MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Custom Circuit Bent TR-707 Madness!

video upload by Richard Devine

"individual pitch controls and customized ROMS added with some of my own samples, modded by al spitzley !"

Trinity Drum Synth Array & Hue Audio Processor with Modbap Modular & BBoyTech

video upload by Perfect Circuit


Read more about Hue & Trinity :
Enter the Contest :

Grab a Trinity today :
Add some color with Hue :
PerFOURmer effects and more :

Follow @ModbapModular & @Bboytechreport on socials : @modbapmodular
Check out more about ModBap :

Modbap Modular, founded by Corry Banks, is a black owned eurorack modular synthesis and electronic musical instrument manufacturer. Our instruments are made and designed in Southern California - USA. It is our goal and mission to develop fun, forward thinking, performance oriented instruments with the DJ and beatmaker’s perspective in mind.

Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. Open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, get your hands on the most excellent gear!"

Ensoniq SQ1/R Plus Transwave Synthesizer - Part 1 - Sound Demo - No Talking

video upload by Runningonair

Part 2 here

"In this video I run through a selection of presets from the Ensoniq SQ-1/R. Only the on board effects are used.

The intro track uses drums and some pads from the SQ, but the video probably give a better idea of it's capabilities.

If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below and please leave a like and consider subscribing:



You can also leave a donation at:


Benge on the SH5

video upload by zack dagoba

"Roland SH5 and MC4

I think these mid-70s filters are beautiful beyond belief

What do you think? Are there any modern ones that sound like this?


PS - the delay is the Roland 201 Space Echo 👍"

Saga Synth for iOS - Sweet Retro Chiptune Synth!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

Retro gamers, this one's for you!
Classic sounds from classic gaming hardware are powering this synth!

I made a few of the factory presets as well - Big Thanks to AudioKit for including me!

▼CONNECT with me / SUPPORT creativity and good content▼

#iosmusicproduction #auv3 #electronisounds

0:00 Music Example 1
1:26 Intro
1:56 Music Example 2
3:38 Overview
6:21 Music Example 3"

Soundfreak Filter Switches

video upload by Todd Barton

"A lovely discovery . . .
Soundfreak Modular:
My Patreon:"

Seaboard RISE 2: Logic Pro Walkthrough

video upload by ROLI

"Looking to make a track with your Seaboard RISE 2 in Apple's Logic Pro? Join producer De Ana in this in-depth tutorial and make infinitely expressive music in a MPE-compatible DAW.

From perfecting your MPE settings in Logic Pro to layering instruments, this walkthrough has you covered.

For an even more in-depth Seaboard RISE 2 walkthrough that covers setting up, 5D Touch, ROLI Dashboard, ROLI Studio, playing techniques and more, check out this film: [posted here]

▬▬ Contents ▬▬
0:00 — Introduction
0:16 — Starting in Logic Pro
0:45 — RISE 2 Settings
1:51 — Layering Instruments
3:39 — Final Tips"

K-Board MPE Tutorial with VCV Rack

KMI K-Board-C MPE VCV Rack demo video upload by Keith McMillen Instruments

video upload by Keith McMillen Instruments

"A tutorial on using Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board MPE with VCV Rack

00:00 Intro to K-Board MPE and VCV Rack
00:56 VCV Rack Setup Guide - Getting Sound
01:40 Adding modules to rack (simple mixer, reverb)
03:17 Patch from Scratch - basic monophonic synth
05:30 Triggering envelopes with K-Board
06:57 Connecting K-Board pitch to oscillators
09:35 Using a slew limiter to achieve portomento
11:13 Patching polyphony
13:03 Setting up and patching MPE
16:02 Example performance patches

VCV Rack Modules used in this tutorial by Surge XT, Audible Instruments, Befaco, Bog Audio, Repelzen and Valley"

Elektron Octatrack - Happy Jam

video upload by Easy Tiger

"I put together a jam with some stuff I have on the Octatrack. Sometimes it feels like cooking with leftovers to me. Just whipping up something with whatever you find in the fridge... or on the falshdrive...

this one's gad a pretty happy vibe I think!"

Prism Circuits - Morning Patch

video upload by Prism Circuits

"Prism Circuits is the leading manufacturer in the Serge format. All of our products are available in the DIY format allowing users to build their own systems and to create the music they've always wanted.

This patch was composed on a 3 panel custom system accompanied by our HYMENIUM sequencing panel to give us melodic movements and gestures. In this patch we used the Red Panda Raster & Chase Bliss Mood pedals to give us a washed out pitch shifted delays. The Send Receive modules allows any system to interface with external effects and pedals. A simple but very affective module to expand your system.

All information can be found at

To inquire about our products please send an email to"

Circuit Bent Semimodular Casio SK-1 Audio Video Synth Part 1 - Overview

video upload by SMMP

"This is the first video of a circuit bent Casio SK-1 I built for a commission job. It's encased in a vintage wooden box and it features standard bends plus VCF, LFOs, Sequencer, glitch patchy and an original video synth.

00:00 Pitch Control
01:45 Pitch LFO
02:47 Sequencer
04:34 GlitchBay
08:33 VCF
11:00 Sampling and Jamming
I can build instruments on request, so, if interested please enquire! You can drop me a message or send an email etc. --------
My SHOP on"

Obsession Vol 1 - Patches 27 to 64 - Oberheim OB-X8

video upload by GEOSynths

"Obession Vol 1 - Contains 128 Patches for the fantastic Oberheim OB-X8, covering huge Pads & Strings, Classic Polysynth Sounds, Bass & Lead and a whole load of other sounds, inluding Classic Patches from the likes of Prince, Rush, Gary Numan etc.

As well as the Synth patches, there are also FX Presets created for all, so you can match what has been demonstrated in the Video. 2 Free Plugins were used.

1 - Blue Cat Audio Chorus -
2. Valhalla Supermassive -

All you need to do is set up an Insert in your DAW, add the chorus in Slot 1 and in Slot 2, Supermassive. Then just match up the Preset Numbers/Names...That's it, levels are all done!

00:00 - 27. More Prophet GEO
00:35 - 28. Curves GEO
01:44 - 29. Full Strings GEO
02:45 - 30. Bass Face GEO
03:27 - 31. Rain Clouds GEO
04:27 - 32. High Theory GEO
05:30 - 33. Notch Theory GEO
06:02 - 34. Lead Affair GEO
06:36 - 35. Air Line GEO
06:58 - 36. You Square GEO
07:20 - 37. Pulsar GEO
08:24 - 38. All Rhodes GEO
09:12 - 39. Sub Light GEO
09:46 - 40. Dead Zone GEO
10:30 - 41. 808 Bass GEO
10:53 - 42. Analog Snare GEO
11:14 - 43. Jimmy Jam GEO
11:28 - 44. Fortitude GEO
12:08 - 45. Vibes GEO
12:56 - 46. Loose Ends GEO
13:15 - 47. Poly Funk GEO
13:56 - 48. Seize GEO
14:36 - 49. Moments GEO
15:20 - 50. G-Waves GEO
15:43 - 51. Frets GEO
16:27 - 52. Frantic Pad GEO
17:20 - 53. Electro Bass GEO
17:50 - 54. Tribal Flute GEO
18:50 - 55. Quartet GEO
19:20 - 56. Full Circle GEO
20:29 - 57. Amped Bass GEO
20:51 - 58. Pastels GEO
22:18 - 59. Serenity GEO
24:05 - 60. Gibson GEO
24:51 - 61. Oort Cloud GEO
25:57 - 62. Playtime GEO
27:08 - 63. Perky Lives GEO
27:46 - Revolution GEO"


video upload by LepLoop

"Mauci aka #blunted_spaghetti is doing some cassa cv test with the leploop euro rack version, under develop."

Happy New Year from Make Noise!

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A little look back at 2022."

Synth of the Month Series by Battery Operated Orchestra

video uploads by Battery Operated Orchestra

BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: PWM Malevolent
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: Korg MicroKorg
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: DSI Oberheim OB-6
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: Yamaha PSS-480
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: Novation Bass Station II
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: MFB Dominion 1
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: Teisco 110f
BOO-cast - Synth of the Month: Korg Opsix

SUNVOX modular synth on Raspberry Pi

video upload by

"Here's how to install the latest #Sunvox on a #RaspberryPi. Sunvox is a modular software #synthesizer that has been around for more than 2 decades. It's very well optimized and runs on even the tiniest devices. Table of contents:

00:00 intro
00:19 hi!
00:34 hardware overview
01:00 instructions ( )
01:27 download and install realtimepi
01:59 update and setup you pi
02:48 download and install Sunvox
03:30 install glibc
04:47 change LD_LIBRARY_PATH
05:08 install shellscript for autostart
05:30 important things to consider
05:52 using Sunvox: UI overview
06:38 some patches
07:09 create a new project, add some sound modules
07:50 connecting modules
08:11 editing patches
08:38 add another sound source
09:48 adding a second oscillator
10:22 adding a low pass filter
10:51 MIDI learning
11:54 playing two (or more) sounds simultaneously
12:56 adding effects: vocal filter
14:24 reverb
16:43 conclusion

Here are all the commands and links you need
Capacitive touchscreen:
Installation instructions:
Realtime PI:


1970's Univox K1 MiniKorg Analog Synthesizer (Korg 700s) SN 1233

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Sometimes simple is best. This buzzy all analog beast slays, despite the fact it looks like it should be sitting on top of Grandma's Hammond organ. Serial number: 1233

Recently cleaned internally along with a recapped power supply. All key contacts have been cleaned, calibrated and tuned! Ready for some sweet studio action."

Alesis A6 Andromeda

via this auction

"The ultimate polyphonic analog synth.

In a world filled with “almost-analog” and “sort-of-analog” synthesizers, Andromeda is the real deal: a high-performance instrument fueled by true analog synth technology. In a single, powerful package you’ll find a huge range of tonal possibilities: searing leads, warm pads, fat bass lines, extreme sound effects and more. With Andromeda you can get all these sounds simultaneously, while enjoying the creative control to reach out, grab knobs and instantly reshape Andromeda’s mind-blowing sonics."

Korg Trident

via this auction

"The Korg Trident is a 61 key (8 voice polyphonic) synthesizer, featuring flanger, vibrato, ADSR volume envelope, and separate Brass, Synthe, and String sections. The single oscillator String section features a dedicated EQ (low/high), AR volume envelope, and vibrato. The single oscillator Brass section features a dedicated resonant low pass analog filter and ADR volume envelope. The dual oscillator (saw, square, pulse, waveforms) Synthe section features a dedicated resonant low pass analog filter, ADSR envelope (routed to filter and volume), and 19 presets (Piano1, Piano2, Clav, 16 editable)."


via this auction

"Extremely rare (21 units) more than two A4 - A monster"


via this auction, also on Reverb

"The SH-32 Synthesizer is a nod to Roland's past with a look toward the future. This 4-part multitimbral synth uses new Wave Acceleration Synthesis to deliver up to 32 voices of fat synth waves and entirely new waveforms. There's also a full complement of knobs and sliders-plus analog-style drums, DSP effects and a killer arpeggiator-giving musicians desktop access to a range of stunning synth sounds

Powerful desktop synthesizer with massive Realtime control
New Wave Acceleration Synthesis creates a variety of synth waves-67 total
Includes standard synth waves plus new waveforms like Spectrum and Noise
Up to 32-note/4-part multitimbral operation
2 main oscillators and 2 sub oscillators with ultra-thick Subsonic mode
Pulse width modulation and oscillator "hard" sync capability
insert and loop effects processors with 10 types of reverb/delay and 35 multi-effects
Programmable arpeggiator for creating synth lines or drum patterns
Patches using oscillator sync will be monophonic"

Yamaha DX200 AN200 Desktop Synthesizer Set

via this auction


video upload by steve webb



Cat Jive (Behringer Cat Synthesizer experimental composition)

video upload by Kyle Whitlock

"Here's Mo Cat synthesizer improv for Cat lovers out there! Cat synthesizer and Valhalla Space Modulator VST plug in."

Behringer Bi-Phase pedal (newer pedals are labelled as Dual Phase)

video upload by Vykaar Tones

"First test of this pedal with a sequence from a vintage Korg MS20. The CV input to the pedal is coming from a 960 sequential controller with an 8 note sequence to control phase or gen 1 rate."

MPG 8X Patch Generator - Pads & Perc Bass Algorithm

video upload by Retroaktiv Synthesizers

"This video demonstrates some of the sounds generated by the MPG-8X patch generator's 'Pads 1' category."

MPG-8X Patch Generator - Poly/Pad 2 Algorithm

"Here's a demo of the Poly/Pad 2 Algorithm found in the MPG-8X patch generator. This is just a sample of the tones this algorithm will generate."

MPG-8X Patch Generator - Perc Bass Algorithm

"Here we're using the MPG-8X Patch Generator to create 'perc bass' sounds using the "Perc Bass" algorithm. This alg is also good for generating organ percussion soinds."

Endorphines Shuttle System &Why you need a modular desktop synthesizer

video upload by Synthesizer New Zealand

"Welcome to Shuttle System, a unique performance instrument containing 5 @Endorphines #Eurorack modules under single 84hp faceplate.

This video consist of an intro, explanation about the #synthesizer modules within Shuttle system and some performances on the system. To help you navigate through the madness here are some timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Shuttle System explained
01:31 Shuttle Control
02:27 Furthrrrr Generator
03:13 Gateway XP
03:42 Grand Terminal
05:14 Cockpit 2
06:04 Connections & controls
07:02 Performance 1
09:28 Performance 2
14:28 Performance 3: Vƍlc - The Matrix

The composition used in the last song is part of Vƍlc's (@volc5406) song the matrix which was performed and debuted on Saturday the 29th of October 2022 during Modfest 2 (Modular Festival Auckland) in Red Bar, #Auckland

The performance modular synthesizer is the result of 5 years of intense development — module after module was put together neatly by the team at Endorphines to finally create an instrument in a class of it’s own—a set of well selected devices for musicians to imagine music and bring it to life in the most pleasant way.

With the Shuttle System you obtain 5 modules in a 84hp @FrapTools PLUS case with handmade signature silkscreen printing, a PSU, a set of cables and a carrying bag. The whole Shuttle System is around 43-44 cm long which is the approximate size allowed in almost every airliner to ensure safe traveling with your instrument.

The portable power adapters ensure the use of instrument in any part of the world — no matter what the voltages is coming from the power receptacle.

The Shuttle's front panel is secured in the case with @Befacosynth Knurlies for ultra-fast access to the backside of the modules for trimming their parameters, setting jumpers (stereo/mono channels) on Cockpit 2 or installing the rich-in-timbres Strong-Zero VCO core onto Furthrrrr Generator.

The following modules are included in Shuttle System:

Shuttle Control - 16 channel USB to MIDI to CV interface with almost infinite possibilities interpreting MIDI events into analogue control voltages—including CV/Gate, random or noise generators, MIDI or tap-clocks, utility LFOs and envelopes. (Find out more here:

Furthrrrrr Generator - dual triangle-core VCO with a waveshaper (Find out more here:

Grand Terminal - dual voltage controlled gate with 8 resonant filter modes (ladder, diode, lpg, state variable, comb), dual envelope generators (voltage controlled) with looping/AD/ASR with arbitrary voltage to control slope shapes: from EXP to LIN to LOG without stretching the length of a certain slope, Cabin Pressure audio FX processor with 8 selected effects
(Find out more here:

Cockpit 2 - 4 stereo channel mixer with sidechain ducking (Find out more here:

Gateway - dual 1+1 utility mixer and auto-tuners to scale, offset and invert voltages"

Modal ARGON8

video uploads by Modal Electronics DACH

"Der ARGON8 von Modal Electronics ist ein 8-stimmiger Wavetable-Synthesiser mit 32 Oszillatoren, 180 handverlesenen Wavetables und 8 verschiedenen, morphbaren Filtertypen. Er ist wahlweise mit 37 oder 61 Tasten (mit Aftertouch) sowie als platzsparendes Desktop-/Rack-Modul erhÀltlich.

ARGON8 ermöglicht die Verwendung von bis zu 4 Effekten gleichzeitig (3 hochwertige Multi-Effekt-Prozessoren + Distortion) und unterstĂŒtzt außerdem MPE fĂŒr besonders expressive Performances."

Playlist at the time of this post:
Modal ARGON8 - Der Wavetable-Synthesiser einer neuen Generation
Nodal ARGON8 Kickstart #1: Overview
Modal ARGON8 Kickstart #2: Oscillators
Modal ARGON 8 Kickstart #3: Effects

Synthesizer - Plant Wave

video upload by Rubén Martín Villa

"There is no better way to start the year than playing with our passion. There so much kind of syntetizers, that’s why I love it, it’s pretty similar than a game but with sounds. In this case I have a plant wave to take the variations of the sound of a bonsai and put it in the synthe to modify it. To create textures to accompany the timbre of the sound. This was a 3-hour session condensed into 3 minutes. #Intellijel #mutableinstrument #makenoise #sounddesign"

#Jamuary2023 (4) One cheap synth is enough

video upload by True Cuckoo

"Big shoutout to @KorgOfficial for keeping the Microkorg around. It's an affordable synth. But it is actually a very flexible, great sounding synth, once you get your head around the synth engine. All these sounds are from my 128-microkorg-presets sound pack.

Sound pack:

Support me here:"

Waldorf Iridium Dusty Pads collection

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"A collection of 50 pads full of dirt, dust, distortion & character. Use the Mod Wheel & XY pad to control filters, distortion, reverbs & delays.

Available at:"

Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3 Analog Synthesizer Mini Jam

video upload by @VCOUSA

80's Rhythm | #Jamuary2023 | Day 04

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Day 04 and counting. So far it's giving me lots of fun and energy and between you and me, day 05 and 06 are already finished since I have a gig on day 08. In this episode I want to talk about rhythms from the 80's and 90's, where musicians had to use the 808 or 909 and were more or less restricted to 16 steps in a bar. But that still adds up to 65536 possible patterns - per voice - not counting a 'final step' feature to create polyrhythms. Also, I'd like to show you how cool it is to decouple your melodic track from its own gates and use a separate gate track. I hope you'll enjoy!"

A Spy Recorder Turned Instrument

video upload by HAINBACH

JAMUARY 2023 / 4 / Joranalogue Audio Design feedback jam

video upload by BRiES

"I watched a few videos about the R*S Serge system (I shouldn't have) and got inspired to play around with feedback in my Joranalogue system. I'm always pleasantly surprised how not using a sequencer can yield such emotive soundscapes."

#Jamuary 02 - Ambient Techno improvisation: Monome Norns, Grid + Ableton midi controller by Midique

video upload by Thoow

"My second contribution to this years #Jamuary. This time I based my piece around notes generated by the Fall script on Monomer Norns+Grid. I added a simple baseline in Ableton, recorded some of the incoming Midi notes, reduced tempo and created some Pads with these. The drum section is heavily modulated by LFOs with the Slink Max for Live device. Apart from the filters, effects and start end points of the samples (mostly taken from the TanzbÀr), it even modulates the steps and events within the Euclidian sequencer. Have fun. Use headphones, if you can :-)"

Patch n Tweak
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