the AMS DMX delay and reverb units from the 80's."

Eurorack modular synthesizer + Volca ambient / Ensemble Oscillator Beads Nebulae #Shorts

video upload by Wac- Lounge

The Bar-Kays "Do It" - Recreation

video upload by Luke Million

"Let's funk up Friday with a jam on a classic by The Bar-Kays, 'Do It' 🎹🕺🎹

Drums - Oberheim DX
Bass - Moog Multimoog
Synths - SCI Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 & Arp Odyssey Mk1
Vocoder - Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus"

Patch n Tweak
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