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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Yamaha CS01-II analog synthesizer review

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Ari Tamminen

"My review of the vintage classic and the last analog synthesizer made by Yamaha in the 1980's (all the Yamaha synthesizers after this have been digital or virtual analog), the last of the classic Yamaha CS lineage, the CS01-II. It was a revised version of the original Yamaha CS01, with a different VCF section with a 24 dB/oct LP filter and a variable setting for the resonance.
The synth also had the option to use a breath controller to control the VCO and/or the VCF, but as I don't have the breath controller, I left that bit out of this review.

Most of the videos in Youtube about the CS01 or CS01-II have been either done to sell one, where someone just shows that it works, or presented by someone who is not familiar with the synthesizer. I have been using this synthesizer since new, so I'm pretty familiar with it at least. it was the first real synthesizer I have owned myself and it's still in active use. I also wrote one of the first reviews of this synth to the Internet in the 1990's, so I thought this is a good device to start my new series of synthesizer reviews."

Livewire AFG (Audio Frequency Generator) Eurorack Synth Module V1

via this auction


via this auction

Behringer Model D Monster Sounds & FUN! Analog Modular Synthesizer Minimoog Rik Marston

Published on Jul 17, 2018 SynthgodXXX

"Behringer Model D Monster Sounds & FUN!
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD** **Turn it uP!**

If you like the sound of the Moog Minimoog Voyager, Minitaur, Little Phatty and more like it for your next track, for ANY device that uses .WAVs, + you want it budget friendly check out:
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Get these custom sounds in .WAV format to be used in your tracks TODAY!
2 Sample Packs for KORG KRONOS:
A Great value for the money-JP-6, Poly Evolver, Minitaur, Matrix-6, Juno-106 & More!!

The Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer in ACTION!!
Just exploring on this unit playing Bass, Leads, Pads & FX!
Such a great synthesizer & EXCELLENT VALUE for your money!
So heavy & sweet when you need it! Just how you want it!"

Karplus Strong Synthesis On Eurorack Modular

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This is the first part of our series on physical modeling synthesis on a eurorack modular. Karplus-Strong and wave guide synthesis use short delay lines with feedback to create sounds from simple plucked string modeling to two and three dimensional models of drum heads and resonating and reverberating spaces.

Some of the short delay modules we used to make this video:

Doepfer A-188-1X

Doepfer A-188-1Y

Eventide EuroDDL"

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

ARP Odyssey 2813 - ORIGINAL - Made in the USA - Pro-Serviced w/Restoration SN 1433

via this auction

"This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition (it looks almost new) and working 100%. It has just been serviced and with a lot of restoration. As you can see, this is an original, model 2813 with PPC and NOT a Chinese made, Japanese replica of an American classic. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! I doubt there is another here on Ebay that is as nice cosmetically and that has had the same amount of restoration."

NEW Roland GoMixer PRO - A good solution for synthesizer jam videos!

Published on Jul 17, 2018 BoBeats

"This is a review of Roland GoMixer PRO. Check out Skillshare here and get 2 months free:"


via Roland

"Use Pro-Quality Sound to Get More Followers, More Views, and Higher Engagement

Whether you’re a musician, podcaster or live streamer, high-quality audio can make or break your productions. And although your smartphone’s built-in microphones are fine for everyday use, to impress your listeners you’ll need superior quality and more control over your audio. Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO is the easiest way for content creators to connect and mix up to nine audio inputs, including pro-quality powered microphones, guitar/bass and line-level gear. Just plug in, set the volume levels and go; the resulting stereo audio output is sent straight to your smartphone, ready for uploading and sharing. And if you’d like to make your videos stand out, GO:MIXER PRO works with Roland’s unique smartphone apps including 4XCAMERA or Virtual Stage Camera. GO:MIXER PRO is the ideal solution for adding professional sound to your social media videos or live streaming, helping you get more followers, more views, and higher engagement.

Great Music Is Built On Great Sound

If you’ve ever been disappointed with the audio when recording your own music, GO:MIXER PRO delivers an ultra-clean stereo signal without the background noise that can ruin a performance. If you play music with others, you can simultaneously capture three different instruments through dedicated inputs, for example keyboards, guitar/bass and vocals, and adjust their volume levels—perfect for recording demos or rehearsals.

11 Minutes in Patterning 2 Update & Ratcheting Videos

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Olympia Noise Co.

"11 unedited minutes of making beats in Patterning 2.

Shows some of the new features :
Recording beats and automation, ratcheting, randomization, quantization, and more.

Patterning 2 is coming soon.
Pre-order for 25% off :" Patterning 2 - Olympia Noise Co.


Published on Jul 17, 2018 Olympia Noise Co.

AJH Synth FINALISER R-EQ REVIEW EURORACK EQ Reverb Modular Synth Patches

Published on Jul 17, 2018 SonicVoltage

"AJH Synth FINALISER R-EQ REVIEW. Eurorack EQ Maximiser Reverb Module. 4 Bands EQ (3 Parametric), Low/High Enhancer, M/ST Reverb - Index & Description in SHOW MORE below.

In this eurorack modular video review, we check out the AJH Synth Finaliser R EQ. Eurorack module with (mono) 4 bands analogue EQ and 2 bands analogue sonic enhancer, a (mono/stereo) reverb section, two inputs and two outpus.

AJH Synth Finaliser R-EQ Eurorack Review INDEX:
00:00 - Introduction
01:12 - EQ Section (Parametric and Shelf Bands, dBs...)


Published on Jul 17, 2018 LESINDES

cloning ROLAND TB-303 with a modular setup of INTELLIJEL METROPOLIS as sequencer RUBICON saw wave into CWEJMAN QMMF-4 the 12dB LoPass with beefy saturation for getting the perfect ACID feel!
the original live session was recorded on 2 track, bass line left, JOMOX MOD BRANE 1.1 kick on the right in perfect hardware sync. the rest of the arrangement and the FX were added and co
mbined later in DAW.
the bass line is totally uncrompressed!!"

$126,508.32 Massive Vintage Rare 1974 ARP 2500 in Superb Condition for Sale

via this auction, priced at $126,508.32 + $1,640.77 Shipping.

This one was spotted and sent in via an anonymous MATRIXSYNTH reader. It was once for sale back in August, 2017.

Details via the listing, captured for the archives:

"Selling my beloved ARP 2500 - Model 2515 Studio Cabinet. Serial number - 74-005

I am the second owner of this fantastic piece of history and purchased this instrument from a dutch composer/violinist who in turn ordered it directly from the Arp factory around 1976. Before my ownership, it was used in a reasonably well known studio in Hilversum for a multitude of experimental recordings throughout the 70s and 80s.

It is in pristine condition and original state with only a few cosmetic blemishes. It has been used and stored in a smoke free, temperature controlled environment and is a joy just to look at, let alone play. A well laid out collection of modules that offer many many years of deep exploration, I spent almost 6months just with the 1036(Sample/Hold/Random voltage) module :).

All modules are working and sounding fantastic. The filters are especially lush, definitely nothing else sounds like a 2500 and the unique matrix switch system is ripe territory for happy/accidental patching discoveries.
The fabulous ARP 2500 was used by famous musicians like Aphex Twin, Pete Townshend, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Jimmy Edgar, Luke Vibert, Vince Clarke, Faust, Eliane Radigue. And used in films like Logan's Run and communicating with the aliens in Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Here is your chance to own an instrument capable of taking you on an intergalactic journey through time and space...

Check out my other listings for more rare stuff.

Tristram Cary’s Step Son's EMS Synthi AKS (1976) - Mint Condition - SN 45423.KS. For Sale

via this auction

"You know what this is and there is no need for an introduction.
What makes this particular AKS special though is its condition and historical significance.

You will not find an AKS in better condition and for sale. All potentiometers and switches are smooth, absolutely no scratches on the panel, all paint remains on patch matrix, the Keyboard Sequencer is a thing of utter beauty and case latches open/close without issue. The Spartanite case itself is clear from deep scratches, the slight discoloration that is visible will clear off easily with some delicate cleaning product. This is almost museum quality. For something that is nearly 50years old it is absolutely divine.
Pictures are raw so you can see anything of interest, no fancy photoshoots or photoshop techniques to cover things up here.

What perhaps is of most significance is that I bought this very AKS from Tristram Cary’s step son soon after Tristram passed away in Adelaide, South Australia. Tristram founded EMS(London) in 1969 alongside Peter Zinovieff and David Cockerell. Mr Cary wrote music for, among many other things, the science fiction television series Doctor Who (including the first Dalek story) and was one of the first British composers to work in 'musique concrète' before moving his career and studio to Australia in in the 1970's.

Robin Wood from EMS(Cornwall) has informed me that this AKS, judging from records of the serial number was made in late 1976.

What you are buying here is not only a fantastic musical instrument that will keep you (happily) on your toes for many many years but also you'll be securing an extremely rare piece of electronic musical history.

Comes with a power cord with an Australian style plug, an adapter may be needed.
The Synthi has an onboard switch to connect to both 115v and 240v."

EMS Synthi E - The Educational Modular Synthesiser (1975) Serial # 194 7137

via this auction

"Such a great little compact modular synthesiser that can really surprise with its heavy bass growl. Ive destroyed sound systems at venues performing with this thing.

“Versatile and Robust” as the manual states… You have to hand it to the people at EMS they really knew how to design synths. This one has all the features you need to perform with just this alone and bring the house down, its sliding controls are smooth and intuitive, its internal touch ribbon controller is super fun and you can plug external gear (guitar, voice, drums into the Envelope Follower) to control any or many parameters. The Synthi E was designed for schools and colleges back when education held humanities in high regard, imagine being exposed to modular synthesis as a high school student?!?

A tight little package wrapped in an original Spartanite case which alone is extremely sort after and valuable.

Did I mention that it is battery operated as well? Yes, so you can take it into woods and jam out to nature sounds, set up a mic and your Synthi will play along with the birds. For studio sessions it can be connected to a 12volt DC power source so you can play all night long.

It also comes with and extremely rare 3-octave external keyboard with silky smooth action if you wanted to play it in a more conventional manner. Ive never seen one of these for sale, ever so I doubt there are many out there. Serial # 7137


Published on Jul 17, 2018 ResonanceCircuits

via this auction

"The Dark Entity Chamber:

A bespoke sound generator capable of dense,haunting soundscapes, eerie drone evolves, cascading echo atmospheres and unnerving feedback shifts.


on/off power switch

'on' indicator lamp

drone frequency control

brass body contacts - touch both contacts to frequency shift

echo rate control

feedback modulator - density of feedback and self oscillation

1/4" jack output

powered by 9v DC input (negative centre polarity): any standard (boss style), universal AC/DC multi-adapter will be suitable.

black lacquered wood casing

Case Dimensions: (H)5 X (W)14 X (D)9cm
(Excluding height of controls)"

Wine Country Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 1890

via this auction

"For sale is a vintage Prophet-600 that is in mint condition. This 6-voice MIDI polysynth has 2 oscikllators (VCOs) and a resonant low-pass voltage controlled filter (VCF) in each of its 6 voices. In other words, it contains a total of 12-VCO's and 6 VCFs. The Prophet-600 uses the same Curtis IC chips (CEM3340 VCO ICs and CEM3372 VCF/VCA ICs) that were used in Sequential Circuits' flagship synth, the Prophet T8. The Prophet-600 also contains a built-in arpeggiator and a polyphonic sequencer with 2 memories. Like the Prophet-5 and the Prophet T8, the Prophet-600 contains a Poly-Mod section for frequency modulated (FM) effects. It has 100 programmable presets that can be stored on a cassette tape, a CD, or a PC. Presets are stored and/or loaded via the Tape In/Out jacks. I suggest you search the Internet if you need more information on the Prophet-600.

*This synth is 100% Functional. (Everything works as if it was brand new including all controls, pots, switches, LEDs, & input/output jacks.).
*The electronics is 100% Functional. All VCO's, VCFs, ADSR's, VCA's, LFO's, etc work as they should.
*The touch pad (membrane switches) works like new.
*The keyboard action is like new and all keys are in alignment. All 61 keys are functional and none of them stick.
*This synth is in immaculate cosmetic condition with no noticeable dings, scratches, or blemishes.

I purchased this polysynth from Wine Country Sequential in 2005 where it was restored and re-calibrated to factory specifications. Since it has only been used for occasional studio use, it remains in excellent condition."

Roland Juno 106 6 Voice Analog Synth

via this auction

Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Sampler. Elastic Audio Sampling Processor.

via this auction

Roland JD 800 Vintage Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

iPad Jam (Feat. Fugue Machine, Animoog, Moog Model D, Patterning and AUM) - Ambient Minimal Music

Published on Jul 17, 2018 maasijam

"Moog Animoog sequenced by fugue machine and controlled by my DIY arduino midi controller. Patterning for percussion. Moog Model D for the live played bass. All mixed in AUM.
Live recording in one take.

Moog Model D
AUM Kymatica
Eos2 Reverb
Fugue Machine
DIY Arduino Midicontroller

Filmed with:
Sony a6300 / Sigma 30mm 1.4"

Just a Minute - Frankinkstides

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Stefan Tretau

"FranKinksTides by Mangu Diaz"

Tesseract appears to be the brand. New maker and new module.

(arches) functionalities update. Two concurrent arpeggiatore ob KB1 and KB3!

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Davide Mancini

"(arches) flexing his arpeggiator muscles! Two arps are driving two voices on the Modulör114 and clocks the DS1drumstation. The KB3 lefthand keyboard strip position is modulating the filter cutoff AND the lfo amount to the pwm pf VCO1. KB1 drives a simple voice consisting in VCO2 and gated by one of the AddSub blocks that implements a proto-vca using the SLEW block as an attack-release envelope driven by the gate out of the (arches).
Toward the end some settings are tweaked on the (arches) arpeggiator menus, enjoy!!!!!"

A Homemade Flamethrowing Synth Module

Published on Jul 17, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"A synth module that spits flames, seemingly in the players face?
WHY NOT? I give you the FLAMES IN YO FACE 5000 + 1"

Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer: 100% Sound Demo

Published on Jul 17, 2018 WaldorfMusicChannel

"It's a String Thing: The Waldorf Streichfett combines the best qualities of long-lost String Synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s. Its dual sound engine features a fully polyphonic strings section and an eight voice solo section, which is essential for recreating the classic string synth sounds that have shaped generations of musicians’ sound."

Mark Verbos Live Improvised Modular Set at Brighton Modular Meet 2018

Published on Jul 17, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Having spoke to Mark Verbos before his live set I knew this was going to be all modular, live and improvised. I was expecting ambient (although gritty and more abstract than smooth drones) tones and textures however this developed and moved with the room and the crowd to suit the DJ before hand and Ebcidic performing afterwards. The set moves from stereo delays with the new Verbos Electronics Multitap delay which echo'd around the room beautifully through to suiting a Berlin club at 4am with slower and stomping techno patterns. It's dark and gritty throughout and all emerges from a small system.

Mark was using his own 6U 104hp Verbos system as well as a 3U skiff of Verbos modules alongside a mixer with some FX built in.

This footage is from the Brighton Modular Meet on the 1st of July 2018. The event is held at the Attenborough Centre for the Arts at the University of Sussex. More information here - . This footage however is from the after party held at the sea front club 'Patterns'."

WMD DVCA is shipping now!

Published on Jul 17, 2018 WMDevices

"Just a quick video to announce the release of the brand new DVCA from WMD.

In this video, we showcase a patch centered around the DVCA and run through the features and specs."

New Recovery Effects and Devices "Oscilloscape" Bass and Percussion Voice Demo

Published on Jul 17, 2018 recoverysounds

"Demo of the Oscilloscape bass and percussion voice Eurorack module from Recovery Effects."

GR-1 Live sampling

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Tasty Chips

"Quick video that demonstrates the GR-1's live sampling capabilities. It records, applies granular processing and plays back directly. Input sound is streamed from a laptop and input via a USB sound card (a cheap Behringer UFO202 in this case). All granular synthesis options are in effect, and allow stuff like scratching, time stretch, comb filtering, harmonizing (using the play buttons and sliders). This is a remake of an earlier vid, but with proper audio.

Music by Holon (Mark Rydyger) Track "Awake To A New Reality". Many thanks! Make sure you buy this artist's album. It's terrific! https://holon-subatomic-audio.bandcam..."

YuSynth: Les DiffYUseurs

Published on Jul 17, 2018 yusynthman

"This is a brief demo of an effect box I designed (based on Spin-Semiconductor FV-1 DSP) to recreate the Ondes Martenot diffusers. I designed the first version back 2010 for Thomas Bloch (a famous Ondist) and that I revisited and improved in 2017 for Christine Ott (a famous Ondist as well)."

Les DiffYUseurs - 1
Les diffYUseurs 2
Les DiffYUseurs : transposeur (dual pitch shifter)

G-Storm Electro 101-VCF Eurorack Adaptation Roland SH-101 Filter Demo 01

Published on Jul 17, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2018

Today I am proud to show you my 101-VCF - my adaptation of the Roland SH-101 lowpass resonant filter in a slim 8HP Eurorack module. A filter described as somewhere between a Juno and a 303. Every effort has been taken to preseve the original analog circuit as much as possible. Be warned - some harsh resonance squealing ahead! Recorded direct via Mackie mixer to Tascam DR-05, no effects or post-processing.

Oscillators - Pittsburgh Synth Box Square, PWM, Sub
Envelope Contours - 2xADSR dual envelope, Bastl Skis
Sequencing - Arturia Beatstep Pro Pitch CV + gate"

"This is no emulation, this is the 101- VCF: a faithful adaptation of the Roland SH-101 low pass resonant filter circuit in a slim, skiff/boat-friendly, 8HP Eurorack format module. It has that un-mistakable sound not found in any other Eurorack clone.

Great care was taken to keep the 101-VCF fully analog circuit as close to the original as possible including: a rare OTA filter chip, resonance feedback bias, and thermistor frequency stabilization.

The 101-VCF is a little blue beastie that wields two audio IN jacks with a MIX pot. Two CV IN jacks w/ signal attenuation pots allow you to modulate frequency with any two polar/bi-polar signals, low Hz up to audio rates. Every module is hand-assembled and ready to rock your world.

Available exclusively in my Reverb Store"

SpaceCraft & Moog - Ambient AppJam

Published on Jul 17, 2018 redskylullaby

"App Jam featuring granular synth SpaceCraft by Mark Watt (Delta-V Audio), Model 15 and Model D by Moog.
iPad Music Production. Audio mixed in Auria Pro and video made in LumaFusion using Wizibel by Klevgrand"

SpaceCraft Granular Synth - Mark Watt
Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.
Minimoog Model D - Moog Music Inc.

Roland System-500 (peakssound and Rheyne)

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Rheyne

"Peter Brown (peakssound) from Roland took the journey from Brooklyn to my studio in New Jersey with the complete System-500 modules, including the new 510 Synth, 505 VCF, 555 Lag/S+H, and the 531 Mix.

Here's a clip of a little jam we threw together, sequenced with a combination of a Stillson Hammer mkII, Eloquencer, Tempi, Mother-32, and a MIDI loop in Ableton triggering an additional Mother-32 for the pad."

Jasper EDP Wasp Clone

Published on Jul 17, 2018 KlangGenerator

"Just a simple performance with my DiY Jasper Synth and a 606. The Jasper has MIDI IN and OUT and the custom case is made of acrylic and 3d printed parts. The 606 is connected to the EXT IN of the Jasper."

Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer - The Grid modulators 2

Published on Jul 17, 2018 Polyend

"Medusa's Grid modulators can also be sequenced. Turned on and off as a modulation layer on top of a note sequence. Here you can see a short example of such use on a sequenced six-voice chord progression. Ciao @ Dreadbox !"

Polyend Medusa videos.

Rendez Vous 2 Jean Michel Jarre cover

Published on Jul 17, 2018 fischek

"Rendez Vous 2 Jean Michel Jarre cover


Korg TR61 (patch played by right hand)
SF2 sample of Elka Synthex (played by left hand)"

Oberheim OB-X Restoration (Part 1) - Introduction, Teardown and Cleaning

Published on Jul 16, 2018 GOLT !

"How to fully restore the OB-X from start to finish. Part 1 covers washing, polishing, painting, staining and general beautifying techniques."

Note regarding the cannibalization of OB-Xs for voice boards, if things go well, you will be able to get reproductions of the OB-X voice boards here. If you have or find an OB-X minus the voice boards you might be able to bring it back to life.

Patch n Tweak

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