MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday, January 06, 2023

The Yamaha CS80 & CS70M - An Exploration of Two LEGENDS!

video upload by Vintage Synthesizer Solutions

"Please join us while we do a direct sonic comparison of these two classic Yamaha synthesizers. As is widely recognized, the CS80 is arguably the most legendary synthesizer ever made. Just under 800 units were produced at an MSRP of roughly $7000 each in 1978. The CS70m was the follow up flagship model and retailed for just under $5000 in 1981. We could not find the production total for the 70m (if anyone knows, please share in the comments!). However, like its sibling, I would guess that less than 1000 were made during its production run which ended in 1983 as Yamaha prepared to release the DX7.

While they do not sound identical by any means, we hope this video demonstrates how incredibly under recognized the CS70m is within the CS Poly family. It is the closest you can get to the CS80 in terms of feature set, voice architecture, and dual channel sound. For the prices people ask today for the CS50 and CS60, one would be smart to look for a 70m instead (IMHO!).

The audio is DIRECT & DRY - You are hearing the raw audio as it comes directly from each synthesizer. NO post processing (Effects or Dynamics) was done.

Thank you so much for watching! This channel is a passion project. We are just two hobbyists who share a deep passion for synthesizers. Please consider subscribing, we would greatly appreciate it! 🙏

**I am not a professional keyboardist! :)**
*On the CS80, the sliders labelled: "Sub Oscillator" = LFO*
Fun Fact: The CS80 has 8 voices; the CS70m has 6.


As always, a huge thanks to for the amazing filming & editing work!

0:00 Intro
0:40 History & Development
1:30 Features unique to the 80 & 70m
2:08 Performance Controls
2:50 Voice Structure/Signal Path
4:44 CS80 Pitch Ribbon & Analog Memory
5:46 CS70m Updates & Diferences
7:50 CS80 Sounds
17:45 CS70m Sounds
21:01 DOG! 😂
21:06 CS70m Sounds Continued
30:41 Outro"

Elektron Analog Four mk2 and Analog Rytm mk2 Live

video upload by

"In this stream, Matthew (aka EZBOT) and Steven (aka Project 32) from Patchwerks will be exploring the immense power and sound of the Elektron Analog Four mk2 and Analog Rytm mk2.

More on the Analog Four mk2:
More on the Analog Rytm mk2:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT), and Steven Ly (aka Project 32)"

ARP 2500 Bible - 1050 Mix Sequencer Part 1

video upload by O.Z. Hall

ARP 2500 Bible 1050 Mix Sequencer Part 2

"The ARP 2500 was the flagship modular synthesizer from ARP throughout the 1970s.

This is part 1 of a two part video series on the Behringer clone of the ARP 2500 1050 Mix-Sequencer.

Part 1 review every control on the 1050 Mix-Sequencer in detail
Part 2 demonstrates the three example applications from the original 1970's ARP 2500 Owners Manual.

a free PDF of this manual is available here:
see the three PDFs on the top left of this page.

here is the PDF of the script for this video, if you're interested:
It includes the configuration for each of the three examples."

Low-Gain Electronics Lunchbox Modular session.

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Put together a little system to take to a gathering of friends… excited to see what this selection can offer pared with the Matrix Mixer

Modules used:
Tri-Core VCO
Dual Slopes Compact
PVK Filter
Dual LPG + Mix + Pre

Visit for more info on the system."


video upload by EMEAPP

"A synth and a groove machine! How cool is this little vintage Italian beast! It even has "crazy hands" and ragtime"! The Elgam Carousel is just one of those unique instuments that beautifully straddles the line between awesome and cheesy, but we love cheese around here too! In this episode of Sonic Test Drive, join electronic music pioneer Don Slepian as he takes you through the ins and outs of this rare oddity from the mid 70s."

You can find additional posts featuring the ELGAM CAROUSEL here.

Sequential Trigon-6 First Look

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"The new Sequential installment marks the last development of synth legend Dave Smith and comes with six polyphonic analog voices, aftertouch, polymod and more exciting features."

Be sure to check the dealers on the right for availability as well.

Obsession Vol 1 - Patches 97 to 128 - Oberheim OB-X8

video upload by GEOSynths

"Out Now -

Obession Vol 1 - Contains 128 Patches for the fantastic Oberheim OB-X8, covering huge Pads & Strings, Classic Polysynth Sounds, Bass & Lead and a whole load of other sounds, inluding Classic Patches from the likes of Prince, Rush, Gary Numan etc.

As well as the Synth patches, there are also FX Presets created for all, so you can match what has been demonstrated in the Video. 2 Free Plugins were used.

1 - Blue Cat Audio Chorus
2. Valhalla Supermassive

All you need to do is set up an Insert in your DAW, add the chorus in Slot 1 and in Slot 2, Supermassive. Then just match up the Preset Numbers/Names...That's it, levels are all done!

00:00 - 97. Pipe Bass GEO
00:24 - 98. 8 Bit Smash GEO
01:00 - 99. Brassed Off GEO
01:34 - 100. Arp4Life GEO
02:48 - 101. Starlight GEO
03:39 - 102. Circuit Break GEO
04:20 - 103. Dream EP GEO
05:12 - 104. Cold Heart GEO
06:07 - 105. Plateau GEO
07:34 - 106. Unspoken GEO
08:24 - 107. Magnetix GEO
09:05 - 108. Rezonate GEO
09:54 - 109. Fault Line GEO
10:24 - 110. Triplets GEO
11:18 - 111. No Escape GEO
12:24 - 112. Stratified GEO
12:52 - 113. Jump GEO
13:08 - 114. Countdown GEO
13:28 - 115. Lazer Jarre GEO
13:52 - 116. Fade2Grey GEO
14:16 - 117. Don't Go GEO
14:33 - 118. Holiday GEO
14:47 - 119. Blue Monday GEO
15:01 - 120. 1999 GEO
15:17 - 121. Pulsate GEO
16:16 - 122. Cool Worlds GEO
17:01 - 123. Gemini GEO
18:06 - 124. Tears Rule GEO
18:52 - 125. Phoenix Arises GEO
20:04 - 126. Juicy Fruit GEO
20:34 - 127. Entropy GEO
21:19 - 128. Poly Tri"

Oberheim OB-SX - 56 brand new presets - available as sys ex and EPROM image file

video upload by The Synth King

"New sounds for a preset synth ??

Breathe new life into your trusty Oberheim OB-SX !! You´ll get 56 brand new synth preset sounds as midi sysex file (for MLAB magic box user) and as EPROM image file replacing the old factory presets.

Honestly, this synth can do more than flutes, trumpets and clarinets. In my opinion it shines with juicy pads, cutting leads, fat unison basses and brassy synth sounds and that is exactly what you´ll get with this sound set.

Enjoy the video and support my channel !
Best wishes for 2023 !

Pepe Mogt Viento N

video upload by Pepe Mogt

"Live improvisation with the modular synthesizer creating live environments simulating northerly winds"

Silly Seventies

video upload by Todd Barton

"Somehow this fun little experiment reminds me of some the the pop synth demos of the early 1970s I used to get on flexi discs :-) Enjoy!"

#dawlessjam #minimal #electronicmusic with the Ts1 Sequencer.

video upload by bvr-instruments

"This video is the following jam with #TS1sequencer ipad Ts1RemoteController #bassdrum #tt303 , STS sample and snare patch made with Mutable instruments Kinks, Intelligell Dual ADSR and Doepfer A-103

All signal routed to Antmix mixer and recorded with my DSLR.
Mastered in Reaper."

Sequential Pro 3 | Solo Synth Improv | Naiads

video upload by Greg Wilder

"Winter afternoon improv solo jam over a track made while exploring sound design on the Sequential Prophet Rev2, Korg DW-8000, and Korg Poly 800."

And a short:

Going for a swim with the Pro3 #sequential

video upload by Greg Wilder

KadImprov #14 | "Ocean Lullaby" | ProphetREV2 - Syntrx - Moog Mother32

video upload by KadiMusic

"'Ocean Lullaby'

I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with the Prophet REV2.
I've put together a multi-layered patch on the Rev2 featuring a soft triangle wave, an LFO triggered Cutoff, and a gentle left/right panning.

To add some extra depth to the track, I brought in some accents from the #syntrx and the #moog #mother-32. Together, they create a unique atmosphere that keeps things interesting and airy.

Thanks for watching and for your feedback.

Erica Synths:

Page McConnell's Phish 2022 Keyboard Rig Tour (4K HDR)

video upload by Phish

"A complete rundown of Page McConnell's 2022 Phish keyboard rig. #Phish #Keyboards #synthesizer Special Thanks to Page's keyboard tech Eddie Piotrowski.

Directed by Trey Kerr.

Additional Thanks:

Warneck Research Wurlitzer Electronics
Tim Warneck

Retrolinear Inc.
Mike Suchodolski
Karl Frick
Amanda Fitser
Mike Frank


video upload by Peter Grenader

"The first demo of the additions and patch changes for the Toolbox to be used by Danny Carey in upcoming Tool shows. This is the first time he has seen/heard the system since it was reconfigured, outlined in this video posted a few months back:" [posted here]

Korg minilogue bass Now Shipping

See the dealers on the right for availability.

"Along with its striking new look with inverted red and black keys and a liquid swirl design front panel, the minilogue bass offers the same true rich analog capabilities of the original Korg minilogue, but now with 100 new sounds, 40 of those programmed specifically for bass. Now's the time to step outside the box and get down with the limited edition minilogue bass."

See this post for demos and additional details.

Using the DB-01 for live dronescapes

video upload by Richard DeHove

"A simple way to perform live ambient dronescapes with the DB-01. Here I just use the DB-01 with a Strymon Timeline on the pattern delay setting. Ideally I would have changed the Timeline pattern but the delay can't handle the transition and completely cuts out. For a more 'hands-free' performance you could switch the LFO to 'sample and hold' and give it a little filter modulation for interesting filter echoes. Or put a few more steps into the DB-01 pattern and switch playback mode to 'random'. If there's any interest I'll do a part 2 for more techniques. The on-screen display is showing the left & right channels of the DB-01.

0:00 Intro blather
1:08 Program the pattern
2:38 Scale fun
2:58 Random pitch
3:35 Initial hit
4:31 LFO filter mod
6:00 FM

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:
My other channel "IntraCosmos" of long-play dark ambient textures:"

New Year | New Gear | Let's Jam!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"1st live jam of 2023! Just getting to know some new gear and having fun!
Thanks for watching!"


The Sound of Alphaville - Forever Young

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of my favorite 80s songs ever
Alphaville - Forever Young (1984)

I used the Roland JX-3P for all synth pads (in original Jupiter-8).
The JX-3p is the best synth in my opinion for classic JP-8 sounds. Nearly identical sound.
I used the Logan String Melody 2 for all analog string sounds.
The add digital sounds are played with the PPG wave 2.2 synthesizer and the solo sound at the end of the track with the ARP Odyssey Mk.3
Drums are LinnDrum, Simmons, Samples

The Roland JX-3P Synthesizer from the year 1983 is a fantastic analog synth with the typical 80s sound. Here can you find the full JX-3P playlist with single sound demos and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The JX-3P playlist:"

Arturia MiniFreak Demo I No Talking + Custom Patches

video upload by Alphacode Synth Demos & Patches

Roland SH-1000 37-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"It was recently fully serviced, fully recapped, all the switches, faders and pots were cleaned.

It also calibrated and tuned at factory specs.

All the job was done by professionals in Athens-Greece."

Nelasma - "Small Things" - Experimental Melodic Electronic Live Music - Modular Synth Jam Guitar

video upload by Nelasma

Below is a playlist featuring all of Nelasma's videos for those interested.

"It feels like my energy is slowly flowing back into my cells, maybe its the music haha...

I was playing around with the guitar to some beat and stumbled upon this small melodic movement. So I recorded it and put a moving low pass filter on it. So lets jam a bit with this! I thought. Not really techno or anything and I don't know what to label this kind of music.

Guess I'll make a playlist the coming days with electro or music I don't know how to label kek..

There are some clicks in the bass voice but I have no idea how and where they came from. And I wasn't in the mood to put on my debugger cap and play detective haha...

Really like how the guitar sounds in this one. I put some analog drive on it and played around with some octave shifting.. Also a rising delay with pitch warbles which I could control with a pedal.

There are some really nice parts in this jam tho as so often I think I could have done with less. Also I really could have started the movement of the bass voice much earlier hahaha...But no jam is perfect so up it goes ;)

Hope someone enjoys!

Really like

Timing index:

00:00 Start/Buildup
01:49 Beat
02:24 Break into beat with hats
02:52 Really like this lick here
03:22 Adding some in and out going bells sounds
03:46 Break into a little more chill sound
05:12 Beat again with almost everything
05:40 Playing around with a melodic voice
06:03 Break and FINALLY the bass movement is there haha
06:32 Playing around unto the end

Main actors:
- #BastlPizza as Bass
- #fxaid from HappyNerding
- #nautilus from QuBit
- #mimeophon from MakeNoise
- #rings from mutable
- #plaits from mutable
- Guitar: #timeline as delay, #mercury7 as reverb

#bastlinstruments #happynerding
#qubitelectronix #makenoise #steadystatefate #strymon"

Korg Minilogue XD - NO TALKING demo

video upload by Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab

"Hi, everyone!

Here's to you my 'first few minutes' on a Korg Minilogue XD.

In this demo I just go through the first 20 factory presets. No additional effects or outboard processing here. What you listen is what you get!

The Minilogue XD is an amazing four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer."

ASM Hydrasynth - NO TALKING demo

video upload by Andrea Di Lorenzo - Music Lab

"Hi, everyone!

Here's to you my NO TALKING DEMO of the amazing ASM Hydrasynth, the "best value for money" synthesizer out there IMHO.

In this demo I will just let you hear what some amazing sound designers have made for this stunning wavetable synthesizer simply by scrolling and playing some beautiful factory presets of the bank A.

Some specs:
◉ 2 x WaveScan Oscillators, 1 x Fixed Wave Oscillator, 1 x Noise Generator;
◉ 219 waveforms (wave morphing), 4 x Mutators Wave Shapers;
◉ 5 x LFO, Tempo syncable;
◉ Multimode Filter (11 types), Variable Filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass);
◉ 5 x ADSR ; Delay, Hold, Looping;
◉ 4 x Reverbs, 5 x Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Phaser, Lo-Fi, Tremolo, EQ, Compressor;
◉ 8 x Arpeggiators;
◉ Full polyphonic aftertouch;
◉ CV/Gate I/O;
◉ 32-path modulation matrix;
◉ and much more...

I really think this synthesizer is a sound designer's dream, with a unique sound and capable of producing from the most traditional to the most experimental, evolving and generative timbres."

Sky Fly 💫 (Vermona Perfourmer + Lethargy + H9 + Particle + Bigsky + Pill // Tanzbar // Keystep Pro)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"Wishing you a happy New Year for 2023 ! May it be filled with music 🎶, peace 🕊️ and love💕!
After experimenting during the last month of 2022 by publishing 7 'Shorts' let's start 2023 with a more than 2-minute video in order to compensate a bit this special month of December 😅

So for this one, only the Vermona Perfourmer was used for the synth parts (Bass, Arp & Pads) and MFB Tanzbar for the drum parts, with both instruments sequenced by the Arturia Keystep Pro.

* Hardware used *
- SYNTH: Vermona Perfourmer
- BASS (Voice1) Dry
- ARP (Voice2) + Dreadbox Lethargy (Analog Phaser) + Eventide H9 Max (Vintage Delay engine)
- PADS (Voices3&4) + Red Panda Particle 2 (Granular Delay / Pitch Shifting Pedal) + Strymon Bigsky (Reverb) + Pill (ducking pedal, triggered by the kick from Tanzbar)
- DRUMS: MFB Tanzbar
- SEQUENCER: Arturia Keystep Pro"

Bad Gear - Elektron Model:Samples

video upload by AudioPilz

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about Elektron Model:Samples. Is this entry level groovebox and sample-based drum machine the perfect introduction to the Elektron workflow? Is it 'My First Elektron'?

00:00 Intro tune
01:23 Overview Elektron Model Samples
01:46 Pads (Velocity, Modulation)
02:04 Sample Player Engines, Filter, LFO
02:48 FX (Reverb, Delay)
02:53 Elektron Sequencer (Retrigger, Trig Conditions)
03:27 UI, Playing Samples Chromatically
03:38 Live Performance Features (CTRL ALL)
04:04 Elektron-Type Beats (Examples)
04:35 Sample Management, Computer Integration (or lack thereof)
04:47 Connectivity, Thanks!!!
05:10 Hate
05:35 Jam 1 (Lofi House)
06:28 Jam 2 (Dub)
07:24 Finale (Witch House x Phonk)
07:59 Verdict"

[patch] Fast Arp Chord (Blofeld)

video upload by Synthesizer Video Service

"I'm showing in this tutorial how to program an arpeggiator sound which is perfect for chords and textures. The fast tempo is ideal for creative use and for less harmonic combinations of notes. Plus, it gives you nerdy 80s digital vibes.

[00:00] Intro
[00:51] LFOs
[03:10] Oscillators
[05:48] Filters
[07:37] Envelopes
[08:11] Arpeggiator
[09:05] Modulations
[10:28] Reverb
[11:06] Final Patch
[11:48] Outro

Have a look at my products:"

Under the Winter Sun (xmas hedge-hop mix) - ambient-electro synths in the forest with SH32 and MC101

video upload by

"Although the SH32 is pretty power hungry, drawing 1A, a usb power pack with 9V converter handled it fine. Not so sure about the sync, gonna need to experiment some more.
I was lucky to fit this jam in on a sunny afternoon just before I caught the xmas lurgy!
The close-up video is not from the recorded take, but the front view is.


00:00-AMBIENT INTRO annoying pheasants with Roland SH32

02:11-Roland MC101 joins in



06:57-BREAKDOWN with SH32 and overhead light aircraft



Roland SH32
Roland MC101
Boss RV6
Roland Cube Street Ex
Tascam DR40

Composed and performed by Keith Sutton
20th December 2022"

Metro2023 | Day 06 | Magerit Laniakea & Metro - Starter Kit

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The Laniakea has been my personal surprise of 2022, but Magerit also has a drum module called Metro. The module sounds amazing, but there's still a tiny quirk with the clock sync which makes you slow down and go in launge mode. Not a bad thing for a Friday Night jam!"

HADES Reissue by Dreadbox / Wobbly Patch

video upload by Dreadbox

"Orestes creates a wobbly patch on the Hades Reissue synthesizer.Features- All Analog Bass SynthesizerFaithful Reproduction of the 2016 Hades- 1 Oscillators with 2 Sub Octaves and 2 Waveforms with PW control- 3-pole Resonating Low Pass Filter- 1 AD/RS envelope and a AR Amp Envelope- OTA VCA- OTA Distortion- Wide Range Triangle LFO- 11 patch pointsfor an astonishing spectacular modular experience- Compact, USB powered, Eurorack Format (42HP)"

A Unique Synthesis Technique

video upload by HAINBACH

PRIMER - 100% FREE AUv3 Poly Synth - Includes 157 Patches by Spidericemidas - Demo with Cubasis 3

video upload by

"You can get Primer here at the App Store for FREE

You can get Cubasis 3 here at the App Store

Please help support The Sound Test Room by becoming a Patreon for as little as $1 a month.
You will also have access to exclusive Patreon-Only content and videos."

Patch n Tweak
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