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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

SICK BEAT! moog DFAM and EHX Canyon Delay

Published on May 30, 2018 sprunging for voltage

"Just a moog DFAM through an Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay pedal.


Vintage Roland Vocoder Plus VP330

via this auction

Blade (Pocket) Runner on Pocket Operator and little friends

Published on Apr 17, 2018 adnmusic

"Fun around Vangelis with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Arcade PO-20, Dübreq Stylophone, Korg Monotron, Korg MS-20, Reverb Strymon Big Sky.
Additional tracks on Yamaha Motif XF7 and Ibanez guitar."

ESK- Piano Sample with Modular Effects

Published on May 30, 2018 Metunar

"In this video i am testing my effect modular case. I used only the mono piano from the Sledge synth as tonal source.
I used modules from DIY Ken Stone Real Ring Modulator, Doepfer Sampler A-112 and A-127 VCRF, Mutable Instruments Clouds and Ears, DIY Diodeclipper, Grendel Formantfilter, ...

I didn't put much effort in the piano playing and sadly also not in the correct focusing of the camera."

Vermona '14 as Midi Controller for 4 polychained Monotribes

Published on May 30, 2018 Mark Pigott

"With a few surprises the 4 sequencers on the Monotribes can do....."

Kronecker Clockwork Synthesizer - iOS App Review - Midiverse - TV

Published on May 30, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody, Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be checking out a new iOS application called Kronecker Clockwork Synthesizer. Let's get to it.."

iTunes: Kronecker Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.

LepLoop, Pico System 2 -Erica Synths, Dr.Strangelove-Analogue Solutions Techno modulations

Published on May 30, 2018 Dziam Bass

"LepLoop, Pico System 2 -Erica Synths and Dr.Strangelove -Analogue Solutions is a film showing these three things in a simple dark techno track.

Kick and hat with Leploop, Bass and fm oscillator from Leploop

the second sound from the reverb is the oscillator from Pico System 2 from Erica Synths with the DSP Pico module and Dr.Strangelove modulated this sound by adding the analogue Ring modulator."


Published on May 30, 2018 hicut cake

Hicut Cake proudly presents:

Recipe #053

– Elektron Digitone
– Roland Boutique TR-08


Published on May 30, 2018 LESINDES

"A simple drone with DREADBOX NYX with a little help from some modular friends because I could not find an internal patch or way to cinfigure it as a drone machine due to a missing VCA control knob -- too bad! So I had to get some external constant voltage from MUTABLE INSTRUMENT STAGES to to keep the Nyx VCA going!
This is one of the first Nyxes that were built without SMD! Serial 60."

ST Modular - Reverb and Yaksha´s Fate

Published on May 30, 2018 Stefan Tretau

Analog Sequencing - MoogSub37, Prodyssey, SE Electronics MIDI sync

Published on May 30, 2018 KurtzMindfields

"Working for the new album, exploring analog sequencing with MIDI connections for keeping the possibilities to play on stage some titles"

Moog Voyager XL "a brutal stereo patch" (50 seconds sound)

Published on May 30, 2018 Default Corporation

"I'm still in love with this beast. It can be bad and dirty and the Voyager stereo dual mode filter sounds unique."

Frequence Central Introduces Pro-One Based CEMvelope ADSR Eurorack Module

via Frequency Central

"CEMvelope is based on the legendary ADSR section of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One monosynth, with minor adaptations to integrate it into Euro format. Smooth and snappy! It has a gate input as well as a trigger input, the trigger input works in conjunction with the gate input for multiple triggering from a suitable controller device. CEMvelope has at it’s heart a CEM3310 or AS3310. You can source your own chip, of buy direct from me when you order your PCB set and panel."

One was featured in this video by Perfect Circuit Audio.

Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer (reissue #047/150) w/ 953 Duophonic Keyboard

via this auction

"This is serial number 47 of the 150 they produced.

❤️ Includes beautiful hard bound reprint of the original Moog Modular Synthesizer owners manual ❤️

Additionally, includes a double set of patch cables, several s-trig cables & even a few custom s-trig to 1/4” and 1/8” cables."

Moog Mini Moog model D vintage synthesizer original catalog and pricelist 1974

via this auction

Great colors on this one.

"Original 4pp catalog for Mini Moog model d. 1974. In german. has some wear and has some writing on back. super rare item for moog collectors."

Some lyrics printed on these:

I'll make you a deal.
Not to take anymore of your land.
Until I need a new super highway, gas station, or a hamburger stand,
If you'll just bury your heart at wounded kneee
Bury -----

If it's a new house that you want.
I'm sure I can accommodate you.
There's plenty of cardboard at the...

Oh, I'll make you a deal, xxx
Yes you can trust me.
I'm faithful servant of the church of man,
If You'll
And the savior of humanity.

Oh, well, I'll make you a deal xxx
For just a couple of beads.
Become civilized and organized,
Just bury your heart at wounded knee.
Just bury your heart at wounded knee.

You don't use the land
You don't wear 'nough clothes
You don't read or write english
What else you don't do
Only heaven knows.

Moog Sonic Six vintage synthesizer original catalog 1974

via this auction

"Original 4pp catalog for Moog sonic six. 1974. In german. has wear. super rare item for moog collectors."

Love the color on this one and the Model D one above.

1984 ROLAND Original 74 Page Catalog

via this auction

"Roland dealer catalog circa 1984. 74 pages. Original vintage item. EX COND. From Roland's golden age. a must-have for roland collectors."

Conbrio ADS 200 Original Catalog

via this auction

"4 page 1980 catalog for the Conbrio ADS200. Very rare promotional item. Has sticker on front. see pics."

That there is rare. See the Conbrio label below if you are not familiar with this synth.

ARP 2600 Original 1970s Catalog / Brochure, Pricelist, & flexidiscs

via this auction

"Large lot of 1970s ARP promotional material. Very hard to find items. Flexidiscs appear unplayed. Synths covered in the catalog include Avatar, Axxe, Odyssey, 2600, omin, Pro, DGX, etc."

Polyfusion Vintage Modular Synthesizer Brochures & Price List

via this auction

"Huge lot of vintage POLYFUSION promo material. If you have one of these systems, having these original promo items will greatly add to the value of your investment.

Lot includes the following:

*large cardstock 'poster' (creased)

*series 2000 6pp catalog

*sound-a-round panner papers (2)

*system A double-sided sheet

*promo pic

*warrantry card


*double-sided sheets for 9 modules"


via this auction


Published on May 30, 2018 synths colors

No External Effect Added, As Usual...
Ningún Efecto Externo Añadió, Como De Costumbre...
Nessun Effetto Esterno Aggiunto, Come Al Solito...
Keine Externe Effekt Hinzugefügt, Wie Üblich...
Nenhum Efeito Externo Adicional, Como De Costume...
brak efektu zewnętrznego dodał jak zwykle ...
καμία εξωτερική επίδραση προστίθεται ως συνήθως ...
нет внешний эффект не добавлено, как обычно ...
Ingen extern effekt tillagt, som vanligt ...
Aucun Effet Externe Ajouté, Comme D'habitude...

Roland TR-8s: Comprehensive Feature Walkthrough and Final Thoughts from umonox

Published on May 30, 2018 umonox

Also see umonox's comparison of the Roland TR-8s with the Elektron Digitakt.

"Hello my Friends. In this last Video with the Roland TR-8s i wanna go through most of the Features that i find relevant and at the same time i show you the general Workflow on the TR-8s. I show you how these Features work, how they sound and what you can do with them. Since this is a very long Video, you can find Soft-Links to the various Sections in the Top-Corner.

I hope this Video answers all the Questions you might have! If it helped you out, let me know in the Comments. And dont forget to leave a like if you enjoyed this Video!

All the best,

Deckard's Dream 8-Voice Analog DIY Synthesizer Yamaha CS-80

Published on May 30, 2018 KlangGenerator

"Short demo of my self-assembled DDRM synth. The chorus is coming from a Boss CE-1."

Nava 909 Duett (Roland TR909 clone)

Published on Jan 4, 2017 KlangGenerator

The Nava 909 is by e-licktronic.

1. Nava 909 Duett (Roland TR909 clone)
I recently finished assembling two further Nava TR909 clones. Before letting one go I thought it might be fun chaining two units together... ;)
2. NAVA Drum Computer (Roland TR 909 Clone) and MFB Dominion 1
First test run, nothing special. Just a few patterns... Unfortunately changing patterns accurately isn't possible yet. They change immediately when the next pattern is selected. I am pretty sure this issue will be addressed with one of the coming software updates...
3. Nava (Roland TR 909 Clone) desoldering circuit board components
Today I got my new desoldering Station (ZD-915). There are a few defective components I need to replace. Regular desoldering with wire or pump can really be a pain in the ass, especially when the pads are so tiny and close together. After doing some research I found lot's of good comments on the ZD-915. Here you can see how well it's getting the job done...

Yocto with Cocteau (Roland TR808 clone)

Published on Aug 22, 2017 KlangGenerator

"Finished assembling one of two Yocto's with Cocteau recently... Anybody recognize this track? ;)"

Syncussion SY1-M Demo & SY-1 Tuning Video

Published on May 22, 2018 KlangGenerator

Pearl Syncussion SY-1 DIY Clone Tuning Without Frequency Counter

Published on Sep 14, 2016 KlangGenerator

"Tuning workaround for your Syncussion clone if you haven't got a frequency counter..."

Note: The SY-1 clone is by The Human Comparator and the SY1-M is by PsyCo X. Two separate clones of the Pearl Syncussion SY-1.

RE-303 Demos by KlangGenerator

Published on Sep 29, 2017 KlangGenerator

Din Sync RE-303 & OTO Delay.

21st century Roland TB-303 - the RE-303 from Din Sync!

Published on Mar 24, 2017 KlangGenerator

"The last puzzle part has finally arrived - the RE-303 CPU from Sonic Potions. Big kudos to Paul from Din Sync and Julian from Sonic Potions for making this dream come true! And not to forget Thomas for his work on the case files... This project was awesome! Next will be RE-606... :D"

Tribute to Gerard Hanson a.k.a. Convextion a.k.a. E.R.P.

Published on Apr 3, 2017 KlangGenerator

Emu SP-12, Roland Juno-106, Elektron Analog Four, Roland SH-101, Yamaha DX100, MFB Dominion 1.

MFB Dominion 1 (Music Video)

Published on Mar 3, 2016 KlangGenerator

- bass and string sounds come from MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer
- delay is OTO Bim
- beat is made with Akai MPC 3000 and Elektron Analog Four (A4)
- EQ: Elysia XFilter, API 550a and Plugins
- Compression: Tube Tech CL1B and Plugins
- all tracks arranged in Ableton Live 9



The simplest DIY Oscillator? Synth Project PART 2

Part 2 added to this post.

Max 8 First Look: Patching Improvements

Published on May 30, 2018 Cycling '74

"For Max 8, we’ve been working on a few new features to improve patching and streamline your work."

Her voice reminds me of Sandy Sims aka freshnelly of SDS Digital.

UNO Synth Tutorial 2: The Sequencer

Published on May 30, 2018 ikmultimedia

"In this video, learn about UNO Synth's powerful and flexible on-board sequencer. Get creative with IK's first analog synthesizer!

The UNO Synth keyboard also doubles as a step-edit control for its built-in sequencer. Sequences can be programmed both in real-time or in steps and include up to 20 synth parameters for every step, making the UNO Synth sequencer among the most powerful in its class."

Part 1 here.

0-Coast Patch of the Week: Simple Random Timbre Animation

Published on May 30, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"A simple but effective concept is using random voltage to animate timbre as opposed to pitch."

All parts here.

instruo - Harmonaig & Troika *First Patch Chord Generation*

Published on May 30, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's my very first patch (filmed some time ago) with the fantastic Harmonaig and Troika from Instruo. Harmonaig is a quantizer and four voice chord generator with lots of options for custom scales, chord types, diatonic and modal harmony and modulation of inversion and chord spacing (drop chords). Troika is a saw core triple oscillator with on board mixing, so a perfect pairing for the Harmonaig."

Christopher Kah - Session XXIII - EXTENT

Published on May 30, 2018 HighWav - Christopher Kah

Less material you have, more ideas you need ! 💡
This is EXTENT ! ⚡️💥⚡️
Really like testing new hardware :)
#limitedresource #acidtechno


Roland SH01A (Poly Mode)

Published on May 30, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

"SH01A synthesiser in polyphonic mode"

Four note poly. Wish they were five or six. With anything but zero release times, the note stealing is more noticeable on four voice polys. For some reason that one voice, to five, is the tipping point to making it acceptable.

Cube synth overview

Published on May 30, 2018 pantsofdeath

iTunes: Cube Synth - VirSyn

VCV Rack - I am a Freq

Published on May 30, 2018 Omri Cohen

Patching an 8 voice Plaits Polysynth in VCV Rack

Published on May 30, 2018 Matthew Tyas

"How to make a simple 8 voice polysynth using 'macro oscillator 2' (Plaits by Mutable Instruments) in VCV Rack.
It is a very simple patch with very little modulation (had to make it short). But it shows off the possibilities in creating amazing sounding polysynths in VCV Rack

There is no talking so there is no sound until 8'19'', while the patch is being made."

ROLI: Colours Of India by A. R. Rahman's KM Music Conservatory

NEW Colours Of India soundpack: Mahesh Raghvan performance

Published on May 30, 2018 ROLI

Performed by Mahesh Raghvan —

Published on May 30, 2018 ROLI

"Download the new Colours Of India soundpack today! Add authentic Indian colour to your tracks with realistic instruments from A. R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. Weave wondrous melodies and rhythms using timeless sounds from one of the world's great musical civilizations.

For the first time ever, traditional instruments such as the veena, nadaswaram, bansuri flute, and tabla drums will be available as digital samples in NOISE as an in-app purchase. Four of the sounds are now also included free in Equator.

'I wanted to share these sounds through ROLI’s sound library because it will inspire new music,” said A.R. Rahman. “I hope this soundpack inspires everyone to make great music and also introduces you to the magic of India.'"

How To: Access Virus TI2 Rack Kit Install

Published on May 30, 2018 Marshal Arnold

I was always kind of curious about this as the jacks on the back shift, and there are no side panels on the Virus TI2.

"How To: Access Virus TI2 Rack Kit Install

In this video I walk through installing the Rack Kit for the Access Virus TI2 Desktop Synthesizer."

Synthesize surf sound effects using analog filters w/ Eric Archer

Published on May 30, 2018 EA78751

"Tips on getting simulated surf sound effects with an analog synthesizer. Use a pink noise generator, bandpass filter, notch filter, and VCA. Use envelopes to control the VCA and notch filter. The shape of the envelopes affects how realistic it is. This video explores the envelope shapes that make good analog surf sounds."

Jam with Cubase, Monologue, and bass

Published on May 29, 2018 SynthMania

"(The track starts at 1:27) A modulated synth lead from the Korg Monologue; drums, guitars, and syn vox plugin sounds from Cubase; and a Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Ray4 bass."

Yamaha CS5 Analog Synthesizer + Vesta Kozo (Kaza) DIG-411 Digital Delay Test

Published on May 29, 2018 SUBTOKYOSHOP

Yamaha CS5 70's Analog Monophonic Synthesizer
+ Vesta Kozo (Kaza) DIG-411 80's 12bit Digital Delay Test

CV control Sequencer : Korg SQ-1
Reverb : Sony HR-MP5
recorded by Ableton Live

ebay shop

Accusonus releases ​Beatformer​: All-In-One Beat Sculpting Plug-In

Published on May 29, 2018 accusonus

Beatformer | All-In-One Beat Sculpting Plug-In by accusonus
Thavius Beck: A Quick Way to Improve Your Drums and Beats Using Beatformer
Thavius Beck: Comparing Beatformer to Ableton Live's Drum Buss

Press Release:

MAY 29, 2018 - ​Accusonus Inc​, developers of music software tools based on artificial intelligence technology and makers of the critically-acclaimed beat-making plug-in ​Regroover announce the immediate release of ​Beatformer​. ​Beatformer is an all-in-one beat sculpting plug-in for the modern beat maker. Beatformer allows users to effortlessly shape their beats, without compromising their character and musicality. You can use ​Beatformer in every beat track, either you want transparent or extreme sound manipulation. The plugin has four intuitive controls (Boom, Punch, Squash and Air) that offer powerful Digital Signal Processing in a delicate design. With more than a dozen high-quality algorithms under the hood, ​Beatformer opens up a wide range of musical beat shaping possibilities.

“In accusonus, we believe that as technology is evolving beat making must become more intuitive and inspiring. Music creation is all about creativity and when our users are “in the zone”, they need fast workflows.” says Alex Tsilfidis, CEO of accusonus. “With ​Beatformer we offer advanced technology in an intuitive user interface. This allows us to facilitate the fast workflows of our users but at the same time to preserve character and musicality. We think of ​Beatformer as the perfect companion to ​Regroover,​ our flagship drum loop un-mixing plugin”

Use Beatformer to:
● Glue your drum mix together
● Bring energy into overprocessed loops
● Easily enhance your beat’s dynamics
● Add colour and personal character to your beats
● Add substance to thin sounds
● Instantly transform the sound of your beats

Price and Availability
Beatformer ​(AU, VST, AAX 64-bit Mac & VST, AAX 64-bit Win) is immediately available at in intro price $79 (Reg: $99).

The Incredible Story of AudioKit Synth One // 1st Pro Open-source iPad Synth

Published on May 29, 2018 MATTHEW FECHER

"The 2-year struggle to make the first Free & Open-Source Professional iPad Synthesizer app.
Learn more at

Release date: Mid-June 2018"

Follow-up to AudioKit Synth One for iPad In the Works.

The Largest Free & Open-source iOS Music Project in History.

AudioKit Synth One is the first completely free & open-source full-featured professional iOS synthesizer app in history.

Created by volunteers, the app will include MIDI support (play it with a MIDI keyboard or controller), sequencer, vintage-inspired analog filters, expressive arpeggiators, warm analog delays, and, over 200+ presets to get you started!

Plus, it’s completely open-source. Use the code to learn how to build your own synth app or modify the app yourself. Anyone can contribute code & features!


This synthesizer will be completely free, fully functional, and ad-free. It’s the ultimate free iPad music instrument app.
Hybrid Analog/FM Poly Synthesizer
Over 200+ Presets crafted by famous sound designers
Audiobus 3 & Inter-app Audio (IAA)
Five Oscillators (2 DCO, FM, Sub, Noise)
2 Assignable LFOs with dozens of routing possibilities
100+ Alternative Scales & Tunings
Vintage-Style 16-Step Sequencer
Classic poly arpeggiator
MIDI in (Control with a MIDI Keyboard or DAW)
Touchable ADSR Envelopes for Amp & Filter
FM Oscillator w/ Mod
Dedicated Sine/Square -12/24 Sub Osc
4-Pole Vintage Low-Pass Filter
High-Pass/Band Pass Filters
Mono portamento & legato
Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
Multi-tap (ping-pong) delay
Preset Import/Export & More…
Compact app size (under 25mb)
MIDI Learn on all knobs, MIDI Bank/Patch & Sustain Pedal support
Full Source code included

This is the perfect synth for those who like to make their own sounds- Easily sculpt and customize your own sounds!

Ableton Link
AUv3 Plug-in support to use in your iOS host
MPE Midi Support – Expressive control with Roli Seaboard, etc"

Europa by Reason - Available as a VST and AU Plugin

Published on May 30, 2018 Propellerhead

"Experience an infinitely powerful spectral wavetable synthesizer capable of morphing waveforms into sounds you didn’t know were possible. Get our flagship Europa synth as part of Reason 10, or as a standalone VST/AU plugin.

Europa by Reason combines advanced synthesis with straight forward accessible controls. Morph between 30+ wavetables—from traditional analog waveforms to complex, dynamic waveforms that respond to your performance. Create epic pads, huge chords, aggressive biting basses, and everything in between."

Europa was first introduced in Reason 10.

Patch n Tweak

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