MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

MIKE303 'Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon' Prophet 5 synthesizer (VHS 1986)

Published on Oct 27, 2016 AnalogSynth Musem

Another retro style video from AnalogSynth Musem

"MIKE303 'Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon' (VHS 1986)

Sequencer : Roland MC 500 MKII
synthesizer : Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Drum Machine : Oberheim DMX"

Playing the Buchla 296e

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Todd Barton

"Using clock divided and processed pulses and CVs to sculpt a little S&H sequence heard right at the beginning of the video. Better audio:"

All parts here.

MIKE303 Horror Movies with Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Published on Oct 27, 2016 AnalogSynth Musem

"MIKE303 Horror Movies with Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Sequencer : Roland MC-500 MKII (1986)

Synthesizers : Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (1983),
Oberheim Matrix 6 (1986)

Drum Machine : Oberheim DMX (1983)"

Octave Plateau CAT Analog Synthesizer (arp Odyssey MKI 2800) c 1975

via this auction

"As you can see I the pics, this vintage, c 1975 Octave Cat (Arp odyssey) is in excellent condition. This is a GENUINE, ORIGINAL, VINTAGE synth. It has just been fully serviced and calibrated, and is in 100% perfect working order. Every key, function, knob, slider and switch operates as designed, and they synth sounds...amazing. This synth also has with full cv/trig/gate ins and outs for interfacing with other synthesizers, expansion modules, or your midi/cv kit. Awesome.

This synthesizer makes all of the beeps, boops, squishy leads, booming basses, and wacky modulation noises you want. You can also achieve wild cross-modulation between the oscillators by switching them into unison mode and using the vco2 pitch to pit them against each other. She also has ring mod, s&h, pink/white noise and audio in for the famous arp filter. (I love running ext audio through it w the sample/hold modulating. -the trick they turned into a $350 moog Murf ;). The synth is in terrific cosmetic condition, with only minor wear."

YAMAHA AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Control Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage Korg SQ-10 Analog CV-Gate Sequencer SN 150207

via this auction

Vintage Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 162503

via this auction

Vintage Korg MS-10 SN 139869

via this auction

Novation Supernova II Sounds

Published on Oct 27, 2016 AiynZahevSounds

Some trance sounds I made on the SNII
Some external echo and reverb added."

Ned Rush = 0-Coast Snare Clap

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Ned Rush

"Slaps, snare claps, different lighting this time."

Kick Bass here.

Dave Smith Instruments "In the Spotlight with the Prophet 12" with Louis Faro

The seventh in the Dave Smith Instruments' "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" series is currently up with Louis Faro here.

"Louis Faro is a full-time, professional pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, and producer. He graduated from the Béla Bartók Jazz Conservatory in Budapest, Hungary in 1976 where he studied with Kornél Kertész and Gustav Csík. He began his professional career at age 17, later moving to Chicago where he played with such greats as Michael Manson (bassist for George Duke), Richard Patterson (bassist for Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Roberta Flack, Boz Scaggs), Chuck Webb (bassist for Stevie Wonder, Joe Sample, Ramsey Lewis), Kirk Whalum, and Martha Wash (C&C Music Factory).

Louis currently performs extensively in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He continues to broaden his fan base with his energetic and compelling blend of jazz, r&b, funk, latin, and classical styles. His original compositions feature bold melodies and rhythms, a unique breadth of musical language, and a mastery of modern synth media."

You can find links to all episodes of DSI's Spotlight series here.

Dave Smith Pro 2- Rhythmic Sound Design

Published on Oct 27, 2016 iVardensphere

See DSI's interview with iVardensphere here.

"Hey crew! Today we have the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2. This is, hands down, one of my favourite synthesizers of all time. It's extremely flexible and sounds stunning throughout the creative process. In this video I'm explaining how I use the machine to create rhythmic atmospheres to work within the context of my tracks. Quite often a track just needs to sound 'fuller' and I use the patches I create here to give them that missing depth.

You can hear much of the Pro 2 on my most recent release- iVardensphere: Fable.

This video is made in conjunction with Long & McQuade Music Instruments. If you'd like to try out a Pro 2, be sure to head to an L&M near you."

The Synth Sounds of John Carpenter: Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13

Published on Oct 27, 2016

"John Carpenter has been a master of horror, suspense, and science fiction for 40 years, Directing cult classics such as Halloween, The Thing, and Big Trouble In Little China. But many do not know that Carpenter was also the man behind the soundtracks for nearly all of his films, often using synthesizers and keyboards of the day to craft sounds that are now synonymous with Horror and Science Fiction.

In this video, Justin DeLay shows us how to approximate three classic Carpenter themes on synthesizers of the day, and gives tips and suggestions on how you can be inspired to experiment at home, all while getting followed by a mysterious Shape...

0:00 - Intro
1:04 - "Halloween" Main Piano Theme
3:04 - "Halloween" Pads, Drums
4:45 - John Carpenter's Synthesizers
5:55 - "The Fog" Theme on Juno 106
9:00 - "The Fog" Pads and Bass on Moog and Prophet
10:55 - "Assault on Precinct 13" Theme
13:30 - The Shape Closes In on Mr. DeLay

Read More about John Carpenter and download our John Carpenter MIDI clip pack at:

Synthesizers Used:
Ensoniq ESQ-1:
Roland Juno 106:
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5:
MiniMoog Model D:
Ableton Live:
Roland 606:

Hosted by Justin DeLay
Directed and Edited by Michael Lux
Photographed by John Gagen & Michael Lux
Eric Slager as The Shape
Sawyer Hildebrandt as School Buddy #1
Titles and Pumpkin by Eric Slager"

S U R V I V E: “Copter” (Official Music Video)

Published on Oct 26, 2016 Pitchfork

Some good synth spotting. And yes, they do perform with them live. If you get a chance to see them, do not miss it. It's a rare chance to see a full ensemble of synths performed live, and they are very, very good at what they do. I actually recorded some their live performance that I still need to review, and hopefully upload at some point.

Video description/credits:

"Directed by Chris Rusch

Edited by Melissa Cha

Aerial Cinematography: Sean Krell, Ryan Aylsworth, Willie Rockefeller & Derek Gildersleeve

Video Synthesis by Samantha Gibble

Produced by Relapse Records & Holodeck Records

Special Thanks: T.C. Johnson, Lindsey Reimnitz, Adam Schlender & Match Point Productions

Purchase CD/LP:
Purchase Digital:"

Stranger Things Intro Superfunk Prophet 5 remix

Published on Oct 27, 2016 AnalogSynth Musem

"NETFLIX Stranger Things Intro Superfunk Prophet 5 synthesizer remix"

New VPlug Introduction

Published on Oct 27, 2016

"A demonstration of the VPlug.

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

One Synth Demos by

Colin Benders Untitled broadcast. Multistreaming with

Streamed live 5 hours ago Colin Benders

+3 hours of eurorack modular goodness. Enjoy. :)

Two Bald Blokes And A Buchla

Published on Oct 27, 2016 The Talkhouse

"In this video I'm talking to Reed Hays, a master of the mighty Buchla Modular Synthesizer. Don Buchla, who recently passed away, designed a unique and beautiful sounding Modular synth that Reed has been working with for twenty-plus years and I hoped to to learn, with Reed’s help and demonstration, how the friggin’ thing works.

–Vince Clarke"

See the full post on Talkhouse here.

ANGLE - Hold Your Breath (Maxime Dangles - repeat remix)

ANGLE - Hold Your Breath (Maxime Dangles - repeat remix) from Tiptop Film on Vimeo.

Artist: ANGLE


Title: Hold Your Breath (Repeat remix)

Title Album: Hold Your Breath

Directed and edited by: Lorenzo Marchi, Piero Fragola

Release Date: 10.10.2016

Label: Tiptop Audio Records

Genre: Techno

Mastering by Tommy Bianchi @ White Sound Mastering Studio

Distribuited by Wordandsound

This black and white animated videoclip elaborates the visual experiences of a distant past in a highly contemporary language.

This work explores the tradition of the Thaumatrope, the nineteenth-century optical toy acknowledged as a precursor of moving image media. It is a disk with a picture on each side, attached to two pieces of string, whose twirling creates the illusion of interpenetration of the parts.

In the videoclip, the soft oscillation of the disk is accompanied by the slightly hinted movements of expressive nineteenth-century faces, turning their glances into smiles or grimaces. These faces call back to humanity, while the music weaves the weft of a mantra; the insertion of abstract elements and geometric graphics moves the vision towards a typically electronic imagery. The flight of the insects on the disk at the ending becomes a metaphor for the living buzzes of the modular synthesizers’ sounds.

The short loops remind of both the patterns of techno music, with its obsessive rhythms, and the circular processes from the 19-century Thaumatrope which re-activate the visual impact through the digital-born animated GIF, by means of a fast and highly effective cinematic language. The audiovisual experience of the videoclip becomes a micro-object that intertwines several contemporary artistic practices, as well as recovering the heritage of the optical toys, suspended between stillness and motion.

Rossella Catanese

Mannequins Just Friends Demo

Mannequins Just Friends Demo from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

Elektron Analog RYTM Demo

Published on Oct 26, 2016 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Jam video featuring the Analog RYTM analog drum machine."

Mike Szot's Memorymoog restoration part 1 (by Synthpro)

Published on Oct 27, 2016 synthpro

"This is a video I made for Mike Szot of his Memorymoog restoration progress, this is SN 1249 making it the 249th Memorymoog built. On this unit I installed a factory Autotune Upgrade, this upgrade is a lot of work in itself because changes have to be made on the DMUX, Computer, and Common Analog boards but the results are a much more stable unit."

Update: SN 249

Mike Szot's Memorymoog Restoration part 2 (By Synthpro)

Published on Dec 1, 2016

"Hey guys, this is a video update of Mike Szot's Memorymoog restoration.

This one has a full bill of health and ready to rock for another 30 years!

Thanks for watching,

The Schumann Symphonic Etude Modular Project

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Stotz Daniel Philipp

"Not only on the piano this pieces sounds fantastic - but also on Modular it sounds nice. In this vid I show the recording of one Bass voice from the Symphonic Etudes op. 13 of Schumann (first etude). More informations:"

5U & DIY system.

Joué, an innovative and evolving instrument simplifying digital music playing

Published on Oct 19, 2016 Joué SAS

Joué Prototype #1 - Introduction
All about Joué design.
Pascal is playing Joué with GarageBand's Synth
Arnaud is scratching with Joué on Ableton Live
Pascal is playing Joué with GarageBand's Electric Guitar
Arnaud is playing Joué with Ableton Live Drums
Pascal is playing Joué on GarageBand's Guitar

Some details via

The Concept

Joué is an innovative and evolving instrument simplifying digital music playing. It offers beginners and professional artists a unique level of expressivity and spontaneity.

Joué is made of wood and is equipped with a pressure sensitive sensor on which magic modules are placed. Modules like piano keys, guitar strings, drums pads or 3D control surfaces offer an infinite playground for musicians.

Joué connects to smartphones, tablets or computers using a USB cable. When touched, magic modules send data to your favorite DAW or virtual instrument using MIDI protocol.
Thanks to the high sensitivity of its sensors and to the unique texture of the modules, Joué offers a completely new playing experience. It allows natural gestures such as vibrato, bending, finger drumming and high velocity sensing normally reserved to traditional instruments to being used with digital and electronic instruments.

Thanks to the high sensitivity of its sensors and to the unique texture of the modules, Joué offers a completely new playing experience. It allows natural gestures such as vibrato, bending, finger drumming and high velocity sensing normally reserved to traditional instruments to being used with digital and electronic instruments.

Each module can be configured using the Joué editor software. Once the module is tuned, the configuration is stored in the module itself allowing exchanges during a live performance."

via CDM

02-The Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro: Part 2-Oscillators2

Published on Oct 27, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part two of a two-part demonstration demonstrating the sound and functionality of the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro synthesizer."

All parts here.

Alphamachina - For Don

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Alphamachina

This piece is dedicated to Don Buchla.
This piece was written using a Buchla Music Easel.

PPG wave 2.2 + ARP Quadra "Intro"

(c)2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound
bass & synthesizer sounds: PPG wave 2.2 (1982)
strings: ARP Quadra (1978)
drums: LinnDrum (1982)
recording: multi-track

Moog Mother 32 & Roland RE501 Chorus Echo

Published on Oct 27, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the Mother 32 synthesiser through the RE501 tape delay. The RE501 has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

Moog Sub 37 Demo Track

Published on Oct 27, 2016 thebrightsideok

"Here's an electro track made with the Moog Sub 37. All sounds, including the drums, are from the Sub 37.
Mixed in Cubase 6.5, with effects applied (lots of delays used on this one!)"

Moog Synth Queen

via moogsynthesizers

"moogsynthesizersHad a dream I was a queen. Woke up, still a queen. #womeninmusic #womeninelectronicmusic #moog #minimoog #voyager #synth #analogsynth #synthesizer #switchedonkids"

Too cute.

Roland MC-505 with AIRA Skin

via Mark Kunoff aka @SoltecAudioViz, and featured on CDM, who had the following to say on it. :)

"Now having let the genie out of the bottle, there’s no saying where Roland will turn next with reboots and reissues. But some people are evidently not content to wait. So... we see this lovely image of the 1998 Roland MC-505 groovebox, reimagined for people who love that black-with-Matrixsynth green-trim look of the new AIRAs."

Yes, MATRIXSYNTH green. :)

A part of me always wondered how many people associate the AIRA black on green with MATRIXSYNTH, and of course if the site actually influenced the look of them. That would be quite a compliment.

Update via @SoltecAudioViz: "Confirmed w owner, Andy Graham who up'd his design to @StyleFlips. and said 'on ebay in a few days'."

VG-Line BD9Q9 TR-909 Kick Drum Clone Demo Videos

Published on Oct 27, 2016 rpocc

VG-Line BD9Q9 Sound test 1: Knob Tweaking
VG-Line BD9Q9 Sound test 2: pure sound of the unit

"VG-Line BD9Q9 is a clone of the legendary TR-909 Kick Drum with additional features. For more information on this product please visit SSSR Labs store:"

The BD9Q9 dates back to 2013 here.

Pissed On Vintage Yamaha CS60 8 Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


Yep, apparently it happened.

"Unfortunately this CS60 was the victim of some naughty feline who often used it as a place to relieve him/herself. We cleaned it the best we could although it still smells of urine, and the synth does not seem to be 100% functional. All the keys work, and the knobs/switches/parameters do effect the sound but when 1 note is played in succession, the pitch jumps around to seemingly random notes. There is also corrosion on many of the boards. So it will need some restoration, although it's not dead by a long shot."

Roland HS-60 / SynthPlus60 Juno-106 with Built-in Speakers

via this auction

Roland CompuRhythm CR-5000 SN 162809

via this auction

"For sale is this vintage drum machine. The percussion sounds are awesome, especially the kick and hh. There are separate volume controls for the different instruments and a ton of old-school presets...

It is in perfect working order! Comes with two foot switches. No manual. There are two small cosmetic spots where something hot seems to have been slightly melted the plastic, but not by me."

Oberheim OB-XA

via this auction

"OB-XA in very nice condition
Comes serviced, including warranty/invoice."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev. 3.3 with MIDI SN 6152

via this auction

Jomox M-Resonator Analog Filtermachine

via this auction

"Rare Jomox M-Resonator Analog filter,sounds amazing better than T-Resonator and as good as Sherman filterbank. Perfect for processing drums,keys,etc.'

MFB Tanzbar Analoger Drumcomputer SN 15001

via this auction

Roland TB-303 SN 197400

via this auction

"This unit was professionally checked/serviced/cleaned."

Moog Sonic Six - Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Here is an excellent condition Moog Sonic Six synth. Fully serviced and sounds awesome. Missing 2 slider caps. Includes original manual"

KORG MS-20 Mini w/ Custom Keyboard Case


Not bad. Reminds me of the Yamaha SK and CSM series.

Dual Arp/Seq in Pure Data, demo with Modal 002

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Barry Neilsen

"A more detailed demo of the sequencer thingy I've been building in Pure Data.

The sounds come from the Modal 002."

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 024 - Those envelopes again

Published on Oct 27, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 064-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 024-

Another video of Phenols envelopes running in OSC mode and making some nice deep bass sounds and some lovely high pitched melodies.


Yamaha RX-8 Drum Machine Overview + Circuitbend

Published on Oct 27, 2016 anode8

"A little information on the Yamaha RX-8 Digital Rhythm programmer, a nice little drum box from the late 1980's, complete with some information on how I added some circuit bent modifications to this unit."

New Expert Sleepers disting mk3 Demo Videos

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Expert Sleepers

disting mk3 - ES-1 Emulation
disting mk3 - ES-2 Emulation
disting mk3 - SD Playback with End CV
disting mk3 - Sample Playback Triggers option

Dark Ambience by Ian Boddy for Omnisphere 2 Review

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"Dark Ambience is a new sound library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 designed by Ian Boddy and released by Time+Space. Dark Ambience is a perfect library for all soundtrack composers. More about Dark Ambience here"

Modular Synth Jam by Boodaman - La Grand Messe

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Cavi Master

"Live recorded the 26 october 2016 @ Boodaman studio.
100% modular synth performance exepted FX

Rytmics 1: Mutable peaks + 2 Ladik RomPlay, Ladik Twin-T Drums
Rytmics 2: Mutant HiHat, TipTop, Delphytronics,...
Lead 1: Sputnik dual VCO + AJH VCO
Bass: Cavisynth Ardurack

Sequencing: Turing machine, Zularic repetitor + Ladik Patern generator + lot of clocks div's ;)"

The Legend and

Published on Oct 27, 2016 PXE02321

The Legend

Noise of the Dead (Octatrack, Aira System 1m)

Published on Oct 26, 2016 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for Free here-
The Hardtek Halloween live jam of 2016 features all custom Hardtek samples played & tortured by the demented computing of the Elektron Octatrack. To accompany the beat of living dead is the Roland System 1m conjuring distorted, demonic screams that beg to you to just die. Have a safe (teehee) and happy Halloween!"

Solar Sounders, Rhizome DC, October 2016

Published on Oct 26, 2016 Peter B

"The results of a workshop to make a solar sounder flock, a seasonal and contingent installation at Rhizome, DC.

1. Electronic music is often a night- or basement-thing, but what about the sunny outside?

2. Electronic music often speaks in metaphors (see Rodgers), so these circuits analogize a monk (orange), train (red), and bird (silver).

Thanks to Steve Korn for the documentation and help."

Modal 008

Published on Oct 26, 2016 Dimitrios Sismanis

"First time flipping through some of the Modal 008 presets. Excuse the lack of chops."

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