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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dale Mathis New Synthesizer Sounds for Roland 8x Accordion

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Dale Mathis Accordion

"Purchase a Roland accordion from Crown Music and receive operating assistance from Dale Mathis. Crown Music, Sun City, AZ 623-374-6423 or FREE shipping USA (Have QUESTIONS? Dale Mathis: 480-544-6016 or"
Wendy Carlos' Switched On Bach gets a mention at the end of the intro performance after 2:30.

Yes, it is programmable and it does have MIDI. Curious if you can control external gear with the bellows. Hook up MIDI to CV and you are set to control your modular. Imagine that for a live set. Now I'm thinking someone needs to make a dedicated acccordion style controller with built-in sequencer.

FR-8x V-Accordion Overview

Published on Apr 3, 2013 RolandChannel

"The Ultimate Fusion of Technology and Tradition
With the incredible new FR-8x, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power."

Vintage '76 Korg Poly Ensemble P Synth- PE-1000 SN 77040

via this auction

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#11 - Modal Electronics #TSR19

Published on Apr 10, 2019 SynthMania

"Jackson of Modal Electronics demonstrates their two latest portable synths: the Skulpt (four voice – 32 oscillator virtual analogue synthesizer), and the brand new Craft (monophonic wavetable synthesizer) #Thomann #Modal #TSR19"

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#12 - Behringer #TSR19 - VC340 Vocoder Overview Demo

Published on Apr 10, 2019 SynthMania

VC340 Vocoder demo comes in at 12:12.

"Patrick and Anna of Behringer show to us two of their latest machines: the Crave analog synth, and VC340 vocoder"

New Superlative SB-1/Space Bass - SH-101 Style Rechargable Synthesizer

Coming to SUPERBOOTH19

"Replica 3340 voltage controlled oscillator and classic 4-pole OTA VCF with discrete envelope--
It’s exactly what you think it is.

USB, MIDI, and CV/gate input and output allow for simple musical interfacing with other synthesizers and modular gear.

The SB-1 utilizes a newly-developed full-size keyboard based on tactile rubber dome switches for a fast and responsive feel.

A precision engineered chassis enables a new form factor that is thinner than one inch, yet rugged enough for everyday portability and use.

The SB-1 is the first ever analog synthesizer to incorporate a rechargeable battery, allowing all-day playability between charges.

A new dual-layer sequencer allows for synchronized control of a second instrument via CV/gate or MIDI for a dynamic synth duet."

MFB Tanzbar

via this auction

Barton Musical Circuits BMC56 Utility Buttons Demo

Published on Apr 10, 2019 boogdish

"This is a demo for a new DIY synthesizer module I designed. If you're interested in building this, you can find ordering information, a documentation PDF and a front panel drill guide at"

"Utility Buttons is a performance/controller module that provides gate/trigger outputs based on button presses. Buttons can be set to act as momentary, latching or tap tempo. Each channel has two outputs, one of which can be configured as a Multiple, inversion or trigger of the other output.

This module works on either 12V or 15V systems with no modification. The switches are mounted to the PCB to minimize wiring, but jacks are offboard so it can be easily used in multiple synthesizer formats. Outputs are +5V."

Digitone, OP-Z, Model:Samples Battery Powered Session

Published on Apr 10, 2019 when the leaves are falling

"Tried running a battery powered session on the floor at home.
Using the Digitone, OP-Z, Model:Samples."

Vinicius Electrik Intros Lizard System Eurorack Modular Synthesizer at SynthPlex

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Synthtopia

"At SynthPlex 2019, Vinicius Electrik made their show debut of their Lizard System Eurorack modular synthesizer.

We talked to product specialist Quincas Moreira (Synth DiY Guy), who gave us an overview of the Lizard System and an in-depth look at two of their more unique modules, the Lizard VCO and Multiwaves modules."

MOOG SIRIN - Demo and Sounds

Published on Jan 31, 2019 Sanjay C

"In this video, I demo the sounds of the Moog Sirin, the latest hardware synthesizer by Moog. The Moog Sirin was debuted during the NAMM show this year."

Moog Sirin

via this auction

"We're sure you've heard of the new Moog Sirin, a full range and more colorful version of the Moog Minitaur. It is a small but powerful dual oscillator analog monosynth with the classic Moog ladder filter, two envelopes, and some extra under the hood features."


Published on Apr 10, 2019 Audio Wanderer

"A sound test of my good old Alesis Airsynth. A machine with lots of faults but with an undeniable charisma that will shine when you use the device in the quest of some strange and esoteric noises imposibles to make as simple as with the airsynth, just hovering your hand over this weirdo."

Strymon Volante / Peak

Published on Apr 10, 2019 ljs8888

BMF: Quick Sonic Exploration of 2019 Raffle Minimoog Model D, Signed by Stevie Wonder!!

Published on Apr 10, 2019 moogfoundation

"Check out Asheville funk STIG keyboardist Thomason Knoles explore the sonic diversity and power of this one-of-a-kind vintage Minimoog Model D, which has been played and signed by the legendary, magical Stevie Wonder, making it a true collector's item as well an incredible, iconic instrument. ENTER TO WIN this synth here and support the Bob Moog Foundation's work at the same time::! Raffle ends April 22, 2019!!!"

Suzanne Ciani Quadraphonic Sound Performance at the Los Angeles Public Library

Streamed live on Apr 6, 2019 Los Angeles Public Library

"Modular synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani presents a live quadraphonic performance with a Buchla 200e modular electronic music instrument."


Published on Apr 10, 2019 Andrea Pessino

Music by Andrea Pessino

Leads and pads: Deckard's Dream by Black Corp., 12 sounds
Counter lead: PerFOURmer mkII by Vermona, 1 sound
Bass: MatrixBrute by Arturia, 2 sounds
Sub bass: Microvolt 3900 by Pittsburgh Modular, 1 sound
Arp: Peak by Novation, 2 sounds
Drums: Drum Designer plugin by UVI, 2 kits

Korg Volca Jam Session

Published on Mar 30, 2019 Jarkko Tuohimaa

#volcajam #korg volca
Decvices used on this jam: KORG Volca Beats, Volca Sample, Volca Kick, Volca Keys, Volca Bass, Volca FM, Volca Modular,
FX used: KP3+, Kaoss Pad Quad, EVENTIDE H9. Moog MF-Delay
Mixed with: ROLAND Aira MX-1
Recorded with: Zoom H5

late ward (audio only)

Published on Apr 10, 2019 junklight

"Using field recordings from my time in hospital. The ward was never silent - always beeps and bleeps of machines watching us all & I wanted to use those sounds in some way.......

On youtube because I needed it 'for a thing' :-)

You can hear some of the music I made while actually on the ward here"

Filthy Beat Making - itijik Quick Beats featuring Elektron Digitakt

Published on Apr 10, 2019 itijik

"Sampled one of the feedback sounds from my last vid and built a filthy beat around it.
Also got a little turntable action in there too, I will be practicing and improving as I go to get timing tighter and also to be able to reproduce quickly. Sampling the output has been inspiring...the natural imperfections give it so much life!

Check out the itijik store! You can buy inspiring samples and tools on ...there's some really useful FREE stuff on there too ;)

Filthy Beat Making - itijik Quick Beat featuring Elektron Digitakt
Produced by: itijik"

Roland VP-03 Choir Human Voice VP-330 Plus Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Rik Marston Official

#rolandvp03 #rolandboutique #stringsynthesizer
Roland VP-03 Choir / Human Voice
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
**Watch in HD!!** **TURN IT UP!!**

Roland VP-03 Choir / Human Voice demo!
Such a sweet sound, I love it sooo much!
The human voice sound from the VP-330 is
essential for the "Vintage Synth" collector...
it's just as unique as a Mellotron Choir or Solina Strings
Recorded into Ableton LIVE with Reverb FX

Thank you for watching!

Support the Rik Marston Official channel!
Please buy these AWESOME Sample Packs!!

Buchla Music Easel Aux Expander Card

via this auction

"Buchla USA era Easel Aux Expander card. Original packaging. Works perfect. Noise, filter, extra oscillator all sound fantastic through Aux In. By using internal midi buss the oscillator will track pitch perfect.

The Aux Card offers an auxiliary modulation CV source and noise source in low range and a CV/audio oscillator source in high range that can be mixed with the noise source. The noise source also can be filtered. All these parameters are CV controllable. In low range this auxiliary modulation oscillator allows the 208’s Modulation Oscillator to assume audio duties and can be used as the modulation source for a variety of uses. In the keyboard bus setting, it provides a tuning reference for your 208 or can be controlled with internal bus capable 218e keyboards.

They’ve also given you more control with more inputs. They’ve added one more pulse input and give you a choice of switchable destinations. We also added switchable control of timbre pot and switches via the “to card” inputs already on your 208. Did you know you could CV control switch settings? Destinations include the timbre wave shape, the Modulation range, gate source, the VCA LPF mode, the Modulation wave shape and Modulation Variation."

Dtronics DT7 – Yamaha DX7 programmer

via this auction

"Dtronics DT7 – controller for Yamaha FM synths such as DX-7, DX-5, TX-7, TX-802 & TX-816.

Functions and layout are modelled after the legendary 1980s Jellinghaus controller.

This unit is new and has been unpacked for the photos only. Comes with a switchable PSU (EU plug) and a MIDI cable."

Buzzzy! - The digital polysynth

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Fred's Lab

"The Fred's Lab Buzzzy! Kickstarter campaign is live:

Buzzzy! is an affordable 16 voice / 4 part digital sound module including 4 audio engines (Pulse / FM / Wave and Noise) and built-in quality FXs.

I am relying solely on your support to afford going in production and make out of this prototype, an instrument you can actually get and play!"

"The Buzzzy!

Good instruments don't need to be convoluted.

Instead, they should provide musicians with confidence and astonishment.

Despite it’s simple appearance, Buzzzy! is an advanced 16 voice polysynth capable of a broad and beautiful range of tones. It is fast and immediate, ideal for use onstage and for instant music production.

For the oscillator, choose one of the many variations of Pulse tones, FM timbres, grainy Waves or filtered Noises. Then, adjust the amplifier envelope, pump-up the volume and top with some prime quality effects.

Buzzzy! features 4 powerful oscillator engines, 9 built-in audio effects (with reverbs, delays and filters), a fast arpeggiator and offers 16 save slots to store your multi configurations.

Coming with an extensive MIDI implementation, Buzzzy! will be the perfect match with your hardware or mobile software sequencer.


After having designed instruments for different companies, I felt it was time to introduce my own projects. By pledging today, you are not only making the Buzzzy! possible, you are also supporting the work of an independent creator."

polygogo Oscillator by E-RM Max

"E-RM presents their new synthesis method! polygogo, E-RM’s new stereo oscillator module, is based on the specially developed polygonal synthesis, a kind of graphical complex amplitude shaping method. With the help of the built-in modulation sources, polygonal synthesis in polygogo opens up a wide range of sonic possibilities from clicky pinged sequences to unique dark thunderstorms, bass lines, leads and colored noise. Max of E-RM presents the current prototype of polygogo in the workshop from 7:30pm and answers questions about the module

See you on Thursday 11th of April – 7:30pm at SchneidersLaden! And if you are planning to start a modular journey, join us for the Modular Beginner Workshop at 6pm.

How to find us:

@SchneidersLaden – Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket (use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on our metal door on the first floor)"

Sequential Circuits Pro One Tutorial

Published on Apr 10, 2019 once upon a synth

"Overview and tutorial of the Sequential Circuits Pro One synth. This is a vintage analog monophonic synthesizer from the 80s. I go over each knob and switch and end with a bit of a demo. My keyboard double triggers occasionally and some of the switches are a bit scratchy but it gets better towards the end."

New Din Sync JP-ONE In the Works

"Concept: dual vco monosynth inspired by Jupiter 6 "solo mode".
Genuine Curtis CEM3340 vco x2.
Discrete transisor OTA Jupiter 4 filter."

Cross-Mod as well. Din Sync will be at SUPERBOOTH19.

A few videos and pics of the circuits boards follow below.


Published on Apr 10, 2019 synthprocess Club of the Knobs Synthesizer

"World Premiere: WAVEFRONT_AUDIO 16+ Channel ANALOG VOCODER at synthplex 2019 and at LoLA Music Studios Los Angeles.
This is just a documentation of the events. Sound recorded by camera mic only."

Casio CZ-101 synthesizer OLED display retrofit

Published on Apr 10, 2019 2kB of Fun

"The Casio CZ-101 synthesizer has a display that can be dim or missing pixels nowadays. Also the original display is hard to read in the dark because it lacks a backlight.

If you want to replace it with a LED backlight LCD, you run into 2 problems: most LCD's are on smaller boards, and the frame is thicker because there is a backlight under the screen.

Today I replace the LCD in a Casio CZ-101 with a nice new OLED display that exactly matches the original dimensions, works straight out of the package, and has a nice unlimited viewing angle and stellar contrast. You can get these screens in various colours, but I chose yellow because I think it matches the yellow waveform and CZ-101 logo print on the case.

Used Display:
Electronic Assembly W162-XLG in greenish yellow 84x44mm."


Reassembling a Casio CZ 101 after repair

Published on Apr 12, 2019 2kB of Fun

"I bought a 'for parts' Casio CZ-101 and hoped for an easy fix. It wasn't. Luckily someone reacted to my classifieds ad with a request for a new main PCB. Then I swapped the main board and got sound. But things were not that easy. The screen was missing lots of lines and pixels. And 3 buttons and 6 keys weren't working: it turned out a PCB trace was broken, and that 2 wires in the flat cables were broken. And off course I did a thorough cleaning.

But finally I got everyting to work, and I managed to install a nice new perfect fit OLED display in a nice yellow colour matching the print on the case. The result: a near mint working Casio CZ. This awesome sounding synth deserves to be preserved and repaired! Don't bring them to recycling but fix it or share parts to others trying to keep their CZ synts alive!

This video is a quick montage, I left out the full transcription I usually make because of the length of the video. If you want to see all the details, watch on a big screen, I recorded 4K to grab all details."

MATHS Bouncing Ball!!!

Published on Apr 10, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"A classic patch!"

nonlinearcircuits I can't believe it's not a VCO

Published on Apr 10, 2019 cirtcele

"VCO/VCF based on concepts presented in Electronotes #132."

via nonlinearcircuits

"PCB set = USD20
panel = USD20
assembled = USD180

This module is based on ideas presented in Electronotes #132. It is a VCF with a 'filter exciter' section to allow a wide variety of acoustic, semi-acoustic and not-acoustic-at-all sounds. In a sense it takes the concept of pinging the LPG or ringing a VCF one step (or 2) further. The decaying sound is fed back into the input via a VCA. The VCA can be controlled by a gate or an envelope (or both).
Another interesting point is higher frequency sounds tend to be louder.....which is what happens naturally in the big room."

Patch from scratch with Complex-1 in Reason // 3D textures, arpeggios, modulation and creating depth

Published on Apr 10, 2019 DivKidVideo

"I hope this video serves to give some ideas of not only the possibilities of Complex-1 but also to give you some ideas to try things in other software and hardware synthesis (modular or otherwise). In this patch I go through create stereo synth tones, sequenced arpeggios, FX, folding and a whole load of patching. Check out the full Complex-1 tutorial/demo here"

Corsynth - Modular fun - 4 voices modular jam

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Thalassa77

"All sounds produced by this 20 spaces system

Four individual voices :

-Bass Drum
-Snare Drum
-Synth Line 1
-Synth Line 2

All modules from Corsynth

All these modules are available at"

Les bateaux - Pépite Cover

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Ma vie en Lo-Fi

"Les bateaux - Pépite
Vidéo live de ma chanson préférée du duo Pépite (qui sortent leur premier album cette semaine) ♪♫

Pour l'anecdote backstage, j'ai du mettre un effet VHS car j'avais des tâches sur l'objectif... ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯"

Yamaha CS1X

Also see: Hors Série - Nightcall Kavinsky Cover.

Soviet synthesizer Manual (Formanta fabric) / Синтезатор Мануал

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Cyril Metodey

Orac 2.0 Overview and new features

Published on Apr 10, 2019 TheTechnobear

"version 2, of my open source virtual modular.

this release aims to :

- bring orac to more musicians
- be easier to use
- be more flexible

in this video, I describe what's change and demonstrate many of the new features.
Orac now runs not only on the Organelle (like 1.0), but also a Raspberry PI, and a couple of different Eurorack modules.

This video concentrates on the key features, there will be a couple of short videos covering how to use on a RaspberryPI and Eurorack modules.

06:05 - Remote Control
07:58 - Pd patch remote
09:46 - Push2
11:12 - Functional changes ( showed on Organelle)
11:30 - Router
14:54 - Main Controls
15:29 - MIDI Interaction (Active OG Keyboard)
16:49 - Group modules
17:20 - Presets
18:43 - Modulation
19:28 - Modulation Bus
21:32 - Modulation Macro Controls
22:00 - Sample Management
23:55 - MPE
24:29 - Graphics
25:37 - Scope
27:01 - Final thoughts

(thanks to Antonio for providing me with the timings :) )

Behringer Crave Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

"Behringer Crave Sound Demo (no talking) with Source Audio Ventris Reverb"

Vult modules in Voltage Modular Demo

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Omri Cohen

"Here are some demos of the Vult modules for Voltage modular. Yes, they sound amazing also there :)"

Korg Minilogue XD Test Drive!

Published on Apr 9, 2019 SamiRabia

"My first go with the new Korg, using the sequencer and getting to grips with it's sound!"

Patch n Tweak

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