MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday, June 08, 2018

Tama Techstar TAM500 + Roland TR-808 + Yamaha CS5 Session

Published on Jun 8, 2018 SUBTOKYOSHOP

Session with
Tama Techstar TAM500 80's Analog Drum Synthesizer Rack Module
+ Roland TR-808 80's Analog Drum Machine
+ Yamaha CS5 Monophonic Synthesizer

All units triggered by TR-808
recorded with drawmer lx-20 compressor

ebay shop

Waldorf Micro-Q with the Roland CM-32P - strange bedfellows!

Published on Jun 8, 2018 stuthomson

Acid Orchestra: Micro-Q
Female Choir: Roland CM-32P
Bass Pedals: Roland JX-3P
This is the first track on my new release.
Hear the entire album for free, here

4 Operator Analog FM Synthesizer & FM Tutorial

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"We had the Intellijel Rubicon 2 through-zero oscillators in, so we decided to build a ridiculous modular frequency modulation synthesizer with four of them. They are routed through a 4MS VCA Matrix for easier routing of FM 'algorithms'. A Quadra and Make Noise Maths are used to generate envelopes and LFOs that can modulate FM amount. Since we had this synthesizer put together we decided to make a quick tutorial about how FM synthesis works.

Rubicon 2 available here:"

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Sequencers & Synths: Polyend seq, iPad (AUM,Kronecker, Zeeon, Model D, Unique), keystep

Published on Jun 8, 2018 junklight

"knackered at the end of a long week just kicking back and having some fun.

The sequencing technique with the Seq occurred to me earlier in the week after looking at the monome grid and how people are using it.....

everything going into the iPad via USB3 adapter & a little powered hub"

Advanced Vertical Processor by Ministry of Science

Published on Jun 8, 2018 stuthomson

Per posting guidelines all posts have to feature demos of specific synths. That said, posting this one for that image. It reminds me of the Bahn Sage and Seekers SMS 2000.

Update: one track is Waldorf Micro-Q with the Roland CM-32P.

00:00 First Movement
03:35 Anti-Phase Boundary
08:13 Nobody Was a Stranger
09:44 Hydrocorzine
12:42 Suddenly Perfectly Clear
16:12 I Saw You Through the Window
19:38 Here Comes the Future

All tracks composed arranged and recorded by Stuart C. Thomson
Cover art by Jim Dwyer
Buy tracks at Bandcamp

27 years old soviet synth "RITM-2" bassline

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Rhythms of buttocks

RIP Shirleigh Moog

via the Bob Moog Foundation, @MoogFoundation

"Bidding a sad farewell to Shirleigh Moog, Bob's wife of 36 years. In addition to her own accomplishments, she saw him through the steep ups and downs of his career. You can read more about this remarkable woman here"

Below: "Bob and Shirleigh on the steps of their first apartment, July 1958."

February 1982 Moog Interface newsletter, Vol. 3

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the rest of the scans and the top ten reasons this newsletter is awesome!

Rebel Technology CLK Demo

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Rebel Technology

via Rebel Technology

"CLK is a 4HP triple clock generator that outputs three synchronised clocks. It comprises of a master clock and two dual function multiplier/dividers. Turn clockwise to multiply, anti-clockwise to divide. The outputs are always perfectly synchronised. Use it to feed several trigger sequencers or to generate instant ‘four on the floor’ style patterns.

The top knob sets the master clock, ranging from 40 to 200 BPM. The top jack outputs the master clock as 16th notes.

The middle and bottom knobs either multiply or divide the master clock, depending on whether the knob is turned clockwise (multiplication) or anti-clockwise (division) from the centre position. At 12 o’clock they output the same clock as the master, that is to say they multiply / divide by 1.

The middle knob values are 1 in the centre, then 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 times as you move away from 12 o’clock.

The bottom knob outputs 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 or 24 times multiplication or division.

tbd: output diagram, per multiplier, per output."

verbos harmonic oscillator #03 natural gate

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Elinch

"the piece builds up slowly, please take some time while listening :-).

1. 2 ambient sounds /// sampleplayer orthogonal devices er-301 & morphagene (rings / zvex instant lo-fi junky / tapografic delay)
2. seq /// verbos harmonic oscillator (sequenced by voltage block) / rapid elephants natural gate / zvex instant lo-fi junky / mutable instruments clouds
3. bass 01 /// sinus Bosc machine orthogonal devices er-301 (sequenced by voltage block)
4. bass 02 /// sinus Bosc machine orthogonal devices er-301 (sequenced by voltage block)
5. saw /// verbos harmonic oscillator
4. strings /// make noise morphagenes with different notes (strings from cubasis, processed with zvex instant lo-fi junky) / er 301 delay
6. seq /// make noise sto (a little bit out of tune, it was hot today :-) / rapid elephants natural gate / zvex instant lo-fi junky / mutable instruments clouds

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

my first ep with my five favorite pieces is planned at bandcamp for the end of august. If you have personal favorites for the sixth piece, let me know."

Arturia MiniBrute 2 Sequencer [Episode 61]

Published on Jun 7, 2018 CatSynth TV

"Part 2 of our detailed look at the Arturia MiniBrute 2. In this video we focus on the sequencer, including basic functionality, synchronizing LFOs, step-sequence entry, and synchronizing to external sources like Ableton Live!"

Part 1 here.

WHAT IS The Synth Library Portland & Prague? Interview | SYNTH ANATOMY

Published on Jun 8, 2018 SYNTH ANATOMY

"I met at Superbooth 2018 the team behind the Synth Library Portland & Prague. In this interview they answer the question: what is the synth library?"

Creating a modular percussion loop (Riamiwo StudioVlog 94)

Published on Jun 8, 2018 riamiwovideos

"Here's a little video how to create a modular-beat... except the MFB 522 Bass, which makes the Kick you can use every modul also for other sounds (for example the snare can also be done with the MiniBrute or the Bastl NOISE & SKIS) - so the variation makes the most fun ;)

Get your copy of my latest EP Skalarus here:

Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 - Prelim Specs and Pre-Order Info

You can find a demo of the filters here, a guitar demo here, and a deFormation demo here.

via Gotharman

LD3, Rev. 3 prototype design.
Planned changes on the final model:

-Will have 8 Edit Knobs instead of 4.
-The name on 2 of the shortcut buttons will be changed to: Copy and Paste (don't know which yet).
-Frontpanel will be professionally made and look nicer.

Preliminary Specs:

Expected release: September 2018.

-16 parts
-8 stereo voices
-One oscillator per part, that can either be a multi-waveform oscillator, a stereo sampler, a noise generator, one audio input or both audio inputs.
-2 filters per voice. 16 filter types.
-Cross fading chop playback system for ultra smooth transitions between chops -See the XXX7 video for a demo.
-16 Audio Tracks (only 8 can play back at a time at the moment). Chops while recording. Playback starts immediately when recording stops, and chops can be rearranged and re-pitched (again: See XXX7 video).
-Sample time: Either 94 minutes (477MB) or 194 minutes (977MB) of mono sampling (half in stereo), kept in super reliable NOR FLASH memory. Samplings and audio tracks are immediately available when turning on -No loading time.
-8 busses, on which insert effects and optional analog filters can be placed.
-8 Insert effects, that can be placed on any audio bus.
-2 output effects.
-16 sequencer note tracks.
-32 sequencer controller tracks.
-Morph Knob.

USB: Connect a USB drive for importing and exporting of wav samplings, presets and songs, and for updating the firmware.

Audio: Stereo in and out. Left output also functions as a headphone connector.

MIDI: In and out.

Size: 23 x 16 x 6 cm

Weight: (without analogs) 1.0 KG

Optional Analog Board (Planned -Not yet made):
-2 slots for Anamono X series analog filterboards. Each filter can be individually placed on any of the 8 audio busses.
-4 x CV/Gate in.
-4 x CV/Gate out.
-4 extra Audio inputs and outputs -Stereo jacks: Tip = input, ring = output.

More details at Pre-orders at

Italo Disco done the old school way in 2018

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Espen Kraft

"Italo Disco made the old school way in 2018. Using a plethoria of 80s samplers, synths and drum machines it's possible to make that kind of raw unpolished sound that infused the synth-pop scene back in the early to mid 80s where the term Italo Disco wasn't used, but the octave bass sounded different from much else of the synth-pop.
I've taken inspiration from all the great artists/producers of the time and used some of the same gear.

Thanks to Caroline Johansen for additional vocals, you're a great sport!

Track available on all streaming media:

The chords and sections that make up the track is explained in detail after the performance of the track so don't turn it off too soon!

The performance is held together by Roland MC50 sequencer that plays the Emax II Liquid Stack guitars while I play other parts. Half of the track is me playing the Emax live.
Bass is off the Roland S-10 sampler played live as is the Korg DW-8000s fairlight pad/strings.
The Yamaha TX802 is also played live over MIDI on the MiniNova.
Additional pads/strings and Fairlight flute is from the Roland Juno 2 and the Yamaha DX7, sequenced.
The simple but effective drums comes off the Akai S1000.

Strymon BlueSky and TC flashback handles reverb and delays.

Everything is going into a couple of Yamaha 01W digital mixers (a Behringer analog mixer does some of the synths) and piped optically into the Audient ID14 soundcard and into the DAW for recording.

Listen to more of my music on:
My tracks pay homage to all synth-pop acts of the 80'ies like Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, Ultravox, OMD, Euryhmics, Duran Duran, Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Alphaville, A-ha and many more."


Press release via Arturia:

"Arturia are pleased to announce that Spark 2, their full-featured software beat creation suite, has received an update to version 2.4.

Combining elements of a sequencer, drum machine, sampler, modular synthesizer, and recording studio into the ultimate software drum package, Spark 2 has become the plug-in of choice for adventurous producers looking to truly personalize their drum patterns and sounds.

Version 2.4 vastly improves the stability of Spark 2, resolves numerous compatibility issues, and removes bugs, making it the definitive Spark experience.

Previewed at NAMM 2014 and released in April of the same year, Spark 2 became a fan-favorite in Arturia’s catalog of software instruments thanks to its pioneering approach to drum sound design. Mixing their exclusive TAE® component modelling, Phi physical modelling, and contemporary samples, Spark 2 lets users create, combine, and synthesize any kit they can imagine.

'As Spark 2 just celebrated its fourth birthday, we wanted to give it the update it deserved.' said Arturia’s Director of Software Development, and former Spark Lead Developer, Kevin Molcard. 'With version 2.4, my team and I refined its code and resolved dozens of intermittent issues to give users the best, most enjoyable Spark experience ever.'
The updated Spark 2.4 can be downloaded from the Arturia website.

Existing customers can activate the update using their original unlock code, and new customers can enjoy the full software package as a time-restricted demo.

For more information on Arturia’s pioneering software drum solution, visit the Spark 2 page on the Arturia website."

Velvet Acid Christ Roland SE-02 Demo

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Bryan Erickson

"16th notes. Showing off snappy envs and fat sound. My patreon site helped me purchase this studio gem. Love it more than the Cheaper MODEL D."

The Deluxe Chipshop by midierror

"Welcome to midi error’s Deluxe ChipShop! A unique collection of over 1000 samples recorded from the Commodore 64, Atari ST, Original Gameboy and Pocket Operator Arcade!

Get it here

Re-released and remastered, this expanded deluxe version features the all original content, plus loads more from the archives and some brand new additions!

The Deluxe Chipshop comes with 590MB of sounds, recorded, prepared and organised for instant deep-fried retro goodness. Feast upon a huge number of One Shots, Loops and Multi Samples, created using original chiptune hardware running CynthCart, MESSIAH, Retroskoi, Nanoloop, LSDJ and the Atari Sound Effects Generator and more!

Step inside the ChipShop to see midierror cooking up over 700 one hit samples including Synths, Leads, Chords, Basses and Arps to fry-up some solid melodies, including 308 Drum Hits, with Cymbals, Snares, Rides, Kicks, Hats, Percussion and Toms neatly organised to bring big beats to the street. In excess of 190 sound effects are included with 31 white noise samples and 16 digital vocal samples to mix things up.

There are over 130 Loops to shake up the plaice, with Drum Loops, Synth Loops, Combo Loops, Percussion Loops and FX Loops to start throwing in the deep fat fryer. Each one has been key-labelled and comes at 120, 140 and 175 BPM.

You’ll hear why the Commodore 64 SID chip is so legendary, with its warm and punchy sound - alongside the Atari ST YM2149 Chip, delivering a cleaner, more digital tone and the DMG Gameboy sound chip pumping out warm lows and ASMR inducing highs! This Deluxe Chipshop now features the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Arcade, a faithful modern-day Chiptune machine, which delivers a frantic pace to the proceedings!

This gigantic collection has been organised for ease of use, with all files categorised, named and optimised to aid your workflow - ensuring you’ll find chiptune magic to inspire Electro, Synthwave, House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Cinematic productions.

There are more freebies on the horizon, follow midierror on twitter for the latest announcements - and check out his youtube and soundcloud channels for other musical adventures!"

Presenting the new Z-DSP.

via @tiptopaudio

Not just a new look. See this SUPERBOOTH video for an overview.

Meet The Makers - Chris Randall of Audio Damage

Published on Jun 8, 2018 sonicstate

Plus one on the cactus.

"Chris Randall is a regular character on the scene, hes also an interesting bloke, with previous lives including signed bandmember, touring lighting designer, record label owner and now plug-in developer, with a dash of Eurorack hardware thrown in, he's done a lot.
We met him at Superbooth and had a chat."

New DFAM | Moog Demo Library Videos

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Moog Music Inc

DFAM | Creating Sequences with Fewer Than 8 Steps
DFAM | Adding Swing and Ratchets
DFAM | How to Tempo Sync Mother-32 & DFAM
DFAM | Using DFAM’s Sequencer as an Oscillator
DFAM | Using DFAM as Additional Oscillators
DFAM | Kick Snare Patch
DFAM | Cross Modulated Kick Drum
DFAM | Dynamic Hi-Hats

New Mother-32 | Moog Demo Library Videos

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Moog Music Inc

Mother-32 | Tempo Sync Multiple Mother-32’s
Mother-32 | High-Pass Filter as Second Oscillator
Mother-32 | Low-Pass Filter as Second Oscillator
Mother-32 | Assignable Output
Mother-32 | Sequencer Basics
Mother-32 | LFO Basics
Mother-32 | Adjusting Gate Length
Mother-32 | How to add Ratchets
Mother-32 | Multiple Voices

Sébastien Léger - Good Night

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Sebastien Leger

"Little sweet melodic jam tonight. No computer used here, all sequencing, sound source and effect from the modular, recorded live in one take."

Nikola x Belvedere [Weekend Patch]

Published on Jun 7, 2018 birdkids

"Nikola ( had a lot of fun taking out TheBateleur 42hp System for a nice Sunday outdoor Patch and we were looking for an excuse to try out the new DJI OSMO Mobile 2 in a natural environment.

Composition: "TheGrid" by Mike Beim
Performed on a TB42hp System and some stock Ableton Live Reverb/Delay.

HUGE thanks to Dr. Obereder for allowing us to use his amazing DJI Spark footage of Belvedere from the Air.

Find the footage here on his channel:

Fusebox synth - arpeggio with delay

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Analogue Solutions

"In stock with many dealers."

Find them on the right, here on MATRIXSYNTH.

Fusebox electronic Bassline - with Digitakt & Patternator

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Analogue Solutions

"Fusebox electronic Bassline - with Digitakt & Patternator.
The sequencer comes in part from a MIDI track on the Digitakt, but also the Fusebox Patternator is providing rhythm and some VCF mod."

Artiphon Sound of the Week – iZotope VocalSynth 2

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Artiphon

"Strum your voice! We’ve been having a ton of fun around the office using iZotope's new VocalSynth 2 plug-in with the INSTRUMENT 1 to enter new dimensions of music-making. Here’s just a sample!"

Friday Fun Synth Jam - Yamaha CS15 With Ventris Dual Reverb

Published on Jun 8, 2018 sonicstate

"Another in our occasional series, where we pair a couple (or more) peices of gear and see what happens.

This time I fired up the Yamaha CS15 - an analogue mono - capable of paraphonic playing via external CV , though I didn't do that here.

The CS15 has dual multimode filters, two VCOs an single LFO and two ADSR envelopes.

Apologies for the crackles and pops - its a bit poorly and needs a service, but still sounds rather lovely I think."

Touched By Sound DRM1 Syncussion Analog Drum Synthesizer (Vermona) SN B02220

via this auction


"This is a fairly rare gold MK1 model of Vermona's famous DRM1 analog drum synthesizer. It has been at the core of my music making for over ten years but I'm downsizing my setup and will sadly be parting with this great instrument.

It is 100% analog and features 8 drum voices including three pitched drums (kicks or toms), a snare, cymbal, hihat, clap, and FM "multi" drum. Each channel can be manual triggered via on board push button and has dedicated pan and volume controls. The other controls vary for each sound channel. There is a master volume too.

There are dedicated outs for each channel (Great for multi tracking), mixed stereo outs, MIDI In and Thru, as well as 12V DC input (adapter included).

This is an amazing machine and a piece of electronic music history."

Roland TB-03 Boutique Bass Line Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha SS-30 Analog String Synthesizer SN 1291

via this auction

Lil' Erebus Tuning Procedure

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Dreadbox

"How to tune your lil' synth"

digitakt homegrown

Published on Jun 8, 2018 skinnerbox

"too hot to go to the studio"

Happy 1st Birthday Seaboard Block!

Published on Jun 8, 2018 ROLI

"In just one year the most affordable and portable Seaboard has found its way into the hands of musicians all over the globe — and revolutionized how they create expressive music. We’re very proud of our little Block.

Join the party with a free Equator upgrade (worth $79) on purchases. This weekend only;

Artists featured in the Seaboard Block Birthday film:
Taetro / Seaboard Waves / Timothy Arterbury / Luigi Sansó / Paul Wilkinson / imamusicmogul / Red Means Recording / Andrew Huang / Sanjay C"

Synthmaster one for iPad overview

Published on Jun 8, 2018 pantsofdeath

"Took some time out from writing daft memes over on the synth memes group to do a video

For any of you who are worried I might not have been drinking I was actually swigging a tawny port but I kept it out of shot, I don’t want you people thinking I have a problem!"

iTunes: SynthMaster One - KV331 Audio

VCV Rack - Kinks

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Omri Cohen

Live Jam #198 - Live Looping with Ableton Live

Published on Jun 7, 2018 Rheyne

"Performed in one take with no pre-recorded loops or pre-sequenced tracks. Sounds are from a Noise Engineering LIP, 3x Moog Mother-32, Mutable Instruments Plaits, a Moog DFAM, and a Make Noise 0-Coast. All reverb and delays are from Ableton.

Playing on a Fender Rhodes through a ZW-44, a KompleteKontrol 25, a Novation Launchpad, and 2x iPads from 2012 running Lemur.

Lighting is from Chauvet Slim Par 56 and American DJ Mega Bar 50 fixtures, controlled by an Enttec DMXIS and Max for Live."

Waldorf to Introduce New KYRA - All FPGA VA Synthesizer Based on the Exodus Valkyrie at NAMM 2019

Yes, this is real. Waldorf is teaming up with Exodus Digital on their recently announced Valkyrie FPGA synthesizer. It's worth noting the Novation Peak is also FPGA based, however not fully, as it utilizes analog filters. There are also some DIY FPGA synths. A fun side note is that this is the earliest NAMM post to go up for a single year's event. :)

Here's the press release:

Waldorf Music makes world’s first fully FPGA powered synth fit to fly for full production launch at The 2019 NAMM Show

REMAGEN, GERMANY: hot on the heels of having turned heads and opened ears with its innovative flagship, Quantum, a high-class hybrid synthesizer showcased to widespread critical acclaim at The 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California earlier this year, high-quality synthesizer developer Waldorf Music is proud to announce a full production launch and general availability of Kyra — the world’s first fully FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) powered synthesizer featuring 128 voices (regardless of settings and effects), each with 10 oscillators per voice, and eight-part multitimbrality (with each part having its own dedicated nine-module effects unit) — at The 2019 NAMM Show, January 24-27, in Anaheim, California…

As an extremely powerful VA (Virtual Analogue) synthesizer literally like nothing else out there — thanks to leveraging the latest FPGA technology to significantly outperform legacy DSP (Digital Signal Processing) powered competition, Kyra’s crowning glory comes courtesy of its state-of-the-art audio quality: think 32x oversampled hardware with dual wavetables providing over 4,000 waveshapes! With 10 oscillators — that can be doubled to 20 by using two voices — each offering a wide range of features, including true stereo operation, hard sync, FM (Frequency Modulation), and ring modulation, Kyra starts shaping up as a serious sonic force to be reckoned with... without even factoring filtering into an already seriously impressive-sounding instrument! Indeed, Kyra’s resonant filters are accurate oversampled emulations of classic analogue ladder filters with 2- and 4-pole configurations (offering -12dB/oct and -24dB/oct of magnitude decrease, respectively). Saying that, two linked or independent filters can be used in Dual Voice mode, making for even more creative options. On top of that, there are three envelope generators, three stereo LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) with 64 shapes and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) clock sync, an arpeggiator, full keyboard microtuning, and true polyphonic portamento, as well as a comprehensive 18-channel modulation matrix to Kyra’s notable name.

Notably, Kyra comes highly specified for effects, each of its eight parts featuring a three-band EQ with sweepable mid, dual tube limiters, formant filter, distortion, six-stage phaser, stereo digital delay, comb/flanger/chorus/doubler unit, and a programmable reverb. All effects units on all parts can be used simultaneously and run at Kyra’s native 96kHz sample rate.

Kyra clearly delivers when it comes to connectivity by boasting four assignable, balanced 32-bit/96kHz stereo outputs, a headphone output, low-latency DIN MIDI, a fully class-compliant USB2 implementation for MIDI, and a stereo 24-bit/96kHz audio stream for each of its eight parts. Production-wise, there is also a USB (Universal Serial Bus) audio return feature, so Kyra can render final DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) audio under ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output). An ASIO driver is provided for Windows users while Mac support is out of the box.

But if any aspects of this impressive instrument already have a ring of familiarity about them then Musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt am Main may have played its part. Put it this way: Waldorf Music CEO Joachim Flor found himself transfixed there. “It was more of a coincidence to have discovered Valkyrie during a tour of this year’s Frankfurt Music Fair, but I was immediately aware of the fact that this was probably one of the most exciting synthesizers of recent years,” he admirably admits. “I got into conversation with its independent UK developer, Manuel Caballero, and I’m now looking forward to working with this talented, innovative individual, who is also a great guy! Under the direction of Waldorf Music, Valkyrie flies forth into a joint production project called Kyra, which will be shown and delivered at NAMM in 2019.”

Fortunately for Manuel Caballero, the feeling was clearly mutual — Musikmesse mission accomplished. “After nearly four years in the making, I went to Musikmesse with the intention of finding an established partner for Valkyrie,” he reveals. “There's little doubt that Valkyrie's reveal at Musikmesse caused quite a stir in the synthesizer world and I had set the bar high for potential partners to bring the instrument to market. As a result of this, I'm pleased to announce a partnership with Waldorf Music. Few companies can match their track record of innovation and delivery spanning several decades. Working with Joachim Flor and his technical and design team to achieve this is an exciting and efficient partnership as we work together to launch the instrument at NAMM in 2019. Waldorf's proven heritage in product design, manufacturing, and distribution leaves me to do what I do best, which is applying the most advanced technologies to the art of music, and I look forward to a continued deep working relationship with the Waldorf team.”

Kyra is initially scheduled for full production launch at The 2019 NAMM Show, January 24-27, in Anaheim, California, competitively priced at €1,899.00 EUR as a desktop/rackmount model (with a keyboard version to follow later in 2019).


Patch n Tweak

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