MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

ValhallaÜberMod In Action

Published on Jul 16, 2019 ValhallaDSP

"Don Gunn takes ValhallaÜberMod through its paces!"

Featuring the Novation Bass Station II.

Modor NF-1 Keyboard

via Modor Music

"Will there ever be a keyboard NF-1? Well, a little time ago we built a 44-key plastic casing prototype. And it works, but it has some flaws...

A keyboard version will need to be strong and robust, even more than a desktop synth. The keyboard mechanics can be delivered more or less complete by Fatar, that's not a problem. And the knobs and buttons can be the same as on the desktop NF-1. But there's no simple off-the-shelf thing you can use as pitch bend/modwheel. 3D printing didn't give the necessary precision, and plastic moulding becomes prohibitively expensive for smaller production numbers. Or should we make a version without PB/modwheel... ?

Also, if we use the same 2mm steel casing as for the NF-1, things may become really heavy... So we would need really strong packaging to avoid shipping damage, and shipping may become very delicate and expensive... Or maybe a standard included dedicated flightcase?

So, for now the keyboard NF-1 is on hold. It seems us too much of risk, and by trying to reduce the risk, the keyboard NF-1 would get too expensive. But never say never, maybe a very limited edition one day? Share us your thoughts... !

A little secret... Our keyboard prototype has CV/Gate inputs :-)'"

Strymon Magneto Eurorack Module - Actually Patched

Published on Jul 16, 2019 ghostreceiver

"No amazing composition here, just some beat processing.
Just started recording video while I was having fun with the Strymon Magneto.
I haven't seen too many videos of this amazing module actually being patched.
You can hear both dry and wet signals.
About the patch: Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter -> WMD/SSF MMF -> Strymon Magneto. Magento is receiving cv and gate from Make Noise Maths & Tempi. Wogglebug is providing some uncertainty to Maths. Malekko Varigate 8 is sequencing BIA and providing master clock."

Ghost Receiver - Transmission #1 - Eurorack Modular & Tachyons+ Psychenizer

Published on Jul 10, 2019 ghostreceiver

"A shortened version of a work in progress."

Recording some sounds in a track from the Novation Supernova 2 Prox Platinum Edition.

Published on Jul 16, 2019 waterdropmusic

"Most sounds are from supernova 2. The arp sounds are from Sci Prophet VS and the drums are programmed in Groove Agent from Cubase. I hope you enjoy this video."

E-MU EMAX SE Sampling Synthesizer (1986) *Байка́ло-Аму́рская магистра́ль*

Published on Jul 16, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds and drums: E-MU #Emax SE #Sampling #Synthesizer (1986)
recording: multi-track without MIDI, played by hand
fx: reverb and delay

I used some factory samples and I sampled my own synths for this track."

E-MU Systems Emulator II w/ USB Drive & Original Box SN 619

via this auction

"Bueller? Bueller?
Everyone has probably heard or seen this sampler at some point in their life (whether they knew or not) Probably most famously used by Depeche Mode, but its was the prime choice for many bands in the 80's. It had great sounding sample libraries to cover most of your bases. Or you could sample your own sounds in. It recorded at a whopping 8-bits with a total of 17.5 seconds. That might not sound like a lot by today's standards but it had a special quality that gave it a distinct character. The real magic came from the analog VCFs and VCAs that finish out the signal chain. On top of all that, it was also 8 part multi-timbral (also 8 voice polyphonic) with a built in sequencer. This could essentially run your most of your show back in the day!

This particular unit is in really great shape and had the original top 5 inch floppy drive replaced with a much faster and larger digital drive. OS 3.0 is installed, and it comes with original box.

Repair notes from our tech: Replaced filter and all power supply capacitors and tantalum capacitors used through out all remaining circuitry with Electrolytic type of same value. Cleaned entire panel board assembly including tact switches. Cleaned keybed assembly including all key contacts and cleaned dust and debris from inside chassis. Hard wired failing main power supply wiring harness to power supply PCB. Replaced 4016 logic IC. Installed floppy emulator and disabled remaining floppy"

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer

via this auction

"Winning combination of digital oscillators through analog filters and tons of modulation! There are 8 sequencers inside as well to run 8 separate parts, basically like 8 monosynths!"

Nord Lead A1 w/ Box

via this auction

"Digital synthesizer that can emulate analog characteristics quite well and provide plenty of classic digital synthesis methods too like wavetables, FM, and formant. Being 4 part multi-timbral allows you to layer up and blend a wide variety of sounds to create some pretty complex tonal pallets"

MFB Megazwerg Synthesizer

via this auction

"Hand Covers Bruise" by Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, cover/demo Soma Labs Lyra-8

Published on Jul 16, 2019 Mattelica

"Live take of "Hand Covers Bruise" By Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from The Social Network Soundtrack, cover/demo with the Soma Laboratories Lyra-8 + Hall of Fame Reverb + E-mu Proformance 1 Grand Piano (midi controlled by the Korg Monologue) to a Roland VS880 HDR to a Canon 6D +50mm 1.4 lens."

Perfect Circuit - Modular Eurorack - Ambient drone soundscape

Published on Jul 16, 2019 synth4ever

"An ambient drone soundscape created on a large Eurorack Modular system featuring Mutable Instruments Plaits, Clouds, Malekko, Erica Synths, and many other modules. This ambient drone music Eurorack modular demo was performed by Julian at Perfect Circuit in Burbank, CA.

Perfect Circuit's synthesizer store has 2 large Eurorack modulars setup, each with a ton of modules from various manufacturers. In this demo Julian created a patch that triggers ambient drone music featuring plucks and bells, with reverb and delay effects.

To learn more about their Eurorack modules, watch the Perfect Circuit store tour [posted here] or visit for all your Eurorack modular needs."

Vult Modules Series - Quincunx Probability Machine

Published on Jul 16, 2019 Omri Cohen

"A few days ago, Vult introduced an upcoming new collection of commercial modules, the Vult Mysteries. For now, there are already 2 modules in this collection, but it's still not released. This video is all about Quincunx, a very unique kind of module that is all about probability. Of course, since this module is still not released there might be slight changes in the released module.

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

Introduction - 0:20
Patch - 05:55"

Yamaha DX7 II FD SN 12198 w/ Case

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly SN 379099

via this auction

Cheetah MS6

via this auction

"Cheetah MS6 synth
6 x CEM 3396 chips inside
not working properly

Freezes when turned on, as shown in photo."

Waldorf Microwave XT SN 010730352

via this auction, also on Reverb.

DIY Buchla Music Easel In Custom Case

via this auction

"Freshly built and calibrated Buchla Music Easel.

208 rev 2.1 electric music store pcb, all Dave Brown mod, card 12 replacement or infinite sustain on request

218 rev 2.0 electric music store pcb.

211 psu + meanwell power brick.

All comes in a beautiful custom travel case with oak sides and covered with black tolex. It has also a gooseneck lamp."

Mutable Instruments Ambika SMR4 Blue

via this auction

"Ambika is a multi-voice hybrid synthesizer. You can play it as a 6-voice polysynth, an ensemble of 6 monosynths, or anything inbetween due to its easily configurable voicing architecture.

The sound generation is hybrid, combining the warmth and sonic character of a true 4-pole analog filter, with the large array of waveforms offered by digital wavetables, fm and phase modulation. The digital control of the analogue filter and VCA also means a very large palette of modulation possibilities."

Ableton Live 10.1: CV Tools

Published on May 7, 2019 Ableton

"CV Tools is 10 creative Max for Live devices that let you interact with and control your modular gear with Ableton Live.

The Pack is free for Live 10 Suite owners, or those who own Live 10 Standard plus Max for Live."

Also see Ableton CV Tools First Look.

Synthesizer Noise Machine

Published on Jul 16, 2019 lehha zzz

Like weird dream synths. The top one is a custom Novation Bass Station II in custom black with yellow reverse keys. The bottom is a Roland SH-201 in black with orange reverse keys.

Speaking of synth dreams, I had one last night. I as walking down some neighborhood with chain link fenced yards and I saw what looked like a Pro-One mixed with a SynKey. It had a small three or four inch oscilloscope display on the top left where the "Programming" section on the SynKey would be. It was the size of a Pro-One with a titled panel and covered in knobs. It was so cool. A lady with paper grocery bags opened the gate to go in and I asked about it and if it was for sale. She said maybe and that if I liked synths she had a bunch of Keyboard Magazines for sale at the pawn shop down the street. I was then in the house with either her husband, friend or relative showing me the oscilloscope while I waited on a price. He said the price would likely be too high, but I told him I was curious none-the-less. He talked to the lady a bit and came back with $132! I then woke up, minus the synth of course. Sucks how that works. :)

Kassutronics VCO 3340 Eurorack Oscillator sound demo

Published on Jul 16, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"It's a 3340 based oscillator in kit form supplied by Infinite Machinery. This video also features the Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay, Maths, System 80 Jove Filter and Varigate 4+ sequencer."


Modular DIY 06 - Kassutronics VCO 3340

Published on Jul 17, 2019 Molten Music Technology

"Tackling the relatively simple Kassutronics VCO 3340 kit as supplied by Infinite Machinery. This video turned into a bit of a monster because during the process I ran into trouble testing out a new soldering iron, I had to do my first (and unexpected) bit of SMD soldering, and I had some technical issues. But it was all a fabulous learning experience.

Intro - 0:20
Resistors - 8:33
Sorting out the Hakko soldering iron - 21:32
Capacitors - 25:45
Diodes - 27:23
Blue trim thingies and big capacitors - 28:37
Pots, switches and patch sockets - 30:31
IC Holders - 35:06
Chips and regulators - 36:25
Unexpected surface mount SMD - 38:31
Last two resistors - 43:30
Power testing - 47:35
Front panel and knobs - 51:34
First test - 55:10
Calibration - 56:50
Sine wave adjustment - 1:04:21
Sound testing - 1:07:26
Conclusions - 1:13:04"

Electric Guitar vs. Test Equipment

Published on Jul 16, 2019 Premiered 79 minutes ago

"In which I am joined by Martin Steer of Frittenbude and Bad Stream, and we process the hell of his guitar with my wall of test equipment. Discover new distortions and strange modulation in this 15 min romp with little talking lots of heavy and loud noises. Featuring vintage gear from Brüel & Kjaer, Krohn & Hite, General Radio and many more."

Demo synthesizer Arp Odyssey Korg spacesynth song ( disco 80 )

Published on Jul 16, 2019 Polyvox Style

Akai MPC | Firmware Update 2.6 & Force | Firmware Update 3.0.3

Published on Jul 16, 2019 AkaiProVideo

"Join us as we highlight the latest features and enhancements in Firmware 2.6, available for MPC Live, MPC X and MPC Software."

Force | Firmware Update 3.0.3

Published on Jul 16, 2019 AkaiProVideo

"Firmware 3.0.3 brings many new features and enhancements to take your production on the Force to an entirely new level. Let's take a brief look at what's new."

And the press release:

Cumberland, RI USA (July 16, 2019) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced two new firmware updates for the Force as well as the MPC X and Live products. Available for immediate download, the updates feature multiple workflow enhancements alongside Ableton Live Set Export functionality, enabling users to move their projects from the MPC and Force ecosystems to the Ableton Live platform.

Users can now enjoy a seamless transition from the MPC and Force work environment into that of Ableton Live to take advantage of their favorite Ableton features as well as their virtual instruments and plugin collections. Akai Professional is proud to add one more tool into the immense palette for users to take their creativity and performance to unparalleled heights.

Updates Force 3.0.3 and MPC 2.6 also include a host of other new features and enhancements: New in MPC firmware 2.6:

• Grid Automation - Users can now input, edit and view automation in Grid Edit and Audio Edit.
• Step Automation - Users can now input, edit and view automation in the Step Sequencer.
• Support for up to eight submixes in the mixer window.
• All-New TUI layouts for Akai Vintage effects.
New in Force firmware 3.0.3:
• Grid Automation - Users can now input, edit and view automation in Clip Event/Region editors.
• Step Automation - Users can now input, edit and view automation in the Step Sequencer.
• Functionality to export all clips or export a single clip - users can now export the clips in their Force
project to audio, MIDI or MPC Pattern files.
• Matrix Mode enhancements - Users can now copy, paste, create and delete clips from the Matrix
• Convert to Keygroup function - On a Drum track, users can quickly convert a sample assigned to a
pad into a Keygroup track so they can play the sample chromatically.
• Improved external keyboard support for scales selected in Force.
• New Step Sequencer Mode - Mono Lanes, perfect for single line melodies and basslines.
• Support for up to eight submixes in the mixer window.
• Force now works as an audio interface in Computer Mode
• All-New TUI layouts for Akai Vintage effects.

Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager for Akai Professional said, “Equally important as Akai Professional’s mission to empower the music-makers of today is our commitment to continuously refine our platforms. Each subsequent update is a renewal of our dedication to this promise in pursuit of the most perfect music

production & performance experience for every member of the Akai Professional community.” Both firmware updates will be available in July 2019."

ANALOG KEYS/FOUR mk1 & mk2 - 100 AMBIENT PATCHES - Alba Ecstasy

Published on Jul 16, 2019 Alba Ecstasy

100 #AMBIENT #PATCHES FOR #ANALOGFOUR / ANALOG KEYS mkI & mkII. The pack consists in 1 sysex file filled with atmospheric pads and keys, deep basses, weird sounds but yet playable.
Carefully crafted (it took me a lot to release this pack - revisiting the sounds every time I wanted to dump the sounds! lol), the patches from this video are using the internal FX of the Analog Keys, no EQ-ing."

Braids WTBL 1979 Dual Algorithmic Oscillator Buchla - Wavetable Synthesis

Published on Jul 16, 2019 The Galaxy Electric

"The objective for this video was to morph through the different transwaves of the wavetables of the WTBL algorithm in the 1979 Dual Algorithmic Oscillator. The original circuit was designed by Émilie Gillet of Mutable Instruments in the Braids Eurorack Module.

The patch consists of random voltage being sent from a BEMI Buchla Music Easel to the pitch cv input of the DAO. The same random voltage is being used to slightly manipulate the timing of the Pulser which is also controlling a lopass gate from a 292r in combo mode. The cv of the modulation oscillator of the Easel is being used to animate the wavetable sweep of this algorithm. The delay effect is coming from a 4ms Dual Looping Delay who's timing is being synced to the same meandering Pulser. Notice how the random voltage is a looped sequence. It sounds quite melodic thanks to the ability to quantize to semitones in the DAO."

Akai S-950 & SP-1200 Classic Hip-Hop Combination

Published on Jul 16, 2019 The Daydream Sound

"The Akai S-950 Operational Manual. The Akai S-950 connected with a SP-1200 is a classic Hip-Hop music production combination. Not only do they work well together. These two samplers also compliment each other sonically.

The Akai S-950 is the undisputed workhorse of the vintage hardware sampler realm. It’s got everything you’ll need to cover all the basics of sampling really well. Not only that! It’s got a whole lot of tricks up it’s sleeve that are often overlooked. This is where the Akai S-950 Operational Manual shines! It sheds a light on what every feature of the Akai S-950 does and why it’s there!

If you’ve got an S-950 or thinking about getting one, this manual will give you everything you need to understand and get the most out of this beast of instrument!"

Patch n Tweak

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