MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday, May 06, 2022

Free Ableton Live Instruments - Guitar Synth Free Pack Now Available

video upload by Expanding Sound

"Get the pack here
This free pack contains 4 free Ableton Guitar Synth Instruments from our Guitar Synth Megapack. It is compatible with the latest version of Ableton 10 Standard and above.
Wanna hear more examples? check out this video as well."

Ableton Live instrument MegaPack - Guitar Pedal Synths - 36 presets of analog synth guitar pedals

video upload by Expanding Sound

"I wanted to try something different for this Megapack. I love to play guitar, equally as much as piano and synths. I own quite a few guitar pedals that add analog synth flavor, via oscillators and filters. This seemed to be a perfect fit for an Ableton Instrument pack. The Samples don't exactly sound like guitars, they don't exactly sound like synths either. This leads to a pack that has a different flavor than my other releases. The first 24 presets are more straightforward. They showcase the samples with some modulation options. Presets 25-36 are more atmospheric and have effects added, to give them an otherworldly feeling. I had a ton of fun creating these 36 presets, and I'm proud of how this pack came out. I hope you enjoy it!"

Casio CT-S1000V The Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star ラジオスターの悲劇 vocal synthesizer

video upload by ボーカルシンセ職人

Casio CT-S1000V Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly With His SongVocaL Synthesizer Performance

video upload by ボーカルシンセ職人

Altair 231 the Russian Moog Model D clone (but the Altair sounds sweeter)

video upload by Hanz Volt

"Some more Altair 231 tweaking!!! 🤤😁
and of course Tama TS-306, Lell UDS and TipTop Audio BD808 on da Drumz"

Further Explorations with the Buchla Music Easel Part 2 & 3

Parts 2 & 3 added to this post.

Sensel to Discontinue Hardware Controllers

via Sensel

"As of May 5th, 2022, Sensel is discontinuing all hardware production runs indefinitely for the Morph and Morph accessories. We will continue to provide support through the end of July 2022. Read the official announcement here."

Announcement follows:

Sensel Morph Sunset

Ever since we sold out of Morphs in 2021, many of you have been eagerly awaiting updates about the availability of the Sensel Morph. Today, we can provide some closure and announce that unfortunately, Sensel will no longer be producing the current Morph.

Like many of you, we feel like we were able to only scratch the surface of the potential of the Morph, and we’re disappointed that we can no longer produce it. Production challenges were myriad: the unavailability of what was once a widely available microprocessor, the lack of supply of the resistive ink that was used for the Morph’s pressure sensor, travel restrictions, and internal competition with the rapidly growing demand for Sensel’s enterprise solutions.

Over the past year, we explored many avenues to restart production: pitching investors, partnering with other music companies, creative arrangements with high-volume manufacturers, and redesigning the Morph. In the end, we had to make the difficult decision to shift our focus to our core enterprise business, especially in the laptop touchpad market. Sensel’s technology is currently being used in the haptic touchpads of Lenovo’s X1 Titanium Yoga and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio, and will be featured in several other models in the near future. We’re thrilled to enable the next generation haptic touchpads for Windows laptops, and to get our tech into the hands of millions of users.

For those of you who backed the Morph on Kickstarter or purchased one after, we sincerely thank you for being a part of the Sensel journey and helping us get to where we are today. We still can’t wait to see what you create. And for those who signed up for our back-in-stock notifications while we’ve been sold out, we apologize for the long wait and for not being able to fulfill your requests.

Making the Morph and seeing what creative people could do with it was incredibly rewarding. From the same controller, we saw virtuosic finger drum jams, slick productions, tripped out visuals, and interactive installations. The creative minds that got behind the Morph were just awesome. As we move forward with our enterprise business, we hope to influence those markets with what we’ve learned, and work with innovative tool-makers to bring the creativity and richness-of-interaction of the Morph to everyday consumer devices like laptops and phones.

Down the road, we will also rethink the Morph product line and potentially bring another consumer product to market. While there are no plans to do so right now, we welcome all feedback and suggestions.

You may have questions about how we intend to support the Morph moving forward. Please visit our Morph Sunset FAQ page for our end-of-life policies.

With appreciation,
The Sensel Team"


This one is in via brian comnes.

elektron Syntakt - Session 2

video upload by verstaerker

"my second session .. trying to find interesting sounds with the Syntakt

to listen more music by me please visit"

Seven Sounds from Octave CAT SRM II (HYPNOtized video)

video upload by Hanz Volt

"A little Tweaksploration of seven CAT sounds. Filtering the video thru a Sleepy Circuits Hypno
00:00 #1
02:10 #2
02:45 #3
03:18 #4
04:43 #5
06:11 #6
07:20 #7"

Seven Sounds from Polivoks

video upload by Hanz Volt

"The Polivoks is a powerful synthesizer with a heart of Ice
00:00 #1
02:24 #2
03:11 #3
03:51 #4
05:31 #5
07:39 #6
08:04 #7"

Seven Bass Sounds from Polivoks

video upload by Hanz Volt

"The Polivoks was my first Russian synth and I must say ive been hooked on russian synths ever since... My Polivoks dosent have midi, so please excuse my bad playing ; )"

Nuova Elettronica LX-520 a rare, quirky, dirty synth from Italy

video upload by Hanz Volt

"Nuovo Elettronica...a quirky, rare, dirty Synth from Italy -?? 1981 ??- 👌 AO OA.. MB6582 on bass. Some weird vocal in the back is running thru the Tasty Chips GR-1 / Tama TS-306 on drums. Amazing playing skills...ALL ME! 😂😂"

See the Nuova label below for more.

Altair 231 BAss! MoDulations! Rare Russian Synthesizer

video upload by Hanz Volt

"The Altair is my desert Island synth... as long as theres electricity... ;)
Its my most beloved synth in the collection and its sound is truly unique and powerful. And of course the TamaTS-306, Soviet Lell UDS and TipTop Audio BD808. If you love analog drums this combo is a beast!"

Seven Sounds From Aelita

"The Queen of Soviet monosynths!! The Aelitas is huge, powerful and raw. There is a ring mod and sick Unison stack .....and She is a beauty!!
00:07 #1
00:51 #2
01:16 #3
01:52 #4
02:14 #5
03:24 #6
03:53 #7"

Random Transposition

video upload by Todd Barton

"Using the Buchla 257 Dual CV Processor in conjunction with the 266 Source of Uncertainty to randomly transpose a 5-stage sequence.

My Patreon:"

New Oberheim OB-X8 Pics

Update: new pic left.

Follow-up to The New Oberheim OB-X8 - Sneak Peak.

A few pics in via an anonymous reader who noticed the Page 2 button but no Page 2 graphics like on later revs of the OB-8. Note the display bottom center.

New Doepfer Modules Coming to SUPERBOOTH

Avialable in black and silver.

Module A-121s is a dual multimode filter which can be used for stereo applications as well as for parallel or serial organized dual mono filters. The core is a 12dB multimode filter identical to the modules A-121-2 and A-121-3. The selection of the filter type is continuously from lowpass via notch and highpass to bandpass. We attached great importance to the usability of the manual controls and CV inputs for both stereo and dual mono applications. For the filter parameters frequency (F), resonance (Q) and type (T) common controls and CV inputs as well as single controls and CV inputs are available. For the filter frequency in addition a manual control and CV input for the filter spread (frequency difference or delta F) is available.


F: master frequency control for both filters (large knob)
Type 1 / Type 2: filter type panning/morphing L-N-H-B
Link to 1: Toggle switch so that Type 1 also controls type of filter 2 (i.e. simultaneous filter type control for both filters)
SFM1 / SFM2: Single Frequency Modulation controls (polarizers), connected to the corresponding sockets SFM1/SFM2 (socket SFM1 is normalled to a fixed positive voltage, SFM2 is normalled to SFM1, that way the controls SFM1/SFM2 work as frequency controls for each filter provided that no modulation signals are patched to the SFM1/SFM2 sockets)
CFM: common frequency control, controls two VC-polarizers which process the signals connected to the two sockets CFM1/CFM2, CFM2 is normalled to CFM1, that way also the same modulation signal (e.g. an envelope generator) can be used for both filters and the level controlled simultaneously by the CFM control
Delta F: controls the difference between the frequencies of the two filters manually (frequency "spread"), at center position the frequencies are the same
Delta FM: controls the level of the Delta FM signal (socket), which allows to control the spread between the frequencies also by an external control voltage (e.g. by an LFO or ADSR)
Q: controls the resonance of both filters simultaneously
Level 1 / Level 2: attenuators for the two audio inputs
QM/TM1, QM/TM2: attenuators for the modulation inputs QM/TM1 and QM/TM2

In1 / In2: audio inputs (In2 is normalled to In1)
Out1 / Out2: audio outputs
F: common frequency control input for both filters (~ 1V/oct)
Delta FM: Control voltage for frequency spread, processed by the polarizer Delta FM
SFM1 / SFM2: single frequency modulation inputs, processed by the polarizers SFM1 and SFM2, SFM1 is normalled to a fixed positive voltage, SFM2 is normalled to SFM1#
CFM1 / CFM2: common frequency modulation inputs, processed by the two voltage controlled polarizers controlled by CFM knob, CFM2 is normalled to CFM1
QM/TM1, QM/TM2: the addressing of these sockets/attenuators is defined by internal jumpers. QM means Q modulation (i.e. resonance modulation), TM means filter type modulation (QM1 = resonance modulation filter 1, QM2 = resonance modulation filter 2, TM1 = filter type modulation filter 1, TM2 = filter type modulation filter 2), socket QM/TM1 is normalled to a fixed positive voltage, QM/TM2 is normalled to QM/TM1
A 45 degrees triangle next to a socket means that the switching contact of the socket is normalled to a fixed positive voltage.
A vertical triangle indicates the normalling of two sockets.

By means of small circles at the bottom right side of the front panel the user can mark the function of the QM/TM inputs. These assignments are possible:

QM/TM1 controls QM1, QM/TM2 controls QM2, the filter types are not controlled by external CVs
QM/TM1 controls TM1, QM/TM2 controls TM2, the resonances are not controlled by external CVs
QM/TM1 controls QM1 and QM2 simultaneously, QM/TM2 controls TM1 and TM2 simultaneously
Stereo filter: two different audio signals are connected to the audio inputs. At the outputs appear the filtered signals. The filterings depend upon the positions of the manual controls and the applied control voltages.
Serial mono filter: the mono signal is applied to audio input 1. Audio output 1 is connected to audio input 2. The filtered mono signal appears at audio output 2. One has to pay attention that the filter parameters are set in a way so that a signal will appear at the output. If for example a lowpass and a highpass are daisy chained the frequency of the lowpass has to be higher than the frequency of the highpass. Otherwise no signal will appear at the output.
Parallel mono filter: the audio signal is fed to both audio inputs (e.g. via the normalled sockets In1>In2). By means of a mixer module the audio outputs 1 and 2 are mixed.
The sketch below shows the internal structure of the module in detail.

Release date: about June 2022 (without obligatiion)
All specifications are still preliminary and without obligation !

Knobula Kickain - Kick drum and sidechain first impressions

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Knobula sent me a Kickain - it's changed my life. Apologies for my terrible techno."

Kick Drum & Sidechain Redefined

Introducing Kickain, the world's first integrated kick drum and stereo sidechain compressor.
We've taken the best sounding kick drum circuit, added an enveloped 24bit reverb, and merged it with the ultimate sidechain compressor to give you one simple, easy to manage, mastering quality beat engine.

Stereo Spectral Compression
Linked Controls between kick, side chain and reverb.
909 inspired virtual analogue signal path
24 bit Stereo Reverb
FX Send/Return option
CV pitch control, play like a bass
40Hz/60Hz bass cut protection
12 hp

Weston Precision Audio B2 - Synth voice Demo

video upload by Dziam Bass

"Hello Guys.
Weston B2 is Kick module And also synth voice,
After the last demo kick, today I added the sequencing to show the Synth voice how it sounds - for me it's wonderful. I added some reverb in the last sequence and raised the pitch to get a nice melody
Earlier, I showed sequences and playing with Decay and sometimes adding Sub and some waves.
It's a self-contained synth voice from Kick, so I really like it.

More about module :
B2 contains everything you need to create deep, thumping kick drums or cutting bass lines in one compact 14HP unit: A 1 V/Oct VCO with 4 waveforms, a 3-way waveform mixer with sub-octave sine wave, 2 fast, switchable AR/AD envelope generators, a high quality VCA, and a multi-mode VCF for additional tone shaping!

New features of B2 from B1:
+ New reset/trigger circuit and faster minimum attack times (~25uS) without artifacts
+ Sub-octave sine
+ Wave select saw or 2x saw
+ New VCF with LP/BP/HP selection"

B2 Kick Drum/Bass

B2 contains everything you need to create deep, thumping kick drums or cutting bass lines in one compact 14HP unit: A 1 V/Oct VCO with 4 waveforms, a 3-way waveform mixer with sub-octave sine wave, 2 fast, switchable AR/AD envelope generators, a high quality VCA, and a multi-mode VCF for additional tone shaping!

New features of B2 from B1:
+ New reset/trigger circuit and faster minimum attack times (~25uS) without artifacts
+ Sub-octave sine
+ Wave select saw or 2x saw
+ New VCF with LP/BP/HP selection
+ Stable voltage references for VCO stability under power supply fluctuations
+ All OTAs are LM13700 for easy parts sourcing

Modal Argon8 - "Horizon" Soundset 80 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"'Horizon' soundset for Argon8, Argon8M and Argon8X by Modal Electronics is here!

Our new soundset 'Horizon' contains an exquisite selection of the movements, textures, drones and sonic landscapes.

80 presets are perfect for Cinematic, Ambient, Avantgarde and IDM music.


A vast amount of LFOs stream in various destinations in sync with internal effects, whilst modulations take advantage of dynamic and expression.

Precisely programmed modulation matrix make sound evolve and develop in terrific ways.

The soundset requires Modal App v2.8 and Firmware v.2.6.

The Demo tune has been recorded in real-time and contains no external fx or any processing. Made by Alexander Kav"

Behringer DeepMind - "Phenomenon" 64 presets

video upload by LFOstore

"To purchase this soundbank, please follow the link -

00:01 Intro
00:16 Leads showcase
03:29 Pads showcase
05:35 Arps & Basses examples
06:27 Outro

LFO.Store is pleased to release an amazing «Phenomenon» soundbank for Behringer Deepmind synthesizer! A well-known sound designer Otto K. Schwarz prepared 64 presets that will get your music to the next level! We used Deepmind’s features in the most effective ways to get the best results. Unusual mind-blowing leads, warm cosmic pads, energizing basses, flying arpeggios and many more - everything you need to get modern ambient, EDM or OST feeling!"

TEST SERIES ErrorInstruments IOLabs Flux Hologram Electronics Microcosm Eurorack Sound Design Glitch

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"ErrorInstruments System, IOLabs Flux, Hologram Electronics Microcosm.

The purpose of 'TEST SERIES' is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Vacuum Tube Atari Punk Console + MAY UPDATE


"​@Usagi Electric vacuum tube atari punk console! check his project out!
WE ARE OPEN THIS WEEKEND information / contact:-

Vacuum Tube Atari Punk Console Build Video Here

SQUID SALMPLE Tips Compilation - ALM022

video upload by ALM TV

00:00 Intro
00:06 Transforming a Sample with CV
01:08 Adding Variation with Cue Sets
02:06 Transforming Found Sounds
03:08 Converting Audio to CV
04:07 Adding Pitch Sweep to Samples
05:05 Sequencing Sample Start Position
06:06 Sampling and Playing Back CV
07:08 Rerouting Outputs
08:12 Automated Bank Rerecording
09:16 Creating Swing with Cue Sets
10:19 Extreme Sample Repitching

Thanks for watching!"

Bad Gear - Teenage Engineering OP-1 - Modern Vintage???

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Is this iconic synthesizer, sampler, virtual tape recorder, effects unit and milestone of scandinavian design the definition of modern vintage? Is it the ultimate portable groovebox for on the go?

00:00 Intro tune
01:21 Overview Teenage Engineering OP-1
02:02 Synth section
02:54 Drum section
03:18 Tape section
04:20 Sequencers
05:17 FX section & LFOs
05:36 What else???
06:06 Pricing
06:23 Hate
06:50 Jam 1
07:40 Jam 2
08:39 Finale
09:14 Verdict"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Oberheim Matrix-12 sample pack for TAL-sampler

video upload by Espen Kraft

"My best patches for the Oberheim Matrix-12 in the TAL sampler format.
Superb sounding sounds. 54 patches with Brass, Bass, Strings, Pads, Leads etc.
Many of them stereo samples, spread out over 6 different key groups.
Lush, powerful and very usable.

Find the pack here:

If you want to buy several packs in one go, please contact me directly as I can give you a nice bundled price.

The purpose of using the TAL sampler VST is to get that old school sampler sound, without investing in 80s hardware. The TAL sampler is the best software on the market to do just that.
This pack also contains all the multi samples for all the sounds, in a Wav-format, so you can use these in other applications if you want to as well. The Wav-samples cannot be used to create your own sample packs for sale. The TAL-sampler VST is not included in the pack."

Oberheim Xpander SN Y60815

via this auction

Roland Juno-6 SN 226848

via this auction

Same Hulk Hogan doll as the one in this post for VHS Synth.

"Roland Juno-6 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer. Serial no. 226848. Still in good working shape. Obvious scuffs and scratches but functionality is great. All buttons, sliders, arpeggiators, pitch wheel, LFO trigger and switches work fine. Recently tested. Bottom octave C# key sticks out a bit (pictured) but is stil responsive. Classic revolutionary synthesizer. This was used mostly in studio and has never been toured with. Well loved."

EMS VCS3a Putney & DK2 Cricklewood *Serviced & Modified* SN 2620 & 3320

via this auction

Looks like they fixed the joystick since this listing.

"Freshly serviced and discretely modified by an EMS specialist, in full working order with warranty.

Stunning example serviced and ready to ship.

EMS The Putney VCS3a Mk1 and The Cricklewood DK1 keyboard (modified to DK2 spec) for sale in excellent condition.

Broker sale on behalf of the owner: it has been extensively overhauled and discretely (and reversibly) modified by our favourite EMS specialist and is ready for action.

This is a rare chance to secure an original VCS3a in excellent condition. This is one of the most iconic and revered synths of all and is truly versatile: from Radiophonic Workshop (and Hawkwind) type bloops and bleeps, through Eno and Roxy Music and beyond. Paired with the DK-2, this is also a superbly expressive keyboard synthesizer. Tony uses his VCS-3 as much as an effects processor as synthesizer.

This has been freshly serviced and is in full working order with warranty. The face plate of the VCS3 was quite worn so it has had a factory refinish performed by EMS Cornwall and looks superb.

The DK-1 keyboard has been upgraded to factory DK-2 duophonic spec.

Modifications on EMS VCS3 #2620:

Elta Music Solar Big Ambient Machine Black

via this auction

Custom Black DSI Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

via this auction

"DSI Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard - One Off Overlay Wrap.

Good working order.

Overlay can be removed if not to your taste, but I think it looks so much better with it."

Two Oberheim Matrix 1000 by Franz Kreimer Keys

video upload by Franz Kreimer Keys

"In diesem Video zeige ich Euch den wunderbaren Oberheim Matrix 1000 aus dem Jahr 1985. Das besondere ist: Ich spiele zwei Matrix 1000 als einen Stereo Analogsynthesizer. Das Ganze klingt unglaublich fett!

Das Video ist zwar etwas länger geworden also ich gewollt hab - aber ich hoffe, die Begeisterung die ich für diesen Synth habe springt auch auf Euch über!

00:00 Intro
01:24 Talking about the Matrix 1000 an why am i using two of them
04:27 Some Brass Sounds
07:28 Some EFX Sounds
08:47 Some String like Sounds
10:56 Short Jam
11:51 Leads and Pads
13:40 Programming sounds in realtime
15:00 OSC Sync - dirty!!!
16:27 Programming a Bass Sound to a Lead Sound
19:04 Lyle Myes Solo Sound
19:50 Outro Jam"

Yamaha EX5 Voices by Franz Kreimer Keys - no talking

video upload by Franz Kreimer Keys

"A lot of great Voices from my Yamaha EX5 Synthesizer from 1998. No talking. Have Fun!"

Yamaha EX5 Part 2 by Franz Kreimer KEYS

00:00 Intro
00:15 VL Synthese and Breathcontroller
03:36 Sounds, Sounds, Sounds
10:58 Outro and Blues Jam with my EX5

Hohner Clavinet E7 and Sequential Drumtracks

video upload by Franz Kreimer Keys

"This is a really short jam with my ClavinetE7 and my Sequential Drumtracks Drumcomputer. The Clavinet is played on a Music Man 210 Amplifier with a Crybaby Wah Pedal.
Inspired by Money Runner by the great Quincy Jones!"

Yazoo - Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I) Instrumental Cover

video upload by KOSmusic

"Recently, I listened again to the amazing Yazoo album 'Upstairs At Eric's' of 1982 . I was impressed with this particular track and wanted to recreate it (with a few small differences from the original), but trying to stay true to wonderful work of Vince Clarke.

The VSTs Jupiter-8 and Dexed proved very useful for several sounds. I used the CS1x for a part of the bass.

For shooting purposes, I changed the octaves of some instruments on my CS1x.

Hope you like how I recreated this classic :)"

1 de mayo de 2022

video upload by Friendly Noise

"First introduced in 1997, the Access Virus and all his following variations are without doubt one of the most iconic and used synthesizers in the 21st century. The last versions of the Virus are full of details with a real musical function, like three oscillators, three LFOs, dual multimode filters (+ comb and formant modes), great modulation matrix and effect section, FM, ring modulation, wavetable, Hypersaw (kind of Rolandish-Supersaw)… to name a few features. With that power, the Virus can cover all the basics for different kinds of musical styles. A 16 part multimode and great polyphony can deliver all the sounds you need for whole songs… providing you like the characteristic sound of the Virus. Some love it, some hate it. Was the amazing polyphony achieved at the cost of the high end? The Virus is not the brightest synth in the town, but how much do you care about that?

The sounds are illustrated with pictures of my own Virus. There is no video, because those are old recordings, made long time ago before I started recording videos. The purpose of the recordings was exclusively for personal use, a way to remember sounds I liked. Some of the recordings can be useful today in order to get familiar with the sound of the featured instruments, so I decided to upload them. In fact, no video is an advantage: you can do other things while just listening to the sounds. :-)

All sounds were programmed by myself.

Video sections:

00:06 Virus Arpeggio with Roland SH-101 melody
02:06 Tangerine Dream-like Intro 1
03:45 Tangerine Dream-like Intro 2
06:13 Emulating Sounds from Kraftwerk’s Kometenmelodie
08:16 A Pad With Pulsating Phaser
11:03 Using Multimode
12:56 Sequence With High Resonance
13:26 Self Oscillation
15:22 Distorted Sounds
19:08 Last Track For An Missing Recording"

UAD Opal Morphing Synth

video upload by Universal Audio

"Exclusively for UAD Spark, Opal is our epic-sounding flagship synth that's perfect for producers, sound designers, and musicians. This analog-meets-wavetable synth gives you huge-sounding morphing filters and powerful UA effects — yet always keeps you close to album-ready sounds, no matter how deep you explore."

Opal Morphing Synth Sound Examples | UAD Spark

video upload by Universal Audio

UADx Opal Morphing Synth - Sonic LAB Overview

video upload by sonicstate

"Universal Audio recently announced their Spark subscription, a curated and expanding range of their plug-ins from the extensive UAD and Luna platforms. But these are now available as Native format plug-ins, so you don't need the DSP platform to use them (Mac only for now)

As part of the new package, UA have introduced Opal - an all new synthesizer instrument with 3 hybrid analog/wavetable oscillators, two morphing filters, 2 LFOs, 2 multi-segment function generators (per voice) and 3 envelopes.

Throw in a mod matrix and some tasty FX and you have the size of it.
We take a look at the new instrument.

00:00 Intro and overview
3:00 sounds examples
05:29 Oscillators
08:35 More sounds
10:00 Filters
16:20 Modulation
18:40 FX and more sounds
23:50 Thoughts"

Tera Pro - Modular analog/digital Polysynth

video upload by virsyn

"Tera Pro brings together all major sound synthesis methods on one table. No matter if you want to recreate sounds from analogue legends or explore modern digital sounds with FM, Waveshaping or Wavetable synthesis. Add some flavour of physical modelling and modules for additive synthesis. Combine them altogether for new sound experiences far beyond your wildest dreams.

Tame this overwhelming amount of possibilities with Tera Pro's intelligent user interface showing you only exactly what you need, paired with realtime oscilloscopes and level indicators helping you seeing what’s going on. Connect the modules using a flexible routing method without the visual cluttering of real wire cables needed in conventional modular synthesisers.



Imaging having a modular rack with sound modules covering nearly all sound synthesis methods invented by mankind and connect them in any order you like while performing them with up to 128 voices. POLYSYNTH
Inspired by classic vintage Polsynths Tera Pro uses a Layer architecture enabling you to use two Layers in stacked or split mode for total flexibility in live performances. Change presets seamlessly without any cut-off in sound, envelope or effects.

The warm and organic sound of vintage poly synths comes from slight variations in oscillator pitch, envelope times and filter cutoff. The vintage knob in Tera Pro brings this back to modern synthesis.

Tera Pro is compatible to the MPE standard allowing you to program sounds that behave more like acoustic instruments in terms of spontaneous, polyphonic sound control using appropriate MPE controllers.

The included sound library covers with it's more than 1800 presets a vast range of styles and covers a big part of the history of electronic music. Add your own sound creations structured by your demand.

Runs on iPad with iOS 12 or newer as standalone App and inside hosts using AUv3 or IAA. Attach any MIDI Controller via adapter or Bluetooth. Sync with other Apps or hardware with Ableton Link."

Cre8audio East Beast Trailer #2

video upload by Cre8audio

"East Beast is a new synthesizer made by Cre8audio in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. Find out more about the East Beast on May 10, 2022 - Comming soon to"

Torso Electronics T 1 repeats and voicing update

video upload by torso electronics

"This video covers the repeats and voicing update added in firmware v1.2"

T 1 CC tracks

"This video covers CC tracks on the T-1 added in firmware v1.2"

Also see: T-1 update v1.2

KOSMO VCO Faithfully SHRUNK TO EURORACK - Analog #1222 Look Mum No Computer VCO

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"THE 1222 HAS SHRUNK!!! so it is now available in eurorack format,
I believe this concept for an oscillator is a worthwhile oscillator and really please how useable it actually is in its more compact format! And it is now available! shoutout to Funque Mod.
You can try these at This museum is not obsolete

Check the dealers on the right for availability.

Neuzeit Quasar | 3D binaural processor | Firmware 1.10

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Headphones are strongly recommended for this video.
Quasar is an audio processor that can move sounds in a 3D sphere.
Firmware 1.10 adds some major improvements but the most significant one for me is the support for stereo input. Quasar was originally intended for mono sources - and I don't work in mono - so I wasn't happy at first. But this new firmware just opens up a lot of space! If you're curious how it works I've included a link to Loopop's video who explained it better than I ever can. I'll just show you some ideas of how to make it sound great :)."

You can find additional posts featuring the Neuzeit Quasar including a walkthrough in previous posts here.

03- The Korg ARP 2600M- Oscillator 3

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the third oscillator found on the Korg ARP 2600M."

AutomaticGainsay Korg ARP 2600M posts

Elektron Digitone + CXM1978 // Feedback Waves

video upload by Dexba

"Just having fun here!
Two arpeggiators (T1 and T2) with different length arpeggios, modulation going into the CXM1978 via midi for some 'hardware' warbling effect, and T3 (with that swooshing noise coming in) is played by me in real-time, jumping from tonality to tonality because I like to make my own life pretty hard when it comes to musical boundaries. Nothing to learn this time, so I really hope you'll enjoy spending some musical time with me 💝"

V.A.I. 70 : Antonelli Syntorgan 2445

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

You can find additional posts featuring the Antonelli Syntorgan 2445 here.

"Antonelli Syntorgan 2445.
Lovely and quirky machine with a mono synth and high / low pass filter controls.
It came with legs, preset overlays for a handful of sounds, and a songbook.
There’s a very simple drum machine and auto bass/chords on board as well.
The Antonelli Syntorgan 2445 is actually fun to play and compose with, the two filter types really save this toy keyboard and elevates it beyond Bontempi standards.
Marketed for beginners and kids, it was apparently manufactured by Siel - it’s basically a slimmed down and tinny sounding Siel Cruise : a mono section and a poly section.
On the Syntorgan you can route the poly section through the mono filter, plus it has a kind of hidden two octave bass preset, a drum machine and auto-bass and auto-chord section too.
We used some external effects, this machine really needs it :
the Tekson Fading pedal for phasing the drums, then an odd and crazy rare FBT Dual Channel Equalizer rack-unit for some color, and a Montarbo Analog Delay (actually digital) with a broken chip that somehow distorts things wonderfully. On some sounds we also pulled out our FBT R-21 Leslie simulator, an optical rack device based around a spinning disc, it looks almost like a tape echo.

Antonelli Syntorgan Specs:
Separate and combinable Poly and mono sections
High and low pass filters
Drum machine with presets
Bass preset sound
Auto bass and chord section
One finger mode."

Remix of "Instant Sunshine" by LAU

video upload by Luke Million

"Here's how I put the synths together using my Multimoog, Prophet 5, CP70b and OB8.

Stream the full remix here -"

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