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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Galactic Fantasy - Eastern Reflections (1979)[Full Album]

Published on Jul 12, 2017 TheHomecoming
Update: Re-Published on Feb 6, 2020 Keith Fullerton Whitman

via WmJHeart in the comments of this post.

"Rare electronic/synth/moog private pressing LP

TITLE 'Galactic Fantasy - Eastern Reflections'

FILE 'William Hoskins - Galactic Fantasy - Eastern Reflections.flac' WAVE

TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Overture : Stars Are Suns" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 00:00
TRACK 02 AUDIO TITLE "Intermezzo : Interplanetary Communique" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 06:39
TRACK 03 AUDIO TITLE "Star Nocturne" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 08:11
TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "Scherzo : Comets" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 16:35
TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "Beyond Beyond" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 18:54
TRACK 06 AUDIO TITLE "Prolog : Theme and Variation" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 23:40
TRACK 07 AUDIO TITLE "Lower Heterophonie" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 27:55
TRACK 08 AUDIO TITLE "Song : Open Skies" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 31:22
TRACK 09 AUDIO TITLE "Drum Chime" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 35:28
TRACK 10 AUDIO TITLE "Upper Heterophonie" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 39:41
TRACK 11 AUDIO TITLE "Epilog : Processional" PERFORMER "William Hoskins" INDEX 01 41:30

Overture: Stars Are Suns
Intermezzo: Interplanetary Communique
Star Nocturne
Scherzo: Comets
Beyond Beyond: An Entropy Study
Eastern Reflections
Eastern Reflections
Prolog: Theme and Variation
Lower Heterophonie
Song: Open Skies
Drum Chime
Upper Heterophonie
Epilog: Processional

Criminally under-rated set of Early American Moog Modular Synthesizer Music - the sole release by composer William Hoskins, the 'Director of Electronic Music and Composer-in-Residence at Jacksonville University in Florida.' Issued in 1979 by the Harriman, NY-based Spectrum - a 'Division of UNI-PRO Recordings, Inc.' the LP consists of a pair of discrete pieces, with each taking up a side of its own."

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 Multitimbral FM Improvisation

Published on Feb 17, 2018 The Great Filter

"After a long time, I’ve finally been able to find a weekly time to get back to record some videos for you! Sorry for the low audio quality on this one, I was just testing the new set up after I moved.

Here I’m using two original patches (one FM self oscillating keyboard sound and one FM and PWM lead) on the Rev2 plugged in a Vox AC15 amplifier.

I will be posting more videos soon, with actual line audio recordings :)"

ARP 2600 w/ Moog Style Filter

via this auction

"Highlights future proofing:

* All new high-end capacitor power supply upgrade

* New powerful mains transformer to ensure pitch stability

* Multi turn high end trimmers on power supply upgrade

* All circuit board tantalum's replaced (critical) with high end capacitors

* All pitch CV trimmers replaced in the complete pitch CV chain including
in the 3620 duophonic keyboard (to ensure extreme tuning stability)

* Factory specification calibration

* New Cinch Jones receptacle (for keyboard connector)

* New Pratt Reed bushings in the 3620 duophonic keyboard

Comes with:

* ARP 2600 synthesizer with original lid
(this ARP has the most desired MOOG ladder style Copper clad 4012 filter)

* ARP 3620 Duphonic keyboard with original lid
(Matching number with the 2600)

* ARP 2600 Original user manual (not photo copy!)

* ARP 3620 Original user manual (not photo copy!)

* ARP 2600 Portamento pedal -New!- Never used (only tested once)
Comes in original box (Super rare)

* ARP 2600 "blind plug" (Super rare)

* 4x 16" patch cables

* 4x 38" patch cables

* ARP Original paper envelope (just for fun!)"

Roland SH-1000 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This listing is for a ROLAND SH-1000 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/ Road Case. Roland's very first product introduced in 1973! This one is in superb condition! This particular synth comes out of the personal collection of synth legend Michael Boddicker."

Polivoks Soviet Russian Analog Synth

via this auction

"Mint condition Polivoks serviced in late 2017 by Elta Electronics in Moscow. Has had midi outputs added and also converted from the Soviet output to 1/4 jack. Super cool and unique sounding synth. Comes with original case and manual. It weighs 21kg so prefer pickup in Brisbane but can ship internationally or Australia wide at buyer's cost."


Published on Feb 17, 2018 Gibran Curtiss

"Color control voltage 3
Device to convert any image , picture , collage, painting into music .
3 voices , 3 triggers out with 30 rhythms choice , 3 0to5v CV out to 5 chromatic octaves ."

See this post for additional details.

The Magnetic Sea // Eurorack Modular Ambient

Published on Feb 17, 2018 r beny

"The Strymon Magneto is here. This is what it sounds like when you feed it 2xRings and 2xPlonks"

VCS 3 - Oxygene 2 Sound + Sample Pack Preview

Published on Feb 17, 2018 100 Things I Do

"I get a lot of questions about the VCS 3 and about how Jean-Michel Jarre created the signature VCS3 sounds heard on Oxygene & Équinoxe, I thought today I would let you see how one of the sounds can be created with one of the main sounds from Oxygene 2.

Also I thought it time to give an update on the VCS3 Sample pack I have been promising for a while. It still might be a little while yet before I'm happy and ready to release it but I am looking to hear from you what types of sounds, one shots or soundscapes your looking for in the pack. Also do you want the sound 100 dry, compressed/limited , with effects ? or a mix of all above ?"

Makenoise 0-Coast: Timbre Space 01

Published on Feb 17, 2018 C Nich0lls

"Single take recording meant simply as sound exploration. I enjoy ambient music that can be played quietly to add an audio sheen to a space, but also that can be played loud, when it becomes an almost physical immersion. Let me know what kinds of ambient music you enjoy and whether you also enjoy recordings that can be played loud.

The 0-Coast was self-patched with the internal clock pulsing the Contour. The Slope generator was set to self-cycle.

The rhythmic pulsing was developed by using the random out to both the Contour Decay and Slope Time inputs, simultaneously.

The amount of random is adjusted though the recording, as is the Balance mix between the Triangle wave and the Overtone/Multiply circuit.

The 0-Coast was recorded though an Infanem Improbability Drive pedal and subsequently through the Strymon Timeline, running a custom dTape patch.

Recorded in Ableton Live with slight EQ and compression on final out. A second pass of reverb from Strymon BigSky, running a custom Bloom patch, was added after the recording."

Vermona PERfourMER mkII - Pads

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Simon Chauvin

"Each voice has different settings.. this is when the magic happens"


via this auction

"The Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II (MSII) is a hand-held synth and sequencer.

At the core of the instrument is a versatile mini patchbay that provides expansion and modification permutations and a grid-like visual representation of patched parameters using coloured jumpers.

The patchbay encourages a particular interaction with the instrument and playfulness.

The printed circuit board artwork, black and silver finish, has multiple touch electrodes in the form of small squares that provide a labyrinth of possible connections and resulting behaviours.

Different rhythmic sequences are created through hybrid 4-bit binary coding, feedback loops and bit bashing.

The graphical artwork for the printed circuit board was done in collaboration with Adrian Shaughnessy. The Mute Synth II is Dirty Electronics’ second hand-held synth with Mute Records, the first being created in 2011.

One of the main ideas behind the Mute Synth II was to consider the dissemination of a musical idea other than through recorded fixed media, and to explore the intersection between sound object and artwork etching.

The synth also presents the notion of writing music through electronics and code.

The Mute Synth II is a statement against MPEG culture and places an onus on active participant rather than passive consumer. The synth has been born out of Dirty Electronics’ ongoing commitment to DIY approaches and noise aesthetics, and serves as a catalyst for experimenting with electronic sound. Additional modules and hacks allow for the instrument to be customised.

Features: Noise generator Feedback Oscillator Waveshaping (triangle - square) Buffered output Sequencer External clock option Touch and knob/potentiometer controls Mini patchbay Dotmatrix display (external module) PCB artwork Bend and hack points Expansion board capability Mini jack/headphone output Battery powered 9v (battery not included)"

Untitled #4: Ambient w/ Mangrove, Three Sisters, Rings

Published on Feb 17, 2018 S. B. Arweiler

"Exploring the wonderful Mannequins Mangrove and Three Sisters in this ambient improvisation.

- Mannequins Mangrove through Three Sisters
- Mutable Instruments Rings
- Make Noise Morphagene

- Monome Kria (on White Whale)

- Disting Mk3 (Clockable Delay)
- Mutable Instruments Clouds
- EHX Cathedral (in Mixer)

- Ornament+Crime (Dialectic Ping Pong)
- Monome Circles (on Ansible)
- Make Noise Function

((always better with headphones))"

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #70

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Rheyne

"Sounds from a Make Noise DPO, Noise Engineering LIP, and Moog DFAM. Delay is from an EarthQuaker Avalanche Run, and reverb is from a Strymon BigSky."

seismic industries introduces spink0 DIY Eurorack Module for Ableton LINK

via seismic industries

"DIY eurorack CLK / RST generator for Ableton LINK

After Ableton released the source code /SDK for, applications and devices that use it quickly started to appear.
The pink SPINK0 is a patchwork from shaduzlabs pink-0, a CLK / RESET generator based on the Rasperry Pi Zero W. His source code is the core of this project. After a lot of tweakin, tuning & changing, a working LINK connection could be established. I then squeezed the PiZero into its new dress, consisting of a set of three PCBs that all sandwich together to form a eurorack module.

Vive la mitraillette :)

Since the setup procedure of all the tools needed, to and for the build, is not a too trivial task. And on top of that you’d also need to make some changes/tweaks to the original source files to get everything running, since some pins and HW elements have changed. So I decided to distribute the adapted source directly embedded in the working OS-image for the raspberry, all set up.

I also added some bash scripts to easily switch between different network environments.


This thingy is a v0.1.0 patchwork. so please don’t except stability over centuries. There may be a slip here or there. but it is definitively a handy and very usable toy to jam freely together with your friends!

But hey – code is opensource. maybe someone comes along and implements the MIDI out or gets encouraged to compile a preemt_rt enabled kernel for the system… or other features get added/implemented.

Best operated in closed networks, updates, backups & Co. of other devices disabled!!!

Special thanks to shaduzlabs for this awewsome code!!"

Nord Modular, Morphing Terrarium, Fantom XR, Hachi jam

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Mike Perkowitz

Modular Drone : Lost in Time Like Tears in Rain

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Mike Thomas

"Another in my 'Blade Runner Suite': a series of more-or-less atonal pieces made with my 'Seriously Sputnik' modular synth.

This piece is a mix of generative and sequenced tones and time. Sequencer timing itself is somewhat random. It is controlled by the pulse output of a channel of the Quad Function and Trigger Source. But that channel's attack and decay are randomly changed, which results in timing changing randomly (though subtly)."

Texas Instruments Speak & Spell Circuitbent

via this auction

"This Speak & Spell is fully functional and in good condition. Mod source unknown.

The Speak & Spell is a classic 70's/80's electronic spelling game that employs an early speech synthesis chip for it's voice production. As such they have also become one of the classic circuit bending projects with lots of mods available."

MFB Dominion X SED Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Selling a rare MFB Dominion X SED 3 VCO analog mono synth. It’s in perfect working order. There is a scratch on the right wooden end cheek(see photo,) but is otherwise in perfect condition. This is the later version, with the SED style filter. Sounds incredible."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer SN 0594

via this auction

Synthesis Technology e370 Chord Mode

Published on Feb 17, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"A quick experiment with the Synthesis Technology e370 Chord Mode.

The only sound source is the e370 with one oscillator playing a simple bass line, and the remaining oscillators forming Major chords.

We are using our Moog Mother-32 (as a clock only), two Erica Synth Pico Sequencers, the Roland System-1m (as a filter only). Since our last video we have also added an Intellijel Quadra and a Quad VCA to partner the e370.

We next plan to step through the chord table to form progressions using different chord types (rather than just sticking to the Major Chords as we have done here)."

DSI Prophet REV2 - Synth arp jam demo

Published on Feb 17, 2018 enyrismusicFR

"Live programming of an arp sound on the Dave Smith Prophet REV2.
I also use the Eventide Space, the Strymon Timeline and the Juno Chorus from TAL."

"Army Of Me" Bjork Cover Moog Mother 32 + Moog DFAM x 2 + Korg Volca Sample Demo

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Mattelica

"Live cover of Bjork's Army of Me with the Moog Mother 32 + Moog DFAM x 2 + Hall of Fame Reverb + Korg Volca Sample thru a Roland VS 880 multitrack recorder to a Yamaha mg10xu mixer to a Canon 6D + 17-40mm lens."

Techno/not techno - Digitakt, MAM-MB33, Mother 32, Repro-1, Wasp filter, Make Noise Modular

Published on Feb 17, 2018 junklight

"last week I watched the superb 808 documentary ( which I highly recommend

Last night I filled my Digitakt full of 808 samples and started messing about - one thing led to another and I made this.

It's full of techno constructions but it doesn't sound like exactly like techno to me - hence the title.

The Digitakt is driving everything except the lead - which is the (wonderful) Repro-1 driven by the LPK25 and I've got the filter of the repro mapped to knobs on the launch control which I play throughout ."

Sequential Circuits Prophet-T8

Published on Feb 17, 2018 MrFirechild

"One of the greatest analog synthesizers ever made, the Sequential Circuits Prophet-T8 (1983). The track is 100% T8 sounds. The weighted keyboard supports velocity and polyphonic aftertouch also over MIDI using MPE. The song is included on the Firechild album A New World (2018). Composed and produced by"


Published on Feb 17, 2018 zack dagoba

"First play on my EML400. For something made in 1970, this thing is astonishing. See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.... for more"


Published on Feb 16, 2018 ux256

"spiegazione molto alla buona delle caratteristiche principali del maestoso MODAL 002 in italiano!!!"


Korg ARP Odyssey Rev2 Limited Edition 37-Key Duophonic Analog Synthesizer Black/gold

via this auction

"Comes with synthesizer cable kit:
On-Stage Keyboard Sustain Pedal
HOSA HMIC - 010 Pro XLR cable 10'
HOSA HGTR - 010 Pro Instrument cable 10'
AD INFINITUM 3.5mm patch cable set
and power cord

Comes in hard shell case AND original cardboard box (which holds the synthesizer perfectly)!"

Clavia Nord Modular G1 Rack SN 97110244

via this auction

Moog Model D Reissue 2016

via this auction

"In lovely beautiful delicious perfect shape. Latest firmware. Includes an extra power supply (2 total), m audio midi/usb cable, original box and all accoutrements.

You will love this guy as much as you’re wondering if you might and more. Much much more."

Moog Prodigy 1979 SN 3378X w/ Soft Case

via this auction

"Early serial number (3378), it looks like new, without a single scratch or trace. I'm the second owner since new. Perfect working order. Sold with a lot of original docs (user's manual, schematics, and so on) and with a custom made carrying soft case."

Roland Juno-60

via this auction

Roland Juno-106

via this auction

Korg X-911 MONOPHONIC GUITAR SYNTHESIZER SN 272056 w/ Original Box

via this auction

VERMONA DRM1 MKIII Standard Analog DRUM Synthesizer with TRIGGERS SN D 18363

via this auction

ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS Fusebox 3 VCO Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

ELEKTRON DIGITONE | Unboxing & first Sound Demo | FM-Synthesizer

Published on Feb 10, 2018 Michael Kert

"This is my first Day with the Digitone. Video contains unboxing and first sounds demonstration. Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres."

ELEKTRON DIGITONE | First Bug !!! | FM-Synthesizer

Published on Feb 11, 2018 Michael Kert

"During second day with the Digitone I found a firmware bug. Video contains description and includes a first sounds demonstration. Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres."

ELEKTRON DIGITONE | 1st Bouncy Live Session | Tutorial FM-Synthesizer

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Michael Kert

"How to make a first Jam on my ELEKTRON DIGITONE. Video contains an easy tutorial which easy steps to go to create a Live Session, Live Jam with your FM Synthesizer. Simply use a factory preset, create variations with MUTE function and modulate your synth voices.

Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres."

Sound Globe Eurorack Controller (Ambient Demo)

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Takumi Ogata

"Sound Globe Module is a dynamic musical controller designed for Eurorack modular system. Speed of the sphere rotation is mapped to control voltage (0V-5V). There are two separate CV outputs for backward and forward spin directions."

Moog Sonic6 - S&H - Bode...

Published on Feb 17, 2018 noddyspuncture

"Sonic-6 Sample & Hold through the Bode Frequency Shifter which in turn is controlled by the little (Studiomaster) modulation source unit that I repackaged onto a 1U Moog panel..."

ROLAND JUNO-106 - Synthesizer demo, sounds & patches【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Feb 17, 2018 synth4ever

"Roland Juno-106 synthesizer demo - playing sounds and patches on Juno 106 analog synth from Roland including lush pads, PWM sweeps and ambient drone soundscapes."

Verbos Bark filter audio demo

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Boele Gerkes

"Little audio demo of this fantastic Verbos Module. A simple waveform fed into it is first static and not so nice, but after adding two random control voltages into the Width and Center parameters: life!"

Reading old Sound On Sound magazines | Jun 1987 Roland D-50

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Woody Piano Shack

"We are back with Part 2 of the Roland D-50 review published in Sound On Sound magazine in June 1987.

We'll talk about the following synthesizers and vintage hardware:

Roland D-50
Yamaha DX7
E-mu Emax
Akai samplers
Roland S-10 and S-50
Casio CZ synths
and more...

Thanks to mu:zines for providing the scanned magazine pages:"

Tchn-dck - some cirklon patterns for eurorack synthesiser

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Luke Killen

"Today it was doing some testing of the CV Envelopes for the 1.1.5c3. Some most of the envelopes in this patch are coming from the Cirklon."

Globetrotter (Omnisphere & StylusRMX)

Published on Feb 4, 2018

▶ Check out my gear on Kit:

An ambient composition in the Berlin School style using Omnisphere and StylusRMX. Don't know what I would do without these synthesizers.

The video is various timelapse shots taken from the International Space Station as it orbits Earth. The slight camera judder is part of the video.

Happy Nerding FM Aid (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Learning Modular

"This little-known module seems to promise the impossible: Take the output of any two oscillators (or even just one oscillator – sawtooth wave preferred), patch them through this, and get voltage-controllable through-zero linear FM effects from the output – with four different waveforms. But that’s what it does, simulating a form of FM known as phase modulation. It’s a bit on the buzzy side, but it does indeed produce a wide range of easily-controllable sounds.

The video breaks down like this:
00:00 extended demo
03:14 overview
03:54 calibration
04:15 waveforms
05:15 self-modulation
05:51 adding a separate modulation oscillator
07:12 enveloping the modulation depth
08:18 FM’ing the modulation depth
08:47 exploring different frequency ratios
09:42 feedback patching"

Rick and Morty Theme (Novation Peak Synthesizer Cover by Yeung Tung)

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Yeung Tung

"Had some fun with the Novation Peak, using several of its default patch sounds to create this Rick and Morty cover.

Everything you hear is made by the Peak, the patch names are shown on the screen as they first appear, I made little changes to the default patches. I did add compressors after recording the 5 wave files of the 5 patch sounds.

用Peak內置既200幾種聲既其中5隻整左Rick and Morty主題曲既cover,無點樣改過d聲,係錄完加左compressor。"

Yeung Tung - Unthinkable (Novation Circuit Mono Station Demo)

Published on Jan 16, 2018 Yeung Tung

"I made a simple song demo with only the Mono Station and my voice (+ a lot of effects!).

First I built a loop with the step sequencer within the Mono Station, played it on loop while tweaking the knobs for sonic variation, and recorded the audio signal into Ableton Live.

I recorded my vocal separately afterwards and added a lot of reverb and delay onto it and voila!

試玩Novation既Circuit Mono Station, 只用左佢一部機來整呢首Demo:首先用佢個Step Sequencer整左個Loop,Loop住來扭佢既聲,同時錄左個Audio入Ableton Live。


Animoog & Parat+ 02 16 18

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Marc S. Langelier

"Modulating Animoog with Parat+' programmable stepped faders, switched faders, continuous faders & source LFOs. The programmable stepped faders are a powerful new feature for Parat+. More interaction between Parat+ faders, results in some interesting modulations of Animoog.
Midimittr was a big help in establishing a solid BlueTooth connection between the two iPads. Thanks for watching!"

On the path - Axoloti ribbon synth

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Matthew Tyas

"An improvised performance using exclusively a DIY ribbon axoloti synth."


On the path #2 - axoloti ribbon synth

Published on Feb 17, 2018 Matthew Tyas

"An improvised performance using exclusively a DIY ribbon axoloti synth"

Akai AX80 demo - two custom patches

Published on Feb 16, 2018 MIDERA

"Just two patches I made using the Akai AX80.

Also used Eventide Space and Source Audio Nemesis Delay."


Published on Feb 16, 2018 Henry Birdseye Jr.

"I had some sequences sitting around in the Beatstep Pro and I realized I just had to add a couple things and I'd have a new jam.

ARP2600, BSP, a Prizma, couple of Braids, other VCOs and a bunch of envelope generators."

Tiracon 6v - single sounds

Published on Sep 28, 2017 Petr Závora

Vermona Piano - Strings Modified

Published on Feb 8, 2018 Petr Závora

"modification of Vermona Piano - Strings"

Patch n Tweak

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