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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Barack Obama Follows MATRIXSYNTH!

Of course he does! This is real and not photoshopped BTW, I grabbed the screens off of Twitter. :)

Resynator Documentary Coming to Kickstarter

Published on Nov 14, 2018 Alison Tavel

There have only been two previous posts featuring the Musico Resynator below here. Alison Tavel wrote in to let me know she is working on a documentary on the Resynator which was actually created by her father, Don Tavel. The trailer for the film is above. You might recognize a few people. :) The Kickstarter campaign for the film launches in six days. It's looking to be a great documentary.

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP Set to Ship Next Week

DeltaRND Seq Published on Feb 13, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

"The Delta CEP A's LFO can trigger the ADSR envelope.That works even, when the LFO is set to. Each Random Voltage step will simultaneously create a gate signal. Just hold SHIFT and turn the ADSR section decay knob for a LFO-ADSR Assignment. The shift & decay combination will control the gate time of the LFO ADSR sync signal..

The RND signal is fed into the 1V/OCT input of the Delta's swarm oscillator and the swarm oscillators pitch quantizer is set to a major pentatonic scale.

The sequence starts with a single pitch because the LFO depth is set to 0.

I am using the EFFEXX effect module for modulated delay effects, phasing, reverb and filtering simultaneously in a serial configuration. I used the TAP function of the EFFEXX module to synchronize the delay effects. You can watch me adjusting the delay time after cranking up the LFO speed...

And last, but not least. I have good news. The first Delta CEP As will ship next week. So, the waiting time is over finally. I am very satisfied with our development efforts. Thank you guys for the patience. I hope, you will enjoy the result of our creation."

Steiner-Parker Synthacon Minus Keys

via this auction

"Extremely rare "Keyboardless" module edition of the Steiner Synthacon. It has numerous entry points for external control (+TR and VC 2 would be your standard gate/cv jacks but there is also voltage control over the VCA and VCF, VC 1 for S&H, etc). The synth has been recapped, power supply regulators have been replaced and the switches have been cleaned to get this synth into fine, functioning state. All three VCOs have an insane range (about 17 octaves) so they can go from super-slow LFO territory all the way beyond the range of human hearing. This very well could be the only Synthacon in this form in existence; an undeniable jewel and overall ridiculously rich-sounding synthesizer."

Malekko Manther

via this auction

"The Manther is a super nice desktop analog synth and sequencer with lots of features and a great heavy sound. It is inspired by the Roland SH-101 but expands it quite a bit. There is a built in delay, 1/8" patch points, added triangle wave in the oscillator, and added rising or falling saw to the LFO section.

The Manther has a great compact but comfortable form factor and is well built. This unit is in great condition and includes the original box and power supply."

Analogue Solutions Red Square

via this auction

"The Red Square is a semi modular monophonic analog rack mount synth with 1/4" patch points. There are two heavy sounding oscillators, LPF, two envelopes, LFO, sample & hold, and some other built in utilities. There is normalling but the synth really encourages patching with things like the second oscillator and envelope being disconnected by default.

This synth is in good working condition with some light cosmetic damage like worn paint on the edges and a few stickers on the sides. Some of the pots are a little scratchy as well but function as intended and just need to be worked a bit."

Panoptigon plays Orchestron Piano Disc

Published on Feb 13, 2019 optigandotcom

"Another Panoptigon demo, for a rainy day in SoCal- this time an improvisation on our Orchestron Piano disc. This disc can't really be played like a typical piano sound you might find on most keyboards, due to the unique constant-looping playback characteristics of the Orchestron. We placed each individual note at a position on a 16th-note grid, which produces a sort of windchime effect when you hold down chords. This disc isn't very well suited to playing melodies, but you can always try! This demo features the onboard hall reverb, with no additional processing. Also heard are the reverse, vibrato, and pitch bend effects. You can find info about pre-ordering a Panoptigon (which comes with our remastered edition of this Vocal Choir disc) here:"

carly rae jepsen run through volca modular

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Nick Kwas

Published on Feb 13, 2019

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Servando Barreiro

"just jamming with pocket operators, Axoloti and ableton.
Axoloti it's doing the bass and processing the po's adding effects to them."

Thomas Lehn's EMS SYNTHI Stolen

This one was sent in via an anonymous reader. Click the image for details. It just went up and is recent. Spread the word. If you don't want to link here, just grab the image and post it.

Further below is a video featuring Thomas Lehn and his SYNTHI.

Update: larger pics attached. The serial number is 45629.

Update2: more pics below and a list of some unique features on this SYNTHI via Thomas Lehn's website.

1) The two 'kb' disconnect switches above the filter level knob. EMS has never done this on another Synthi.
2) Headphone level dial is to the RIGHT of the speaker mute switch. Nowadays if we add functions here the dial is to the left.
3) The THREE switches in the envelope shaper section. Normally just one, two is rare. There is only one other synth where we built three switches.
4) Just one 3.5 mm jack socket next to matrix and one switch in Reverb section. A unique combination.
5) Label on the top four horizontal rows of the matrix is partly made with pen - not by printing.

ARP 2600 Sample & Hold Demo (HQ audio)

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Roberto Raineri-Seith

"Vintage ARP 2600 (late orange / black version) quantized Sample & Hold effects DEMO
Delays: Dynacord MDL 10 ad TC Electronic D-Two, Vermona DSR3 analog spring reverb"

0HP Semi Modular Madness Ep.1 - Make Noise 0-coast

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Mystic Circuits

"Want to expand the scope of your new semi modular stand alone synthesizer but don't have the dough for a full case? Mystic Circuits has the solution - 0HP Modules! Using our state of the art passive circuitry and carefully designed floating form factor, you no longer have to make a huge investment in a full size Eurorack case to enhance the functionality of your synthesizer.

This is the first episode in a series of videos that will tackle different semi modular synths and ways that we use the Mystic Circuits 0HP modules with them. Our first synth, the Make Noise 0-coast, is particularly well suited to 0HP integration due to its variety of modulation sources and flexible voltage control processor."

Yamaha SY77

via this auction

"The SY77 is a maxed out digital synthesizer that combines FM voices with samples to create super harmonically rich and diverse sounds. There is a powerful built in sequencer with 16 tracks, 99 stored sequences and 1 song. The 16th track is connected to a built in drum synthesizer and there are on board digital effects as well.

This synth is a great option for getting deep into digital sound design and electronic composition. It is in good working condition with only a few scuffs around the edges from use. The only thing to mention is there is what appears to be orange paint under the display and some Velcro on the panel. These things do not affect functionality in any way."

Roland JP-08 Boutique Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

How the Terminator 2 Music Was Made

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Alex Ball

"This is a reworking of a video I originally uploaded in August 2018. It was by far the most popular video on my channel for the very brief period it was online. Unfortunately it got a global block from the film studio for including visual material from the film, which they're obviously entitled to do.

As a lot of work went into this video and my subscribers have quadrupled since it was last online, I was thinking of ways to remake it without any visual material from the film. I came across the idea of buying some T2 action figures and making a bunch of stills of my own. So here we are!"

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Teenage Engineering Cancels New Modular Orders

via Synthtopia

"Teenage Engineering has cancelled orders for their 170 modular synth and 16 modular synth keyboard, citing a manufacturing problem."



"Pennies from Heaven, a collaboration between Control and Bánh Mì Verlag, is a series focused on contemporary experimental culture with an emphasis on the liminal and the underrepresented.

Rubén Patiño (Barcelona, 1979) is an artist working in the field of Electronic Music and Art. He is focused on the sculptural properties of synthetic sound while exploring the limits of concert, public event and installation. All his works tend to contain different strategies regarding space and formats of presentation while combining sound, lights, text, image or found materials, with elements of early electronic music, ideograms and 20th Century art movements.

Since 2013, he has been involved in N.M.O., a rolling computerized ceremonial aerobics unit that, together with percussionist Morten J.Olsen, operates in a hybrid territory between club music, performance and inventive forms of sound spatialisation. This is what they call ‘Military Danceable Space Music and/or Fluxus Techno.’

Rubén Patiño has also collaborated with Arnau Sala, aka Exoteric Continent, and with Roc Jiménez de Cisneros as Super-boredom, a series of multi-channel audio pieces that uses an extremely rigid temporal structure.

Links: | |

Please note that seating is limited. After 7pm, reserved tickets may be distributed to standbys. Performance will promptly start at 7:15; once the performance begins no entry will be permitted. Do not be late. Suggested donation is on a sliding scale from $7 - $15."


(OB6 x2): Phase Polytemporality

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Quick illustration of a principle i.e phase polytemporality. Initially it sounds like only one sequencer part (given both are playing the same sequence), but as the tempo drifts, it becomes obvious that we are hearing two parts.

The widest possible polytemporality of this video is too wide/sounds too disjointed, but it is interesting to hear it rather than assume it from a theoretical standpoint.

1BPM variance works very well (i.e 120/119 BPM).

The width of the tempi sounding 'off' is the temporal equivalent of hearing two frequencies of varying pitch: if close enough, the mind will perceive them as one sound; at a certain distance, the mind will start to perceive two independent tones.

Two independent tempi can be confusing - but slight phasing of tempi works great; like a 'detuning of time'.

I've experimented with this quite a bit over the years. I've found that (in general) keeping within 5% of the master tempo appears to give the illusion of phasing, as opposed to two independent tempi.

Given this video is an illustration of a theoretical principle, no musical context here i.e nothing other than the two sequencer lines.

PS the OB6 clock is like a rock - ideal for this kind of thing.


Strymon Volante Magnetic Drum & Tape Delay Pedal

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Strymon's Volante emulates the sounds of three different types of magnetic delay effects. The dirtiest delay setting is a drum emulation like the Binson Echorec, then there is a tape delay that has the sounds of units like the Roland Space Echo RE-201, and the cleanest is a studio setting which emulates the types of delays made with reel to reel studio tape decks.

There are four tape heads which can each have their volume, panning and feedback adjusted independently. The spacing of the heads can also be adjusted and is continuously variable through four settings. Delay times can be dialed in from 100ms to 4 seconds.

To add warble and grit to your delays you can saturate the record head and tape or drum, or adjust how much the machine and tape or drum are worn out.

The sound source for this video is the Behringer Deepmind 6 with all of its internal effects turned off, so the only effects you are hearing are the Volante.

Call 877 909 0303 to order a Volante, or see it on our website here:

Deepmind 6 available here:"

Supporters of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit!

Boehm Dynamic 4x9 FM-Synthesizer - Two Demosongs & Realtime editing

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Stereoping

Neve seen one of these before.

"The Boehm Dynamic 4x9 is a fully editable 4 OP FM-Synthesizer similar to Yamaha's FB-01. It's got 4 'blocks' each supplying 9 voices from rough Yamaha YM2203 FM-chips.The Boehm is always in Multimode making it easy and funny building layersounds or multitrack arrangements. It also houses 2 different analogue BBD-effects called 'Phasing' and 'Ensemble' bringing some sound-modulation and Solina-feeling to the cold FM-world.

The video contains 2 little arrangements making use of several presets. 1st one is pure Boehm Dynamic 4x9 with a bit of reverb, no other gear used. Some photos show the inside of the unit.

The second song - starting with 'german volksmusik' and ending quite jazzy - uses drums from the Nord Drum 2 and displays the midi activity of the 4 blocks together with the Fruity Loops arrangement.

There is also a followup video showing realtime editing of the unit with a Midi-Controller."

Boehm Dynamic 4x9 - Realtime editing

Published on Feb 13, 2019

"Demo for realtime editing of the Böhm Dynamic 4x9 FM-Synthesizer. Session one scrambles a Strings preset. Second session starts with the sound of an E-Tom. The color of the LED dispays which parameters are currently changed. Switching the BBD-effects around 2:24 & 2:45 (should have made that first on the unchanged string preset, i know).
Caution! The sound is partly distorted and aggressive, you might want to turn the volume down before starting the video."

100% Working Arp Quadra

via this auction

"Super Rare and Amazing sounding Arp Quadra. 100% working and serviced for sale

Aftertouch replaced and 100% working
Recapped, serviced and tuned for sale
All buttons work great - no pressure needed to activate, work as new.

Included picture of invoices to service synth, plus buy parts from Synth Chaser."

Roland MSQ-100

via this auction

Robust American Patches for the Korg Prologue

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Robust American Patches

1. Robust American Patches EDMDROP1 Demonstration Video 1
This video only demonstrates 1 patch, "InstaSimmons" Korg. It's called InstaSimmons because the snare reminds me a little of the classic electronic drum brain by the Simmons folks. The kick is a little more heavy handed. The audio was recorded directly into Nuendo via the Audient ASP-880. The sounds in this series of videos are as raw as can be. No extra sweetening of any kind. And no talking. Just me struggling to play something half interesting. For more info or to purchase these sounds visit
2. Robust American Patches EDMDROP1 Demonstration Video 2
This is Part 2 for EDMDROP1 and only demonstrates 1 Patch. It's a lot to demonstrate though. It's a 3 piece drum kit. Kick, Snare and Hats. The kick drums play a pattern, created by combining the LFO and Arpeggiator, if you hold sustained notes. The hats and snares are doing 16ths via the other layer's LFO if you play sustained notes. The audio was recorded directly into Nuendo via the Audient ASP-880. The sounds in this series of videos are as raw as can be. No extra sweetening of any kind. And no talking. Just me struggling to play something half interesting at 4am. For more info or to purchase these sounds visit:
3. Robust American Patches EDMDROP1 Demonstration Video 3
This is Part 3 for EDMDROP1. The audio was recorded directly into Nuendo via the Audient ASP-880. The sounds in this series of videos are as raw as can be. No extra sweetening of any kind. And no talking. Just me struggling to play something half interesting. For more info or to purchase these sounds visit:
4. Korg Prologue Presets by Robust American Patches - (Vol I Part I)
Custom synth preset demonstrations for the Korg Prologue. The preset names will appear at the bottom of the image. Visit for more info or to purchase Volumes I & II for the Korg Prologue. You can also grab 20 presets as a free download just for visiting.

Volca Modular Unboxing + Basic Patches

Published on Feb 12, 2019 Hyper Objeckt

"With no experience using semi-modular or west coast style synths, watch me attempt to make the basic patches that come with the Korg Volca Modular."

Another one spotted on

Flightzone Songproduction with Caustic on "iPad iOS"

Published on Feb 12, 2019 lfoone

here I got, inspired by a forum post, one of my first musicapps (Caustic). It had already fallen into oblivion although it is actually very inattentive. It's really fun to build your sounds and produce songs with them. It's pretty easy to do and although the app is very complex, it's always good to use. I'm also very enthusiastic about the sound.

more musi can be found here:"

Spottd this one on

Strange Patching: QPAS Gong

Published on Feb 13, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"This patch uses two low pass filters in parallel to simulate a long ringing bell or gong sound.

Two VCOs are tuned to a perfect fourth apart, and then ring modded together. The result of this is patched one filter, while the unaltered output of one of the VCOs is patched to the other. They are then mixed together and gated using a percussive envelope with a long tail.

Allen Strange wrote the book on modular synthesizers in the 1970s. Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, and Controls. Unfortunately since the expanded 1982 edition, it has never been reprinted, and in today’s landscape where more people have access to modular synths than ever before, very few have access to the knowledge contained within. This video series will explore patches both basic and advanced from Strange’s text. Even the simplest patches here yield kernels of knowledge that can be expanded upon in infinite ways. I have been heavily influenced by Strange since long before I became a modular synth educator. Please share this knowledge far and wide."

Buchla Easel being a bit heavy with Digitakt Digitone,Buchla,ARP 2600

Published on Feb 13, 2019 therudyrude

"Jam on touch plate Easel and Buchla 223e, with pattern loops from DIgitakt,Digitone,Varigate + ARP 2600 TTSH.
The Easel is going thru NI Guitar Rig 5"

Ambient Soundscape in C Minor

Published on Feb 13, 2019 theianboddy

"Improvising an ambient soundscape in C Minor.

Tip Top One has a sample of an ambient bed prepared on my Serge system.

I'm then mixing in some analogue Ring Mod FX from the Cwejman FSH1 & Livewire Dalek Modulator (sitting in the rack to the right).

The Make Noise DPO is providing the bass & the Mutable instruments Braids the higher notes.

These are being triggered via semi random gates from Marbles which are driving the Rene sequencer for the bass & the Pressure Points for the high notes. I'm also manually playing the Pressure points which is being quantised from an Intellijel uScale.

FX are courtesy of the Folktek Resonant Garden which is off camera."

[DIGITONE] Modor + Quantum fMbruary #04 Edges

Published on Feb 13, 2019 CO5MA

Not sure what's doing what so posting this one more for the synth spotting and performance.

"#digitone #modor #quantum

'Edges' is tribute to progressive rock band Yes and and more precisely, a tribute to their album Close to the edge. And more precisely, a tribute to the "floating" moment just before the "I get up, I get down" part, sung by Jon Anderson.

I advise you to listen to this album and especially this short moment of musical grace:

For me this is like being in a cave, seeing weird but beautiful things, creatures and unknown plants."

Moog Sirin Review by Ask.Audio

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Ask.Audio

Ritual Electronics Altar // State variable Eurorack filter with lots of CV control

Published on Feb 13, 2019 DivKidVideo

"**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** I was pleased to see Ritual Electronics announce Altar after first enjoying Miasma and working with them on that demo (link below). Altar is a state variable filter that rather than switching between low, band and high pass modes allows you to vary and blend between them both with the knob AND with CV control. That's a fairly unique feature as you rarely see CV controlled filter types/states on modules. There's also CV over cut off frequency and resonance all with attenuverters and a second cut off control with the 1v/oct input. Finally there's a nice asymmetrically clipping gain stage on the input to push things that bit harder for filter burn and a bit of saturation.


00:00 Hello and previews

01:22 Feature run down

02:31 Low pass sweeps and sounds

04:28 High pass sweeps and sounds (plus saturation comparison)

05:28 Band pass sweeps and sounds

6:00 Bassline patch with modulation

08:07 Filtering Miasma distorted drums

09:31 Creating feedback trails around a delay and adding character and animation with filtering the repeats

11:49 Audio rate modulation of cut off, colour & resonance

15:07 Animated and more complex filtering for drone patches

16:16 Self oscillation turning the filter into a sine wave VCO

16:45 Synthesising drum and percussion sounds

17:50 303 style acid patch

18:23 Filter FX and reverbs for multi-dimension sound layers

20:08 Rhythmic random modulation

21:37 Exploring both pre and post distortion around the filtering with Miasma"

Alesis HR 16 (Strellis Eprom) - Patters and Demo sounds. Linndrum,SP12,Linn9000,Drumulator,LM-1,DMX

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Sun's May Flower (Official)

"Alesis HR 16 sporting Strellis Eprom.

Some pattern i have programmed plus single sounds in the end of the clip.

All 49 sounds in the HR 16 are replaced with a selection of Linn LM-1, LinnDrum, Linn 9000, Oberheim DMX, Oberheim DX, Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, Emu Drumulator, Emu SP12 and Emu S1200 samples."

Moog Mother & DFAM Live Jamming Talk/Demo

Published on Feb 13, 2019 SourceDistributionTV

"Delivered at Synthfest 2018, we explored techniques for live jamming on the Moog Mother and DFAM, for improvisational music creation that embraces the unique interface of the machine. We explore how to get started with the Mother-32 sequencer, how to link the machines, and how they could fit into your own music setup."

[8] The Radiophonic One - STG Soundlabs | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 13, 2019 ClavAnother

"Here is the final installment in my series on the new STG Soundlabs Radiophonic One synthesizer. This is a long form exploration of just some of the sonic capabilities of this amazing instrument."

Radiophonic One videos by ClavAnother

Patch n Tweak

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