MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Saving Alpha Juno

video upload by Johnny Morgan Synth Dreams

"A short video detailing the repair of an Alpha Juno 2 synthesizer. One of the classic Roland synths from the 80s."

Demo ONE - IDM Electronica - Circuit Tracks Sound Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"Vanguard electronica with synthetic syncopated glitchy beats heavily focused on experimentation.

High quality elements designed to produce innovative electronic music.

This pack works perfect in genres like IDM, Electronica, Glitch, Experimental, Techno, Electro and Ambient.


A collection of 128 velocity-sensitive patches (64 original one + 64 new versions) focus on exploration and innovation.
Including screaming and acid arpeggiated bass sounds, hypnotic poly-synths with digital and analogue aesthetics, motion/evolutive/pads and textures, solid leads and synth FX's.

32 Basses (also usable as leads)
48 Poly-synths
32 Pads/ Movement Pads/ Textures
8 Leads
8 EFX's
This pack is complete with 64 synth drum samples covering from huge analog punch kicks and snares to avant-garde glitches, FX's and noises.

16 Kicks
16 Claps/snares
8 Hi-hats
24 Percussion, glitches, noises and EFX's.
24 Sessions/projects covering a wide spectrum of IDM styles, from Autechre-style experimental sounding electronica to the more fluctuating and nostalgic Ambient of Boards Of Canada, through fast-paced Breaks, cold and mechanical Electro, and cerebral club Techno music.
Sessions include several scenes.


All macros follow the parameters assigned on Circuit Tracks.

Macro 1: parameters that directly affect the oscillators such as virtual sync, pulse width, transitions between wavetables or oscillator mix.
Macro 2: modulations indirectly affecting the oscillators, vibrato in some cases, and in the motion pads activating more complex modulations to create evolving atmospheres.
Macro 3: amp envelope release/amp envelope decay.
Macro 4: filter envelope depth (first half for negative modulation, and second half for positive).
Macro 5: filter frequency.
Macro 6: resonance.
Macro 7: portamento.
Macro 8: distortion/rate reducer/noise or a combination of them.

# All A Force Truly Evil Sound Packs are fully compatible with OG Circuit including sessions.


SitannSpin - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by White Horse

DEMO video upload by Isotonik Studios

WALKTHROUGH - SitannSpin - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by White Horse

"The SitannSpin MaxforLive device plugin combines two step sequencers in one to be used to generate drums, melodies, or trigger samples.

Using probability and retriggering to generate variations. The complexity and rotation dials ‘focus’ variations in areas that you want. This device is great for adding accents to drum mixes.

Alternatively turn it to a MIDI note generator and you can generate melodies.

You can also separate the plugin into two sequencers and generate bass notes and treble notes.

This is a great ‘swiss army knife’ for your MIDI tool kit. With the drift function you can add high hats that sit back a little in your drum patterns. The variation setting can add a probability or can ‘humanize’ to number of times the drift it applied.

This little device is far more powerful than the playful name implies and can be used as a performance sequencer or as a music composition and creative tool.


Hydrasynth Ambient Pad

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

"Testing out the new 3 camera set up, and decided to post this up.

The Patch is called BlackForest SUB and is not one of mine but from a fantastic pack called Hydrasphere by Substan well worth checking out if you haven't already."

Staff Pick: WMD Metron and Voltera // Favorite Features

video upload by Patchwerks

"In today's stream Matthew from Patchwerks (aka EZBOT) talks about some of their favorite features from the WMD Metron and Voltera.

Get yourself a Metron from Patchwerks here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka @EZBOT_ )"

Refurbished Roland TB-303 bassline TR-808 rhythm composer acid house live techno track

video upload by tonetweakers

"Live acid on the Roland TB-303 and TR-808 by Dr. Jay Wires, BS MD PhD @jaywires

Both of these fine specimens are available for sale on our website.

Buy vintage gear that works like new at

We buy sell trade refurbish vintage synths and electronic musical instruments.

Tone Tweakers Inc."

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

NoiseWarp V.1 - Analog Sound & Noise Generator Synthesizer by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

"NoiseWarp V.1 - Analog Sound & Noise Generator Synthesizer by TSL Studio Equipment.
Handmade point to point on board."

Korg 01/W FD - Best Analog & Ambient Sounds Bundle 200 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"After successful Korg Wavestation & M1 series, we’ve got in our hands a bigger M1's brother - Korg 01/W FD

Soundset is here:

01/W FD having more internal waves, more banks & more synthesis & fx treasures inside.

01/W series sounds fantastic, but many of the sounds were overused in years & we didn’t find any modern recreations around the globe.

So we made a challenge to ourselves – made analog style patches with modern vision & also re-create classic ambient sounds.

In this soundset you will find:

Various ambient pads, drones, swells – cosmic, organic, nature, water.
Various bells & plucks – classic, modern, unreal.
Classic analog strings - massive & wide

All the patches are handcrafted & reacts on MW & Aftertouch.

Made by By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation & Alexander Kav, author of series of Waldorf Blofeld Sounds.

Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

LARIX-ELEKTRO aka LE - Eurorack Modules

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"Here is a quick presentation of the first four modules from LARIX-ELEKTRO:

- RITOURNELLE Shift-R extension module

Additional info available here:

(Music by Sedwig:"

Larix-Elektro (Simply call it LE)
The CV Generator is devoted to the generation of CVs, in the form of sequences.
The TRIG generator is the counterpart of the CV generator, this time for Trig sequences.
The Shift-R is an extension, for now only for the CV Generator. It adds 8 Trigger outputs to it.
The AttV-4 is a simple bank of 4 attenutors, that is also a mixer and/or a dispatcher 1 to 4.


RITOURNELLE CV Generator - Overview
RITOURNELLE CV Generator - Advanced


RITOURNELLE TRIG Generator - Overview
RITOURNELLE TRIG Generator - Advanced



Pics and details of each for the archives:

Volume IV for the Prophet Rev2 (Demos Parts 2 - 4)

Part 1 previously posted here.

video uploads by Robust American Patches

"Greetings and thanks for checking out our latest release...Volume IV for the Sequential Prophet Rev2! This video (Part 2) demonstrates 28 of the 95 presets contained in Volume IV. Volume IV is our 4th collection of presets for the Prophet Rev2 and is available for purchase right now at:

Thanks for watching!"


video upload by Synth Cloud

▬▬▬ Download Link ▬▬▬▬

"Classic Synths & Pads it's a sound set that includes versatile sounds for different styles like Pop, Soul, R&B, Funk and others. The ModWheel adds different characteristics to the sounds, it is more noticeable in...30 new sounds !"

5 patches with Lese GLOW

video upload by DATABROTH

"read my review:"

00:00 Patch 1
01:57 Patch 2
03:16 Patch 3
04:23 Patch 4
05:19 Patch 5

And via Lese:

Lese - Glow (Short Demo)
video upload by Lese Audio Technologies

"What started as a simple granular effect blossomed to a fully fledged granulation engine.

Filled with what you would expect from a granular effect, Glow takes it further, with feedback, externally controllable retriggering, and, through the use of a clever optimization technique, mass granulation, allowing for up to 150 grains to be processed at once.

Glow features three grain engines, three slots for effects post-granulation, four highly customizable modulators, and three dimensions of macro control. This allows you to create highly complex patches, perfect for anything from subtle glitchy background effects, to blurred atmospheres with enough detail to take center stage in your productions.

Fragmentation Engine At glow's core is three independently controlled granular processors. With visual controls reminiscent of aircraft HUDs, these processors take in your audio, and return a jittery, fractured representation of it.

While the typical granulation method is offered through the use of Stream Mode, Glow's other method, Cloud Mode uses intelligent optimizations internally to allow each engine to process up to 50 grains overlaid upon eachother for an effect previously unheard of. (3x50=150)

The output of each of these engines can also be fed back into itself to be further processed. This feature is used extensively in some of the demo presets to create multilayered "pseudo-reverbs". Your Modulation, Your Way

Glow's four modulators go beyond what is usually available in effects processors.

Our system allows you to work off of a selection of "primitive" shapes, and click & drag extra points onto the line to get it controlled exactly how you want it. When ramps are created, you can drag your mouse over the circular dot to specify the curve of the ramp for even further shaping.

Additionally, you can select the pencil icon to draw shapes directly; Specify the grid snapping, the shape to draw, and then drag to paint any shape you want! Multidimensional Peformer

Presets are meant to be expressive. Glow features a multidimensional macro system, allowing you to control three parameters at a time in the Perform section with a "Macro Cube". You can even add a short description to each dimension to remember what it's supposed to do. Freeze Control

Glow is designed to be frozen. Either control freezing & unfreezing manually, or use either the rate retrigger mode (synchronized to the DAW or free-time), or the envelope-based retrigger (and the source retriggering the audio can even be external through use of your DAW's sidechain routing)."

US 50 in Nevada, Part 1: Middlegate to Austin (with synthesizer soundtrack)

video upload by CatSynth TV

You can find all parts in this series here.

"We preset Part 1 of of several videos covering our epic trip along US Highway 50 in Nevada, dubbed "The Loneliest Road in America". In this segment, we head west from the tiny community of Middlegate in Churchill County to the old mining town of Austin (in Lander County). Along the way we cross wide valleys and mountain passes.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary using the following instruments:
Yamaha RX5 drum machine and RX5USB cartridge
Cherry Audio GX-80, Harmonia, and Stardust 201 tape delay
Arturia Vocoder V, DX7 V, Analog Lab, Mellotron V, Jun-6 V, Delay ETERNITY
Universal Audio UAD Electra 88
Buchla Red Panel 158 and 156m modules
EastWest Fantasy Brass and Hollywood Orchestral Percussion

The building featured at the end of the video is Stokes Castle, a ruined replica of a European castle tower that sits on a hill above the town of Austin."

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Beginning at Middlegate
04:10 Music break - chillout
06:42 Original rhythm returns; approaching a mountain pass

"Please consider supporting this channel so that we can bring more music, synthesizers, highways, and cultural content regularly:

Layered Bloops | Make Noise

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"'Two paths diverged in a yellow wood...'

Let’s try some various ways to make two identical sequences diverge, as well as making them converge."

Hordijk Improv for September 2

video upload by Todd Barton

"In Der Bosch, Netherlands on September 2 friends of Rob Hordijk celebrated his life, legacy, genius and lovely humanity. His dear friends Richard Scott, Biyi Ames and Joker Nies performed live and I offered this remote/virtual live performance.
Studio monitors and a sub recommended."


video upload by christian khan



video upload by christian khan

KORG EX800 still works... yoohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

video upload by christian khan

"KORG EX800 my ex800 still works"

Casio SK-5 8-Bit Sampling Keyboard + 50 Point Patch Bay

video upload by Canned Sound

"Rare 1987 Casio SK-5 8-bit sampling keyboard custom modified with a 50 point patch bay. This is a strange, lo-fi, challenging but rewarding instrument which will inspire any alternative electronic musician and sound designer."

via this auction

"Rare 1987 Casio SK-5 8-bit sampling keyboard custom modified with a 50 point patch bay. This is a haunted, lo-fi, challenging but rewarding instrument which will inspire any alternative electronic musician and sound designer. Nothing is obvious here- the keyboard itself doesn't always function as you'd expect while the patch bay opens up a world of experimental audio possibilities, far outreaching Casio's original intentions- remember, it isn't broken, it's just weird.

When the patch matrix is implemented, an array of warped sounds and effects are generated; applying multiple connections produces an increasingly complex range of cyclic, pitch dropped, fractured, tonal, bit crushed, flanged, distorted, aliasing digital noise and bizarre sequences which affect the presets, onboard rhythms (speed rushes of laser, lion and drum samples) and any sound you record using the sampling feature. The SK 5 is also very good at producing complex drones and atmospheres which can be developed using the five included patch cables- these can also be stacked for further sonic manipulation.

Sample reverse and loop functions
8 PCM tones: piano, vibraphone, dog, surf, trumpet, organ, chorus, flute.
10 rhythms: rock 1/2, disco 1/2, 16 beat, march, bossa nova, samba, slow rock, waltz.
Holds 2 samples: 8-bit PCM, 9.38kHz, approx. 1.4 seconds + 4 samples @ 0.7 seconds.
Sample tune +_ 1 octave
4 sample pads
4 rhythm pads: laser, lion, hi bongo, lo bongo
496 step sequencer
32 keys
6 envelope options"

Vanderson - The Bells - Elektron Syntakt psychill/downtempo

video upload by ॐ Vanderson ॐ

"next short track, made using only Elektron Syntakt groovebox :)"

@REYNmusician - Exclusive Expressive E Livestream

video upload by Expressive E

"Last week, talented composer, multi-instrumentalist, and #Osmose player @REYNmusician took the reins of our Instagram account.

Our Expressive community had the chance to discover his daily life, studio setup, and stunning jams.

Reyn ended the day on a high note, going live and demonstrating Osmose's incredible expressiveness!

Discover Reyn's music:
On Spotify ➢
On Instagram ➢
reynmusician/ On his website ➢"

Korg FK-1 VCF "Synthepedal"

via this auction

Additional Control Listings

"Fully tested, perfect working condition. comes with 5 pin din connector."

Waldorf Pulse+ Rackmount Synthesizer SN 840321430

via this auction

"The Pulse +, which replaced the original model in 1997, is the one to go for. It’s virtually the same as the original Pulse but adds CV / gate sockets for interfacing with older analogue gear and modular equipment and an external audio input for processing signals through that excellent filter."

Roland Juno-60 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer w/ JSQ-60 w/ Original Box & Boss KM-60

via this auction

Yamaha CS-40M Duophonic Synthesizer SN 2143

via this auction

Elektron Monomachine SFX-60 + MKII w/ Original box

via this auction

Roland MKS-30 Kiwi Technics-30 JX3P SN 502531

via this auction

"This is essentially a hybrid of a Roland JX3P (oscillators) and Juno 106 (envelopes and filter) in a 2U rack. Thanks to the Juno filters, it has a more refined sound than the JX3P, but it still retains the crucial features of 2 DCOs and 3 envelopes of the KIWI mod....putting into Jupiter 6 territory. Actually smoother than a Jupiter 6 (I had one next to it for comparison for a while). If you like the Juno 106 sound but wish it had more advanced features, this is your dream synth.

Also including 6 extra original Juno voice chips that I pulled from my 106 when I upgraded to Analog Renasiance chips. This unit still has the original chips but they have been refurbished, so with this unit you'll have a total of 12 original Juno chips...plenty to last you if you're a stickler for the original sound (as am I).

Upgrade performed by a pro-technician. Here is the list of features:

1536 Tones in 3 Sets of 512 can be stored and all can be edited. It is also possible to edit any Tone using the front panel, PG-200 or midi.

Tones are stored in Flash memory so no battery is required.

MidiCC & Sysex support for parameters edits and Midi Sysex support for Tone Load. The Kiwi30 will support full midi control and editing in real time. Midi thru maintained on this unit.

elby designs modular synth

via this auction

So many wires in such a thin case. See the last pic below.

"Elby Designs - (Serge, Banana) All BoGS original components with professional build. Shipping from Beijing. Please let me know if you have any questions. Including case"

Solo from Del Shannon's Runaway on Clavioline

video upload by Vintage Keys Studio

"Filmed and Edited by Louisa Revolta
Recorded and Mixed by Steve Christie at Vintage Keys Studio


Clavioline Demonstration Analog Monosynth

"Steve from Vintage Keys Studio demonstrates the Clavioline Concert. This all-tube instrument dates from 1958 and was renovated by Steve with help from Keith Knutton, a friend of the late, great Byron Elwell, from whom the instrument was originally purchased.

Mics used are Rode NT1A on the speaker cabinet
AKG C414 XLII (x2) on the piano

(We added a bit of plate reverb to the clavioline)

Music played includes snippets of Telstar by Joe Meek, Bach’s Brandenburg Concert No 3 Mvt 1 and the other music is (C) 2021 by Steve Christie.

Video and wonderful editing by the wonderful Louisa Revolta
Sound by Steve.

The copyright in this video and its sound recording is owned by Steve Christie / Vintage Keys Studio"

42- The Arturia MiniFreak- The terrifying truth about polyphony, paraphony, and the MiniFreak!

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the note count/articulation settings of the MiniFreak coupled with an explanation of synthesizer polyphony and articulation in order to demonstrate the unique thing happening with the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

Repeat Eater - Live Setup 2023 Walkthrough

video upload by Stazma

"Back on my live setup with my Repeat Eater side project (half improvised acid electro / techno), I made even more minimalist than last year and decided to make a video about it while I was rehearsing for a show a few weeks ago."

00:00 Intro
01:11 The Drums w/ System80 880
05:44 The Acid w/ Xoxbox
07:33 The Dub w/ Earthquaker Avalanche Run
08:25 The Modular w/ System80 810 & 860 & Pam Pro Workout
15:11 JAM & end talk

Terraforming | Extending Soma Lab's Terra with midi

video upload by

"When I started this journey I was looking forward to use the Terra MPE mode as a fancy controller. I made a video, and deleted it later because it didn't meet my expectations compared to dedicated controllers like the Linnstrument and the Seaboard. The old video ended with a lot of speculation and a nice patch with Terra and a modular setup. It wasn't any good. But I could not let it rest either.

It did not use the knob/sensor mappings and I did not check how it would behave as a controller for an MPE PC/VST setup. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular. Terra uses fixed Midi CC messages, and my VST did not support midi learn. It was another dead end. Yesterday I decided to make a CC mapping for the Endorphin_es Shuttle Control and tried a full modular MIDI to CV route, mapping all Terra's knobs and the ABCD sensors. This turned out to work really well. This video is not intended as a 'how to do it', because I am still working on it. It also requires the right eurorack modules and there are just too many converters/options.

It's been a connectivity nightmare that took way too much time and energy. But now my Shuttle has a preset mapping and I can now start experimenting and exploring. I really enjoyed the music and sounds that emerged along the ride. The footage I used is from Iceland."


video upload by Retrokits

"As of RK008 Firmware 2.0 You can now set a loop point on every individual Track in a Part so here is a little addendum on the ALT+1 tutorial we made earlier. Multiple Track lengths can be accessed by pressing the Track buttons while in the Length menu (ALT+1)
When a Track button is pressed in this menu you can type the Track length in to a quarter-note resolution, or just Shorten/Lengthen the Track with the ALT + ← or → keys.
If you want to set a very fine length for a Track you can go to the StepTime Editor (ALT+MODE) and navigate to any point in time and set/unset a Loop point with Digit 9"

DS1 Lightstrips and sequencer

video upload by soundmachines

"Loading pattern from a memory.
Assigning sequencer CV inputs to control various parameters (switching between patterns, track step density, track randomisation and a drum fill switch).
Creating polyrythmic beat using uneven track lengths."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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