MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday, September 21, 2019

VCV Rack Coming to iOS? - miRack for iOS Test Drive

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Sysex|Studio

"Just messing around with the iOS fork of VCV Rack. Great job. Just needs a few improvements for audio routing. Did a quick screen recording of a patch and decided to share."

Yes please...

BOSS Dimension C (DC-2w) + Novation Ultranova | quick test

Published on Sep 21, 2019 sprunging for voltage

"Hello and thanks for stopping by!

This is a very simple sound test of the Novation Ultranova through the BOSS DC-2w Dimension C pedal.

The Ultranova patch is a simple "brass" type sound, which is being sequenced by an Arturia Keystep.

The DC-2w is definitely a pedal to own if you can afford to throw a some money at one. It sounds good with pretty much anything you put through it.

I do not plan to regularly make videos specific to any one pedal, but the occasional pedal video may happen, and I felt this pedal warranted a couple of example videos. I did recently acquire the Plumes by Earthquaker Devices, and it too is lovely. So who knows. Maybe a noisy, over-driven synthing demo will come along at some point. Or I might run some drum machines through it. The Plumes can really get some good crunch on...

With that said, I appreciate you checking out this video. Maybe gently press that Like button, and politely administer some pressure to the Subscribe button, and it's accompanying Bell. But hey, that's up to you. I thank you regardless. Have a lovely synthesizer-filled day.


Ellitone Multi Synth Official Demo

Published on Sep 21, 2019 ellitone instruments

"Now Available on Etsy for $63.99

First, a little story

The Ellitone Multi-Synth was originally released August 2018. It featured a wooden enclosure and home-made CNC circuit boards. We built and shipped 168 of them in this style to amazing experimental musicians all over the world! 24 different countries. Just read the reviews over on our Etsy shop to hear all the wonderful things people had to say about their Multi-Synth!

We quickly realized that this instrument was headed for the Stars! It needed to be experienced by more people. It needed to be re-designed with mass production in mind. So here is the new Ellitone Multi-Synth, You will not find a Synthesizer that can produce more sounds than this thing for the price --- I dare you!


The Multi-Synth is a family-friendly digital synthesizer that can produce an Amazing variety of sounds powered by its 6 Sound Synthesis Modes.
Each of these 6 Synthesis Modes transform the devices 4 knobs, 4 keys, and center patch bay into new control schemes.

The most important things to know about the Multi-Synth is that it requires 0% knowledge of synthesizers or concepts to Pick up, Patch, and Play.

The Patching Area in the center is arranged in such a way that ANY connection made from one of the 6 Smaller Output Jacks into the 1 Larger Input Jack will make an Immediate change to the sound in some interesting way. This simple concept allows for someone without any knowledge of synthesis terminology to be able to Patch and Play Instantly!

Exploring Modular Synths - Beginner's Mind Ep 7: Using MIDI to Sequence (Goldberg Var 2 w/Yarns)

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Modular Landing

"This video explains how to sequence your modular with MIDI and explains how I patched my recent video of the Goldberg Variations No 2.

Here's a link to the finished track:" [posted here]

AE MODULAR - First Exploration

Published on Sep 21, 2019 100 Things I Do

"After a little delay my AE Modular system arrived this week. I thought I would share my first explorations with the system. Normally I enjoy using outboard effects to create atmosphere while recording but on this occasion I decided to use only the Audio coming out of the system."

Messssy mess

Published on Sep 21, 2019 juanito moore

"This weekend's hardware challenge was basically 'Make it Messy!' so this is messssssy. I ran patches between oscillators, sequencers, filters and effects without any concern for anything that made sense, just on whims. The result is pretty unpleasant, but hopefully at least slightly interesting.

No voting this weekend, which encourages lack of polish!

Modules used:
Atari Punk Console x1.5
TH-555 VCOs
Ken Stone's Psycho LFO
Thomas Henry's VCF-1s
303-based transistor ladder VCF
808 kick/snare/hat
909 ride cymbal
Three cheap Chinese reverb circuits built into modules. See my other videos coming soon for how to build one they are AMAZING."

Gecho v2 - Recording to micro-SD card

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Gecho Loopsynth

"If you initiate recording in pass-through channel (by holding SET while in channel 123 for mics or 124 for line-in), unprocessed sound will be stored to SD card in wav format. Of course the quality is not at a professional field recorder level, but this one you can always keep in your pocket! :)

I am working on channels that will use the recorded audio in a meaningful way (in current firmware you can only play it back to check what was recorded). And of course, you can put the SD card to your computer and use the material there."

New GS Music Zeus Analog Polyphonic & Apollo Mini Desktop Synthesizers

Zeus analog polyphonic synthesizer demo Published on Sep 21, 2019 GS Music

"A short demo of the sounds that can be achieved with Zeus, the analog polyphonic synthesizer made by GS Music."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

New synths from GS Music who brought us the Apollo II desktop synth & the Stochastic Inspiration Generator eurorack module. Pics and (Google translated) details of the Apollo Mini follow via

No additional details on the Zeus are up as of this post. Update:details are in:

"Zeus is a multitimbral analog polyphonic synthesizer featuring substractive synthesis. The sound generation is entirely analog. Each voice has two voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), a mixer, a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). The control signals on each voice are digitally generated by a microcontroller, which is capale of processing three low frequency oscillators (LFO) and two ADSR envelopes (EG). This synthesizer is still a prototype.

Zeus interface was designed to be intuitive with all the controls on the panel. It also features a graphic display to show the different parameters and curves. For example, it can show the envelope curves.


Keyboard: 49 keys, velocity sensitive with aftertouch
Polyphony: 12
Oscillators: 2 voltage-controlled analog oscillators (VCO) with sub-oscillators. Hard sync.
Oscillators waveshapes: Triangular, Saw-Tri, Sawtooth, Pulse with PWM. It is possible tomix pulse with other waveshape
Filter (VCF): 24dB/oct (4 poles) low pass filter with resonance control
Envelopes: 2* (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), Velocity to Attack
LFO: 3
LFO waveshapes: Triangular, Rampa up, Rampa down, Square, Sample and Hold
Effects: Chorus, Delay
Presets: TBD
Connections: MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, MIDI Thru, Audio Output (Plug 1/4” TRS balanceado), Sustain, USB, Filter CV, Amplifier CV, Audio input.
Power supply: AC 220V"


"The GS Apollo Mini is an analog subtractive synthesis synthesizer. The sound is generated in a totally analog way, with two voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), a mixer, a voltage controlled filter (VCF) and a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). The control signals are digitally generated by a microcontroller, which is capable of processing two low frequency oscillators (LFO) and one envelope (EG) of the ADSR type.

The Gs Apollo Mini interface was designed to be simple and intuitive. It has 18 knobs and 3 buttons. It allows to generate a great variety of sounds.


Polyphony: Monophonic, priority to the last note

Oscillators: 2 voltage controlled analog oscillators (VCO) with sub oscillators.

Oscillator waveforms: Sawtooth, Pulse

Filter (VCF): Low pass filter of 24dB / Oct (4 poles) with resonance control.

Envelopes: 1 (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)

LFO: 2 *

LFO waveforms: Triangular, Ramp up, Ramp down, Square

Connections: MIDI IN, USB, Audio Output (Plug 1/4 "TRS balanced)

Power: DC 12V 1A

Dimensions: 215mm x 105mm x 57mm

Weight: 0.78 kg

Dimensions (with packaging): 280mm x 190mm x 95mm

Weight (with packaging): 1.2 kg

* Only one LFO is controllable from the panel. The corresponding MIDI CC must be used to access the other LFO. By default, the additional LFO is activated with the aftertouch or the modulation wheel."

Siel Cruise + Cheetah MD16 + Roland SH-101 demo

Published on Sep 20, 2019 Carambolage

"Little demo piece created many years ago with three machines from the 80's: Siel Cruise (Italy, 1981), Roland SH-101 (Japan, 1983) & Cheetah MD16 digital drum machine (UK, 1991). Recorded in 2011. Additional effects & mix in DAW."


Published on Sep 21, 2019 Caspar Hesselager

"Improvisation on Macbeth Elements EL2 synthesizer using Strymon Timeline in looper-mode. No post processing."

Bach's Goldberg Variations 2: Analog Modular Synth

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Modular Landing

"This is the third in a series on playing Bach's Goldberg Variations on an analogue modular synth.
MIDI files by David J. Grossman"

Analog Kick Drum & Big Muff Fuzz Demo (Feat Jomox ModBase 09 Eurorack Drum Module)

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Sound Provider

"I m testing here the Jomox ModBase 09 Analog Kick Drum in the in my good old and Famous Electro Harmonix Big Muff for future Techno / Rave / Hard Techno sound bank.

In this very simple patch I use the tiptop audio Circadian Rhythm aka the "trigger sequencer techno monster" who trig the Jomox Bass Drum Module .

Between the Kick module and the Big muff (and it s very important to keep the signal more "clean") I use the Diy module from ADDAC , the 200PI PEDAL INTEGRATOR . This small utility allows 2 different chains of pedals to be independently connected to modular synthesizer.The Send channels attenuate the synth level to instrument level. The Return channels amplify the signal from instrument to synth level."

Saved Spot - Electribe, xoxbox, an200, Behringer D, Delay Machine - (Acid Techno)

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Phone Records

"Finally getting the new studio up and running. Using the Korg Electribe as Drums, sub bass, and sequencer to xoxbox, an200, Behringer D,Streichfett. EFX used Roland Delay Machine DM-300, Akai MFC42."

Quasimidi Rave-o-lution 309

via this auction

"Quasimidi Rave-o-lution 309 Synth/Drum Machine OS 3.00 w/Audio, Drum & Synth Exp."

Reon Driftbox R & J

Published on Sep 21, 2019 UFO LFO

"Messing about with the Driftbox J & R sound machine team. It does give one a lot of obnoxious synth noise potential. The mono drift box R is stereo spit to the two channel input on the J the, the J jay has its own pair of VCA and the R is run on hold all the panning FX are the J's VCA's"

Novation // Peak Patches - Shawn Rudiman

Uploaded on Sep 16, 2019 NovationTV

"Shawn Rudiman talks through how he used his Peak to design and develop his patches.

There are slight faded gaps between segments to allow you to pick and choose the ones from the minute-and-a-half you wish."

You can find them at

Roland FA-06 Music Workstation - Quick Jam with Scott Tibbs

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Roland FA-06 bundles at Kraft Music.

Scott Tibbs jams out on a Roland FA-06 workstation.

Roland FA series music workstations are packed with a massive sound collection inherited from the flagship INTEGRA-7, a ton of studio-quality effects, and expressive real-time controls, plus onboard sampling with zero load time for instant audio playback from the 16 backlit pads. The sequencer offers simple operation and non-stop loop recording, letting you capture songs and ideas as they come and export them as multitrack data to use with your DAW. Flowing seamlessly into every part of your creative world, Roland's FA workstations morph instantly from a standalone keyboard to become the command center of your computer music studio, with USB audio/MIDI interfacing, powerful real-time controllers, DAW transport controls, and much more.

Available in three keyboard size and action combinations, the FA series is ready to support any type of music you play. The FA-06 features a light, mobile body with a 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard. The FA-07 offers a 76-note velocity-sensitive keyboard for extended range. The FA-08's 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard provides premium weighted-action performance in a lightweight design that's easy to transport.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Roland FA series music workstation bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synthesizer, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Chrutil 252e in MU - Early Preview

Published on Sep 20, 2019 TjimmyChonga

This one is in via John L Rice.

"In the spring of 2019 I started obsessing about the Buchla 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator, and after some thought I decided to try to build my own in MU format..
The video demos the progress so far."

See the Chrutil below for more.

Grey Days & Old Ways

New Analog Synth Album Available Now Published on Sep 21, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"New 'tomorrow the cure' album out today:
All analog synth, live session recordings, no overdubs, 8 tracks, almost 60 minutes, minimal, arps, drones, warts and all.
Recorded using an AJH Synth MiniMod Eurorack modular synth system, and an old Roland SH-1.
Each track is a performance/take that I set up and recorded in real-time, most of which is composed, with some improvisation.
See album page for more details."

"A collection of compositions and sessions recorded as solo performances.

All tracks were recorded live/in real-time, no overdubs, using all-analog synths, controlled by simple step-sequencers, or played manually from a keyboard. The only digital effects are reverbs and some delays. Whilst they were loosely composed, due to the nature of the recordings they all involved a degree of improvisation, and are not intended to be perfect.

Most sounds were created on the AJH Synth MiniMod modular synthesizer system, some on a 1970's Roland SH-1. See each track description for specific instruments used.

AJH MiniMod System comprises: 3 VCO's, Ladder Filter, Sonic XV Filter, Gemini Filter, Ring SM, 2 VCA's, Glide/Noise, Dual Contour and DH-ADSR."

Lori Varga and Unpopular Electronics

Published on Sep 21, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We return to the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco to see Lori Varga (16mm film, slide projectors, and electronic sounds) join forces with Unpopular Electronics (Gino Robair and Tom Djll on sundry synthesizers).

For more adventurous art and music, please subscribe to CatSynth TV and visit
Unpopular Electronics is a project by Gino Robair. Gino will be performing improvisational electronic sets on modular devices and otherworldly analog sound devices, alongside the multi-talented musician Tom Djll w/ bay area veteran Expanded film artist & noise maker Ms. Lori Varga.

Lori Varga creates handmade 16mm films ,35mm analog Slides & Free- improv- Noise collage. This night's performance will accompany two very unique, cagian-like experimental sets of instrumental soundscapes and electronic music in duo and trios. 16mm Film materials will be processed live turning inks into tonal and dronal sound bursts , utilizing the Oramic method of cine-sound, LIVE. Intense /profound Knob twisting /free radical expressive electronic music and non-musics to be heard with the flicker of analog films & hand manipulated projected light paintings."

Minimal ACID // Cyclone TT-303 & TT-606 #TTNM

Published on Sep 21, 2019

"More Acid from the TT-303 and TT-606 groove boxes. See below for further information :)


This is another jam session with the two analog clones of the iconic Roland TB-303 and TR-606 bass and drum computers, the Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot and TT-606 Drum Drone.

Pretty straight forward pattern switching here, with the obligatory 303 knob twiddling. The auto-fill mode of the TT-606 sequencer was really helpful to keep things structured and varied. It was set to automatically play a fill pattern on every 8th bar, reminding me to switch things up a little regularly. You can set auto-fill to off, every 2nd, 4th, 8th or 16th bar and each pattern can have its own individual fill pattern. Really cool!

As I've written below my previous video [previously posted here], those sequencers of the TT-303 and TT-606 are very well thought through, offering plenty of live-friendly features."

Moogway Shift

Published on Sep 21, 2019 zack dagoba

"A patch on the Moog 3C which uses the sequencers and sequential switches to change melodic patterns. Delay and reverb from the Buchla 200"

Arp Odyssey duo demo

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Chris Bran

"This time I have joined by CV gate two Arps Odysseys and played them simultaneously. The white one REV1 controls the black one REV2. In the second part of the video I started my Moog Subsequent to control the two Arps to play a sequence."

MacBeth Elements 2 - rare black, only 30 made

via this auction

"A rare opportunity is here

My knee surgeon did not want to be paid in gear, so ...

Here is a MacBeth Elements 2. One of only about 30 made in the black and gold styling.

For those of you that know, this is one of those special synths that sound unlike anything else on the planet.

For those of you that don't know, here's a quick feature rundown:
3 VCOs, a voltage-controlled LFO that can track and function as a 4th oscillator, Low pass filter that can be switched between 2 and 4 pole responses, two ADSR envelopes, extensive modulation section plus Ring Mod, Noise, and an external input, Spring reverb and vintage-sounding delay with feedback and modulation. A beautiful 37 note touch keyboard.

When Ken came up with the Elements 2 as a successor to the original silver Elements, he took the opportunity to add some often requested features. So, new to the Elements 2 is an additional sync switch that allows you to sync VCO 3 to VCO 2 (there already is a sync 2 to 1 switch), separate Enhance control for VCO 2 (kind of like a dedicated PWM for the square wave, but the Elements 2 has 2 of them instead of just one) so you can modulate the pulse width without tieing up the LFO.

Around the back is a huge bonus - separate outputs for the VCOs. If you've ever tried to change the pitch of a VCO in the middle of a complicated patch with lots of filtering, modulation, and effects, you know how challenging that can be at times. With the separate outs, simply run a cable from the VCO you need to a tuner and Bam!, you're done in seconds without having to tear down your patch."

Sequential Circuits SCI Prophet 2000 Sampling Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

Kurzweil 250 RMX Rackmount Synthesizer SN 87120324

via this auction


Published on Sep 21, 2019 LESINDES

"Playing all factory kits in ROLAND TR-8S. Tweaking is real fun. PART 2."


From the JUNO with love - DCOs and new products from Soundforce // Modular Day Barcelona #6

Published on Sep 21, 2019 DivKidVideo

"Having had a play around with the new Soundforce DCO (full video demo coming soon) I was excited to get the chance to meet Nicolas and have the chance to sit and chat on camera about his love of the Roland Juno series, DCOs in general, his new modules and more."

Check out the Soundforce DCO here.

Patch of the Week 24: microKORG Sandstorm Chords

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Korg

"Basic patches you can follow along at home on your microKORG synth: Using arpeggiator rhythms to recreate the chords from 'Sandstorm'"

Korg Patch of the Week videos

basesynth - 98bpm cirklon rhythms for eurorack synthesizer

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Luke Killen

"Today i wanted to make some Cirklon rhythms with very simple synthesis techniques."

Yamaha Montage "DKS OB-Pad"

Published on Sep 21, 2019 DKS SYNTH LAB

"Download this and other sounds for montage here:"

Roel Reine - Live Performance with his Modular Eurorack Synth in Los Angeles, Sept 15 2019

Published on Sep 21, 2019 Roel Reine

"This was a part of my performance at 'Modular on the Spot' in Los Angeles. A song I composed that you not often hear from me, very ambient, and it's called: 'Modular Contentment'. Also I cut some of my Drone shots into the montage, that I shot in Thailand during the scouting of one of my movies. All performed on my Eurorack Modular Synth.

This music is a one-take performance, music is performed live without edits or external sequencers other than what's in the case.

Modules used: Intellijel Atlantis, Plonk, Tetrapad, Mannequins Mangrove, Sisters, WMD Fracture, Arpitecht, Just Friends, Butami, ER-301, ER-101, ER-102, Tiptop Circadian Rhythms, WMD Performance Mixer, Mutable Instruments Elements, Braids, Grids, Rings, Clouds, Tiptop Z-DSP, 1010 Music Bitbox, Moog Mother 32, Tiptop s808,

Check out his first music album: Monotonic Diversity - Roel Reine - on all music platforms, iTunes, Spotify, etc"

Patch n Tweak

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