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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Synthrotek Cheeks of STEEL

Published on Sep 21, 2016 synthrotek

"Cheeks of STEEL are made from heavy-duty 12 gauge powder-coated steel. They can be oriented two ways, and they are super rigid either way - no rear support bracket needed.

We designed these cheeks with our Skiff Boats in mind. If you already have our Skiff Boats, you can remove the wood cheek ends and mount them into the steel cheeks. The Cheeks of Steel use a different kind of rail-mounting screw than the Skiff Boats, so we include pan head screws whether you purchase rails or not.

Though originally designed for use with our Skiff Boats, Cheeks of STEEL with rails have a great industrial look by themselves."

Michael Johnsen's Performance from Pittsburgh Modular In-Store Event at Perfect Circuit Audio

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Michael Johnsen of Pittsburgh Modular performs at the Perfect Circuit Audio store in Burbank, CA."

Also see: Pittsburgh Modular In-Store Presentation at Perfect Circuit Audio

Hitting All 4 Edges

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Oren Levy

"The only sound source is Mutable's Edges with each channel running it's own sequence. The Stillson is slowling transposing each sequence. Channels are run through filters, resonators, wavefolders, and other fun modifiers."

Whimsical Wraps Mannequins modules

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Cray

"Three Sisters filter and Just Friends modular sounds"


Published on Sep 21, 2016 Cray

"3 sisters visiting just friends in the clouds"

MOOG PRODIGY and Loop Machine. Play electronic music.

Published on Sep 21, 2016 K0MABA

Listen in stereo and let this one build up.

ROLAND Alpha Juno / MKS-50 - Ambient arpeggiator music soundscape 【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Sep 21, 2016 synth4ever

"Roland Alpha Juno / MKS-50 demo - improvising an ambient arpeggiator music soundscape on Roland Alpha Juno / MKS-50 analog synthesizer from Roland.

Using Juno CTRL real-time controller from MIDIClub ( Effects from Eventide Timefactor & Modfactor guitar pedals."

Roland RE-20 Space Echo Audio Demo w/ Synthesizers #6

Published on Sep 21, 2016 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2016

This is my follow-up video demo of the Roland Boss Space Echo RE-20 pedal. Previously I talked at length about what the functions do. This time I give more audio examples w/ various synthesizers, lead sounds, bass, arpeggios, and a drum machine. Included here are Roland System-1, TR-606, and XP-30. As well as an ARP Solina String Ensemble, and a Korg 770. Audio recorded direct from mixer into a Tascam DR-05 recorder, no other effects processing other than the RE-20."

chris randall - pulsedub

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Chris Randall

"Some afternoon fun with the modular and four-track.

CR on Bandcamp:

CR on Twitter:
CR on Instagram:

AI Blog:

The camera used in this video:
The lens used in this video:"

Modular Music Days 2016 Pics by Synth Anatomy

Modular Music Days 2016 - Day 1

Flickr set by Synth Anatomy. Mouse over for the controls or head on over to the Flickr set here.

JAM #2 GLITCH Elektron Machinedrum UW+ Volca keys

Published on Sep 21, 2016 MPTY

"First attempt with this scribble video effect.
I know there's a lot of noise but I realised it only when I was editing it,sorry...
If you like it let me know! :)"

Absolute DSI Analog Wav Collection POLY EVOLVER MOPHO X4 TETRA PROPHET 08

Published on Sep 21, 2016 SynthgodXXX

"Absolute DSI Analog .Wav Collection
Dave Smith Instruments Custom Synthesizer Samples
Poly Evolver * Prophet 08 * MOPHO X4 * Tetra


Here are the sample names & time frames:

PROPHET '08 "EMPIRE" @00:01
MOPHO X4 "BOMBER" @02:10

Here is some Great Feedback from buyers of SynthgodXXX / UBER ANALOG / ABSOLUTE PRODUCTS:

DM2 1.1 Preview [13th October 2016]

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Audionomy Apps

iTunes: DM2 - Pascal Douillard

"DM2 version 1.1 will be released on the 13th of October 2016.

DM2 version 1.1 now has auxiliary effects (assignable per track) as well as single, duplets, triplets or quadruplets steps for complex rhythms at the tip of your finger. DM2 v1.1 can also export your work to audio files to multiple destinations (AudioShare, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, iTunes, Open In). As well as plenty of UI amendments and improvments.

+ STEPS : [NEW] Steps Divisions (single | duplet | triplet | quadruplet)
+ DRUMS : [NEW] When "Oscillator Note“ is selected (in Oscillator Waveform Zoom), all tracks have their frequency aligned to discreet note frequency (making more musical drum kits)
+ MIXER : [FIXED] The Mixer Main Volume has been tempered with a linear response (beware, previous songs may sound quieter but with less saturation).
+ PADS : [AMENDED] Record with Replace mode will only clear once a played track. Switch back and forth Replace if you need to clear more tracks while recording.
+ PADS : [AMENDED] When HOLD is on, tapping the same Beat Repeat pad will switch the effect on/off.
+ PADS : [FIXED] lagging sounds when recording
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] zoomed graphed are now embedded in the page and can stay up as "outside" parameters (selected track, steps, osc/noise mix, level, etc) are changed
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper "zoom" button
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper "close" button in the zoomed graphs
+ MIXER : [ADDED] tap the name of a track to open a popup with the sounds associated to this track
+ UI : [AMENDED] Buttons colour code reviewed (blue=action | orange=state)
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to Audioshare
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to AudioCopy
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to SoundCloud
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to iTunes
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to Open In
+ MIXER : [NEW] added Mute button
+ MIDI : [AMENDED] Midi notes can be sent and received while Link is connected
+ Pure Date 0.47
+ LibPd 0.9.0"

Moog Mother-32 Demo

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Hunart©

"Thanks to the polish distributor (Audiostacja) I`ve finally had a chance to put my hands on this little monster. Sounds BIG!
On some patches I`ve used some EQ and applied some reverb from Cubase, plus limiting.



Q960 Post Tour Test

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Rafael Carrasquillo

"Q960 Post Puerto Rico Summer Tour Test. As we can see, all is good."

ARP Odyssey Analog Synthesizer - The Original MK2

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Kevin schröder

"The ARP Odyssey is an analog synthesizer introduced in 1972. Responding to pressure from Moog Music to create a portable, affordable performance synthesizer, ARP scaled down its popular 2600 synthesizer and created the Odyssey, which became the best-selling synthesizer they made."

Montage 6 Synthesizer

Published on Sep 21, 2016 geert deman

"live Music from Yamaha Montage
Yuneec Q500 4K"

Erica Synths Coming to Control Voltage in October

via Control Voltage

"Coming soon to Control Voltage all the way from Latvia: @ericasynths modules! Stay tuned - we're planning a great demo event mid-October."

0-Coast PGM Pages, pt. 8: Page 7, Calibration

Published on Sep 21, 2016 MAKEN0ISE

All parts here.

Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer with Modulation Grip and Power Supply

via this auction

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 152236

via this auction

ARP Little Brother SN29530262

via this auction

"Up for grabs is an ARP Little Brother expander module. The unit responds to 1v/oct. It has an oscillator and an LFO."

EMS 8 Octave Filter Bank 1970s

via this auction

"Up for grabs is the EMS 8 Octave Filterbank.. It is currently working but do to the vintage nature of the unit, shipping, etc... it issold as is.

This was previously owned by the composer and brief owner of EMS, Edward Williams.

Comes with a vintage EMS power cord (UK), a new Bulgen socket to make a new power cord, and 1 insanely rare facilities cables to connect the rack unit to your Synthi. There is a switch on the back to switch voltage level.

You can do some amazing and fun filtering effects with this unit. Also, there is a separate out for each band. Run the outs through some VCAs and get crazy!"

1970s EMS Pitch to Voltage Converter With Analog Oscillator

via this auction

"Up for grabs is the EMS Pitch to Voltage Converter. In addition to performing pitch to voltage conversion it has a built in oscillator which is gated by the incoming signal. It is currently working but do to the vintage nature of the unit, shipping, etc... it is sold as is.

Comes with a Bulgen to IEC cable."

EMS Quad Envelope Follower

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a EMS Quad Envelop Follower. This is possibly the only unit ever made. It was built by Robin Wood who currently owns and operates EMS. When Edward Williams owned EMS he had Robin make this unit for his personal use.

Comes with a vintage EMS power cord (UK), a new Bulgen socket to make a new power cord, and a sheet of typed notes on how to use it.

This unit is untested. You will either need to replace the internal transformer for USA operation or use and external transformer with this unit."

Sequential Circuits Model 800 Analog Sequencer with Foot Switch

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Model 800 Analog Sequencer

This unit has 16 slots to record your CV / gate signals on. You can then playback a sequence one at a time, loop sections, play from 1 sequencer to the next, etc... Overall a very useful and inspiring tool to use."

STS Serge Analog Modular Synth

via this auction

"Up for grabs is an insanely awesome STS Serge modular synth. It includes the Red Voice, Red Control, TKB, PSD power distribution, and a PS4 (not pictured) power supply. This modular synth sounds amazing and will supply a lifetime of sonic explorations.

The panels will not ship with the mixer case. It weighs a TON."

OTOmagic: testing the biscuit

Published on Sep 21, 2016 RobbieNerve

DreamsOfWires - AJH Synth Mini Mod system

Published on Sep 21, 2016 DreamsOfWires

"Comprising 1x glide/noise, 3x VCO, 1x ladder filter, 1x dual contour generator, and 1x VCA. I'm currently borrowing this beautiful sounding (and looking) instrument, so expect more videos of it to follow. For more information about it visit here:
I've have a soft spot for the sound of the Minimoog for a long time, but I couldn't afford or justify the cost of an original, bearing in mind also the lack of flexibility, connectivity and risk of expensive repairs. So, understandably, I re-wrote my letter to Santa when I heard about the Mini Mod. It has the sound of the original Minimoog with the flexibility of a modular. Perfect.
All sounds are from the Mini Mod with a little delay and reverb. After I'd recorded the sequences (as seen in the video) I overdubbed a bass drone on another audio track and some additional sounds at the end. Beyond that I don't want to explain it in anymore detail, it just is what it is - I hope my videos are enjoyable or just provide some inspiration, but they're not intended as tutorial videos. I'm not knowledgeable enough for that.
Video locations are Amble and Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, UK."

BlueWolfSe7en - Modular Meets Electric Spring 2016

Published on Sep 21, 2016 DivKidVideo

"Phil aka 'BlueWolfSe7en' live at Modular Meets Electric Spring back in February. I'm just catching up with event videos that have taken a back seat to other work. It's great to see how this performance developed from Modular Meets Leeds and then Bells N Whistles Crackles N Pops event before it."

Fernando Lima - Making some noise

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Fernando Lima

Polymod Journeys

"All tracked out on the prophet 6 apart from the Kick which is a DR55 sample. All started with the lead patch 2 days ago and finally got round to recording it."

Elektron Introduces Analog Heat - Stereo Analog Sound Processor

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Elektron

"Audio enhancer. Audio destroyer"

7 500,00 SEK which comes out to roughly $872.72, 782.76 Euro, 671.60 GBP.

Some details via Elektron where you'll find an interactive online demo:

Audio enhancer. Audio destroyer
Add sparkly brilliance, or grimy roughness, to any sound source. Samplers, drum machines, synths, the master bus, you name it. Analog Heat is a fiery furnace destined to make your music glow.

Sound better
Take a sound, any sound. Send it through the Analog Heat, try out the eight different stereo analog distortion circuits, add stereo analog filtering and EQ, and hear beautiful things unfold. New life for your existing gear.

Plugin control
Overbridge essentially allows your Analog Heat to be used as a VST/AU effect plugin. Connect the Analog Heat to your computer and conveniently smooth out the edges of all digital sounds. Incredibly useful for bringing your mixes to life.

Sound card operation
One of the most prominent Analog Heat features: it can function as a 2 in/2 out sound card, even while processing DAW audio. Perfect for the traveling musician. Create as you go and make stellar, high quality recordings wherever you may roam."

And of course, check out the pics to the left for features. Note the filter section.


Onom from Giorgio A on Vimeo.

"More of my modular synth music at

Eurorack Modular Synth performance, recorded live in one take."

Metroid - Title Theme (Analog Synth remake)

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Luminist

"I wanted to find out what the original NES Metroid soundtrack would be like if it was remade with REAL synths, 80s style.

All sounds were generated with a Korg MS20 Mini, then processed with some juicy studio effects to make things more atmospheric.

Original composition by Hirokazu Tanaka - any credit goes to him for writing such an immersive soundtrack in the first place!!

(...Planet Zebeth.. hehe)"

Follow-up to Metroid - Kraid's Lair (Analog Synth remake)

1982 Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Synthesizer Final Revision with Sequencer and Braemer Tape Drive

via this auction

Update: also on eBay here.

Pics of the inside below.

"Sequential Circuits Prophet-10 Synthesizer
This is one of the last prophet 10's made,
final revision with Sequencer and Braemer Tape Drive
#378 out of around 400 ever built.
June 1982


ARP ODYSSEY Model 2800 MKI Black Original SN 283048

via this auction

"Includes 2 original Arp Odyssey patch sheets and a copy of the manual

CONDITION: Excellent condition,
This unit has had the keyboard bushings replaced and all the sliders cleaned and lubed for proper drag and functioning. One slider feels rough and either needs to be re-cleaned or replaced, it doesn’t slide smoothly but functions correctly. It has never bothered me enough to replace it. The Arp has some scuffs and scrapes common with old synths and a small dent in the top middle of the unit visible in the pictures. It is missing one colored slider cap and I believe the side screws are not original. Other than what I’ve mentioned I don’t know of anything wrong with the unit."

AKAI AX80 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Future Retro Orb MIDI Step Sequencer

via this auction

"Superb for TB303 style acid sequencing, and with the addition of swing to the 303's accent and glide it's arguably superior to the X0X sequencers it's based on.

The Orb is an easy to use, single track, step-based digital sequencer, ideal for controlling our XS semi-modular synthesizer as well as other analog CV/Gate or MIDI synthesizers. The Orb is also a perfect solution for controlling 303 clones which often lack the essential sequencer.

Based on our highly successful Revolution concept, the Orb provides an intuitive interface that we feel most accurately represents the principles of time and music. From ancient sundials to modern day analog clocks, time has been represented as the circle, a cycle which never ends. For time itself is nothing more than our perception of the revolution of planets as they journey through their celestial orbit. It is this motion that we call time that can be measured, divided, and arranged to provide the foundation of music. This circular cyclic theme can furthermore be found throughout music in everything from song structure and repeating rhythms to the fundamentals of sound itself, being the sine wave. With this understanding we must conclude that music is cyclic and should so be represented in its natural form.

Continuing our tradition of hand building quality products, this sleek compact unit is housed in a rugged aluminum chassis with a high contrast white on gun metal grey finish for superior viewing of controls in dark environments, and bright blue LEDs all around. New spherical switches allow quick selection of multiple steps by sweeping through the surface of step keys.

Let's start with the sequencer....

Ambient Synth Passage #4 - Korg MS2000B + Electribe2 + Strymon

Published on Sep 21, 2016 JediSid

"Ambient Synth Passage #4 - Korg MS2000B + Electribe2 + Strymon ElCapistan + BlueSky"


Published on Sep 21, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"Mixed modular dronosphere with additional performance scraping the 'Ears' module.
Drums programmed in Logic X."

Native Instruments MASCHINE JAM

MASCHINE JAM workflow: Combining MASCHINE hardware

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Native Instruments

"From advanced step sequencing to playing melodies with Smart Strips, take a look at the key workflow features behind the creative power of MASCHINE JAM.

MASCHINE JAM is the modern digital instrument for creative track building in a unified production ecosystem – and your shortest avenue from inspiration to reality.

Sequence and arrange on the fly with an 8x8 multicolor click-pad matrix. Shape and play sounds in inspiring ways using eight dual-touch Smart Strips. And bring it all together with the power of MASCHINE software."

Details on MASCHINE JAM posted here.

VGM #86: Metal Crusher (Undertale) Ft. ToxicxEternity & RocktheJake

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Ace Waters


September Part 6 - Garrahand & Yamaha DX

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Ritchie DeCarlo

"September Part 6 with Garrahand & Yamaha DX reface"

Loscha plays the EMS VCS3 aka "Putney"

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Edward Jones

"So, I had a crack at a Synthi a few years ago.
I had a good understanding of different synthesis methods and modulation routings, so, I was able to make some pretty neat sounds on this beast.

I don't own the synth, and the person who owned this when I played it doesn't own it any more, so don't ask.

Video recorded 3rd October 2009"


Published on Sep 21, 2016 PLUCKA,S SHED

"A run thru the jdxa free arp downloads"

SYNTABLISM - How does it work?

Published on Sep 21, 2016 sircut1200

"Here we go!
This is the first tutorial about SYNTABLISM."

This video covers how to integrate a turntable with CV. It starts with a general overview of patching subtractive analog synths. Turtable hookup with SYNTABLISM comes in after 4:35. I created a new SYNTABLISM label for these. You can find previous posts via the label link directly below.

Light Meter : KORG minilogue/MS-20 mini/volca beats

Published on Sep 21, 2016 karenevil

"As is improvisation with minilogue, MS-20 mini and volca beats.
There is no special reason about the light meter but I just got it yesterday then used it for eye candy or visualizer for the sound track."

MatrixBrute Introduction Tutorial: Episode 6 - The Connectivity

Published on Sep 21, 2016 ARTURIA

"Aside from being an enormously powerful standalone instrument, MatrixBrute can also warp, contort and control your other studio gear.

In this video, Victor shows us how you can use MatrixBrute with 2 expression pedals, an effect processor, a modular system, a drum machine... and even an electric guitar! Watch the video to see the king of synths in action."

All parts here.

Triple Grendel synth jam

Published on Sep 21, 2016 EA78751

"Demoing some sounds you can get from the Grendel DC-2e Eurorack voice modules along with the Grendel RA-9 Grenadier, plus a mystery synth on the left. Grendel synthesizers are available from I/O Music Technology, Detroit Modular, Switched On, NoiseBug, Perfect Circuit Audio, Analogue Haven, Noise Kitchen, SchneidersLaden. Rare Waves LLC 2016,"

Frobe Mini Modular - Sequence with some LPF and VCA tweaking

Published on Sep 20, 2016 glkibler

"Around about the 30sec mark."

Patch n Tweak

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